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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: December 1941
Subject: Architecture -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Architecture -- Caribbean Area   ( lcsh )
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sAT- NSpec.


6ASSQi CtNA^HllI2.

211 Taylor Arcade,
St. Petersburg

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stripling
3--Sanford W. Goin
4--A. Eugene Cellar
5--Francis W. Craig
6--Arthur Beck
7--Archie G. Parish

1777 Biscayne Boulevard

Box 3747
Daytona Beach
Pensacola 8--F. Duane Fullerton Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
Gainesville 10--BelfordShoumate Palm Beach
Jacksonville 11--Robert E. Hansen Ft. Lauderdale
Daytona Beach 12--Robert M. Little Miariai Beach
Orlando 13--Upton C. Ewing Coral Gables
St. Petersburg

Object: .. The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.


VOL. 5 No. 5

are invited and expected to attend.. .membership in
the Association is not a requirement..You may come
and express yourself freely at the meeting. .and we
ask you to do just that..... Just sign the enclosed
postal card and send it in to Belford Shoumate...
The committee will attend to your room requirements
if you outline your desires on the same card.
*%- *t *3
ANNUAL REPORTS.. Directors are hereby noti-
fied that they will be expected to have typewritten
reports of the past year's activities within their dis-
tricts...bring them to th convention. If unable tc
attend please endeavor to mail them to the secretary
on or before December the first. This is important,
fellows, as complete reports from all districts main-
tain an interest in this part of the business session.

Dear "Del": Please insert some pep in the Bulle-
tin about sending along something for the Exhibi-
tion, which by the way may turn into a state Travel-
ing Exhibition. Fred Seelmann is going to set it up
right and we have Marion Sims Wyeth's master-
piece, The Norton Gallery and School of Art as its
background, with an Artists' 5 and 10 Art Show
from which the visiting members may purchase
scenes (original works,) if they like, etc.
We have tried to make the budget as low as pos-
sible so that every fellow and his wife in the State
can afford it. Elliot Bishop of The Brazilian Court
Hotel has made the unheard of rate of $4.00 per
person in Double Room, $6,00 per person in Single
Room, which prices include a 'hefty' Club Breakfast,
and the best of Service. We hope the members will
take advantage of the opportunity of staying in the
heart of Palm Beach at this special pre-season rate.
Also the Registration Fee will be $5.00 which will
include two lunches, Banquet Dinner, Exhibition,
Cocktail Party, Ball, and Entertainment. This in-
formation to show the boys that this Convention is
a bargain.
I don't know what else to say or do, "Del", except
that we will be let down if we have less than 200
visitors here to join in the fun.
"Bill" Shoumate
Belford Shoumate-Conv. Chair.
Dear "Bill": In years gone by we have e'deav-
ored to do just what you ask in the above letter and,
frankly, it is a tough task. This condition of men
not being interested in Association or Professional
activities is not of recent birth, but it has grown to
be our problem child.
The fact that many within the profession conduct
themselves as "brakes" is the reason the few boys
that are doing their bit just don't gather headway
when they start a ball rolling. Evidence of the
value of a strong, working organization is daily
being demonstrated by Engineers and other profess-
ions, and the Architect's Profession is certainly in
need of the unified interest of all those within it,
The trouble is that few people are willing to exert
themselves unless they can see where they person-
ally are going to derive direct gain from their activ-
ities. Why should they assume any responsibility!
Bill, the boys that will attend your convention
will be those faithful ones that we see at all conven-
tions, plus those that have recognized the fact that
they are missing something by not being present.

Here's hoping that the condition of the world to-
day with its struggle for betterment of conditions,
despite priorities and OPM regulations which we
may have to fight or work around, has caused many
Architects to realize that after all the uplifted
voices and actions of many stand a bigger chance of
succeeding than the mumble or grumble of the few.
Hope you will get more than the 200 to attend the
convention because I know all of you are working
to give the boys a convention long to be remember-
ed., Here's hoping that after the convention the
"Cony. Chairman" after your name can be inter-
preted as "Convivial Chairman" instead of "Conval
descent Chairman".
My best regards to you and all the boys,
As ever,
,-X- *X.
EXHIBITION... If you have not already done so
please send your exhibits, photos, sketches or what
have you to Frederick G. Seelmann, Chairman of
the Exhibition Committee, Paramount Building,
Palm Beach, Florida. The Committee has rules
that each Architect is limited to three mounts 48"
square or less in size,. However, should a mount be
larger than the above because of the size of the pro-
ject, it will still be satisfactory. Your prompt at-
tention and cooperation in this matter will be ap-
preciated by the Exhibition Committee, make their
work easier, and the setting better. Thanks.

are hereby notified that they are to call a business
meeting of the architects within their districts for
the.purpose of selecting the architect they desire to
be nominated as their District Director for the com-
ing year... Don't miss your opportunity.

Hadley has called a meeting of th, Executive Board
of the F.A.A. for Thursday evening, December 4th,
at 8 :00 o'clock at the Brazilian Court Hotel, Palm
Beach......This applies to the President, the Vice-
President, the Secretary- Treasurer, the immediate
Past President,. .. That's you,. Russell, . and all
Directors. ... .Let's make it 100% attendance, fel-
lows. ... and there's always a sprinkling of early
arrivals that are welcome to join the crew ...... so
look us up if you are there.

dent Elliott B. Hadley will attend and represent the
F.A.A. at the annual convention of the Florida State
Chamber of Commerce in Panama City, December
1st and 2nd . .Busy schedule ahead for E, B.

NEW DISTRICTS.. .As authorized by the Exec-
utive Board and approved at the Semi-Annual Meet-
ing in Gainesville on April 25, 1941, the new set-up
for Districts for 1942 will be as follows:
District 1: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa,
Walton Washington, Holmes, Bay Jackson, Cal-
houn, Gulf, Franklin, Liberty, Gadsden, Wakulla,
Leon, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor.
District 2: Hamilton, Suwannee, Lafayette, Dixie,
Levy, Gilchrist, Columbia, Union, Bradford, Ala-
chua, Marion, Baker.
District 3: Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Put-
District 4: Flagler, Volusia.
District 5: Sumter, Lake, Seminole, Orange.
District 6: Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas,
Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Osceola, Polk,
Hardee, Highlands.
District 7: Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee,
St. Lucie, DeSoto, Charlotte, Lee, Glades, Hendry,
Collier, Martin, Palm Beach.
District 8: Broward.
Di:-trict 9: Miami Beach.
District 10: Dade, Monroe.

NEW DISTRICTS....Perhaps the following will
aid in placing the Districts with regard to their
geographical location.
District 1: Pensacola, Tallahassee.
District 2: Gainesville.
District 3: Jacksonville.
District 4 Daytona Beach.
District 5: Orlando.
District 6: St. Petersburg, Tampa, Lakeland.
District 7: Cocoa, The Palm Beaches.
District 8: Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood.
District 9: Miami Beach.
District 10: Miami, Coral Gables.

From Duncan Field, San Antonio, Texas, comes a
-postal card that starts off with a few bars of music
and then:-
Dear Del:-In case you've forgotten music like
you have French the above means "In the Army
now," and explains why I can't take active part in
Association activities. Thanks and best regards.
Signed: Lieut. Garry A. Boyle, Ancien.Architecte.

Maybe Garry will be able to tell us which can be
silenced first... .a fort or a fortress.. .Genderously
speaking, of course.


Neous.....Interest in this particular convention
should be maintained at one-hundred-per-cent....
plus.....If you are in the cellar this will be your
chance to climb out of it ...... Let's put the conven-
tion over with sincere interest and enthusiasm..The
architects of the Palm Beaches are presenting a
united force under able leadership .. All are work-
ing for your entertainment and fellowship.... Like
the ladies, they are going to put up a good front or
bust. ..... (If you miss that one there's no hope for
you)...... With gas rationing removed there is no
priority or OPM ruling controlling your attendance
.... The Ladies Committee wants you to bring your
wife ... .provided, of course, that you have one ....
so they'll have the pleasure of entertaining her ...
This Committee is composed of the wives of the arch-
itects of The Palm Beaches...... with Miss Agnes
Ballard...an honest-to-gosh architect, as chairman
... .and there's a real program planned... Having
attended a previous F.A.A. Convention in The Palm
Beaches.... in 1935 .....we haven't forgotten how
hospitality and friendship was shown by everyone
from the moment we arrived.... and it extended to
a special reception where we sat, pajama clad, on
the edge of our bed and enjoyed a spontaneous
mirthfully reminiscent gathering of Pals until a late
hour for even a convention celebration.... Or was it
early.... Generally we place the ladies. .bless 'em..
..in three classes... The beautiful. The intelligent
...The minority.... Recall at that time we put all
the ladies of the Palm Beaches in one of the first
two classes mentioned, with a majority qualifying
for membership in both divisions .At any rate we
don't expect to be contradicted.... You know, fel-
lows, we'd like to see this particular convention
carried off with a bang .. Hope we are not being
too optimistic....... something like the fellow who
hung a brassiere on the foot of his bed and expected
to find Mae West occupying it Christmas morning..
...In these progressive days and times when sex- is
recognized as a biological fact rather than a matter
of luck... good or bad.-..all according to personal
viewpoint..... we must admit, before closing our
final Bulletin, that we fully intended to write. .pro-
vided our mood, and the moon were in their ricvht
phase .....a special edition of the Bulletin devoted
entirely to The Architect's Wife ... Thp idea Was
created because several of the boys had mentioned
that the wife, appropriates the Bulletin and is the
first to read it .... which in no'way disturbs us ....
fact is we approve.:. .because, if there be anything
therein concerning which husband should be in-
formed, he will hear about it.... whether or not he
reads.... At least we so hope.... .and are counting
upon you ladies to make him attend this convention

. .It only comes once a year you know.... We are
depending upon you to make this a big convention..
. .As for that particular issue of the Bulletin men-
tioned above. .we promise to put it over next year
with the help of the new secretary... .Like the gor-
geous creature in bathing, and whom you can
imagine is hinting "Look over this sway, big boy"..
S.it will be worth wading for .... We may also give
our opinions and explanations of the reasons why
an architect so often just gets by with a complete
drawing outfit while a lawyer can and often does
go to town and gets a bank roll besides three
squares a day with only one triangle. .. ..Publicity
and advertising has a hell of a lot to do with it.

Bayard C. Lukens of Hollywood
Andrew J. Ferendino of Miami Beach
George Clinton Gamble of Fort Lauderdale
Norman A. Skeels of Miami Beach have been re-
ported as being new members.....Good work and
congratulations all 'round.

Russell: "Tomorrow evening I'm going to Coral
Gables to see a. model home."
Fred: "Great! I'll confess to escorting one home
last week."

Which reminds us that a "Sugar Daddy" can also
be ela:ified- as a "Crystallized Sap."

PRIORITIES... .If we gave you copies of all
resolutions, etc., which have been or are in the pro-
e -s of being formulated for Governmental consid-
eration concerning Priorities we'd be mailing you
several pounds of literature. Will have them at the

Hope to see many of you at the Convention...Re-
member the boys of the Palm Beaches are asking for
200 or more of you to gather with them... They are
working industrially to give you the best time
Sincerely Yours,
Secretary Del
The Florida Association of Architects


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3 1262 05919 9017

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