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Publication Date: April 1938
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THE F. A. A.


spec A6 73





First National Bank Building
Miami Beach
First Vice President
Professional Building

1--R. Daniel Hart
2--James A. Stipling,
3--William T. Arnett
4--LeeRoy Sheftall
5--G. M. Peck
6--W. Kenneth Miller
7--Elliott B. Hadley

Second Vice President
517 West University Avenue
Box 8747
Daytona Beach

Pensacola 8--Harry A. MacEwen Lakeland
Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
Gainesville 10--Nat G. Walker Ft. Myers
Jacksonville 11--Bruce P. Kitchell West Palm Beach
DeLand 12--Courtney Stewart Ft. Lauderdale
Orlando 13--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
St. Petersburg 14--Robert L. Weed Miami
15--John A. Long Key West

Object: "To organize and unite in fellowship the architects
of the State of Florida and to combine their efforts to pro-
mote the artistic, scientific and practical efficiency of the pro-

APRIL 1938


Nota Bene: Did you notice that the Bulletin had an
extra page last month? It looks as though we were go-
ing to have plenty of news to send out every month. 40
architects sent in their dues for active membership and
the best news is that 26 of them are new members. That's
a good showing for 18 days. There still remains a
large number of '37 members to be heard from, however,
and your secretary trusts you will help him make a good
report at the Semi-Annual Meeting.

Note on your calendar that the Semi-Annual Meeting
will be held in Peabody Hall, University of Florida, in
Gainesville on Saturday, May 21, 1938. Meeting will be
called to order at 9:30 A. M.

This paragraph constitutes due notice to Franklin 0.
Adams, (June); 0. C. R. Stageberg, (July); Frank D.
Gheen, (August); Rudolph Weaver, (Sept.); Jefferson
D. Powell, (Oct.); Theodore H. Skinner, (Nov.);
Robert Fitch Smith, (Dec.); that they are listed for an
open letter on some topic or points of interest . Some
information or ideas on Advertising, Ethics, Architect-
ural Supervision, Specifications, Details, Fellowship,
Civic Activities, Free Service, etc., are suggested as a
start ... Just limit your letter to about 400 words please,
and they'll appear in the Bulletin . Suggest you write
that letter NOW and send it into the Secretary in order
that it will be available for the issue stated after your
name . You may also choose your own pet topic;

Max Worthley of Jacksonville sent this office a copy
of the Bulletin of March 10th of the Cleveland Section
of the Architects Society of-Ohio and we think the fol-
lowing is good enough to reprint here:
We shall always have Architecture-we cannot avoid
it. Whether you, as an architect, or a politician, or a
banker, or a real estate developer control building, Arch-
itecture will continue-good, bad, or indifferent. Arch-
itecture has always reflected the times,-the rise and
decay of Society..
The architect has a definite place in the picture of
current civilization. He is fully aware of it. Yet-he
has failed to take the spot which is his. He has failed
to appraise his value in the eyes of the public. In the
effort to make a living he finds himself confronted with
free plan services sponsored by building products manu-
facturers, draftsmen working for small-fees, buildings
designed, not by architects but by contractors, and his
business conducted, whether he likes it or not, by self-
appointed outsiders. To most of the public the archi-
tect is a blue-print expert hired by a contractor .
.Your answer? You have expressed it in open meeting,
among architects-we've heard your emphatic sentiments.
Has the public heard them? No. Not Generally.
The Architects Society of Ohio is out to publicise the
architect just as the medical profession, the dental pro-
fession and the legal profession have educated the public
to the value of their respective services.
Forget your squabbles-show some interest and enthus -
iasm for your local State Society group. Concerted ef-
fort alone will accomplish our aims. Lend a hand-You
will come and go-We shall always have Architecture."
*x- *x- *X-
Methinks some such thoughts have run through the
heads of all of us at one time or another. Gist: The en-
tire success of any Association activity depends upon
fulfillment of the request contained in the last paragraph.
Read it again.

Mellen C. Greeley, our ambassador to the first state-
wide meeting of the Alabama Association of Registered
Architects, reports an enthusiastic gathering on Febru-
ary 23rd in Montgomery. Thirty-five architects present
of a total registration of eighty . Meeting conducted
in a most earnest and thorough manner by President
Moreland Griffith Smith .. .Mel had the floor for over
an hour talking about and answering questions regarding
Florida Association, the State Hotel Commission, regis-
tration, etc. .. They were particularly interested in
Florida's Hotel Commission because, as we all know, it
is unique in that probably no other state has a similar
organization . They gave Ambassador Greeley an op-
portunity to see their city and Montgomery's new Negro
Low Cost Housing Project . "A representative of one
of the Montgomery papers made a splendid talk on the
value of advertising and gave an outline for an advertis-
ing campaign by architects. In this connection, it is in-
teresting to note that reports of the Association meeting
appeared on the front pages of two local newspapers in
three issues and I was told that this is the first time the
architects have "made the front page". It seems to sub-
stantiate the experience of the Florida Association that
by organization you can command attention."

Thanks, and a pat on the back to Mellen Greeley for
the above, and the same to Rudolph Weaver, Director
School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of
Florida, Gainesville, who journeyed to Fort Lauderdale
the week of March 12th to give an interested group of
architects in District 12 a serious talk about the Asso-
ciation and its needs. Good work, Director Stewart.

Kenneth Miller, Director District 6, reports the most
enthusiastic meeting ever held in that district, on March
3rd. Twelve out of fifteen architects present. Best of
all, members requested another meeting for March 17th,
for they actually voiced out loud in meeting topics here-
tofore discussed only between individuals, thus clearing
up misunderstandings and eliminating hard feelings that
might have existed . That's progress, and exactly what
District meetings are supposed to do, in part.-

President Pancoast desires that District Directors be
notified that it is required of them to have at least two
meetings of the architects in their district every six
months. Get those two meetings started, gentlemen, and
bring your report to the Semi-Annual meeting in Gaines-
ville, May twenty-first. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Thought for this month: Some things are like a loco-
motive doing eighty miles an hour. You may flag it down,
but it isn't safe to stand in the middle of the track while
you try it.

Previous list-42. This list-40. Total 82.
181 last year. Required to reach 200-118. Let's go.
Earl V. Wolfe, Key West
James T. Murphy, Daytona Beach
Mellen C. Greeley, Jacksonville
H. F. Saxelbye, Jacksonville
W. M. Marsh, Jacksonville
Alan J. MacDonough, Daytona Beach
Harold D. Steward, Miami
Richard Kiehnel, Miami
Horace Hamlin, Jr., Miami
Manfred Mancusi-Ungaro, Miami
Raymond D. Weakley, Miami
George Bruce, Miami
Kenneth Miller, Orlando
L. Murray Dixon, Miami Beach
Henry Hohauser, Miami Beach
Carlos B. Schoeppl, Miami Beach
Bayard C. Lukeris, Hollywood
Clarence A. Martin, Sarasota
Rudolph Weaver, Gainesville
M. Leo Elliott, Tampa
Henry L. Taylor, St. Petersburg
Elliott B. Hadley, St. Petersburg
A. Lowther Forrest, St. Petersburg
S. J. Welch, Pensacola
William W. Hatcher, Fort Pierce
Frederick G. Seelman, Palm Beach
Maurice Fatio, Palm Beach
Harry M. Griffin, Daytona Beach
Arthur Laidler-Jones, Coconut Grove
Frank Frimmer, Tampa
Jas. Gamble Rogers II, Winter Park
Miss Marion I. Manley, Coral Gables
Upton C. Ewing, Coral Gables
Louis Kamper, Detroit, Mich.
Dwight James Baum, Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y.
W. A. Treanor, New York City
Edwin H. Clark, Chicago, Illinois
:ames Yardley Rippins, Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y.
George H. Spohn, Miami
Arnold Southwell, Miami Beach
Junior Member: Adolph Frimmer, Tampa

NEW ADDRESSES-Paging Mellen C. Greeley
Earle V. Wolfe, P. O. Box 168, Key West, Florida
Louis Kamper, 2150 Iroquois Avenue, Detroit, Michigan
L. Murray Dixon, 1630 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach, Florida
W. Kenneth Miller, 1115 North Dixie, Orlando, Florida
H. J. Harrje, R. F. D. No. 1, Ransomville, N. Y.
Raymond D. Weakley, Pent House, Congress Bldg., Miami,
A. Lowther Forrest, 200 Beach Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida
Maurice Fatio, Plaza Circle, Palm Beach, Florida
George Bruce, 407 Security Bldg., Miami, Florida
James Yardley Rippins, Ardsley-on-Hudson, N. Y.
Horace Hamlin, Jr., 54 S. E. 7th St., Miami, Florida
Allan J. MacDonough, Box 910, 132 Broadway, Daytona Beach,
Upton C. Ewing, 310 Madeira Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida
Miss Marion I. Manley, 147 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables, Florida
M. Leo Elliott, Pent House, Citizens Bank Bldg., Tampa,
Florida "-

Thirty-nine states now require registration.

President Pancoast announces
Nat G. Walker, Chairman,
Bruce P. Kitchell'
William T. Arnett
Richard Kiehnel, Chairman
George A. Coffin
Henry L. Taylor
Jefferson D. Powell, Chairman
E. F. De La Haye
0. C. R. Stageberg
John Skinner
George Clinton Gamble
Mellen C. Greeley, Chairman
Clyde E. Harris
Harry M. Griffin

the following COMMITTEES:
Education, and Publicity
Hugh A. Pillsbury, Chairman
Ralph S. Fetner
George L. Pfeiffer
Civic Improvement
W. Kenneth Miller, Chairman
Robert G. Jahelka
Robert M. Nevins
Russell T. Pancoast, Chairm'n
T. Angus MacEwan
John E. Pierson
Frederick G. Seelmann
Robert Fitch Snith
Board of Trustees,
University Fund
Rudolph Weaver, Chairman
Norman A. Skeels
Clarence A. Martin

Appointments to the Planning and Program Commit-
tee pending consultation between President Russell Pan-
coast and Franklin O. Adams, Chairman.
To be announced in next issue.


Sarasota County Chamber of Commerce, Sarasota,
Florida cordially invites the Association to consider the
City of Sarasota for the next annual meeting.. Similar
invitations have come from St. Augustine and Hollywood.
.. This question is decided by vote at the Semi-Annual
meeting, May 21st, in Gainesville . If you desire the
convention in your city come prepared to request it.

We have George L. Pfeiffer, Charter, Life and Hon-
orary Member of the Association, at bat for May's let-
ter. As "Uncle George's" remarks are always worth-
while we advise you to listen in.

Thought 14umber Two: It is possible to learn a lot of
choice words in the Marines, but you'll also learn that
you can't expect to hit what you aim at unless you keep
at least one eye open.

Benton, Felix, 1353 S. W. 4th Ave., Miami, Florida
Blake, Theodore E., 18 E. 48th St., New York City
Coile, Forrest W., 408 Melson Bldg., Newport News, Va.
Craig, Frank, 91/2 N. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach, Florida '
Cummer, William T., Box 183, North Miami, Florida
Findlater, Charles R., 6650 Sheffield Lane, La Gorce Island,
Miami Beach, Fla.
Graveley, John, 400 W. Ashley St., Jacksonville, Florida
Harvard, W. B., Jr., 1630 Euclid Ave., Miami Beach, Florida
Henon, Paul, Fox Building, Philadelphia Penna.
Hunt, B. F., Chattanooga Bank Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn.
Kannenberg, Werner F., T. H. Crisp & Co., Professional Bldg.,
Sarasota, Florida

Martin, William A., 38-10 Sixty-first St., Woodside, Long
Island, N. Y.
Meeks, Everett V., School of Fine Arts, Yale University,
New Haven, Conn.
Pipino, B. A., 408 Melson Bldg., Newport News, Va.
Reeve, Keith G., 304 Peabody Hall, Gainesville, Florida
Sawyer, F. McM., Box 2005, Orlando, Florida
Severud, G. M., 2942 S. W. 27th Ave., Miami, Florida
Shelton, Jesse Markham, 706 Bona Allen Bldg., Atlanta, Ga.
Shotwell, David, Gordon Drive, Naples, Florida
Tarlowski, Francis J., Ingraham Bldg., Miami, Florida
Vaughn, William T., Box 183, North Miami, Florida
Voorhees, Louis F., 3081/2 N. Main St., High Point, N. C.
Walker, Frank Ray, 2341 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Wiesman, George C., 1630 Euclid Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida

It is the intention to have future nominations for Di-
rectors of Districts come from within the Districts. Nom-
inations may be sent by letter to be presented at the
meeting by the secretary and should be signed by sev-
eral architects within the District. You will be notified
about this again some time in November.
*%* *x *
The above twenty-four gentlemen were given the title
of Registered Architects by the State Board of Archi-
tecture last January, boosting the total Roster to 513.
To you the Florida Association of Architects extends
its greetings. We hope you'll like Florida and Florida
Architects. We wish you success.

Directors of Districts: Please invite the new regis-
trants to your next District Meeting. Urge them to at-
tend the Gainesville meeting May 21st. We need them
and they need us.
*5{- *%* *x
And still another issue goes to press with an order for
525 copies so that all may be posted.
We are doing our bit. May we count on your support
by joining the Association?
Secretarily yours,
E. F. De La HAYE,
Sec.-Treas., The F. A. A.


II 1262ll 0 19l 71 II4
3 1262 05919 7714

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