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J i, :,

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I Eait Ne~ York Avelutte.

DeLand Statistics

HIS little booklet contains istaistics of
DeLand, "The Athens of Florida."
The figures have been conser\ativ'ely
compiled, and taken from actual records of the
different phases. We have endeavored to be as
concise as possible in all things, without in any
way detracting from decidedly worth-while in-
formation, and on these pages you will find a
summary of conditions in a city of Florida that
has been founded with substantiality on a basis
of industry. There is nothing "fleeting" in this
commonwealth, for on soil production alone
we are self-supporting, without counting upon
the surge of mighty development in home-
building that is now upon us. The opinion of
the outside world as evidenced in financial
quarters can readily be deduced from the fact
that one of the most conservative banking insti-
tutions of this country bought a recent issue of
municipal bonds for the city of DeLand at 13
points above par. This is a record for all the
south and an opinion any investor or home-
seeker can certainly rely upon. If, in reading
over this piece of literature, there is any one
appealing thing upon which you desire more
light, address our DeLand Commercial Club,
and the information will be promptly and
courteously forwarded to 'you. In any event
get acquainted with DeLand. We are quite sure
it will be to our mutual interest. -

Green.Sprinils Near. DeLand

~/~ -ELAND is located 120 miles south of
Jacksonville, 4 miles east of the his-
' toric St. Johns, "The American Nile,"
and 18 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The
location has been extremely favored by nature
as it is a section of rare scenic beauty, with
pine forests, orange groves, modern farms and
gardens, beautiful homes, picturesque ham-
mocks, huge flowing springs, and traversed by
railroads and fine highways.

Your Way In
RAIL.-The main line of the Atlantic Coast
Line Railroad, operating nine first-class pas-
senger trains daily, five north and four south,
with through coaches from New York, connect-
ing with the Florida East Coast Railway by bus
lines at Daytona and New Smyrna.
WATER.-DeLand's boat service is a great
asset, and the Clyde Line, operating a daily
boat service between Jacksonville and DeLand.
furnishes a water route from Charleston, Balti-
more, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.
The trip from Jacksonville to DeLand is the
most beautiful of all Florida water voyages.
HIGHWAYS.-The fact that we have five trunk
line highways entering DeLand makes access
for the motorist very easy indeed, and has
rendered possible the operation of bus lines.
from all points north, south, east and west.
Our Coiiner'ial Club will furni-h inmo.i
route- fromin an\ i..iil t(. DRl. il uplil ja.pli, a-
lion. Tiif- -cr i, e ,i free.

Park, Hotel College Arms

Among the big attractions of DeLand is, of
course, its climate, and our situation is far
south enough on the Florida peninsula to in-
sure us the best there is in the way of cooling
breezes in summer and places us under the
tempering influence of the Gulf and Atlantic
in winter. Depressing temperatures in summer
and chill conditions in winter are practically
unknown here. Below we are submitting offi-
cial figures, embracing that period from July
1, 1924, to June 30, 1925. These also cover
rainfall over the same period:

Month M
July .. .. ...
August ......
September ...
October .....
November ...
December ....
January ......
February .....
March .......
April ........
M ay .........
June ........
For year .....


n Mean Rainfall
urm. Minimum. Mean. Inches.
V1 79% 85% 16.08
72 83 4.98
64% 767/io 6.66
62 70 22.40
/2 5331/ 63� 12.56
% 52 62%1o 12.40
55 63 2.92
52 63 2.09
4 52% 65% 1.44
571/3 71%6 1.45
%o 60 72% 9.20
l/3 67% 74 14.02
9io 619Ao 71%o 95.21
Cooperative Weather Observer
U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Your Health
We believe this to be a health section com-
parable to any on earth. All conditions point
to tlhi fat in unmistakable terms, and we have
in our file- un-oliciled opinions from %ery
eminent aLithiurities on lhii suljec:t. %He , ill , .e
l I, e .. I, 1enl thrill it lelie-teI. M .ilI i nle

St. Johns Riser Near DeLand

here to escape the cold of the North and mamn
who come in poor health have been undoubt-
edll benefited.

Pure Water Is Plentiful

Of DeLand's many valuablee a-sset perhaps
her water supply is the greatest. Coming from
artesian wells 400 feet in depth. the water is
identical in analysis to that of the Orange City
mineral water, bottled and sold six miles south
of here and, which, in competition with table
waters from all section- of the globe, was
awarded a metal for purelt water at the
\\ orld's Fair.
Resuhll- e-pie.-ed in pjits of millions
heili .. ........ 161. Bicarbnate- ..... 1400
q calcium ......... . 9.0 Sulphales ........ 9.0
Ir .n .......... .. 10l.7 (lhlorides ........ 12.0
Magni-luni ....... 6.8 Nilrales ...... ... 4.3
_"dium and Hdrdness ....... 125.0
PN a-siunm ..... 7.6 Total Solid .. .. . 172.0
\naldkis mrnad bi George W,. Simon-. Ji . . hiel
'manilarN Engineer f lihe Florida State Bard of I ralth.
,Ihio Iurther slated that tlis %,aler compared (laordbl)
,illb that ol Or.dn2e Citl. seei, minle -,ith. here
IIhr I I er i- l.imtled and sold.

Substantiating Facts
Bank Deposits
I1 ,It sumnilner bja-si, %epllemler 1t1. e:chi sear.
XX inler drepm-its i) per cent greater.
I'llu....... S 41't.5 0u.86 192011....... $1886.829.68
141 ....... 801.332.40) 19'25....... ..58 ..00.00
In in'rcra. ,:I 1240 per cunl in 15 sears and 3021 per
-._ lli in fi e \ear,.
S1, II.1 ii. ,- ,I| 62'. p1,i . , w il . -ent %ear.

Post Office

Public School Attendance
Fort.s-ix teachers. 1925 1926.
1915 .............. 357 1924 ............. 1.10U9
1920 .............. 602 1925 ............ 1.680
\n increase in ten )ears of 370 per cent.
An increa-e in one n ear of 39 per cent.
Post Office Receipts
191 ... ..... $15.2H".42 1920......... $22.634.51
1915 ......... 18.631.17 1925 ...... . . 46.381.96
An incrrjease %.-1 2001' per cent.
.\n increase in tive %ears of 104ujj per cent.
Frrni rii.nus bureau and taken b% Commercial
(.lub officials.
1910 .... ...... 1.600 1920............ 4.263
1915............ 3.285 1925............ 10.080
\n irn rease of .53u per cent in fifteen sears.
An increase of 13612 per cent in fite %ears.
If after Taps
1910 ....... .... 395 1924............. 1.51)
1915............. 815 1925............. 2.030
1920 ............. 986
An increase of 43914 per cent.
\n incra,:e of 3412 per cent in one sear.
Building Permits
Fiscal r-ar. 1923-24.................. $1,900.000.00
Fi-sc l eajr. 1924 25.................. 2.800,000.00
5114 buildings erected. 12 business buildings erected
%r aIr eling Jul[ l-l.
Real Estate Transjers
Determined b\ sale ol revenue stanip1.
Fiscal %ear. 1923.24.................. $8.029,110.00
Fiscal ear. 1924-25.................. 15.014.631.iYJ
An increa-e in one sear of 87 plus per cent.
Municipal Improvements
Piogram :.f e"eraj:e. paying. %,aler plant
jnd --tlemn ormpl.led. fiscal )ear 1921-
24 .............. . .................. 64U.H UU
Pr.-, rijm -.-i seerage, pa',ing and atler ex-
tensi..ns and municipal budding n.,w
under ,ii.n- ru, li.i ................... ... 84t.000

DeLjaid hls mire high grade cu..:r: e paying tlin
. ih , . i l the Southi. i

Library , Sletlon Unihersity

Educational Facilities
DeLand's public -chool system is recognized
as one of the best in Florida. The regular
eight-year grammar course is offered, and in
addition a modern high school fits tie student
to enter any college or university. In the latter
the school plant i equipped with manual train-
ing and domestic science departments. gpm-
nas-iun and luncheon hall. sering thlie noon-
tla\ meal at moderate charge. The high -shool
building is a beautiful structure. equipped with
approved methods of sanitation and hygiene.
The primary grades building is full\ equipped
and a model of it-s ltpe. Our school sN,,tem i-
largelY re-ponsible for theeducational iletelo)-
ment and progress of this section.
PRI \.TE SCHOOLS.-X 'ediae pri\ ate -chools
that offer business tduiation and graduate- are
capable of entering into commercial %'ork,
auditing. federal work and stenography. For
the little ones we hate several private -chools
and kindergarten., as well as for tho-ze de-ir-
ing to be tutored in -pecial su bjects. Chief of
tihe-e are hie Beelar Schools.
51TET-OIN IIIERi%'lT.I-Thisgreat edujcatiial nmll-
tuliR.n founded in DeLand s.ume llhirt\ one Nears
ag.'. and i: well kn.:,n iliroughout educaiin.nal circle
ol lihi c.untlr. The original intention of the founders
,as t1o meet tie rd-i' at;inal requirements OA tihe local
people its reputalion. lh weer, liha neces-itated the
L[r.Adriinl ig at- -cope until i.,da% ,ludenls prrac-
1l,.All\ . -trv -late in lie Uinion. and mnan [,,reigni
.t..unlrie a-s J lil, pursue their studies in the clasIe
conhinies ,. Sitern. The large Iaculty is recruited
tr.'m 11,i- lei, uni'er-til-- and i.,llege; )I the worldd .
the stulienit l..,d% Itis .eaj..n ,il number well ,ier
ei-ilt linidred.


DeLand Commercial Club

To Serve You
The Commercial Club, located in its own
building, with its prettily planted grounds, is
one of the beauty spots of DeLand. The build-
ing is most complete, with its managerial
offices, auditorium, ante-rooms, reading room,
ladies' rest room, etc. The wide, vine-clad
verandas are much enjoyed by our winter visi-
tors. Bring your problems to us and we will
do everything in our power to solve them-
smooth your way. We have a bureau that will
give road information, guides and maps, book-
lets of all Florida cities, files of agricultural,
horticultural and livestock information, hotel
booklets, apartment house lists, railroad and
steamship folders, and any other assistance in
our power.
DeLand Memorial Hospital
Our hospital, erected to the memory of our
boys who paid the supreme sacrifice in the
World War, is a model of architecture, equip-
ment and service. The building lies on a high
knoll, overlooking the city and pretty sur-
rounding country. The superintendent, sur-
geons, physicians and nursing staff exert every
effort to maintain the high ideals of the insti-
American Legion Home
DeLand Post No. 6, American Legion, has
just completed what is said to be the hand-
somest and most complete Legion Club home
in Florida, having club rooms, arsenal, assem-
bly and ballrooms. Visiting Legionnaires are
always welcome.

DeLand Band

Public Library
Since remodeling and increasing the size of
our public library, a municipal institution,
DeLand has a library, of which she may well
be proud. Several thousand volumes are added
each year and all leading magazines, news-
papers and trade journals are available in the
commodious reading room.
DeLand's high moral standing is reflected
in her fine, well-attended churches. The fol-
lowing denominations are represented, most of
them in beautiful edifices: Baptist, Episcopa-
lian, Catholic, Christian, Methodist, Presbyte-
rian and Christian Science.

Fraternal Orders, Clubs, Etc.
All leading lodges have live organizations in De-
Land and a list of lodges and officers will be mailed
upon application to the Commercial Club. They in-
clude: Masons, Elks, Knights of Pythias, Pythian
Sisters, Odd Fellows, Woodmen, Rebekahs, Eastern
Star. The DeLand Woman's Club is an organization
of which the city is justly proud, as it has always
been a willing and successful worker for the public
welfare. The Business and Professional Woman's
Club, in addition to its club features, joins hands
with other organizations in promoting city affairs.
The Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. have fine organiza-
tions here. The Y. M. C. A. Camp at Lake Winona
(eleven miles) is conceded to be the finest of its kind
in Florida. The Boy Scouts (of course) have two
troops here, and these boys render man's assistance
in acting as special police, traffic directors, etc.
Our Band-Theatres
The DeLand Band has a reputation which is state-
wide, due to its extensive repertoire and the twenty-
six musicians comprising it, many of whom were for-
merl) affilij -d with famous national bands. Open-air
c-,,,-rl.- ..r,- ll,. in lhe chit) p..rk. W e haiwe I-,) fine


DeLand Post No. 6, American Legion
theatres-one devoted to high-class road attractions
and the other to the very best in moving pictures.
Both are commodious and modern play houses, with
comfortable chairs, fine ventilation, ante-rooing'and
good music. Our concert course by famousartists is
an annual event.

Hotels, Apartments, Rooms
DeLand has two hotels that easily rank
among the finest in the State. They are the
College Arms and Hotel Putnam. Both are the
very essence of modernity in every way, set in
finely-planted and spacious grounds. Other
hostelries recommended by the Commercial
Club are listed below in the order of their

Ingleheart Inn.
Eastwood Terrace.
The Lexington.
The McLoud.*
The Palms.
The Carlton.
Hutchison Hall.
Commercial House.*
The Holland.*
The New England.
The Vines.*
The Boat House.*
The Waverly.
The Magnolia.*
The Ferns.
Ingleheart Villa.

The Hord's.
The Albion.*
The Minnesota.
The Williams House.
The Crane.*
The Preston.*
Comfort Inn.*
Melrose Inn.
Orange City Inn, Orange
City, 5 miles.
Benson Springs Inn, Ben-
son Springs, 12 miles.
The DeSoto, DeLeon
Springs, 12 miles.

* Rooms only.,

Apartment Houses

Codrington Apartments.
Allen Apartments.
Dreka Apartments.
Keystone Apartments.
Gilliland Apartments.
Hart Apartments.
De Huy Apartments.
Alabama Apartments.
The Mattapoisett.

The Waldorf.
Poinsettia Apartments.
Knox Apartments.
Miller Apartments.
Smith Apartments.
Pennsylvania Apartments.
The Adirondacks.
The Ferndell.
The Ferncroft.

Country Club GI�oliKrse
: Parks and Playgrounds , ,
AUTO CAMP. - DeLand has a model auto
camp, finely located, managed and thoroughly
afinitari. Therb-is a cerifial pavilion for in-
formal gatherings, running water, electric
lights, men's and women's shower baths, rest
rooms for both sexes, toilets, laundry, recrea-
tion ground, police protection and custodian.
The camp is close to the business section.
CITY PARKS.-We have two public parks at
present and two more are being developed.
City Hall Park is in the heart of the business
district. Commercial Club Park is prettily
planted and most attractively situated in all
respects. Here are games: "Barnyard golf,"
quoits, checkers, tenni-. etc. Also the children's
playground, fully equipped. I
GOLF.-Our College Aris course has at-
tracted such players a.' Barne-.. Kirkwo6d,
Hutchinson, Diegel and Sarazen, who annually
engage in match play here. It is an eighteen-
hole course, with D. E. Miner, golf instructor
of real fame, in charge. Fifty-five hundred and
seventy yards, and par is 73,.
The DeLand Country Club is our second golf
course, and we have the .third one in contempla-
tion. This is very s-.prt indeed and laid out
on some unique terrain. The clubhouse is beau-
tifully situated and finely appointed. Eighteen
holes, 6,060 yards, par 74. "Pug" Allen, pro-
fessional in charge.
the cit% limit- we have good hunting. A clo-ed
sea-3on of two \ears will add zest to the sport
the coming season. The river-s and lake-,s i. the
near-vicinit\ furnish the fine-.t of beating and
fi-hing. Excur-.ion- on the St. Joihns are trips

Pavilion, De Leon Springs
of pure delight and make the most tropical
voyages through a veritable land of enchant-
The DeLand Gun Club holds frequent matches
and is a well-organized body that always in-
vites the stranger to participate in the sport.
Here also we have the Florida Game and Fish
Protective Association and large chapter of the
Izaak Walton League. We are using every
endeavor to protect our game and fish.
Additional information on any or all above
subjects cheerfully furnished on application.
Distances from DeLand
Northern Points
Atlanta .......... 401 New York ........ 1,269
Boston ........... 1,501 Philadelphia ...... 1,175
Chicago .......... 1,174 St. Louis ......... 1,251
Cincinnati ........ 917 Washington ...... 1,029
Detroit .......... 1,291
Florida Points

Tampa ........... 141
St. Petersburg .... 162
Fort Myers ....... 212
Lake City ........ 175
Palatka .......... 61

Jacksonville ...... 120
Daytona ......... 22
St. Augustine ..... 91
Palm Beach ...... 103
Miami ........... 273

Nearby Places to See

Daytona Beach, fa-
mous beach and re-
sort on Atlantic.. 22
Lake Winona ...... 14
Volusia County Fair,
annual event in
January at DeLand 3
PoncedeLeon Springs 9
L. i ( Jill. I,0li ,,

St. Johns River..... 4
Lake Winnimisset... 3
Blue Lake ......... 1
Orange City ....... 5
Lake Helen ........ 7
Lake Beresford .... 4
Orange Packinghouse 10

1 ii. I, _- I- I i, I'lo
- l - I,. i lll , ...I I , ,' -
!'! a. . ",


ln odland Boulecard

.SpIcial Fea tures
STET.-ON ART G.iLLERY.-One of DeLand'-
'Ironge's claim' to its title. "Thie Athens of
Florida." lie- in Stet[on LUniver'itv. its fine
curriculum and its art gallery, in which is
alwas- maintained a fine collection by the
imaster-. The department of the Uni\er-sil also
-tages during tlie sear dramatic performances.
light operas and other fine entertainments. The
intercollegiate games of baseball. ba-ketball
and Irack meetl are also a feature of winter
entertainment for visilors, and a major league
ball leam trains here annually.

I olusia County Fair
Tlhi e\position of our counts' re-ource- is
held annuallI in DeLand. Thlie fair plant con-
-sis' ol' ten large buildings. a half-mile oval
track cJpeciall constructed for both hor-e and
auto racing. and -ixty acres of beautifully
landscaped grounds. This fair i Flourida's
greate-l orange shlio. V\iitor, an obtain some
idea of the great di\ersit\ and magnitude of
\',dus'ia's horticulture andl a.lricullture by
spending a da\ at the fair.

New municipall improvements
DeLand ha' just (completed an improvement
program in'\olring man\ miles of monolithic
concrete pa[. ing. a ,seteraLe \.s ltem and dis.
po-al plant, %,aterniorks. andl dli'tribution sys-
temn. .1 ne% program i? under na% at this- time
lor fourteen miles of addiltioinal paving, -ewer
ii.l i talir e\len-ill ani.I a i 'i\ icil\ h1 ll.

Four Prize Winners. Volu-ia ( Count Fair

.- gricuilt ure-Horticultt re
Del.and is a graphic example of th[lie state-
n.ent: "A 'itv can be no greater than the agri-
L ullure t-l her back country'" for here we hale
a -eNilion Of tinevards. prosperous
farni-. poultry plant- and ranche-. stretching
for main miles in all direction- and -erted by
DeLand a- a business and civic <:enter.
Heading the list thi, pa-t season were citrus
fruit, and this wa- a $3,000.)000 crop. Our
langerine- ea-il; lead all the counties, of the
State in color. size and prices received. In de-
.idutou- fruit-.s, pecans. pears. peaches. plumn-.
'ier-iniiiIn-. oth er fruit- and berrie-. We filnd
\er\ important crop- here. %ihile bunch grape-,
hale just attained prime favor in production
and Ha _i.
S I.PLE- .Ni) TiHLi K l O'P;. -- Sugar iane.
leuuie-s. Iorage. corn anid cotton are produced
I,\ our farmer-. No boll wee il here in this \ e have the fine-t of trucking land
ja'iiind our cit\ andi about eerwthinu_, in the-e
line, i- raised \ern s-ucces-full;. Man\ cars of
dlti el wiih- from DeLa are ailore l tlie fir-t
., lia-.hi [lthe northern market-.
The iai-ing of cattle. hog- and p.,ulltr it
al-Jo -ucc:e--ful hieie. "e easil\ rai-e the feed
',.i .all. Special literature on an\ or all of tlihe
.l,.xe ,ill be gladly furni-hed '.,i appli| .ation.
Expert Assistance
1k1 ..ur L,.,irn\ Agent. Home Demin_-lrjti.ii .*A.en,.
l'...iri LEI\prrinieni and t-lul. \\ork-r. thie nir- nimer
'.ill find thile grrl -t i..I a-i-stance. There i- in:. clirg,-
I..r th,- -er,, :es ,,I ili.--e ex\ erts :rnl lihe:- .m Irgeli
I ...ln-,I(le '...r dI,. inrirkie increase i a.luii-- '*I tie
i...Iall l - . I ; li llt .l l . I II r l i l 1. I l i I i
lli .1ii - lie? rtrjl i..i r' in. ll, .r a1 r ,i i't .

Splendid Rural Road,
DeLand Has
Ideal health condition-s. fite trunk line high-
%was., wonderful educational facilities.. acces-
-ibilitv by land or iater. th[lie be-st of tranporta-
lion. congenial people. bank re-ource- of oer
..51 .l).tIl.)O.tJl. superb hotel ai comniodations.
%later. electric light-. golf coures-. lodge.-.
,hur lies. and eter\thing else ihal one ,i-ol
expert to find in thlie most modern of q itie-.

Our Bid to You
Let us -uggest ihat before locating in Flor-
ida permanently or othermis e. ou \isit De-
Land and look oer our city. We giantt \ou to
be altisfied in all reipe(st- and feel that \ou t an
hardly be other isme %lith DeLandi. e c:irildia ll
iniile \,-u to come and tour the cit\ a- lhe
tiue-t of the Commercial Club and -ee the ,e nd-
ern hotels. golf cour--es. NStetlon ii|ii\er,-il\.
I'Pone dle Leon Springs-. at least a position ol
our fertile country --ide. Get Florida -anid in
\our shoe- and the DeLand spirit in \our bones
that the remainder of \our life's :pan InaN be
made more enjo.'able for \iou.
In conClusion. DeLandl of the Pon, e die Leon
ioUllitr exlendiw to \ou a nioult cordial in\ita-
lion to \i-it the "Athens of Florida." aind be-
trille one of u-. h lietlier for tlie i inter -ea-on
tur for life. e a-ssue \outI our exer\ ellort will
lie t make \our soioin lihere a plea-ajnt ,.ine.

21ii1.2211 W.. Nei York .\Ae.. De LandI.Fla.
"I[\ %e noit ie-ele \--u a ,,*ml' ot ',r
P'i Erial R ...on I, li.,e frim te Lie .--? .


Rff nd


i . A

~1 ~7~:~%:~


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