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JUNE, 1945 Vol. 7, No. 3

President: James A. Stripling-State Department of Edu-
cation, Tallahassee, Florida
Vice-President: Marion I. Manley-University of Miami,
Miami, Florida
Secy-Treas.: Frederick T. Hannaford-Box 2696, Univer-
sity Station, Gainesville, Florida
District Directors:
1. R. Daniel Hart--Thiesen Building, Pensacola
2. Robert H. Brown-P. 0. Box 1116, Tallahassee
3. Robert Bittner-204 Peabody Hall, Gainesville
4. Franklin S. Bunch-1610 Inwood Terrace, Jacksonville
5. Alan J. McDonough--P. O. Box 910, Daytona Beach
6. Arthur Beck-1507 East South Street, Orlando
7. Archie G. Parish-213 Hall Building, St. Petersburg
8. Donovan Dean-607 Easton Drive, Lakeland
9.- No Director
10. John L. Volk-206 Plaza Circle, Palm Beach
11. A. Courtney Stewart-Fort Lauderdale
12. Coulton Skinner-736 Ingraham Building, Miami 32
13. Upton C. Ewing-803 Douglas Entrance, Coral Gables

OBJECT: '. The purpose of this Association shall be
to stimulate and encourage continual improvement within
the profession, co-operate with other professions, promote
Sandparatipate in the matters of general public welfare,
and represent and act for the architectural profession in
Sthe State.
DEDICATION: ... This issue of the bulletin is dedicated
to those Florida architects serving with the armed forces,
a few' as architects, and many as engineers, administra-
tors and troop commanders. We sincerely hope that all
of them will soon be with us again, practicing their chosen
profession of architecture.

i SEMI-ANNUAL MEETING: .. The semi-annual meet-
ing was held in Peabody Hall, Gainesville, on May 5, 1945.
SThere follows herein many reports of the progress ac-
rcomplished at this meeting, To your editor the prize
meeting of all was held Friday evening at the Hotel
Thomas. The fellows got together and to the clink of
ice in glasses, let their hair down, unburdened their souls
and conducted one of the liveliest architects' meetings
which it has ever been my pleasure to attend. Because
it was entirely off the record we can only report that to
find out what happens at such meetings, those of you who
were not there, will have to attend the next one.

.^ ;

UNIFICATION: . The Unification Committee met
Saturday morning, May 5th, with the majority of those
attending the semi-annual meeting present. The discus-
sions were both general and specific and we believe a lot
was accomplished. There has been no attempt made to
force the issue to a quick or imperfect result. Those of
us who are vitally interested and believe that a unified
profession will be ofi inestimable benefit, are also con-
vinced that we should move with caution and perfect the
plan of unification before taking the final step. There
was a general feeling that the plan of unification adopted
in Tampa in December pushed the Florida Association
of Architects to one side and that the Association as
representative of all the architects in the state should
remain the dominant state organization. Our chart of
organizations now becomes organic and complete (see
next page).
President Stripling appointed a special sub-committee
composed of Archie G. Parish and Russell Seymour to
draw up a resolution embodying the principles arrived
at by the Unification Committee. The Resolution as drawn
and unanimously adopted at the Association meeting is
as follows:
1. That the Parent Organization be The American
Institute of Architects.
2. That the Florida Association of Architects, a cor-
poration under the laws of Florida shall be established
as the parent state chapter of The American Institute
of Architects.
3. That the State Chapter shall be divided into three
District Chapters identified as the Florida North Chapter,
the Florida Central Chapter and the Florida South Chap-
ter, located for geographical, convenience, subject to fur-
ther division from time to time as may be desired.
4. Each district chapter shall be composed of cor-
porate, associate, junior associate and student associate
members in accordance with current Institute procedure.
5. Individual architects, in the separate districts, not
wishing to become affiliated with their respective chapters
may affiliate with the Florida Association of Architects
as Associate members, upon payment of dues; thereby
enjoying all the benefits and privileges other than voting
on corporate Institute matters.
6. The matter of possible changes in the By-Laws
and any adjustment of the annual dues to the Florida,

Fla. Centi



. Ch. Fla. So. Ch. Future Ch.


A State Chapter of The American Institute of Architects
Composed of corporate and state associate members
Governing Board
President and Secretary-Treasurer elected at annual meetings
Vice Presidents and Directors elected by the chapters



Association of Architects shall be given due consideration
by the now existing Joint Committee on Unification com-
posed of representatives from the three Institute chapters
in the state, working together with the representatives
of the Florida Association of Architects, and. of whom,
Miss Marion Manley has been elected the permanent chair-
7. It is further recommended that the Unification
Committee be prepared to submit complete charter and
By-Laws in accordance with Institute requirements for
final adoption at the next annual meeting of the Florida
Association of Architects.
8. After adoption, by the Florida Association of Archi-
tects and concurrent ratification by the now existing
Florida chapters of The American Institute of Architects,
of the charter and by-laws as recommended herein, same
shall become operative or effective when the total com-
bined membership of all the district chapters shall be
equal to a majority of the total number of registered,
resident architects in the State of Florida.

There remain two steps to be taken before the program
of Unification is complete. 1. To amend the existing chap-
ter by-laws and to adopt a state charter and by-laws which
will conform to the program of Unification. 2. To in-
crease the existing chapter membership to a majority of
the resident registered architects of the state. From
the records which are not complete, there are 149 archi-
tects affiliated with The Institute and 275 architects who
list Florida addresses. There are in addition 102 regis-
tered Florida architects who are in the armed services.

The purpose of this committee is to attempt to bring
about an orderly development of our state capitol group
of buildings in Tallahassee and further to arrive at a
logical and practical method by which the designing and
planning abilities of the architects of the state can be
called upon to aid in this development.
The following report was submitted to and approved
by the semi-annual meeting of the Association. On May
19th, President Stripling submitted the report to his
honor, Governor Millard F. Caldwell. President Stripling
writes as follows: "For your information, may I say
that I had a. personal conference with Governor Caldwell
on Saturday morning, at which time I submitted him the
report. He was most enthusiastic about the contents of
the report and feels that something can be worked out

along the line drafted. I spent some fifteen or twenty
minutes going over the report with him and he expressed
a keen interest in the manner in which we had presented
the matter to him."

Report cf the Capitol Center Improvement Committee
Your Committee on Capitol Center Development, ap-
pointed at the December meeting of the Florida Asso-
ciation of Architects, assembled in Tampa December 9,
1944, comprised of
M. Leo Elliott, Chairman, Tampa
John L. Skinner, Miami
Kenyon Drake, Jacksonville
after much thought and deliberation, makes the following
report to the Florida Association of Architects, assembled
in semi-annual meeting at Gainesville, Florida, on this
WHEREAS, the State of Florida has acquired title to
certain parcels of land adjacent to the State Capitol
Building at Tallahassee, and
WHEREAS, it is proposed to use this newly acquired
property as a site or sites for certain future State build-
ings, and
WHEREAS, the Florida Association of Architects have
the interest and upbuliding of the state at heart, and a
desire on the part of its members to render, within the
scope of the architectural profession, civic and public
service in the development of the Capitol Center,

1. That the Florida Association of Architects go on
record as favoring the acquisition, as soon as conditions
permit, of the remaining parcels of land adjacent to the
State Capitol Building.
2. That the over-all site and landscape plans be pre-
pared immediately for the development of the adjacent
property on the north, south, east and west.
3. That the location, ground area and height, also
style of architecture of all buildings comprising the
Capitol Center be predetermined.
4. That there be created by the Honorable Millard
Caldwell, Governor of the State of Florida, a Capitol
Center Development Commission. This Commission to be
comprised of
(a) Three registered architects, practicing and re-
siding in the State of Florida, or
(b) Two registered architects and one professional
engineer, practicing and residing in the State
of Florida.

5. That the members of the Commission serve with-
ut salary; that meetings of the Commission shall be as
directed by the Governor, and its members be reimbursed
or their transportation and allowed subsistence.
6. That in order to assist the Governor in the selection
f architects qualified to serve as members of this Com-
ission, the Secretary of the Florida Association of
architects shall circularize the entire membership of resi-
lent architects to ascertain how many would be willing
o serve.
7. That each member of the Commission, during his
erm of office, shall be disqualified as a designing architect
or any of the buildings in connection with the Capitol
enter Development.
8. That the Florida Association of Architects study
;he qualifications of its members expressing a willingness
;o serve as a member of the Commission, and submit to
;he Governor the names of not less than six architects
who are qualified and willing to serve.
9. That immediately upon organization of the Com-
ission,'one of its first duties shall be to contact land-
cape architects and/or site planners, review their quali-
cations and secure proposals in writing, covering this
art of the work; the names of at least two of the appli-
ants, accompanied by their proposals, to be submitted
,o the Governor for selection of landscape architects
nd/or site planners for the Capitol Center Development.
[he services of the landscape architect and/or site planner
o be paid for by the State.
10. That upon selection by the Governor of the land-
cape architect and/or site planner, the over-all land-
cape and site plan shall be developed in collaboration
ith the Capitol Center Development Commission, ac-
urately determining location, height and area of all
buildings, also character and style to harmonize with
'he architecture of the present Capitol.
11. That the method to be used in the selection of
architects to design buildings in the Capitol Center shall
)e as follows:
The Commission, with the President and Secretary
f the Florida Association of Architects, shall prepare a
questionnaire and circularize the membership of the Flor-
da Association of Architects requesting those who are
interested in doing work at the Capitol Center to furnish
evidence of their qualifications to handle the work. The
commission together with the President and Secretary
)f the Florida Associnltion of Arclhitects will study these
qualifications and pass the information on to the Governor
or his use in the selection of architects.
12. That the Commission, in making its recommenda-
ions to the Governor regarding the qualifications of the
architects, direct the Governor's attention to the possibility
>f an associateship; thus giving a young and capable
architect, who lacks experience, an opportunity to receive
i commission by his associateship with an older and ex-
)erienced architect.
13. That the fees paid to the architects selected by
the Governor to design and supervise the erection of the
various buildings, shall be based on the schedule of stand-
ard fees as recommended by the American Institute of

14. That the form of contract entered into between
the State of Florida and the architects selected to design

and supervise the construction of the various buildings
shall contain a clause to the effect that for and in con-
sideration of the ground work, preliminary planning, sug-
gested composite design, consultations, etc., by members
of the Commission, that 1/6 of the gross fee paid the
architect by the State, be diverted to the Commission,
thereby compensating the members of the Commission in
a small way for the valuable services rendered, and at the

same time give the State the benefit of advice, consulta-
tion, etc., without additional cost.
15. That upon approval of this report by the Florida
Association of Architects in its semi-annual meeting of
this date, it is requested that a copy be spread upon the
minutes, that it be publicized in the next issue of the
Bulletin, and that a copy be forwarded to our President
with the request that he transmit it, in person, to the
Honorable Millard Caldwell, Governor of the State of
Dated this 5th day of May, 1945.
Respectfully submitted,
Signed: M. LEO ELLIOTT, Chairman

ANNUAL MEETING 1945: . .In conformity with the ac-
tion taken last December in Tampa, the next annual meet-
ing will be held at Miami Beach. The time has not been
definitely set, but your President and Secretary were in-
structed to choose a week-end during the first two weeks
in November. This is earlier by a month than we have
held our annual meetings and there are several reasons
for it. The principle one is to avoid that period coming
between Thanksgiving and Christmas which has deterred
a large number of architects from attending. We request
every architect to make a memorandum of the time and
place and begin planning now to attend. In case the
family dictator objects to a stag attendance, plan to bring
the lady with you. More anon in the August and October

on a Paid Secretary and a Magazine organized a con-
siderable volume of data on the possibility of accomplish-
ing such a project. They were instructed at the semi-
annual meeting to continue their work and report to the
annual meeting in November. In the meantime your
secretary was instructed to explore the possibilities of
adding some advertisements to the bulletin. We expect
to have a further report to make in the August bulletin.

F. A. A. DISTRICTS: .. You will note the increase in the
number of district directors listed on the first page. 'Some
question was raised about the eleven districts shown and
we have d elved through the minutes and reports back to
1929. The Association in 1928 had eight districts. In
1936 a comprehensive study was made of the geographical
spread of the architects of the state. In 1937 the by-laws
were amended and fifteen districts were set up subject to
revision by the officers and executive committee when
necessary. In 1939 District 15, Monroe County, was com-
bined with District 14, Dade County, and District 10,
DeSoto, Charlotte, Lee, Glades, Hendry and Collier Coun-
ties were combined with District 11, Martin and Palm
Beach Counties. There is no record of any other changes
being made in the districts excepting that directors were
elected for eleven districts in 1943.
The existing districts are as follows:
District 1. Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton,
Washington, Holmes and Bay.
District 2. Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin, Liberty,
Gadsden, Wakulla, Leon, Jafferson, Madison, Taylor.

District 3. Hamilton, Suwannee, Lafayette, Dixie, Levy,
Gilchrist, (Collumbia, Union, lBradford, Alachua, Marion,
District 4. Nassau, Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Putnam.
District 5. Flagler, Volusia.
District i. Sumter, Lake, Seminole, Orange.

District 7. Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsbor-
ough, Manatee, Sarasota.
District 8. Osceola, Polk, Hardee, Highlands.
District 9. Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee, St. Lucie.
District 10. DeSoto, Charlotte, Lee, Glades, Iendry, Col-
lier, Martin, Palm Beach.
District 11. Broward.
District 12. Miami Beach.
District 13. Dade (excepting Miami Beach), Monroe.
It may be that this is an unlucky, number of districts,
but District 9 has no director and this may mitigate the
curse. Directors are given notice to review their districts
in order to enable them to represent the correct groups
of architects. District 6 does not have an elected director,
but because Arthur Beck was the last incumbent and be-
cause he is still alive and "kicking" despite the Vodka,
we list him as the director.

TREASURER'S REPORT: .. Because- of the limited
attendance at the semi-annual meeting and because we
believe a larger number of the members should know
where their five simoleons ar going, we publish the
treasurer's report.
Treasurer's Report
This report of the financial condition of the Florida
Association of Architects is as of May 1, 1945.
1944 Balance (Received of E. F. De La Haye)........$ 535.34
Income since December 1944 meeting:
1944 dues-6 @ $5.00 .................-....-$ 30.00
1945 dues-152 @ $5.00 ........................ 760.00
Junior Associate dues-5 @ $1.00 ........ 5.00
Gift from Frank W. Bail ...................... 1.00
Gift from John L. Skinner ............... 1.50
Gift from Frederick Seelman ............. 1.50
Gift from John Vickery ....................... 2.00
Gross Income ................. .............. ..$ 801.00

Gross Received ................ ......................$1,336.34
Expenditures since December 1944 meeting:
Exchange on checks ................ ..............$ 6.45
Notes paid- 10 @_$51.50 ........................ 515.00
Stamps ................................ 46.45
Stationery supplies .................... 37.40
Dues notices .......- ...... ..... .......... 8.50
Flowers for Mrs. Weaver ........- 10.00
Telephone (long distance, Stripling to
De La Haye) ........................ ........ 2.63
Bulletins .. ... ....................... .. ....... 63.50
1944 dues to A. I. A ............................. 11.00
1945 dues to A. I. A. ........................... 50.00
Total Expenditures ................... ....... ...........$750.93

Net Balance ................... .....-.................$585.41
Deposited in Phifer State Bank ....$575.41
Checks on hand-2 @ $5.00 ........ 10.00

Total ..... ....................$585.41
Other Assets:
Stamps ............. ..... ..... ........ $10.00
Stationery ..................................... 12.00

Total ...................................$22.00

MEMBERSHIP: . Since the April bulletin was pub-
'lished the following members have paid their dues:
Carl M. Appuzzo William R. Johnson
Lester Avery Lieut. George C. Keiser
Arthur Beck George L. Kramer
George Bruce M. Winfield Lott, Jr.
Walter M. Cory V. Earl Mark
Arthur E. Davis Sidney H. Morris
Capt. Frederick A. Gibbs Harry 0. Nelson
S. Martin Ives Edward T. Rempe, Jr.

James V. Rippin Cedric Start
Edwin L. Robertson Nat G. Walker
Walter B. Schultz Francis Walton
Albert L. Smith Harry Wohl
George H. Spohn Martin M. Wohl
Harry L. Lindsey, Junior Associate Member-
We announce the first member to pay his 1946 dues
is Mr. Arthur E. Davis. We congratulate him and hope
that the rush of mail from others will not swamp us.
The record to date:
Potential Paid-up
Membership Members
Resident Architects .......... 275 118 43%
Non-Resident Architects .... 219 39 18%

Totals ............... 494 157 32%
You will notice that two service men have sent in
their dues. Both stated that they wished to support the
Association. A complete roster will be published in the
October bulletin.

fore us the report of the State Board of Architecture,
dated December 8, 1944. The members of the board have
submitted this report for publication in the bulletin. The
report consists of ten typewritten pages and because of
lack of space we are holding it for the next issue of the

item of news is the election of Mr. John L. Skinner to the
office of the Southeastern Director of The American In-
stitute of Architects. With this position Jack will serve
on the National Governing Board of The Institute and
we have direct representation in national affairs of the
architects. We are sure that all of us wish him our
hearty congratulations and offer our aid in any manner
that it is needed to carry out the requirements and re-
sponsibilities of the office.
The State Board of Architecture held two meetings
in Gainesville May 5th and 6th. These meetings were
mainly preparatory for the semi-annual examination for
license to practice in Florida. We learned to our dismay
the tremendous amount of work that must be accomplished
by the Board in examining applications, preparing exami-
nations, and determining the fitness of applicants for
The Friday evening meeting of the architects assembled
for the Saturday Association meeting brought out that
there are a number of cases of questionable practice in
the state and that the state board has very limited funds
to carry on investigations. Several schemes were discussed
whereby available funds might be increased and a standard
procedure be set up for carrying on investigations of cases
reported. No workable scheme was adopted and it is up
to the architects of the state to solve this problem. The
matter could well be placed on the agenda for the Novem-
ber meeting and ideas developed by members can be
thrashed out at that time.
We have been intrigued with the large number of
organizations being formed during recent months. Every-
thing from "Friends of the Soviet Union" to a "Society
of Planners," Each one has its high ideals and objectives
and each charges substantial dues. We believe that for
architects The Institute can adequately represent us na-

tionally and that many of the activities sponsored by
others would be better supported if sponsored by The
Institute. If all architects would join The Institute and
work with The Institute our interests would be adequately
protected, our objectives for the improvement of the pro-
fession, promotion of the public welfare, and co-operation
with the other professions would be reached the sooner.

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