Title: Boyton and Snyder Real Estate Dade City, FLA. June 1911 (242)
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Title: Boyton and Snyder Real Estate Dade City, FLA. June 1911 (242)
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June, 1911


Dade City is the county seat of Pasco
county, Fla., located on both the Coast Line
and Seaboard Air Line railroads, and is
thirty-five miles northeast of Tampa. The
town has fine natural drainage, streets
Broad, and lined with evergreen oaks, that
afford an abundance of shade. The town
has a fine court house, large ice plant and
cold storage plant, electric lights, and good
telephone service; eight passenger trains
per day, eight churches and a number of
secret societies.
The soils around Dade City are varied
and highly productive. Products which are
grown here are canteloupes, melons, eucum-
bers, radishes, string beans, okra, tomatoes,
cabbage, beets, lettuce, Irish and sweet po-
tatoes, peppers, turnips, squash, strawberries,
oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, peaches,
pears, pecans, figs, grapes, and many other
The coun*- has many fine lakes, which
afford the best of fishing and there is also
fine hunting. As to the climate, it Is al-
most ideal.
Dade City has one of the best normal and
high schools in the south.

No. 1--80 Acres-
6 miles west of Dade City, 1 1-4 miles
from railroad station, church and school.
25 acres cleared and fenced. Two fine
spring branches through place. 40 to 80
bearing orange trees; 5 to $ bearing grape-
fruit trees; 5 ti 6 bearing kumquat trees;
12 to 15 bearing peach trees; 4 bearing mul-
berry tees; 2 ice grapeJ arbors; pears,
plums, lemons,; guavas, bananas, etc,, etc.,
One large metal tank and ram. 10-room,
2 stor4 dwelling, about 6Gyears old; nice
barn snd stables; four or 5 chicken houses.
This is good Strong land. Fine well of
water and well house. Price $1,500.00.
No. 2, Adjoining No. 1-
40 acres, 20 acres cleared. 6-room, 2-
story dwelling, 75 to 100 orange trees; 20
to 30 nice pear trees, 2 grape arbors, barn
and chicken houses. Price $700.00; one-
half cash.
No. 3,-90 acres-
3 miles south east of town. 60 acres in
cultivation, 10 acres in bearing grove. 3
wells of water. 7-room, 2-story, new
dwelling; 1 out house, 1 good barn, 1 tobac-
co barn; 5-acre lake full of fish. Some fine
pine timber. Price $4,000.-one half cash.
No. 4.-14 Acres-
1 mile west of court house. 11 acres
cleared and fenced. 7-room, 2-stqry house,
in fine shape. A small peach orchard, 30 or
40 orange trees; small barn. Good, fresh

and strong land, now in cotton, corn, peas,
beans and all manner of vegetables, which
go with place If- sold soon. Price $1,500-
one-half cash;
No. 5.-40 acres-
1 1-2 miles of town. 25 acres cleared
and fenced. 4-room house; 10 acres in
hammock; good barn, etc. Fine place.
Price, $1,500-$1,000 cash, balance in
twelve months.
No. 6.--10 acres-
1-2 .mile of court house. 8 acres under
cultivation, 2 acres in prairie. 3 or 4 dozen
peach trees. All fine hammock land. 5-
room dwelling; good water and pump.
Price $1,200..

No. 7.-8 acres-
Just outside town. All fine hammock and
in cultivation. High and dry, on large
lake. Price, $600.
No. 8.-3 acres-
Adjoining above. All fine hammock.
Price, $300.
No. 9.-0 acres-
3 mile of town. 60 acres cleared. 75
acres of this land ts fine hapmmock, 5 acres
pine land., Price $'200. '
No. 10.--80 Acres \
'3 1-2 mkis of towa, 16 acres cleared and
fenced.- 15 -icres bearing orange trees, 64
acres in whard wood hammock. Near the
A. C. L. tailroad. Price $1200.

No. 11--3 1-4 Acres-
Near depot. Fine truck land, all cleared
and fenced. A fine stream of water near
this land can be had for irrigation. Pack-
ing house on land. Price $350..

No. 12.-20 Acres-
3-4 mile east. 5 acres in orange grove.
10 acres is fine hammock, and i0 acres fine
pine timber. This location overlooks Dade
City and is fine view. Price $1200.

No. 13--80 Acres-
1 mile north east of city. 25 acres
cleared and in cultivation; 7 acres in bear-
ing grove. 7-room, 2-story house. Good
barn, etc.; good well of water. 30 acres in
hammock; a fine lot of pine and oak. Price
$33.00 per acre, half cash; balance one and
two years.

No. 14.-80 Acres-
3 miles from city. 40 acres in fine ham-
mock, 40 acres in nice pine timber, near
railroad. Price $1000, one half cash, bal-
ance twelve month.

No, 15--100 Acres-
1 mile from San Antonio;, 25 acres clear-
ed and fenced, 90 acres in all under fence,
enclosing fine pasture. 2 fine stock barns,
1 fine horse barn. 1 dozen bearing orange
trees, fine lot peach trees. -Goft branch
through place. Fine well water. Price
$2500, one-half cash.

No. 16-120 Acres-
2 1-2 miles south-east of town. 40
acres in fine hammock timber; 20 acres in
bearing orange grove, 5 acres in young
grapefruit grove; 6 acres in bearing peach
trees, nice lot grape fruit and tangerines.
7-room, 2-story dwelling, packing house, irri-
gation plant; half of lake front, situated on
beautiful lake Pasadena.
This is a famous winter resort, 1 mile
from the station of Pasadena. This is all
fine hammock land. Estimated crop this
year is 3,000 to 4,000 boxes. Price $10,000.

No. 17.-10 Acres-
1 3-4 miles west. 5 acres cleared, 5
acres in fine pine timber, which will more
than pay for place if put into stove wood.
This land adapted to growing almost any
vegetables. Price $250.
No. 18-30 Acres-
2 miles west. Quite a lot of pine tim-
ber on this land-fully enough to pay for
land if put into wood. Place adaptol to
citrus growth. Price, $15.00 per acre.

No. 19-26 Acres-
1 mile north-east of town. 23 acres
cleared and fenced and in fine condition.
About 20 bearing orange trees. This is all
very fine hammock land. Borders large
lake. "Price $1,000.

No. 71-60 Acres-
4 miles west. 40 acres in pine timber, 5
acres in cultivation, 15 acres in good ham-
mock. 4-room dwelling, barn and stable,
small orange and grapefruit grove. Fine
spring within 20 steps of house. Price
$15.00 an acre-half cash.

No. 72.-130 Acres-
4 miles west. Nearly all haiamock
(dry). 50 acres cleared and fenced; 4-room
dwelling, barn and stables. A fine deposit
of brick clay. Fine lake full of fish. Price
$15.00 an acre-half cash.

No. 22.-19 Acres-
Adjoining above. All cleared. This is
very fine tobacco land. All hammock. Price

No. 23.-6 1-4 Acres in Town-
5-room dwelling, fronting 2 streets;
good cistern. Price $1500.

No. 24.-6-room dwelling-
On court house square. 2 cisterns; lot
46x102; plenty of shade. Price $1350.

No. 25.-1 Town Lot-
On Court House Square. 180x102.
Price $950.
No. 26.-200 Acres-
1 mile from Riohland. Joins Zephyr-
hill Colony land. This is high, dry land and
quite strong for pine land. Enough wood


On this land to pay for it. In 1-2 mile of
side track. Adjoining land, planted in pe-
cans, is bringing $150 an acre. Price $12.00
an acre.

No. 27.-40 Acres-
Near Lake Pasadena. All hammock
land; was once cleared, but grown up in
young timber. Fine view, overlooking lake.
3 or 4 nice springs on this land. An ideal
place for grove. Price $800.

No. 27.-7 Acre Orange and Grapefruit
On Lake Pasadena. 40 acres, all fine
hammock land. This grove is in fineshape
and making good crops. Price $4,000. A
7-room dwelling can go with this grove at

No. 28-20 Acres-
2 1-4 miles southwest. 10 acres in fine
bearing grove of oranges, grapefruit and
tangerines, in good shape; 10 acres in nice
pine timber. Price $4,000, half cash.

No. 29.-6 Acre Grove-
3 miles west of City. In bearing and in
good shape. Price $1700.

No. 30.-160 Acres-
6 miles northwest of city, in 1 1-4 miles
of railroad station. 40 acres cleared; 30
acres in pine timber, 40 acres good ham-
mock timber; fine well water. One good 2-
story dwelling, good barns, etc.; 170 kum-

quat trees, 20 bearing peach trees, 2 grape
arbors, pears, plums, etc. Price $2,000-
half cash.
No. 31.-140 Acres-
2 miles east. 30 acres cleared and
fenced. 6-room dwelling, good barn, etc.,
22 bearing orange trees, some peaches, good
pump and good water; 60 acres in pine tim-
ber; 60 acres in fine hammock. 20 head
cattle. Price, $2,500.

No. 32.-60 Acres-
Near St. Leo Station. Pine and ham-
mock land. 25 acres fine muck land; can
be made wet or dry by natural irrigation.
Prices $1200.

No. 33.-50 Acres-
3 miles north. 40 acres cleared; splen-
did land. Price $600.

No. 34.-40 Acres-
1 1-4 miles northwest of city. 15 acres
cleared and fenced, 25 acres in good tim-
ber. 7-room, 2-story dwelling, good cistern,
good barn, shop, etc. Almost any kind of
fruit. Price $1500.
No. 35--35 Acres-
2 miles north. 10 acres hammock. 25
acres pine timber. Price $600.

No. 36-80 Acres-
6 miles of city. 35 acres in cultivation,
45 acres in hard wood hammock. 100 fine
peach trees, 200 orange trees, 5 pecan trees.

Irrigating plant for 3 acres, with boiler and
pump. Nice branch through place. 5-
room dwelling, barn, etc. Good well water.
This is a fine truck farm. Price $2500-
half cash.
No. 37.-160 Acres-
1-2 mile of railroad station. 30 acres
cleared and fenced, all nice hammock. 8-
room dwelling. Timber has been sold. Out
houses and barns; good well water; nice
fish pond, fine chicken lot. On lake. A
very fine place. Price $3500. Half cash;
balance in twelve months.
No. 38.-320 Acres-
5 miles west, on the A. C. L. railroad. 75
acres in nice pine timber, 25 acres in open
prairie, 60 acres in open hammock, 40 acres
in hard wood hammock, 130 acres in mill
pond. A fine water mill on this place, new
and all complete. 2-room dwelling and
barn. 6 .to 8 nice springs running into this
mill pond. Water wheel of sufficient power
to run saw or any other machinery. To
hoist water gates would uncover 130 acres
as fine muck land as there is in the state
of Florida. 20 acres of as fine tobacco land
as in the state. 2 dozen bearing orange
trees, 2 dozen bearing pear trees. To spend
$5,000 to $6,000 on this place would sell
for $50,000.
Were it at Sanford, it would bring $1000
an acre--I mean this muck land. Price
$15.00 an acre, $1000 down and $500 each
six months, until paid.


No. 39-137 Acres-
In Blanton, at station A. C. L. railroad.
37 acres cleared and fenced, 90 acres in
round timber, 10 acres in fine hammock
land. Fine well water and fine spring on
place. This place is in 300 yards of depot.
12-room dwelling, 8 or 10 fire places. Fine
branch through place. Price, $3,000, one-
third down.
No. 40.- Acres-
1 1-4 miles north. 5-room dwelling;
horse and cattle shed; 3-room out houses;
well water. 8 acres cleared and fenced.
Price $500.
No. 41.-10 Acres-
4 miles north. 6 acres cleared and
fenced; fine hammock stand. Railroad runs
through land. Price $150.
No. 42.-80 Acres-
6 miles north east. 16 acres cleared,
balance in hard wook hammock. .Near rail-
road. Price $1,000.
No. 20--80 Acres-
2 miles southwest of town. 20 acres
cleared and fenced. 12-room dwelling, fine
cistern. Fine lot fruit trees-in fact any-
thing you can call for in the way of fruit.
Near hard road. Price $3000.

No. 21.-22 Acres-
3 miles out. 10 acres cleared, 12 acres
in hammock. On fine hill, which slopes to-

wards nice lake. Quite a lot of nice orange
trees. Price $750.
No. 43.-80 Acres-
4 miles east. 20 acres in white grapes,
6 acres in lake, 55 acres cleared and in
cultivation, 25 acres pine timber. 5-room
cottage. Will get price if necessary.
No. 44.-54 1-2 Acres-
2 1-4 miles out. 12 acres cleared and
fenced. 6-room new house, 3 or 4 out-
houses, 2 good barns, 2 acre peach orchard,
good well. All farm implements. Price
No. 45.-10 Acres-
1 mile of town. All hammock land; 3
acres cleared and fenced. 7-room dwelling,
barns and out-houses; 30 to 40 peach trees.
A fine hammock place. Price $1200.
No. 46-75 Acres-
1 1-4 miles north. 35 acres cleared and
fenced; 40 acres in fine pine timber. Good
well water; lot of peach and orange trees.
5-room dwelling. Price $2,600.
No. 47-40 Acres-
Adjoining above. 20 acres high ham-
mock, 10 acres in muck land; balance in
lake. Price $600.
No. 48.-40 Acres-
2 1-2 miles southeast. 15 acres cleared
and fenced. 25 acres in good pine timber.
No dwelling. Near lake Pasadena. Price

No. 49.-54 1-4 Acres-
1 mile of Dade City. 33 acres cleared
and fenced. 9 divisions of place. 1 acre
in peaches. Good barns, etc., 7-room dwell-
ing, 5-acres fine celery lands. Would make
a model dairy farm. Price. $2,500. Jer-
sey cattle and hogs on place; place on lake.

No. 50.-35 Acres-
1 mile northeast. 20 acres opened and
fenced. 30 acres of this is fine hammock.
I dozen bearing orange trees; a very fine
oak grove in which to build. Prico $1200.

No. 51.-14 Acres-
1 1-4 miles out. Fenced and cleared.
5-room dwelling. Part very fine truck
land. Good pump and water.

No. 52.-6-room New Dwelling-
On Meridian street. Lot 100x200. Fine
4 inch well. Price $1,400-half cash, bal-
ance one and two years.

No. 53.-5-room single-story House-
Two blocks from court house, on corner
lot of 2 acres, adjoining Wood's Tavern.
Fine neighborhood. Price, $1800.

No. 54.-4-room Dwelling-
About four blbcks out. Lot 150xZ00.
Price $600.

No. 55.-4-room New Dwelling-
Two blocks from depot. Lot 150x180.
City water and lights. Price $1300.

No. 56.-8-room Dwelling-
2-story, in fine shape; fine neighbors,
fine front yard. 100x200 feet, on corner lot,
less than block from College. Price $1800.

No. 57.-4-room Dwelling-
Just out city limits, just finished. 4
acres fine land, cleared and fenced. Good
water; fine neighborhood. Price $125u

No. 58.-98 Acres-
3 miles out; 50 acres cleared and
fenced. 2 good dwellings, fine drilled well
40 acres in hammock .and good timber. This
is a choice place. Price $3,500.

No. 59.-7-room Dwelling-
100x200, on Court House Square. Cis-
tern; fine property. Price $1,700.

No. 60.-77 Acres-
2 1-3 miles out. 40 acres in fine ham-
mock, 37 acres in pine. Faces small lake.
Price $770.

No. 61.-6-room Dwelling-
2-story; 1 block from court house; fine
cistern; lot 95x200. Price $1,500.

No. 62--5-room Dwelling-
On one of the principal streets. This
is a cosy place and all new. Rents for $10
per mouth, good water, etc. Price $1.500-
half cash. !

No. 63.-70 Acres-
5 miles west. 30 acres cleared hammock.
10 acres hard wood hammock, 30 acres in
pine land. Price $1,500--half cash.

No. 64.-120 Acres-
5 miles northwest. 22 acres cleared and
fenced, 10 acres in Hammock; 20 acres in
Timber, 68 acres cut over. 4-room dwell-
ing, on fine lake. Fine branch through the
place. Railroad runs through place; 1-2
mile from station. Two good springs. Fine
lot fruit, good barn and shop. Price $2,500
-half cash.

No. 65.-280 Acres-
Near San Antonio. Choice high produc-
tive pine land. Two modern 2-story build-
ings, 8 and 9 rooms; 2 barns and stables and.
all other necessary out-buildings, 80 acres
cleared and fenced. There are bearing fruit
trees, such as oranges, pears, peaches Jap-
anese persimmons, Kelsel plums. Soil is
fertile and well adapted to citrus fruits,
early vegetables, general farming and hay-
raising. 2 miles from railroad station a.nd
postoffice, and Catholic church convent and
graded school. Fine timber on 200 acres.
Price $30.00 an acre-half cash.
No. 66.-40 Acres-
4 miles west. 3 acres under pond, 25
acres good hammock. 3-room dwelling; 12
orange trees. Price $750.-Half cash.

No. 67.-4 1-2 Acres-- :~ ,
4 miles west. .uite a lot of orange
trees; good laud i rice. $125.
No. 68.-60 Acres--
4 miles west. 30 acres cleared and
fenced, 30 acres in hard wood hammock.
250 bearing orange trees, some grape fruit,
etc., 12-room dwelling, good barn and stable;
fine water. On railroad. Price $2,200.-
half cash.
No. 69.-80 Acres-
6 miles northeast. 16 acres cleared; 2
acres lake; all high, dry hammock. Price
No. 70.-50 Acres-
4 miles west. 20 acres cleared and
fenced, 30 acres in good pine timber, on lake
and railroad. Price $15.00 ai acre.--half

4 ..

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