Daytona Highlands Florida's Suburb of Hills and Lakes one block west of the city limits of Daytona Florida
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Title: Daytona Highlands Florida's Suburb of Hills and Lakes one block west of the city limits of Daytona Florida
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Language: English
Publisher: The Traylors of Daytona
Place of Publication: Daytona, FL
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rlovidcts Su4Lrb of Hills
and Lakes

qone Blocis
West of
t ne city
Limits of
E$ orida



Floridca' Suburb of Hills
andc Lakes

I One BlocU
West of
t e City
Limits of
F orida

beings will live and prosper, ruling their tiny king-
. S e w b l a s, a

others small and cozy, cl ing to their hillsides with the
thThese will be the castles of Peae man ce of Health

and Fruition, full to the brim of the comforts and con-
^,A. r z IAchie'Pement-
veniences of their day, not Feudal and coldly forbiddingings
but--none the less castlccompished

ASTLES ARE BEING BUILT, real castles, in which human
beings will live and prosper, ruling their tiny king-
doms. Some will be large and spacious, as of old;
others small and cozy, clinging to their hillsides with the
warm lights of welcome agloxv of evenings.
These will be the castles of Peace and Prosperity, Health
and Fruition, full to the brim of the comforts and con-
veniences of their day, not Feudal and coldly forbidding,
but--none the less castles.

* ~

fhe tproject-

AYTONA HIGHLANDS presents to both home builder and
investor a proposition so unique in contrast to all other land projects
� 9 in the State that adequate description is difficult. Its uniqueness
lies principally in its location so near the Atlantic Ocean, ten minutes' drive
distant, and its possession of a beautiful range of hills and lakes such as
are rarely to be found near the seashore. This Highland Suburb of
Beautiful Daytona, City of Wide Streets, will meet your most cherished
dreams of a home and your fondest expectations of a sound investment.

Blessed with a sun-wrapped climate, tempered by the cool trade winds
of the South Atlantic and so conveniently situated in the heart of the Great
Halifax Country, Daytona Highlands, lake bejewelled and draped in
tropical foliage, will cast its spell about you as it has about many another
seeker after a perfect homesite.

There is no jarring note about the Highlands; such a note was carefully
left out of the original scheme and as carefully has been avoided in the
carrying out of the plan. Even the lines of demarcation between the
various "villages" or sections-the Spanish, the English, the Dutch and
all the others-have been drawn with such meticulous care as to make
impossible any clashing of architectural types.

4 ,

'he 'Different "'TVillages"-

HIS particular feature deserves more than passing interest, inas-
much as it insures every buyer of a lot or home perfect harmony
of environment for all time. If he prefers an English type dwell-
ing and builds along these lines, he need never fear that some one will
erect a house next door which will not blend with his. The same will be
true of Spanish, Dutch, American Bungalow and other styles. Thus the
builder is given, in addition to assured restrictions, a wide range in the
matter of architectural preference.

Che Climate-

| TWELVE-MONTH summer is wrapped around your home in
Daytona Highlands. If you have ever shivered under the ice-
bound blast of a Northern winter, with the raw, biting wind
creeping through every crack and crevice, roaring down the chimney to
deaden your fire; if you have ever heated water in a tea kettle over an
unruly fire in the early morning to thaw out a frozen water pipe; if you
have ever listened to the cracking of the boards as the nails give under the
strain of "twenty below"-then you have doubtless longed for a home
somewhere in this "Land of Everlasting Spring."




- - 5%
U"' C '
t't',* ~:
* 5- '
- a- * .,Y
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- - -.

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Ut Ut

* - - TlsIh.I CS II


- . . . - . . . . . _ . . . . .


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^- e-
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t^T, rk

F. .- _ _





7he Climate (Continued)

Daytona Highlands offers you -uch a sub-tropical home in a climate
unsurpassed for healthfulness, specially designed by the Creator for those
who love the out-of-doors. It is a climate not too cold in Winter and not
too hot in Summer, in short an all-\ e.-' outdoor climate. The nights are
cool and clear in Summer, the day- :-rc warm and balmy in Winter. The
nights from November to May are '.1. 'I enough to make blankets necessary
and the days from May to November are mostly like the best summer
days one knows in the North-not hot and sultry, but clear and breezy.

S ports and (Recreation-

OR golf, tennis, fishing, '..,.tiri, bathing, sailing, shooting, motor-
ing, riding, flying, both Summiner and Winter are well nigh perfect.
Still better, Daytona Hihl:tinci provides all these in abundance.
A golf course and tennis courts a,-i in, tli building; the lakes themselves
provide excellent fishing; or if \,u prefer tarpon, sea bass, sword fish, or
other deep sea fishing, the broad .\r la ntic, ten minutes distant, provides this.
The surf bathing at Daytona Bc'thL is !in..mparable, likewise motoring on
this greatest of the World's Spc.:dv. :i -.


-. � .1. .1

Che Wills and Lakes-
HE big suburb has many miles of water front on the dreamiest of
tropical lakes, seven of thiin ra.-in. from a half mile to a mile
in length. Sloping gently upip..wrd from the shores of these lakes
the hills, exquisite in tropical loveliness, provide the most perfect homesites
imaginable. The vistas through the glens and valleys, across the lakes,
from stately towers rising Medioeval-like from lofty ridges, rich in tropical
foliage and teeming with wild fowl, beggar description.

che Location-
.\YTONA HIGHLANDS is Citu.AtCd one block west of the city
limits of Daytona and a little less than two miles from the center
of the city. Hence we have a uhburlb far enough removed to afford
quiet and seclusion, yet wonderfully coneni-ent in its proximity to Daytona
with its theatres, shops, markets, :ind ,the-r prerequisites of a thriving,
prosperous city. The nearness of the suburb has also made possible the
installation of city water and sewer systems, electric lighting and gas fa-
cilities, and other comfort-giving cLn'Jeniences impossible in many more
remote developments.

lloridta's Suburb of Hills and Lakes
Florida Sales Agents, 214 S. Bcaclh St., Daytona, Florida
Branches: Jacksonville - Orlando - St. Augusiine - DeLand - Daytona Beach

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