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President V Vice-President
1633 Alfred I. duPont Building State Department of Education
Miami allahassee
Box 3747
Daytona Beach
1--R. Daniel Hart Pensacola 7--Archie G. Parish St. Petersburg
2--Robert H. Brown, Jr. Tallahassee 8--Fredrick G. Seelmann Palm Beach
3--John E. Pierson Gainesville 9--Co,.ttney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
4--Russel Seymour Jacksonville 10-Rob ert M. Little Miami Beach
5--Harry M. Griffin Daytona Beach 11--Ipton C. Ewing Coral Gables
6--Arthur Beck Orlando

Object: . The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession ii the State.

JUNE 1942 VOL. 6 No. 1

GREETINGS .. to all of you with this continuation
of the BULLETIN. ... .Hope to give you seven issues
this year provided memberships and contributions make
it possible. . This issue contains a list of paid-up
members to date. . War conditions caused the secre-
tary-treasurer's job to function spasmodically from
December, 1941, to April, 1942, but it has settled down
in the old groove and intends to endeavor to make up
for lost time. . It can do so with but ne thing . .
namely . Your support.

ALIBI IKE . .Attended the convention solo and three
days later the wife received a parcel post package con-
taining a lady's straw hat sent by the hotel manager.
Now, ain't that something It wasn't a door prize,
either. . You fellows who know excuses better hurry
to my assistance.


First list for this year. Not bad for first five weeks
since dues cards were mailed. Thanks a lot.

Adams, Franklin 0. ... . Tampa, Fla.
Adler, Rudolph S. Atlanta, Ga.
Arnett, William T.... . Gainesville, Fla.
Armistead, J. Warren, Jr. . ...Atlanta, Ga.
Beck, Arthur....... Orlando, Fla.
Benjamin, Roy A. Jacksonville, Fla.
Chilton, Thomas Howard . West Palm Beach, Fla.
Corse, Henry. ... . New York, N. Y.
De La Haye, E. F. . Daytona Beach, Fla.
DeLoe, F. Earl... .. Orlando, Fla.
Ehmann, E. A. . .... Miami, Fla.
Ewing, Upton Coral Gables, Fla.
Fatio, Maurice ... . Palm Beach, Fla.
Fetner, S. Ralph. .... Jacksonville, Fla.
Forrest, A. Lowther . . . St. Petersburg, Fla.
Fulton, Guy C. . Gainesville, Fla.
Fulton, Harry A. Cleveland, Ohio
Griffin, Harry M. .. .. Daytona Beach, Fla.
Hadley, Elliott B. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Hannaford, Frederick T. ... ..Gainesville, Fla.
Hart, R. Daniel Pensacola, Fla.
Hentz, Hal F. .. Atlanta, Ga.
Hogner, P. R. L. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Husson, W. M.. .... St. Augustine, Fla.
Jacobson, N. S. . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Kamper, Louis..... . Detroit, Mich.
Keiser, George Camp Winter Park, Fla.
Kennard, Francis J. . . .Tampa, Fla.
Kiehnel, Richard .... Miami, Fla.
Kressly, Maurice E. . . Orlando, Fla.
Levi, Julian Clarence.. ... New York, N. Y.
Littlefield, Ray ... .. Lake City, Fla.
Maass, Gustav .. .. Palm Beach, Fla.
Manley, Marion I. . ... Coral Gables, Fla.
Nelson, Harry O. ... .. Atlanta, Ga.
Pancoast, Russell T. Miami Beach, Fla
Parish, Archie G. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Perring, Henry G. .. ....Baltimore, Md.
Pierson, John E. Gainesville, Fla.
Pitt, Gerard . .... Miami, Fla.
Price, Max Chas, .. Punta Gorda, Fla.
Raymond, Newman Hall Alexandria, Va.
Shepherd, S. Linzy ... . St. Louis, Mo.
Six, Norman F. Tampa, Fla.
Skeels, Norman A. ......Miami Beach, Fla.
Southwell, Arnold Miami Beach, Fla.
Steward, Harold D. . M ami, Fla.
S ewart, A. Courtney . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Stripling, James A. . . Tallahassee, Fla.
Volk, John L. . . Palm Beach, Fla.
Walker, Nat G. . . . . Ft. Myers, Fla.

Weaver, Rudolph Gainesville, Fla.
Weed, Robert Law . .Miami, Fla.
Welch, S. J. ... Pensacola, Fla.
Wortman, Edgar S. . West Palm Beach, Fla.
Wyeth, Marion Sims .. Palm Beach, Fla.
Yonge, Chandler C. . . Pensacola, Fla.
Zachar, Stefan H... . ..Miami Beach, Fla.

Ellison, James Whitely . . Orlando, Fla.
Lindsey, Harry Lee Orlando, Fla.
Sturgess, George S. .. ... .Orlando, Fla.

TOTAL TO JUNE 1, 1942:

UNIFICATION. . The following resolution was
passed at the semi-annual meeting held at Peabody Hall,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, May 9,
1942 . .

Whereas: The Florida Association of Architects in
semi-annual meeting assembled in Gainesville on the
9th day of May, 1942, deems it necessary and vital to
the welfare of the profession of architecture that there
be only one national organization of architects in the
United States, with a branch or single organization in
each State to be known as a Chapter of the American
Institute of Architects, and

Whereas: There now exists in the State of Florida
three separate chapters of the American Institute of
Architects and the Florida Association of Architects,-
each with one common aim and overlapping activities,

Now Therefore be it

Resolved: That the Florida Association of Architects
endorse a program of unification of the four existing
architectural organizations in the State of Florida, and
request that the three A. I. A. chapters of the State of
Florida immediately take the necessary action to obtain
approval of such reorganization from the American
Institute of Architects at its 1942 Annual Meeting.

And be it further

Resolved: That a copy of this resolution be sent
to each State Association and to the Anmerican Institute
of Architects' headquarters.

SEM ANNUAL MEETING .. Was held in Gaines-
ville on saturday, May 9th, and was preceded by an
Executive Board meeting on the evening of May 8th.
Rather s all attendance, as was expected, due to meth-
ods of tr nsportation and tires being frozen even in
Florida. The following report on the Executive Board
meeting will also give you an idea of the Saturday ses-
sion which considered and approved the recommenda-
tions of the Board.

Minutes of the Semi-Annual Meeting of the Executir-
Board of The Florida Association of Architects hel.
at Hotel Thomas, Gainesville, Florida, on Friday even-
ing, May 8, 1942.

Meeting called to order at 8:28 P.M. by President
Robert Law Weed.

Present: Robert Law Weed, President; Arthur Beck,
Director of District 6; James A. Stripling, Vice-Presi-
rent; Elliott B. Hadley, Immediate Past President;
Archie G. Parish, Director of District 7; Upton Ewing,
Director of District 11; E. F. De La Haye, Secretary-
Treasurer; Marion I. Manley of Coral Gables; Rudolph
Weaver of Gainesville; Gerard Pitt of Miami.

Meeting opened with the reading of the minutes of the
Executive Board meeting held December 4, -1941, at
the Brazillian Court Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida..
Minutes approved as read upon move by Upton Ewing
and second by Archie Parish.

President Weed then opened for discussion the pay-
ment of balance of the debt owed to Edmund Worth, the
Association's attorney, for legislative expenses. A gen-
eral discussion followed in which all present partici-
pated. The problem resolved itself into finding the best
method or methods for collecting sufficient funds so that
the bill could be paid this year.

The final result being as follows:

The secretary be instructed to write personal letters
to all architects registered in the State of Florida to
give them the facts and that the sum needed be set up
in the letter. . That the publishing of the BULLETIN
be resumed and that the secretary be given the authority
to secure such advertising matter as he thought best to
be published in the BULLETIN. That the secretary take
any other proper action which might assist in bringing
in funds to be applied to the Association's indebtedness.

The above was moved by James Stripling, seconded
by Elliott B. Hadley and carried unanimously.

After a general discussion of probable conditions to
be expected at the time of the next Annual Convention
in December of this year, it was moved by James A.
Stripling that, due to war conditions, the next Annual
Convention of the Association be called the Annual
Meeting; that Jacksonville, Florida, be selected as the
place of meeting; that no special committees be ap-
pointed to attend to the usual program of a regular
convention, and that the architects be notified of this
action. . This was seconded by Upton Ewing and
carried unanimously.

The item concerning notes to cover loans to be made
to the Association, in order to pay debts at an early
date, was then discussed. The Executive Board having
been given proper authority regarding these notes at
the last Annual Convention, discussion was brief and to
the point.
It was moved by Elliott B. Hadley, that authority
be given the President and the Secretary of the Asso-
ciation to sign for the Association the notes of Robert
Law Weed and Upton C. Ewing covering the sum needed
to pay the money due Edmund C. Worth for services
and expenses to January 1, 1942.
This was seconded by Archie G. Parish and carried
President Robert Weed then read a resolution on
Unification to be presented at the semi-annual meeting
for action. A general discussion by all present followed
and it was decided to urge its adoption at tomorrow's
Meeting adjourned at 11:31 P.M.

WOTTA PAL! ... "Dear Del:-Glad to see you back
for the duration, BUT I'm sorry for you. Marion."
That's the note Marion Manley sent in with her dues,
just after I learned that she had been elected president
of the Florida South Chapter of the A. I. A.' or the
second time in concussion. . .WOTTA GAL!

NOTES . Short ones, long ones, condolence con-
gratulations, in fact all manner of notes received with
dues in answer to notice we were batting things out
once more for The F. A. A .... Figured our days of
worry were over last December after that glorious
retirement. . However, just another case of a poor
misguided fellow having too much confidence without
throwing salt over his left shoulder. . So now I'm
in the same class as the innocent by-stander. . He's
the guy that hasn't sense enough to get out of the way.
. As Beck of Orlando says, "Secretaries is funny

GUEST OF HONOR. . Emil Lorch, professori
emeritus. of Michigan Univeristy, added greatly to the
Gainesville meeting. His discussion of unification wai
replete with important points. Incidentally we're going
to inform you that Professor Lorch, as Director of thdt
School of Architecture at the University of Michigan:
instructed Rudolph Weaver when he began to make
straight lines years ago. So Emil Lorch was greatly'
interested in what Rudolph was accomplishing as Direc-
tor of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts at
the University of Florida. Old times and old timers
received their share of the conversation when Gerard
Pitt of Miami reminisced with Professor Lorch,-they
grew up in the same town. . Between giving a series
of lectures and examining the University's architectural
library he has been kept busy . and we are going to
get behind the idea of establishing at the University of
Florida one of the best architectural libraries in the
country . a reference library that would be open
to all architects .. and we'll tell you about it later .. .
Professor Lorch is the president of the Michigan Chap-
ter of the A. I. A. and very active in the M.ichigan
Society of Architects . We salute him.

OF THE A. I. A. .. Is to be held in Detroit, Michiga-,
June 23, 24 and 25. The Florida Association of Archi-
tects will be represented by two delegates,-Miss Marion
I. Manley of Coral Gables, who so ably represented the
association at the previous meeting in Yosemite Park,
and Clinton Gamble of Fort Lauderdale, who has gone
to Detroit for a while.

MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA ... Two great States
with active architectural groups. . A letter to Tal-
madge C. Hughes, Executive Secretary of the Michigan
Society of Architects, and Editor of their Weekly
Bu'!e-in, telling him we were in harness again brought
the following characteristic reply: ... "Dear Secretary
Del.: You should know better than to think you could
retire from the job of secretary-treasurer of the Florida
Association of Architects. ,Sixteen years ago I had an
idea that I might grow up to be president or something,
but decided there was no future in that job, nothing to
look forward to but retirement. Anyway, it was a
fool's errand and I was the logical man for the job.
They have talked about a committee to assist me, but,
as George Lorimer once said upon discussing his suc-
cessor as editor of the Saturday Evening Post, and
someone suggested a committee, 'No publication can
stand the mistakes of more than one man.' . Faith-
fully yours, Tal."

Washington, D. C.
A new announcement stressing the need for architects
in Federal war positions was issued recently by the
Commission. Persons are needed in the fields of design,
specifications and estimating. The salaries range from
$2,000 for junior architect to $3,200 a year for asso-
ciate architect. Sufficient eligibles at these grades to
meet anticipated government needs were not obtained
from the architect examination announced a year ago.
Applications will now be accepted until the needs of the
service have been met.
For the $2,000 positions, completion of a four-year
architectural or architectural engineering course at a
recognized college or university is required. Senior
students who will complete their college courses within
six months from the date of filing applications may
apply. For the other positions work in one of the
options over a two-year period must be shown, in addi-
tion to appropriate architectural or engineering educa-
tion or experience. Experience as draftsman, involving
routine drafting or developing of plans not requiring
basic original investigations or developments, will not
be considered as qualifying. No written test is to be
given; applicants' qualifications will be determined
from their experience and training.
The Commission would deeply appreciate whatever
steps you are able to take to call the enclosed announce-
ment, which gives full details about the positions, to the
attention of any qualified architects who may be avail-
able for Government employment. If you prefer, you
may send their names to us in the enclosed envelope and
the forms for applying will be sent to them promptly.
Your continued help in assisting the Commission to find
qualified persons for war jobs is a service to your Gov-
May 14, 1942.

We wrote in for a supply of announcements and you'll
find one accompanying, the BULLETIN. If yOU cannot
use it, please pass it on to others. In this way you
can help.

USED TO BE . Statistics show that the best average
driver is the man about 50 years of age. .. One reason
is that he doesn't drive with one arm around a flapper.
Comment: Nothing to crow about. He just lacks the

RESOLUTIONS .. Ever mindful of the fact that
members are likely to forget that whenever a resolution
is adopted someone has to go to work after the meeting
is over to make that resolution effective, we here and
now announce that you'll find us with our sleeves rolled
up and our cigarette burning the corner of the desk
while we plug away. . Never could keep the smoke
out of our eyes unless paying strict attention to just
smoking . Maybe our exhaust system needs atten-
tion. . As for the resolutions,-you make 'em, we'll
take 'em. . All we ask is plenty of cooperation re-
garding membership and dues.

We'll keep you posted through the BULLETIN, and
you'll soon receive a copy of the new Architects Law
for the State of Florida. Meanwhile, hope you fellows
will keep those memberships coming in. Otherwise, to
speak frankly, it just can't be done. Cheerio! Chins
up! Buy Bonds!






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