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Title: Child's scrap book
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Title: Child's scrap book
Alternate Title: Pictorial gift for the little ones
Children's scrap book
Delight of the nursery
Child's book of Bible pictures
Boys and girl's book of song & ballads
Physical Description: 1 v. (various pagings) : col. ill. ; 27 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Walker, James P ( James Perkins ), 1829-1868
Weir, Harrison, 1824-1906 ( Illustrator )
Roberts, William, b. ca. 1829 ( Engraver )
Jocelyn, Albert H ( Engraver )
Orr, Nathaniel ( Engraver )
Avery, Samuel Putnam, 1822-1904 ( Engraver )
Lossing & Barritt ( Engraver )
Gilbert & Gihon ( Engraver )
Richardson & Cox ( Engraver )
Leavitt & Allen ( Publisher )
Publisher: Leavitt & Allen
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1866
Copyright Date: 1866
Subject: Picture books for children   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1866   ( lcsh )
Nursery rhymes -- 1866   ( rbgenr )
Hand-colored illustrations -- 1866   ( local )
Bldn -- 1866
Genre: Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Nursery rhymes   ( rbgenr )
Hand-colored illustrations   ( local )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
General Note: Cover title.
General Note: Illustrations are hand-colored.
General Note: Page order irregular.
General Note: All p. have hand-colored ill. and text within triple-ruled border; illustrations variously signed by N. Orr, Jocelyn, H. Weir, W. Roberts, Gilbert & Gibon, Avery, Lossing & Barritt, Richardson & Cox, and others.
General Note: This volume has bespoke binding cobbled together from various publications of Leavitt and Allen dated 1866; contents in this volume are different from the ones in other volumes with identical t.p.
General Note: Baldwin Library copy imperfect: p. 10 & 11 (in "A pictorial gift for the little ones") torn, affecting text.
General Note: Without music.
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Volume ID: VID00001
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The Baldwn Librarv

^Lr I!M ny
'a' 4.-v-n a






.Il. I. I.. "E' 1T.












4, :~jM~.i:,

U&===~, -_

David you see,
With book ou knee,
Showing the pictures to Ann;
Would-you like to know
What pleases them so?
Turn over these leaves and you can.

1-'-------~-- ---- ---_-_--;1--1I

r~ %-- i-- ?- -Y .

I pity this little irl, don't you ?
To be out in the rain without cloak
or shoe.

Freddy, tired of playing with hoop,
dlo', a.nd drum,
Is asking hiu mother when father will

A tidy boy was Johnny Brooks;
You can see here how nice he looks.
With cap and books he's off to school:
Johnny don't mean to grow up a fool.

Shut your eye's mother is near,
Go to sleep and never fear.


Come u

China, where we get our ten,
these queer people that you see.

I it wnt tad t in0s bird is dead;
See how it droops its little head.

. ,; .off, you rat,
.Or look out for the cat.
:* ;: **

Isn't it fnil
To see this dog run ?


- c-- -----~`~ - - --


I guess these boys are late to school,
Or else that they have broken some rule.

See these children, one in doors, one
out.; s
What do you suppose they are talk-
ing about ?

See the King on his throne and the
Queen at hi" feet;
Should you not think he might give
her a seat ?

Blow. the fire and hurry the cakes,
The kettle boils, the biscuit bakes.

_ _I C __

'Ii ~-i- .1.--~-,-~~~-;

Come back and take the baby nurse,
Or she will scream till she is hoarse.

Blow, blow, crack your cheeks;
Mercy! how the trumpet squeaks.

This poor little boy is very sick:
Don't you hope he will get well'quick ?

See this dear little kitten, she's climbed the top shelf,
And as she looks down, she says to herself
If I wasn't afraid of that monstrous dlog Tray,
I'd jump down on.the carpet, and have a good play.

I -- ---,,-L---

Here you see,
TUnTder a tee.,
Father, Mother, and Jessie,
- Kate, Lucy, Henry,; and Bessie.

How solemn this cat looks,
Perched up on a stool;
Wouldn't any one think
She was keeping a school ?

Boy. be still, don't chase those geese,
Can't you let them rest in peace ?

This l 1to me
Likea:P old tree.

Why don't you hurry and get in doors,
Don't y6u see how fast it pours ?

One, two, three, t1unr; that's too heavy an
If yo.ual swing at once you will break
down the gate.

Stand back from off the tracL.
The train will be here in a
Don't hurry, fret, or worry,
There's room for all within


--=---7 --



Alfred and Anna have fallen out;
Jane wants to know what it's all

church of St. Peter's at Romei :
how it looks without going, from

Good news! a, letter
Aunt Meeks,.
Inviting u1- to spend

from dear.

six weeks.

L i)

(d hoop and bat
. lucky boy to own

I do not believe that
you know
A. finer looking dog
than Druno.

Come, girls, sit down if you want to look
At my beautiful new picture-book.



Johnny Lee ran away to sea,
But soon was homesick as he could be;
Now he is on his way back home,
Pretty well cured of his wish to roam

Oh, Johnny Lang,
You deafen me quite ;-
Such a clatter and bang,
Who can write ?
-..%. 4

'Tis winter, the ground is covered with snow,
And with ice the rivers and lakes;
We put on our mittens and off we go,
Determined to try our new skates.
Up and down,
I1ound and round,
Rare sport,
Is it not ?


lr` `'


Of all the places to build a nest,
These birds have chosen the very best;
. The projecting eaves will keep out the storm,
And the south side is sunny and warm.

This is a model of a boat:
Make yours like this, and you're sure 'twill float.

S1 I

-' pV

Ten to one these boys will get
Feet, a;Id shoes, anj clothes all wet.

With his long sharp tongue, as this bird
has need,
He catches the insects on which to feed.

Can that be a rabbit sitting there?
It seems to me lie has too long hair.

In the trap this fox is ti-lit,
And I believe it serves him right.

This is Little Nell,
Standing by the well.

______I~_________~___~___~~ I


\ t

Ever since this rich prince
Has to manhood grown,
By his treasure every pleasure
Has been made his own;
All things tasteful, bright, or rare,
From the sea, or earth, or air;
Even this dwarf
To make him laugh:
All in vain to ease his pain;
All his wealth he'd give for health.

Now, write away!
-' Well, what shall I say?
Draw hard and aim high,
Perhaps your arrow '11 reach the sky.


Kniv.,; to 2'rvili Poor fellow I fear your chance is small,
Prlav so kind Of 'ecttin- ;away trm-; the bull at. all;
As to -,ive a job But. if you run ftat -
To lpoor old Bob. You may at, last.

The sun has set. and work is done,
Now for an evening of innoccut fun.
Pile up the fire,
Higher and higher!
While in the chimney corner nr ,
Or before the fire. upon the rug'.2
We strive, with humorous so.i.ng a nd joke,
Mirth and good nature to provoke.

_ _s _I_ __ _I

These men are engaged in deadly strife;
I fear one or the other will lose his life.

This ancient house, with its poplar tree,
Has a terrible gloomy look to me.


IIIII i. --c ___ i_____~Pti~LiCi I-~i~=i;LC ? .-

While thi-i
Angels a xv


K~ ~K~\

4.- if,


lit~k .i h: I ~tIi w te-h ,
atch about, it keep. That is. all.


The pod/.,'e is the ladie ;' pet,
Hie will often more attenUi.on -get,
A softer comcll and more Cde.licate t' od
Thnu the sweetest little baby could.

This building has an imposing look
'Tis built of white marble, so I read in a book.

You'd best hurry home, 'twill
soon be niliht,
The sun has almost sunk from


_ I_ I_ L~__~ ~~ I I

Uncle, by his watch, will tell us all,
How long it takes the stone to thll;
Then by cyphering w.e can tell
Just how many feet lpp is the well.





______________ _. __________
fr - .- __. ..- __. l___.._.. ____

Our bird is dead that we loved so much;
We never shall get another such.

- a -

These matchless columns, it appears,
Have stood for many hundred years;
In vain you'd search the wide world through,
To find their equal, old or new.

- I- I- --~ ----- --

Pray. boys, do you think so much labor, toil and fuss,
Is well spent in catching this huge hiiipopotamus?
Why yes, says Frank Jones, for I've often been told
That their teeth for five dollars a pound can be sold.

How sad Nelly looks! Her dear brother Ned,
Whom she loved so much, alas! is dead.

_ I I~P_ ~ _ _I_

II' ---- -- -- -c~ ~-~------------- -
------------~---------- --- -----------------~--------


Won't you please to buy this fish ?
'Twill make a most delicious dish.

0 sister Jane, what have you there?
My dear little Kitty, I do declare!

Hurry along, old fellow, do,
Or you ari .sure to get wet through.

What loves
Of Doves!

This dog tried to steal a
Instead of which lie got
a stone.

-- -r -
*-- --'

Pray tell me, if you can find out,
What these two children are about

Hurrah! hurrahl! s-chool
is done!
Now, my boys, we'll
have some fuin.

Fie, fie, do not cry ;
You're not hurt, I was by.

(Grapes, peaches and
'Would you like some,
my dears ?-



'' -is jw^ler play-
-ifn a trick,
Balanciung a. bowl on
the end of a stick.

This little girl who looks up so bright,
Is askini- her mother what she shall

:. \_ _ _ ~ ~__-_

Never mind, Polly, you are secure;
Pussy can't get you, qf that I am sure.


Li-i~---~-~L~i 311~111~ *PC-IIS~I~ I -b- --

.- I

c~' ~RiLIIR Uliil~

Here are Towser and T:
I guess before long the-
;.:. .

Drink, pretty creature, do not fear;
The hunters are not very near.



abby off for Rome;
Swill wish themselves home.


Oh! mother, Bob, sisters, come and see
This nest of birds that Dick gave me.


'i ,.

SHere's the Ierfald,. Times and Tribune,
Evening Po', Exprel, Conmmercial,
HIarpt-rs' Weekly, Led-er, Leslie :"
Such the new.sboy's quick rehearsal.

Little children, one, two,
Have come to watch the

- .



'.,. -?'-

^ -1


I .. .. I I

Hot or cold, wet or dry,
Late. early, inorn or night;
Such their everlastinug cry.
In all directions, left and right.

"busy bee."

L _~~_ ___~_ ____~____~_~ j I



' r -'


-) J -

Bunny sits so demurely, his red eyes winking,
I wonder of what lie can be thinking.

.---- -- I

Pompeii, for many hundred years,
Was covered up from sight ;
And only by chance, as it appears,
Were its wonders brought. to light.

The Magic Lantern is a beautiful toy,
Affording the household unbounded joy.

In these huts the African neIroes dwell;
Woe shouldd not like them ve.iry well.

SI ..


This fiery, wiir little chap,
Will ncateih I:ior raits than naiy trap.

From this comfortable home
I've no wish to roam;
But all lay I sing,
As happy as a king.


One of these men looks sick nil pale,
As the other does lhearty and hafle.

By practice and patience Alice at lact,
Could play difficult music correctly
and fast.

W, though witt. i|^
aInd wisek
could work.

Lucy Morgan. I am halpy to say,
Read the Bible every day.

T was a trifler-
anld more
Sfoudl of
,_ talk.

- _____________ ____ 4' ____________ _____ Ij~

I": III~- -~- 4.:.J~

Universal respect, has been won
By the mi.issionlar, LIVINGSTON
He Imldesty, valor and goodness combined,
In proportions we very seldom find.

Ride, ride, with all your speed,
For the news you carry is important

'Tis a furious storm,
How tlie ship is tossed;
I sincerely hope
That it will not be lost.


,nese~~ ~ ~~ un --myvon i a

Danlla eroii work, it appealni u1 ci me,
HLJGg h7 g ulOVSIII~ C


- 1_ __~~ _ _

In England a great many years ago,
The Emperor Bonaparte, of whom you know,
Was bitterly hated, dreaded and feared,
And his name used often, so it appeared,
By nurse and school-marm,
As threat and alarm.
They, their children often told,
If they were not good
They certainly should
To terrible Boney" surely be sold.


".,., '


LI ---- ---~-- -~

---- -- ----------------- -

Sulppos.e these little owls could speak,
What do you thiuk they would say?
Oh! mother! that nice mouse in your beak
SGive us to eat, we pray.

' i II --i- .; [ I
'f' -' .



'Though thi. little girl is alone in
the wood,
She is not afraid, b:ecau-e sIh(: is

There! you've spilled your little
brother out;
You're a careless fellow, Johnny

I d_______

Fanuly and Granny.

Is not this a motley looking' crew ?
What do you suppose they are about to do ?

This is the palace of glass,
Wherein it came to pass
Were collected, from all countries under the sun,
Things useful and curious, fiom each at least one.

This statue of the Amazon was there,
Graceful and spirited beyond compare.

Also, this marble girl and boy,
To the lover of irt a constant joy.

6 '1,

'"E '
remainingg, dreamiiin. all the day
Why are you So idle, pray?.:

1 6
yi I~l

h do n-,. I lpray.
'lTke my lamin awtav.
We are poor, I know,
'ult lie need not go.
My hea-irt, will break
If my lauib you take.

.Iapla1 ii iiiuit eeitaiuil ,v be a Istran ':e placte.
WX here thiey shiavc a uiaus hL1ad1 aSs d.well as
Iik fa c .

What. a pretty 2'roup is here.!
Mother and her children dear.

IIHere's the clown, or buffoon, or fool of the Court,
One whose whole business 'tis to make sport.

You see by the sky
Tis nearly sunset,
But the old man and Fi
Have far to go yet.

Pity the beggar think how sad you would be,
It' you wero as poor and as friendless as she.

N is for Nightingale,

) is for Darling,


King Richard-thie lion-hearted knight-
Matchless in valor, unequalled in fight.

Poor little orphans how sad is the
Of those who no father nor mother
have got.

'hough when left. alone, God will not
forsake them,
But under his caro most tenderly take

~ __

Thii little boy has been sick very lon,,
But I trust he'll sooni be well an11 st.ron.

Bah! bah! bah !
Oh you're there !

I ow wow, wow!
What's the matter now ?

In storm and shine the shepherd doth
Watch and ward over his sheepl
Preserveth them from all alarm.',
And beareth the lambkins in his
a rms.

~p~e~e~,~,~,~'=T"~i~1~~" ':E'IC1L~7;h~~--~
~T- -b~\
c~-- 4~.
~Q, ..
u rr, ~%r

T Il



I. E "V" I rt 1"

c&? a,. 31- Em 3 T ,W

,- "i.


Here we see a C(lhistmas Tree,
Laliehn with toys, for .ood ,irlst and Iboys,
And abundancl(c of fruit, \which I think may suit
The palates of all, both great and small.

C_____~ ___~ __~~_____ _~~__~~ ~__
C__ _~O __ ----C~~Y-E-------~L--- -~---
----- ---- --

How ruffled andd startled this bird' So fond of daucii.n is ('aroline Hill,
appears, Though all alone she can't keep still.
I wonder what it can be he fears!

Look here, Mii's Jane, don't write a
word more
Till you have picked up these books
from off the floor.

Frank sits reading his book in the
Ann sits on the floor looking cross
as a bear.

Twelve miles I've walked since half past
three; ,
And am ju,4t i-' tired as I can le,
So down I'll sit beneath this tree,"
And eat the alples that I see;
If afterwards I tall a-leep,
Faithful Fido watch will keep.


I_~_ __ ~__ ~_____ __1 I

~'V1II~ -_ I

iSL~ ? A 1.7.

i qP,)

Thsetw ltte hidn" 10 :s. l

till." 111,00d
tllIl t e v.
Wouldn't, Yo
out it' ou Coul

The little childrIen here you see,
Have lain down to sleep under a tree.

Sistc u Alice. opeln vour '!vel
Don't YoUl knui jit i, til]ic to 1 i:e ?

Pus. I-l')oks as- if she
we ll
To tazte the IiiiAI thic

would like very

t boy has to iell.

B, for Button
Which Ml makes;
MA, for Mutton
- Which B bakes.

This creatture look,~ sad,
I i~ue.a he feIs bad.

That's the smallest engine I ever saw,
Yet only look what a load it. can draw.

The watch is sick,
It will not tick.


That's the thing,
Now give a good spring.

curly-haired, fat-cheeked little Puck,
see has got an orange to suck.

;~ ~


- ,, I ~ ~-----~-------- --------- --il

I do not know, lbut I should think
So frail a raft would be apt to sink.


Jane l biuys her raib lit something to eat;
See them clu-ter round her feet.

I! d

This house, near the Lake, stands all alone,
A peaceful, quiet mountain home.

Rosa has just received a letter,
And nothing could have pleased her

This little boy has n'*,t a sword,
And thinks him-selt' ;- Randd as
a lord.

I. .------ -- -

" Who is that. Iady ouoi crowd r1ound so':
'AhN, y, that's o0r, teacher. dlinut vou knowv

See that. ill assorted pair!
What can they be doing there?

MIonkey and Poll are not. very .ood friends.
He plagued her much, now shie's nmking amends.
With his tail in her beak,
I gue-ss he will squeak.

Ir ~^ -~-~sFlil--~IIIIIR I1OC~U9li~i~llls~PI~C

5---z- -- ---------

:, ~ ~----;-~--- -;;~;;;;~~-~-~~~-;;1~;;=;~ ~.11.-~1~------------ ------ --
~ '.~~

. ... .. . .. .. .


"Oh, mother, do buy that. crower, please !"
"I cannot, I've told you-do not tease."

This old man is very ill-
The lawyer has come to make his will.

This little boy snatched( up a chick,
And the heu was after him pretty


While the old man is asleep,
His son a careful watch will keep.

This, children, is the Rhinoceros,
Resembling a pig, but as large as a horse.


-.11Ow- m "I"-




Tlii. poor girl looks sad ;
I'm afraid s-he liels bad.

Show rme the boy
That doesn't enjoy
A gaSme of bal-
That's all.

This horse was so fierce, and fought with
such skill,
That he has sometimes been known even
tigers to kill.

--- ~~-~----iE-~Si;3S;;S3i--
; -~~~---~'-

I~----- ----- -- ;- --,- - --- -

A terrible 'luttou was John Drew,
Ite ate enough for tny two.

C stands for Cowslips,
Crackers and C'heese.
E stands for England,
Eating and Ease.

This knight to yonder castle is going I heard him say;
But only look at those monsters standing in the way.

_ _



What tune this boy's playing I've often wondered;
Ie looks grave enough to be playing Old Hundred."


What countrymen do you suppose are these ?
I'll tell vou-they are Japanese.-
And fishermen too. What singular dress!
Do you know it is woven of seaweed and grass?



-LY I- __


Must it not be nice and cool
Under the tree and near the pool?

This ship is frozen fast in ice,
As firmly as if it was held in a vice.


How often I've expressed the wish
That you'd keop your fingers out
ot hue dishl

This will show
How to bend a bow.

Ladies may practice archery ; /
As well, my boys, as me or you. ";y".f
The Target this-
To hit or miss.

You can't mend it
It's no use trying.

Men do not, in our day,
Go to war in this array;
Clad thus in mail, with caparisoned steed.:,
They seem prepared to perform great deeds.

I can hear you ask, What have we here ?"
I'll tell you; 'tis a Calcutta Pier.

A horse and some men; one has a long
And a man on a mountain who looks
like a seer. ,
What's a seer ? Ask mamma;
If she don't know, then ask papa!

What are these girls doing there?
Twining wreaths to dress their hair.

Mamma and five children; papa's away,
For his safe return we'll earnestly pray.

little girl looks so much like her brother,
can hardly distinguish one from the other.

But Sammy Carr
Reads better, far.



~ i~ - sC-- --;--r---

- -V.

I '.q .
7 : ",
JB ) \ .

The flowers have grown in letters,
To the little boy's surpri-e.
The letters form his name /
He can scarce believe his eyes.

Sailing a boat is very fine fun,
But if you fall in your sport is done.

Swiftly doth the Reindeer go,
Over Arctic ice and snow


Do you see the C?
'Tis plain to me.


Thii- little bouse is a palanquiu,
tTsedl to claly travclcers in.

This goose
It looks as

is enraged, or in a fright;
if it were g'ing to fight.

The.ie dogs look displeased,
As if they'd been teased.




Herbert has broua'lht Polly some food,
Which Polly declares is very good."

'" Oh! Sister May
Let us stay all day,
And see the pretty
"The air is so sweet,
And'tis such a treat
To feel the soft turf


under our

'Tis very seldom you will see
A happier party than this seems to be.

Children all
Should play ball;
Besides the fun,
'Tis healthy to run.

- **

I~ vn 'tli a )onaltil tlu~s
TIhis mnar~lde l)&,-t lit, (n tu-.i of Sp*i- :-

~P:~- \. ars 8~

The Wild Boar looks very much like a pig,
Only lie is many times as big.

-_ _I

This little girl is tryinou to read,
But she has been very sick indeed.

This is the famous Benjamin West.
An American Artist, and one of the best.

This Limb.l the children love him so,
Will follow them wherever they go.

---~--- ---- --- --I,

.& ',~i,

Look out my man, there they go!
The whole lot, tipped off in the

Here is a sailor boy writing a letter,
With his trunk for a desk, wanting a better.

'' Turn round. Pollr, don't he afraid,
I've brought you sugar, and figs, and bread."

The days of youth and strength are past,
Feeble old an'e is reached at la.nt.
If an a'e of peace and honor yon prize,
Let youth and manhood be good and wise.



SHurrah! the river is covered with ice-
SNow for a skatc won't that be nice?
L? ._ -__ __ - -_

E*i- ..1n .il '~~ ~l ; *'~e~e~ -rtl ic

On his chair you see a King,
Listening to a lady siln'.

Behind, seated at. a feast,
Are a hundred men at least.

Below, observe a lady stands,
Anl a man kneels to receive her conLands.

And here, still lower down,
Is the lady t1 all one.


It is a very good rule
To go right home from school,
And not stop by the way,
As these boys have, to play.

Frank is shaking hands with his
Cousin May.
Who has comii trin her home to
spend the day.

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liCRemo)v ie th at,. batIb le !--a i. Went wnt;

Thu, ( ro.v,rell di. Olovctl th ie Parpn nent,

BIY roaill r\-4 (Vin YPcou cV ll kr Ii(

You will rarely see a liamils(omerl face,

A form more erect, and full of grace.

---- Ii

- -- --





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*:!. --- 4 p--- .
.a.'c ' "<**

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9949 9 --*

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IS *

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,NA. .i *:

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9-. -J' '9.

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