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Title: Queechy
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 Material Information
Title: Queechy
Physical Description: 670 p., <8> leaves of plates : col. ill. ; 18 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Warner, Susan, 1819-1885
Gilbert, John, 1817-1897 ( Illustrator )
James Nisbet & Co ( Publisher )
Publisher: James Nisbet and Co.
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1864
Copyright Date: 1864
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Grandfathers -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Country life -- Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bildungsromane -- 1864   ( rbgenr )
Family stories -- 1864   ( local )
Bldn -- 1864
Genre: novel   ( marcgt )
Juvenile fiction   ( lcsh )
Bildungsromane   ( rbgenr )
Family stories   ( local )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
Statement of Responsibility: by Elizabeth Wetherell ; with illustrations printed in colours
General Note: Some ill. signed: "JG" (i.e. Sir John Gilbert)
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00003463
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: ltqf - AAA4740
notis - ALH9986
oclc - 48622000
alephbibnum - 002239458

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    Chapter V
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    Chapter VIII
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    Chapter XI
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    Chapter XIII
        Page 148
        Page 149
        Page 150
        Page 151
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        Page 153
        Page 154
        Page 155
        Page 156
        Page 157
        Page 158
        Page 159
    Chapter XIV
        Page 160
        Page 160a
        Page 160b
        Page 161
        Page 162
        Page 163
        Page 164
        Page 165
        Page 166
        Page 167
        Page 168
        Page 169
        Page 170
        Page 171
        Page 172
    Chapter XV
        Page 173
        Page 174
        Page 175
        Page 176
        Page 177
        Page 178
        Page 179
        Page 180
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    Chapter XVI
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    Chapter XXV
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    Chapter XXVI
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    Chapter XXVII
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    Chapter XXVIII
        Page 340
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        Page 343
        Page 344
        Page 344a
        Page 344b
        Page 345
        Page 346
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    Chapter XXIX
        Page 348
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        Page 350
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        Page 353
        Page 354
        Page 355
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    Chapter XXX
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    Chapter XXXI
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    Chapter XXXII
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    Chapter XXXIII
        Page 389
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        Page 393
        Page 394
        Page 395
        Page 396
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    Chapter XXXIV
        Page 400
        Page 401
        Page 402
        Page 403
        Page 404
        Page 405
        Page 406
        Page 407
        Page 408
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        Page 410
        Page 411
        Page 412
        Page 413
    Chapter XXXV
        Page 414
        Page 415
        Page 416
        Page 417
        Page 418
        Page 419
        Page 420
        Page 421
        Page 422
        Page 423
        Page 424
        Page 425
        Page 426
        Page 427
        Page 428
    Chapter XXXVI
        Page 429
        Page 430
        Page 431
        Page 432
        Page 433
        Page 434
        Page 435
        Page 436
        Page 437
        Page 438
        Page 439
        Page 440
        Page 441
        Page 442
        Page 443
        Page 444
        Page 445
        Page 446
        Page 447
        Page 448
        Page 449
        Page 450
        Page 451
        Page 452
    Chapter XXXVII
        Page 453
        Page 454
        Page 455
        Page 456
        Page 457
        Page 458
        Page 459
        Page 460
        Page 461
        Page 462
        Page 463
        Page 464
        Page 465
    Chapter XXXVIII
        Page 466
        Page 467
        Page 468
        Page 468a
        Page 468b
        Page 469
        Page 470
        Page 471
        Page 472
        Page 473
        Page 474
        Page 475
    Chapter XXXIX
        Page 476
        Page 477
        Page 478
        Page 479
        Page 480
        Page 481
        Page 482
        Page 483
        Page 484
        Page 485
        Page 486
        Page 487
        Page 488
        Page 489
        Page 490
    Chapter XL
        Page 491
        Page 492
        Page 493
        Page 494
        Page 495
        Page 496
        Page 497
        Page 498
        Page 499
        Page 500
        Page 501
        Page 502
        Page 503
        Page 504
    Chapter XLI
        Page 505
        Page 506
        Page 507
        Page 508
        Page 509
        Page 510
        Page 511
        Page 512
        Page 513
        Page 514
    Chapter XLII
        Page 515
        Page 516
        Page 517
        Page 518
        Page 519
        Page 520
        Page 521
        Page 522
        Page 523
        Page 524
        Page 525
        Page 526
    Chapter XLIII
        Page 527
        Page 528
        Page 529
        Page 530
        Page 531
        Page 532
        Page 533
        Page 534
    Chapter XLIV
        Page 535
        Page 536
        Page 537
        Page 538
        Page 539
        Page 540
        Page 540a
        Page 540b
        Page 541
        Page 542
        Page 543
        Page 544
        Page 545
    Chapter XLV
        Page 546
        Page 547
        Page 548
        Page 549
        Page 550
        Page 551
        Page 552
        Page 553
        Page 554
        Page 555
        Page 556
        Page 557
    Chapter XLVI
        Page 558
        Page 559
        Page 560
        Page 561
        Page 562
        Page 563
        Page 564
        Page 565
        Page 566
        Page 567
        Page 568
        Page 569
    Chapter XLVII
        Page 570
        Page 571
        Page 572
        Page 573
        Page 574
        Page 575
        Page 576
        Page 577
        Page 578
        Page 579
        Page 580
        Page 581
        Page 582
        Page 583
        Page 584
        Page 585
    Chapter XLVIII
        Page 586
        Page 587
        Page 588
        Page 589
        Page 590
        Page 591
        Page 592
        Page 593
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        Page 596
        Page 597
        Page 598
        Page 599
        Page 600
        Page 601
        Page 602
    Chapter XLIX
        Page 603
        Page 604
        Page 605
        Page 606
        Page 607
        Page 608
        Page 609
        Page 610
    Chapter L
        Page 611
        Page 612
        Page 613
        Page 614
        Page 615
        Page 616
        Page 617
        Page 618
        Page 619
        Page 620
        Page 621
    Chapter LI
        Page 622
        Page 623
        Page 624
        Page 625
        Page 626
        Page 627
        Page 628
        Page 629
        Page 630
        Page 631
        Page 632
    Chapter LII
        Page 633
        Page 634
        Page 635
        Page 636
        Page 636a
        Page 636b
        Page 637
        Page 638
        Page 639
        Page 640
        Page 641
        Page 642
    Chapter LIII
        Page 643
        Page 644
        Page 645
        Page 646
        Page 647
        Page 648
        Page 649
        Page 650
        Page 651
    Chapter LIV
        Page 652
        Page 653
        Page 654
        Page 655
        Page 656
        Page 657
        Page 658
        Page 659
        Page 660
        Page 661
        Page 662
        Page 663
        Page 664
        Page 665
        Page 666
        Page 667
        Page 668
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        Page 670
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        Page 673
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The Baldwin Library
mB Of ida



.-: ~?IS~~



Avaso or "Tax WnO, W ma w Obeo ."

Tu Qunsy.
Ihpe I may speak t in w ithot agas to the ladiu a*

SIIl WS~airaliT ediit h Ct /




Whom uaebId w .
A bwt m the MM&mu
*Oouc, &w-udS --the old mae ai thm wp at th
i gato-tll n
"Wel, dla-r-Mpo.ded a obeerM he.rt rdoi thby
mut wa ta bit; Ihent tgot my hat ."
O rIlngtth i
And the little p er, a girl o a t or da yms old,
dbhed put the ola gtlem.. and anin lo the aow
= whhi led to bhio nmo n d wth at In Ir
"Ye, dear,-but tat .in'ali I mu put m on reteim
-and I must look and u if I can ad a maoy-
"0 yes-for the pot-ofloe. It's barti day, i
C -nthI-iwon't you oomm Iandil rd o Iwthhai
at i-And IU go out and kep mo t ld Dm ilm
tnee. ntiow. Frtheold uet h lii e gh
for ber ya bad aim omme fourteen ort nof ead an
in do et o dar of dnni w. be stood in whatw
cWd the bat medo., Juitbout th littk painW fena tht
denaidond a ouit ou nathe ho.. Around%@bom dth
yaWd rih >t a dl on every ud the higbhroad eudlg

fe them not moe than a hundnd or two fbt fom thi
Slittle gi plated hearelf on the outside of the and
seeing h ba to itedtheol M aar with sgt o ;
fr beides other groaada f.or seuty to h r quet be iour,
e ot the an employed about the rwho had hanemd the
oequirw a~ t the moment buead in putt om dean strw
in the otm o the rehide.
Wi at" id the oid rI t to thl peon, "he is a
st that isat ready to ome unbuIed
Wht knr o about atrpe and buckles r mid the ma
rather nunbBt e anh e round howear to se what she
anL d lo he drew t one ad featoed the other took
peal good ar mnot to let PIeds Mkn that her watched l
ad probal moved the whole rid a from iua; s i te
sotr o h p oLmauldT aot o n a trial o
= mm's crves which dot l her could hew
bee expected to meet Fleds was to l sJ'ee the buckle
made ht, and that Watkinm, romead by her hint or by the cue
of it, afterwards took a omaewht arel look over the whole
eiahlment. In high gle then e olihabed to her mat in the
httle a0 and her grandfather coming out coated and tted
withM om ia mounted to his o em ede her.
"I think tki mig hvetae the trouble to mwh the
wM withoutt V itq im ," mid Fl d; "it Is all peckled
Z am hlblM time."
Ha'n t whe hed it i" mid the old ge(tleman in a tone of
dtld nmz. I"Watkas I"-
"Why didn't you wah the wagon as I told you" r
"It' a over lom."
"'Ibt'. Mr. Didahowr's work-he had it out day 'fore ye-
tarmd ad if ou wnt it leaned, Mr. uBmau, ma mrpek
to him abdut it. Mr. Dideahoa r may im own doi ; it'
moe than rI oi to."
The old gntem made no answer, eept to quaint the
nr withthefo fhisbe in nreadinem to mett. A had
Samnoymnc and diplaesmre Ior a momeg t wm ua his bo;
but theo pt opang from the meadow upon tho ihmud b
he* d w back upona it hi ges fto fitting them out whe
h neovet ham swedmtn of dema nour ijh as bat heidl
with him, and eeied a well as his little p ddaughtr to hev
gihn arethoe gobtho r ehe. t edm a ad beob this load
oat another blt the harnm, or rather in Mr. Dideohmr,
whh like a wise lile child-oe ptto here A broke -pI




-- IILILl.d


~-S~-~ll~~~uaav ~~I~L''~L~I~BIAUV

~ c


whiah he ndthr had mladed to be popteb malI a
ste "du with dovis of n" wck ha rid aid hLr
tll timwthey ea Mdrve oa But. t add a*t a
It u berlle.int wt(oldly v a, n wohiyng "mooI
gutting I set ImadeMyg= h ma ith hi. Mn ha

aigreer eleManonaudl; the stin aightfssa moment
be loaded; but attL *and itwould wonu dsr s ar.
iNdthr dleu c wMr hr adnar aud aJot r th awmt
ehLmid whaidh me di d d the other Itf e Ir Ld r
knon hld whfl.h rott. What .nted it to her tht
the little old m na ws mt and wor that mei mi

thinhii twLt bi wp p ad it, d ti B
f teW"d nkch atenir mmaoh r h wt
"Whan m we going iat, giradg < to the pe? shad r
hade adMit is to go ther i ahlw, dot
Yoaithe rptoet, ad I-I don't al itadrr,
bit I have alw the lO of gttin o e; and thI'I sImthu
ybe m Ihave one to"da, pnd|pr
We'isea It's tima o of yirs wota to you."
"O ai daYt write to m-Misoa cy Aunt Lacy;I neer had
a letter m as u on thlu, a pt -oo from little Hugh,
--dont you t iaUnibt Wg I a bold think b In ad a
U7 Dimelitle boy, sohdo'to
"ittlboyl wiiwyI gue isabat.ubrJyouu isa
-tbe i eveno saru old, aint he? "
T but i st lan, y know, o radp, and I a
little r"
Ti reasoning being mnwernable, Mr. BinWgn onb bade
th old mrse at on.
It wI aple in toma. led. thought it prUti
Spleuit iorri uto for the an wa ried with htLa y
do Ite lir w mild and till, and the wood. lite bma
m B, puttlsta beca upon ilnison.me Bmtwree we
iara diL thir lWeav the ester art PNdingr to Y the

ammew iomtr, ina 4419 at san sow ashowlg a

am dii.. the poawls =ithir bd the red wer s Od
69 ld podsmmalshm ad many a r ~~u
Mm and Pbb to the &"dkworlopaE.FUd
arthiL mop. pi~oedmA dlh Intuh lute mU hh inhm-~
- .4rea of d m Is We moth d tJ .4t
hblwvmiqi hum sad tb. N. m*emu with me otf

whowhlemaMi h"
SWhIdoyonwmtthtaxrruiihe. "Yotemalgdo
7 'IF&.
"0 yn cm-.~u m Immotamosothitwmmis
-'"B. an$ studsludtl~r
.imo eId r4 s got act and vat to the mrm&i
ahnvi e bit adi i healimbed into a cumg oeremod
bog it as It rewars vM d oaL Dothr cur one muis
"M abdyo the addii to Iog of mm th t he avld
mmli mcat l m i toorrt.bookm toL
brj1lming the wegu it oue bad fu ai could hed of
er, bwbivs.~
NOWwhat poof tbat do yO V *pind Uipd I
goodahnumadly, n he ba Jhii vW help he cold
air-bn adpI wao it to Pat at om r t d in a
eWL.~y e We1i hen de ame"o kaL and l.ok but
I.."t ad UD&MM = it vu a pH tibreak k
wh ty, u rmlmg th t 0 im'sps I!W OU b 'Kt.
ralldp~r--r~ do door there d"~~t~

I WbdI my bomiag bush f 0 rom* I I vv"% add
*Afhrat "' hInthe waomI Itfs whe cub! A
so bwm i maiww M" rll baking -PPM a si1-

Woob Opumtl
Mir. =WE~ rrr~brd~. Op
sildallp l mVie
pt"Minsweek- 1itsio~udP 1 'Ahtlm Nwiff

tobee idsaouaohqyhsamw
Why whaatrohm meb mamn s m I d ,. 2 th
upw~themotnwdo I11 Mris hem I. *u, 0ith
a wor 0 son b. I l9 2Am I%=bk.OM tW Md. bw'*

aawl =1 botam youthed bb s hew=oft%
IIL~~~lr ~ ~ hi they mId~1rI ~ t~~

Thecldgmtlumudrow~uphlsahote w.hehbmidhe.
Th* vanpm the fr sad oltis7 whm at

tagh i mnadb nh and ri tal foin
wm bmW in iling thoi wagon undr admp of o no

thijad yA..4..ja bdi..d4
"L. W"mdr I" mid Mr. Mg umnde bbeath.
"Would itbemy use fua, Im we to t d owm, d
Irn and tu thjou duo thu. to tas e mbl

to he 'em 'm uaim to med poe thepay hIMsIX
"li9 dr, a hg breah anddgae. a bard lto at the dia
=-= Am botatnmt wue ping in by hoanifo be
Itwa hbt a w Ai ftha, ot ton b the old gatimmen
am to wa IWM op spin.
*Ain't ther as ot my oep mor yonder t&m% Ihb.-

"Imtbot sm dddw PUliL" mlriI
4M on IX X mn'ly; II toyd y do
b- a*reA dip %%, f didnm't that u m

On C p vould beth iao gWmo n
Om AvWmod m,*Aq a intoMK

*Why do yo asp grandpa, if he don't behae right "
IRA a"rimed tos Mtly.
e I cart git rid of him, dear," Mr. M n ( awered
Atip lo to tLhpo-ait c he seemedlia dimagrbb
Ld Ma rehc Fleds did not choose to break in upon. So
the mi and hl f wa driven in sobar ailen.
a hllI at out sod go in, gradpa id Fld when he
dMw up bna the house.
SNodesy," id he in his usl kind tone; "yoa sit til.
Hoile there -Oood day, Mr. Smpio-have you got anything
for met"
The man di-ppear and ime out
I iu 'juapaawr, grandf" MidFl.
WA alomiii *d Mr. RnBiga IIdeclual-
$Mi0r11 Bln. -care of It iqp-Ug ,q.'-7tee, deu,
thee it ."
ris I exclaimed Fled a she claped the letter sad both
her hands together. The bu uts and Mr. Didenhover wee
fb ttb at l The letter ouldnot be read in the jolting o
the m, but, ma Fleds mid, it was al the pleater, far she
had the expectation of it the whole way hoam
SWhe are we goin now, grandpa"
Tbo Quesey Bun."
"That will es a nice long ride. I am verygd. This
habean ood. Wh my letter and my bitterweet I hve
gtI,g dpal"
Swas a littleville, a very little villa, about
ba a mie from Mr. Ringn's house. It boosted, hower, a
doentl brick chamho om ese, a chool-house, a lawyer's odioe,
~oo st o, a dozen or twoof dwelling-houe, ad a poet-
dfor a me reason or other Mr. Bingp always
choe to hae his letter come through the ttleril pot-
oqo, a mile and a half further o At the doo of the
la o e Mr. ggu apin stopped, and gain shouted
"Good-dy, ir. Is Mr. Jolly within "
"WilyouL k him to b o good a to tephereamomentt
I anot very wel get out."
Mr. Jolly ws a oomfortable-looking little man, mooth asd
leSk, piu bt d iOusible, reasonable onest too, as the world
l n .tha. n to s-nve to do with, the woril wnm t o mrs with
.U snm th t vaw ure he would make no uanecemyroub
in yourwn. rnme now fr h sad brisk to the ide of the
wages, with that uncen hilarity i people sometimes

be eL
b od d brI d, o.Mr. Joql."
barntifl dydll s peand mum' How do 7you
Mr. Rk Iu"
"W r, I nr was better in my li*, ring this lae-
uno that dimblae me muh. I cant go and M to
th y moureM as Iadta However-we maot pet nis
tmoumrei. Ido'tomfh. dt plain. be a gremt d to b
"Ya, air,-w r ha gSmit dal to be tbhalM fr," aid
Mr. Jolly rther ebetuctadly, and pettig the old uar iQ di
'Bare you en that fow M cGowan" said Mr. inW
bratly, and in a lower tons.
I rn h sa him," mid Mr. Joly, coming bck bom tie old
nun to business. .
I He' ah erd coatomer, I guV, ain't he I"
Be's as ly a car ern ws helped l"
Wht dom he my l"
"Se he muet hae i."
"D tol tll him wat I told youth"
I told him, ir, that o ha not et t retinres hom
oru an tht yoa epeod to* eM, owing to oe thing Ga
hUbnre i d thbit you oldn% up the Mh for him dal at
one; nd that he would ave to wait spell, but that he'd be
anre to e it in thelon ruan. Nobody ever Aired by Mr.
BinM 0 an- I told hiM
SWell, sir,-be was altogether refctible-e's a piheaded
Sfllow as I eer me."
"What did he y l"
"Hel me nmes and more e wouldn't wat a day longer
-.-eid hed wanted alrdy si month."
"E e has Iaoldn't meet the lat pymaet. 'There's
e' t rn tdue ow. Iaan'thlpit Thereeaedn'thveboemn
I could go about and etand to thinp mg .-I hme
bor toaeth ppr diipoinad in tht Didamr."
"I expect ouhave"
Wht do you suppo he'll do, Mr. Jollt-MoGowa, I
*I apet hell do what the awll let him, Mr. Iiaga ; I
don't kow whatll hinder him."
"It' awomrtun than I thout my infmiti would mr
me," *said t old gilan A labort NA 11
thA piro" 'ItostLr, ud t at to =

wer o Art ha ad of 1 in tdhe eM le-tim et be
"*oI tomdUhim,Mri. Iptmtto him. bIe p'"r.
NGHn anl % hdbad i ;bthe enilnt a omn toin
dtht Woldn't InB Mr. t tla slr of his own root a
km as he-wat y, ad thtnk it a planre-If the not
va aSmir dd the old wntlma, ith a sr dof
digniy ad wbftmm d-it dom h mu ter. Ky hemd wir
ad a dbeher mlo w, hr round or andlr iL T i Iord wi
proyide-Wheyl tadill.tl what allthe fool The
meetrni mm rn a to bN id," he added rith a
mieabl attmp at rhi obrad iMf
liAs ld tumed awy hr had d mod ot to bher Awhm
the lowerdtor. athepleenr emed to iy that h wa o
too may if the eas my. 2hb Ih oild net etlp eDtMd a
fw ithe a ofTnmveretuio, edl wt. were uMeonaao
fur Peda' witea to w u; he hA bad a lladr imat A-
tig loome ends ofa to r. it led tnew
toe ofher m oe wou ha Slld up every i
thedo tthe utered u that -of to a" c er.=
itartk as t duloM went ad Ihe needed no xom.
Mmeor OadiMWhto tIpI thu bitter Dlit Writh
d m dost Itmosondnawtur "V*20maab
the emoni -r alblt hells Bo loagr eand
or ad the eurloailty to wk ptantth. lin tae -
sw la l, a her Lap; r hir, dp to hr br ea,
was not ot mato d trm vm quier unfing oe alter the
other down her ah and lling oa hr w: te demd not
M her bhdhakbld nor tar her er tow her gmdahr
t they lhoold ec his ey. Her ndh&thr I-could it be
porNibh tt he met be tamd out ct im old htom In hi old
tI cold bepa I Mr. Jobemed to think t might
%imadher seemed totar mdkit mt Lanw the old
Iel B hl wauld he go I-Saor drbghter he ad um
bft; rsmourcs would hare nom, or thi ed not appa.
Work t oalld not; be dependent upon the erl o Nior
MiLd Ashe kne hewould nr; Ai nmmrd hri
oms s he could betAtr bew to go to th elmehom the d n
Ma* Andthltiftahey wmtheoaldhaw iLM II
sm more war the ma ihown in io irflb, ad ty
mel hafe the dwlr o h wher they haLd been mtoer
ad the erdow and hills wuld
tl weeM tbher Iherm of bamr m md eAt udr
the atndetmnyer. Bt bthe thib ur nnoot,

leMan. 0
thoq the Lo t- made then rms a.m hot mA ita
thn wre aolthing In mhr mind to the b rdgal or the dmrea
the dl those hug.o would be. ua e MiKnrn. l d knew
him mad knw t would not bto di. Whit. li heed could
b m bowa d it we mwl, u hIr own boed in H
a her childih fal anfilnis on into tiL im b
huta. Of McDowmni tmdiir dr ih d no ob. h
bhd mea him aooe, nd bai nom vena maore pha-
iopDom than mont dim m, that oe eigt do him wa
mug to vnr i ll Mr. Joly bd d. T'nhe rm uae aof
hard inioth mald her. Nothing but sl cold eomo
othivlngto do with auth am. It vWa honr itll ni t as
meh any rftIbodin of the fatu thet mov d ledaA tams a
thl e of her gr dt resiM tin.the mquik a o
birlgtle to mway t ors tlm toobedM m. His ia
vmndoublhrn. Both om his opi a oifte ,a h
rma~ theq aould mrly be u ed; aid he dmar
any.Im I- than dIo meim.
In La ermil p n, whilthe dld hd td pta helrf
mli mp wth W r amdMhdi smrow, heo the der
brad Id- itMI aa d t thamnl- uhe. n fr d.
i ttim not bery s hoae but in ir pi i ad iofow
thM litleO o uam to a Alop.
*Aine't n moBmo berrioh th tIae yoader I~ ld Mr.
l, thereh wth ite bdirh tame n 1ar what
awe~r iwan. ti edi in t Give ~tteree to tom

da'Is e ner too dim to m white beh or holly, nd she
ad no lape tLhe e deir to hve the ttr; but with th a
hablHblIe wM hih antd is the in t wtue and o other
Il answer in t o a loie t ra &a d to be dma,, 0 yl
thaink you, mti-;"d im = dng aw twi to fn
daMbrad LIa the ,tadt withr
nobrfeICgolabat hthroqh tedand tol-I dm
of hoy. Ba if sbobulen l dls bM I-wbIls Ihe
@Boomto be blef attis a quantit as pomibl of
the rich hining La sd d iri Hir grmdl
dnM and hwr lbrt to it bd n er heart; *he
hrdly know hat mhew dob Wa ae M d art 7 = saw a mer
and ilm thlm down at her "; i was
vn audia mobs. e mad a long job eof t ebana
Bat rwh at lo It mt comme ton and lhe aohe bak i
tM, moothed her hoi, and m batmk to Mr. BiBm amdl
d Ig over the satoe asd rhmb ia herkr wrqd ae
tiLhebatlythLr eetl e ato.sr. bwherohon

rd he Qhouht v a the dua of ise d Xesa l ad alse
did not Ile pta good. look at "n.
"Wlo o oanuh todress upthefroat noot itsay
arid L. b the hbt thigh you cuan do with'em, woa't
"The hrot room bimy No, indeed I won't, pandpa. I
don't want'em where nobody ae them, and you know we ar
s ra in there now it sold th
j Wel, dear anyhow like tol ve it. Bt you lt a
Jr in the house big a for them, hae you r
'0 r mmu e-rve got an old broken pitcher without a
Lhand. ndp do vnry well."
'A brouptchel that iu't err edlgant Vr Mid h.
yonIroUldn'tbow itin thr whenIlhaivefixed& r1
sonr up ll the broken part with grn, you know. Areegoing
hom now, gadp* r
No, I vt to top a minute at nud Joesmu'.
Unle Johua u a bother-in-law of Mr. Biing a substan-
l rer and very wel to do in the world. He found not
in the home but ibrod in the ~id with his me, klding a
aormoua bsket-wgon with corn-talk. At Mr. BioWg's
about he got O r the fa de ad aue to the wagon-id* Hi
le showed emae and hrewdneas, but nothing at the ope
aoblity of mim which nature had tamped upon that ofhl
"Plne morni b r aid he. "rm getting in my corn-
SSo I se," aid Mr. Bign. How doyoufind the newway
tnring them answer r
ie a over youa e Sweet anuto Them ttlea mod
atethem. Howare you gi tobe offfor Ader this winter
"It'f more than Ica tell you," id Mr. iggn. IThere
eoht to be more than p ty; but Didenhover contrive to
Seerythin out at w wrong ed. I wish I was rid o
e'll never get berth with am I can tall yo" id unde
Joahnm kghbfr
Brother," kid Mr. Bl i., lowering his tone *ain, have
you an.y loo moh you ou0 lst me have for six month oro wr
Unoi Joshus too a meditative lok down the road, tuned a
ad f tobacco n his cheek and naly brought his eyes again to
Mr. and answered.
SW I don't e I U," mid he. *You seJosh is et
a iog to et up for hielf at Knton, and he'll wnt ome elp
sel; anD d I apet thtll be about a much as I a manage to
I myh hadso.

Mr. 11
SDoon hao rwho r may tt he wold h be liy tole
No, Idont. Mom Isti heli r eemm. fryour rt r
IWk U hriiiwmo in mygg
*He'% ftwrhe hisn own Nm I I*."
*You may wer to tht l went a many buILm
o w fo a 6rth, rMna they nn threhed oat lat a, t I
{*a iik tere woin be in te GLdM. Idont knOw watL
on erthheooldhadonwith i I ppoe itl be the mm
tbfaover thi ye."
MaTbhe has red you a Demon Tvl we mvmd by
o of hbep lt eAon-threm ndal bond hle in the m
lor ~ld et out the on w, nd Tra ooouldn't ontri v
wniot the door w f empty neDt ering d thm he M
H I-did he atch the fllow r
'Not he-he had made tm bdor the A wed in your
w--I wouldn't lt Didehoer me muk of d be lary till
haow how he wll oome out at the end.
SHe ha lot it aIremy eid Mr. alm wiith a nrw
twitch at the old mre' bd; he whbeded oe oa t of al
little eram on one pretene ad another-hb d a mthM in New
Yokt that he d to d d mo tod o d a ods that he wnted
togaet o opwn, aud so o,--and Ilt bib Mit Id tl
thee w a one of those ttti u teer tht he popoeed to me to
let him hare on enot, ad I thou it w M good d
pgy hhi al tat u p prettyear the hoi
I wnrnt you his'nr the httt t the wholeloL We%
U& tight hold o t other hI brother Uaeir; that' my
"The other halt b web to make n lha."
"Whbew I--l-I w ah you d rld of him; and don't ke
mich another bein spn. Ooo0 dtoeI"
It w with 1 keena t tlat ltte sd w the dowa-
harted look o herndtr a aain be pVe the old ma
notice to mor on. A ew minute ped in deep tlhoht on
both dim.
Sadpm," mld Fled*, wouldn't M. Jo g rhap h ow et
somebody _tit might bas wome momey to snd r
"I deaolr I" id the old mtlemun fter a moment, "thetl
not a bad thought. I woddadidan ha it mrysel"
They tuled bot, end without a moe ror maled
beek tir ay to Qo chy Bau. Mr. am ouMat in, h
ad ilertMw er; t r s Bming to =*h leB irmi in smi

a 4

ItnMnlnLkoti& f e ar.
Mum hn a a a c act alan dea.
t I tSl ym i4S Mr. Ia hbe eoledad, n1
teen t over 1 any a oist aindisntIf I can tankh of &V

Bo tbhey hrt kam h ar d
*Camira dr rid tlWd hr. hrtiBlhgr
had an hiliitteI ?ddtair'L-it Will seilst
semhow. Dony'tyo wary you ltblir bd with bi l deod
will take are dof
YI;: ed d td theI 1 lootm p with haS
- hudMb t"into -a


am en vaL

And a w" w M] inow Iml es and tree m
- diy Qot tr twhoWe* eon da hom -
By the uit they riwat tiir on door 'alRrI klimns at
v"rfm o w h haea it hoe aHonra't you, tuanlhd
Ih aid Ase ,m sopd ow iaobuuow. I pm awem
both otr hSruawwdoa mltmlak l"
moao. hr ^a to hae di t te is tla
eoa diow to L -the tl dhmt ta ecdiag cm .hMth
iod u ai dhr mkt t % witb the lIoMd ol mdus fm
oito w 2 i lpoa b l wt, l ooiid to her thit ond.
tidao eMebldr iaetbeua. Thebl ai inamd
to eseM or he hoe nd id bhe dmi=faar; thiebtl i
oe it aeicu toed book looed ilf qauis lidi t i
that they. ould be ortd opafy ibur pniaduhr wm in bh
ac~dom chair at l onMer im hr, rnedi toh M i,
pWer, Mhbe hod am him thewand tirus jA h the muM
paimia, ith t"tb aollbd lir d ofn gri.Oa" ML OM t
=N-Tonr tho other, Wttd bwfL h% n irbotfrit

phdi Thatble tl stood pmd i the wuil ~asr, w
and omfort ffed m ner od the room, and sd= *to
i fu dh hd bem in anm Uoomdkrtlaio dram, Uri@ d d
my Vaabobt ftrom wuhihbeur my glad a had so.
uWbat htv eoo yot y no til rita MNFml t-0 t omketln, b ihe Lhs1, them."
"Now, Flilds," ad(b yuJlbe quiet 'Thee ain't
no ple where yo can m. rmjustgnato hFp 'e in

14 qmu-a-
the rdi e-trhat the sodrte way I ca take to do 'm. Too
won't munff f you bake 'nm i the nOAsor,
CthylY ma't haf so good. Ah, do let mel I wonWt
make a oitm "
"Where' yo do 'a t"
"In grndp.e' room-if youl Jat dan off the top of the
sove fr me-now d ntt i do 'em beutifily, and you
wauthreablitotroa b -ome" I
"It mrke an awful amoke, Fhkkl ; your grandpa's

ppr wth re f 0oe whit ed pl to takenothin
.im ithat mw i do
Wim~n oed if I B our oom with e uoka
NO,=,, KMr I *idt* stroog hMrtiMaof his SMmeMM*M
Doartr hl"an g b a -"No doulo-0Bitwith whi4 a
There ra nothing more to be aid; oad wbrol Wed in
triumph put on n apron and made her propntioa, O n
Sw with good grace, wetto te r t
inbtWU *wood o madeof iheet smooth
evn rd in Fl d. opinion the very bt por Sad
mrM 'to ome to their pefootion. Now ed I and little
in comprlso for the eating prt of the buiness; hr dei
S1by thehelp of her own m and the ato p to b the
nolM to this date of perfection; her peatt psn in tth
wur over whm they were bAed.
A little while had pw, Mr. iinwas still busy with hi
nows per yatit C Gall gin and oat on vrio
nriMfo ot"up in the dtroom with t Baiidlas and
tho imoke; when there came a knook at the door, ad &Mr. i
ga' "Oome in I" was followed by the entrance o two straue
young urw iN d d omdy. They wore the lumal dbeg of
akaIter gsem theirns Iwere leftotauld.
The old gentleman's look of grave expetany told his wmt of
Infyou do not remember me, Mr. Baun," sid the ore-
mtod of t we to coming up to him,-"my name is Boeirtr-
Chutao Roittur-a ooon of your itte granddaughter. I
00n 0"r--"
OIay you now I" aid Mr. BiKrinas din and r
hia haud brti,-o wo Tuay wooe wi rme ir.6 Hirdoo d
Incolt o On's but you took me bry l iM-U d*
youdol' drF doimR--

r M

A he c gn "le d ehta medus e, hank welbw ga
th.SL a o e h itw usaod Wans te fd had iw
n A WeI Mr. tC lbotn.
"I ouldnt lugie wlat wa oeo min a "* SUit Mr.
Bah- chnr"lOO you. Woa t !wIrd viery r I r
tbon ; to aI e mck eat the wor thr it
anlfhcby rm You aorve own Ipn I g Mr. Rbter.
an iet ntldyt rt Wiut No I be d It
i Noo, I ro Iw itg th, but I had the plbuan of
that to Ma l. Ju -."
T I-Well, what you noaw not a ndt any loiger, I
o -we r h M at o c toat teAd lieutante."
n Ha-And doy7 intend to remain i the a r y
aYaw nW"oual"dho I do not
underntd how Ahs er mawd op ar mind tIo y=o b
come that thing which hat out into a liruten. Gentle
ao mr deLr and her ioter both mr-Ho was it, Mr.
Bnitor I we you a wild young gentleum that wanted timea
1hae had o i Mheher IrM ted it or no"
SBum I-How Ia h Mr. OGilatd n It-obar angh to m
mad men r"
I hsC not am him trid, *r," Wd thi ti-mn mlinM
f bat e the inconodtmency of the arder In feness to bi dogs I
doubt it amcediyi

Mn old geat imomeon led a way that Indierted Indll
Mgen wth eo of thae ,-whlho ap a d oL
Oroove been followingthe dotd,". idhe. *BIn
SNot bi dto it," kMidBoetr. Whetr aot g o tu
Iwron groundI or didn't gt oan the right or the Ld
Smi their buia or there was Dothin to at, I
doet know; but we lost our patinca and got iothan i as.
k fer an" m Aid the other. MIini yon I vin
Af Do ground of impatione wile ping over moh a
-7i r. cuty ai th a.
ad I aght to haier I rh hioery ml of it for
Wa 2 sle ousmd, T eudpt to b me orm O pthmp ,

teMife tIheMasll wh I was a memo -bm, m
wenhi, ad tor, a rd a tr aw p a = to ayq otleg of
Tt ait-mdtidm d m Is qa ilr mt atp m, im oit r
md r. Csta mismiCg.
"Well, gme i want yoau hom to make it" mid tbh old
atlme. "I habv wa or dawy' rpat thm I maw om
Swhr we wiN out fhfe rattlemak d nothing eleb Ther
was a e, sir, down uder ra moutaln a few ms to ths moth
t this, right at tim o at a blaf aom foar or d e handsi fe
ahmr down,-it was kown to be a imot of tho cantrs
and a P of u Wat out,--it' meay Yrn aso ow,-to e
we ouL't detro the nert-eztmintoa who bhrd&
We IaM a wr u,-a lrte dog, ~ ial sn l m ; s litt
white uad nllo elow,-andhl the work Iwl,aIr,-how
m do tho mvein dIo O pe tht little retun mrads a
ih of that dnt-of ie t d l, sir, te .n t.o
andr ad trd l"
a He mask i e beea llt little flow."
You neer mw a ratue, sr, take toa sport better; Ie
deho i amang them, Iom e to mathr,-h would eamd a
s by the ak ad give it a ike ad throw it down adl
sh t raother; -por fllow, it was his le dy's mport,-
died ot m so m itm w over; he mut have enoa~ d agr
m blt The ple is known s the rattlneeksm' da to th
t e&Mh tM e noM there now, I believe "
my ob a im wel, w I hope" aid Mr. aoitur.
*S ih ym blMher Il shr isy well Where is di
R OMN mine o bi t-vastheT ins Dde hera'
jeiin thm thick t i Mnumh, Mr. Rija'"
*Ir t mu bura (fll her."
MwiOynt aeordinl oMod battle way the door f the
W from wUhh a blue oiing eroh iBmidial mde te
wa ito them r n, mad oa"e oeut to ls whoa litAtle ve w
had fintly odi fom the dm ita n
Iafi woa~d her th o gh *al that rmoe"
r lonthI
*me,' id Mr. bWhan n eheI-' IWs playing cook or
bumhaIr ttnding I wtz w a
balUs p if snrnMwuaskos. ll I ten n Omn
hee, 1d-h' our onein Bouiter oma Wet Pointd
Ieds made her wearance m u"hed with the heat of tihe ito
ld the *dtmmt totauiing the mua, a the ittie irr
petaio ma or that purpoMse ill il her head; mad a r
and lger pd of the vory blue make eeesampaded l

oawm s hwes WhWomr M* d doete
amblosomen te se-ehe bar e's emoosok
ONeeem lad' de lkmb l- m he ing there qlt am T"
us, mmmor in u* Mr. uaofebtmd, "
S c alwoobls's k d Jad rt A go sad
te happen bk to her ihhh w ith the dtmuamm
somet ui siod.i Mr. ao a d p.t..r
'"oii papo wout fL dow hbr oyie.
,b that the way y hape aoqied a ight to th same o
Sanr% o" "Mi Mr. OCWI.
iedid n~o Itap er ~ utb hb eolarmi eolrdarho
thrt dbm dratood boh
B s if yeo w ee Mad i pNeunaM ri
astiuor wed an hl I woldohm y rer man a
daoi av at aeastet
0 I tkat to topen t window exdelud Fb i-
tky ph.go and idoltt Aadtbhe
E'trau 'aoat taolaa thoo
"W tB r pod a l. Zads q mid baer gride,
m Iis k ndhly rod be. O Irrieay damb I
bWerihtand; aid tLit's as i-wofrtl a wand s mW
iar .riddlr, Mr. Gar iooa It
r.Caltbomd. Buhtli the alMrt ineddaeofoiaoloi
K's gleo and smile at ber pmndfathar med ite hfel tat
e was above a complamt, or wr wb put the w ori& out d
his hed, ertain it is tht he utteid noam
oo=' had bad socoe to-dy," ootinadl Mr. Z Ihlm
WhLemn e (been I ad what diar Itrid I"
Mo,.r," id r.Oukdamid proahd -m
a big at woodoo4 kh idiuewtnid to boe the bet
Auraan fatbled Pmi; ud in pflsan of his panid led
1 ovar a Lr etet ao mmdowr ad wamp Wd this alureg
with whioh the oasem of Mewral hooar beae extn
humilur, writhoat anhing a ile bir
Medow and swImp lendf" mid the old patlem.e
"A mile or amo beyond the little vill over e h w
lift or hen aid Bositur. We beat theim nd w bet
thm were no din u thm eme."
*We hd no theright id a dog"W mid M. hr.o.
We d tl kind the L rr anyd he," eed odaor ;
Sobod kmn ytiq about a Oiknr in Amri"
*AI ittw too, w i dM r.i IeOald havetelU
yo th la. Im bhea too mi m. Teo woubt't Ad.

Ia um.
weslek thn M amep h a Au we hs bh &-"w
Ndaqm, g stm Mr. od eiha I dm Mew
m drAmim oin GoP Le It b wl erbd m n
m sL v bi pn, g aog V daog I md a
mie s we mmt we wrth a whole rme etwd -
k grnMN, iyto we dsLOmd rith your dy' do .
. rmM lad waot to t7 m in w C to It m
oni go out with you hr mo:lo how you the wa to
th beat groa d I Lknow aI boot tut m in al t"iL
mou try: ou'll han a pod hlm fi ptd too in the
ammn the y; ad t t ed ba m ng wh h oua't et
bt Iit, b hes id, wthm a di ple m aalto
he little girl tlide. Btlrme n y inld-
L yowe ipoam both thL nbd ha, me pomied to
itar bditg of hk nd eof. fIdo euid the 11rti
toeel d oth look at theiWmuns i bdt u"i Xig r
Ae nd o hr with a remkhi loa and gente aspri
I=hdr her own sp me a m poiblie, d cme to the
.ombdlon thua the only fo s me r tm w the fowr.
SI with I wn a t ur md r taue my pad pqi

i mtinl m wpto" i
S thes isatm hr eimythlngp. eniy tim
iau r mwhrttlito ilt dgeidMr. hr"t

Ithakaod m ihntarodvete th Bnt le i
r. (hieakI, tthme lm lmy hidr boualt whrt oboaw k mi
It u pai honr, sno to n r, tha th-- wm2
H*en you hard froml my mothalately, PLe"r mid her
SWh, yea," mid Mr. inagwn-'lhM had A itr fthi hI
onlyto.dy. Youb'n'tldoityt,olvoulotedar
MN gnmde," mid th eUeirl; a you knowr r bea
'Ay. mid thn old rmthimen w ohs;Uat youle (btuthi
bA the a, d not lWe yourself orw the tos tiU you s
drt a tartboeMek r.

ah'i Sbh* g I wo t ald lauhing,

pat o rmedin bar Ir ls taoke r
Ie iwre whout Y t if he
Wha dooukn=r w dwl r
*So will tha.k that y.. lon mf.im bettueri hdrn
*No," wrid ld, q ri but milyr-"ab not think
*. iMtn bnut r bMr.Ctamo dadred that rde
"*W, I wmn yu to.merromw," d BUsitor, "ada
hom b rmad the Ide, hr I nppuiM you Ill road it tsma
tm. Yon abold bi had it hoawer-t ame MIned to
me-bat I firoat nmoooumtably to mail t to you till a fw dp
SItwri d a j W ai, *ir,d" Mr. Nlan.
Ther is a sMaer in it, tbou" amid autr, abeut
whict my mother ha givae m dwa We wll Ma yoe
to-mnrr. It s for StlL partly we nout aofor nay t
'I avery g d e did Mid a r.Bag. Ihop yo
Mr. ril btoi saon ar i t. Went mou aod tvry somef
th a-me anbdo i yen go
Bet this was dwlined, sad the gademe d W hk t
M-Lbr eoofOw w iMqo ii the w mrho lci ngbot
Mr. O .kataa' look or e nry two
lir aer it
When npr u onr ob at down t irly to her lttar, and
nd it twe thr before she folded it up. & thi time tlb
room r dMr both of tho te equiparad Ct oa hi e-
Kwne, and FId" and bher gaudfther wrnlo in theIdr.
twilight withe bluing wood Aen; he in his nol p at t
and dsh an the hrth dibctl o iit; both iat both
thmi .for aometim. At M aith Mr. 31cmipoke,bnal
* Hit r the iluao sad bin waraI Iri ithe smodirt
Wel, dear aid bmhehberflly-"lwht dor hoe ny r
O bo ~ a gret may thbig pgdpms; ab I rd you
tl letter 1
SNo, der, I deat at to har it; only til me what A
m a Murtho.y me oi to ta in ri yet a od wML
Huskl"-M Mr. mII- a WeB-t"at wit th*e
Ai d ltaibwieobur arlodos

"0k but t bss em ands omitr is to std t"%m I
ios, 'it ui PMU I"
her. b asemdto boa aMm bieom ar Imbu whM o
wil pa o a wbi*I. tMhnk sam m their wto g e
i they com Oat. WeD-wht else
Im sra e dsh ins v ny d" midledIL *SB wo to
bar me g oMa tLrme ad tve with bher r om rHis usp I
d" have nrytiIag I li anod do ju a I piesud 6 *il
make a pet fesad gite me a rnits of plut thip. lhS
dm o abe will take good cm o m aI ever I took of the kitteM
Aid thr'se lona pi to you about i, that ll ie you to
nrod a mn n we a liht It is rygood of r, ifm it,
M ad, I I loV mat lacy vTar min .".
W said Mr.i Rihrn dfr a pue, how does she pa
pas to got you thee "
Wh,'-mid d8s,--'ast it Oalom t-a e my then is a
Mrn. Clerto e who is a rind of hd e md ahe s Moio to
Par in a little wMle, and mot Iy sad r it Ihe woiud't
belig me, you would lt 1m ae d ase said abe would with
gret p mad mant I cy wants m to coms out with ba.
"CMaton I-Hum--* mid Mr. Bingn; "that must be th
ytmsUan' mother 1"
Ye, Enmt Ioy ais abe is hare with bher soar-st adt obe
r they 0r-ec 4
"A var tlaibn Muy mm, indad," id Mr. ihb=.
Theea s 7M n lmae Ie old gntlmaun t toi, g
o th floor ; dM t loo ing to the n, with all er might.
Wel," *id Mr. inBm ier a little, ow would yous li
it, Flds I"
'To out ton to our aunt, wi thi i Mn. Crlto t
"I sioidnt like it at l," mid fleds smoing, and lttin her
e go back to the Af But looking ter the pum of mi
or two agin to ber grmdh.tbr's fce, hbe was stra k with it
exipromio ot atm aniety. Se ro instantly, and oming to
him and laying one hand atlyc hisa Mk iid in toom
fall a light on the ear u ttoe at moonbam on the water,
o* rdo not want a to go, do 1"
"No, dearly" *sidtheold pntlnmilttghis hand upoa
er-" dr -thatis the last thin Iwant"
But ad.' ka car discerned not only the deep Iotlon bot
something of f in the rvoi, which troubled br. She bood,
saions and hara while ber radntlMer lifting his and s pih
ald ain lt it ga poy n bs; and amid a theeds
of the aMion Mdub r seamed to otd in It the ame regret

Tl4% NAoot gu mt aL r bdy 4l tlb e mw
f wril U, grandpa" mid she d u, f Ie,
both rms anmIbi s sit b mind hoig up into
'No indeed, dar! id he with a attempt ht meal
hbt~m- loig a I Bhve a plesh to kep you Wh I
hb a rod to put my had under, it sUln eover ym..
T'Ib Fled hope that ld M be id sai ogh; but herI i
tbher's te ws m moved fom ih woated aq i o mrl
dinity tbrt it was plain A ho was ttin biter thing
ds watched in alaet griefM ned em t t wat rl
and nerved hep r ti gr bargndfather -ndigantl dmHl
Stow or two draw bhe dmo to hiL brmat5d sd bhr. Q
Ahe well seemed that the eson why be did not hr a alate ar
two my anything was boome he could not. Neither aoald heo

be s way Mopend faru somehow. We must lt l oaur H
that might indict the w i W a il, which b a ed s
k O f foohinga of his lit" grwdd i-- there wil
be a wy opened for lFther take camre otf uM"
:And hewilT r!:!Ip whisperedncds,
"Ye, dearw -Wae oa alshon m Your bth's and
yor mother child will not be l "o
Nor joo tbher, dear 4ondpo, tdh l>ltldgrSK 7 l
MA bch alooideb hb, d speaking by dint of reat
SNor "mid he, her mooe ytedr-nlo-i t wouldbe
wicked m me to doubt He has bleed me y life long
with a great many more blessings than I deserved; ad l be
chooses t tak away the inshine of my lt days I wil bow rm
head to his will, and believe that he does al things wdl though
I cannot se it.
Don't, doer Wdp id Fes dealingg her other am
round his neck d hiding her fae tber- ple don't I--
He very mooh regrtd that he b d midtoo mch. iH did
not however know exat how to mend Lt He kimesd her ad
stroked her sft hair, but that and the mbaner ot it only mae i
maw diffoult for Fled to recover bhea which she wM sIt
egZ to do; d when he tried to speak in sceamto of meoel
s .oe tnmbled. d's heart weabrekio but she it
she was making matters worse, and bhe had adycmelaided a
a mature meiew of doumetnem that it w er duty to be
*rfauL o after a w vy tflt teer whiok sevo

hkdp, e se her hod ad waled, eve while se wiped th
tea eis o them
S"Aftr ai, pud rid as, h erap Mr. Jolly will urn
h ee i the MiniIuh si e aod r Mnd then we bould
be 'trliUrln esT l r
"ilhM e Wil d Mr. i a, in a vy th at sounded
smame s lie R he wemt r Bt Fledwas determined
arnot to w de i rsagd hN thought the bee way was
It is Very Und in sa l y, len't t, gaidpa, what she has
written to me r
"Why no,* dd Mr. Bimm, deidedly,i In't my I tUink
i qr etnrsimmordibary f tnof kindems in slybody
Ida m&ild her thans I r this compliment.
dIt fight be aln d inme to ie to her."
*It wouditn b a kindoaM to mgeylkdm.
*Idumtknowab that, idoIt i The y werm e ge.
ti hakto e old tenat. lumd a rL great edrt a
Gomdp, Vs my thewr &e my nail emitoer In my
Sdivenr on was efoted.
"Not ho, dear rid r. bingen *Your ather bad toe
tiase the man in him that ever your undole w."
Why wht kind of a m is uncle Bomittr, rgdr
Ho, d I te I st' Ihe1n'te mo h of him. I
oldntudge a man without knowing more of him than I do o0
Mr.Boitur. He csaed amiablebkind of men. But no ue
would mr thought of looking at hb, no moe thn at a
hdow, wben oratr urs by."
e diein took deot oaPledberslfinrow. Sh looked
up reaMMaber your father Feda r
"Yes, grandpa, but not very well always-I anmmber a
mant ytlidp about him, but I can't remember eauoy how
Sloked-UoMeit oa s or twie"
SAy, and he wa't well the lst time you remember him.
Bt he was a noblelooking um-a form and he too-e d his
looks wor the wort t of him. He seemed made of diaeent
"tat tu U th p0 around," sid Mr. BIai|na angi nd
thoy t it too I dtoal without b a=m it Wh0o is
aosinn were 'm d' d'Johnny'ad 'ill' he always, th
aer prewnA 'Mr'. Waiur.' I bliev thy wern a Iil
alr at him d wi hi biavry and rlnr could be as
g unle s a es"

ONE=a ab
Iow tm," 3 sdii, whae rio MoUM w odf
tnm ed dtai l i the m thee with pto L
* Whrt him sia ldr, g fadpr
a Oh I dat m r, dr1-w -a tr o pod to mak* a* r
-r U his M ritrd to I r i ti b Mrwd-l-he uoa't
ne writhot blag to be mmo rb n thL other Mk. I
don't amow wr ther p wo h l ta r t ."
"Ddla p to: t l. bi-f"
"NO, de r-hetEarteid rI isto amo ad npui n
thnt; but he ms o d thor tha ot nMd any puahbi; ie
would hau wedmids m Na Mp a aywhr you
and he dld,-over the dheo w andater P ands
egonto the ltopeIrllyb WI, if he lhad litedg enough.
Wl ea at et a snow s b reb wa ain r ,the ermy. Idin't
bliMe tbmn' the lib d hian V it "
.o had ben emaJor pood wii L-datbt honadpi"
"Y. Itwu jitEr Iwu ptain tth ea tto
Albhan, And mtheMB mw ytO mother. i ud IrT ditr, yor
unt Iy, wem e nwa otho eto. I w in Albany tih
lihtm, that winter, ad I hne tLm both vey w ; but
your funt acbad been married mo yearn before Sht wa
th winter wrihot hwr Iubd-he was brad
Ild wa no sItra iw to th detail and had learned lo
o wha wmn et by 'wnl" and the "peimon.
"Your wt a ma e a ome ya ms IfterwMa" I Mr.
Bi nto,"for his fbe behavior oiut hre t= WMt-
what the n. ot tbm plad -Iflt itjnt ow-ighithe
ladia. llee neer wmu aytif rd."
He nbrvenn, wat te, wM 1%"
mavel--b hid Ta inet oin om .im, for M a at
wa at otbhe And be bd a y wb he wu rousd, tat I
rrw anything that would td ginst. Bat your bUier
hma a better s at ow ae than the omom Mst-l had
eoo ghi aLo t-b is snnr thing-m never wamn aid to
do wbat in hi n coi ha thought w right Mora owuge
I oal it, and it iL o fr tho noblout qualitie a man
ht'h a kibu oomunra am w mr hn Iaid ledA.
YM- tao d l dI dgpmit' thaaoy kind of
oi. e troubld with" er mgrdt r ook-
luhg at her. However, i an ma k up to the
amoA s tp but it i y e hie d there that wi
eusrt opinre bainm h think i i ri 'tat
wa me of thi I mied I mee a* henr.
*Dit myioi hbn it, too I" str Idu

&I d4lt hm -she- bad oet a r that i dsoo A

No. not maO. sLe w a deal beadamur theM your nt
s or a o bam beem. She va the h eaoM amt Worn, I
th dik, tha t Ilad e uo ; ad a aw ,t, lol -
tamo roomw na i mich her" midMIr. im sr MiL
twist ofdis haed had y d twt otfl s a t Id -
'y may be a ds de ow but you'll nve be good
Fi oai ed, h owi e dmosi med
*oue g'nother hMd r e, thoo* o mdraL~ d Mr. Ei ,
tr a minrts or two, vim hs ttlu gddinght ervm
asuoi ntly tis ma oon rtunseamesa
*Ordpa~ sid *debat you tdik Mr. (Cureton ha
"Mr. i too I-ha-I don't know; I didn't look at his
eyes A ver wellookig youngmn, though-very pmtnly
led had head all bthi, and much mor, about her in
some doe otime o bnDe; but she ad her rad br were
er thd t going it over. I the onti. that ecald
his lost termaes of nesemity a chaucter ot madness sad
tladmrM it yet bespoke not more re that he had loatthim
th eulting pride end d*liU in bhyed h el boo,-peshap
notomuc" AndIl adad itedto obsekand tedhlru.
nation wth torie of the mother whom a O m Dot rmember,
and of the fther whose fair blht a stood in her emorye a
thenmbodimueat thrathis andDobialemi. Akindo
guadia augl that ewas little f L Thee eel Hio-
Sof her fther ad mother, the os d rawn m history ad
reollectioo, the other from htor only, bed been her presmee
ti.e fom all the untoward iluences nd adortunatae ample
which had ouaded her inace her there's death m three or
our year before had left her almost alm in her grandfather'
home. They had ted in her mind a standardofthetr d
beautiful in oharstir, whih noth he saw around her, after a
ourse her grandhther, and one aotr exception, semed at al
to meet; ad tLy hfrom her own innate lonses of natuM, Ond
partly t pan id always present with her, she had
hrutk Jalmot hu ctiely fm thu rw vrieties at hmu
ataur the country-de petod to her, and was in fat va y
olted little being. li= in a world of her own, ad di
with all her "ir( otl eoutifoateo"to th her M ,
rantin( to but other po any ooidnb ie her
rae or steam. Ittlne wAr a ot inthe let" m th i-

eli I P r e her kihy srtha to U t me M hes erW
o uho the aouMMp e b btbnewl but thm es
nothi~to hr apM~L tM ofh Im. them theo
p ei e an as lty. o uan in truth what her
imdthr ad drkmed of har ther, a-de dif Set Mta
the em l oftle d ord Thnere tinotatr cipeid in a
this; the was no a o eardou fling at rriiy osheo o
a~ T hae told Tonl ith e did at eame h thm people
ti Gsht do did mot lom to be with them; thodh ae wmU
ave mid o tono earthly reatur but her gradfather, if mto
I at m be pluit" mld leda, r looking for omea
ia1utea tioghtfi o tL b r,-"it oslt ie a pbleasmt thin
to hurtl a rda oter."
"Ye. delr I'd h ar r -adhtheri b-yavle lort
pendnt dtoathr o*m
ea, a But bat yee ad I$Z`sh N to kb do-
"Pa d p meid the little girl lying oe had ad in
on his hkn;-"I didn't m -I a man-I
qUaking gnrl-I u't thinkionot eraylfn ltoau ar"
now, dear I" mld heo, befn taking the UUl hand in
is ownndmoj it ftlay up anddownlon h kee Bat the
nation ad, ad there was the ame look ot rrorfel stern
lnie. ledtgot u t d ther a over his holder, speak-
ing oten a heartll too full,
I don't want munt la-I don't ease about Mant L ; I
don't want anything but yo, grandp I wish yo ou dt
talk am"
"Ah wel, deu' id he, without looking at her,-b couldn't
bea to look at her, t well it is ao I shen't .t a great
while-it isnt likely-and I am glad to know there is woma one
you can fill book upon when I am goun."
Heda's next words were meroe dible, but they contained a
eproah to him fr Imkig so.
SWe may a well o attt it, raid be avel" it mut
ome to that-moo eariter-butyou umota distre e
about it beforehand. Don't ory-do't dear aid he, td
kie her. I didn't man to trouble you so. Thee-th
-lok up, der-let's take the good we ba and be thankful for
l God wilarrange the ein his own good way. dl-I
would have ida word it I had tboght it wouldhave worried
you mo.
He wouid not indeed. But he hed spoken a rmeso a
peak, oat ot the depths of their on Biou or bittersse, to-
iling thAt they a wrinu! l the mordf delicate harp, aM

t khnw wrhav a they bas done A thll 6a the e-
drt9rt lat--eMtAg obi nigoktwr. Its
mthr- owr how eq a dimord I left tat ab low ;
* hw m more tl s* deadlth
its mdswmte nd tnrtl of tome tho e end, in
Power Ied could hardly hold up her head ar l ti
rneera bitterly her h y innocent remark d to
ad thi trouble dh mo mde up her mind with a aertai
heroine of Mis Edpwior that "It is bet never to metin
thlk Mr. Bmlqm now thoroa"g ire to the wounds he
ihdTaw iafticg ld his little prt ia his Uam, pilod her
head ona his brat,a d an r tender ad Iootling nation and
w rd deaoured tod h hoad done. And aftr a while
the Mgny wu ovr, the wet eyelh wer lifted up, and the
meek sorrowful little m ly quietly upn Mr. BiaaW's breet,
out into thb e k t r it tFaom of Uhi we
She little Hheahded t i r adather'e hoberleg talk,
she knew it vw for a p urpa
Ain't it mt tie for yo to o to bed whispered Mr.
gn I o ltel Ct to get your moilk, gradp. mid the
Hittl air l. .*. itk-s
dar.t e, what i you and me was to hve won
et pplIs t-rou-n't o like itt"
"Wi-yeell e I graoh ndpa" id led, uaderetandig
perhltly wh he mil it d it~ d ahi it h eif for that mi
ean d no other.
"Cynthy, iet' have sonm of tho roast aphl," id Mr.
Igu O and a auple ot bowls ot milk here.
get these pple myse Cynthy," sid rFeds
Ad you neednt t any of the m 4 Cynthy," added
One oer of the kitohe table ws hauled to tihe r% to
be comfortble, Fled a d, and and her ndtr t down
on the opposite des a it to do honour to thepple and milk;
each t the simple intent oi keein andeohet-
ing the other into cheerfln boe deny it who
an, an exhilarating e good wholeome taken when
oe is in mem need of it; ad 1ed t blt foad the supper
elebl eseeding ell. Eery one furthermore know ti e ee of
a heaty o ofl tea when aCret weight ba been premg on
the mind. thew jas t ready foran rewing. After the
thild a thful abe bu to talk d be the bottom of the
bowl w nremobd be Smild morethanome. Bo hergrmd-
ber thought nM ham was doe, and went to bed quite sm-

m. I
hateo ad sl lhdislabe dthe tep wlm tht led from h door
Ibto hlift Lr Jile s i just e his It am mamll melm,
amdMl under rth*o wM onlyM windowM Thme wea
rley behr sanm ia to home W IMos Ol tis bromem
at bk her onw U er hwmdhb; ad d ed she hr b id deibad
it ever in hot ah s deat, ad never tiho taking any
Sh hd a hiu J thi child, in whoM tbho iJt of pms.
tical f e dthe po of imaginative e Itwe iar blodd,
-heo hla poong to her widow ev night wrin th
moon or stars were hiingtlook out hr a mint or two before
she went to bed; ad ametime twh minutes mo n thn
ay oodrd mo or b nt oo l bIm eoumidered wholeome
ri in the bak night air. But there I m no om to
wnth or nphiud; ad w tm r it w that Fled md nl
eath or dsk, the oblmowieh bold her oe i i ws iht
toringrtoherwindow the net. evening at young
moo tp bei t idfp the meadow what wrman led the
a aoul rr ist whin c the windo i i qution looked.
The air was am and mil; thm was t to ho to-night t
itlld s etis, and the d ita in a io.odle iy.
Flods st ope the window and blood out with a ho that agm
boe tokens o the eperiene of that day. She wanted the
soothing ech of nature's voice; and bild a she wa she could
hear Wt aMe did not know, in her implicity, what it was that
combrted md soothed her, but ee stood at her window ea-
It r so aperfeclly still, be bfo prely went to li these
people who had hushed their variou wek*d m aw n rtiil
or soon wouildbe, in the nomneioonen ad tthe helplrnemen
eep. The ahi theo tht e that m.,er l
that Hand that em llthetiia dle, thet ithe
and the strength le at the earth ad of them that wake or
AnJd i ma ameofthem a illl he not tke ae ofpoor
little me" thought ld. I Oh bhow ad I m I know there is
SGod I--How glad I m Iknow he i h a Ood I and that I
outrlin him; and he will make rthin goI
Igot this sometime I But Jeaus doe not f chiuem.
Oh I m a pw little girMl -rd i what he did
don't aske it se- I "l dithe d-tIho
or wht would beoe. I him But this med
be m dr ad I have nothinto do with thittobey
God dplm land will tadke a u of the ret. eb Im
frbidde ito e oi ful about it tooe

WI& petawd bt yd OWihb "Notbwmakwfi
Is I IIj bw owk a oimw o lb 1,1 dwi1

hd h b o dheat mm N btd Ad a W
va for mw out to bow wd =-& no Mr. Cmid did fI


aA lad wr Zmdthir d lbut JiA rim hem a tolke
..Iatt. ..Pn sl .mornia, r ** men
so* Iu oo wd Ima the two you qka
tormd the oom
bmmz ] tnM id dir t rods Ihk rl u*a *Wdy. l,
N A d" maid Mr. -l I I-ra w
bdme Co hr as moo" tfL Gin o'to WQ
-tLs the stff to matk I sports O f ILr th oo
MeY --- I to gowith sow d sho es ti nond
doileg Itdo to kowo, ind the frla Iam o It (hismdoi
rm no vry s- tim a bd I ws yUtedy. ILed
wrldo6 open in NaV ri oo ln I 0ipuc the mut hmu
be. tesanm. Iatn t d shao Ir ookt if e bIt
I mar gae it a thought, thi t monig I oumd ms aso
- I oald h dly gt out of bed I m vy amy, p o my
word I'
GIim TO @MY W and Im yaw 4QOIqr, dr,* -d the
I o Id fo rnw a bout m thot, a thdl ti

hud to dtewr by7 a arttL a dobwn i the u
SloitodaetosoinNwrYorkrmm side of tm
iy onr into the other, ad tihe ht thing I kw Iound marYm
brAiMalo hal i ot town. I t ha toge ln a imte
adMid bakitakea fk rt Out tt tm W thy
whma yu are in the wood yo a ta l whio i marth h ti
o rwi a that ide of the tari; but if yoa's d l yo
lmrtt igtothe dmone o alide t( o trhet. I
Iot a er o mutWat ADl, in a u a l abyrith of.
elk m. Wete as bs-if toeaw it ib ou eto,
mithaw e me M for Bpa ear m -
bondt aM Nts tbe fntlB Cioft-*m lot, b

iM ther y sm tel m how to go eI gPs they wea b.

a rte."
m i wrob would be byang our phleamre d too dar
"TatUtN idthe od am lem ;"se tuhie tihi ofB
tibk, hd theu lk1 do d roood. he'd liM tobe tl
dq, I blism, if e had ml y to go loaig with, but ra rather
a stid compio for eah a spy Ul pair of Wlet rete,
A Yoru -tlCtto the L et thyc Andtroi way
r r know wheir the phl.r-wh Teoudr usin
eth shot so many woodcock l year, ner y a r. Huht'
ndr-whn (o get to the big tl y0out te thee tim
to p r the ot t zIhomte hlt imas
at timi the t, o l onri tiB na
Come to lermd lead other id;e they mUtkp
abyth edge ofthe wndtothe atD they come tothe
Iome am Wou ksA a uvp theo oIpeI
bokn know the ground Whe they come to t or they
'deanr to, Do semderiand -m rn nd got your
wea mt,nr itlar her tp nor er look howed my
re wilpmbes to the buinam.
"I em e Mr. Bup m arid Mr. ctoi, Opur IeM
grddOht r M ro ao for not i to tak emh a
lPho, p<"^ Ua& th u al wats to (od
*I pas I*'W Sher the gsno ct n
at aetoae to it a bwfoodII mxh companyAi
hai^ *", bee rf .. ote '.
iedh bed i in her mind to whiper to bhi a word of hope
about Mr. Jdily; but he eeeulated that w r at beet an w-
certain hop% and tht if be grndLMher's thote nn the
o and wot ot with the two gt>Ieme.
LA tep tee up their g.(II Mr. Ckrletom seMght te tIe
bhunning her eye M it them.
SDo eso diket th. ocpny cf Ib. aeley fioda i em
MiSS Its d^" said ha
Isd heitatd, and adly mid "she didn't ah like to be
barT thlor when tey was "
Ptu te lhr way a*id b% fer they Ihe bp a
respdehl as so =og tbs have do bour t be in ye
paMy. tlithe ootok e M about ma as e atrb r

gumIsh i et be pooked to ynthlar tim r deprytm
l- thme b-*r
Imdl iod her thab Wd set forwr, perivty amuh m.-
I ed in her ohn thA Mr. COletoa bad eaimab eyr.
At a litthtae Ao tie homu Fledli the meadow for
al dd olr aud d the l, lyb mr a n*tMp side hil Up
UbwLmbdil taoldled d sthe fouad thmmlear n o ria e
oftsblelnd teachingg W&f for Isoe ditasnceo the edge of
a ttmle vallboy or boom alertly fgt smooth trr d
The r y was very our, on divide into Qzr .....
runnng am side to id. ilh bo d might be a hund
feet or more abon te lal of the bottom, with a teep fae
towards t A little wy back fro the edge the woods lieg;
beltwee them and the bow of the hill the und as smooth
and (rm, planted ifby ark with oriorlii young s ilver p-l
and oo in a while a hemlock mm standing in dl their lu
udrnoe a ad some a peoups. With noVwnd thn a smooth
g k ror orIe boulderone whih ald somehow iezdgba
topp btrow of thehill inted rolling down m wL t
t ome former time no doubt wa a bed f waterfall thi
trip of the tab*he-d mth e shtoo ad witb little ond
aor piece ofi tlmni ow.ae Oth oppoat e vide
Te"ortirlik no rr wr _L nd ith wood,
nowinthe p douro(ried red ndgreen and purple and bow
Ad gold; between,attei fee, ltha ao quiet green mdow;
and ofto thae left beradth r end of the vay, r theory
of the eatawn ood in, astened in the dUsaM. A tow
Ocober sky med to pervade al, miUd b, tuaM
pare, with that dleam of tmmhe tr O othe
gives ; a lky tht would hav ca ad patet of nolity m
sa lu e a The wee moetainly enatcted and newlem
rema ay u o i frtumes, but Nat o had Ihak out dl
the clours over the land, d drawn a vl rom the t d
breed throh the ood over the hide the verybreh
Health, enoyment,and rir.
When they rbout overgdaint the middle of the ly,
Mr. uleton suddenly md a pause d aiood or eemes ait
ell looking Hi two mpuiomol, mine to a alt on either
Ids him, one o a litt lepmd, the other a little impatient
*Ba 1I" Mr. C setoa id alenIth.
Y e idIm gvly,'I think isapratty plle. Ilib
;W i 'ant olebh marV woodoook among thes pine ll id
S O mndr d i. Crioa e "how U7a me thM
he called the' e ndholy d.- '

*Who han mid l iter.
A conortymn at yoare" amd hil hiad glaMig at him.
N* f h d bn a eo ryma of mine there wiuld ine bem
k marvewL But he is an fth dmaf dy--n at
the withring-li the tolken a old ae r n a it is i the
meUtio honosur that rown a life-the amo at a
mated and ripened chsoter. act hiMUs i .inma
Bomitur, with those dul moraluts who mi ahwas diim
ad dedth Into owe's are; thi sb at if Isrtad d
al i onm'bhopesand Siaiem,iit k thepalMe iwhthe
dire to do-' Tb sddeoftSt -Brmtwas wrong."
Brsot t-oh k-id younI Boa iti; II didat know whr
Toa ern spekin or."
n'wI blie nwor I think of it, he was writing t a omewhat
later time of the year,-I do.t know how all this will look in
"I think it is very plhat in Noember," said "l. IedS
"Dotyou know BryAt'sI 'Death fth e hornn; Liturr
id his find miln. WLrt haveyo ben doing all your
Not studying the te arts at Wet Mlt, Mr. Caito."
"Thno ait down he, and let me mmd that pl inoyr
sedation. Sit down I and give you s th ttin thun
woodoock. YouepaM m or -b thouitdon't you
Mr. orituris Mrcitodd. t o aet dom,
however, and listened with an unediked oe; while his Misd,
more to please himself it munt be ofemd than for any other
reason p Wrhflth half a notion to try ld nd the
bentiful Iorda pra Br aw r thy were a MISoS qo
of hishear; Ih hiaa
*Itc is vr pretty" said lmtrwhm he a done. I
believe I have as it ir momewhera"
1 Thera is no 'mok light toda, id ls.
"Noaid Mr.urltoi, mii to hinme Nothing bt
that oodd impor the bamuty o th IldF."
Ilike bB as it in," maid FTed
I m arpriMsd at that," aid young Bat. *1 tho t
you lired on amoke"
Thr was otbin i ti wds, but the to was noat ad atlly
olit Fled rnted him neither amile nor look
a* I m gda like it up hwn," h want on, mly dol
the honourstt ph. *I u.me way be %m we lhouLd
hme so many inmo to limbb"
You a the bret itt gid pribi and I bm doubt
wod always lead one the riht w mid Mr. letmgist.

Amin te -a Oims k p 100AIL rim maw.
udari w ad rA* r. Itaos sre Sadam midaled cow.
*d6 s mnbeMd ot thL
al Th's a 11it brook down thene in qspin M dal poa t-
ig to mall prIrnn watnroour in the mdowr, r
dsurlbli omlMI but th'l anowater in it now.
aito fillB fr a the snow brees up; but it dris
B Jane or Jaly.
rt e those tm aso beutiflly tinged with red ad
onmV -down there by the iae in the meadow "
am not wooduma naogh to inform you," eplled
Than mu sples" mid do u r. maples. IThe a
"ordo yoa anwr mid Mr. CrtMon, tuning to bhr.
k oanow bly (M o gusid rMd y modes-r and by the
Siry," mid Mr. loMitr, 'ifyou have any tof the stufabout
yam, I wish you would kok o thib ntame over the haed with
or d th ai rof inatohim. He is ing
io mis br all dW
Not at aid his priad Ilpg Iam for
yu-but I weant othrP ge than woodoanow Ia "
l walke ibd a il&en and had near reached the aex-
ttofthe b which towmrds the and of the valley
doaded into pound of a lower level card with woode:
when Mr. Ourltou who was a little ahead w drted by Fld'
valem eulaiming in a tow of ditram,Oh not the robm r-
and turning about received Mr. lomitur rtading dll with
leellgun anddju a th act to abookt. fe hd toppd her
nm Ii the am intent Mr. CMto had thrown up see guo,
demanding of Boataur with a ainghlr change of expression-
what he menat r
ear amlid the youw gotlaa, wtig with in
tool ee the indigent of his companion' age why
Imas not to mddWle ith other people .a r.iMoa
htdoa meanrf
*NBotiofbattoe yot aar
Prote rm rWid o turhe, rating a the other
hram r a Mn ,inh ame m woWdarr
ro bm weiug myord blown way by your en, mid
rimon, n Oi, monitor, wnooaot youralf-r-
*oalbe our compt a oo t
Onmpaclt oe ent bound to keep company with nearthlp

mid," d Bi lIaOlW y sad h"Lor lyl l nd
Nr. CGasi turned om him wy sy nd wdlkd oa.
IyL th thbl-d md the dint-d tbh nlley
tn:esd Iedthbiadh airo m the lt of the mo.
rI of = I Wch atoiMdlng it. Dad thu orldh
the fraud o M r dl= tlad te step bmide then ad
ben a larplantatioIn odio ne oo hrume ted
bat the poind ur iM r oarn d with numabaue little istaLm
the oiirtba Hl-wy up the hil teood there anoat beskout
tnms; ritable patrirhof the nut trikb th we, sad s-
spaded esd tem ads patriarhe should be.
*'br w no I'doig nuths' to4dy, te, midrhd*bto
whbom the ig t dh lMnt t fiendi in the d ir poably
WI4iiP the thought, aw she had not spoken for, Mam te.
smvw there hu't beea fron enolh jyet"
W you a hae a good emr, y, id Mr. Orleton.
SDo~ give the nuts leaeton fahoi he6 asl "
Smetim pud and I p "goUttine L mid tlhe Wi
fl Ove lightly ar :r f ane bt =n aTt ben this
Y*I Than it1 is a ||m to come l: t"
*IN" aid leds quily, "te tree Smr the baone hre
bem ed: and the onlyoter nice place the is for us to go
toMr. DOiholve t S hthe tthe its. I sh'nt g.t
ven thm w.od ad not get amy nutsl the wnt ado,
Firy. Ha n a *m b dM chtuts wen u oo to o-wLat
should hinder repig ood h fro these
I don' think thse winl an y onthem,"'id Ilb: 6Mr.
Dhdiehover ba bo here lately with the mem gttindg I the
emr-I sa the hen dud the tre."

'Why did 'to r Mr. Diidahowr t th1e atalon r
She =mrouldnt iibs n a tod"smid Iwed. '*ae do
rthyiUjust bs he hAM mind to, nd nobody( amn Under hi.
Ya-th'w olasremdthe tree-I thought s."
1Don't rou know a f any other tree that out f tds Mr.
Didehoar sw "
'TY" idekd*I know pla whr there sad to be
bemitfl hiakry ts, nd some aanutatoo, I think; but it
istoo ahofffo1r d nd I ooanld't othee los. lis
the l ofaM Sv lh loo oing tbhh sdM acdid er ht

*Im dtoher it" id b eahs. Nowirved ur
and thank you fr your aervines
a opsm"ld r. (uletoMm. "Whatif ou nd I
ioul t7to And omehl tr i an s ,l Illd Wil
a tkeme with nl-or is itoo a walk "
'For me t- o l" mid Fled with ao at nmai
opebat, she added timidly, you were going a hoott
What on erth v you tahinkig letoni" id young
Bosmitm. Lt the auit and Fl lem, do I
"By your Ihav Mr. Boitur," id Caretoln *My m -
iderontenta* have an left OMha lek -I wan d
as bean playing about me-.d I should lUkte btter
too with you over the hill thi mor Iha be a
tt many a time in m own woods at home lad I wt to
Sit aon iathe Neo World Will otab mel"
Oh thank Tyo, ir I" mid 1ieds-Jbt we bave pesed th
aming long way-we m at o bk ever o fr the am way
we came to get to the place where we turn to go up the mourn
I don't wih fr prettier war,- ifit so f ahr totihe
O ton't tire me" saidFl overjoyed.
*arleton!" eolaimed yo Bo eitur. 'aO ye be so
abeardf Iows thi rsldidi there modoaok, whr wen may
not hve another wh e e we are I"
You a not a true sportman, Mr. Roseltr," aid the other
coolly, "or you would know what t i to have ae ympt
with the sports of other But ye will have the dy f the
oodook, iad bring home a gret mny I hope fi ed
e we give thin mptient young gmt i his order
iatch him."
SI thought yo were more of a sport sid the vezed
Wet Finter--"or jour sympathy would be with men"
I t you the wrting muis wv never stroI r oa me,"
tb1 the erlae ily. somethingg le thn a rine however
do to brgdown the me I am after. We will nm dsvous
the little i over ymdae, unlre I go home beore yO,
I think is morepoobl. Au evoir!"
With cu reM ne r he aluted his diooneerted om-
who moedo with angnraelu dipieunm fled* and
ureton then began to fowlr bac* the road they had coms,
the highest goodEmour both. Her sparkling fo tWl him
Sen r emphai than her Mwd,
*I m to much obldto you, i.

; Hor yoamI ver h mnel d h,--"lk a sri e s y
o hm dItebid m L,_au," rId -- *> rl.mop bhy-
0, 1 ho deit t inaLUbe iM l, tb hR bol M didoL
ot ndm--' ah'l lbe so dad to get asoe ann fr I thouat I
wasMt ing to huae ay and it in so plm tto aTs
thim to opnk in thed lon indr e dnin.
TYo modt ad ithei lo did, I abould think"
*"0 o we don* id T n' men they eie lon
if alway. oadp cractK the Iasant d I pin them out, d
he tell me stories; and the you know e to go to bed
i. The eea never M e long"
Bat you am not always rakinUg ouft
*C0 m to be nit r but there ares ot of other plent
thin I todu. I mdern y ra n e =ald n bou mn,
but t h IwA deal rather1athoswegtourlvewa!
then the ram of getting them, bedd, is the bet prt"
ed ws trapinr ver the Ipoud at a furious ant
"How an.y do you count upon during tody" said
Mr. Chriton gavy.
I don't know," id leds with a busine h-there are
Stood may trees, and d e large oe, nd I don't believe ny-
bodyrs bihad th ot- a o ftor out of the way; tmhe
I't to betrod pao"doriui
Bat w" m .aul. wotn rith perfect p it,if we hold
Slry nouth to And a upply fb your ri ton it would
be too mach for you ad me to bring homes Mi ods mlues
yu ave a broomWtick in the omsiofhiedom"
SA boometick! id -U eds
Y -did aever ear of the man who had a broomstick
that wod tpil of water at h bidding"
No~"lid heda lohig C What aoonveieat broom tick I
wi had one. But I bow what I an do, Mr. Carietoar-if
them aboad be too many nnts for as to bring home I can take
Cylthl y ftnerwardu sd getthe ru t of that. nthydI would
go- nd couldn't, even if be w a well a for the
itemsre in bshllow away over on the other side of the mountain.
It' beautiful lpa c."
," id r. C(rton smiliin rouruly to himsAe in
that Ce I hell be aeen of more thn I had hoped. But
aha't we nt a Mibu Fied "
SYei ndeed" id ed good large one-I amgoito
rendow tothe ho efrit oon we to the trningi
poYkowait foi yo llbr -
wonot be log Aw teods osi m ndl o ak

s*l mid he I wll h you and Iave mypm
s -iqe Y a d bettm er d tnn rl so h or I anm
you wa sever meah tgo hitery trem."
Ilas e"od ad add tim.e was no d but Me dol
har a ad they proceeded at a m re maonabh rote ti they
Mr. rletoo would not go n, phing bis gun n a outer
shelter. e i dshed into the kitL e, and after a fw
rndtm' delay sem out epin with a hi bmet, which Mr.
nlbton took rom her wit houlit Meri oe inward amusmaint
to reach iM ad a little tin wlb sab kept under hr
own urdiaip In Vnin Mr. =rtora tnd to take it with
the btld or e n to put it in the besuat, whon he showed her
itwould o very wll it mut o norwaeo but in Fda's own
Fdis wa in reas. ae till they habd pem over the
shmady twieeroaden -ad and entered upon the mountalb
roed. was hardly a r ed; in ao M beaten track w
Tiubl in others Mr. ariton hr o hboi little ompa ioa
found hr ay. wir nothing but fauh-bln hleu s s d ae
tend roes sMd ton. eoau be dea, covering the whole sawt
Bat hr foot neer tilted, her eye rnea way-marn where hi
aw noe, be west on, bhe did not doubt uneinlr, ar the
lcam rewn ad rook-twn way, over rid ad r,with
tead liht wiftns that be could not admniri Onne
they came to little brawlig tram of ing wate, rdly
three inchee md anywhe tae, u ite widebedfor
bitelfin its l tothe lowknd Mrar.letoM was co
iderin howr h should motrive to h little id over it in
ty r o quk-over the little round Iton which lifted
their hea abore the anrioe of the water, on the tipe of her
tos, led tripped som before he had done thinki bout it
He told her e had no doubt now that she was a ai d hat
otf walking that did not belong to other peop Fled
and on er little demure wmn mt pin out the
wayhrymwith that little tin pail agit at ieblike-
lt Q busied himself in ending out mile for hr. It
wasn't ry a
oa log ditac their Way w through thick Wroodland,
dear of underbruh nd verypleasant wlki but permitting Do
look at the distant country. They wound bot, w hi
and now down till at lad they bega to nmoed in good earsi i
the mad boeeme better Iar and Mr. Crleto upa wiAth
his gide giM. Both wer oie to walk man mlo. He
bed onverom a good deal o marve and le t to

h am qlh fily, thot hommw r ie the lg e a meat
H i a y n evinmeyting sh e mi rd L
"WLL do you sduppo I he ben i g myiwMith al
this wle Mi P si" mid he, ar walking fr some tims
ide f hae in ilmo I have been t to ho what
S loot e es you tmwlled on bde me with that mysl
dor tin pl."
a Weilirt di Io like I" mid Fleda, laugh
*Ittle Red idial od, the A th ing, rr ag her gra
mot~r otbu p t ter."
SA, but I haven't got nay butter in thi s it pp ad
Fiee, ind I hope you are not anything like the Mr.
"I hope ot," id he lauh Wel, th I thoula t yo
lht be one of those youn ldi the Lairy tori tel oi who
st Ot ove the word to d their fdrtu n 'na migt hold,
Skbw, a little provion to l ha for day or two till you
SNo," ml d Fled,-" I should neve go to eek my foerti ."
'I don't MtI should Afnd it my the oM e."
Mr. ( dbleton looked at her aid could o mae up his mind
whether or not she spoke wittingly
"Well, but iftr Uall se we oot meing our fortune mid he.
We r doing something very like it. Now up hae on the
obtain top perhaps e hdll And only mpty tsree-perba
Mres with a haetd of nts n them.
Yes, but that wouldn't be like Anding a fortune," said NFdi;
-*if we were to come to a great heap of nuts all piked out med
for us to rry away, would be a fortune; but now itwend
the trees fol we have got to knock them down ad other them
up and shok them."
"Make our own fortunes, ch id Mr. COletao, maiag.
"Well people do y those are the sweetest note. I don't know
howit maybe. Hl that iL ne. Whtnatatmoshere I"
'They had reached a height of the mountain that cleared their
a view, and over the tops of the tree they looked abroad to a
verwide extent of country undulating with hill and vale,-hbll
vd rlley like hr below at their fest. Fair and rih-the
gently swelling hills, oe b and other, in the patchwork drm
of their mny-ooloured elde,-the gay hues of the woodland
softened and melted into a rich matumn glow,-sad hr away,
beyond en where this glow was sobered and lost in the die.
ten-o the hint blue line the takill faint, but aler and die.
ti through the tranprent air Such a sky I-of such the

Slrl IS rty9 1f hdr l~ t%'W to rl a d S
-*k dar seId h bd u q the dl, dl it th. h
Tir thrt Iam l mad pnadr, mdo' S lt -n
b o ik Rb.e Aid atfovery o, the vol of the sosu i
not al Inhbling to Iide thea ioi" to al tht is naly
"ob e tra w in blt ber Not ad" Whtet L m o r t-o a-
iWli to k ptdol" l, bipt n o- on -t to B-
Whet wrork tnhou s to n ti m(gfi tworld. A vmry
xtaid ladmape however genial, in sober in iN ot "on
the mid. One am s to srerp blanm the nrm of i dl-
vidual eUteoo, asd ta a lager view of IAe wed as of
P Mr._a.~ Mr. bfa it _o, for i~fbe t hofi
Ite* I I qoit to ,,baid ta
at down ona s e to ai( r ompaion's pleu sdil
now ardth u at h is hoe, wai n heir aoos na
Hetdulonlglitimut *lthiatmp r g ito h=
al th ts ii ll the l an Wom tah
but the datrbk we di d ith nwoa aduin m Iiiud
lad on the broad ace below, as if it were reeling or trylg to
md there a dianalt Mmo. And bhe a atlt he turead ad
began to o up the pth again he kept the aes boe, and ant
moodily swinging Ihs arm up and down, amifin disturbed though
flede ea too to be tobe m o for her oompanion's
ance; she roud h a oad Ar no mo onoveratin
so they might but eb the nut tre fBt befon they had got
quite so ar Mr. Oareton brok the eilme, speaking in proiedy
the sme ton and moaer he had used the bAt the.
Look hbr, Fail," id he,poitig to.Ill heofobe=t-
t bun piled at the fot of a tire-he'e little fs rtu s far
Ihtsasquirel I" id leda, looking at the puace r at-
tatively. Thare huba oobod d hearm. He hast r 1am
together.edytobecarried oftoii
"We' T him that tmroble," ad Mr. Caeto. IAtt
enadlt he's a Didmhonr in miiLta."
"Oh no I" l eda i Je hId nas bit to the ans I
am 801 as we he, porfellow-Mr. 0
Mr. Curleton wa trigthe ts into thebeakok At the
o~esd bade ssed inwhich hds name was penimounesi
he o od adoked b n at a r eltal ee.
Mi* we we tes = MUwt till wm bak I we htd

the over hboe fhll we dua t we thbm; mad if we de
them woud be only a handle-"
Atd the ii Ml wold be d imtdI" mid Mr. (Ciar
mllng. *Yoa wMldrather ld them to him "
ied mid a n, with a neied his mand r. leton dill
m ue hi dbe of= t the few andt had put in, and
Sb llowrather a depbolbo,bbid the raet a a the ill,
as Ileds bd id they me at l to a nob le of lrp
hickory t wi o e or two c~heest te dini in attldm
on the outdr And also as Fled bd id, or hoped te
la wans o far m convenient mom that nobody hdi vt
Stht were thic hunm with frit If the it o the
pm Lld been wtin or bli in Mr. korieto, amat hav
roaeed agin into ill e at the jou heart of Fleda's e-
clematioms. At ny rte no boyoldhave taknto thlianeM
betta. He at, wth her eiiona sItoat h pole in the
woods; and nswIg him lih tly into we of the tre tbowed
that hewaas a me r in the ofL whip them. Pled was
deitd but not rprised; for from d amomat of r.
I ta's ito go with her sbhead beenpintel
that he l vld otproe inautivernuioalfctl. BJrut-
vr slidt tosi mibh read thiw, in whatson duro-
tans oh or speob, or manner, he knew it; and knew it
ju t bef the reached the hickory tree a he did
When am otfr th u ie n w iriwe d M yoaun gtiaa
mounted into mother, while Fled tt br to hul nd Eiter
up th e ant under t o oa front bte. She could n bi t
ltt headwa however compared with her companion; trhe not
ell a gret dMal hwter then She old put them in her bket.
The te wer hen avy lden, and Mr. O 6ton seemed determined
to hbs the whole ca ; rom the second tree he went to the
third. leds wa be ldd with her hapinM; thi wudoig
buines in tyl, She tried to alk t what tu whole qutity
would be but it went beyond her; oe bketf would o ta
or two nor thr-it wouldn't bpiW to, Fled. midto hermet
me o e oa llin aod rtlMring with all p b industry.
After the third tn We dalehed Mr. .ur0eton threw down
his Doe, and ti b@hielpo the au t the foot told
Femi hi would wva a fw moments t he beW. gu.
fledstIrn k ofl dher work too, and i for her Ht tin
Spod henlAed it to him tmptin to ked with pieces of
t he hd oitaon ohsl nex bmght
9 No, Good; gc;zid

Smmr. a41
tes.m i vyr at:y with e. .
*Is i',id h --hU_-Is
wMld tamh m &p od t Vn M id tnfg, M bd I wee to ma
I w*oubt tr dmtry,ir,"id lerdodidi
know whal t to masu a t shade d seriour e hi.
idg hi b It was gIm almost itlaty.
I think any i biate r sta out in the woods thn it is
at IhoTm am lids
WdL I d knowt" M d ht friend I he no doubthat
i the mr with obheM d sal Md uderUohickr
tri wihados has bwasit p tty bply. If a
touch d wnd, iry17, could trumdoem o of these bh
into a at &Lltt o Amotolldo we shou dhave othin to
wish he
Amontkdo' was Haw to Fleda, but'goble'w la
I m enrrd" a amd-'I doelt know whem there i an
p upbw Lm,-bat We sha come to on oig down th
Do you know whrat an the -iiaan m"
No ot all Iauppos,"iddfb" but Iaknowsagoodmany.
I have gM about through the woods o mumh, and I always look
DoIrMuc about k t a the -e wmoi 7*
SOh nobody but a mldleds. He uwld to be out
with me reatd bat ci nt od muoh now,-this yt w or
*Do.tna ptoohoolr
Olnor al mide miHn&
Thin your ndhr tebe yo at homet
*No,"-aid n r-"nthar tsed to tach me;-rnidgp
doe h DM me much.
SWhat do ayou do With ldY &D da long9 I
0ofat "oi Fleds, gaiu. 61 read,-d

Fidis sid N Nir," and thrn stopped; addtlsi miming to
think that ed up her to y mor ablw added,
'I hawied with gmdper sia therlbf me here A
hwas i swM armonUg the Idis,-I amed to be always with
And how log ago s that I"
It is-o y, dar a-mo, I believe. e was iLk wh
he Mu bMok, n Nr wt yfoan Qauhby in

a 9M.
Mr. Omiet hoh lb al spin tul the dil, who bL give
him thLis i olf hfrmwmitio a si riiei nve proprietyf
umner., Jd eve M It wmre tly.
Ad wht do yo nd y Il" heeil aier minute ;-
"itdri. of -lrad I"
"Nor ,' ldn "Ilbel't my. We hadn't gret msay
books-ther e only a few p in the oapbod, Ihd
oydopfdi; ftler bid some books, but they ur locked up in
a *d Lt. Rutthm's l grt dl inthE n cydopadiL.
"The Encydoudi a said Mr. Carleton -" what do you
d in that irhom you And to like there I"
"I like e about the imsts, and birds, and animal; ad
about l ir-a.d lives of people and oruiou thin Thee
ada t ai the other book in the cupboard wbdi,&yo
SThm's Qiuetin DImrd,*" amid Flede- anl ob BY, and
Ola rlmaign in two little bite of volume; and thea
bokdr, ad the ristisn's Maine, and oa odd volum io B-
eunWdt, sad the Butes of Sootlad."
SAd have you rd afl the Mirns Ped" aid her om-
pkyor g n his counteance with difioulty.
SI h 't ad qitea o the riltinlt Meai e, 0all elo
the Beauties of Scotland.
All the rest "
O" yq," aid led,-"nd twroor tlhre times oer. And
the thee t ndvolumes besides, Boberton's history of
Msonthig, I beli I haven't nd thaeither."
Aidwich of them l do you lie the bet "
SI don't know," aid Flaehr-" I doa't know but I like to rd
the acyloidias well s any of the. And then I have th
newaper to read too"
"I think, Fleds" amid Mr. Caleton minute after, you
had better let me take ou with my mother over the eM, whuewe
go bEck egM,-to Pus."
"Why, irI"
You know" id be habf smilini, your anot wants y
and abe; ed my mother to brin you with her it es oe.
"I knw t," idFleds. But I m not going."
It was pokeo not rudely but in a toe of quiet dete-
SArena you too tired, ir said he emtly, whn she es
Mr. Careto preparing to launch into the emuiing hickory
"Not I "A id h. a I am no tired till I have don, f y.
Aad beddle, obe is irkcin me's ih you know, imit it"

*No4"el,,lmeidetakfLm t i^ tk.i"
W tbt tim M l u r.. OOret, stupid mhe was dM
to pila into the tm and kking at hrii &f ace of reil
It il't rwht eWar mn liv oM" al aWdem, dmae eyln
the llem nut, with a hed Ild of tuimm
They st both to work ain with newed energy, ad reted
not till the treaues o the trn hd been all brought to the
around, ad ad I ee a of thim could be ooed aad
hdkrinto Ilede 's b d been dead from the hll and
bestowed there Bt there remind a t quantity. Th
ith a odeal of lbour Mr. Oletno and edpthd into
SWLrbap i nth a ahebitered place by the vide of a rok, and
took whtmaeue they might to conoa d them. This w em-
elt Wde's instance.
You d yor maid Cynthia will hav to make a good many
jouayeMie. lda, to pet aIn these home, anei youam mieter
0 We nothing," id Fl. 'It will be a fun. I don't
ae how many tim we have to come. You are y good, Mr.
"Do yo think ol said he. I wish Idid. I wish you
would make your wand est on me airy."
My wanil mid Fleds.
*Ye-you know J=P gmndhthr y ou re a iy rand
-erywe, d What h 0o my tt for, Mi. Flede I"
d mid she asup ei it ws because lved bar mch;
but the rosy mile with which she mid it would hbe let her
herr, if he hd needed lightii, ar more into the aont
than ui was here And if the implity in bar foae had not
bee equal to the wit, Mr. Cleto would neer hnve vntued
the look ao admiation he bestowed on her. He knew it wa
n. Apprbacsiom she aw, and it made her mile the rier;
but the admiation was a tep beyond her; leds could make
mehing oIt.
They deoended the mountain now with a hy te for the
dya wu eating wel on. At the potwherebehad stood o
ln when they want up, r. Crleto pused ainr ar minute.
In mountain o aery every hour make a chu The uan was
lower now, the i and ahadows mare tao ycontreated, the
ky of a yet im blue, cool and clear towud the horitm
Ti smne sold il the sme that it bad aid a few homa befnI
with a touch moe of adnem; it meimed to whiper, Al tAhin
have an nd-thy time may not be for ever-o wht tha
ldt do-hile ye have light believe in the light tht y
may be dMidara of the i t"

Whihr M.(aloe m d lt me Met, he .el r { mimtot
m-inleel an went down the mounta In hlnao asm t

.he S miI abuy q etM and thu. by the ide of
the litt lecre
Iwalooking to m if I could And amdalhela lid Pled.
A mlein lat what do you wantit for I"
I went it-to make a drinkingoup o," aid Made, her la.
tw brtkeakenI y about in ery directon.
mA=B =11Sinrtetoo rolh; nowofthu pldm
rae-wha .t r ,-will do better, won it I"
"That is i k.r.i da. l No; the uallin leas the
bt bMe it holi the water so nal.-Bene it It-"
And fodig up o ofthe lerpal t bares intoeaost artist
like he pMented to Mr. Caieton.
Sm was al that trouble I" said he I don't de
You wanted something, ir," mid Fleds. The water i
verik and e"h
1 stooped to the brgidt little Itre and mlbd hi.s ral
gblet verad times
I never knew what t wa to have a* Ufy for mcp rr
bfoe" mid ha. 'That w better than anything Bort or
Xeres ver nt forth."
He emaned to hav swallowed his mrloumne, or thrown it
way with the maloW len. It ws quite om.
This is the bedt ring in aal iadp's u d," id Iede
* The water is as good w am ba*
How oome jou to be such a wood and tater spirit t you
mt live out or doo. Do the tra ar talk to you II some-
thes think they do to me."
SI don't know-I think Italk to Am," id ied.
'It' the .mo thing," aMd her oeampanon .min. *aoh
bantifl woods I*
Ware you never in the oountr before in the fl, sir I"
*Not here-in my own country often ecouh-but the
wood in Egland do nodpt an och da py o, oM Pidn
n tely n roin g to be ippd of their summer drus-
look swer pon it-the blav wither ad grow brown d thi
woods have a dull rumt coour. Your tr are ree Yankee--
th' neer ay de I'"
ha the Aerloans more obstinate thn the glilh I*
It is dioultk to .coae uanknows quite" aid Mr.

4mr. 0

flods C Mit ato, last b 4he dit admetphl m
indeed they wIere rh
fom I to ot e d m in- dom the Nmooth Md d
Wham they metd the ha1 but a Uttle wa r tv
houM Flekds md s moltoe palu
V "r. Ourton-" id hs.
Mr. Coltn put down his btket, and looked in ome ar-
ri at the eating anxious little face that looked up at him.
Won't o ple not my anything to gradp" about qm
r T" akLt bo
SBecau don't think id tto il
Bamiabit not l ibep idh'tlstocura ndther
Mi ipbefter in the matter than youca do "
saNo" id Fods I do think he .. He would do y-
U e thought would be mart for m happin ; bt i
oa't be frm lm i lM, with s a Z rt.dr lip,-
"Idon't know wh w do if I went I"
4 You think he woald have eo mnhino f you wand didn't
touch him I" Mad r.ao mb
*No, air," Ukid leda gv,--'I don't think t6t,-but
ntj per, Mr. riton, not to speak about it "
B litare you sr he aiitting down on a tone hard by
and taking on d harnd., 're you eamn tha you would not
liketo go with as I wih yoa would ohue your mind about
it. M mother will love you very muh, and I wl take the pe
oal eia p you till we give }u to ou.r auII, ia brs;-tf the
wind b s tte too -uh I i alwaysput maytl betw it
ud hJddwdemlg.
smied d hiatl, eu dUD ie bead Mr. Ika
"not to yay -thn to put it nto hler l e hed."
It mus be tha d yr, I think, i lrd but at aiy
rate you know my mother m prm hra pomi to jour
aunt, Mn. Boitur; and shewul not do th wjt t ki
your grandfather know how glad she would be to take you."
Fbd stood lent a mooaent,d than with a toouhing look
ataituer prtiane in her weose suere d Mr.C(riitothelp
her over the reu; and they went home.
To eda' unspekable surprie it was found to be p four
o'clock and Ti had r ready. Mr. Bian ith art
cordility totsdt. CwHattot e roith t bemogd
Dot his mother would spet him to dinner.
'Wher is your other I"
*At MostOpooi airih we ave been to np, ad mathi

w a owr temI p wtb that my minotm mihlt Ati ph
mis sh mde MrsH oeltur-to et you know, ir, ri
nd rm W her. to her Fiud in i a t to c k iat to

uid s delighted to me that her fied mlepted thie in-.
I You wll- b* ida ~ h *uou to oe rurt atoormts
SdH Bbe ikor, kir" m id Mr. RM with t look
ved look oftmou d oo;-ei maynoth il-eIwish got iqtt
kad as -- Hor w WM i 7 tait Mantepools, rr I"
Itami hatb rmrdy iv tr.n a ytoMir.
sappme ouk taeto-wor he pm and omheban ud t
oar yuhrbi a

Plds -N ddi*Utoi to me Uut her ftiewd imnto t i-
'You :ifbl kiWd M.oMgl to giv my rapeow to your
mothwr," Mr. BM wet on, an thla 6forS wiHd alr.
I 7r doo't kiwr-avH mjf Iot it. Ifmiv
= iag Mm OW"iko this wq we diou i ke to sesMf I
IaInd to a meiD a,'hd" b uhe m tbg hou tk.
ul'liind-"u sog I lv ahbonatoak 'emto I
TIirt w be for nuiv nm, I dMr. kOurisn M,
specteday, shr riua MiMbia the old genitlman's ummr.
*I dont kInwi, sir I-add Mr. Kagu eM spin tOn d%&i-
fad look of trouUbl,-it may otuSl-I .isyou good dq,


*rv. had sub a ddldom~Aw, dsew~iy~ md B"W Fish
as they eat at -ise I-y- anm't =how wand Mr. Clriloktm
Na ho e ,--Wsda-ru &d~ st-he4 e-ma VWY WlO
.mM& W- Wbr mid Cy, who Pocing
cut the t
4 And we have got thegrea aurto d l li MINb
WImt *O-' UksghV &A eI lt.nhyd I winl have to
Maue ever No u y 5to 'lmell;and as
.~d~abi. on V.0ey9amyaylhlibg to Mr. MGou
dael. to meddle with *. Ddn. um ft
o t A m id yhithy wM anmRs- of considerable &@Lu
TL n ssb rct 4 eb QPvit to ma" ~ l

I~pr rav" =' Gol, dryly, afthr a dosit
P~ rn 10 tal bway to sweduldwIrdL~L~

The a pervading dQthwoad laugm, but I
vra 20 morm, To twobur hca.me saying forarfir dhig
not-hi wvoabhe kf hohuiva to a rely
rEw the ws avie (the was as
qilier imusin msekbed I aa i t le

Almook ~ ?0e wktoganer co wming gombeowaod
Nrdj*. b~dmkjwwv=:!Lwithjdmkb*Odbshr

nol t phat -h- woulde the =WeOOL

16L dweddspla;'undytawwwwoubspedbaQ
8"148 is at bs wr o* p~dPI(t~nrr

Bnr he to Ip Wth y I"
I rlton brr-I im it-ve to *- 2* h tio fa
Idamn t hammwM ampeoseiwsm me ia the Gbw
ad dait hI m Me it e ol ; awd he libed the dle
Wbh% o;re" oap n1o f
"0 beI mt d off t woodoooL I hop he didn't nd
"t do 7y think of thow two youg ml Wry l"

"Br t fo r m inedo axu M," tld ar.s ang, bu Ia.
tkhe oul meadw boiod. y.tndyo Ml he be sotm"
B"et t'other ms's your o,"MAe ad MYr.i baodi
wford and hmin sg U battle ddhter hor ith a
arios paud hok, he ot t did hia wepeo(g n nwm
how her
MYI~" d but he isn't eo mach of. atl D mn."

BuNt why, I
"H domol knhow if'to ke wordm d w i ldpL-
mI ask her aLo O tmI amid M r. 3 a M.
A lte o-doi to," tly to t oad w m eId told tL
"Ltht roMn ed hvow4bmr. (t t nd let te. B

I bould t s oda little rat out bly thdt

SM bdoth after awlwat oiyoud Ae nr by

bota th =momes ad moomo bpIap to s
n 7r de nuihoped netein .ard h-m wh ho Id
*a m a Qphu amt cirts .
er Doq'u .d ku m Plunded to dornm mdow helpto-
Wdlwr Iar lri~L oidtbe of ut-ouat; and If
both thaen yOnm aooyos u'8 irantoiu e help to ar
tRdu *b INI a gilO, oIut likely."
eipeot~duk~r~lbrooaur-l and heb..detoo
"nd Illgino wth wor,. Cylnthy," midn aPt
I1 ealnid think you be i sun uylpMe, suk
sdd NImlyathL* aw*riirt ell you to m~ o iir~
Butthbroipnaoknauilednothh aor-lmW

illath._.lUe- aitm r l.bdf
atrhMim wft in 0aftrm A th hs m ls
-ei d hdlyu-LiTl odfi
I ,m td h. arno bmysoPh lm ant boned

it n anl he~ maiLo t t dela ip ad low
dtheohb wllmon they 1gwiby
lt Sthe oUr siMr thft nr bi lld up s m
ibhh at pIlma to NiLa ls aoI 6l th thr
h'hbo hSd did dnl y In the dlitmam batlm thl had
blded f- her obei or ah ma quite at hom to tUh
obmservatiom S pollseed wt the be h ht a d
ligitdal thin popl to do thiga in k a
'hat wrm your so.Ma, wA'it tr md Cynthr, wha theA
'o,* lid ri thel otheMr m my it..

*r i
'WeB-I mno me oan them ilers th rnt by. eft as

flbeoming to have themt is t adyc li t 1-4o t the
beard power the mouth. I spom they mt do that iUu
th W inlthe mp, a irr
'I rot *odd La IhopL I tbokf it bHy
*Doyoul Oh 1-1 admir IL It mhs a m*Um look m
A fw hnIredI n tom Mr. I' nte the md ba-
to wind upa heav I ilL n J the hffi in t
aimed ta ude Md. the bed of aniMy becok that masea.
ion d tir M theih aidsr adBl and
tbwn = d to a ml fr l bowl. i the
lNttbald t'od no other lnlrt, dark baik-
omd o oeOling behind an th Mr ide t the brook
te sieaum eKnnin Mory for a me qe MPa aboe the
iL and leping dobmedly ow, t dmidit Me bed and
lar at a bound My impedima in lb way to the e.
tWhe the ll was m qaity af wtr that ixd tbo
th d e t ad MI wyd fta ardn uh ol to Mopup
;ldm witrhthe athoM; huotoa theebeliM
rnsltogd to aillD itforMdseal bitsael si
ma thit it pade m ent traellbor

p- tho u Le ms r thea mo s e a m dl i
w mdM be a=- & s uwa ab dinm led.
wM mad te w atn *r mad l o dbemi emth
w tme d ou mr am the ao waum rob I Kd M r l s,
time lg tbe ae ke a wood w up dthe nleOte
theim p; a oe gl l p O riadinm a ei
tar pemt trmm ato the oma d those daheep o-te
=whih the teeth ottee nW u atin oa d b ddlen tr Na
te.pblt tbhe inamatr tE isL meaU~amr, would pie

work the ni of life to a stab nad the rem oa
the ittle bok sop g up Im aer tne of it-mver.
.e would to tihe and eto d oa shM ai d
would lae her ba didr ith the or th a"
chin7, and thenr M to tohe laugh ao the iLm; she
woal ne writh urntgal putianoe csord aitr amotbr out ad
mt aide, nd lo som id to lo; aid newr turned wmy a
fte the rliitriou Impe f Tirs doip Ia Fed Id
wi'tehape t.paIntr. BW M
ar ad e r e tmber Ilysout the grand n IO
d1ir ad rit0 a position, the re ra pia aarm
ino r b o.,ei to nw but ad
SplMr 'Ir hra gnw har L hi mrind ar
Whmr thy made dollar and Ocnt, she mwa growi
riin o art tho sad atocatiou ofbeity. How mu
puama the seOi thine ar I
'That bad ouh to be your gandpa's mIl this minute"
obmrd Cymthy.
4IwIhvi(MrI midfW.. NWho'xowiCtoWrGythyr
SOWe tOht ckheoOeam I eapsot )-i' goInrttymush
as hib orn t I told I .r%. Ni I wodt lt hi
ie tlfltwatme, t thatim. Yoarprmdp'dbegladto get
It bek now, I gums"
ldb gmed so too; but also ad that Mis Ga wa
obl y h hmry ir om bdiu p d of the whob nationals at
ewatit. Sol shmadehiu no r.
After mbia the blowr tLh hf tge rod animMd aa a
a lly gala tords a mttl maimt iayi t a
ia ti; pni=g now ead then *ar ifw ttsd o or aI
omeadaonil ortrunrb shop Slem l milaMd toawriiith
a t ho mdid. bawt woh i the emmm an tie i;
m~aoltadti~t ttot nu11m. libels b

w bu t, =U m i saW i iti e d OWtN
a*otr bahdm tlfim.4 s I e f t n
l de iLb rihgt euit trm tot the ho had
g lphr e mqii r thrt evilU aI its
Stotho mew -Ii M te mo n ai m e D I"L
tim ed im et Lh i
oaSeth lhms li
At the n pt s 'a1 qui t ynt J od putdr
meot er mnt whom ish mw oooil rd theo earnr
hom with hoe pin up hebd ow fcr tar.
to -ome domrtio conm erni the pip, the con or th
anbt lrim,"aikd Ilhd eagay,e ars u to bee
tor to monrow- 1ont you com amd h1, ur
Mirda m her=m lupoi. eIdon.M modilookd
Iump to we it yonoaUlat come dows tomouwr, MW
A lint p wioee with hbr a"l dryel tea4
a ot l wtlM ws at wet -' e bthrtr h
a notion to ak two youq Mfmkb the bol to mis ,
Sthdyir ba Is* and em sot to Im s IoniAAl
whether thinks I hae. gotanything oor-o; bti
a'rin',I' and mat mre sommhin' to at; and I
Sthe b thing I could do would be to com and (A ye
into r i I old Ihoold fel a little queerto eli
nobody bt me to othin' to thbo at the table
h do oome, nit Mira r mid fleds; "it wiB be twit
at if yo do; end baidwe want to be e mthin wry
A i..n ald Fleda e daqmd t d inqied o aintA wht
be hd in tlw house.
Why I don't know, JW' PlumWdd ald the Wy, whle
Fad threw her amsround her ant wd thked her,-"the
ain't nothing' prtider-pork ad bed and the old toy. Ir'
got Maoe bnrate c. I callated to sk some mrt o'
oke in the morning
Any ot thobe aBl him lter
Not bome of 'eo-th s we. I dont .e how
thY.'"tvo flr rmL u rd j my07 % mm tro lah
thq = ZM %=Pa I took t6 bamhoutNt Mr..Didsm-
homr r a little oen liks a wea I should thimk hbd bhm
"* ood tat .eatr I tdom r"
N" N4 hUAd. I he-a't-t' ch Sa plagy 11ght Of

a a.

,*r .sT Ia id, sanrwa, w... ]nwlm ..l" i

ll, Mm td e. unAd =ilingM "*na down
le no w, mdI r r toouowm and I gumrs wll A Dt
wo bi that w i, b a a tm d t"
lsd Cym both opwLned at oDto.
*One othmn i oud nt Mirm, tt wr at Wedt
toinr, rd tih otbhr b viaM mtlMyao ur aw
-=a w like him very nuh- b m with m gettif
ad *l to-y"

wflMedmt t. a t Goolt, od l I
bLe took lei's lhed i bth hemadml pe her a most
edionate hi; nd the two pstitiona t off ham
Aent Miam wMs notata like her bIother.ina.Ithoau
the modal eelmerimka touted the m l mdL
The w e tihe expr onof *ebtn aa and au t
the uabending u(rl of mr nd bodytoe;id the
i o ab~n n crater, themo ome a Ur.
sIb reh a wD beam him -ter. SMe lml been
bmo& up un- tWe Quono -d waoid fcr mwr
a imaath Pitkridm, she mietini of th
i ebent gmntleaM of mind nd meaner that boldp
b to them. Moe womanly eweetar thmn twa in Mr.
lntaai 4 a woman need not wihi to ham; end perha
hit h~ d bro so mac Thrm Ru no want of it in her
hert, nor in hr mannr, It tLhe mear ad miar xcedo
of her harcter were a litte ovedowedbr mru
houMkeeping. Not a ta o atlittle tatom imgrowa
theom,-not a trae o the rnnowni of mind that over-
tmation to inac pudta i too It to bit|g;-oa evr im-
ptat -o mand JeMirialn om com t m-
aMked from ad the oobweb *tuglemt of hounsewifery;
he would ha toed houmewiory to the wind if ned wee
(hbt it neer wa, ftr i a new Mma M he alway coatrived to
Msks both meek) It wu ay in the uobA i everyday
hrof~r~wrbttw~y IIdd~rrn*n

L.d WN *A =A NM=% m &u I mw tvzkm W.
mi bomma Usk d ml rr b a um a tb* w
w hseI. flI t lom i b* w of bw bralb.,
w. uiRahow M&so@MOWwl au a o.Mt d" -V mwid
= b b ad mim ftw~ dudi b ud he j ar
a .Wf &hI -YiI moma ormmm"Mota myan
mu Nowbuamim odw 6Wbd IN, go ydpng at a
am~L ~drr 0Ib; rh

Tone Loa&dt un I WMa

Il the nuageet and best private rom of the Hoom at Monts-
pool 'pF iodina e cdi mt was"'pthed, awaitia
ale u any eoald be inf bhons bil for a*the seMq
aer the season was A splendid is d h y ll p vr n
turning bdillnt ly m is ameands for any dedomlries
the dosed wooden hutn av the reality it aot the look
earth, for though the days might be s and mild the mora-
imp end evenings wra lrm y ool OP thup s among the
mountain; and a table toodt the rt p- of redilins br
bn dinner ser d. They only waited f the lingering wood-
It wa rather an elderly with the ecptytiB f 1Ocr
young m whoMes might madi tht d the abnt two. He
wasnw ing p udown the room with somewhat the ir b of
htrving no a to do ith Uim :l Anothwer mnaek
odd, stood wuming hi boek at the f, Miag about h jaws
and i with one band d looking at th din-t able iDn ort
dspectau t 6r i The et, thnre ladi, t qudie aittid.
Al l e pron weren etrmnly dift>tfan o answer in
indit id haractriatio, and rll had the namistakble mrtk of
thh bit of good misty; difficult to loosto adaso to
ecognie te of Jtam- which one ldies have the
must ofdifiing around themselves;-ao deiable swe
sInoin m Mtimln bnt m ia a v dryngds imprewi.
Orn tie h dieith mothr of the p-mbulatihnogu
oa&r (he uas a oleaMt oi Iutmue), w aetuly phiia
itur mamrs than cnieMry. Tis p wsn ndt how-
eer deiv d o sse, and t was nllmd by ammn
amoCt a good-toe d indd ofhrt In her son the

eim a

ioe sood ty tie of thoe rt m oa thr umt ofi

or vathr 0 the sbpo whine the Usib oim. he ba miw
* im otU to this mother OId rn a m i

dernt id mid lo ly: with a* hk eye homf m at Ois
slamcnral soft citd shovw mahieos slgnkupomin
The amd of thye willn who A wasvmse ex always
ifU e d dellte rt lrn ldle

T thir1 lud beM Tr hamjleml wa still a very elm.
at ome, but her ho lo sumn moet thor d's m
r. It d rfas plder gwsapMl bhl what
the baHtool command o. mp loobi
eilwha t .s r wptoman r A vryood
mc lloee and awn t aTOfMa b tit hir aini ev
na'er be n au; Mold hOUer b bo dwm l m pi oy o i m

hero au m i ent at length made their awen..
come home-we ate b amishig; omd Idon't bw 3 w an the
w orle wd ttetforyo, forlm nmoe o dlt dert Wher t
mnoo1m Whet mo, Mr. Boeditur"
"'aiwth, u'amnth a' little i moug to boast a as fr uI m
onernd. Mr. Oulrton may s peak ir Usl
I m ~,ty maT, you a mitm for m" mis tht lm-
tlmin. ad Inem Ia no anoi p dgl ay o dam to
t ad befoIe I at wd* dm of ito "

ICtoMeIMn.Irdl' MMr oad rtoe, And al themn-d iat
athela t whom she wma la her NWo eas
tanedto the other. *ovawny Mr.Uemritr1t
"No the tto show, rr d i' o=ed
one I me; md hetrdhpa b didnt men to im roomm
in m Iil for in."
Did bu od the re mad, Bother A"
w"I ,d m,,oaiatd _- y nou mfo ,r It if I did"al *the

hWias tihe together mil M ito Cariertoa. W
roneey, Ga.t cto
Wereyo% c

bueAs peet methi wnyr, s'm;s Ihlad ry 5oe
SWhIkt'Lthe tei" mrkl Mr. K 'Howumhpamdlid
a'Ig, dr, I didn't omnt I ealy anmw hr o beg
"tdi Md ntolMr orrd BMita, bumti forth,-
*W atwinl yowmy mh I te you tat Mr.tereto dwrted
m and the &apot i aot bnorem'o manner, a that he,
-tihe cyniel ploip, tr r em d bm b getlemn, the
ott owma tae Tdrdrt are ai o 'anm ha terM't you,
iktot-/l-sb Ksm anrd made a cnvaler. ao rant
oif imaf to a m ity, nd spent today in helping a
litl.ep rlc nslhetl l ^ ^
*rI. we ad be a better m- if he wer to mad a
dq ore ds in the me manner," sidt that a
t n the B ienroe o dinnr opt ap to both
tr mlon raati-an, -o ef the party leii well
disposed to tir am"
'W hibal th tih Uisk. .d th polary ad hib
y baint lhad ther An of a tttio, and a pir of A
W dd on the tblee t% toqm of the party found
'*ht uto do beld"r in.
*We m bed a very t=k dt y ot;abk.e,
Ktoo tomno e-I Iapoyou wil o with nt"
"With pl e ,otir but that am gaged to diner
about re or irs in tbeoppoatdiretion.
"asMpd to dinr I-wrt with this old (,etlemn whe
jonnigthtrl Andyou too Mr. osretrr"
"I hlve mad n emip a 'm,but I te it I met g."
*Vntio b I M littl ir goig with a Omuy
I don't know ye-I bhlf pps ye; theMrans to be
adoubtin her ndhthe' mnd, not whether e N let her
4 but whether a kep her, d tat look lie it"
"Is it your little conin who ped the Mas rival ofthe
woodoodktoday, Cmlbm aidN Mn .l What is ade "
"I Id'tLkno, r'@m, upon my wd. I pnmem OuLto
lt amelthing munaommon and quit rinnkldabe.
witlw.r.fL toal"

tbhr aMr. Lint. n'..
"Whrt' the unmonM-* sId Mlie. Ion1 ailrealg

egmms a
hsmmlf to M. mior am -sMe Mr. ohMltah ite
qG PI-b A1bs bMnom M. omlIr l"
"I mt ta lys, I m-'ra. I n m asa Irn but .als.
hiU mogh in a balon frInda a wt o i ma
barhMo. ahe -uoto -ns whm bs urn( at jlil
toMse m, fa somem diste rsglom with a imamu
on hedll a foot md a hmf b b her Iend with Ulh -sh had
been da indnsbwan hoif tmm hrflni md thLy had
kit iJr d stmill ld with a hb of khtobimm im
e my Iminug eat at their hdowmm blog she was the
'Oh CbLk~moa a*id Mn in, bint in a toa
on dvry adsl sI rpoolfr melI Whea ioe.
tnsl an dcTyorr oain
Sb Aie a poM abid,O u" da id Msn. COuas, who did
not rli her Maom pgrw. I
"Noi m'uag-eomthihng ame than thed
'Abou tam or la S."
"nlht' an ugly g."
wra nil aeir bet am u7y 5g."
haIM t d modBt awd sih woblah bloom
Ihrt is hd the kind of beuty oa wid apn to se
in mic a pWe," IdI M. Chri. "om one i d her
ha aly to e inre ab has righ to i."
vI he seen very w apl oft nywhe" oidd ter ss.
SWbom hl prator" idManInb .
.* HI mothr Mas nBoitar'a iir r *.-1
*AmyChalito" ezaUlamed Mnm. OI O kew her
Wms ATlaton ht mother n 0 I 0di know whom y
ww.takbeot She Ma rn ma y ddmrMtaenda. BNr *
tar my wdl bhe adiom--dho as ee d the mast lob
m even r wr rin boy ad mdboth. 0 I lod Ay
Croaery nmd.L I mut m, tisM dld."
*'I don'at ho her tbhaer a" Man GrLtobn went ca
'O b her warM or Bia oid _Lr ny -I
never ar b, but I he. hbmdlh i poat n vin hi
tem. Il hqi d that Amy mirid lmy ,l."
Major In w oarlid Maeid Tharniu is vW
l known; he s very amii d nm
a oe uM a Mo Mdai am mel," amid Man nu in
tcas that poaau Y goad diad ame thd e age
"Y4, he Was a sinlade mome iAfM Ma. but I

4, be i Vsr y t ol qdt id bmm
sh=uM A.s U. thah amm d lat lf .

tlmam imnl ari me."
iLI 4m 1ars boad hm In ommu- as a Tomn
o tlib BL l to be a bety ma be
h, Mi ndd Iu-cfndr m,. w
I is om of those iquha eold Mr. Chrton, *whee
pu iy of blood prow itA m~ ad om h need to o bcak to
*firhiarl" criem fu~d e cd artm Icoauld
m nothingtall tim wonder. Her hm is not at al kig"
Sa e lodr is not n mmok in whait t it in hat it
a atA. d id l.adio. m im moth

Hor im I cried nThmr fage
W We I hop she wril igo.t nd -we da a chan.
of being her," kid Mrs. oiton.
SIf she were ly few y oldr it is my bale you would
s oe d of h, id o Baritar.
n. yr look at thim spech
could not be aurpunld.
But abe h beaty & f fedtu. too, ha obd dotr" Nn.
Omalaton akced in her oao.
SYain bjighdpeg. ie cotour of the eye and bw
It s little odd," mid Mmn. vna rith th litaht touch
of a piqued air, (sb had some d tn at home)-' that is a
kind of banty on i t to amoia with bdi d
oertinly you TO me it Iinwra aa; ad Jar
BinNhOWS.dla mmd ud -"-aia blII maave no doot
he was,-And tchids mt hde ben broughtup ith no sd
'firtnl n a little, tthia
hlhbeediings a vierne thi t itu ci be given nor
bequeathed; and we manotit
But it n be taught, cn't it "
If it could be taught t i to be hoped it would be ofter
arnud" mid the young mm dryly.
M BDt what do we Intb, ,whm we talk cfthe high base
ing aof Wtain dlm-a-d ili mI mad why ae we not dM
appointed whom we look to Aid it in ooeaaon with oarta
names sad portions in modety I"

-mm. *
I do ite lorsI" Mr r em...
Tw YdIdel% b WW, I .A. i.mmirlm
Wilangs. ar itom baiimim"1
ad*A tmim-~ ejll ai .
'y.> *lr."l ,
"As TO do, 'r"
*Is t so Le b adig the thM we ete"d Sma-
and MaS. I, who eald be teahdd on ti pgof d
% Ish littl at Whilt his aanm y mrt nd
thr Im is msril oDntwaMt t*. whch m hem hin to
bd thm who e b.nkmup in the article.
And to irwat inm tmiedl i MInlr i
donA4 =
lbo dom. the oanteret ot," aM l d. Cl
?W, yo ars T amd 1. odd is mother. I VIA Ed sit at
ta table aiEd tto yoaif yoa tek ehmtaC Whdt do you
,n- I"
SI1 beg yar p.cda, moh~ w, you h did
.o iLa.6 10 be bI nlDot of wt4lnauy
a tir Ied mon icmlilt-tic wi its owm tl lI.-
mry acing lsm nothbito be dire4 in eawry comedeor aih-
llmstandcef lifl. ilm p lK nd it know so tuisb;
It I th tmo nolb, and it, h it pe to d; ir the
living plant ever blmn, md nt the outu -a aregld
owemrsU It a thing at ied algethe; mad wlmre MIu
ha not urioulby prpd the sl it his Iain to try to ml e it
grow. f Is not Vnery al met with
"No Indeed,'" i Mrs. ato:-bt you are me s.
tiouly nice ia Al your noting I-at this ate nothing wl ever
dl think it so ey unoumoa," mid Mmn. 2mn.
A a emto iM aM h a ot it m ur be p*ted, Mr.
"O 2,% MIrL. o L" sene. mn = *IdooI r e rL
--I da thLdkb oA ch e *a combliion as Mr.
Ouiaon ho bn ikiig f-vty ly -but, I- r. ClteM ,
drt TOP think i muny and inf tht hio t sodrat
cebtLM hbdits t ie otently the dt p"dd mG
a Feoibly," uwnsd IhI diving at te mef i bWle

ad t the om" M ma in
615j' D do now I o% kam-ft is adop

Guy I. l~ftw .th lulaythin s noat ae&l
is I meyomehiftl*&Yhores b dmageadvast of
b~at Whirethe
I~rt nid Um 7borm.~dll
I ifige not ast osulmit
bdkqmi% or & 6 "docrine;~ rrl
dos tmadd dicbsulll dijm4am lamin

hpay, a mo% many be thrown awa. ht this dMode thing we
ePesh of is mot blnlgmoe mem but mum
1:21sab cmiaina with a
pollially An malncomr~a

sm with n ombd even with vm l with a ad
1*Dt '. lfti tbus.,' do myou think atmo oover nus fl

uo Piobnly aol em; the dimoni In -e hinimo m i
the ps;-bot it In the diamd Nature mome now mad
them toh e bmtas 'selaah dmAl mdIm is in moms
odd corner or *athe o while .1. bee hft down in the
lron aon whh I andommlis mid Mr. 114 thia ble
litib hoaltaut sm le a rlum in ahllq
a Orlt~L~alAolon llo-Roodtwlb

I=ra hmd back in ho, = a and quietly a.eor a
morehe, mare-b mnmL tha thevd fees cIthol 6mo1 al

gbowd ha heed sqod mml *o I aw
..d IN.- shb m wo uoud y, inkm twlW
holing a 016M4 then so hi s du dammb at wa
*L her bo ad ad mu md to rd~r

a We&* odd 7bar%-Ob this Me s kibW pd a wdl-~
looking u trot S lr mi a liums 1 *

tde i tter
= M6Y ol mrid" f -*. sh
3a.l 1 n h dUL. Na r t I I g sh ,
*Noib tMe bdMw ai* bUr* loo fa uo stile-
.odr 1n tell "'1??" 1me l Mathn murleto
My unls mans be wlto be a Wry, meu, Mrl .
l too pepMan all tib be umlo Muat-
Tf ob MadeL Aaldoitmi"did MI. Oua =M%
*U ndOtOd I" nobiMd Ne. N CILeo.
Don't mistae ma, mothr,-I do not mem tht it dhow
y want o readinga or wAitoVA itt itdo ldigel autrahMed
&aasnt- mid fr ethe reuigBd li."
SSh met toez Mda iandiltnBm tooe eh" red Mr.
1Ay.-bat pidead the dignity at rnk, aUid und oubt
om r ""aqof A woan motei, might riAabe
that, and yet ewrtly ttrfy ed A to play wield MeS
t a par in orditry li"
Sd she had noa sck part to pl, alid Mra. COMleo.
mrtib, mother-bt I an oIIari bhw"
*It l-e th amu M i of aseid nbent etfataleJ tat-to
oapm tM ina iird, Marie Antointt looks to me lik a
n"r tioo that hl oometo it brilliant pdoo of bloom in
aoGo-it wul lose its bauty in thie Ato e sir-it
wamid obna ad doop it it heanelli ana ud
oeIDnt astilal naitemenut i-the otr, arid l.rtoa
mui*ir- is a slowr of the wood, ig its head mion bet
ad mnow and the rod l whri e Io etame ba Plaed It, wth
Sair f quiet ptiot aduran ;-r Iamio d ma bigit
tothe ld nybt bit eMtle tan be notb it
wllr up iimohdan ide its tims in lauqid
sbe%,t sweetwds to med"
ene emotio fr m crid Bogithr,-lf laihm d *pB
for her. I don't like ple eleg ole."
rd mkb a pim poetry of that if I ws yo, Qrato,"
aidr.n tho.
Mr. Carltoo ha done that reab," aid Mra. hea
I nver hrd youaik beUns Goy,' mid he mothr
look rat him. B eyes had grown de with intaaly ot en-
11110 walme hgpy. He load Y a asn
bdir- tlimdtfil di-nii irboor lbdoitdiprd

- mli a do sibm him% mad dolitng -M EIo h* wvta
m umlir.

th i' w aM kM thtoi. *'Ifi theis aB hlt7 i ys not I
I IM 14106010 ir0iLi b 1mni F*m l
SWedmlru base tm Nis be* int "yam b

Would in the World to w ME ment

"hqor. eaulriL a knitt-notwiu eLm-noha
IM hi. He amot rat at hoM-be bbho peitics-bi
its away tm country to county and domet nuin Im AY-
SAnd MOu with im."
*And irtth hl. I lhauld li to I if rfw could not
p IMds him to M(a at homL*
'I ms you haw pted him too aem*" sid Ma. vlyn
I omnot ha ptted MU too muh*, for e has neem diap-
paidted =."
'No-dof mro not; but it me you fad it diMial to la
SNo on mr a needed in doing that" aid Mrn. Culat
with a mile that wam anything bou an riled one. aH
naIr wd dating, od to le hd M isinslp l You my
y it, and whie you think you ewe nontot your and iN he
thlait worth iMW you will oudi eid h is leading
yoe. It l so with wrevnyboy-in -som p way."
s e rI ag othr duap I d the anas,


oas peat d uncommon u woa Ieon Mr. a
Ap-ru -odltootalourim

Sthe dinMd brout pe asur ur opmd ad .t
ad.r;tbh ma-lolk, m he cdkd tae, w I the whler o
*ackpttofthebhouMfortheiropntion. Sworm theliton
ld, in good time, they w uaherde into a qua b
Ming rnom-a strong acontrat em to their di o at the
dol-which e them nothing of the weloomeo'teb w
ra-hous khen, and where nothing do theM o of ta
ditholom found le way but a ro smdelldroMt pig. The
a the 1ia of a place wer nDobody Ita ortins dof
Thisg. em = vr lolo if they ad mtde up their
Sto be foialem for a term of months i t was imporib to
w that a cereal appr had mr bea Lid upon the si
do tab,, that itod with its loo down wpo
inattew All thta blnie oolddosto mk=me&
rhd*id Mit did;, but the wiy wind that swept roundtit
ab ook the paper wilrda id in a remorsele way ;
utmt elots of mkid e could not preea it fom comde
gl diognroebld imprtinent whipera at the onts d
welcome, owev, wam mnd woeld ham bhemthe
ner e ai, frok, and d siMe; neither he
toa aC. Carl = toW"o a*Ldmird
Sh e m id, the Sn A m ned noble look f his
oi lok that W as pihi hd ameNr bdol to seek he
d"n i t *t wa small r tSi& hal anro ba
B abi adowiha And a diieaithe m

was otM0 smndea ahal ithm rf atpeacah and -u ai 1
toopaaM4. agtnd PonP"n I forthle het ood o Irki La
itnan OOSAwithah4"uaneauropoloas worid. At It
ir tab tti of is old e d irmit; in forr days his
ilyd awindom edd by nd te counge ad
imhi Bmd* r. lnggan na mfe subject for either braving
Iede's hmightd to we hrtioa pgiatied by the
maner I which b grandther was g eta t hat one c
l rsand that the one about whose opinion goe ared the
. Mr. Cetoa seemedas little aesible of the cold room a
Mr. Rign himul Fbd fit sure that hera ubr ws
iwiatud ; anid de would have at delihtedly towhat
the o td the other rereatly it she bhad not taken
notie tbat her cousin look w. io ang the nre with
Srodaund ir, and he nciadd he thout it poor amusement
use U leds in Mnat really uared with n intent
meritae of bhr own plemuens e quietly her position for
oe fm which shbe could mon redily bring to br pon Mr.
oitr' dtraction the very artillery of light her coaertion
ad attekad him on the aiogt of the pm. he bed brought
haom Har motive and her meer both maot have bn ee
mn t young gentleman. He forthwith et about amuing
Mlf iBn W ha little entertainer Id not counted upon,
nmly,ith ping chbae to her wit; partly to away the
tndplrUdI to tify his iariosity, h aid,"tore what
was m deo By cariooustm of involved, startling
or abord qaetio, be nd d to pde or confound or
enapher. Fled howevraeadilyprated a grave t to the
amy, ad would every now nd then sarprm him with an
napodtarn or deaer doubling and sometimes whe he
thog be her in a orner jumpover the fenc end ladg
t him from th other aide. Mr. RBaita's n spot for his lu
dnn r and finnaed, d ding that @be d either the
batd of nee Ls it lat gore itupy jut a Mr. lla was
king Mr. & ritoa if he wau aIde o Mr. ho a
swing with na -m-lNop, b etopad Mr.Bina would gin
himhshkrthima, -the d gentle a immedt mi .ith
tht ritof mnn r he Iaw=wOr e when he a vis tor
t iteMd wad taking hisLt nd am led the wayo;
choo with a man's true carlenems ofhouewiferyetiqutte
the Utche o of ill others. Not eem Cdniosedo tb6
U of the br Dutch over before the An that e w mtas o
dtoig his ista omewhat too y toI the pig, he led th*
whole prt throu Cnthi ottlig away in beite aoN the
wh!tadwlaiU ethugtbutmnut DOt eam whilo aunt Mis

I -
aMtl rd rtM e r thrlo k u d the p lebymr,
i which UBsa vatad a a t oiMntdeige
St was s im th iu ad col ft mo a tM aiegh
ai ehaddoieI -mro the brad slad med thedona
2 hthisis &aUlais metm .001t, (leto-.
Capita l hre-- aaz-4 be son ml ound i we Were m
fhrbomamrkas Iwamoe tlefrstthat broi oundim
this tonhilp-one of the vr flet T sttle,-rve am the
ough end the muath of it, and eenr hald but one am in abodt
t frmthe first Al this--mer as you man -I -ard
mi; most of t wih my own hand."
SThat rnollection mu attach you strongly to th pleo% I
hoolu think, s*ir."
Ham-prhaps I ad d too mok for it," h lusr br it
s taken away Irm me Well-it don't mater now.
SIt not yorrs"
SNo, ir -it weisae, a gre td M ;bu I wIe oblige d
to pnt:rith it, two of ao rtol Mand l al dlow-McGov
up -he got an advantage over me I can't take e of
Itself any or I ued to do and I don't And that other
delby mejustas I could wish-"
He was let for a moment ud th weot o,-
,* irt hen Infl set myself down her, or alien fr-
ther t my first hots was- pretty rod ahous too-
thbse 't to ettles beside within aethig lke ten mil
u In een the whole of it doed, rom te tting the
firt lfor tres til this d l.-
"You have sn the nation itself pri up ith tt t
marked his pet.
Not ezdy-thtquation of our nalt & settled a
little before I aue here. I was born tther too m e to ee the
whole of that play-I aw the best of it though--bys weren m
in tbhos dy yltherwas in the thick oit rom beginning to
In the army, was he *"
"Ho, yes, sir I he and every obild he bhl that wasn't a l-
there wn't a an of the name that want on the right sid I
was uin the rm myself when I was fifteen. I was othibut a
i-b I t ou, eirl there wasn't a ne officer the
court thrt played his put with a pooder heart than I did
And wma that the gel p of the ank !"
'Not itogther, replied the old nntlea, pir g hh tad
m l time abtitdy onver h Eits hir, a h rlta peltre
with hImr~ not e y that-thre was a good del of mxtu
ft direct materi, squ y in this eate; and wher the

ialteg w t fHar in t a as wreidr if M t tint t I
bu the rMl trAtet nkMeeood, Mpn mnl Ai
and om of the nte IThmwa a pood dal to try am
th b dr. Sir, I hav many a rwho I ad oting to
dine pon ut my f, and it wa mer tha that cold do to
bmei from laing vary empty 1
th But iw l tsm owm 1 did this happm ft amid
Mr. Oareto.
Pretty c tta-pretty odte, omeim" a wmr d the old
GtlemT. hiae were very mo at ordw m e, Band
a some rt of te county it was almost to t the
aUd th a "d o Nthing would han vkt t=m to.

haive b d his rdo bid I mano at hem t
dihear A a Itomach is a d in p stout d
abet quetios 6h sewenI mDjIIO I lb l
the wants rnd nwitrilgs he wur obliged eto o ouldnt
SAnd then you Mrd to rli e' yousa M grandpa,'
ow was tht Fairy t
Ples looked at her pgnddther, who pga little ppnimry
Iem and pad dhis hand oer his head .
W hy, y," aid rw. used to = the Torin e
Gog's me yao know, were air gme; and whr bpwe ap
to b in thoe boiriood s lome of them that we knew woe
ing a theA thl could to the aen_, we usel to lIt thim
cook our dinners or u onoe n a while"
How Hlid y manage that, air"
Why, they ued to have little blakons to cook their nm
and o on, tadin waT out fom the hoesr-did you
naver m on of thn -aised m four littl he of stomn; the
bottom of the ovena o large flat too, ad the arch built ov
it; they look lem a great bee-hi Wed-we eMd to wath tiD
we aw the pood woman al the houms get her oam n evealy hit,
and put in ar bth ofbadrhera mt-, or hwparmpL
d upple-pin-whiohever it we-thor. dim=t oay om scor
mah aemi-nd when we g ed w d
th or fort of us would c ueep i dI oCiWr
ad B id-4o a af pla. I tell o hldlr with a bning
and of his had at the laughlag lld those were i at
And them did you put the ovn beek agin ftruads
U ;md aot oitn, dar n ld M olda gatlns.

*WiN do y think d ahk Im ul nese MiU
sr midllr.< kbMtlMS or wilther.i
*O I l in id d "Ton IkLd tIh fir thd
ttdidnt you, g~mi, boomum yosu bd pt th-em f the
tla e didlI In weltgottlmmaybe plaKall.
Would, in some shapq. Bot we Werent olajo yto
Vt hold duon av far l I nommber oae time several ot
cs out on a forging eqpeditio--Tha air, what do yeo
think of that for a tioind-.ef-er old It"
Shd come up wiht the hie horit his bar ard,
hne o Dmvond Dim bulL
"I don't knowr ht onem m m e in D a he r.
dhidm l mnti, "but I know county c t ow the .li.
A dimscun kiom owed of the vario beutim lad moeleanim
fithe nimal a discussion in which Mr. Olrtn erta took
title prt, w U Mr. Bigna dented entbustimly upa
*hide and'briaks"da ane"d Boaitar ioodin snb-
oti(, it might beomomlitmight be med. Little Fleds
gaet ais anid looking at the beatilcreat, which trom
bia ba te ur to her gdather wm ia sonr one to Ib ,
mes than hl undentood &em ll;bat Mr. Blngun wa too
w l rticle wIth the attention at oe eo his geits to min tht
dthe otr.
"Tnht flow don't look -a if A had ever known hbort com-
" was BRoutus single muark a ty turned away.
emYo did not gie us the reu l or fag epeditio,
r," Sid Mr. Orleto ina i difent manner.
*'Do, 1pndp"msid Pleds
*" H--Oh it is noA worth id the old la ,
looking Fledh be my tori til be knows
thn b tMcold toll it a welhes Wbhtwait --
about thpig -We had been o utvral of u, oM atenoon to
t7to ti u -per orSdinner for we bed hd non--ad
-e dgt I It happmed dt I was the only mo o the
pr thMtatdaloa udso the rl w pr to me to car7
hom becmM I coud ide it the eat. WeUl, ir -. we
oouming hoe, d ad set our mouths for a pims pper, whenr
ut we were within a few rod of o shdty, who Sould
come along but our captain I y hert Iank M it nr Im
donatthethought i snpplerl f or di belevbel Ibdi
my deoek toethr m e amlould, and ket melf bak alittil
mothat i the g Ishowea lo deoa foortbd tmhe wBd
might m Ie ta I almost go up ad for 1 whim-f

theql a ing to the hbtwth" U ti was a kla ot a
"a b d~ d oide thbe ad I mo ne dow upo dIo
di dat i~, n wor d wd od my r mua.r
delk tmIBn Ib b ttorol down behi Go bh Iw,"id =-
"I knew by the T apl- 'u eye. ].I knew
himw; melt e at; but he kept our comwnn w
or aned wrhn he ws gone we t the pig out into the
wo behind the aEe and routedhim f and we sent and
aad Clptin le to supper;eand he eme d helped ueat the
p ith a gret daal of pptit end eve askedno qution
we ame by him "
"I w r your eaout-beartedne did not f~l, the oweeo
a long a satire id Mr. Orleton.
SNever, ir I mid the old gentlmemaen ner doubted
a moment what the end would My father never doubted fr
a*moment We truted in God ad in Washifgtonla
a D*M ou actual waie youre. r
114c, ir-Iver did. Iwish I had. I hold like to bar
had the hour of striking one blow at the nwlk. However
they won istt well. I ought to be ontented. My father
w enough e was colonel of a regiment-he was at
.the alr fBuoyn~ oWgaeve us a liftingoodtime. Wht
rjoleing there was everywhere when that nows came I oold
hi fed sll day upon an empty stomach and felt atiaed.
People rkoed everywhere that the matte was settled when
that eat oi ood fortune was given us And so it w 1-
wat ft~der1" ma the old gentleman, with one of those fond,
ph dam pattic looks to Fles with which he often brought
tnerl tscoIemmaded there r kid Mr. leton.
"Y'e, i-Oat- ws poa tick-I never thought much e(
~m That tllow Arnol ti uid himself in the actions
before B oyne'a surrender. N ouhtlike a brave man. It
amae s ange that so mean a roamp hold ve had a much
blood in him I"
Why, are great ghter generally good m,, grand t1 msid
'NoN eatly, dear!" replied her grandfath:-e -but nach
little-mded lity i not just the vce one would epeM to
And in pllhant eod .
'h were times that mad mo," said Mr. rlieo

ti m~ W th a l the or mean p
lcgtu was the and of the country, aiI"

SWedl, the tor mae him," mu b. OnCa to
"_I be lour pl no," aid t. ja dd It1iM rilk *m
dot know wht it would b r, or whet it would awo
cometo butfor him. Afte all, rather that tbo thip whi
t7 plhbowwhat i in thlm;-I hope there mm emoh
t *wot7^ though they ham't a good chesm to lbow
iA yM," tld hi Mt = mn itfOftl i H m Mr lb.
BB(m% to have ved at a t'wh thewmrs 2 z -arth
*iWev -I don't know--id the old gmatlmbl ;-- thom
times would make the rtt fit a nein sa toyor a romsem,
I oppo b: rbt 1 tried bote d on the wrok* iold be with
otb is looks t 4Id--OIthink I lib tb i tm th
Led smiled bar sequlesmece His pot ould Dot hd
think to himm that however p e eight be Mr. "gana
tomer, nor main os dys tried nmm could hve bro t
tot fr morn stern imn ibilityi ad pat fotitd of ban
ing. Hi ftame bora eidaeno gmt pao rtiiu d bi
sye with all it mildnem, had an ninobininithalt u
never have pulled bI1 danur or dutyI ATnow, while he
ws recling with gmt animtion and plemnr the so of his
more activ a d hi blue ywas shining with the IJr of
other day, his mnner had the lt-po.eoaion d quiet odate
am of triumph that beapoeka man w monready to do thu
to sy. Prhap the ontemnpltion atei noble Romanlikold
Sbde him did not tend to leon the hln even the igh
aofz i=th which the young n m id,-
T wasn something n farammn to do I
'Then is always trmidthe oldgrttlem atl. lod
has given every m a hi wo to do; and 'tiadilt fr him
to fnd out what No man i put hne to be id."
SBt," said his companion, with a look in which not a little
hagh rve was mied with a desire to speak out his
th0 bll tb oBrM uo rbout humidrum on(ras
diot.hor half doing nothing, or wornn"
'I don't know about that," aid Mr.RBian -th tddepe
tpoo the my you t- k things Toinalwre thmethatu
emo wto that an m ood in the wrld. EHumdiB
SAhN nedno be humdrum in th doing t 'am It is my
muis." id the old gentleman looking lo at m rith a
ingds 4op pLmt nwlh-* that a m nay gretbout
swot giii-d ia0fim c ood, tf he mnmiai to be b ad

h Iled toelp n tha la, dr. Whatverlh set my
hd toI d h. mI s dom itM webim a t ow to ad rni
lMow th rina out tasol an b ib or in mdrm tb
Meft the ie thstIhe mowl wht wuld be day's wask
lbr otlerwd n bel ora. b her
Borier'sailsw not ment to besL Bt Mr.O (atod',
to the credit his polite ad his undadinsi botl, was
bank th old ghu le ow he a wernd ith a pod
hmaouwed akas his h4-
*I an dily believe it dr, iad bomur both your maim
d But I not eictl in that lin
Wy et c ry th ianr I" a iMr. Binn wtith look
"There is not a onus worth or," aid the* o
mahibrowr ahsnhn or It a only to dd rd o th
opa d or wtah iti in the rain drour to
nrt iW I wll dot ner."
But A the worid is open before mch a young meu yo
odd Mr. nWsn.
A l oiarld md Mr. Cealetoe with his oormr mint
of em i but there i snt muh in it
Politic rid Mr. BinagLn
It is to Im onel in a sethingo twherethe sem is the
"'BIIOdii* F yr id Bomitur.
Notho bett r or mouse noble than the lnaeoi at motes
th fit throw a sonbeam into oblivion."
SWell, why not then sit dawn quietly on o's etaes asod
sjo4t7hema, who h lr IKI t"
*dbeaworm inthehsrtoI5nplpn"
Well then" aid Bomitr iigac tb6 0 not owinag
m htow or he might ventsne,"bn inothig left for you,a
Ido't ppe you woold take to any at theund profeio
t to e out some new path for yourself-hit upon sme
g-ad invention for bneuatii the human rae sad ditinguihing
your own ame ast ame."
at while he spoke his omplon's h be dl gone bLak to its
mul look dof Impertrbabl aoolnus; the duk eyeo was even
=w f unmoid, till it at Uds inquiing add saomewht
bu MOe, He Mailed.
*he neMarUt pMh I eer sdo to thie," id ha was
when I went ohalnuting the other day. Can't you ind som
more work r as Fairy
w i Id'bbhd with hi swontedanlo mo ghl d tm a
Mr iln doa with he~r, lel(vitheoet ~r twot owtog r.

4 n
S"Yo weu ls -to l now, radq N* le e ,itehr i,
ther a low toe- that Mr. t is iton i .- bd *
*" *l" sod Mr. B ggsa. A a in bhef-
Wll, r,-.hr is it that I wood like to ow "
"i I id Boitr. I I would hve told you befo, I
no Id o I ou iy o not choose to speak quite ao 6fe,
A, @&n tire before himn "
S'riravsnt two ways o d pealOn, on, m ath u g" idtho
dd (atasmn a little drly. I your Iriad vry tUnder an
thatobr ptert
0 not that I ow of at n" sad Bo tr "but know
there is a great deal of "a i" amoaq the d4 = ooa -
they have neve r =81i=n aas fo :mW them; and I
o I thought-"
Ah wl I" aid the old getlman,-" we don' know much
about noblity sad soch gimeracks in this country. Im not
much of courtier. I am ptt much acutomed to speak my
mind a I think I-He's walh, I supposed
"le's more than t4at air. lormous states e' the
neat fellow in the wor d-om at the first young in
Yo have bee there yodlf know" saIid d Mr. Rhl
I u enot, it, othcs ha tdd me that do
a A -b lid Mr. Binua plaoidlyr- we ah quarrl, I
Ift. What did e oom out here or, eh
*Only to lmuoe hielf. IJeyar going baek gn in a fw
week, and I intend aocompanyng them to jon n7 mother
Paris Wil y little ouianbe thepaetyl
The n santring along toward the hous A lood
lling of her name the minute before had summoned Fled
thithr at the top of her peed; ad Mr. Carleton turned to
repeat the sme question.
The old gtleman topped, and tring his ick two or three
times t the ro looked loi undetermined.
WeI don't know !-" he said at It's a prettyhard
matter-se'd break her heart about it, I ppe-"
Idare urge nothing, ir," said Mr. a. I wil o
yue To that if you intrust your treasure to as she h ibe
barbed as y wou wish, ti weplae hear in the hand atof
hr aunt"
*I know that, sr-I do not doubt it," aid Mr. RBngu ,
*hat-nitdl you by ad by what I concludeapoh," ha Writh
evident rel of maner a d Pld me es bound nbgok to thes.
* M. laLter have you al your pac with d1"

*I w-not awar thatrti btl rmy t lo g iir,

mob. h m Ml4r m. if i= Mom a
r i has maihiag nfmd yuii rhic tei cld bee it
I a lld at with & the imdi bilia of ar otbh
No gi. ita htrjui t Mr. Cartonis the

PI JC.=ohek was. hot with a distraul blsL. Bonita r
odlond with gLr. Mr. Ceto's asil bad a vry difiannt

" cannot be chrd with a Fmise, r Imade
an is rTWA, Mr. Romitur ael ris="k mie that paidm; j
"* faf mightswe olleua Ithu Iora ar the am rf
a pspirit-thnt is no need of written iod. Make your
askan*ro nt d A oafeis f in the w=ng"
Pdh" id th-e d-'sh It take it y
MW ;R I I to be the nm to make the apolo
be a VONded, "I'a M tSdho*,-
t PiedSoar health, with diMoft, md mand nd
&rBo. atr rll a Mr. brideton, ysu a tba
86h is ho.L "I have om notion a o that' i py
ead biero but somehow I had etird ly
was speaking o eely to you a little while ag-about our
maional quarrel-I know lowm your ooanbtam ow0e us

ahbaedfthbuforit. Ioyratubeingnigto'
ountcmand a shma in his grad =d hr ight siiat
t Ih e a h e $ bo o k b i = % b @4 I ol a gi T M m u c h
pWW; hravin by t this &vd t the s theiyoung
n w army introduced oat nce to the ki their
and aat Mirim.
It not too mual to my that the itlartrlaint gp e pai"h
sedaio to w -nAdwr fatOt than Wttnds mot entes
tain Knr ib. uBo nd spirit 1l the aotag
aMM00 d good cheer, to which hpd to be pamlhely
um u ad om baMk to it aeTC(r iag tW do Wia.
D thawit hn ( mg*u l tbqr d MpdMrs t to

a nl thl t msfr ym e gamlou t ast ha bev a knoewMn
the mreid world n snaom i the ea s of ertarly m of th
. Yet the bod hd a character of its ows, r
nd fom vulgmrity, and Zn"ii amaP bb me wit tsh
edition ad demenor o th presided ovr it- coam
lt l osmbstuania loobkth^ could aord to dimI
writhm rgram; a self-pex that was urnot a hl ofric m
Aunt Miiiam's nceaiMful eforts derv to be celebrated.
In the middle of the table th p d mber of the pig
robed book elevated t -a 7tr o -but worthyof
tbhe dce be Mi4 s the bhooun I him by everybody ibu.
"bmtUArti nLmt r iim set dtown a bekstof er
mrd, out of the new our brown d wi, both
swet and ne s it i ble fo r ed to be; the piedup
aliot wn obo The superb better bad comeo
na Mirim's 'r too, fron s an oouion she would not
tut to the vy LobLd erllaee of MId s rnthi's doing.
Bnrayamplace on the table was filled with dishes of pottoes
ad Or and sweetomaet, that lef nothing to be dIdd in
tr ompedi inds; the ake as a deldicous pr tmt of
the lest ofmaterial; and the pf, pumpknpi, M obn aoly
nat Miriam could nake, rich compons of everything Wi
wM eoith of ghthat to ive the mme-F-l1k mld
bothik ped auent Miam must ratly be to we the
hoome id through them And most bppil n. hm-
sfld e diooaerd that the lst te Mr. Bbina1ud broUht
rom the little Queachy store wa not very ood, d there
no tims to send on "the hill" for maso made co
Verily it war noto but ti thick yellam orm with which
the aps wrn killed rally nmde up th diaerns. The ost
uorious p found no want.
Eaebody was in a hih state of ttioa even to Mei
nWhid; & who haag mee hiia Gai that Mal
Phamid mitdebn to = o.a t r E i De ot od etm a
W slipped hnersetofiohrwelohirb dtheteraboldif
bod was ready to st down. No one t table btod
utpon Wm r (ybthi, but a he thought of nothig do
S6 aybe aid to haedhid hir sem of attetio. The
ma unqualledstotion however was no doubt litt Fledakd .
Forgpttig with a child's h readiness the hs sad douba
: ,ioh lately trobled ihr, was fall of the snt, I -
joylin with a most unelAb ejmryTthing tbt pleuMd
anybodyS lse BAs was ghdtt the mp s r a o
a eboause oit was herw hosiitlby a
r en mau e .m thbeeqe w mer bets Mr
aor e ahle, e I mrt les t h eM -o" a* dbtk

74 q -mm.
snt ad Mr. i am's fo partl from ure snp thy, md
rt beMaM s abe hk the d 0 WO r. O Mtoo,
wham p l r ed liked very ma And after anl raphe
had d et mee to do with hir eJoyment than an Ot r Cur
Cti that was tr of him with aespet to the ret of the
a table. None at that dinner-able had ever een the lik.
With eD the pasmr l dn at maner with which he would have
Ss eortl drd, he came out from hi reserve and wa
be,ntertainin, ed witty, to a degree that
rd bi hsu very rarely bee thrown away an a od
tmr in t olountry ad his n-polite ister. 'ey pm
lated him though, well a- my courtly dide d
do., and he kew it. In aunt Mirism'e t semn ble Ace
wn not full f some hoqpitabl care he ooui e the rles-
on of eery py of his ownm the grave pratital eye twinkld
ad brihtmn-d i re nrJy mawer to vry turn of ane
or bamour in wrt m yin. Mr. Rianu, mouh of
a chid fr the moment as Pladahee had1lot everthing
damrsamble and was in the l genial enoyment oftak,rth
iteo then talking, with his he in a perpetual dimple
pgtltti, nd a low lauh of hearty muemnt now the
n lrding the ooanvrational d nd indort of his guiet with a
aMplete triumph. ven the ubtle dbrm which the old not
qa-ite wnareug fhtcination Cynthhi declared
irwn li, lf admiing ead half vezed, th e po he spoiled her
au for she foot to think how it tasted. Roaitur--h
-hmou was en tirely retored; but whether even Mr.
's potr oo have m achieved that without the perfect a
aingof the pig d the smooth permuan of theo m d
ooe t may perhaps be doubted. He stared, m a or he
had never known hs friend condesend to bing bie oat in
the ame maner before; and be wondered what he could in
the aaent comiom to make it worth while.
t Chrieton did not think his eort thrown awa. He
madmtood and admired his ne old hot and hoste; nd with
al ther ignorance o conventional anls d absneo of what is
called ~lJ manner, he oould oy the ste ing aeM, the
mod" &the true ,earthopit, and the diied o-
which both of them o No matter ft? ooteide;
t was in the pin. If mind had laked mudh oppotit it
hd also mdedoodu se ofattle;hi his hot, Mr. fo.od,
hd been a n rnder, wa wel acquainted with hilte ad a
very itell mt naoer upo it; and both he and hia aster
idshowelk a for intellectual aubjecta of
m action. Modab iMi'sa court hd not bh

tait hi pia i r Id te i a w m I1., r tLd--
Igmg" M m 7 8 bb
Mh ldon--draw e o d h er b rows als sawa ad am
b nd hil al a ito atly I a.Mr. tonM ad M
Doinous rpsot whee ha fl it wash, d li ut bs quh ld e
hal rw, Iu mae than hal % t, the d wm Mr.(uiio
had nomor- ar lmr nothtan hu d panhe s w h
e.otd inter and S B p hW. ;
Wean tbh ror s m et lMNr. ou ld not bm
u c, y a mo ap.
in tJe n {into ths old 1i0ot ni riB. i
N.o, no" id ~h-*wht' the mrtai-tb tablt uash
ta tabe bwLk, d lIt A ta oin od oe oapnUt a a ,
Ait down-dnw p your cha in tL ad or a.
ml oy byfot, ir d t
MisL ad" id Mr. n0l ta a ride with
me to Moatopook tomorrowrt I m to mub yo aw
qaiated ithay mother
le oloure and looked at ber grdhther.
SWhat do y my, dyt" heinquired ;'wilopt
-I havmair, wm proy r wirlIl oll
YoUrin JA l8 l f meti r I
imhb ds ld =ather not adI dI wasm awsps
abM ; aL6 could noter
tht .a should to p with him, a
he answered ye, in hr ual mober mr.
Jut than the door oaned, d a man oermoio
wlOd ,isL hi ta iirndtr growing a l. maisoi&r
ook tht had mde a mockery om kri pMnimio. An I-
Idoikg rau, in the worst sna, his I nilxtn d
m snin M s anIm weoleo.. He list the and -m
'tl I daw Mlyw p into tw middi d tL room rithet
pkig awon Mr. Cid aw the blok chan in Iedm's
*Do you wlh tom me, Mr.Mcdowan 1 rid Mr.BiR,
otithut aomthing a the ama cheag.
"I ga I ho o e I orMthia was the pg
Wouldn't another tae mwer a wdt"
I don't mean to nda you re another tiel mrild th ma
! a I hamj a not to q* uit, ad now I a
Gum fieto u tnC! ot V I Mt aging to be htpt cat

eau Mi rl m dt crio n or in u jo
ai, an WA If* UKS old pemy moanr m iy
"ek t hgmhsY*aheseh

"Tea n av t to hear a litle mor, tho retuned the
Oter, rve al d thbt a a toIn speaking
rndm nia that much out f yo I LB. aU maI
haian o hl to mken a n a sement to pay hat he dom't
to Pr1 *tat r Dmrdto ra x mret to pay baeiO to
meetd be up to, it bhe old hioufor I Youcllyourslf
Chrl n do Ju, to stay in another man's house, month ater
wmoth, W nX you hn't got the manm to give him the
nit a wiat'r I' a l sateeingU and it's t rd ve Iln
the at HoRm bere d demean mell to do ad so ouht
4 1Wd well I nelghbou aid Mr. Bign, with patient di4
nit "nitno use alingmues. You knows well I do how
tall cae about. I hopdto be t le to pay co, but I ba
b able to make it ot, ithoot havg more tim
"Time" id the other. Time to chat me t of a little
monhousaoom. I was going to live on chu Mr. Bin
s r.d come et and -- ad aot pi mt lhd in may's
locket thl Youl uit the house by the day after to-
morow, or if you don't Il you her a lite more of me at
you won't like I"
He stalked out, shutting the door ater him with a hg. Mr.
arleton bad quitted the room a moment before him.
Nobody moved or spoke at fist, when the man was gone
eoept Mis Cynthi, who as she ws takngmethsig om t
tabl to t p rm reutd, probably for Mr. Boeitu's bedt,
that"Mr. B d to have that m puaied for something
he did a fw ye ago when was justice o the peaeand she
guessed likely tht was the reason he had a grd a him ver
inoae." Beyod thi piece of dubious infomton nothing was
id. ttle ued stood besde her grandither with a e of
iet distress; the ter alently running over her pushed
chebke, sad lher ey fieeed upon Mr. Rin with a tenadr
touch look of ympthy, most ure from sed-reollection.
Mr. o p ntly came in to take lea ot the disturbed
family. The old getleman roee and returned his shake of the
hand with even a degree more than usual of his manly dignity, or
Mr. Carieton thought. a
"Good daytoyo arar ihealdheartiy. Waehve hdb a
deal of pleune in your society, and shall always be very
to s e yo-wherever I a And then following him to
tilo ad wrind t hi hand with a force h wasn't at all
aware other old enteman added inalower tone,"Ihllsether
Mr.ula red his whole story in the stern aelf-ommand
of brow, and the light convulon of leatur whih all the self.

jBinmii mM ull ewlilo %A| .nt -d 7 pe Si
themamd WAuh gmeafl yaIms 7

MIrim nmdh own Jbol But fks kMew thet
hr g=eb tr adot eaIrtd. Bi strod her bhid w th
the m bo k d r tm p.in ll d a talked emmotio wh b bad
PrSied her so mosk the other s coM ldot i him to a
sml, l wmnttobed at lM i ddola.. Sbeladno bout
to look oultnif. 'n thlA he ind vasnw = by in m,=
gImtse -ad k& crid krMHo to deep thnkig bor It irotld
ut" roud tho deer old house ha their am would nt be
thbe to ber IuL



He from his old hereditary nook
Must part; the summons came,--our final leave we took.

MR. CAURLTON came the next day, but not early, to take Fleda to
Montepoole. She had told her grandfather that she did not think
he would come, because after last night he must know that she
would not want to go. About twelve o'clock however he was there,
with a little wagon, and Fleda was Iain to get her sun-bonnet and
let him put her in. Happily it was her maxim never to trust to
uncertainties, so she was quite ready when he came and they had
not to wait a minute.
Though Fleda had a little dread of being introduced to a
party of strangers and was a good deal disappointed at being
obliged to keep her promise, she very soon began to be glad.
She found her fear gradually falling away before Mr. Carleton's
quiet kind reassuring manner; he took such nice care of her;
and she presently made up her mind that he would manage the
matter so that it would not be awkward. They had so, much
pleasant talk too. Fleda had found before that she could talk to
Mr. Carleton, nay she could not help talking to him; and she
forgot to think about it. And besides, it was a pleasant day, and
they drove fast, and Fleda's particular delight was driving; and
though the horse was a little gay she had a kind of intuitive per-
ception that Mr. Carleton knew how to manage him. So she
gave up every care and was very happy.
When Mr. Carleton asked after her grandfather, Fleda answered
with great animation, "0 he's very well! and such a happy
thing-You heard what that pan said last night, Mr. Carleton,
didn't you '
"Well, it is all arranged;-this morning Mr. Jolly-he's a
friend of grandpa's that lives over at Queechy Run, and knew all
about'this-he's a lawyer-he came this morning and told grandpa
that he had found some one that could lend him the money he

-A *ie A* simb~ ft; =I V4 M ma
hr we wAemid etr n m I biw vi
ow, m I moa~o~ a *0. Nis
:: = ISO-ft."kYY.Y~ IL
"Cli hA Mr. eno& we "WSW add
Mr. ON)"
Bemammes mW llsb ub I Mal ft mI a
Wba dmy p i to6 Pikm I nt a
th gmW tbm ied their viamu em". h

echo .lht spkb. isM eye M1~l It bat
11gb'. mit awe aiwey I. thr nb ptL~ies ml uLb. l .~
woaM shrik&. b~a~a'e~ sy~ mY~lil ya ahmmto
.%. UeMe as the -
eamet to dno e

ud er1~rne at~ t~uhe ..Ie at har, br't~m
3obl toomoo Mwu hem 3Wl5lekt
itu a thUr. h. Imeetmle tha is l
mnw Pis& a aHiu bipde lthd mn a
naP eL edabm rd be thwes m mlf aa t isse6 .

11t haahe bmcd em sklm u'*. m in
1ooetwe Me. he ml r tmM hU; tri;4iw, Ad; h
meat' kdi ma shisr intb.r to m iMbL So

vwH dink im a hipe qM ad yde vb ghnfa
t dv Ow thathaOwall&ep at eems at do ow
Mr. Cklmn now m be am ad tbmw a M
U a dw adm od be bad bm q~ i L L
Tem twohMLeh ad ML Missi harmibya as
D" absb bat bA a6 bw. T
ups bk bad dood bw AwA a, i;7aw-,

lb4100 m it 1 d" a IkI 1)L Yak I.o so.
604U% iabe o avwmm" poiiiiiiI 6 db 4

aM pl she, u lMd Ms oM fplaeM, ut, dMl Met se i
sam tdo ame; uame em evsehn bmdula I aS
~lgIsmgn hB i e was Fe the me d
athe m me; bhe soetod hmOeN with being mA the the
IM-~ o rdiporiblr qoin Was ki o Wel mdie -_ with her
dem md thaoU gl the people n oml rrykind. It ue
bmtie i b sbn ad to oa to ai ud the Mn.
Ibsd iMai snta m woe alMy id b she a boold
tIad o d WI Mr.CrLet.o without iaq word sbaha it
reapply Lp s ry aio, ,r iato the (#4, in a
wm oak f ie mot drive bo thboq the
tMm heg dhad of tMI Was to little t1bourl
n Kt q Itb was oimot psh ed but the liked
SUm ay home he mind wasn M dNof daw bMtdoy
worl that d s to lie befor nd a ioumd her.
was M s child that r CIfrit Mi Hbofted Am
wh theyl td = hQao Iy. H red itin the itter
hated of hrand dola d the ring to trhe oud
Lwhit hardly Bmeed the belp hi hands.
Thak ya, M r. O a she aid, whe i e d reached
he ow door; (he would not go in) II h1e had a very nio

Good nig* adid bh *TU you pandithor I ewM
tommorrw to srM him about somm bauiesm
ind O ranpy ito the kitch. Only b thlds ws thma
.Where is gpadpOlthy
H* d Intohroom hlfu b r beor V.o I bliee
he's yin' dow. He i't right well, I s'pe. Wa 's u m
y Otshey "mid Her piety mddilysobed,
te tookc o he hoiet and oat ed threw1 them down in the
Utihd.itoe acbltyisa the pr toh grrd t rsnaO.
eppd st impe la the door ud hold hr t to me if
ed ouhldr r manum ri whisk might tell her i ra not
m It se all tiDl, &U Lii th iro latn h with her
tlhe lindlsdwtopto a o the rom. He l i
the bed, but awake, fr h e masd no noise MAd tihem
pMeod and looked upon her a she us me.
yoAnu not wl, dor udd" amid the HlMtS.
u ade Ee b ud baed r sa poke d ofar
wrltb e ol-t thM bdo ofa i6w ap., but sm n
tesman's~ St ofil r be; s o mrl a on wd
tmirme the at e b Iy Ioun N did act
smemr, or dl t Mais her lt quemtim he ueWta

M yonledWell
*at dear I" e i r id
Thm bihdof at o isig his om that Mapm
his Ntt geddug beabrst nad brow at om. NHet vai
net t thio t i ned to be anything but dear nd

*Oh-I datsknwh rdar k d
sh felt the shadow iand be umsad to that time
womlda ow hetr the ingofit. She phrt r tlt* tad i
one of his which l otld th ova lm Itood looit at
II;Ind yl-r b inTl ai ther aydm thea as
S001101to 014
1 hv ad a "qWer Oa k dewr gmerlps."
BEr grandmother mdo bher nomw. bmithe dear 4
litt hed to his lip and ied it twist a emily tha it was
halmot peimtdy; t leild it oa the side at the bed sia,
with his ow upoa ad pattd It aloi and et nd with
s inaorlbs ad n Sd in thlumI I 'slp
tnbled, d her eat was itai but bs stood so that h
aosld not me her has in the dmkL d ept still till the nbd
features we alm ind d dshe ahooled the heat to be
Mr. Bla had closd his parsihaw u pem and
Uslith smddbity t qdyd Erth(elbedsids
to watbh t otis sorriowal poatnce whick woam
oallit know but wlrhi below to dldhood. Her ye and
tbuhta Mshe at there in theduktwriih. M poa ts
b o bargandither whih aillfni hdoNcLat rirm
ndi etnnledt and ud r hom h it was to what it
howr it hd m hd tithas ud t6a *t&m and thn pow f
youth, when it d been the instrument of aomon strength
andwilded onauthoritythatnosaaldtoolndaminet. ermaey
wandered over bthe m it hd known; when t had fled trees
in the wild forest, and those Agro, then and slight, had
the Afe to the smlne owbn of i;owte
hialld outdone t auUitrnf aOll other hndi ina
ad a n thoe very A whoI e her eet lovd to
how in it paridot trengthit bad handMed the sythe ad
6i"kl ul & ail, & with grace nd aldsncy that so othew
attain; and how in hr moahood that strong hand hbati
and shilterad ladf d Iettle hidan thtd d norw pams
and we goa l-tasogth and aty, and the huledithe.,
we p d way ;-hia bchidre w dead ;-his oeM v no;
-th book of era was in tll as r* to be tertire

-0 Y6, 4 =1 mIdbfrodUrdmt mto thesrn^-
thewt liMb Flob;-4 isbut a peedljtbnv& the wal.
Vrnd =A thut md Smw old too, If 1 lEveao
ibms teto tbe uy much bP" in tshi smmb ad
Vih~l kmoy tbnt Aba bed
n1"wI&,4sbwnmlwfimkjI ma doIt
(Y13(rlL~i~sMid.. wer heW1 .Illin the
8 1ne ta abs belieed tho hs m Fma uba od bth
to us GO wm ad unJdfo n Il ~id of f

vbft th. And he wflnofmdsblhub be
Jo s theqht. 'Now6r bep I an IoBw bappy we all

Puet~toehe en er heraf
od lllblomtb.~~abblhb

tHe Im utp blmn lyw 'Do.
'Ijuitookiv upbvpptthehym
aeNod out.
rso&red Ni. Newto. N Oqv Uw hymn, 'The Laid wil
poidp ;" bt with hr hi. thw1ema thmh in her mind i A
Aw to 6Aarao o b vm,.

& Im ov kW
"O"IM kWA1

-ftw31. dmdyl. hebv l
ad them urn

V. mot at.ysEhecia l
go 099 mnadt two Am"shbud them b Id nih.)
dol sod ,o bwhaiq
016Brod WW h a tidhthomhi putbu a I

he.brn eho ltodouberthi hew mi~d mkedtbeupu
udTbm ind m ~ vd 4*ml'in bw fGfd SI
midrl lim ait tla vat f ukw
Yes--f.r the a rd W. at lm~mt hmemdo
Ow. dol I7bAdzvI.wme herik oawr mu o 'Me

dwhim abe didk dart"(k
toPymo(dwmvbmlvmnH"*dl~(~II w "Ma
ie dord to iem
Doyoeknlowuthd re bth.
!wtumhty mg be bvomtajA mm t
=-mlkww. lrr drr wbrbddwnWL Wbpi L
Lehn u -waer e4eher do with
Ms" UW in IMIS to swe m

e Do Yomer j-btiab ba awId w rme v eL% 1al*

uha the mba w uar. uhdheal~ol udliLagaet
aeeowe ad~ diatuthed by UudS~b~ amr. Sera
abo%. ao aeklmlkd thu. um dI dw

Itihia ek i It Wd&b ak" rmd h min dw woW
hadha wat o ea. B tldhe d -_11 ~ mlha
laordddi~rd bWe bo W4 -

gstbohedLa o may to tha~ MtL ha unetomba
FlwsrkMcbybdh~hhsdoerruhemhmi i.
Q Modw in UcLbmm.kLI

s hi Mmed ibk to the bloed
Hie l hbr ldo o twleor without moLfth a then hdlng hor
to his bre t a i doma elo nb rmt i ate aM po her
lJm d In har.
a todd Cthytb1 hgrb thtr wishd her to oometo
mud nothem cone d d t he Lmit toht l bdoa.
wearto the window iesin it lookml out t the aftBooit
ky; thw watr was m l ad i littlmahe beq, ad the la-
MIpwas bnianl. ButAi eFlds was tu Ht nit*, ud
iwomold ad p offri diD-ranioor amok thelilhtgod
ofnoy thromg tr r. BL di not in toeiht about the
peope trh moon a shining a ; s b though of on little
ad alo bMart,-e d of ather do&mtaH mo, d and
iAioa tilL Ih fd--rd-what oould it bea bout Now
tat Mr. J had ttld al that troublemnue bine with
As ho stood there at the window, g uing oat lmiy into
the still nit T was yqu ad Cynthyat the bak
of the hbolu aMo bat she were nn ftld king too
M wdawiatsin 1-Watkinl I"
'lon had bdusbin, if not ni in iil L& ipdfaint-
hi e dI her heath to litm. sM se had WakM
n but tiyw i routd the conr, se old nt euily make
odrUttheyd. twas only by training her as that she
oM itthe rWdi
"Wtki, Mr. BIan wants yo to go right up on the hill
to Mi' Pmaeld's tl hebr he wants btoome right down-
he thib"-4t voe of the speakr fe, d id could ony
make out the lhat wordI,-" Dr. Jamu%"
More was sid, but so thit and low that she ald ander-
Slhahendo oumgh. SOu bhot the window, tomdblii and
lasted ten t ae parts of her dresb had oned; and
osa d weint tdomwn the stais into the kitchen
_Cynthyl-whati. the matter with arnadpt
Why int you in bed, Jlidbl" iidO ntht with noms
I'tals wh tM had o ughto to bam mr your
te m,*d n kd iless aiiouly.
I don't h as te's ythin the mtterirwith bhi, mid
g NoNthi ng l, I uppoe. What maek you think
"s .I adyou tdaligWatkin to go far tMiriam."
rsedo aoud not M rn 'd ths doon"

bo he dIS gMrjdallr IWlVrtw ra NtM ypi a llp

roadher f. a -. -tos- am wtM upb a .
aw in them but tah smas for taind ulw ide% what
Cthy could not hid a somewhat ndi and smadmleas
in her muner wd i atreonthmend her Shee t dow
in the cimM-ooreer, reolved to wit till hr amt Mirlsm
mme them would be mtisotiuon im, fer aont Mirma aliwp
told truth, the whole truth, od th but th truth.
It was a miserable three qat an hour. 7lbe itdBe
seemed to wear a strn doht lok, thoul Mh sm i te
wanted brih light of in M d ndles, sad in lH Des and
cheradq usual. ledlooked at itl alto at eMvgher
which'. it om n u rid colour upon "ew
the'is empty bair atood a signal of painl to little led wh
ever ho looked at ft. She at tin, iubenile ptine her
cheek thk p with the working of a heart too b for tht
body. Crntham s going in and out i herndthe'aroom
but ld& would no ask bar any more queons, to be dimp
poitd with wdmwe; she wited, t the minnit mme l
ce7note alm which lied hd nd
which belre o autumn moom ly moulded ltoLai me
nod rtd. had yat r heightened the p ne enued
her within. When at h me mw the oloek end hood aol sat
nMim comi a r the moonlight to the kitchen door, he
ndshd to mn tt, tqto vile omo for tohe momi t thw her
m arouadher wasd speemhl. AunD MNdm's teader and
- quietoe oanorited her,
"YoupetFlIedtl Hadnt youbetter go to bed? iat
lo fdlory ao.
"Tht0 wrat Ire been telling her," id Cynthy, "but she
w'nta mindtol.*BtomB -
But the two little arms embced maut Mliam's lok and
wappert, und the ltthl fao wa hid thee till, and Fled'
anwir was a h alfenotherd culation,
Slam m I d e an come, der siut M ari l"
Aunt NMime Med r again, end egl eted her r
*0 Mo-I tn pito rem," aid qan& e i P-1 aIstta I

mow-I m no UuI ish e aIs e QiN woeM
alas% %I tSn arfttAe T ***A **a
yes b oi aho he k"

Wl"h M WIWI I Vilt hboe ml y" am 4ut I
_1 hr il n k Iiriia IL"

IL li ml -- mO- stet topA ha bd burt AM
hirm lf dk at bood, nd wont ho Mtr. li rooa
1tbA plrdenef het 0 L unr onqPg. Buying he.
bel in bor bsot dbiw n1i1t11 oM quisWn nd Cynk.
boin h du d b bobi-ktook ait the &6>u
btohr. Both wre ot ad ml motlonlMe ap wh
tm t LI i got up to reit the idie de wood am
ebw ta waiting o lon thn Lebs stey
tar e = oeter ks a lonu time O h
am ahie h r bed aMt b I HEl qetowb. w&=
trOod iAwo aw"d BtaL.
*t hid od led o" w ll Cyothy. 'I gsa Watline
h1a 1 SunL him to whum
Watuin Indeerd u ind otlod mh, ad
I the wind rad i it rwasm somnloofwmdt
is hovy boots woea C rIn up the lin to his room o
hel; but Fled litml nd yian 1r thew tmd of thoe ItALh d
her grundhthers dorm or mst Mrim's qdrt fotl in the
l moi--i iMatd ild tll t umitdi semd lke the
mbasof io a ivikihy Ii w oblid to pen onr hom
hed to hd, .sad the t link couldtnt be 04 ud. T noise
otWatineMt Med omhodu ednouthing dre or moved
bt the aidMu mtend CInt hine dbouM Uh" took ters
sd ainrmai a thd As e arm, end now a m tihem toa.
tal ut of inhtt Ir.tn. i n. enmM, a ys
did not mtUiri comr out ad M tht-I -f he wbttr,
wiy not ome eadtl them maole H d bem delsp iovwhms
Ati wot i tok his roo. and oh had com bealk fr a minute
tbe to try agin to et ldw to bed; why ould ime not come
ot ora. minute oea more Twhos of atchinmld trnble
hod quite -bnDgd lil ledl; the dark hiftour bl
om ander eM eye in her litt phleh a; alshbenduf
Aunt iirm'rs ntp r hed oia t of the om
t l-tldidmo suodd di Dr IeMti Me. alms e
sdtmHr --i-nI -nAi a her gLtook tbr ltu u
bud kdUf o bal inrk Wr tMaf hr bw a, ta it was

bv~ddowbmis hwmis m un ais
Sp todb-4i *A, wosM b
up hL bet
bw aid matd o ths vl qb m d wwv-x Ob
We oM U4 itUA *ta Ibs AM In bw u.mrndOhqbe*
NAthom b7 tW Ain unt t6. smorng dswned.


P ds d U."
olrult e her psdfrr

Wha Mr. Cetoo hamoked at the froet dow the net dayabout
two o'clock it ws oped to him by Onthy. He aad r his
late hboo
Rinnan li doed."
SDwel" Iadaied the young min lh ihookl- whm
SWort om in, ait" sid Cynthy -" maybe you'f me
"No, ertai," epied the visitor. "OaI tl me about

Wh wu the matter with im I"
*I don't know," aid Cnthy in a buinebke tone of oe-
"* I "poe the doctor knows, but he didn't ay nothing about it
He died vry sudden."
"Wm he.lom I"
SNo-ai ler was with him he lhd been mmB ala D
tie being tht he didn't f rliht, but I didn ttk nothiw
otd and I didat know he did; and towm en i bi he;
and laid down, and lidd was with him a ipdl, ti to ina;
and at last he at her to bedd ad aled me in and id e ke
migatll irp Mad be didn't know what it wi oit to Ib, nd
t lhe hr bad im I should mad up and uk Mi'flu ld to
come down, and perh I might m vl M nd for the doctor too.
Ad I eat iht o but the doctor wa'n't to hm, and didn't get
hm till In d ta Pim'P I ld, m sh ce and Mr. i d
Sl ipt i snd I didt know as it was iang to bea
m oe eftr aD ha jut trn, Mbh a anbody miht ta ke
MW' lims wa nt in ad Mt by him; nd tbi 't no me
ohs in the room; d star a wib he com to, adtalked to ibr,
b imk, a peq but he w d to thik it wa setting mOea

-g U M
tAm mmmal mn a sIe l dta mdm juat eJ im up f
w in bea ran thn fill bk and w a r m h w in

ld, arld ,Oabmlr ibth, oo ihkthem iothere m e-
n l a t eA o4L 1 kambr.r
to b -,a fhr'm utl,, pom the yoam ptim,-' a dau lmt o,
tmWe tM hlBti inoalr mO ei -r lZlo a dl' Plhm Ldm
td hd t abo r nd there utat mnomaits mruuag
irWU wil!saU in Ua t I- *nsaul col room whur timh
rin't no Ar
Cnthy ad her vitor botLh takin the beneat of t
oMUllrlchdrud in at l open door.
n rm? mridIr.Crlito. "The room wllm th bo*d
TY-t's dbeId o Imn thMm he tmhe oYgo aint hbWOra
and ase i toherm tMhe b u ti. And Idw ra (gt ao h to
boat of nor; she aolm as tf a fedatr iwoul blow hr awa."
Te door at the further a d of tar mB apand about t
inh Mad a rloa a"led out through tih ral
"CLthy I-Mei' Plumad rwnt to kna if tht iL Mr.

Wdall hd kl to e him Ask him to wal ito th tro
room, bshe y."
Cynthy apon thi sh gd tl v and Mr. Orleton walked
into tel ae room wor Tary 37-bef nhehad brn so
kidly weloooed bly bhil ol ho Odd inded t wa no,
anwthe wloomehe woui bhavo gin The was nonAe i
the obimany, ad a all the agn of the* A of the other da
had ben areaoly olea*d away; the d rpn empIaeotm
a mourofl uManoe thet itso &hloemrWnids soon oamm
ba iin. It war a mrw dirgemble dy; treip rindow-
heda ftlttered unloenoatalt the irOd u iwi nd
anw; and the chirs ti table msed a tait had take
l anof liand sod r ever. Mr. aorietoo malbd Nrtup
and down, his tho nning perhaps omewht i tinihe
when poor lta ledma' had ben so buoylatnight; r mEwapd
As chind mrin a tromund the hme and oulln thAs pp
mm a td to at lttl Udn's dedleotrs a pePO
a hd ide i le Am e up hie a i t*
Ma hato.l e -a-m iu ad m et hi- with the asia

O -
pNF 4dth m saa m md am dbut idam
meefb iM almior whid m no Yet wIm
aethiubg Nh as elleth or u ood ,1 he lalhg
hrw mmrw i ta od m bd l bm otby a
Amda rlad Mi" t GOirtb wmas .k mhw ith was ma
Wd -h IMli Wr N m any be had eve r bate mut
s ~a something he omMud mot quMite mdeMta. Fr he
wmid tbo h. ak U tae hg mpee he had ib hr thbi
Alte m tihem is ireid a emthm

I tNabld you to itop air, that I might Mk yo how aush
hloar you =L to dop at mo simmoka
got a twoatb Am dm l wA
'I aduetood," add Mant auIer a minteb' pau
a Ma. letonmm was B in a to my Wb tolm ik ease
d c .ed to ureonm and phr in the habu d ofhr aunt."
'e would haeple Vase in doing mod Mr.1 Our.
lo. 1mI I fo your i aim A ri have st
moth'm nrs so loang mlter a mrade i
Ait Mie wasu and he w Ih. eye
SYoma dt ent hna h d the pda oft m t~d4,"
sld h gently, i I mado haem kno it wai o i

me-lag oit-tht rhL wiaed b to iw M o ( hd--
but slooms I m 1w% on you an
bue II ba r h, i at whether k is you rdai ho
h Fea& ral with aIs"

e wouldwo i good as to take her.
I I has buet hed about her, frm the hoM" "iad
Mr. (lrsito, rwht hba di rbed ma po deaLoy
forging me if I ve An to proam that ae mhold am to s at
omet Otaorns l we wot e the L la forwnl dy-
you Mrerdy to prt with her."
Aunt Mirdiot hilAt ad ninh t6w teu 6"Ld to h.
SI believe it would be b," Ade idr-' dm t moat be-I
amot get the chUd aay fom h.r gpandbber-I am arid I
weintlnemtoido i-ad Ad Mgt "t to bte raa-d li a
tendm little rH ar -
For iae aicommed dMl -he obliged to somr
Aa h"an b and be som tider d h.r them one
wlt be," a r. ietoW., hig ru-mn antl Miriai'.
m triaroM m. nryo w being a tearing
Iroeuimr w birilpei de m ,
*B Itn dr-4 i a bi it don st mdrn a


Mm. OId'lmiA5 lillilb 95pia e
dI eetr a i U S uai It hemo geI
Mr. Cl om d his LLon phrat Uo tant a po i
mr n inll- to be th -e i .n a l h tha k i" M
e maswth mte, abor, Ab d o'dcin the AMae.
h wee Ion thi tm into the bkhis, ubm tbh f1bn
two ar Q t ailmgboan dt t al with sat Mlrm and
C U rY. o uer hmid th wit tihe amle im
p7tht Mr.COd bhd adairtl in the malC, but it
A a ais&W their coming would be in nin se ad tulne
with led boat thpoad a nd could ot t he to
lien to& Ni o I l r MitwiM. l be o L po<o p"
se uher. And y-
AMt Mrim's selton aaln ime to be ahsak who she
thoiht f Ild; I aMid l t pk of her without al r
U.n' %si Wg to L .a 1 o r aI ever onrrbi
Cynthis dri b, ma Md of ide maut fro tm h madame
I there en'at a anl of olomr in her oe wha I wnt In to try
to get her out a little while ago; m MWi Plhumdid hb'at the
hbrt to do ayWthin with her, nr nobody In. ..
Mohr yom ma what you ammdao I" d Mr. Outaon
MLr. a n= wi"th an baprmion fI hM. that her s
obody er a t that dbe thought ita putloulrly dil.
Wobis bm 1o b 1oum. M tk a W rftr the lep of a
lamdo otrhing with her," h aid hunrdl;-7 'Ideut
know what to tor; aind looks like death. Go
ou ck 7maHmhm rifo yOunus
"R.C1a toWAMat d-*.
ThL room into which a hort peon aitel him MR n HS
lm indeed. On a hir alfemoo the mn' nray ame in thee
plhemntl, but this urs a true Novmber dq; a pqy sky em a
Smaw wid that ioand it way in betwe the lbO window-
ihe aod ram. Onu canMr othe oam urn mly tamnted
by the bed wbMh held the rminm of it lti nowr and owmer.
At a lie table Ib t-- the window, with Ihe bak turned to
wards the beld,lds was sitting, he r h bowd in her bha
othd quorto il that Jay tihm p; a mahedl round her
Mr. Obtao wmt UP to th ide of the tIbh ld stoly spoke
he uu lblookd p at him fr an irair, nd thaks
hbe amIned himhbut that Mr.Oottam ma a Ras in
a1yprpmwhabaed mm mtdepislad b me

Mt,-s MAh mtb he a ehd to wA a mismk W on
bhem he M ier Liammetof spek to her Auh a
h aok-o I In inl lok o o-risI
=Ik Orb WW* -be tA D
immat prbosbwta io-ly an it FAt like m tthl; iH
pe* o:f now, but mot vi ;i th a iM other
ammeem als dyig" Youa hel in bm smp-
aer phere s Iota knw ae wos a Nipr s in
the fe thet wod ha vew Mr. aCdatem's molten Itf he
ad needed it TwentyJour house lad wrought a d abon
Ti child looked a it her ed bhee ir he Her dim
wn colourles; the delat brow would have m d peneld
n mUble but for the dark Ime which keeping d antd
and tl amo morro, Iad drawn undeamth; and thed
mulding f the fetuaei showed der the te t parent aki like
the work (the alptor. hwma not buthn,,butti*t
pag nftLnit b bMd bMeent ai r muam teinm
rld., OWid Mr.omIma wateO-trm Jat-yuoa cme
lhe wonrd were gnn tly and nderpokert ythey Md thet
tome whih young ad o ithoy kow it vai to dispute.
A-. ttd !prh:mitntooi t thpLo hiauo i ry
t as not rtne but enteaty, ad the arguments Odi
would have aged eemad to 1e in the mre tom ot her vide
Me had no power ot argiy them in other way, fr even a
he spoke her heed went down an the bible with a bu of
rrow. Mr. Carleton was mdbut not shaken i his paupo
He wes let a moment, d bkri be the hair th ln r
le' fnorehed with a gentl m gi toh; and then I sid,
mtl lower ad mar tonderl tha bd but without dihin
"You met ooame with me, *
SMayn't I tay," ami Fleds, oibing, whie he oMld em in the
tedion ofthe mioes av iolet esrt t el-cntrol which he did
aot like to see-'mayn I tay tl-t-tl- day aftr to-
"No. dear e" mrid he, t ltroking her had kndly- I
wll brig Youa bk, musat gso with me now. Your ant
wishit and we thia it i bee. I will bring yom ba."-
S bwIdtterly efir a Iew inbte Then she Ied i
mothered word& that a wroldale her oam ae little wri He
aMeh dhrl oblwhen ke rdthe door m upo ia,
Sa soomn a shs could, ad inMg.wt nd lknh down b the

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