Edison Park : A Name that Speaks for itself
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Title: Edison Park : A Name that Speaks for itself
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Publisher: James D. Newton Realty Company, Inc.
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"A Name that Speaks for Itself"

"It is actual, tangible PROGRESS that counts."

James D. Newton
Realty Company, Inc.
Fort Myers, Florida

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Feeling that there can be no truer indication

of the worth of any development than the opin-

ion of those who are on the spot, but are finan-

cially disinterested, we present these few excerpts

from the local press.

- ---- -- I*

-L~-~-l -- --~---- -

The reservations and restrictions calling for

only Spanish or Moorish architecture and setting

building price restrictions are such as to insure

only the better class of permanent residences.

_ __ ___

_ 1~~1~~1__ I

Edison Park
Fast becoming the city's most
beautiful and desirable
residential section.

-...i. ^

Edison Park Fast Be-
coming City's Most Beauti-
ful Residential Section
(By the Realty Observer)
City of Palms, Dec. 26, 1925

In every city which has experienced the great
real estate development which Fort Myers has
experienced and is going through today, one will
find a realty operator or developer-call him
what you will-who is working to transform
an ideal into an actuality.
James D. Newton, president of the James D.
Newton Realty Company, since he entered the
realty field in Fort Myers some few months ago,
has worked with an ideal in mind-that ideal
an exclusive residential district where the natural
advantages and beauties of Nature would be en-
hanced-not spoiled-by the hand of man. His
ideal, which is fast becoming an actuality, is the
northern section of Edison Park.
Edison Park, on McGregor Boulevard,

which by the way is the only permanently en-
dowed thoroughfare in the United States, is
directly opposite the estate of Thomas A. Edi-
son, electrical genius and winter resident of Fort
Myers for more years than we want to count
back to. And from the high class of improve-
ments which are being put in daily, Edison Park
will be worthy of the name which it bears.
Edison Park, beautiful and exclusive. That
is the thought which entered our mind when we
recently made a survey of the development with
Mr. Newton in person. A one hundred foot
entrance way, with a proposed fountain in the
center, was the first thing we saw. Handsome
gateways flanked either side.
As we entered the property itself, we were
impressed with the activity apparent. Approxi-
mately 70 men, numerous trucks, tractors and
teams of mules were busily engaged in the big
task of transforming a "piece of land" into the
most beautiful residential section in the city.
For that is what Mr. Newotn intends to make
of Edison Park-the most beautiful residential
section in the city.
Work on grading of streets is going on at

a rapid pace. And the paved streets and avenues
in Edison Park will be wide boulevards, of 40
to 100 feet in width. Sidewalks will be 6 feet
wide. Curbing is being put in as the streets are
graded, and sewers will be installed. Every lot
will have adequate water and gas connections.'
Yet, it must be remembered that Edison Park
is not yet on the market, not a single lot has been
offered for sale. Improvements will be in be-
fore, not after, the development has been sold.
"Everything must be the best," are the in-
structions that Mr. Newton has given his large
staff of workers, both office and field, in con-
nection with plans for the improvement of Edi-
son Park. And the best is obtained-the best
that money can buy, or hard, conscientious effort
can produce.
And today in Edison Park men and beasts
toil, graders and trucks rattle and clank in never-
ceasing motion as the work goes on in making
Edison Park the ideal into Edison Park the
actuality.-City of Palms.

~R---- ~~---------- -

Edison Park Development
(By William M. Miller)
City of Palms, Jan. 23, 1926

Reading like fiction is the history of the
growth and development of Florida during the
past few years. And into this history is writ-
ten the lives of men of vision, strong character
and indominitable will. Around every city
that has builded well is the association of some
one name or names of men through whose ef-
forts, dreams and prophecy have materialized.
And through it is a well known truism that
"truth is stranger than fiction," people who have
not seen, who do not know, are apt to be cre-
dulous. But the story of James D. Newton, a
young man but recently come into his majority,
and what he has done in less than the brief space
of one year are accomplished facts that before
which the incredulous must believe.
Edison Park, the name of which already is
synomous with the finest and highest class resi-
dential development in Fort Myers stands as the
latest record of his vision materialized. The

II '

actual building and creation have progreessd to
the point where everyone can visualize a com-
munity of the finest homes, amidst a setting of
rare tropical beauty combined with the most
modern metropolitan improvements.
But a short way out McGregor boulevard,
directly across from the neighboring homes of
Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford with their
luxuriant tropical gardens, is the fountain gate-
way and main entrance to this residential park
which is named after Mr. Edison. Tractors,
built by Mr. Ford, ply back and forth in their
work of grading the boulevards. The well
known artist and sculptor, Helmuth Von
Zengen, protected from the sun with a large-
brimed old straw hat, is at work moulding the
central figures of the fountain, a woman pour-
ing water from an urn. At present the figure
is shrouded with canvas.
"But soon she will be finished," says the
artist, "and then everyone passing along the
boulevard may see her. The fountain and grill-
ed gateway form a fitting back ground; for she
will be lovely as are all beautiful women."
One enters and drives along the wide boule-

.. C;

_ 4

it _

I ff

Main Entrance and Approach to Edison Park, Opposite
Estates of Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford
Fort Myers, Florida.

yards that are now in the course of construction.
The engineer in charge of the road work ex-
plains that they are laying a 12 inch shell base.
After this is rolled and hardened, a stratum of
Kentucky rock and then the asphalt surface.
Cement curbing with drains into the main sew-
ers, a six foot parkway, and then six foot cement
sidewalks, and one has an idea of the boulevard
winding thru the entire park.
The guaranteed improvements call for 6 foot
sidewalks, 12 to 14 inch cement curbing, road-
ways paved and asphalted from curb to curb,
shrubbery in parkways between curb and side-
walks, sanitary sewers, gas, water, electricity,
telephone and ornamental street lighting. There
are 53 acres in the Newton development and the
cost of the improvements is better than $4,000
per acre.
The property lies between the boulevard and
the Tamiami Trail. With the exception of the
business lots fronting on the Trail, the residence
lots average about two and one-half to the acre,
according to Mr. Newton. At present, while the
road work is being completed from the boule-
vard entrance, the curbing is being laid from the

Trail entrance. This way the different jobs are
carried on at the same time without interfering
with each other.
Mr. Newton came to Fort Myers last June
and after selling real estate for a time, put on his
first own development, Lovejoy Park. The suc-
cess that followed his first efforts, demonstrated
clearly that where the improvements were in the
building would follow. But Mr. Newton was
not satisfied with just putting in the improve-
ments; he inaugurated his own building and
justified his faith.
"Before coming to Fort Myers," said Mr.
Newton, "I was selling trunks and hand bag-
gage throughout the state of Florida. I had an
opportunity to see what the different cities were
doing. Seeing some of the beautiful work that
was being done, the ideal of creating a residential
community that would equal the finest I had
seen, came to me. In Edison Park I am trans-
forming this ideal into an actuality."
In Mr. Newton's early efforts there wasn't
any large office force, with bookkeepers, ste-
nographers and salesmen. Working from early
in the morning until late at night, Mr. Newton

tended to all details. At present he has found
it necessary to greatly enlarge his offices in the
Heitman building. His new organization is
Mr. Newton's father, Dr. Robley D. New-
ton, one of the leading physicians of Phila-
delphia, has recently come to Fort Myers to join
his son. He has decided to give up the practice
of medicine, and is going into the construction
end of the game. He is enthusiastic about Fort
Myers and in building and construction has
found a genuine interest.
Other members of the organization include
some of Mr. Newton's personal friends. H. T.
Ring of Boston, who has recently been in real
estate in Miami, has taken charge of the advertis-
ing and publicity. Henry Whitcomb of Wor-
chester, Mass., is in charge of the development of
Edison Park. F. D. Lowe, a Washington Lee
man, has come from the East Coast to be with
Mr. Newton.
The firm at present controls Highland Tow-
ers, a high class subdivision on Lake Jackson in
Sebring, with Mr. Newton owning the majority
of the stock. And while Edison Park is Mr.

Newton's finest creation, there is still in Fort
Myers, Lovejoy Park, his first, and Forest Park
which is now being prepared for market.

Artist Working On Edison Park
Entrance Figure
Fort Myers Tropical News, Jan. 27, 1926

Work has been started by Helmath Von
Zengen, well known local sculptor, on a statue
to adorn the McGregor boulevard entrance to
Edison Park, the new development of the James
D. Newton Company.
The statue will be formed in the image of
a young maiden bearing an urn. From the vessel
waters will flow into a fountain at the foot of
the figure. The entrance is modeled after one on
an estate in the Chestnut Hills section of Phila-
delphia, and will be one of the most beautiful in


Copy of

Which is Attached to Every Agreement for Deed
TION, a Florida corporation, of the County of Lee,
in consideration of the making of the within contract,
does hereby covenant and agree with the within
grantee, his heirs, executors, administrators and as-
signs, to make the following improvements within a
reasonable time and as quickly as the labor and em-
bargo situation permits, in the North 1-3 of Edison
Park, free of charge to said grantee:
6 foot sidewalks.
12 to 14 inch curbing.
Roadways paved and asphalted from curb to curb.
Shrubbery in parkway between curb and sidewalks.
Sanitary sewers
Water To easement line
Ornamental street lighting

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