Deland Volusia County Florida: The athens of Florida - Home of Stetson University
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Title: Deland Volusia County Florida: The athens of Florida - Home of Stetson University
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Publisher: E. A. Strout Farm Agency
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Conrad Building -..
Representing g
. . .. . .. . .. ,


DeLand is a Progressive City, with Every Convenience and Advantage. Above Are shown One of Our Big Hotels;
the Presbyterian Church; the Atlantic Coast Line Station Here; One of the DeLand Schools; the Methodist Church,
and a New School Building in the DeLand District.

D E LAND is a progressive metropolis, suggestive of the happiness that exists in the homes
of those fortunate enough to share the beauties and prosperity of this section. Stetson
University, one of the finest Colleges in the country, with an enrollment of over 1,000
students, is located here. DeLand has churches of nearly every denomination. Fine hard-sur-
faced and brick-paved highways extend for miles into the country in all directions. DeLand's
big city improvement program is expected to be completed by July 1, 1924, including the new
pavements and extensions of water and sewerage systems. There are numerous social clubs
and co-operative organizations, a comfortable opera house and three motion picture theatres.
The lakes and streams nearby offer many opportunities for social gatherings and for all water
sports. The new Putnam Inn, costing $250,000, built with local capital, will add greatly to De
Land's accommodations for tourists and conventions. The man who is not acquainted with
Florida farming methods will find here many organizations ready and willing to help in every

"De Land the Most Healthful
DE LAND has the lowest death rate of all South-
ern cities. Being located on the peninsular part
of Florida, at its highest point, our climate is tem-
pered by the trade winds and the Gulf Stream,
making it ideal the year around-cool in Summer,
warm in Winter. Frequent showers and cool nights
make our Summers thoroughly delightful. We have
one of the most equable year-'round climates in the
world: Average maximum temperature, 79.8; aver-
age minimum, 59.4; average for six coldest months,
61.3; average for six warmest months, 77.3; mean
average for the year, 69.3.
DeLand's water supply is one of her greatest as-
* sets. It is identical in analysis with the Orange
City wells, six miles distant, which received High-
est Award at the World's Fair as the world's purest
The late Dr. John Diarmid, Medical Corps, U.S.A.,
formerly mayor and a practicing physician here for
18 years, wrote "To Northern Physicians" through
various medical journals, as follows: "Many intel-
ligent and well-informed people who have never
lived in Florida, nor even visited its health resorts,

Spot," Says Army Physician
seem to regard it as one vast swamp, where the
integrity of life's tripod is threatened by poisonous
atmospheric influences conjured into destructive
activity by some mysterious miasmata. There may
be such danger zones in the Dismal Swamp or the
Everglades, hundreds of miles away, but no one is
advised to go there. We do, however, unhesitat-
ingly advise physicians to send their cases of
asthma, insomnia, nasal and bronchial catarrh, neu-
rasthenia, chronic cough, rheumatism and even
phthisis pulmonalis in its curative stages to our
city, built on seven pineclad hills, away from la-
goons and marshes, and confidently expect gradual
improvement. Nature favored us with a climate
which permits of living almost continuously out-
doors, where the old and young may pursue such
activities, whether work or play, as solidify the
muscles of the native woodsman as well as paint
with roses the cheeks of the invalid sojourner
among us. The fountain of youth is as yet undis-
covered, but verily DeLand is built on the hills of
recuperation. If you are inclined to doubt what I
have written I can only say: 'Come and see.' "


The Athens of Florida-Home of Stetson University

,. ..

One of the Productive Lakeside Orange Groves Near DeL and. The Lakes Offer Frost Protection and Water Sports.
The Groves of This Section Return Nearly $2,000,000 a Year. Here Is a Wonderful Opportunity to Secure Independ-
ence in One of the Fin est Locations in the World.

DeLand appeals to the visitor in numerable ways,
but perhaps in the true sense of the word the water
supply is the city's greatest asset, being identical
in analysis with water from the Orange City wells,
six miles distant, which received a medal at the
World's Fair as the world's purest water. It is en-
tirely free from any sulphur or other foreign taste
so objectionable to the majority of Florida water
supplies, and, is entirely colorless and odorless.
The State Chemist says: "It is eminently pure and
suited for all domestic purposes and attached
analysis designates it as one of the finest water
supplies in the South."
Volusia County soils are highly productive, com-
prising about every variety of loam and rich ham-
mock and muck lands-adapted to citrus fruits,
pears and grapes, pomegranates, persimmons,
peaches, figs and guavas; corn, cotton, sugar cane,
peanuts, cowpeas, Natal hay, beggarweed, Bermuda
and crab grass; lettuce,, elery, cabbage, cantaloupes,
watermelons, potatoes,Womatoes and many other
big-paying products-most of them ready for mar-
ket when market prices are highest both in Florida
and in the frozen North.
A short motor trip in any direction from DeLand
will bring the devotee of aquatic sports to one of a
number of beautiful lakes or springs or to the St.
Johns River. Within an hour's motor drive are
famous Ormond and Daytona beaches, which are
not only the finest on the Atlantic Coast, but are
said by many to be unequalled in the world.
Between the months of November and May all
Florida fills up with thousands of people sojourning
at the hundreds of Winter resorts. DeLand is a
big resort in itself, and the numerous hotels here
are big customers for every sort of farm produce.

In fact, there are seven famous resorts in Volusia
County. The world-famous motor speedway be-
tween Ormond and Daytona along the beach is in
this county. And these big resorts attract thou-
sands of tourists who have to be fed, and as one
of our farmers and poultrymen you will have this
splendid money-making opportunity to supply their
And with our adequate shipping facilities, both by
rail and the St. Johns River, we are able to ship
direct to all the big Northern markets. There is no
lack of gocd markets, either at home or outside the
The main line of the Atlantic Coast Line R. R.
gives DeLand first-class freight and passenger
service. The Clyde Line river steamers (on the St.
Johns River) provide freight and passenger service
between this city and Jacksonville. Motor bus lines
run throughout the surrounding country, connecting
us with the East Coast towns and other points. Our
fine system of hard-surfaced roads place practically
every farm on or very near an improved highway.

Sugar cane is one of the surest money crops
grown in this part of Florida. Planted in Febru-
ary, it is harvested in November and December,
yielding as high as $700 per acre, year after year.
Florida sugar cane has a greater percentage of
sugar than any other in the country.
On six farms near here, totalling 120 acres in
potatoes, the crops averaged a NET RETURN of
$360 per acre. Tomatoes, watermelons and canta-
loupes are also extremely profitable.
State agricultural reports show Volusia County
leading the procession in .Florida in raising fine,
delicious peaches. One plum tree near here has a
steady record of annual returns of $30 to $70.

In this county there are industrial establishments,
large and small, to the number of 533, representing
a total investment of $4,592,615, which is a million
increase over the last census. The yearly payroll
of these industries for 1921 was $1,966,820 and the
total value of products manufactured was $6,908,835.
Never before and probably never .again will it be
possible for you to procure a happy farm home in
the famous fruit belt of Florida at the tremen-
dously low prices quoted in this folder.
Value of all farm property in Volusia County has
increased $3,873,589 in the last 10 years, and only
69,623 acres of this vast territory is yet in farms,
5000 more acres cleared and 3000 more put in cul-
tivation in the last two years.
Fruits and nuts, of course, head the list of our in-
come producers in this Garden Spot of Florida. They
yielded $1,794,815 in 1921-22 season. Our farmers
produced 297,576 boxes of oranges, 20,575 boxes of
grapefruit, 24,007 pounds of figs and 6,000 pounds
of grapes. We raised 22,833 quarts of strawberries.
Cereals to the value of $78,907 were grown and
our vegetable crop was worth $307,790.
And the increase in value of all farm products
the following year was $1,356,278.

Oranges and grapefruit are standard money-
makers here, there being more than 330,000 orange
trees alone within the County. In 1919 the value
of the orange crop totalled over a quarter of a
million dollars. Peaches, pears and figs do well.
Grapes are another good crop, easy to grow, mak-
ing big money. Strawberries bring in a big return.
There is hardly any fruit (except apples) which can-
not be made to pay big dividends here.

There were 158 ferneries under half shade in Volu-
sia County in 1921, covering 94 acres, the returns to-
talling $135,935, an average of about $1446 per acre.

Beautiful, Healthful DeLeon Springs
An expenditure of one million dollars is now be-
ing made in improving beautiful DeLeon Springs
by enlarging the pool building, new large bath
houses, a large hotel and other improvements which
when completed will make this one of the Beauty
Spotsas well as one of the Wonders of the state.
DeLeon Springs is DeLand's chief watering place,
a source of joy and pleasure to the tourist, the most
famous of the Florida mineral springs. The ap-
proach to this beauty spot is through a two-mile
hammock resplendent in tropical vegetation, pre-
served in all its natural beauty. The spring pro-
duces over one million gallons of sparkling mineral
water every hour, bubbling up from one gigantic
boil in the center of its saucer-like pool. The over-
flow forms a large river flowing into the St. Johns,
twelve miles away. The water is recommended by
physicians as having exceptional medicinal proper-
ties. An up-to-date bath-house and many unique
devices for aquatic sports, together with a pool
having a uniform temperature of 72 degrees at all
times, make this resort very popular with all classes.
Pecan trees, once in bearing, should produce a
constant revenue for life. They have been known
to yield an income of $100,0 per acre. Florida has
the largest pecan grove in the world, 72,000 trees
covering 4,200 acres.

No. 1, Over 950 Hampers of Lettuce Taken From One Acre. No. 2, "Over the Top"' Sorghum, a New Hybrid That
Matured 11 Weeks From Planting, Yielding 26 Tons Per Acre. Two and Three Crops are Cut From the Same Roots
in a Single Season. Seed and Stalk Are Strongly Saccharine and Make a Valuable Hog Feed. No. 3, Potato Field 60
Days After Planting. This Field Yielded 107 Barrels on a Measured Acre. No. 4, Celery Which Yielded Over 1200
Crates Per Acre.

Because of Our Year-'Round Grazing and Abundance of Forage Crops, Florida Is Fast Becoming a Wonderful Live-
stock State. Hereford and Shorthorn cattle are increasing fast in the DeLand District; Holstein and Jersey milk
breeds, Duroc Jersey and Poland China hogs also are favorites. Sheep and Goats Make Good Money. Despite the
Fact that Dairying Is Still In Its Infancy Here, Our Farmers In 1919 Received an Income of $92,913 From the
Sale of Dairy Products, and In 1921 the Returns Were $530,320. The Receipts From the Sale of Chickens and Eggs
Totalled $69,023. There Were 131,321 Head of Poultry in the County in 1921. Our Beef Cattle Are Valued at
$466,306 and Our Swine at $165,939.

Volusia County is one of the leading grape-produc-
ing counties of Florida. There is a new Vineyard
Company here and they have planted 60 acres to
grapes for their own use. Several farmers near here
have realized as high as $1,400 from an acre of grapes
on the second crop thirty months after planting.

DeLand, Fla., April 29th 1922.
To Whom It May Concern:-
I consider this section one of the best for the cul-
ture of blackberries. I cleared, after all expenses
were paid, $1500 from one acre of blackberries, which
is nothing unusual.
(Signed) R. J. YELVINGTON.

One of the 158 Half-Shade Ferneries of Volusia
County. These Ferneries Had a Combined Income of
Nearly $136,000 in 1921, Averaging Over $1440 Per Acre

$2500 FROM 1000 HENS IN YEAR

Fred J. Burden, Part of His Poultry Plant and Some
of His Money-Making White Plymouth Rocks
E. A. Strout Farm Agency, Inc.: I came from Akron,
Ohio, about one year ago and purchased a little farm
and grove through your local representatives here at
DeLand. I received a square deal through your agency
and I am well satisfied with my bargain.
I am developing a first-class poultry farm, known
as the "Great Oak Poultry Farm," specializing in
White Plymouth Rocks, and am certainly having a
wonderful success. I expect to keep about 2000 lay-
ing hens at all times, and in addition will have a
surplus to sell for breeding- purposes. A conservative
estimate of the profits from 1000 laying hens of this
strain per year would be $2500. And in fact I am
doing much better. Owing to the fact that eggs and
poultry produced in this State amount to less than
one-third the local consumption, the market is un-
limited and products can be sold at elaborate prices.
I also netted $600 from a little grove of about one
acre, equivalent to about 30 per cent return on my
investment, and I certainly would not take twice what
I paid for my place, exclusive of improvements which
I added. And I heartily endorse this section to my
Northern friends for its health, good water, un-
equalled year-'round climate, and unusual opportuni-
ties for making money in this land of perpetual sun-
shine. (Signed) FRED J. BURDEN, Prop.

. ..........

Furniture, Auto, Poultry Included;
Suburbs of Thriving Town
Only a mile from the center of a RR town which
has paved streets, stores, schools, hotel, P. 0., city
hall, parks, etc. This little farm is much to be desired
as it is located in the citrus fruit and grape belt,
where these fruits are grown in great abundance.
New 4-room house with large piazza, painted inside
and out, garage, chicken coops and runs, all fenced
and about one-half under plow. House is all furnished
with good furniture even including bedding and
china, good well of water, soil is sandy loam suitable
for general farming; 15 small orange trees, 35 black-
berry, flowers and shrubbery in the yard and with a
small amount of work, this can be made into a very
desirable and valuable place. The owner will include
for quick sale 35 chickens and Ford car and if sold
soon, will accept low price of $2000 for it, with $1000
down, balance to suit. Give this your attention, if
you want a real bargain.

To Secure The Farm You Want
BE WISE, COME PREPARED. A property adver-
tised today may be sold tomorrow. What suits
you may suit some one else. IF ANY OTHER
MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY must see the property
before you close the deal, be sure to have them ac-
company you on your first trip of inspection.
That the farm you select may be held for you until
the deed and other papers are ready, please bring with
you in cash, bank draft or certified check to your or-
der, for 10% of the price of the farm you expect to buy
($200 will be the deposit needed on a farm costing less
than $2,000). This will be a part of the required cash
payment on the farm, and is part of the purchase
price. This assures you a binding agreement of sale
covering further payments, possession, etc. In no other
way can the farm be held for you. COME PREPARED
and the farm of your choice will be held for you.
OUR AGENT. You will receive a proper receipt, and
the money will be safely held until terms of your re-
ceipt and agreement are completed.

These farms are located in this and nearby
surrounding towns.

On the Golf Course at DeLand in Mid-Winter While
the North is Under Ice and Snow


No. 1750



Corn in Florida? Look At This

The above Is a Section of a Field of Corn Near DeLand
on May 29, 1922. This Section is Particularly Adapted
to the production of abundant crops of corn and hay.
E. Ripley, on a 70-Acre Farm, Cut 800 Tons of Hay
and Also Gathered 1000 pounds of seed. Napier Grass
Flourishes In Our Pastures and Fields, Yielding up to
20 Tons of the Finest Hay Per Acre Each Year In
Three Cuttings.

No. 1837 HALF ACRE $3,300

In Town, Near Lake; Good Business Opportunity

Buy this good little home right in town with city
conveniences and the owner will sell you his stock
of groceries and meat-market at a bargain, so that
you can step right into a going business from the
start. Here is your opportunity to get a home in this
delightful climate and the means of making a good
living from the day you take possession. Comfortable
home on nearly a half acre of ground with enough
fruit trees for home use; only a few blocks from
depot, school, churches, library, bank, stores and other
conveniences. Only six miles over a splendid brick
road to DeLand with Stetson University, good mar-
kets, etc. Stock of goods will be sold at invoice price
and store building can be rented for a small monthly
rental. If you are interested in a good proposition
like this, we would advise you to come at once and
investigate before it is sold. What appeals to you will
also suit somebody else. Price only $3300, part cash,
balance to suit.

No. 1822 9 ACRES $2,200

A Combination Farm For Fruit, Truck, Poultry;
Close to Town

This grand little farm is located just one mile from
a nice RR town with good shipping facilities and
modern conveniences. The house on this farm is of
2 stories, in good repair and painted. Located on a
good hard-surfaced road, good 2-car garage and
chicken houses, supplied with good water by well,
pump and cistern, only % mile to Lake Monroe where
the Clyde Line steamers navigate. The soil is a dark
sandy loam and muck, will grow such fruit as oranges,
tangerines, grapefruit, grapes, etc.; now 100 orange
trees on the place, about 75 bearing, 4 grapefruit, 1
pear, 1 mulberry, 1 grapevine and several bananas.
The house has a Southern exposure and has oleander
and oak shade. Included with this sale is a large
quantity of house furnishings, such as tables, chairs,
rocker, stove, beds, mattress, springs, etc. Worth
your time to investigate; Start Now! Price to quick
buyer is only $2200, with $1200 cash, balance easy



Unusually Fine Farm and Home,
Over 1100 Citrus Trees

Beyond doubt, one of the most beautiful, most at-
tractive, most desirable and best located farms in
Volusia County. Come and see and we believe you
will say "The half has not been told." In a nice little
village right on the main state highway, only 51/
miles from DeLand; location ideal. 20 acres in gently
rolling tillage nearly all in a well assorted grove of
676 orange trees, 125 grapefruit trees, and 307 tange-
rines, with a lot of guavas and blackberries. The
house has 2-stories, 6 rooms and is nearly new and
extremely attractive; you are sure to be pleased no
matter how exacting you may be; running water, bath,
etc., is supplied with an engine and pump; splendid
garage, poultry house and runs, etc. Plenty of nice
timber for home use. Widow owner unable to look
after so large a place, will sacrifice for $11,000, with
part cash and balance to suit.

No. 1844 21/2 ACRES $4,800

Furnished Modern Home with Good Bearing Grove;
In Up-to-Date Town

This is an excellent home for someone who wants
to combine conveniences of the city and advantages
of the country. Land all fenced and in large bear-
ing trees in splendid condition, 151 orange, 14 grape-
fruit, 8 tangerines, banana, 7 mulberries, Kumquats,
guavas, 2 lemons and one Avacado pear, which will
bring- in a splendid revenue; one could easily keep
1000 or more hens in this grove and from this com-
bination could make an easy living and enjoy the com-
forts of life. Located right on a good brick road in
a splendid RR town with bank, stores, library,
churches, school; ice, water, and light plants and all
conveniences. Splendid 2-story 8-room house, painted,
and. in good condition, running water, electric lights,
bath, etc.; several rooms may be rented at a good
price if desired; two-car garage, good chicken houses
and run. Price now reduced to $4800, less than half
cash, balance to suit and for quick sale the owner
will include complete household furniture including
3 beds, mattresses, springs, pillows, all chairs, tables,
stoves, everything in the house except bed and table
linen, wearing apparel and a few dishes, will also
include farm tools and about 40 chickens. Here you
can hang up your hat and be at home from the
first day.

No. 1769 5 ACRES $3,600

Splendid Poultry and Fruit Farm. Well Located on
Main State Road, Equipped

Seldom do you find so many good qualities combined
as here. This farm is all in grove, nearly all the trees
are in bearing. There is a splendid assortment of
oranges, grapefruit and tangerine trees; grove will
rapidly increase in production each succeeding year

No. 1836


and is worth the price asked for all the property.
Ideally located right on the main state highway
within % mile of a good village with stores, school,
churches, etc., and right in the midst of large heavy-
bearing groves. Neat painted house, good garage,
good poultry house, coops, etc. For quick sale, the
owner will include 6 chairs, 2 tables, cookstove, oil
stove, phonograph and cabinet and a lot of records,
Ford car, bed, mattress, and springs, spraying ma-
chine, some farm tools, cooking utensils, and all house
furnishings except personal effects, also about 250
chickens and a brooder. These hens are laying now
and eggs are 65c per dozen cash. Step right into this
place, hang up your hat and make a living from the
start. Price only $3600, part cash, balance to suit.
This is a rare bargain.

No. 1591 11/ ACRES $4,400

New $5,000
Stucco Home
Close to
B BeautifulI
of I Lake Helen,
Good Bear-
ing Gro ve
and Splendid
Ch ick en

Charming modern home right in the friendly town
of Lake Helen with sufficient land to establish an in-
dependent income, from fruit and poultry. More land
adjacent can be bought if desired. Only a few blocks
to a beautiful lake, RR station, P. 0., churches, stores,
schools, only 6 miles over splendid brick road to
DeLand with Stetson University and all city advan-
tages. Land all in grove and poultry yards; splendid
assortment of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons,
grapes, mulberries, guavas, persimmons, pears, etc.
21/-story stucco house, city water, electric lights, fire-
place, bathroom, plenty of flowers, shrubbery, and
pleasant shade, valued $5000, also 2-car garage.
Owner's other business demands his full attention and
he will sacrifice for quick sale at reduced price of
$4400, part cash. See this now.

No. 1833 11 ACRES $3,850

A Fine Suburban Home with City Water, Abundant
Fruit and Shade; $3,500 House

Adjoining a thriving RR town of 1500 population
with fine hard surfaced streets, school, churches, ho-
tel, city hall, electric lights, packing house, a lovely
little city to live in and make your home. High
school pupils transported to DeLand free, a distance
of 5 miles with a market for everything that you can
raise on the farm, especially for poultry, eggs, etc.
Combines the conveniences of the city and the priv-
ileges of the country to a remarkable degree. All
fenced and all in tillage except about half acre which
is in nice pine timber enough for home use. There
are 125 orange trees, 4 grapefruit trees, 10 pear, 1 fig,
2 persimmons and 2 acres of grapes and guavas on
the farm which should go a long way toward making
the owner independent. 2-story house of 7 rooms with
bath, running water, etc., value of house alone $3500;
good large barn, chicken house, garage, etc. Price
only $3850 and owner throws in all household furni-
ture including beds, mattresses, springs, dressers,
rockers, chairs, tables, graphaphone and records,
cookstove, etc.; only $1350 cash required, balance
easy. You should see this at once.


No. 1494 5 ACRES

On Main State Highway, Only 214 Mile From the
Center of DeLand

This good little farm is just a little outside the
limits of DeLand and right on the main state high-
way at a crossroads that makes an ideal location for
a store or garage and filling station. There is a good
4-room painted and plastered house, in good condi-
tion and about 1 acre of young orange trees just
coming into bearing; about an acre more cleared and
balance is in timber but could be easily cleared and
the timber on the land could be sold as stovewood
which would pay the expense of clearing the land. On
account of the excellent location of this farm, it is
sure to :rise in value soon. A bargain at low price
of $li/JOO, only $700 cash down, balance -easy.

No. 1851



On State Highway; 10 Acres in Fine Grove

Buy this good farm and your day-dreams can all
come true. With its large heavy-bearing grove and
splendid house located on the main state highway
only 51/ miles from DeLand this is certainly the bar-
gain of a lifetime. Here you can enjoy the comforts
of life, and a good steady income at the same time
and you will have a home that you will be proud to
own. Ten acres of bearing grove, half large trees
now loaded with fruit, balance young trees of best
varieties just coming into good bearing, balance of
land has some timber on it but could be easily cleared
and put into grove. 800 orange trees that are esti-
mated to have 1800 boxes of fruit on them now.
Beautiful 2-story 7-room house painted and in good
condition; windmill and tank that furnishes running
water for the house and bath. Widow owner must
sell and will include good stove, kitchen cabinet, 2
beds, springs, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc., to quick
buyer. Price only $12,000, part cash, balance to suit
and the grove will pay for the farm within a few
years. When your wife sees this farm you will have
to buy it to keep peace in the family.

No. 1665



Mule, Cow, 100 Poultry, Implements, Crops

Forty acres all good land, 5 acres fenced and in till-
age, balance in timber which should produce wood
enough to pay for clearing the land. A few young
orange and tangerine trees, comfortable 3-room house,
small barn and 3 chicken houses. Located only 21/2
miles from a thriving town with RR and library, etc.
Price only $1050, terms arranged, and for quick sale
owner will throw in 1 mule, wagon, cow, plow, hoes,
shovel, 2 cross-cut saws, cook stove, about 100 chick-
ens and all crops on farm at time of sale. Lowest
priced equipped farm that we know anything of.
Hurry and let us show it to you.

No. 1855



Splendid Well-Located Furnished Home and Farm;
250 Orange Trees

All fenced and in tillage-splendid assortment of
fruit including 250 orange trees part in bearing and
150 small nursery stock, 2 grapefruit, 5 tangerines,
guavas, mulberries, persimmons, peaches, grapes and
bananas. Neat attractive house of 6 rooms, well-
furnished with nice clean, nearly-new furniture; ideal
location right on the brick road in edge of excellent
town with RR, bank, stores, library, school, churches;
ice, water and light plants and only 5 miles over ex-
cellent brick road to the University city of DeLand;
nice oak shade and beautiful outlook. This place
would make an excellent fruit and poultry farm which
is a splendid combination. Good roomy barn and shed
and chicken house and garage all in good condition.
Price $3850, less than half cash, balance to suit and
for quick sale owner, who has other urgent business,
will include the following: bed, spring, mattresses, 7,
piece set of Mission furniture, very pretty, dresser,
stool, breakfast room table and seats, all window
shades and curtains, 2 lamps, lantern, 2 large rugs,
and 7 small rugs, kitchen table and chair. Porch
swing and bench, rustic hat rack, rustic benches, lot
of garden tools, kitchen utensils, dishes, etc., also
hens. Don't let the other fellow beat you to this good

No. 1725



Low Priced Farm that is Sure to Rise In Value Soon

If you wish a safe investment in property that is
sure to advance in price soon, this is your opportunity.
Forty acres located right on the hard road only 31/4
miles from DeLand, about 10 acres cleared, about 15
acres that would be easy to clear, balance timber,
Comfortable 11/-story house that is not finished. A
few young orange trees, poultry house yards, etc.
Only about quarter mile to a large beautiful lake
where bathing, boating and fishing may be enjoyed.
Everything indicates that this property will soon ad-
vance in price and we would urge you to act at once
if you wish to secure it. Price $1300, only $600 cash,
and the owner will include an incubator to the buyer.
Buy this farm, improve it a little and sell it at a
good advance price.

For Money-Making Farms Around Prosperous, Healthful DeLand, Call on


DeLAND Conrad Building-Phone 160 FLORIDA

Representing E. A. STROUT FARM AGENCY, Inc., Largest in the World

14 15


You Can Trust Strout Service
These farm descriptions have been carefully
prepared from owner's signed statements. We,
nevertheless, expect a customer to visit a farm
before buying, see the land, buildings, location,
etc., and thus judge its value for himself. See
these farms and you will be convinced that they
are even bigger bargains than they seem here.



Volusia County Is Champion
AT the Sub-Tropical Mid-Winter Five-County Fair
at Orlando, Volusia won the first prize for county
exhibit, and Volusia County farmers and growers won
firsts in sweet and Irish potatoes, extracted honey,
Blood oranges, pineapple oranges, tangerines, Silver
Cluster grapefruit, King oranges, Navel oranges, Par-
son Brown oranges, red corn, most prolific corn, cot-
ton seed, black walnuts, gourds, corn meal, home-
made vinegar, home-made sugar, popcorn, crab grass
hay, Natal hay, sorghums, peas, peavine hay, pump-
kins, rice, pecans, squash, sugar cane, eggs, cane
syrup, chufas, peanuts and Japanese cane, besides
many poultry, hog and cattle prizes.

How To Reach This Agency
To come to DeLand ask your local agent for a ticket
direct to DeLand, Volusia County, Florida; by the
most direct route. DeLand is on the Atlantic Coast
Line Railroad and may also be reached by the Clyde
Line Steamships up the St. Johns River to DeLand

G E 0 R G I A

Sn ads *Havana ernandina
lh(0 *Jasper
Tallahassee' Madisn J KSONVILLE
Jt 1 *Live Oak \\
st Mas Green~ Springs
IDn G ` u tarke St Augustine
S cola Ini ca Pa at ka \ n\
rJPY e unnell
Bronson*e *

u5" -S(OLAND
Eustis Sanfor
Oxfor. oe %*Leesburg
Central9 et e- rlando
Brooksil ermot rl
\ .ade ity *Kissimmee

DeLand Is Just 108 Miles South of Jacksonville and
Only 25 Miles West of the Famous Resort Beaches of
Ormond and Daytona


Because of the a Strout Button

Strout representatives wear on the coat lapel
the Strout Four Leaf Clover Button as shown
above. Please regard it as a personal introduc-
tion. When you meet a Strout representative
you are sure of being shown every courtesy. A
day or two spent with him right on the ground
will give you a more comprehensive under-
standing of Strout Selected Bargains than you
could get in any other way.

Established 1900
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
Chicago, Jacksonville, Kansas City.


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