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St. Johns
Santa Rosa



Char lotte

Palm Beach
St. Lucie
Indian River



President; Robert M. Little, 605 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
First Vice-President: William A. McCarty, Miami
Second Vice-President; Frederick G. Seelmen, Palm Beach
Third Vice-Presidentr John F, Adams, Jacksonville
Fourth Vice-President: Jack McCandless, St. Petersburg
Fifth Vioe-President: Francis a. Craig, Daytona Beach
Secretary-Treasurer: Sanford W. Goin, 634 RB Church Street, Gainesville


Florida South Chapter: Igor B. Polevitsky, Miami
Palm Beach Chapter: William Kemp Caler, Palm Beach
Florida North Chapter: John L. R. Grand, Gainesville
Florida Central Chapter: M. Winfield Lott, St. Petersburg
Daytona Beach Chapter; E. N. Snead, Daytona Beach

OBJECTS: The objects of the Association shall be to unite the architectural pro-
fession within the. State of Florida to promote and forward the objects of the Amer'.-
can Institute of Architects; to stimulate and encourage continual improvement within
the profession, cooperate with other professions, promote and participate in the
matters of general public welfare, and represent and act for the architectural pro-
fession in the State; and to promote educational and public relation program for
the advancement of the profession.

DISTRIBUTION: To all members of the FAA and to other registered architects in the
State of Florida.

In an effort to keep pace with all of the other activities of an increasingly active
Association, we are attempting in this bulletin to literally put the architects of
Florida on the map.

It has long been the general opinion that we should issue more bulletins from time
to time and the Executive Board at its last meeting seemed to feel that we could
issue more bulletins with greater speed and at less expense if they were handled in
mimeographed form rather than being printed.

Frankly this bulletin has been held up pending a complete report from the Legislative
Committee to the Executive Board on the activities of the Association in the recent
session of the Legislature, This report should clarify in the minds of all many
questions which have come up concerning the recent increase in renewal fees and
should serve to illustrate the extent to which your Association is responsible for
strengthening the profession in Florida.

July 20. 1949

701 9 No 3



We believe that the best presentation of the entire legislative program is to include
copies of the statements from Franklin S5 Bunch, Chairman of the Legislative Com-
mittee of the FAA, and Mellen C, Greeley, Secretary-Treasurer, Florida State Board
of Architecture, and the report of Benmont Tench, Jr., FAA Attorney who handled our
legislative affairs in Tallahassee under the direction of the FAA Legislative Com-


Your Legislative Committee was authorized by convention action at the
1948 convention of the Florida Association of Architects as follows:

.....That it shall have power if in its opinion it becomes
necessary to engage in legal counsel and that it shall
have power to introduce or not introduce changes at
the next meeting of the legislature and that these
changes shall be at its discretion. It is recommended
to the Committee that if changes are made they shall
incorporate a change which will change the annual re-
newal fee to a maximum of $25.00 per year. The amount
of said fee would be at the discretion of the Board and
that date of the annual report to the Governor be changed
from December 1st each year to July let each year.

Your Legislative Committee met in Jacksonville on March 19, 1949 with 100%
attendance. It was decided at that meeting that our existing law had enough
strength and that the primary necessity at this time was to strengthen the
State Board of Architecture in order that it could more aggressively uphold
the law; therefore, it was elected to limit our direct legislative action to
provide for increased renewal fees and a change of the reporting date as
authorized by the convention.

To accomplish this purpose, your Committee retained the services of our
attorney, Mr, Benmont Tench, as our legislative representative. Mr. Tench pre-
pared and had introduced the necessary amendments to effect passage of the
legislation. After we were successful in accomplishing our primary purpose
in the legislature, Mr. Tench continued to serve us in an admirable manner on
several other vital legislative matters as indicated in detail in the accompany-
ing report from him,.

It is the opinion of your Committee that the accomplishments this year in
the 1949 legislature have come as a direct response to demands from the majori-
ty of the thinking members of the profession in the State. 'de believe that the
State Board of Architecture is thoroughly cognizant of the fact that our only
purpose in securing this legislation was to strengthen and uphold the Board in
necessary actions against violators of our law. The accompanying statement
from the State Board of Architecture indicates that with the approval of our
State Budget Commission, the Board intends to use the added funds in behalf
of the profession to make the position of the registered architect in the State
more secure.

It is hoped that in the event there are those registered architects in


Florida who feel that some other course of action should have been taken this
year and who also feel strongly enough that further legislative action should
be taken two years hence, that they vill be certain to attend future conven-
tions of the Florida Association of Architects in order that their views may
be heard.


Your board has been asked the reasons for the increase in the amount of
the annual renewal fee from $5.00 to $21.00 for the year 1949-50. In brief
this increase is the direct result of the wishes and actions of the profession
through the Florida Association of Architects' Chapter of the A.I.A.

Your board has been asked by what authority the raise in renewal fee was made.
Following is quoted the act of the Legislature which authorized the change and
resolution of the board which set the amount.


"Section 467.12 Every registered architect who desires to continue
to practice his profession in this state shall annually during the
time he shall continue to practice, pay to the secretary of the
Florida State board of architecture during the month of July of
each year an annual registration fee in such amount as the Florida
State Board of Architecture may in its discretion determine; pro-
vided, however, that suoh registration fee shall not exceed
Twenty-five Dollars; and the secretary shall thereupon issue to
such registered architect a certificate of renewal of his regis-
tration for a term of one year. Upon failure to have his cer-
tificate renewed during the month of July in each and every year,
the holder thereof shall have his certificate revoked, but the
failure to renew said registration in apt time shall not deprive
him of the right to renewal upon payment of said fees; provided,
his application for reinstatement is made within one year after
the expiration of his certificate."


Pursuant to the enactment of Senate Bill No. 53, Acts of the
Legislature, State of Florida, 1949 Session, the Florida State
Board of Architecture in special session, at Orlando, Florida,
this eighth day of May 1949t-

RESOLVES:- that the annual fee for renewal of architects'
registration for the year commencing July 1, 1949 shall be
twenty-one dollars ($21.00)

The question has been asked, "What is the object of raising the renewal fee?"
In brief it is to give the Board ammunition with which to conduct war upon:-

1. Non-registered persons who are, or are suspected of, practicing
contrary to the law.
2. Registered architects who are mis-using their names or seals.


The conducting of investigations, trials, and hearings in connection with the
duties the board attempts to perform in order to protect the public and control
the profession, has become so much of a necessity in recent years that the
board has been called upon to hold several special meetings per year in addi-
tion to the two regular meetings.

In the past year the board was called upon to defend its actions in court. This
involved the expense of a special meeting, the traveling expenses of two out-of-
state witnesses as well as legal fees and court expenses. The board during the
past year has made several investigations and has held hearings, all of which
involved unexpected expense, so that if it had not been for the fine financial
assistance given the board by the F.A.A. the board would have been some eight
hundred dollars worse off than it is at present. As the matter stands the
members are due nearly two thousand dollars for per diem expenses (they are
allowed $7,50 per day while on duty) and for travel expenses which they have
paid out of their own pockets.

If requires both time and energy to build-up a case to a point where prosecu-
tion can be commenced or where a hearing can be conducted. Your board needs
trained assistance in this work and it is expected that such assistance will
be made possible by the funds expected to become available through the increase
of the annual renewal fee.

The board hopes to fulfill the demands of the profession within the limits of
the registration law and asks the continued help of all architects registered
in Florida.


This letter will serve as a brief report of my activities as Legislative
Counselor to the Florida Association of Architects during the recent Regular
Session of the Legislature.

Hereafter are set out the full texts of the two bills supported by the Associa-
tion in the Regular Session of the Florida Legislature:

CHAPTER 25013--(No. 17)


AN ACT to amend Section 467.16, Florida Statutes 1941, by
providing the time when the report of receipts and ex-
penditures of the State Board of Architecture shall be
made to the Governor; repealing all laws and parts of
laws in conflict herewith; and providing when this Act
shall take effect.

S MaI cnated by the Legislature of the State of Floridat

1. Section 467.16, Florida Statutes, 19a1, be, and the
same is hereby amended to read as follows

"467.16t Annually, within the first week of July, the
secretary of the board shall make to the governor of the
state a complete statement of the receipts and expenditures
of the board, attested by affidavit of the president and
secretary, and a complete report of the transactions of the
board with such recommendations for the advancement and
betterment of the profession as it may think best."

2. All laws and parts of laws in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.

3. This Act shall take effect upon its becoming a law.

Approved by the Governor May 3, 1949.
Filed in Office Secretary of State May 4, 1949.

CHAPTER 25008--(No. 12)


AN ACT to Amend Section 467,12, Florida Statutes, 1941 by
providing for the payment of an Annual Registration Fee
by Registered Architects not to exceed Twenty-five
Dollars per Year; repealing all Laws in conflict here-
with; and providing when said Act shall take effect.

Be It Eacted v the Legislature of the State g lorida_

1. Section 467,12, Florida Statutes, 1941, be, and the
same is hereby, amended to read as follows:

"467.12: Every registered architect who desire to
continue to practice his profession in this state shall
annually during the time he shall continue to practice,
pay to the secretary of the Blorida state board of archi-
tecture during the month of July of each year an annual
registration fee in such amount as the Florida state
board of architecture may in its discretion determine;
provided, however, that such registration fee shall not
exceed $25.00p and the secretary shall thereupon issue
to such registered architect a certificate of renewal
of his registration for a term of one year. Upon failure
to have his certificate renewed during the month of July
in each and every year, the holder thereof shall have his
certificate revoked, but the failure to renew said regis-
tration in apt time shall not deprive him of the right of
renewal upon payment of said fee; provided, his applica-
tion for reinstatement is made within one year after the
expiration of his certificate."

2. All laws and parts of lawa in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.

3. This Act shall take effect upon its becoming a law.

Approved by the Governor May 2, 1949.
Filed in Office Secretary of State May 2, 1949.


Although in my opinion there was nothing of a controversial nature in these
bill, there was some opposition in the committees of both Houses of the Legis-
lature. In the Senate Taxation and Finance Committee several members felt that
Senate Bill No. 53 was an effort to effect a closed shop. In the House Com-
mittee opposition developed on the grounds that the increased expenditures
necessary to the functions of the Board should be made by funds raised by a
private organization, i.e., The Florida Association of Architects, rather than
a public levy,

At the meetings of these committees I was interrogated at considerable length.
Ultimately, the Senate Committee of Taxation and Finance reported both bills
favorably by a unanimous vote, and by a similar vote they passed the Senate.
There was one dissenting vote in the House Committee on Taxation and Finance
and on final passage there were two dissenting votes.

Early in the Session, House Bill No. 79, generally known as the Continuing Ap-
propriation Ban, was passed. By this bill the funds for the operation of the
Florida State Board of Architecture were cut off, and all moneys heretofore re-
ceived by the Board for its own use were put into the General Revenue Fund.
This necessitated a re-appropriation of funds to support the Board, which re-
appropriation was made a part of the general Appropriation Bill.

After consultation with members of the Board and with the Chairman of the
Legislative Committee I was instructed to obtain an appropriation for the
Board of not less than $36,000.00 for the biennium.............After con-
siderable political maneuvering, during which the Senate out the Board's ap-
propriation to $24,000.00 for the biennium, the directive of the Legislative
Chairman was accomplished, and when the General Appropriation Bill was passed
about 9t30 P.M. on the last day of the Regular Session it contained an appropria-
tion for the Florida State Board of Architecture in the amount of $36,740.00
for the biennium.

It is impractical to set forth in this report the endless political negotiations
which were necessary to secure the appropriation for the Board. Neither ib it
possible to set out the names of the members of the Association whose yaeman
services in influencing their representatives in Tallahassee to accept the
Association's position with regard to this appropriation made the success of
the legislative program possible.

I was in Tallahassee foi the entire Session. During that time the Association
was instrumental in defeating several measures, which they felt would be harm-
ful if adopted...................

I cannot close without making reference to the proposed Special Session. As you
know the Board cannot expect to receive its full appropriation of $36,740.00
for the biennium unless additional revenue is raised by the Legislature. It is
quite possible that the General Appropriation Bill will be reconsidered. This
.opens the possibility of a reduction in the appropriations previously made for
the State Board of Architecture. I mention this matter because I feel that the
Association should be advised of this contingency.



In dollars and cents the net result of all of the legislative activity hereto-
fore reported means that each registered architect in the State of Florida
will pay an additional $16.00 for the privilege of practicing his profession
over the amount which has previously been assessed. This is considerably less
than most of us would charge for our services for one day.

Our legislative program has cost the Association some $2,300 and it may cost
another $1,000 if a special session of the Legislature is called and if your
Legislative Committee deems it expedient to spend such money in the interest
of protecting the presently approved appropriation to the State Board of

It is hardly necessary to elaborate on the fact that a considerably increased
budget will permit the State Board of Architecture to do a better job of regu-
lating the practice of architecture in Florida.


The last paragraph of the report of the Chairman of the Legislative Committee
urging attendance of the members at Association conventions leads your secre-
tary to make further comment.

Up until now we have talked in terms of what it costs the individual architect.
Have you ever stopped to think what it costs the members of your Executive
Board who are charged with the responsibility of administering the business
of your Association? Three meetings have already been held this year. How
much would it cost you to go to Winter Park, Jacksonville and Miami Beach?

Your secretary is pleased to report that of a total membership of thirteen,
we have had an average attendance of ten at each of these meetings and in
addition to the meetings of the Exeoutive Board a meeting of the Legislative
Committee was held in Jacksonville and was attended by representatives of
every chapter in the state,

So in our willingness to "let George do it" let's give due consideration to
what it costa "George" and attend the conventions and support the men who are
elected and are willing to give of their time and money to the improvement of
the professional status of architects in Florida,


Official notice has been received from the Institute concerning the issuance of a
charter to a new chapter in the Tallahassee area to be known as the Florida North
Central Chapter, comprising the geographical location from the Suwannee River to
the western boundaries of Bay, Washington and Holmes Counties.


Charter members are:

Robert Henry Maybin
Albert P. Woodward
John L. Mattern, Jr,
Prentiss Huddleston
Norman P. Gross

James A. Stripling
Charles W. Saunders, Jr.
James E. Garland
Henry T. Hey

We of the Florida North Chapter have lost some good members but the Association has
gained a new chapter which we feel sure will do its part in extending the influence
of the Institute throughout Florida.


We have received notification from the Florida State Board of Architecture that the
following architects have been granted registration by the Boardi

July 6, 1948
July 21, 1948
August 2, 1948
October 20, 1948
January 15, 1949

February 21, 1949
March 10, 1949
March 25, 1949
June 11, 1949

Adolph Novak, 82 Beaver Street, New York 6, New York
Lewis J. Sarvis, 206 McCamly Building, Battle Creek, Mich.
George Leighton Dahl, 1920f Main St., Dallas, Texas
James L. Cherry, 1200 North Broad St., Philadelphia 21, Pa.
Frank H. Shuflin, 605 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fla
Theo V. Nichols, 16828 Kinsman Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Henry Victor Patterson, 8512 Dexter Ave., Tampa, Fla
Murray Blair Wright, Jr., 673 NE 92th St., Miami Shores,Fla
William A. Gilroy, Jr., 1407 E. Las Olas Blvd.,
Ft. Lauderdale,Fla.
Edwin H. Lundie, 324 Endicott Bldg., St. Paul 1, Minn.
John Buchanan Gay, 112 Madison Ave., Detroit, Mich.
Charles H. Markel, 1004 ME 118th St., Miami 38, Fla.
William J. Blackburn, 730 Lincoln Lane, Miami Beaoh, Fla.
Harry C. Schwebke, Sr., 2235 NW $1st Terrace, Miami, Fla
James Burton Wilder, 821 Jefferson Bldg., Greensboro, N.C.
Tyrus T. Tripp, 3662 Coral Way, Miami, Fla
Preston J. Bradshaw, 1800 Olive St., St. Louis 3, Mo.
Edward Joseph Hurley, 303 W. 42nd St., New York 18, N.Y.
Herbert Roaser Savage, 1108 S. First St., Champaign, Ill.
Clarence Still Lynch, 222 North "J" St., Lake Worth, Fla.
Joseph Shilowitz, 2824 Boulevard, Jersey City, N.J.
Stratton 0. Hammon, 419 W. Main St., Louisville, Ky.
Nathan A. Seiderman, 518 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach, Fla.
Alvin E. Harley, 153 E. Elizabeth St., Detroit 1, Mich.
Huel L. Crockett, P. 0. Box 383, Chattahoochee, Fla.
William Henry Seibert, Jr., 1512 Donald St., Jacksonville
Leonard H. Glasser, 1045 Pennsylvania Ave.,, Miami Beach
Harry L. Keck, Jr., 827 15th St., Miami Beach
William Francis Bigoney, Jr., 801 SW 9th Terrace,
Ft. Lauderdale
David Vernon Tudeen, *430 Tarlton St., North, St.Peteraburg
Charles Harris Lench, 3644 N.E.Miami Place, Miami
Sydney Carter, College of Architecture & Allied Arts,
University of Florida, Gainesville


Samuel Kerness Popkins, 16828 Kinsman Road, Shaker Heights,
20, Ohio
Roecco Alfredo D'Avino, 6 Hope St., Stamford, Conn,
Chaunoey Mason Hinsdale, 1740 East 12th St., Cleveland 14,0.
William Rawle Gomon, P.O.Box 1671, Daytona Beach
Joel Watson Sayers, Jr., Municipal Airport, Daytona Beach
Jefferson Norman Powell, P.O.Box 1031, Palm Beach
Donald J. Reiff, 5175 NE 3rd Court, Miami
Donald Henry Moeller, 510 UE 95th St., Miami 38
Theodore C. Poulos, 1848 Naldo Ave., Jacksonville 7
Erwin Gerber, 11 Commerce St., Newark, N.Y.
Leslie Verne Lacy, Sterling Hotel Bldg., Wilkee-Barre, Pa.
Joseph Jerome Nadherny, 933 S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, l1.


At the recent Executive Board meeting President Little read a report from Autha
Forehand, President of the Student Associate Branch, to Dean Beaty of the University
of Florida outlining the activities of the student organization during the past year.
Believing that this information will be of interest to the membership at large, we
are taking the liberty of incorporating it in this bulletin.

In submitting the report you requested of activities and officers of the
Student Associate Branch of the American Institute of Architects, I would
like to list the purposes and aims of this organization.

We try to foster a better understanding of the various phases of the practice
of architecture and better acquaintanceship with the practicing architects and
the profession. Through out charter from the American Institute of Architecta,
we are entitled to attend regular meetings of the Florida North Chapter, A.I.A,,
and to engage in any activity open to student associates.

Our proposed activities includes

(a) Discourse on architectural subjects by members of the Florida North
Chapter, A.I.A,
(b) Inspection trips to building projects under direction of the archi-
tect or any other qualified individual.
(o) Aid in finding employment under the Mentor System.
(d) Cooperation with members of the A.I.A. in the operation of arohlteo-
tural clinics.
(e) Architectural prize competitions sponsored by the chapter.

Activities sponsored by the Student Associate Branch -of AI.A. for the year
1948-49 have been -

(1) October 1, 1948. Sponsored field trip to building projects of
Gainesville architects under direction of Sanford W. Goin and
Arthur Lee Campbell, architects.
(2) November 6, 1948. Sponsored smoker and speech by Edmund MacCollln,
A.I.A., of New Jersey.
(3) December 3 and 4, 1948. Sent five delegates to the State Convention
of F.A.A. at Winter Park, Florida.


(4) December 6, 1948. Gave a reception for Henry S. Churchill, city
planner, of New York.
(5) March 11, 1949. Sponsored architects' ball for all architectural
students to get acquainted. (An Eames chair was given away as door
(6) March 19, 1949. Sent a representative to the Legislative Committee
meeting of Florida North Chapter, A.I.A., in Jacksonville. This com-
mittee drew up the architectural legislation introduced in the 1949
(7) March 24-27, 1949. Sent a delegate to the Southeastern Conference of
Collegiate Schools of Architecture at New Orleans.
(8). May 9, 1949. Sponsored speech by Robert Little, President of the F.A.A.
(9) May 9, 1949. Sponsored luncheon for students and architects attending
Florida North Chapter, A.I.A., meeting in Gainesville.

Officers for the year 1949-50 are;

President - - - - - - Autha Forehand
Vice-President - - - - -Al Floyd
Secretary - - - - - - James Dean
Treasurer - - - - - - Leonard Griffin
James Crooke
Paul Reilly
Robert Browne
MaIrtin Nosenchuk
Faculty Adviser: Professor Forrest M, Kelley.


Final data is not yet complete on the 1949 convention at Daytona Beach. The tenta-
tive date of November 18-19 still holds and the seminar will probably be on "Housing."

The Convention Committee will probably get out their first convention bulletin some
time in September. Tom Grand is working on the seminar. We know it will be interest-
ing and worthwhile. And don't forget the pre-convention Executive Board meeting on
the evening preceding the convention. That was started a couple of years ago and
has been a great help in getting discussions thrashed out and clearing the deck for
a fast business session during the convention.


It must have become obvious to all of those who read the bulletin that the only news
we ever have comes from somewhere in the vicinity of our next-door neighbor, the
University of Florida, on account of we haven't had too much luck in getting news
items from other sections of the state. (Chapter secretaries please note.)

The following items may be news to some of you. Jim Garland, formerly State School
Architect, has left the State Department of Education and is now connected with the
Dade County Board of Public Instruction. Stewart Morrison, formerly connected with


the office of Guy 0. Fulton, Architect to the State Board of Control, has taken over
Jim's old Job in Tallahassee. Felix Benton, formerly of Tampa and one of the wheels
in the Florida Central Chapter, is now connected with Mr. Fulton's office. And
speaking of wheels, this sounds like a wheel but with such nice people it can't be
a vicious circle,

We are in receipt of a letter from Hugh Pillsbury, who many of the architects of
about the same age as your secretary will remember as a schoolmate. Hugh has been
connected with the U.S.Engineers in Texas since 1939. Though he has been registered
in Florida for some years we understand that he is seeking registration in Texas
and we would judge from such action that he anticipates permanently transferring hia
allegiance to a bigger but not a better state.


It was with considerable regret that we learned of the death of Albert J. Poteet,
Lakeland, May 6. Mr. Poteet was a faithful member of the Association for many years
back and we will miss his familiar face at the conventions,.


Last year the Association was requested by a representative of the University of
Miami to circularize the member with a questionnaire having to do with an Economic
Opinion Study sponsored by the Department of Business Education.

We are glad to be of assistance to the University of Miami in enclosing the ques-
tionnaires with return envelopes and would appreciate your furnishing them with the
information requested.

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