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Title: FAA bulletin
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Creator: Florida Association of Architects
Publication Date: April 1946
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APRIL, 1946

President: James A. Stripling-Room 1, Child Building,
Tallahassee, Florida
Vice-President: Franklin S. Bunch-Florida Theatre
Building, Jacksonville, Florida
Secy-Treas.: Sanford W. Goin-Box 677, Gainesville,
District Directors:
1. R. Daniel Hart-Thiesen Building, Pensacola
2. Robert H. Brown-P. 0. Box 1116, Tallahassee
3. Guy C. Fulton-Box 2181, University Station, Gaines-
4. A. Eugene Cellar-1021 Graham Building, Jackson-
ville 2
5. Francis Walton-532 Magnolia Ave., Daytona Beach
6. Arthur Beck-1507 East South Street, Orlando
7. Archie G. Parish-213 Hall Building, St. Petersburg
8. Donovan Dean-607 Easton Drive, Lakeland
9. No Director
10. Howard Chilton-7 Plaza Building, Palm Beach
11. Bayard C. Lukens-Fort Lauderdale
12. L. Murray Dixon-2871 Fairgreen Drive, Miami Beach
13. Robert F. Smith-Shoreland Building, Miami

OBJECT: . The purpose of this Association shall be
to stimulate and encourage continual improvement within
the profession, co-operate with other professions, promote
and participate in the matters of general public welfare,
and represent and act for the architectural profession in
the State.

DEDICATION: . This issue of the bulletin is dedicated
to the 1946 National Convention of the American Institute
of Architects, to be held in Miami Beach, Florida, on May
8, 9, and 10.
Florida is indeed fortunate to be the host for this
Convention and, if we may so state without undue boast-
ing, the architects are fortunate in having their Conven-
tion in what many consider the architectural fairyland of
the world.
The semi-annual convention of our own Association
will be held at the University of Florida in Gainesville
Saturday, April 20. This date has been suggested in order
that we might have our local convention prior to the
National Convention of the AIA.
A Board of Directors meeting will be called at the
Hotel Thomas for the directors and officers of the Asso-

citation at 8 o'clock Friday night, April 19. General ar-
rangements for the convention will be announced when
the regular session is called to order in Peabody Hall,
10 o'clock Saturday morning, this being only a one-day
Even though business is rushing with everyone and a
good many of us plan to attend the meeting in May, it
is sincerely hoped that a large majority of the architects
in Florida will take time out from their regular affairs
and attend to the business of the Association which so
vitally affects us all.
Directors are requested to present a report of activities
in their districts at this time.

UNIFICATION: . Since the issuance of the last bul-
letin, notice has been received of the ratification of the
proposed constitution for the Florida Association of Archi-
tects of the American Institute of Architects by the
Florida South Chapter of the American Institute. An-
nouncement of the ratification by the Florida North Chap-
ter had been previously made. This only leaves action by
the Florida Central Chapter to make the thing unanimous.
President Stripling has expressed a desire to complete all
of the documents necessary for forwarding to Washing-
ton during the semi-annual convention. How about it,
Archie ?

a communication received requesting information concern-
ing architects with particular experience in serving the
meat packing industry; also a copy of our reply to Mr.
Swem. This correspondence is furnished for the informa-
tion of any of you who may be interested.
Florida Association of Architects
Sanford W. Goin, Secretary,
230 E. Main Street, South,
Gainesville, Florida.
Dear Sir:
We are planning to include a list of packinghouse
architects and engineers in our 1946 Annual Meat
Packers Guide.
In an effort to be of service to the meat packing
industry and to serve the architects in this field, we
should like to make this list as completed as possible.
Are there any members of your association who are
prepared to advise on the design and construction of
all types and sizes of packing plants, especially those
who have had practical experience in this field?
We are writing you at the suggestion of Edward

Vol. 8, No. 2

_ 1~---~1----11~---------_ I_
_ II^--------lIL-l-. -I~ ----I~-------------n---

------II~----- I

it u IL IL E T IINp

C. Kemper, Executive Secretary, American Institute
of Architects, Washington, 1). C.
We are enclosing a return envelope for your con-
venience in replying.
Yours very truly,
Edward R. Swem (signed)
Mr. Edward R. Swem, Editor
407 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago 5, Illinois
Dear Sir:
This will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated
March 11 concerning architects in Florida who might
be considered particularly qualified for the design of
packing plants, etc.
A copy of your letter will be inserted in our next
Florida Association Bulletin and it is hoped that such
architects as are interested will communicate with you
We expect to send out a bulletin within the next
couple of weeks and believe that this would be the
fastest method of handling.
Sincerely yours,

NEW JERSEY BULLETIN: . We are in receipt of a
new bulletin being published by the New Jersey Society
of Architects, New Jersey Chapter AIA. The contents
of this bulletin are quite interesting and indicate that
their problems are practically the same as ours. We have
asked that they place us on their mailing list with the
hope that ideas and comments may be exchanged from
time to time.

FINANCIAL: . From the dues received to date after the
issue of our first bulletin in 1946, prosperity in oult pro-
fession is strongly indicated. We trust that it is only
the rush of business which has prevented many others
from taking care of this matter.
In addition to the dues listed in the previous bulletin,

the following have been
Francis L. Abreu
William T. Aldrich
J. A. Altschuler
Albert Anis
Wm. T. Arnett
Philip Bergman
Robert Bittner
George Bruce
Herman H. Bruns
Joseph H. Bryson
Rolland C. Buckley
Victor L. Charn
Howard Chilton
Elliott L. Chisling
W. M. Christen
Jesse Cunningham
E. F. De La Haye
F. Earl DeLoe
I. A. de Minicis
John B. Dodd
Otto R. Eggers
Upton C. Ewing
A. J. Ferendino
S. Ralph Fetner
A. Hensel Fink
Roy F. France

received as of March 28:
Philip Friedman
Harry A. Fulton
Harry M. Griffin
Norman P. Gross
George J. Haas
Elliott B. Hadley
Harry Hake
Wm. W. Hatcher
F. Arthur Hazard
Win. J. IHeim
Hal F. Hentz
Joseph Norman Hettel
Daniel Paul Higgins
Henry Hohauser
Geo. 0. Holmes
Abner C. Hopkins
Wmn. M. Husson
Morton T. Ironmonger
Richard E. Jessen
William R. Johnson
Carl Kemm Loven
W. M. Marsh
Wmin. Merriam
Theodore A. Meyer
Claus R. Moberg
Elton J. Moughton

(harles P. Nieder
John Normile
Russell T. Pancoast
Clarence J. Parman
E. Dean Parmelee
John E. Pierson
Gerard Pitt
Igor B. Polevitzsky
Jefferson D. Powell
Sumner Schein
Roy J. Schneider
Frederick G. Seelmann
Lee Roy Sheftall
S. Linzy Shepherd
Norman F. Six
Coulton Skinner
John L. Skinner
Robert F. Smith

A. Folger Snow
Geo. tI. Spohn
Raymond C. Stevens
Harold D. Steward
John R. Tanner
Charles S. Telchin
Henry J. Toombs
Lynn Troxel
Roy W. Wakeling
Frank Ray Walker
Francis R. Walton
R. DeC. Weakley
Bruce C. Wenner
Harry Wohl
Martin M. Wohl
Marion S. Wyeth
Stefan H. Zachar
George G. Zannoth

Just in case you did not receive the first bulletin, this
is a reminder that dues for 1946 were raised at the
November Convention to $10.00.
As a matter of information, it is interesting to note
the faith and confidence which our out-of-the-state mem-
bers have in Florida as indicated by the proportion of
out-of-state dues received, being 26 out of the total of
99 paid to date.

NEWS AND COMMENTS: ... We have received notices
concerning the following new offices opened in Florida
and we wish to extend to them heartiest congratulations
and best wishes for success:
Our Association President James A. Stripling has
resigned from his position as architect with the State
Department of Education and opened an office for the
general practice of architecture at Room 1, Child Building,
Vance and Bryan Duncan have opened a new office
in Ocala. These brothers, both graduates of the Univer-
sity of Florida, have just returned from military service.
Vance was formerly connected with the Federal Housing
Administration in Jacksonville while Bryan had practiced
architecture in the state several years before his military
Prentiss Huddleston announces the reopening of his
office in the Brock Building in Tallahassee. Prentiss is
also an associate of Kemp, Bunch and Jackson, Architects,
in Jacksonville.
In this connection it seems that we jumped the gun
some on the announcement of this last mentioned firm in
our last bulletin but since then have received official
notice that Bill Kemp, Frank Bunch and Bill Johnson are
continuing the long established practice of Roy Benjamin,
with Ralph Mizrahi, Fred Bucky, and Prentiss Huddleston
as associates.
It was very gratifying to note in the TIMES-UNION
that Florida architects continue to serve in high places,
S. Ralph Fetner of Jacksonville having been re-elected
president of the City Planning and Advisory Board of
Jacksonville and Mellen C. Greeley having been renamed
secretary-treasurer. In commenting on the election, Mr.
Reuben Ragland praised the officers for "your efficient
work and unselfish work in the interest of building a bet-
ter and larger Jacksonville."
We have a letter from Mrs. Fred Hannaford stating
that they are now comfortably located in their new home
at 1836 Alder Street, Eugene, Oregon. She says Fred
hasn't taken up his new duties with the University as he
has been so busy unpacking their furniture.
We hope to have some information by the time of our
next bulletin concerning some of the new staff members

with the Department of Architecture at the University of
And by the way, what's wrong with some of you good
fellows in South Florida, and West Florida and Central
Florida? We need information concerning architectural
activities for the state as a whole and can only get it
through you fellows due to the fact that your poor Ed
cannot afford to subscribe to all of the newspapers
throughout the state. He only knows what he reads in
the papers and he reads the Jacksonville TIMES-UNION
and the Gainesville DAILY SUN.
Money, money, money. . The Florida South Chap-
ter of the AIA is going to have quite an item of expense in
entertaining the architects at the National Convention and
I am sure they would appreciate any contributions which
the Florida architects make toward meeting these ex-
penses. While we haven't been officially requested to ask
for donations, we feel sure that if you have an extra fin
or sawbuck, to use Frank Adams' expression, it would be
greatly appreciated. Just send it to Igor B. Polevitzsky,
1777 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Beach 36, and mark it off
your income tax next year.

Some years ago your editor had occasion to be wait-
ing in the anteroom of U. S. Senator Claude Pepper's office
in Washington when a dignified gentleman sat down beside
me and after a few moments of silence, leaned over and
asked, "Well, are you fer it or agin it?" I couldn't
catch the drift for the moment and asked him just what
he meant, to which he replied: "Aw man, what are you
talking about? Anyone who is waiting to see a senator
is either fer something or agin something."
Which brings me around to the question of the new
government order prohibiting all construction in favor of
veterans' housing. As an architect, as a citizen and as
a veteran, I am agin it since it looks like "a chicken in
every pot" scheme passed out as a sop to the veterans
with nothing being accomplished in the field of housing
except a little more confusion.
Government by frustration, however, seems to be the
order of the day and it's going to take a whole lot more
than my squeaky voice to do anything about it.

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