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President:Franklin S. Bunch-402 Florida Theatre Build-
ing, Jacksonville, 2
First Vice-President: Sanford W. Goin, Gainesville
Second Vice-President: Robert M. Little, Miami Beach
Third Vice-President: Frederick Seelmann, Palm Beach
Fourth Vice-President, Arthur Beck, Orlando
Fifth Vice-President, Francis R. Walton, Daytona Beach
Secretary-Treasurer: William A. McCarty, 250 N . E 18th
Street, Miami
Florida North Chapter: Walter B. Schulz-10 S. Laura
Street, Jacksonville, 2
Florida Central Chapter: M. Winficld Lott, St. Petersburg
South Chapter: Igor B. Polevitzky, Miami
Daytona Beach Chapter: G. M. Peek, De Land
Palm Beach Chapter: William Kemp Caler, Palm Beach
OBJECTS: The objects of the Association shall be to
unite the architectural profession within the State of Flor-
ida to promote and forward the objects of The American
Institute of Architects to stimulate and encourage con-
tinual improvement within the profession, cooperate with
other professions, promote and participate in the matters
of general public welfare, and represent and act for the
architectural profession in the State; and to promote edu-
cational and public relation programs for the advance-
ment of the profession.

The regular quarterly meeting of the Executive Com-
mittee will be held at 2 P. M,, April 17, in West Palm
Beach. Mr. Seelmann has arranged for the use of the
Flotilla Club, 4850 North Dixie Highway, where the meet-
ing will convene. All members of the Association are
welcome to attend.

The Executive Committee, in its first meeting of the
year, held in Orlando, January 17, voted $1000 from the
reserve fund to be made available to the Chapters for
investigating cases of alleged malpractice by members of
the profession. This action is interpreted as the first step
by the Association to assist the local chapters in their
fight to safeguard the public against those who "practice"

architecture outside the law. It was pointed out that the
State Board of Architecture is charged with the prosecu-
tion of such cases as are brought to its attention but has
no funds to make the necessary investigation and secure
legal evidence upon which to base their case. It is the
intent of the Committee that this money be provided to
assist the Chapters in obtaining this evidence.
The Association will pay one-third of the cost and the
local Chapter two-thirds. The fund is to be administered
by the President, Treasurer and Association Vice-Prcsi.
dent from the Chapter concerned. For further informa-
tion, write your secretary.

The license of E. James Newby has been revoked for
signing drawings prepared by others and not under his
direct supervision, according to Mellen C. Greeley, secre-
tary of the state board.
Newby's license was revoked after a hearing before
the State Board of Architecture.
According to a statement by Frank W. Watson, infor-
mation chairman of the Florida South Chapter, this is
the first cancellation in the board's current drive to stamp
out the illegal and unethical practice of "sealing plans"
prepared by others.

The 32nd annual meeting of the Florida Engineering
Society will be held in Orlando April 22-24. An invita,
tion to all members of the Florida Association of Archi-
tects to attend this meeting has been extended by Milton
B. Garris, President of the Engineering Society.
Headquarters for the Convention are at the Orange
Court Hotel and early reservations are suggested,
President Bunch, in accepting the invitation from Mr.
Garris for the Association, stated "the meeting of repre-
sentatives of the two professions should mean a great deal
towards the maintenance of the pleasant and beneficial
relationship existing at the present time,"

at the Mirror Lake Junior High School, St. Petersburg.

APRIL 15, 1948

Vol. 2, No. 1

The Institute will last three full days from Monday, April
19th, through Wednesday, April 21st, 1948. The SCHOOL
LIGHTING EXHIBIT will last four full weeks, Registra-
tion headquarters will be at the Suwannee Hotel in St.
Petersburg, Florida, and registration should be made on
Sunday, April 18th.
The following Southeastern states have been invited to
attend these two events: Louisiana, Alabama, North Car-
olina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and
Eminent and outstanding speakers from our own State,
and from other parts of the country, specialists in the
lighting, educational and pediatric fields, have been in.
vited and will partake in the SOUTHEASTERN SCHOOL
LIGHTING INSTITUTE. The main speaker will be Dr.
Darrell Boyd Iarmon of Texas, who will duscuss the
"Harmon Technique," according to Dr. Louis J. Colman,
director and general chairman of the Institute.
School officials, architects, engineers, teachers, parents,
students and the general public are invited and should
all be delighted to have such an Institute and Exhibit
in their own State. They should make it a point not only
to attend the meetings but to visit many times the school
lighting exhibit. Everyone will find in this Institute and
Exhibit the best material, recommendations and specifi-
cations for the work they will be required to do in their
own city, community, county or state in connection with
At the official closing of the Exhibit, the school will
remain open as a permanent exhibit until Wednesday,
September 8th, 1948.

The Florida Builder will continue to feature small
house designs of Florida Architects during this year. This
is an opportunity open to all members of the Association
to publish examples of their work in a construction maga-
zine with statewide circulation.
Plans and elevations should be sent to Mr. Frank
Cowles, Jr., Editor, P. O. Box 2216, Tampa, or to Mr.
Eugene Cellar, 1212-13 Graham Bldg., Jacksonville 2, who
is handling this part of publicity for the Association.


At a meeting of the Florida State Board of Architec-
tecture held January 15, 1948, the following officers were
elected for the current year:
Mr. William T. Arnett, President, Gainesville
Mr. Mellen C. Greeley, Secretary-Treasurer, Jacksonville
The other members of the board are:
Mr. Jas. Gamble Rogers, Member Winter Park
Mr. Archie G. Parish, Member Miami Beach
Mr. Russell T. Pancoast, Member Miami Beach


Notice of election to membership in the American In-
stitute of Architects has been received for the Members
listed below:
Florida North Chapter:
Norman Paul Gross, Panama City
James Edward Garland, Gainesville
Florida Central Chapter:
Howard Douglas Fiedler, Winter Park
William Bloxham Harvard, St. Petersburg

Daytona Beach Chapter:
Ralph Faraday Spicer, Daytona Beach
Edwin Mabbette Snead, Daytona Beach
Palm Beach Chapter:
IIartwell Morehouse Webb, Palm Beach
Raymond Henry Plockelman, Palm Beach
Florida South Chapter:
James Knox Pownall, Ft. Lauderdale
Murray Blair Wright, Jr., Miami Beach
Irvin Stanley Korach, Miami Beach
Milton Abrams, Miami
Maurice S. Weintraub, Miami.


President Franklin S. Brunch announces the appoint-
ment of the following standing committees for the year
Committee on Membership: Francis J. Tarlowski, Chair-
man, Miami; Alan J. MacDonough, Daytona Beach; Logan
S. Chappell, Jacksonville: Henry K. Harding, Palm
Beach; George H. Spohn, Winter Park.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to foster
a consistent growth in Institute membership within the
Committee on the Practice of Architecture: Melbert W.
Lott, Jr., Chairman, St. Petersburg; William R. Johnson,
Palm Beach; Prentiss Huddleston, Tallahassee: Harry M.
Griffin, Daytona Beach; Igor B. Polevitzky, Miami.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to con-
sider matters within the profession, particularly in rela-
tions of principals and draftsmen and the encouragement
of ever better standards for drawings, specifications -and
documents, the promotion of more effective building and
safety codes, and the standardization of methods of cost
Committee on Public Information: Francis R. Walton,
Chairman, Daytona Beach; Arthur Beck, Chairman, Or-
lando; Maurice E. Holly, Palm Beach; Walter B. Schultz,
Jacksonville; Frank E. Watson, Miami.
Duties: It shall be the duty fo this committee to co-
operate with the similar committee of The Institute, and,
in conformity with its program, to formulate the general
publicity programs of this Association, prepare matters
for the press, and develop methods of promulgating such
Committee on Education and Registration: William T.
Arnett, Chairman, Gainesville; Archie G. Parish, St.
Petersburg; Belford Shoumate, Palm Beach; Edwin M.
Snead, Daytona Beach; T. T. Russell, Miami.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to co-
operate with The Institute committees on education and
on registration and with the State Board of Architectural
Examiners to promote higher aesthetic, scientific and
practical qualifications of those engaged or about to en-
gage in the profession within the State, to formulate plans
whereby the public appreciation of the arts of design
will be enhanced, and to maintain effective contacts with
the Schools of Architecture within the State.
Committee on Relations With the Construction Industry:
Edgar S. Wortman, Chairman, Lake Worth; Alex Hatton,
Orlando; S. Ralph Fetner, Jacksonville; E. F. De La Hayc,
Jr., Daytona Beach; Andrew J. Ferendino, Miami Beach.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to foster
a cooperative relationship between architects and the
contractors, the producers and dealers in building ma-
terials and equipment, draftsmen employed by them,

the labor that constructs buildings and other structures,
and the persons and institutions that furnish money
therefore, in order to promote and maintain efficient and
economical building operations.
Committee on Allied Arts: Ralph P. Lovelock, Chair-
man, Winter Park; M. S. Wyeth, Palm Beach; J. L. R.
Grand, Gainesville; Francis R. Walton, Daytona Beach;
Robert Fitch Smith, Miami,
Duties: It shall be the duty of this conunittee to foster
and promote an even closer relationship between archi-
tects and sculptors, painters, and other artists practicing
the arts of design allied with architecture.
Committee on Civic Design: Harold D. Steward, Chair-
man, Miami; Elliott B. Hadley, St. Petersburg; William
K. Caler, Palm Beach; Russell Seymour, Jacksonville;
Walter K. Smith, Jr., Ormond Beach.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to foster
and encourage better city and regional planning, site plan-
ning and low-priced housing, to formulate plans for beau-
tifying the communities and roadsides within the State,
and to cooperate with public and other agencies having
such matters in charge.
Legislative Committee: Prentiss Huddleston, Chairman,
Tallahassee; Russell T. Pancoast, Miami Beach; Frederick
G. Seelmann, Palm Beach; Gouverneur M. Peek, De Land;
Arthur Beck, Orlando.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to handle
all matters which affect the architectural profession which
may introduced in the State Legislature. It shall be the
duty of this committee to take such action as is necessary
to keep informed of all legislative action proposed by
other organizations which would have a bearing on the
architectural profession in the State.
Planning and Program Committee: Francis W. Craig,
Chairman, Daytona Beach; Carl N. Atkinson, St. Peters-
burg; Michael C. A. Henderson, Palm Beach; John F.
Adams, Jacksonville; Wahl John Snyder II, Miami.
Duties: It shall he the duty of this committee to foster
and keep before the Association, plans for a long range
action on important matters affecting the profession of
the State.
Committee on Public and Governmental Relations:
Frederick G- Seelmann, Chairman, Palm Beach; F. Earl
DeLoe, Orlando; Ivan H. Smith, Jacksonville; Gouverneur
M, Peek, De Land; Robert L. Weed, Miami.
Duties: It shall be the duty of this committee to pro-
mote the usefulness of the profession and this Association
to the various governmental bureaus and agencies having
charge of the planning and designing of public buildings
and monuments and their environs; to promote the em-
ployment of architects in private practice to plan and
design such public works; to cooperate wtih the Commit-
tee on the Practice of Architecture and with the Legisla-
tive Committee, to forward statewide and local legislation
that will promote the welfare of the profession and the
construction industry and the public health and welfare,
particularly as relating to buildings and the areas about
Relations Between Architects and Engineers: Sanford
W. Coin, Chairman, Gainesville; Russell T. Pancoast,
Miami Beach; William K. Caler, Palm Beach; Gouverneur
M. Peek, De Land; Robert L. Weed, Miami.
Memorial to Rudolph Weaver: Franklin S. Bunch, Chair.
man, Jacksonville; Andrew Ferendino, Miami Beach;
Mellen C. Greeley, Jacksonville.
Formation of Florida Fine Arts Commission: Mellon C.
Greeley, Chairman; Jacksonville; Franklin O. Adams,
Tampa; Russell Pancoast, Miami Beach.

Board of Trustees, University of Florida Fund: Andrew
Ferendino, Chairman, Miami Beach; Francis W. Craig,
Daytona Beach; James D. McVoy, Vero Beach; Jack Mc-
Candless, St. Petersburg; Glenn D. Moore, Jr., Jackson-

Florida Association of Architects
of the American Institute of Architects
WHEREAS: God in His infinite wisdom has seen fit
to take from our membership the following;
Henrietta C, Dozier ......................................Jacksonville
Emil Ehmann ...........Miami
Ferris LeRoy Francisco ....New York
Frank Frimmer ................. ..........-- ......---- ........------ Tampa
Harry M. Hice ......................................- iami Beach
W . Mulford Marsh ...................................Jacksonville
H. G. Perring ...................................................Baltimore
William A. Treanor ................. ..West Palm Beach
Bruce C. Wenner ......................... .............Philadelphia
Harry R. Gamble .-..-------........................Ft. Lauderdale
WHEREAS: The profession has suffered a loss in the
passing of these distinguished architects;
THEREFORE: Be it resolved that The Florida Associa-
tion of Architects of The American Institute of Archi-
tects, in convention assembled in the City of Gainesville,
Florida, this fifteenth day of November, A- D. 1947, does
hereby regret the absence of these members from our
rolls and further resolves that a copy of this resolution
be spread upon the minutes and a copy be sent to the
closest survivors as an expression of sympathy.

WHEREAS: The member architects of Gainesville, Flor-
ida, and the University of Florida have extended their
gracious hospitality to The Florida Association of Arch-
itects of The American Institute of Architects during its
Annual Convention, November 14 and 15, 1947;
THEREFORE: Be it resolved that the Florida Asso-
ciation of Architects of The American Institute of Arch-
itects, in Annual Convention assembled in the City of
Gainesville, Florida, this fifteenth day of November, A. D.
1947, does hereby express its sincere appreciation and
thanks for the said hospitality and friendly reception
extended to it.

Treasurer's final report in accordance with audit of
January 6, 1948, for presentation to organizational meet-
ing of new Executive Board, Orlando, Florida, January
17, 1948:

Funds on Hand as of Audit at
Annual Convention, 1946....................
1946 Receipt after convention................$ 10.00

1946 Disbursement after convention.... 1.25
January 30. 147, Balance Deposited to
New Organization Acc't on Authority
From Executive Board .................---



Dues Florida North Chapter............... $ 557.00
Dues Florida Central Chapter 310.00
Dues Florida South Chapter ............... 880.97
Dues Daytona Beach Chapter 70.00
Dues Palm Beach Chapter 60.00
Balance of registration fees for annual
convention after payment to hotel,
etc., for convention expenses.........---. 80.37
1947 dues AIA ........................ ..........$ 10.00
Membership State Chamber of
Commerce ...........-.............................-.... 25.00
Stationery and Printing 292.30
Postage and Miscellaneous 109.10
Clerical Help 423.89
Legal costs in connection with
State Charter .................................. . 319.75
Expenses in connection with HB 255.... 490.63
Franklin S. Bunch-Trip to
Washington 94.86
Convention incidentals (upon authority
of Executive Board Sept. 6, 1947).... 145.78
Balance for Year as of January 1, 1948 $ 47.03

Total Balance on Hand as of January
1, 1948 $2277.39

222 corporate members @ $10.00............$2220.00
19 registered associates @ $10.00....... 190.00
105 associates @ $1.00............................ 105.00
1948 dues A.I.A ..................................$ 10.00
Membership State Chamber of
Commerce 25.00
Membership Florida Federation of Art 50.00
Stationery and Printing 300.00
Postage and Miscellaneous 125.00
Clerical help 500.00
Expenses for official delegates in
connection with trips 200.00
Legal and legislative expenses 500.00
Incidental funds at 1948 convention 100.00
Addressograph machine and plates........ 100.00
Reserve fund 605.00

Certificate numbers, names and addresses:
September 17, 1947
1572-Legge, Seward D., 1200 Firestone Parkway, Akron
17, Ohio
September 27, 1947
1573-Barton, Leon S., Jr., 89 Haddon Road, New Hyde
Park, L. I., New York
November 16. 1947
1574----Lowe, Chester Norris, 2886 Chadbourne Road,
Shaker Heights 20, Ohio
1575-Stewart, William Addison, P. O. Box 516, Vero
Beach, Florida
1576-Constantine, Augustus Edison, 139 Calhoun Street,

Charleston, S. C.
1577-Maffit, Merle Robert, 1316 Indianola Avenue, Co-
lumbus, Ohio
1578-Van Dusen, Fred C., 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami
Beach, Florida
1579-Godfrey, Chester Noyes, 248 Boylston Street, Bos-
ton, Massachusetts
1580-Gibson, Bayard K., 162 North State Street, Chicago
1, Illinois
1581-Snow, Raymond C. 350 West 57th Street, New
York, New York
1582--Conner, George Dewey, 3 East Blackthorn Street.
Chevy Chase, Maryland
1583-Denton, William N., Jr., 1719 Eye Street, N. W
Washington 6, D. C.
1584-Warren, William T., 702 Protective Life Bldg.,
Birmingham 3, Alabama
1585-Knight, Eugene Herbert, 702 Protective Life Bldg.,

Birmingham 3, Alabama
1586-Davis, John Eayres, 702
Birmingham 3, Alabama
1587-Sobel, Herbert, 646 North
cago 11, Illinois
1588-Mader, Nicholas Andrew,
Chicago 28, Illinois

Protective Life Bldg.,

Michigan Avenue, Chi-

9610 Avalon Avenue,

AS OF JANUARY 17, 1948
Certificate numbers, names and addresses:
December 15. 1947
1589--arrison, M. Joseph, 412 S. Grandview Avenue,
Daytona Beach, Florida
January 17, 1948
1590 Johnson, Verner, 250 N. E. 18th St., Miami, Florida
1501-Stultz, Harry Thomas, Jr., 403 Melson Building,
Newport News, Virginia
1592-Hanna, Richard Taylor, 605 Lincoln Road, Miami
Beach, Florida
1593-Abrams, Milton, 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami Beach,
1594-Fearney, Edward M., 829 E. Lassiter St., Gaines-
ville, Florida
1594-Smith, Robert Joseph, 219-605 Lincoln Rd., Miami
Beach, Florida
1596--Dittrich, F. J., 162 N. State St., Chicago 1, Illinois
1597-Hooton, Claude E., 150 N. E. 53rd St., Miami, Fla.
1598-Rowland, Thomas John, 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami
Beach, Florida
1599-Weintraub, Maurice S., 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami
Beach, Florida
1600-Mattern, John J., Child Building, Tallahassee, Fla.
1601-Dalzell, Kenneth Whitney, 525 Millburn Avenue,
Short Hills, N. J.
1602-Bissett, Thomas J. 1302 Main St., Columbia, S. C
1603-Weppner, Robert Arthur, Jr., 123 W. Woodbine
St., Chevy Chase, Maryland
1604-Gray, Jules, 140 Spring St., S. W., Atlanta, Georgia
1605-Sherman, Milton, 4011 Chase Avenue, Miami Beach
40, Florida
1606-Levy, Morton H., 520 Realty Building, Savannah,
1607-MacCollin, Edmond Neville, R.F.D., Tashua Road.
Stepney, Connecticut
1608-Grand, John Louis Rochon, 321 N. Palmetto St.
Gainesville, Florida
1609-Ware, Randolph Foster, 700 S. W. 12th Avenue.
Miami, Florida
1610-Watts, George Everett, 232 E. Erie St,. Chicago, 111.