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Title: Arcadia Florida's Future Metropolis
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Title: Arcadia Florida's Future Metropolis
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S Juture


is already a bi6 city in the
making- it's future possibilities
are unlimited-

Third Floor, 160 No. La Salle St. Phone Central 8710




Y .Day

q Y EVmuc
NINGI p0,51'D deve
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r:d man
]S IBy d with tall South- his
any f a d land, w ears a go had
act Of fiat sa ,~atesa od threelt tatwlhd
I anborSetrat o then a
5e pines b ow cut uintOlts nd alleys. A,
at $125 an a -e lOwing ce That lookslike prof
at th r^acre, p ig A
a bou jour to the ac, 00 apiece,
odlast ls.wu
The lots s ld ---lastagante even quitefo0 oais h'But. he
fair profit. he Icog ot
It allgsoundst -quistel t.r t ea Oolot t e years and
be a ewobogttantrental of
It hosoope eneal anomadn0l V7.:. ooo
and iland. Th a o ear at r toney ina
Florida 00 and i lad eased it this wihra rent and
ago for really therfort aoit
$10,000,aO,,,.nwho Pasiho
relbank; also the wo ran g wGo10
fal n 5l i or $500 in sri year ta .*
I and This last tha r
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A nioyed 9a
lot busin ,, enterprise tha see ortio f oor
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the Swethe
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' NMiagara-- jin th
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A few years ago D. P.
'is was a clerk in Drawdy's grocery store i
Tampa. A month ago he sold nearly
00.000 of lots on Davis Island-it's his
-between daylight and sundown; and his
elopment project should net him about as
h in 1Q25 as the Presidents of the UTnited
es have drawn in salaries since George
Ray Weed, a traveling
from Newburg, N. Y., cleared $24,000
ix weeks on a $6,000 investment, and on
return trip six weeks later found the buyer
taken another $16,000 profit.
Fabulous Profits Overnight
C. LIVINGSTON, a cloak and suit manu-.
* facturer from Cincinnati, took $138,000
it on Victory Avenue property which he
chased but two years previous for $18,000.
Z. Burns returned from Honolulu
last fall to learn that property sold when
eft for $30.000 had been sold for $150,000
was now held at $300.000. S M. Earling,
Chicago, purchased a parcel of close-in
for $250.000 in the morning of one day
sold it for $350.000 that evening. Frank
pole used to run a one-cylinder newspaper
p. On October 2, 1024, he netted $100,
on his day's sales that totaled $229,000.
eorge Downey. of Chicago, is quoted by
porter for Economist (Chicago) as saying
he made a profit of $350,000 in three_
ths this spring. And so on.
As a chat-
e and an invitation Florida invites -the
d to know Florida as it is-an empire
covered, the playground of the nation,
garden of America, the country of the
t outdoors, where the sea and the sky are
ieir merriest mood and it's June-time all

OF i'

9, 1929

LOTS t50x133) $100

Including Improvements

Graded Streets--Graded Sidewalks




his Coupon
May Mean the

Start of a
Fortune for You


L----.WCZIZ- -.1

VAIGtANN jlilill

XlPA Wlmow &ift Maw*16, T-tm C-imllida -C*


"k'The Treasure Land"
A thousand miles of silvered shore,
An hundred thousand treasure isles
-That sun-laved line broad sparkling aisles,
Deep-steeped in wealth of Faery store-Has Florida.
And countless lakes-each one a gem-
That flash their riches to the sun,
A myriad river's gleaming run-
The Springs of Youth in each of them-In Florida.
To East-a mythic crystal sea;
To West-a Gulf of molten gold;
And both a wealth of life unfold-
And ancient tales of mystery-'Round Florida.
And for her heart-an opal Lake;
-(By Indian name-"The Mighty Sea")-
A Croesus Empire there will be--
Where league-ward rolls an em'rald brake-In Florida.
Ten thousand thousand fattened kine
Upon her rolling ranges graze;
'Bove buried wealth of Earth's young days-
The store-house rich of fossil mine-'Neath Florida.
The fairest mountains that arise
Pile peaks and crags in glowing change-
Like an enchanted fairy range-
Loom near; then fade in tropic skies-'Bove Florida.
The sweetest breath the fairies know;
And perfumed deep of spices rare-
Borne from far countries whence they fare;
Their stolen wealth-the trade-winds blow-On Florida.
And there the flowers have caught the glow
Of glorious golden sunsets rare:
Such splendid wealth what land can show-Like Florida.
And, Midas' spirit rides the breeze-
. When it has passed . 'Midst glossy leaves
Bright golden loads break em'rald trees--
Like Apples of Hesperides-Through Florida.
Along the diamond-glist-ning strand,
Where palm trees wave their fronded arms;
Are ghosts that hear their faint alarms--
And guard the wealth of pirate band-'Neath Florida.
These men of Kidd's-and Caesar-Black,
Who lawless roamed the Indian seas;
Lie-bones by chests-'neath tropic trees
For all their treasures they brought back-To Florida.
Far fathoms deep, the turquoise blue
So clear as clearest crystal lies-
Encrusted there-in coral guise-
Is gold as rich as Midas knew-Off Florida.
As though their greater art to show-
O'er buried shapes of Spanish skill,
The coral builders work their will
In jeweled forms-that wondrous grow-'Long Florida.
And this is how it came to be
That of all lands-their richest store,
Is part of thee. In days of yore-
The Fairies reigned on land and sea-And Florida.
Of wealth of every plane and kind-
Of every gift that Nature bore-
Each Fay was Lord! Each had his special store
(-And some gifts then you could not find-In Florida.)
But some were good, and some were bad.
Some-'tis sure-were Pirate Fays!
These lived those prehistoric days,
Where-e'en their worst were always glad-In Florida.
And from this land they fared away-
So wild and free-in lawless quest,
( . And all the wise will know the rest!)
'Tis said-they brought each captured Fay-To Florida.
And here they made those luckless Fays!
(-By dint of threat that fairies make,
When they force and break-and treasures take-)
Leave their richest wealth: Their Fairest Ways-In Florida.
Reprinted from Jacksonville Times-Union, June 28, 1925.


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"On the Dixie Highway"

Arcadia enjoys the most promising location of all present day
Florida developments. The factors which make for Arcadia's
greatness are many.

Of these the greatest is the fact that Arcadia is a railroad center--the
railroad hub of southern Florida just as Chicago is a great railroad
center. The Charlotte Harbor railroad, The Tampa Southern, The
Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Air Line use Arcadia as a rail-
road terminal. When you consider the fact that Florida produces mil-
lions and millions of dollars in crops every year and remember that
these crops must be shipped by railroad to points north you can appre-
ciated Arcadia's extreme importance as an industrial center.

Arcadia is in the heart of De Soto County. This is one of the richest and most productive
counties in all Florida producing 3 crops yearly and boasting splendid hard roads which
lay like a net work over the whole county. Arcadia, as the largest city in De Soto
County, is the logical center of all this wealth-all the produce of the land is shipped
through Arcadia.

The Dixie Highway, connecting both the east and west coasts, extends both east and
west and north and south out of the city of Arcadia. This is a mighty important factor
for much of Florida's transportation is carried by automobile and by automobile trucks.
Arcadia is a logical stopping point for tourists using the Dixie Highway and every tourist
who passes through this lovely section can not help but feel the urge to purchase and to
profit in this most beautiful site.

Arcadia is on the beautiful Peace River-a natural traffic artery as important to Arcadia's
greatness as the Chicago River is to Chicago. This quiet stately body of water adds the
final touch to the industrial advantages of Arcadia.

Arcadia is only 24 miles from the great Charlotte Harbor with its vessels from all over
the world. The natural advantages of the Charlotte Harbor indicate that it will become
one of the most important harbors in Florida and will be a mighty important factor in
Arcadia's future greatness.

$100Today Maybe $1000Tomorrow!

Arcadia Gardens-remarkably fortunate in natural development advantages-offers you
a most unusual opportunity to profit greatly in Florida. Lots only $100-Certified
abstracts by Chicago Title & Trust Co. Find out now about Arcadia Gardens. Mail
the coupon today!



Third Floor 16o North La Salle Street Chicago, Illinois



Stanley Realty and Development Co.
160 No. La Salle St., Chicago
Without obligation please send me complete information and illus-
trated colored booklet.

(N A M E ) ...........................................
(A D D R E SS ) ...........................................

8 7 1

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