Captiva Beach Fort Myers Florida On the Gulf
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Title: Captiva Beach Fort Myers Florida On the Gulf
Physical Description: Book
Publisher: E. W. Cooke and Associates
Place of Publication: Fort Myers, Fla.
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Not an Unusual 4
at Captiva Be

Northward Along Captivating Capt

"Waterfront property is
S seeker and investor."-Qu
1925, Review of Reviews.
For investment, for a site :
opportunity which comes b
at pre-development prices
ing purchaser a safe, sounc
erty is now recognized as
''- fords seclusion and caters
usual in homesites and inve
ment for its size in South
one hundred and fifty sites
no more.
Prices, terms, plats, map
be gladly supplied to those
personally. Prompt actior
Address: E. W. COO.
Owners and
23 Post Of
Catch Developers and 5
ach in Waterfroi

Beautiful Tropical Grounds of Captiva Hotel, Adjoining Captiv


iptiva Beach on the Gulf of Mlexico

is most desired by home--
)uoted from the November,
e'for your winter home, for
L BEACH offers that rare .
but once in a lifetime. And
s to insure any discriminat-
nd investment. Island prop-
is the choice of all. It af- .
s to those who seek the un-
the highest-grade develop-
h West Florida. Less than
:es are available. There are

and full information will '*
)se who wire, write or call .
on is recommended..
id Developers :.
officee Arcade
Selling Specialists Exquisite Drives Through
ont Properties Captiva Beach Property

. ,, I. l -

iva Bleach, Looking Towards Pine Island Sound--Truly Beautiful

HOMAS A. EDISON some time ago truly said:
"There is only one Fort Myers and ninety
million people are going to find it out."

Roger W. Babson says: "There are five million
who can well afford to spend from four to six
months, on their present income, in Florida, and add
from ten to twenty years to their lives in so doing."
/There is but one CAPTIVA BEACH, Captivating
SCaptiva, and one hundred and fifty people are going
to find it out. There are just that many homesites
in the Captiva Beach development-there are no
more. Each one a kingdom unto itself, for those
who provide NOW for his or her Southern Island
In this, the choicest tropical garden of all Florida,
discriminating folk will seek their winter home.
Many will remain throughout the year, as is now
the custom. For HEALTH-for WEALTH-
With the great GULF OF MEXICO at your
front, its never ceasing swells and surf for your
bathing and playing convenience, and its miles upon
miles of pure, clean, white, hard sand beaches, its
glittering and beautiful shells for the picking, its
fishing (600 varieties). Now add beautiful Pine
Island Sound at the rear of Captiva Beach, barely
one-third mile between Gulf and Bay, with its quiet
restfulness, its shimmering blue waters, its provision
for your boat and the large steamers, its wonderful
panorama of islands, mainlands, fishing smacks of
the Cubans, sailing vessels, small craft, fishing piers
and tropical scenery-HERE are you invited.
And so that you may not receive the impression that
the beautiful, is barely two hours away by boat and
motor. And Fort Myers is truly destined to become
the metropolis of South West Florida. Ask anyone
who has ever been to Fort Myers-the future is
known to them.

STHING of beauty is a joy forever."-Keats.
And how can one do justice to a subject,
such as CAPTIVA BEACH, with mere
words and still pictures. Because CAPTIVA is be-
yond the imagination unless you have been there and
have enjoyed your own bird's-eye view.
Here it was that Theodore Roosevelt and John
Wanamaker, when living, cast anchor in the pro-
tected waters near the Captiva Hotel, the famous
old Fisherman's Lodge, now a modern hotel cater-
ing to exclusive patronage-nature lovers and men
who want FISHING of the highest calibre. Here
it is that other famous living men come each and
every year. Here it is where the capture of the
great Silver King is the sport-the tarpon, gamiest
of all, the giant sea bass, the devil fish, sawfish, king-
fish, mackerel, grouper, sea trout and the pompano,
and other sporty subjects of the gulf and bay do-
Here it is that Professor C. E. Snyder, Fine Arts
Building, Chicago, has established his renowned
"Outdoor School" for BOYS-boys who will be
men, because of the training given by Prof. Snyder
in a climate unsurpassed for rearing strong, healthy
children-the most healthful spot in the most health-
ful State in the Union. Where no one ever com-
plains of the weather and where true Americans get
Deep-sea fishing at your front door. Bay, sound and
pass fishing in the opposite waters-walking distance
between the two. What will you have? Take
what you want. The oyster bars in the bay and
passes invite your inspection and your selection.
Harpoon, if you like, the porpoise. That's SPORT.
Trail the tarpon, and try to land him. Cast for
bass and sea trout, and "get 'em." Still fish for
deep sea species.
The Captiva Rod and Gun Club claims Captiva as
its home. It also claims that this is America's
Greatest Fishing Grounds. A glance at the map
seems to justify the claim. Thirty miles of coast
line with only four gateways or passes through
which millions of fish pass with each incoming tide
to reach the feeding grounds.
A dip and a swim in the surf, IN THE GULF. A
yacht and boat basin in the bay. Three minutes'
walk from your home to the Gulf-three minutes'
walk to the Bay. CAPTIVA BEACH offers all.
It is the highest-grade development, for its size. in

HOTEL, a thoroughly modern hostelry,
catering to the wants of discriminating
folks. Cottage life is also available. The hotel is
strictly modern. Electrically lighted, hot and cold
water and bath in every room, all outside rooms,
opening upon long and spacious verandas, clean,
white beds, an excellent menu and the purest of ar-
tesian water supplied regularly. Cottages are like-
wise equipped, and with kitchenette conveniences,
one can enjoy real home life.
development, within a few moments' walk from any
homesite-one hundred feet from Pine Island Sound
and one-third mile from the Gulf of Mexico.
What else is on CAPTIVA BEACH? Acres and
acres of beauty! Tropical beauty! And fine, hard,
shell roads for motoring. Cocoanut palms are in
abundance as are thousands of other tropical plants
and trees-the fig and date palm, the beautiful red
and yellow hibiscus plants, oleander, cactus and
golden oranges, grapefruit and tangerines.
SHELLING! Here is a new sport that engages
the attention and interest of all. Millions and
millions of the finest shell specimens in the world.
Every color and hue, every size and description, deli-
cate pinks, yellows and blues and mottles, tiny ones
of great opalescence and sheen, large ones of striped
browns and blacks, huge ones for ash-trays and other
many uses. Children and grown-ups find daily de-
light in hunting rare specimens for a permanent col-
lection. CAPTIVA shells are world renowned for
their great beauty and rare value.
What else? SUNSETS! Here it seems that CAP-
TIVA excels, due to its wonderful location. Watch
your sunsets from the Gulf side. Glorious and gor-
geous are two words of many that are descriptive of
CAPTIVA sunsets.
QUIET-that's worth mentioning. Away from
the hustle and bustle of a city and its necessary com-
mercial distractions. SLEEP-the greatest of all
factors for Long Life. Here one can add years and
years to their lives-can rest in true tropical tran-
quillity. This is one chief reason why so many
Americans seek Island Homes-where peace and
quiet are certain.

l \ilrr. ink and picture cannot suffice to de-
i l ,crbe CAPTIVA BEACH. And, like
i mo folks who come to Florida to SEE,
printed words fade into insignificance upon viewing
and seeing for yourself just what is offered for your
inspection and consideration. And E. W. Cooke &
Associates, owners and developers of CAPTIVA
BEACH, prefer to have every interested buyer come
and SEE. That has been the main factor of success
in property developed by Mr. Cooke. Not one client
of his has ever lost a penny. Rather have they all
made substantial profits on re-sales, and in holdings
always have they been offered considerably more
than was originally paid.
We have talked of beauty, of life, of the gorgeous-
ness of CAPTIVA BEACH and its climate. Not
all can take advantage of such a garden spot, and be
so close in to business and city activity. There is
only one Florida, one Fort Myers and one Captiva
Beach. True water-fronts, choice locations, exclu-
sive surroundings and reasonably prices property
will always have first demand, for the few who act
CAPTIVA BEACH values are based upon pre-de-
velopment prices. Where can you purchase a fine
building site in the best section of any Northern or
Western community at less than $5,000 for the
choicest? With modern developments and improve-
ments, CAPTIVA BEACH property will command
double and triple the present prices. This is inevi-
table. The pre-development prices for CAPTIVA
BEACH homesites are of such reasonable figure as
to insure speedy sales and rapid turnover.
To own, to build, to invest in CAPTIVA BEACH
property is to insure for yourself, for your children,
for your grand-children, a most profitable opportu-
nity. To avail yourself of this excellent investment
is to exercise wisdom and judgment.

Owners and Developers
Fort Myers, Florida

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