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Shades of Captain Kidd and all his swash buckling,
blood thirsty crew have been aroused. They stamp nightly
across the glades of Florida making the air horrible with
their fierce oaths. Their ghostly forms tremble with wrath;
anger and impotence is visible in every face.

Why all this unseemly wrath on the part of buccaneers
long gone before?
The answer is simple. In olden days, Captain Kidd and
his stormy crew sailed the seven seas, a scourge and a
menace to all who crossed their path. Many a merchant-
man, with sails outspread and all hands straining nerve and
muscle to spur the ship to one last effort, viewed with
terror the deadly gain of the onrushing pirate ship with the
ominous black flag with skull and cross-bones flying in the
breeze. Many a brave captain and his mates walked blind-
folded down a plank to certain and terrible death. Many
the Ini.;nr battle between Captain Kidd's ship and the
Royal Navy.
And all for what-all for Captain Kidd to amass a
paltry fortune of perhaps a half-million dollars which he
buried somewhere-none knew where-probably along the
coast of Florida.
Think of the anger, then, with which the ghost of
Captain Kidd learns of the almost fabulous worth of the

very land in which he hid his ill gotten gains. More money
has been made in Florida on many a single deal than
Captain Kidd stole in a lifetime of piracy.
The gold which was buried in Florida long ago can
justly be said to have borne great fruit. Think of what
has happened in this magic state! Long it lay dormant
under its smiling skies-many long years the rest of Amer-
ica thought of Florida as some vague place as distant and
unavailable as Uruguay or Chile.
Then came the awakening-and what an awakening it
was. Some one discovered that 3 crops yearly could be
produced in Florida. Soon it was found that this sunny
clime produced a m6st superior grade of oranges and grape-

Then the tourists discovered Florida's climate. What a
rush of homeseekers there was. What a soaring of land
values. Peak after peak was reached until conservative
men said that the limit had been reached. But the limit
has not been reached-nor will it be reached for many a
year. The surface of Florida's wealth has hardly been
scratched-the greatest Florida fortunes have yet to be

Aml 6AIR

Arcadia Gardens near Arcadia on the Dixie Highway
today offers the most wonderful of all investment oppor-
tunities in this magic state of overnight fortunes.
Here you have a locality rich in natural advantages and
possessing all the artificial requisites which men have found
by experience, lead to greatness. Situated in the heart of one
of Florida's richest counties, producing three crops yearly,
with wonderful paved roads stretching like a network over
its vast domains, Arcadia is the natural artery for all the
wealth of the soil.
The famous Dixie Highway connecting the east and west
coasts of Florida extends both east and west and north and
south out of the city of Arcadia. Much of Florida's prod-
ucts are transported by motor truck. All motor vehicles
crossing the state on the Dixie Highway must pass through
Arcadia, too, is a great railroad center-as important to
Southern Florida as Chicago is to the middle west. Four
great belt lines-the Tampa Southern, the Atlantic Coast-
line, the Charlotte Harbor Railroad and the Seaboard Air-
line-all use Arcadia as a railroad terminal. When you
stop to consider the tremendous wealth which Florida pro-
duces three times yearly, and when you remember that much
of this natural wealth must come through Arcadia you
will realize how important this fact is.
There are three fundamental facts necessary to make a
city or town great. They are roads, railroads and water.
Roads and railroads we have already mentioned. The third
-water-is one of Arcadia's natural advantages.
The beautiful Peace River-an important traffic artery-
flows through Arcadia, giving it beauty, water and a
natural trade outlet.
So able an authority as Secretary Eigles of the De Soto
Chamber of Commerce has justly called Arcadia Gardens
Florida's greatest present day development. That this is
true has been proved by the eagerness with which lots in
Arcadia Gardens are being sold.

Conservative Bankers can
See no Limit to Prices
Even the conservative bankers of almost any Floridan
community do not seem to be able to gage prices to which
land will go. It is said to be hard to find anybody in Florida
willing to admit there can be a limit to the prices on real
estate. . -The Literary Digest.


The map reproduced in this column shows the strategic
location of Arcadia. west
It shows that it is only 24 miles from the Est Coast
of Florida and the great Charlotte Harbor-a port at which
vessels from all over the world stop. Tampa, St. Peters-
burg, Sarasota and many other famous Florida cities are
not far away.
Arcadia may justly be called one of the most centrally
located towns in Florida. The mere fact that the Dixie
Highway-a famous motor route-extends both east and
west and north and south of the city of Arcadia is proof
of central location.
Florida is the nation's magic money making state-and
Arcadia Gardens offers investors the greatest development
in Florida today.
Fortunes Still to be Made
Eclipse Those Already Made
Some of the stories of big money made in Florida real
estate seem almost unbelievable, yet it seems likely that they
will dwindle into insignificance beside the fortunes still to
be made. . -American Review of Reviews.

ES 100111110


Every man and woman carries in his or her
heart the conviction that sometime, somehow,
he or she will attain wealth.
Just how or when that wealth shall be made
is not always clear, but the individual feels
that somehow a great opportunity will present
itself-an ideal investment perhaps which will
bring wonderful returns.
That very opportunity is offered to all
America today in Arcadia Gardens, Florida.
We all know what wonderful things have been
happening in Florida-we all know that poor
men have invested paltry hundreds and seen
them turned by some magic hand into thou-
Most of us have wondered about Florida and
thought to ourselves that we would invest in
this state if we knew where and what to buy.
Most of us have refrained from buying because
we did not know enough about the property.
Now you are offered an opportunity to buy
full sized city lots-50' x 133'-with improve-
ments including graded streets and sidewalks-
61' above the sea level at $100. Certified Ab-
stracts by the Chicago Title & Trust Co.
A few ten acre tracts are available at the
unusually low price of only $1,750.
You buy in absolute safety-and you buy in
America's Wonder State.
A new booklet has just been issued by us
telling all about Arcadia. It is called "The
Gateway To Opportunity." Write for this
booklet today. It is Free. Address: Stanley
Realty & Development Co., 160 N. La Salle
St., Chicago.

$3,500 Investment
Becomes $600,000
Some years ago a school teacher was persuaded to buy
a small piece of ground in Florida ....... The contract
price was $3,500 the only answer was a long
term lease ....... The teacher is to receive $500 on the
first day of each month-$6,000 per year for a period of
99 years-payments that will aggregate almost $600,000
on an original investment of $3,500.-The Chicago Daily
News, August 1, 1925.

Florida is news! It is big news--news so important that
the country's leading magazines eagerly publish every
authentic article dealing with Florida.


lBy Wil d Paymne
HIS tract of flat sandy land, wooded with tall South-
ern pines and bordering the sea, sold three years ago
at $125 an acre It is now cut up into lots that will
run about four to the ,.cre, allowing for streets and alleys.
The lots sold last winter at $5000 apiece. That looks like
a fair profit.
It all sounds quite extravagant, even quite foolish. But
it has been happening in many spots along both coasts of
Florida and inland. The man who bought a lot three years
ago for $10,000 and leased it this year at a net rental of
$10,000 per annum i3 really there, with real rent money in
a real bank; also the woman who paid $100 for a lot in the
fall and sold it for $500 in the spring
This last year the
lot business in Florida has enjoyed an influx
of capital and enterprise that seemed likely
to attain the sweep and proportions of

This fact alone is indicative of the magnitude of what
is happening today in this magic state. In no sense of the
word can this be called a boom. For more than this is
taking place-this movement has all the grandeur and
dignity of a sovereign state coming into its own.
The American Review of Reviews has published several
articles which tell some remarkable stories of Florida suc-
cesses. The Nation's Business (a well known magazine)
also comes to the front with some remarkable facts about
Florida real estate deals. The Literary Digest says, "W. J.
Conners, of Buffalo, built a cement highway some 60 miles
long from West Palm Beach to Okeechobee City. Some
of the land abutting was once purchased from the state for
25c an acre; now it is $100 a front foot easily." Even the
conservative Saturday Evening Post printed an article by
Will Rogers, the distinguished economic student, a portion
of which is reproduced here. All the world has its eyes on
Florida. Half of America is investing in Florida; the
other half is wishing it could.

'The oArcadian


How would you feel if you owned a certain piece of
property which after much dickering you sold to someone
else for $5,000,000 (which at the time you considered a
mighty fancy figure) and within a short time discovered
that just a tiny section of that land was worth ten times.
the total of what you had received for the whole thing?
Wow!-Wouldn't you be wild? Wouldn't you kick
yourself for being a mighty poor business man?
You sure would.
Then perhaps you will sympathize with the King of
Spain when he reflects that his country sold Florida to the
United States not so long ago for $5,000,000. You know
enough about Florida to know that a sum like that is
chicken feed in that state today.
They say His I:aij:-ty, the King, carries a long face-
most especially after reading American papers. We don't
blame him. Do you?

Although the great Charlotte Harbor already
enjoys the commerce of vessels all over the
world, business men predict an even greater
future for this port.
Florida's wealth increases yearly. The greater
Florida's produce the more shipping goes out
of the Charlotte Harbor. More produce means
more wealth and the greater Florida's wealth,
the greater its purchases which means more
shipping brought into the Charlotte Harbor.
Enjoying a splendid natural location with
the highly productive De Soto County, close by
the Charlotte Harbor ere long will vie in im-
portance with many other world famous sea-
It is Arcadia Gardens fondest boast that it is
only 24 miles from the great Charlotte Harbor.
This fact, coupled with Arcadia's many other
natural and developed advan-
tages makes it one of the most
attractive investment opportun-
ities in Florida today.

Do you remember your history? Do you recall the story
of that gallant Spanish gentleman and adventurer who held
life so dear that he viewed the increasing toll of years with
anxiety and who, at length, set out to find the fountain of
eternal youth?
And where did he seek for this magic fount? Why in
Florida, that land of golden sunshine, then laying dormant
under its smiling skies.
You know, too, that little success crowned his efforts.
The fountain of youth was not to be found in Florida.
But a new fountain-the glorious fountain of wealth-
has been found in this modern El Dorado. Gold has seemed
to spring from the very fingers of Florida investors. Wealth
-wealth untold lies in the rich, heavy soil of Florida.
Health-joyous bubbling health lies in Florida's smiling
sunshine. All America longingly looks at Florida. We
can't all live there. But many can profit-and profit greatly
by judicious investments in this state.

The most outstanding investment opportunity in Florida
today lies in Arcadia Gardens on the Dixie Highway where
full sized city lots-50' x 133'-with improvements includ-
ing graded streets and sidewalks may be bought for $100.
And on liberal terms, too-$25 down and
$1 weekly.
Those who buy in Arcadia Gardens to-
day are laying the foundation of a future


160 N. LaSalle St.
Suite 315, Chicago, Ill.

I 1

Stanley Realty
and Development Co.