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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: February 1941
Subject: Architecture -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Architecture -- Caribbean Area   ( lcsh )
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President Vice-President
211 Taylor Arcade, 1777 Biscayne Boulevard
St. Petersburg Miami
Box 3747
Daytona Beach
1--R. Daniel Hart Pensacola 8--F. Duane Fullerton Lakeland
2-James A. Stripling Tallahassee 9--Richard W. Rummell Cocoa
3--Sanford W. Goin Gainesville l0--Belford Shoumate Palm Beach
4-FrederickW. Bucky,Jr. Jacksonville 11--Robert E Hansen Ft. Lauderdale
5--Francis W..Craig Daytona Beach 12--Robert M. Little Miami Beach
6--Arthur Beck Orlando 13--Upton C. Ewing Coral Gables
7--Archie G. Parish St. Petersburg

Object: . The purpose of this Association shall be to
stimulate and encourage continual improvement within the
profession, co-operate with other professions, promote and
participate in the matters of general public welfare, and
represent and act for the architectural profession in the State.





*' *


VOTING MEMBERS . The Officers and Direc-
tors of the F. A. A. take this opportunity to express
their appreciation to the architects enrolling as Voting
Members, and to those who have made their contribu-
tion for the Legislative Fund.
Total to date, 41.
Adams, Franklin O. .. .Tampa
Arnett, William T.. Gainesville
Bucky, Frederick W., Jr. . Jacksonville
Danison, Robert A. ... .Tampa
De La Haye, E. F.. . Daytona Beach
DeLoe, Earl F.. ..... Orlando.
Fetner, Ralph S. ....Jacksonville
Fink, H. George .. . Coral Gables
Frimmer, Frank .. . Tampa
Fulton, Guy C. Gainesville
Gamble, Clinton. ... Tampa
Griffin, Harry M. Daytona Beach
Hadley, Elliott B. St. Petersburg
Hansen, Robert E. . Ft. Lauderdale
Hitt, Laurance . Winter Park
Johnson, M. H. ..... Sarasota
Kennard, Francis J. ... Tampa
Kressley, M. E. .. ... Orlando
Lauderbach, John S. . ...Ft. Lauderdale
Leete, David A... .. Daytona Beach
MacDonough, Alan J. . Daytona Beach
McCandless, Jack St. Petersburg
Nelson, Harry O. . . Miami Beach
Nieder, Charles Paul .. Miami
Pancoast, Russell T. . Miami Beach
Parish, Archie G. .... St. Petersburg
Petersen, J. E. ... .. Miami Beach
Pitt, Gerard Miami
Price, Max Chas. ....Punta Gorda
Rogers, Jas. Gamble, II. . Winter Park
Rummell, Richard W.. .... Cocoa
Schoeppl, Carlos B. .. . Miami Beach
Six, Norman F. Tampa
Skinner, Theodore .. Clearwater
Snow, A. Folger.. . Daytona Beach
Stewart, Courtney Ft. Lauderdale
Stripling, James A. . Tallahassee
Twitchell, Ralph S . . Sarasota
Wakeling, Roy W. ....Clearwater
Weaver, Rudolph ... Gainesville
Zachar, Stefan H. ... Miami Beach

Total to date, 5.

Eckhoff, Arnold W., Jr.
Frimmer, Adolph
Johnson, M. H. .
Scott, HomerB..
Webb, D. Neil .

Ft. Lauderdale

LEGISLATIVE FUND: ... Contributors by Dis-
tricts .. Draw your own perspective . Vanishing
point eleven months away . However, from infor-
mation received, we can expect a larger list of names
in the March BULLETIN . Some Directors are hold-
ingcontributions until they have a large number to send
in at one time . Archie Parish's District 7 out in
front with an early start in both' contributions to the
fund and Voting Members.
District 3-William T. Arnett.
District 5-Ray S. Blinn, E. F. De La Haye, C. E.
Garnett, Harry M. Griffin, Alan J. MacDonough, A.
Folger Snow.
District 7-Franklin O. Adams, Robert F. Danison,
Leo M. Elliott, Frank Frimmer, William B. Harvard,
Leslie N. Iredell, Francis J. Kennard, Philip Kennard,
Henry Kohler, David Shotwell, Winfield Lott, Norman
F. Six, Theodore Skinner, John W. Vickery, Frank A.
Winn, Jr., Albert M. Saxe, Max Chas. Price, Felix Ben-
ton, Archie G. Parish.
District 10-Belford Shoumate
District 11-Bayard C. Lukens, T. Meyer, Marion I.
Manley, 'Donald B. Macneir, Cedric Start, H. Wohl, M.
District 12-Russell T. Pancoast.'

LEGISLATION . It is time for all good archi-
'tects to become actively engaged in improving the reg-
ulations under which we are to practice . .'Aid and
rbet the passage of legislation thatjis constructed with-
out leaving all seams wide open ., There's not much
fun nor sense in trying to cross the ocean in a leaky
boat and no deck . Where the bottom is the limit in
one direction and the sky in the other . And so we
leave you to put up your own arguments to your Legis-
lators, and also with those who.need a bit of coaxing to-
join the F. A. A. and give it their support. .

CAPITAL M IS CAPITAL . With the capital
M standing for Memberships. .... Help your Associa--
tion build for strength . It needs Vitamin M.

ARCHITECTS' BILL .... The final draft has been
completed and printed copies are being distributed to
interested parties. The secretary expects to receive a
supply at an early date and copies will be. mailed to all
architects residing within the State of Florida. Legis.-
lators are being contacted. The work of the Special
Legislature Committee No. 1 has been completed for the
time being and Sub-Committee No 2 carries on in assist-
ing Attorney Worth. Directors, Voting Members, and
all other architects are to be responsible for contacting
the Legislators in their Districts for the purpose of ac-
quainting them with the purpose of the bill. Do not
wait until the Legislature convenes . Do it now.

CHESTER H. ALDRICH . Chester Holmes
Aldrich, 69, one of America's leading architects, died on
December 26, 1940, in Rome, Italy, where he was Di-
rector of the American Academy in Rome . Mr. Al-
rich, appointed to head the Academy five years ago, had
designed some of the principal university buildings in
the United States . He was also known for many of
the homes he designed for prominent Americans, includ-
ing John D. Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, Otto H. Kahn,
Dwight W. Morrow,-and Col. Charles A. Lindbergh .
The veteran architect was affiliated with many European
and American art societies .. A Fellow of The
American Institute of Architects 'and a member of the
firm of Delano and Aldrich of New York City . .His
professional affiliations included, among others, the Ar-
chitectural League of New York, Society of Beaux Arts
Architects, Society of Architect diplomes par le Gouv-
ernment Fraicais, Music School Settlement in New
York, The Florida Association of Architects, and Delta
Psi -. .He was director general of civil affairs for
the Italian Red Cross Committee, 1917-1919, receiving
their. medal of honor, and the order of the Crown of
Italy.: Mr. Aldrich was unmarried.

Chester H. Aldrich was'a member of The F.oA. A. for
six years . 1933-1938' That he found a few mo-
ments 'to spare to consider Association activities was
indicated when he wrote: "Your BULLETINS are appre-
ciated and they undoubtedly will aid in creating greater
interesting the association of Florida architects."
*. *
COMMENT .. Note that the words "association"
and "architects" in the last line do not begin with cap-
itals ... thus putting a definitely more impressive
Meaning to the sentence.

Success is nothing but a good idea coupled with hard
work . Balzhc.

FACT . The Louisiana Purchase, January 31,
1803, was signed by Napoleon while he was in his bath
.Florida was purchased by the United States Gov-
ernment February 2, 1819, and repurchased by the peo-
ple during the boom.

ture generations are fed nourishment and vitamins by
Sa balanced portion we are willing to bet it will come in
the shape of a capsule instead of having the shape and
appeal of a chocolate ice cream sundae with maple syrup
and nuts.

SPACE CONSUMER . If parachutes failed to
open would it be proper to say the aviators were jump-
ing .at conclusions.

Planning and Program.
Rudolph Weaver, Chairman (Reappointed) 4 years
Frederick G. Seelmann (Reappointed) 4 years
Archie G. Parish. 3 years
Norman F. Six 3 years
Bernard W. Close . 2 years
John L. Skinner .. . 2 years
Mellen C. Greeley .. .. 1 year
Franklin S. Bunch 1 year
Inter-Professional Relations.
Jefferson D. Powell
Franklin S. Bunch

Special Committee for State Board Members.
Russell T. Pancoast, Chairman
Jefferson D. Powell
Norman F. Six
James A. Stripling
Bruce P. Kitchell
Civic Improvement.
John M. Crowell, Chairman.
(To' select other members.)
Frederick W. Bucky, Jr., Chairman
R. -Daniel Hart
Vladimir E. Virrick
M. Winfield Lott
Rudolph Weaver, Chairman
William T. Arnett
Frederick T. Hannaford
James Gamble Rogers, II, Chairman -
Mellen C. Greeley
John L. Skinner
Franklin O. Adams
Archie G. Parish, Chairman
and all Directors
Trustees, University of Florida Fund.
Rudolph Weaver. (To select other members.)
Legislative Committee. (Carried over from 1940.)
Frederick G. Seelmann, Chairman
Russell T. Pancoast
George H. Spohn
E. A. thmann
Franklin S. Bunch
M. Leo Elliott
William T. Arnett
James A. Stripling

Situated on the west coast of Florida with the Big
Cypress Swamp on the east and the Gulf of Mexico on
the west is Naples . Population in 1935 of 516 plus
one architect . with 221 people in the surrounding
territory . and the population of the entire county
just a bit over 4,000 . with many a square mile of
territory where white folks seldom tread or swim . .
so there's a'bit of humor in David's letter sent to Archie
Parish, Director of District 7 . .
"Dear Mr. Parish:
Here you are with an average check. Keep up the
good work. I doubt if it ,will do me any good for
Florida laws don't seem to teach this far.
S' David Shotwell."

It reminds us that some Inspectors for the Hotel
Commission when making an official inspection of the
so-called restaurants and rooming houses in certain sec-
tions where the citizens do not take kindly to being reg-
ulated, actually replace the State Department tag on
their car with another license plate and remove all signs
pointing to "official business" before starting on the trip.
They prefer to live to a ripe old age without being trou-
bled with shotgun wounds.

A PAT ON THE BACK TO Elliott B. Hadley
and M. Leo Elliott for their work as Sub-Committee No.
1 on, Legislation . and to Frederick G Seelmann,
Russell T. Pancoast, George H. Spohn, and William T.
Arnett as Sub-Committee No. 2 . and to 'Attorney
Worth, in particular .. for the work they have ac-
complished and are doing.

Let us all back the Bill. Otherwise you aid in bucking
E. F. DE LA HAYE, Sec'y-Treas.,


3 1262 05919 89851111
3 1262 05919 8985

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