Tropical Wonderland Fort Lauderdale Florida On the Dixie Highway between Palm Beach & Miami (487)
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Title: Tropical Wonderland Fort Lauderdale Florida On the Dixie Highway between Palm Beach & Miami (487)
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"The Tropical Wonderland"


SOn the 7)ixie
Jliighway between,
cPanlm ach &
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'Zort a dceroda/l
"The Tropical Woncdsrlanct&
Jnvdites /ozL/

W E ARE HAPPY to extend a cordial invitation for a visit
VT4 to the favored city of Fort Lauderdale. The charm
of palm and moss-hung oak, blue sky, golden sun-
shine, sandy beach and verdant shore awaits you. Fishing,
golf, boating, motoring, surf bathing and other diversions
are here at their best and all for your pleasure.

.,-.. -_


Afi� T


. /V


or a erae

"The Tropical

county seat of Brow-
ard County, is located
midway between Palm
Beach and Miami on the lower
East Coast of Florida, where sum-
mer spends the winter.


Monte Carlo, Biarritz and other
famous places of the Mediterra-
nean were never so enchanting in
picturesqueness, with the colorful.
glorious charms of nature as is
FORT LAUDERDALE. Luxuriant tropical beauty
abounds. Warm, soothing waters of the Atlan-
tic, refreshing evergreens that fringe the Dixie
Highway and other thoroughfares, gorgeous tints
of rainbow mirrored deep in the waters of the
world's most entrancing river form a mental
background as vivid and as unforgettable as th'e
intoxicating pleasure places of the old world.
In climate, the greatest commodity that Florida
has to offer, FORT LAUDERDALE is particularly
blessed. Being over 400 miles south of the
southernmost part of California and over 90
miles EAST of Jacksonville has a big bearing on
the climatic advantages. Winter is a succession
of beautiful spring and summer days, no fogs, no
rainy season. Heat prostrations in summer are
unknown. The summer sun is hot, but the con-
stant salt-laden, refreshing breeze from the At-
lantic tempers its rays. The nights are comfort-
ably cool throughout the summer. The tempera-
ture averages 70 degrees in winter and 80 degrees

r- I ~CT ^ L CII I~-


in summer. The equitable, high-
ly enjoyable climate is explained
largely by the Gulf Stream, FORT
LAUDERDALE is in closer proxim-
ity to this marvelous phenomena of
S ^ nature than any point along the
" coast, as government maps will
i g show. FORT LAUDERDALE is on
the Atlantic Ocean, the East Coast
Canal, New River, the Florida
East Coast Railway, the Seaboard
Air Line, the Military Trail, the
Dixie Highway and the Federal Aid Highway
now under construction. We are within 48 hours
of 85 per cent of the population of the United
States. Excellent rail and motor bus service is
available to points north and south.
The healthfulness of FORT LAUDERDALE is in-
deed remarkable. Florida is a prescription used
by famous doctors everywhere. The beneficial
qualities of the sunshine and climate are being
more and more appreciated.
FORT LAUDERDALE affords excellent accommoda-
tions for visitors and winter citizens. Modern
hotels, both American and European, central-
ly located, are available. Numerous attractive
apartment buildings ideally located on beautiful
New River and elsewhere offer splendid quarters
in quiet and peaceful surroundings. Houses and
bungalows may be had for the winter months.
Beach cottages can be obtained at reasonable fig-
ures, and boarding houses are accessible in all
parts of the city. Living expenses in general are
comparatively low.

bt~ o~" !P " I .b�
---i ~

. .

City of Beautiful EWomes
o PRETTIER setting for a home could
/ V be found than amidst the luxuriant
palms and flowers of this blessed land. --
Nature was lavish when she smiled on
FORT LAUDERDALE. Here the beautiful
Bougainvillea, Alamanda, Hybiscus and
Croton, which are not found in more north-
ern latitudes, bloom in tropical splendor.
Truly beautiful are the "dream houses"
that grace the palm bordered streets, or the
banks of New River or pretty canals of

\^_ ,^


$Schools and Churches
7 C HE schools of FORT LAUDERDALE rank first in
SFlorida, according to tabulated reports of the
State University. All school buildings are of re-
cent construction and modern in every detail. Grad-
uates of our accredited high school are admitted to
colleges and universities without examination. Com-
petent instructors are in charge. Large, well-
equipped play grounds are a feature of the educa-
. tional system.
.i- Churches include the Baptist, Catholic, Christian,
... - : Christian Science, Episcopal, First Lutheran, Meth-
I' - odist communions, North and South, Nazarenes,
Presbyterian and Seventh Day Adventist denomina-
tions. Some very attractive houses of worship ac-
commodate the membership of the above congrega-
tions. Visitors are heartily welcomed by obur
churches. The musical and social activities of the
churches also play an important part in the com-
munity life of FORT LAUDERDALE.

. w I -.n

N THE essentials of a city-paved streets,
walks, white way lights, telephone and tele-
graph service, electricity, water, cleanliness,
etc., FORT LAUDERDALE ranks with cities
much larger in actual population. Gas mains
are now being laid. Excellent police and fire
protection is afforded. Two fire stations are
maintained, with modern equipment.
Water is supplied by deep wells municipally
owned. By actual chemical analysis this wa-
ter is second to none in Florida.
Large bond issues have been recently voted
for civic improvements. Two excellent news-
papers are published. There are two banks
with combined resources of over $7,ooo,ooo.
The population of FORT LAUDERDALE is ap-
proximately 15,000 permanent residents. In
192o the population was 2,063 and in 19Io
was 143.


B( EAUTIFUL New River, which
winds through the heart of FORT
LAUDERDALE, is the deepest river of
its length in the world, attaining a
depth of o10 feet. During the yacht-
ing season yachts of all kinds and de-
scriptions representing millions of dol-
lars in their cost and equipment, tie
up at the municipal docks. Yachts
125 feet long can be turned without
power at the docks, where New River
measures 140 feet in width.
A new City Plan and Zoning Ordi-
nance has recently been passed by pop-
ular vote, which will enable the city
to develop efficiently and which will
allow her to capitalize on her wealth
of water frontage and natural beauty.




lwe Jr


(J ORT LAUDERDALE has over 1oo
miles of ocean, bay, river and
canal frontage within the city limits,
which add greatly to the charm and
beauty of our delightful city. The
Atlantic Ocean is less than two miles
from the business center with a wide
boulevard all the way. FORT LAU-
DERDALE is truly "By the Sea."
Construction is under way, on the di-
viding line between the cities of FORT
LAUDERDALE and Hollywood, which,
when completed, will provide a 35
foot deep harbor in Lake Mabel, only
two miles from the business center of
our City. Lake Mabel Harbor will
accommodate the largest vessels afloat
and will undoubtedly encourage in-
dustrial development on a lar e scale.


-- . -Ir --~------IL I, I _I LI III 1 _ -- -1


...- - - -. . . .


OLF under sunny tropical skies is an import-
ant attraction to hosts of enthusiasts. The
city maintains one eighteen-hole and two nine-
hole municipal courses. The courses are all
well trapped, have grass greens and tees, and
are efficiently supervised.
3 . | " A pretentious $Ioo,ooo club house pictured
above graces the 185-acre golf course tract and
will offer varied and pleasurable entertain-
S .(he Angler's Club
(j' HE FORT LAUDERDALE Angler's Club, one
.of the livest organizations on the East
Coast, includes Izaak Waltons from nearly
every state. A magnificent club house on the
banks of New River near the sea affords every
comfort and convenience.

VWew River
� ORT LAUDERDALE maintains dockage fa-
cilities of more than 3,000 feet, suffi-
cient to accommodate 600 boats of an average
length of 50 feet. A city dock master acts as
host to visiting yachts. New River is 140 feet
wide between docks and attains a depth of 100
feet, the deepest of its length in the world.
Private interests maintain a yacht basin for
storage purposes two miles up New River.
Boating and motoring are especially enjoyable
to the newcomer. Picturesque ocean drives
beckon the motorist. The soft, tropical charm
of the beautiful scenery leads one on and on.
Sightseeing trips and excursions up picturesque
New River or along the ocean offer entertain-
ing diversions.

�as Olas Beach

XCELLENT surf bathing can be enjoyed

here every day in the year, and is one of

the delights of life in FORT LAUDERDALE.

When the North is coated with its blanket of

snow, bathers may enjoy the stimulating sea


The Broward Gun Club invites visitors to

shoot at its grounds on the south Dixie High-


Stranahan Park offers other recreational fa-.

cilities. Six of the finest horseshoe courts in

the state of Florida are available for use by

devotees of "barn yard golf." There are ex-

cellent tennis courts and croquet courts as


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sports and Pastimes , '
( ORT LAUDERDALE has the reputation of , .
J/having the best fishing in Florida. Tar-
pon, the games of all fish, are captured here
in great numbers, as are Sail Fish, Barracuda, |g iI i MIMM
Amberjack, Bass of many kinds, King Fish,
Bonita and many other game fish. Launches
and pilots for deep sea fishing trips are avail-
able. Catching fish is not the whole joy of
fishing. The colorful blue ocean, the balmy
stimulating sea breezes seem to waft all cares
away while occasional glimpses of the pic-
turesque life of the ocean's depths surpass any-
thing that one may see in a tropical aquarium.
Band concerts are held during the winter
months by one of the best concert band or-
ganizations in the South. Beautiful Strana-
han Park offers a delight these
entertainments. The concern n
able and talented band e enjoy
by large numbers of mu oIe e ]<

-- I I, I--r -I --

i jli ---r-~--I P -

c�rar~8~na --~I ~, ,, ~ ~- ~ ��~----~- " -~- ~- I -

-- ------

U utilities
DDED assurance of a brilliant future for
FORT LAUDERDALE and Broward County is
provided through the expenditure of $7,500,000
by the Florida Power & Light Company for a
super-power electric generating station in the
city limits. This plant will have an ultimate
generating capacity of 201,000 H. P.

The Seminoles
"Time rolls on, but the Seminoles never change."
The Indian Villages adjoining FORT LAUDER-
DALE are a source of never ending interest to
visitors. There, in their rude dwellings made of
palmetto leaves and in native dress, the Seminoles
live as did their fathers. Tribal customs, various
and strange, are religiously observed. The Indi-
ans are seen on the streets of FORT LAUDERDALE
giving a romantic touch of yesteryear to the rush
and bustle of today.



"Opportunity" '_ D
^(" RT LAUDERDALES remarkable U o
growth and development is not de- O
pendent on one or two individual causes
alone - to the contrary, FORT LAUDER- / \
DALE'S era of prosperity has back of it
eternal sunshine and balmy trade winds, a
year round June climate, ever increasing .... '/,
accessibility and ever increasing production AINES
along agricultural lines and ever increasing MAMP i
industry as a natural result of the fact that a
population makes industry. Location is the
key word in FORT LAUDERDALE'S descrip- ST P -5 RS ~RG
tion-midway between Palm Beach and- IC ,�^,
Miami on the East Coast of Florida.

Table of ,Distances from C ,
Fort f auderdale o.
,,.mi . ' ,^ PAL
M iam i .................- ................ 26 m iles w-- s
Palm Beach .--..-...--...-------......... 41 miles
Fort Pierce ......-..............104 miles O F RT
Melbourne ...--...-.........-- 158 miles
Tampa ..................................296 miles LAUDERD I
Okeechobee City .-.........-...-115 miles BROWARD o
Daytona .....-----------................---......230 miles courNTY
Jacksonville ................ 345 miles
This Book Compiled and Published by the 7 MIAM
Publicity and Advertising Committee.



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