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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: March 1939
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First National Bank Building
Miami Beachl
First Vice President
Professional Building

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stripling
3--William T. Arnett
4--Franklin S. Bunch
5--G. M. Peek
6--W. Kenneth Miller
7--Elliott B. Hadley

Second Vice President
517 West University Avenue
Box 3747
Daytona Beach

Pensacola 8--Donald R. Pierce Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
Gainesville 10--Nat G. Walker Ft. Myers
Jacksonville 11--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
DeLand 12--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
Orlando 13--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
St. Petersburg 14--Robert L. Weed Miami
15--Earl V. Wolfe Key West

Object: "To organize and unite in fellowship the architects
of the State of Florida and to combine their efforts to pro-
mote the artistic, scientific and practical efficiency of the pro-

MARCH 1939


SPLINTERS-We hoped to forget having to men-
tion that being a member of The Florida Association of
Architects carries the obligation to pay dues . but it
appears to be one of those things an efficient secretary
has to do. The procedure is somewhat like taking a
splinter out of one's finger-there's no fun in it but
the sooner it is attended to the better off we are.
*f *
ROSTER-To date other items have crowded the
list of paid-up members from the pages of the Bulletin
. .We hope to start it in the next issue . Trust
there will be sufficient names to occupy several pages
. . To accomplish this, and in order to show other ar-
chitects that we, as an Association, are growing up with
a definite aim and value; and that as individual mem-
bers of the architectural profession you have faith in
and support Association activities, please give thought
to sending your dues in today, if possible . And now
to other things.

WELCOME-To the following architects recently
granted certificates to practice architecture in the State
of Florida we extend greetings in the name of the Flori-
da Association of Architects . If our count is correct
you increase the total number of architects registered in
Florida to 561 . .Not all of you are young fellows
just trying to get along because we recognize some very
familiar and out-standing names following the registra-
tion numbers . However, whether the paint on your
shingle still be wet or if your sign has been in display
so long your eyes no longer seek it-we do want you to
feel that this Association is endeavoring to serve Ar-
chitecture, the Allied Arts, the Public Welfare, and Ar-
chitects . We welcome your correspondence and friend-
ship, your problems and cooperation-for mutual bene-
fit . We invite you to join our Association.

Registrations granted December 10, 1939
Cert. No.
1255-Bernard, Clifford S. .... Miami. Florida
1248-Burns, Herman H. ____- Chicago, Illinois
1251-Davis, John Eayres Birmingham, Alabama
1250-Gardner, Thomas West Nashville, Tennessee
1252--Knight, Eugene Herbert Birmingham, Alabama
1245-Lang, Albert __. Coconut Grove, Florida
1254-McClarren, S. T .... St. Petersburg, Florida
1247-Pearce, Ronald H. New York City, New York
1249-Petersen, J. Edwin .. Miami Beach, Florida
1246-Spencer, Robert C. .._._. Orlando, Flor'da
1257-Toombs, Henry Johnston
Warm Springs, Georgia
1253-Warren, W. T. __.__ Birmingham, Alabama
1256-Wright, Frank Lloyd Spring Green, Wisconsin
Registrations granted January 14, 1939

1262-Bounetheau, Harold D.
1261-Cohen, Joseph ...
1259-Coryell, Irving .. ._
1267--Cunningham, Jesse L. .
1266-Hunter, Herbert B.
1263-Kelley, Forrest M., Jr.
1264--Krug, George Krug
1258-Leonard, Ralph Mitchell
1265-Nolan, Edw. A. ...
1260-Wank, Roland Anthony

Jacksonville, ITorida;
Miami, Florida
.__ Miami, Florida
Greer, South Carolina
SWashington, D. C.
G. ainesville, Flor:da
__.Orlando, Florida
_. Miami, Florida
.. Miami, Florida
Knoxville, Tennessee

Harry M. Griffin of Daytona Beach, Mellen C. Gree-
ley of Jacksonville, Franklin 0. Adams of Tampa,
Phillip F. Kennard of St. Petersburg, and James G.
Rogers II of Winter Park continue as The State Board
of Architecture for 1939. Harry elected President of
the Board and Mel continues as the indispensable Sec-
retary and Treasurer.

Many thanks for the magazines you sent a few days
ago and also for your splendid cooperation in inserting
my request in the Florida Association Bulletin-it has
already borne fruit. If at any time you have more than
you wish to keep on file our School will gladly pay the
expense of expressing them to Gainesville. We are
making a plate file which we believe will be invaluable
to our students and, in this way, find use for extra
copies of any of the standard architectural magazines
. With best wishes, I am, Cordially yours, Rudolph."
** *
THANKS-And so we pass along this letter of thanks
from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, togeth
er with sincere appreciation from your secretary, to you
who aided the University . also extend it to you who
further assist by giving material to make the plate file
ideal . Here's an opportunity for service.

SCORAL GABLES-Under the headline "Here's a
New One by Architects to Aid Owners" the Miami Daily
News gives the five objectives of the C. G. Architects'
Association and then adds . "The association has in-
augurated a new idea that is meeting with growing en-
thusiasm. Buildings that are being constructed under
the supervision of an architect of the association are
permitted to display a prominent sign reading "Certified
Construction". These signs are issued and registered
by the secretary of the organization and are lettered
witl the owner's name and address of the building .
"On completion of the building the architect gives the
owner a certificate of construction certifying the number
of inspections made and details of the construction and
materials," Upton C. Ewing, president, explains. "This
system is to encourage and insure good construction and
will assure future purchasers of proper construction of
buildings having these certificates. This idea is being
considered for other associations in this distr:et."
* *
REMARKS-Guarantee the above will prove inter-
esting to Franklin O. Adams of Tampa, as it is a modi-
fied form of Franklin's ideas and vision for all construc-
tion, which he has so ably presented to us at Associa-
tion meetings . Paramount is the fact that the ar-
chitects of Coral Gables have started putting it into
practice .. Incidentally-of the architects compris-
ing the Coral Gables Architects' Association eleven are
members of The F. A. A. and the remaining five have
been members in the past . We hope they will re-
new their membership for 1939.

TRUE-In 1853 a thirty dollar tax was imposed up-
on bath tubs in Virginia. If caught with one in Phila-
delphia you went to jail. (Tub be or not tub be, that is
the question. Hamlet.)

DISTRICT 4-Peppy, instructive ineetings being
held each week. Rudolph Weaver, F. A. I. A., archi-
tect to the State Board of Control and who, as Director
of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts has a
heavy responsibility as to what and how the architects
in embryo at the University of Florida will crowd into
their craniums, discussed "City Development" with the
architects of this district January third. . Entertain-
ment furnished by Britton Kirton who smears a black
pencil over his features just as slick as he puts shadows
on a rendering and gives some of the best "darky" mono-
logues we ever heard . Britton contributed much to
our enjoyment at the Convention with his risorial skits
... Mrs. K. worries for fear he won't get the back of his
neck black enough . Lucky fellow . Personally for
twenty-seven years we have had a hard time convincing
our better seven-eights that our neck is that way from
sun tan acquired in our flower-garden and fishing.
It remains open for discussion.

EXHIBITION-Architects of District 4 sponsored
a public exhibition at the Federal Art Galleries in Jack-
sonville during the week of February 6-11th .. Florida
Times-Union carrying daily notices provided good pub-
licity . Speakers on pertinent topics were part of the

THE PUBLIC-We here quote part of Director
Bunch's letter because it carries a message to all Dis-
tricts:-"Jacksonville architects believe that the pres-
entation of talks and educational features along archi-
tectural and artistic lines to the public in civic clubs,
high schools, over the radio, in the newspapers and in
open meetings, is a forceful way to bring the layman
to a full realization of the value of the architect and the
rightful place he should hold in the world today. These
architects believe this mission is the most important re-
sponsibility which the profession in Florida, as well as
in the Nation, has to face, i. e., "The Education of the
General Public", and they intend doing what they can
to at least start such a campaign in Jacksonville."
-*- *-
FLORIDA admitted to the Union on March 3, 1845.
Incidentally Ponce de Leon discovered it on March 27,
1513.. Time March's on.
NEWS-Thanks to the Florida Portland Cement
Company for informing us that the only imported Hin-
du Temple in the United States is on the campus of
Florida Southern College in Lakeland Florida. .. That
leaves us wondering why Jim Murphy, Lakeland archi-
tect, never mentioned it during conversations with us.

Your secretary endeavors to answer correspondence
through a personal letter. However, once in a while
lie lacks time. Epecially when he gets the urge to go

fishing . to attempt raising a yellow sweet pea for
Burbank . gets stuck on a tough cryptogram . or
the grand-daughter insists our shoulders form the prop-
er view-point for an inspection tour Perhaps the
last reason should be first . .Leading up to the re-
quest that you read all of the Bulletin . Your letter
may be answered herein or in the next issue . It
certainly will if your question is a general one and like-
ly to be of interest to other architects . That goes
for the following paragraphs and hope you'll approve.

ADDIRESSES-We try our level best to keep our ad-
dress file correct so if you change your office location
please inform the secretary. Should you know any ar-
chitect registered in Florida who is not receiving his
Bulletin please send in name and address.

MEMBERSHIP--In 1938 the Association made an
impressive growth .. totaled 192 paid-up and 238 on the
books . Hope conditions will be such that the de-
linquent 46 will send, in their 1938 dues if unable to
remit for both 1938 and 1939 . .We do not want to go
backward after such a fine record . Optimistically
want the membership for 1939 to reach 250 ... In 1938
we wanted 50 new members and you made it 84 . .
good going if you ask me . So help us maintain the
F1. A. A. on top as one of the best state associations in
the country . Talk it over with other architects, please
. Send in dues with application . Five dollars .
and no initiation fee.
VALUE--Perhaps the following, copied from a cir-
cular sent to secretaries of state associations by the
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards,
Chicago, Illinois, will give you a better understanding
of the value of membership in your state association:-
"Architectural societies should recognize that-it is of
the utmost importance to the interests of the profession
that real competency shall be promoted and incompe-
tency and dishonesty discouraged.
"Standing in a profession is rated by the way in
which a man is regarded by his professional compeers.
High regard may be evidenced by direct testimony, by
election to important posts, by honors conferred, or by
election to membership in professional societies. Un-
favorable regard may be evidenced by expulsion from
societies, refusal to elect to societies, honors denied, or
by direct testimony.
"Professional contacts are necessary to well-rounded
professionall equipment. The man who neglects or re-
fuses to identify himself with established societies or
his profession is open to the imputation of being afraid
to meet his equals on common ground. Such men are
very likely to be behind the times in the knowledge of
current practice."


Civic Improvement
W. Kenneth Miller, Chairman
Frederick T. Hannaford
Britton Kirton
Trustees, Univherity Fund
Rudolph Weaver, Chairman
William T. Arnett ..--
Norman A. Skeels
Robert Law Weed, Chairman
Elliott B. Hadley
William T. Arnett
Frederick G. Seelmann, Chmn.
William T. Arnettr-
E. A. Ehmann
T. Angus MacEwan
Russell T. Pancoast
John E. Pierson, Jr.
Robert Fitch Smith
George H. Spohn
Planning and Program,

Co mpetitioin
Richard Kiehnel, Chairman
Frederick W. Bucky, Jr.
LeeRoy Sheftall
Mellen C. Greeley, Clhairman
Harry Milton Griffii
Clyde E. Harris
Education and Publicity
Hugh A. Pillsbury, Co-chairman
in charge of Publicity
0. C. R. Stageberg, Co-chairman
in charge of Education
Andrew J. Ferendino
I lMembership
Franklin S. Bunch, Chairman
George Clinton Gamble
Elliott B. Hadley
Henry Hohauser
Gerard Pitt

Unexpired Term

Franklin O. Adams, Chairman ..................... ......3 years
M ellen C G reeley .......................................................................................... 3 years
K enneth W M miller ........................................................... ........................ year
Frederick G Seelm ann .................................................................... .........2 years
R udolph W ever ...................................................... .......................... 2 years
0 C. R Stageberg ................................ ..... ...... ....... ............ year
Franklin S. Bunch, New appointment ............................... years
Bernard W. Close, New appointment ..........................................4 years

Sub-Committee to Meet with Engayneers
Frederick G. Seelmann, Chairman
Russell T. Pancoast
George H. Spohn

The Legislative Committee and the Sub-Committee to
,meet with the Engineers are as per Convention action
. The Judiciary Committee is as elected by the Board
of Directors . Other Committees are as appointed by
President Russell T. Pancoast.

Committee members have responsibilities. Please
give thought to your committee work . You have a
trust to fulfill . For, as Committees function so goes
seventy-five percent of an association's activities and ac-
complishments for that year.
E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,
The Florida Association of Architects

3 1262 05919 8811

MAP 6 193,1

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