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Daytona Florida "The Heart of Sunnyland"
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& c~a'I

! -7 --

The Heart of Sunnyland
DAYTONA andthe Ha/fax Country
SHE charm of the semitropics has made Florida the winter
, recreation ground of the American people. They come from
every state in the Union, including California, to play through
the sun-warmed winter of this balmy peninsula.
When you come to Florida naturally you will wish to select
for your stay a place where the reputed magic of semitropical sunshine and scenery
meets your expectations, yet where has intelligently been prepared for you a wel-
come with modern conveniences, ample facilities for recreation, pleasant physical
surroundings and congenial people with whom you may associate. A _t
Come to the Halifax Country and you will not be disappointed. Daytona,
Daytona Beach, Seabreeze, Ormond, Ormond Beach, Holly Hill and Port Orange
are the incorporated cities of the Halifax community. The charm of this modern
and thriving resort group is distinctly unique and directly related to its fortunate
situation, the wealth of its natural beauty and to the fact that it was founded by
northern seekers of winter homes and has been
developed from the point of view
of the tourist and winter residents.
Daytona, the central and larg-
est city of this group. i. situated
.w mile, .muth of YJa ksnville.
, (-in the ea- I oa-l anIl d IIhe HalI.
ifa rier. and on the Flriid
.I. k-oi \iile .,, Ke\ k e-t. The

..... ..... ...



paralleling l f~ii ic coast but ahalf-mile away, is a
link in the5lifd waterway exteninig from Jacksonville
to Miamir. z
Daytonailies on the west baaiEof the Halifax river and
withirsoiiid of the Atlanticmsn-On the ocean front directly
across the river fir ii ytona and connected with the
latter by four bi re Beach and Seabreeze.
Five miles n~th-~Ier, ocdalznd railway are Ormond
and Ormondi , the latter JoIH-D. Rockefeller's winter
homez-E iiiilssouth on river a7-railway is Port Orange.
- Thifax river extends from tierTomoka bridge south
toe~ihiE t where it opens into tfiE ean, fifteen miles
south ~f e-a-Parallel to the 4x-ifs entire length
iithe-~Tiis Daytona-Ormond Beacl-S greatest beach
in th

_ Acce-Mit 7
~iAima and the Halifax community--e ea~ reached
fromaay point in the North, the SeaboarZtAir Line,
- Atlantic Coast Line, Souther Aiid-nGeor-
a & Southern__railways as well as the
Seani-efmt in steam-
- l hip nes making quick cntions at
' cksonville with the Flor -EaFCaoast
S ilway. Your tei E wll make

i- b6

- - -' _ ..
* *jg44.

your connections with these lines and sell you a ticket
from your home to Daytona.
The main trunk of the Dixie Highway also passes through
Daytona, which is the pivotal point on the Florida east
coast, the only point between Jacksonville and West Palm
Beach, from which the interior and west coast can be
reached by highway. Daytona is within a day's drive of
every important point in the state. Bus lines on regular
schedule and cars for hire carry passengers to the interior
and to all points on the east coast every day in the year.
The Halifax river connects Daytona with an inland
waterway with a minimum depth of four feet and a maxi-
mum depth of five and one-half feet, providing navigation

. ,__ FELICAN" _ -- ..- -^..- -- -

___0__ NK_ _ _ _ _ _ _

to light draft yachts and house boats. During the winter
season scores of these light water craft from practically
every Atlantic seaport, on a cruise off the east coast and
the south Florida Keys, accept wharfage at the Halifax
River Yacht Club at Daytona. Two boat yards give all
necessary service to yachts.
Four auto camps are provided at Daytona, under city
and state sanitary inspection.

Natural Characteristics
The natural appeal of Daytona and the Halifax com-
munity is based chiefly on sun, landscape and water. Here
the climate is especially kind. Free from high tempera-


tures that often render oppressive t~he early
spring days at points further so-l3fi-JieW inter tem-
pered by the Gulf Stream flow ~in forty miles,
Daytona climate invites to- a�horoi joyment of- i-
door life throughout the fa ndsprin~g
temperature at no time fallToow -~runt -drive-Tndor-'
those engaged in card and ot 0nh veranda
of the Casino Burgoyne, Qraf iyoa me- games ground
and public parks.
Daytona is most fa cir iWsituatee - at the narrowest
point of the main Floricd pe~iinsula here a cool breeze-
daily sweeps from ocean 6 gulF 120 miles apa*g
With an average mtid rsnumer-K irature of 85, -aid
the nights always odj ht~tfIzooler than many ofthe
famous northernF esft if J-J-ustly being recognized as
an all-the-year-ro dunnd ideal home city.
Matthias D fiy d& aytona, chose this
site-afte.~-Iactf theEiiifi -state. The beauty
of the iiat-r-iiscen- aid:Tie advantage of
situiatiion Ti7rei e >e - rined his
choicTFe:- th e Daytona
and t~i fha untrsf- -ioed in any--

.se... e- .--.


..- _- ., .. . . . ,, - '_. , ... .. .-I ..

I I~-LsLI L Ist I~ ~PC - - 1 I


Like a ji rare setting, Dayt~ia styles in the midst
of an uq s rest of stately pinme-oad spreading oaks
and tall w palms. Her thorouglru~ s are bordered with
widez�i g these ages old tree__eM-se branches, hung
with iSish moss and sup-
- -ortin brightly blooming
S "- vines iwei1arch, present a pic-
S'--~ar ---aitifAuIand provide a
-o - --tptectirn shade to motorists
~et- .a pedestri-anaswell.
-, - o- t -situation
' =--or ti-, t ifax river
with �hFian beach
",' less:A_�a mile away,
a ~f charms of
I~_~= and Atlantic
-..------ The Halifax,
. n~ay iiaixle -wide and

Dayto the_
cities sr etedsbbet se e-

, d -u e--- o- -a

,.';tk _ t n- � 1 "-
dAf 0.


skirting its shores. The third cean beach isat
single natural attract ocality.
Recre�i Sports
Three eighteen-hole us with grass greens ad-ai--E
able at nominal rate" 'I
non-members: The
tona Golf and CGdi-iy
Club courses --1T in
Charles Clarke s-
sional, MyrtlC
secretary; Cl1fediniEGolf
Course, Seabreez . J.
Christy, .prole v�nal- . E.
L. Kincaid,
Ormond Beach
Course - Willia - m z i ,
professional, on, sectdtar .

B�-- , ur e e mt-D-yton au- - -. .
j _a aD 1itona Beach,I -.j
-i ,-v i- J"-d 4-i oq~o rse-shoe pdiidi -..
h ;f ling on lthe

I i

..... BAMBO
. ',..c, yc- - ,Y" " - ".,'.Z , K, A Oj,

green. Tables are provided in the casino and clubhouse
for card, shess and chcer-players.
v e r, ocean pier, inlet and open
-a-s- finirs good fishing for chan-
" . r nel bass;bfuefish, sea trout, pom-
- '.-i, ; pano, r -snapper, red sea bass,
: shaik_11 aiiiuther :2ame fish. Big-
- " .1T -"! miiiulhered ldack bjas- are caught in
:- '. "Spruce Creelkeathe-Tmoka river.
'l<: -- j-j^ ^^e ^---

,. I :; - - : - .,,
~�~~~:16~~3�~-~~t;: iJY'TF�

Surf-bathing on a marvelous white sand beach affords
pastime every day in the year.
The beach is the fastest straight automobile speedway
in the world, a speed of 180 miles per hour having been
officially recorded on this beach. Winter and summer
motor races here attract large crowds. Commercial air-
planes are for hire on the beach, which is a safe landing
Drives -
Five hundred feet wide at low tide the iah is a hai7Fl
'urfaved autnmnbile drive foiatf is before andafter

;�~i -;11

41 <


II 69r- � � 119 1 -, I �L�----

low tide from Ormond Beach to the inlet, a distance of
-- twenty miles.
5Paved streets and hard-surfaced roads invite motorists
t�lightful drives through picturesque town and coun-
..--yPoints of interest to be seen include the lighthouse
in1f- where thousands of water birds may be seen, pro-
- e by the Halifax river federal game reservation;
Tifrious shell mounds from which may be had a fine
viewf the surrounding country and Rose bay; the ruins
islth Ad anislir__mill at Port Orange; The Case-
ments, jhn D. Rieffeler's home at Ormond Beach;

No. 9 Plantation, where semitropical fruits are grown,
candied and preserved; Old Spanish rui&st-4New Smyrna
and stone-lined canals with whichu_-n- . -
bull drained his sugar, rice--an .ig. ,.'
plantations during his Spanis~ Min. . I ' '":!
orcan colonizing experiment pri . lihe
Revolutionary War. "
Passenger boats mAke river-e\i.ur
sions to SunsefAk-,u.-_the Tomoka \J -.
anid i r Str.- uBu-i --uall power
1.It. are -_oi hirrfri-vr, er trips. ,

� , ,,p .
f ' . ! ?E r;,
, * .. ,'^,, .*,..'
B -rTr


- --- _~--rCs~s - IL ~ IC II4Ls ~ I c- -

, , ,,

i. *��


-T A tertair ent
Daytobii�iTch is the home a � Florida Forum and As-
sembly, a li-ted with the As aemblies at Chautauqua, N. Y.,
and Wiffna Lake, Ind. Thi K-the greatest institution of its
kind i11i~e h.-Th h~ program features speakers and
thinkers of nati re and entertainment of a high
order. The Artist~sL- ise-s~ of the program includes and
has includ~iirts by Sousa Band; recital by Tito Schipa,
Italian tennoi erto Salvi, hli t; concert by the Ukrainian
Nati� chorus; Galli Curci; Irvin S. Cobb.
Anium and Assembly cougts- open early in January,
clI-sing iTArilbbt the Peabod orium is open for pic-
ture plq--i pd-pecial entertainnTeit-RWinter.
Free~Iand-uencerts are given tw yai in the casino at
DaytonaGZlThilic dances andcard p`art are also held here.
InfornmliT affair. are give1f�i e'-every day in Peabody club-
I, .-The p,,ull'ty show and Halifax C-nti4~roducts exhibit
are midseason events`f interest. Mov-
ing picturehoutsessh~othe latest reels,
one of them featuring road companies
in popular plays. ~-an -the hotels
entertain thlir - ts with dinner
dances, music, a _i.AParties.

il- --THE HEART OF - SUNNYLAND --k__ -.j,
^^5uy, --h-'---,----,---I--I (

-- el I

Clubs, Societi i
The Tourist Club has a membership xrpesening many states,
fosters pleasant relations among--wintwi-i ors and give-a
number of social affairs and entdmi Numberisihe
states are represented by social tc-bs-; -
Other clubs with out-of-town me _rffi�sions are: the
Palmetto, Peninsula, and Busini FWindi esinal Women's
Clubs, Rotary and Kiwanis, EVksC~~.i se, Odd Fellows,
Knights of Columbus, Peni ~c League, American Legion
and Halifax River Yacht Clib' -

Public High SchoolC ia yti aytona Beach and7Sea-
breeze are accredited. PucMiclbs-- are open to out-of-state
pupils; tuition charge d; 4inth up to and including the
fourth grade; $5 o i tghth grades, inclusive; $6 for
B't the high oehfI--Ii i-arej y the state and are
uniform thrQ u -Eghi�rEli rid private schools
give ac-dandd- � ed ergartens
are avai Axl&'
The Dayto-a orm--I an-I dis -raSchool, co-
educati~ons found n educated j

,.--- " - ,..-- ., , ,"- ,
,' -i '
" . v" - . . .-^ -^: : ^, ,-._ , ! . - : ,; " ',., .. .
: -,, : -�-'-i" " ::. : +-_ -- --"" �_.,.+. + __+ , ,., .

---; L- I � 9L~C~C-`-' I I" - --~-1

P-- DAYTONA--- . -- FLORIDA---

.^^rii j

negro wom��i McTeod Bethunie, the present prin-
cipal, and isiiatioiily known. Every w~i -this school
gives a seri 4iiiii~cal entertainments that-attract many
visitors and- -rei Pr:= P ~YWater
S<- ' / -Ocean air, gd drainage,
S. absence ofEdicavine or-
, a i " ' natt er.daily oerim-
'Hl, irn" " -unlight and sani-
: iar"y inspectliv prci_
Smolehealth and pr.,-
" I'i *-4 f* '" -' rong life and it-en,.

n'? , ,Artesias- n ellss
4 Ti Ji-tnk li a pare ialer

;S 'T *.ofreined for aJl j-ur-
i:fri n milk come- fr-omr
SIh'wcal tlairie6_under city-
Sanld stateanitry-inspe-
,, " _ _-- - - i -- ti,,i, ..i..-- - .--
Sby ,,W 1 _ _ --_- _ "_ ~ _--

Tourists' Accommodations
About sixty hotels, American and European plan, offer
accommodations at from $1,50 per day up. Cottages,
apartments, furnished rooms and boarding houses are
available. Inquiries for rental or purchase of property
are referred to reliable realtors for prompt attention.

Farm Lands
About 7,500 acres, close in, under modern drainage, are
available for citrus, small fruit and winter vegetable cul-
tivation. Prospective growers should investigate this land.
These lands offer one of the greatest development pos-
sibilities in the Halifax Country. No mistake can be made
in investing here.

F.L 9 S * t >

..L- ' .
^M^.^^ tt^R_"^H_ ,>i^^ __ ^_ih^,�^----- --- , ,-,,, -7"-' " ,' .... . : .---^ ,_ _ ^. -_� .


Development Opportunity tential urban area half-mile of sce a
offers an open building not excellw
Halifax community development has been conservative section of the counri - --
but steady. Within the past two years building and sub- The Daytona --
urban development has greatly increased. Some of the Chamber of Com-_----- ,
additions under way are exceptionally high class in plan, merce is always./ - -- --
park construction and zoning. In line with this develop- at the service o-L-- - -
ment Daytona has recently voted a public improvement visitors, whe - '
bond issue of $670,000, of which $260,000 will go into they com I2 / -
construction of a public park a mile long on the river front. pleasure _- -
The possibilities of high-class and profitable develop- ness. AS
ment in the Halifax country are not confined to the towns quiries - [
and their immediate environs. The whole section, with tona Chami f / f
ninety miles of ocean and river shoreline where the po- Commere~pO
cerning Da ~na- /'^

Seabreeze,--E-i- '
Dmon B-----B --- /, , ln "',\\-

Z".... ..... i --- -."

S._ ",.^7 ' '.'',' '" -'

Printed by The Record Company, St. Augustine, Florida

~kWJ4 ~V4.7f/,
__ ~ /

I: ,
if:/. �


4 .f

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