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Title: A pictorial gift for the little ones
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Title: A pictorial gift for the little ones
Physical Description: 32 p. : col. ill. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Walker, James P ( James Perkins ), 1829-1868
Orr, Nathaniel ( Engraver )
Leavitt & Allen ( Publisher )
Richardson & Cox ( Engraver )
Publisher: Leavitt & Allen
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1863
Subject: Picture books for children   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Children's poetry -- 1863   ( lcsh )
Hand-colored illustrations -- 1863   ( local )
Bldn -- 1863
Genre: Children's poetry   ( lcsh )
Hand-colored illustrations   ( local )
poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- New York -- New York
Statement of Responsibility: by J.P.W.
General Note: In verse.
General Note: Illustrations are hand-colored.
General Note: Page order irregular.
General Note: Some illustrations engraved and signed by N. Orr and Richardson & Cox.
Funding: Preservation and Access for American and British Children's Literature, 1870-1889 (NEH PA-50860-00).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00003421
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in the Department of Special Collections and Area Studies, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved, Board of Trustees of the University of Florida.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002341727
oclc - 33214004
notis - ALU5644
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L E A.L ~ ITT d

I~u I1%T



FOR~3~t THEI~ i

5 1








I've just returned from Milford Fair,
And I tell you, children, I saw there
Many things that would make you stare:
Trumpets, flags, and guns,
Bats arid balls, and sugar plums,
Horses of tin, and woolly sheep,
Little toy banks, your money to keep,
Puach and Judy, and Noah's ark,
Pigs that would squeal, and dogs that could bark,
And more things else than I could tell,
Or you remember very well,

-- I I I I-1 --h I I_ ~- II

-Ct r)P
'CL_?3~~ c~:
c, ir~ ~ rc,l
~L~I~-I~_ C~l~ II~L -I IC ~P

Old Druid is so fierce and strong,
We keep him chained the whole day long;
But when night comes we let him free,
To keep away the thieves, you see.

These little puppies are trying hard
To get up a frolic with the hens in the yard.

How full of grace
Is this little vase!


----P---- 1-- ,_

Be off to your den, you thievish fox,
Unless you wish to be pelted with rocks.

See the sea within the C!
And a vessel, too, there seems
to be.

M "...'

If I

understand this singular matter,
woman is asking the pump for

In grooming the horse this
man fell asleep !
He must be a useful servant to


While no one is nigh
The mouse eats the pie.

r' JI

- I- I -'i


Wonderful boy,"
With the gold of whose genius
Was base alloy.
More you shall know,
When you older grow.

These merchants wish to employ this man
To do a hard job, that no other can.

Ii 7 .

I do not know, but I should think
So frail a raft would be apt to sink.

Jane brings her rabbits something to eat;
See them cluster round her feet.


) I I I
I -

-- -

This house, near the Lake, stands all alone,
A peaceful, quiet mountain home.

Rosa has just received a letter,
And nothing could have pleased her



This little boy has got a sword,
And thinks himself as grand as
a lord.


_ _I I --IPLI I ___

I hope these boys were not hIirt by their fall;
Only a little bruised, that's all.


The arrival at London of the Queen of Oude
Causes all this trouble and crowd,

-- r I I II P C1~----l II 'I

I 'dl ~i~ __ --y --~II1 LT ~ ---~s~--- -

----- -~-ji-F~ `-----,
:H'yi~ir DLi

The treasures of ocean who can tell?
Its stores of coral, pearls, and shell,
Beautiful weeds," that rival the flowers
Growing within our garden bowers!

Though old, and feeble, and nearly blind,
This good man is cheerful, gentle, and kind.

p..I e r i ~ II I I -~. I-~~-~

___~ -I I L-

He is very badly hurt, poor man;
I hope they will do all for him they can,

4 i.
c~d4 -~T~ ~
4~2~ ~LA1

it 11

Well, this is a singular-looking crew,
Of whom I know no more than you.

I I I --r 11-



A good old dog was Fido,
He took excellent care of Lido.
All who saw them said it was queer,
. That he was so pleased when she was near

The leaves of thi, palm
Are as long as your arm.

n, i l I --r II .11

I I_ Ib ~- lp~ ~- II ~I -I I ~ I '

- ..

Alone in the woods and nobody near,
They'll never find their way home I fear.

Now you're astride
You'll have to ride,
For the goat won't stop
Till he's ready to drop.

How lonely and drear
The woods appear.


That's right,
Fly your kite;
Let it sail away,
There's a good breeze to-day.

Merrily round and round we go.

Don't disturb' those birds, my boy,
'Twill give them pain, and you no joy.



This beautiful experiment
Always affords great merriment.

The Ostrich is very strong and fleet,
But its head is about the size of its feet,
So it doesn't know much, as I suppose
you've heard,
And is generally called: "the stupid bird."

A dangerous neighbor, I should
And wish myself safely out of
his way.


I .I

Uncle expends his ample means
In buying all sorts of queer machines;
With which, when we go to spend the day,
He very kindly lets us play.

A pavilion in Turkey is called a Kiosk,
And a building like this above, a Mlosque.

Icr, -- IF. I I L I Is IIPL ~-- ~ -~--U--~IL~ ~ -- s~- ms~rrara~--w~- rr---~r~ ~-~----- ~~-~~-o--rr--~l-- -~----~~-- II I~ --

I -u II I LT -- I sll-- I _

Both stoled priest and mailed knight,
Possess much power for wrong or right.

( i ,

"Laugh, little baby, laugh and crow,
Nothing like laughing to make you grow !"
0 n 0 0k yu ro i'

This little woman looks so very sad,
I guess she wants something that
can't be had.

(1 II -L LLILI ~ L ~--~--L-- d~L I I .1

r' ~4 -- -Y -- ,, ~I

These wandering negroes and their Afirican wives
Never saw a white face, before, in their lives.

Ah! a regal crown is a glittering thing;
'Tis said even Cromwell wished to be King.

II. I --

__ ~~_ ~__~_~ __
---- -I -_I_,



These travellers have stopped for refreshment and rest,
And the peasants kindly bring their best.
~LYL ~~ I~WN Y I VIJN~~0

The Ckameleon this, and I believe
A homelier animal doesn't breathe.

I must mend my pen,
I can't write till then.

Great delight these people take,
Sailing upon this beautiful lake.

s- ------ ---

Mercury-A messenger was he,
Speeding over land and sea.

Jane reads and mother sews,
Thus happily the time goes.

I --- I -I
---------- I

_ I I II

1Come, children, come and choose,
STWhich you prefer of these Arctic

SThe Arctic regions, you don't need
___ to be toidl,

__ 1Have a bitter climate, which is fear-
__ fully cold.
S Icebergs, these masses of ice they
____ call,
As large as a mountain, and nearly
A as tall.
The lays and nights are six months.
SI long;
Kw'Y There are huge polar bears, fierce

Sand strong.
I think we should be happy and
-_-_W ouhe-blatl, don't you?
Htr c l tMe were not born there, but live
Iewhere we do.


---- -i

N, A

This man is earnestly seeking for work;
You see he is neither a beggar nor shirk.

The fruit of the Palm is delicious The smallest child you see is unrest,
to eat, And goes to bed first, 'cause he need
While its leaves are useful to most rest.
shield from heat.


I -


in this plant;"
locked, and I

It greatly delights this worthy pair
To breathe the pure, sweet country air.

Besides the tulips growing here,
There's a greenhouse full of flowers


/ .. .

A little study every day,
A little work, a little play,
Plain hearty food and sleep enough,
Makes your mind clear, your body tough.

"Open the lattice and take
"I would, but you see it's

s lp~B I r~l~ls~ac 01 --- -- -- I ------~


----- 's
------- -- I --~~--- ---------- -- -~PL-- -~-ts ---- _~L__~IL------YC~31-~bl 111181 ---- ~-~--II -r I -PI -I~-~n ~i

Uncle's experiments afford us such delight
That we should not weary to witness them all night.

Grand papa, though old and blind,
Is fond of children and very kind.

This long-necked bird has caught an eel,
You can easily guess how bad it must feel.

-- I ---r I II IIII ~ -4 I -1

I "~ --- c- ---,4al rr

You will rarely see a handsomer face,
A form more erect, and full of grace.



I --
,, _JI IIII Illr ~ I I


-- _-L_~IB-Br_~l I


"Remove that bauble !"-away it went;
Thus Cromwell dissolved the Parliament.
By reading,--when you older grow,-
English History, more you will know.

This speckled toad

Seems happy's a lord;

And this hairy worm,

Though it can only squirm,

And has not a cent,

Is quite,content.



Good old Neptune chanced to pass,
And saw his image in the glass;
He stopped, and growled, and tried to bite-
In vain, the mirror would not fight.

I,--1 I -- I C I `i II-

I--L--- -I--- LL I I
I --- 1


The man who stands here,
Dressed so queer,
Has marbles rare,
And pictures fair.
With such works of art,
So scarce and old,
He would not part
For their weight in gold.

Perhaps it may seem a singular thing,
But this is a famous African King.

"Shamefaced Billy" was this mon-
key's name;
An intelligent monkey and very

_ lIL ~ ,_ is c__ _- ~-_ h I ~ IL~II I I~


The ship which this Japanese artist drew
Looked less like a ship than it did like a shoe.

It is not right for any to fight;
If we are strong, 'tis all the more wrong,
To use the strength that God bestows,
In dealing brutal, murderous blows.

I I I II I~ I~

--- -r-- _1 sr-rl I

The Queen of Oude is mighty proud,
She lives in great state, as you see by
One attendant hands her fruit,
While another is playing on the lute,
A third stands near her with a fan,
A fourth' is ready to do what she can.

this plate;

Don't fall, hold fast,
There, you've reached the cor-
ner at last.

Jack has a sweet tooth, so go where he will,
If candy's to be had, he eats his fill,-
He much amazed the Japanese, by eating fourteen sugar geese.

- I r I

_ I I -F-- ~ I IAI~PRII~L~ IL I r

How musical, in wood or vale,
The song of the thrush or night-

Well! this is certainly a singular group,
Ox, ass, rooster, dog and man, in one coop..




___ _.
- I ,

Oh! how I like to look at the stars
Through this long telescope of papa's.
~--. rrrr VII LV~~e~VVeCJV~V ulznyc

'i 1L-VY~)
' -~ -~ -- -I-

This little boy has been sick very long,
But I trust he'll soon be well and strong.

Bah! bah!
Oh! you're


Bow, wow,
T What's the

matter now ?

In storm and shine the shepherd doth
Watch and ward over his sheep;
Preserveth them from all alarms,
And beareth the lambkins in his

c~,~,~,~~~,~aPsm~n~:~ I.~a~b~u~EPlllr~\ &~?I .:~i
-Y. ~ 1'
.s (t~u~ ~~-t~~


18' I I ,- ii
__ -- --- ---

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