Title: Palm Beach Florida : The Nation's Winter Home
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Title: Palm Beach Florida : The Nation's Winter Home
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Publisher: E. C. Knopf Co.
Spatial Coverage: North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Palm Beach -- South Florida
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-W-5 Orid..
Vivusk* 00"J 4 Vqrl*&ix aw4wt WO, tag U VAM6AW; cgobi"&oo, -but
A Oft% PaLm *Nm* IN 12&49 tho eM Mack efift"; "d UMWdxiy d*j*- UK"-
tO fta 01W Of SWW b=Ud b,@- ce, nAuanoi, ind
QC LSU Warth SOA Uo AdWit FLrddp&tG 12 jbO WUkU Sdf OMau 49 th*, Aftbut,
QON& AM* Wvrtb Is a ad~ w U*Wjg6 &am ong). WaahlaLUals BIrthdVj KpLonyzkon't'AW U"'ttln$
bill 10 fte =US 11 width, "d &tout twenty =jLem and snow-shoelm du*uskont most of tb* Vkhmil
bwV-19 nmd=t do to =IN imwaa, Ux4or for, latafti Im tbus MOM of Puma ar Apartm **mm Lik
tk@ 21"Y Pdv4ft r6tv that v4dt Palm Memah yearly,
Palm BwOx On6 MAW bqgtrt. do wttA- a
Aid tof boatlftpoaaum og &H kfadm. ItAx a qcr- ma fthIng tr4), or jmLL Then VOMAW, the 4ler4w
Ott W*tPrWW fur RKKWlr bDating. OR the 00M. Me alelock swM and thm ma UO on the bidel., Tllaw
is the das mii#y for X bathing, and A caxlno
or a Bail om the I&t%-oenW the aft"nom imtU-1t
With R IKM Dce I!Qr thbee who prufar their salt. JA tW4 for t1te dance In thoM Satlift' t 09
Vrater UMLIng iA wdet ter&
t&h71AUfi# wbas coeoaiut palms an4 avteitk
kRIM B@a&, It 102, Miles father eW thax Xack- UAUY eO10"d 110ts lu UDR::RW Bud, to,
nmilge UrMer egwt UI&D MI&BkL t4blea Rt oDay WtervLW oa Lke law&,' maLU. tkp
2" W1 __ ffak*w at Xneko", Ville ty tbt Flarift. drnm vrorld wm very reuwft. Wohd Unwaii,
VLKL1M4t RagralA 6,15 RLIU11 Swtboafft 09 Miami dan fgriilsh tUrIlUnS archeatr4 ndizbmi.
bOtAl b1m Its own =OR* or )oss 11tillfs"t,
tlia ew 11MRS'SCO bldlim Ot hLt&zuLrft*11-d CelebrIflem of othw m*Umw ofteu kisd lilis
muchem of the Washington 151r. ftt;
bvisK-imd, school bWldtW nww*uwd in mwd.
tbounAds Ot Ra"11 for the jrmt V"Ot.
arn '"1614etiu'ril iLiLd equWmftt
Oppmaiattka for ths m"rtmno am w=&rf9fW I&
Tug AeOOmWla Oftctm Of tU G1ff-Strft= and abundowt: In 0j) flectiolfts of Par- Eftch tT.-
tj" tMore Wth ds 4" tq$ bo fomd We, &ud becawm fo"tm abound In gamtt muck aip deen -AW4
of th"s ftualtooll; Uftd[FN th& NLv&-W SIdMillmer turkey, gray 4y, Ottex, and VIUW&tL
hmt' that *Ot utherwise be 90 degreem, Jm redoud For the ftheriam wbo 40H AiDt ftre IbD ventar*
to 80 degmtlk and the mLdwtater ebM that might ovtOde, then is the steel pi". exteuding Ur oUt
ftbarw*% be .20 degreea, 1z warmea up to $7 detma&
TkA-=Oxmzt trade w1jils blow epugtantiy from the th-o oomn, wbam he may tish with rod and fftl bf,11,*_Iff
Spanish mackerel, kingd0% MOM, or the SOML4
amn r ifflaper" aba desmaing the atimoopktre. 'The eAmlla and the shark; or be may %it ft)k*_,*
#64" MIXY DERAQU JS In the SUDOner and ftrly tor the ibmvatftd in Itm prisom Wk or the..fm I
Palm DeBa Is absolutely frmfrnw fOV, migui,
The anghT looking for More Otmum
tha w1uter niannz WM M&y hirt IL Wort1w Iff "d put t#
sk out 10161.
whm 80 P" out of the dUff axe clear and delfgbt where the zallfish am# ktaosh will give b1m =4 1324
1UL Any ellwate that mp produce strawberri*s, Nmftq, or 'Cracker bDALtUMIN" aII the sport
XirdZ tZPtk,, *CBZNW grapefrMit,' and rowq, in tU* erebit they axe looUlat for. Th6 Mffiatz= 114A #404,
4ftd 9f Wfttor. Is bolmd to --owne Into fto uwn."
kkkis of water to Iwo than axee -I of t1ka-
Patin meta So a th*roqghjr IMA-re '&ad healthfal tb* me(ml-ftit 1AVA and, the freiab WSW Uk%., jo,4
VIdeb bD live, Old pmople tLke a how lesae wwt of the etty, with their OeVVW tamM%,
-Am WCWthlv: batiny-,climate Palm, Bmch is m-
Among the tmkml &nd SMMOWNI frWtx',1i*i
pb"CA14'a PIM of 1enlth and 01 the Otivitlew that grown the aV*C"Q PeRr, grapefrV14 Gralsk
WHU frOM health. Th6 Otreetz of ft1m Duch sre 11me, mnngc sapodllbi mam6ya&PUA,
MhOt;LMx,1!kdUM and co=ete-, Otwtnatiug the dust Mrsh k=Mt, j)&VM&4V, UuiM M4 DUCROVIA1, _4''-
nalumet aadlItLt parfelrdOO In MbItAUDIL
we4 pahn Bfteb in Som"M4 by a, dO,
Plank JMqb: 16 16datEd on fte nAia line ol Me
ompoeed of tho, na"r and w7ft COVAdhafts
VTOrMAA"d cmmdkaijway. with thres tFAIDIN _d2Hy
we elected. by the posPle. It hAN -An
mutA and grently In crea wed bklylm during SaS, =(I VMW Jyftft. priVatel.T

and t hane Ham,- a moterhied. An ftartl*etk
S*lt:knW*' curb madat; norm md zmTkets,
to X"e. In the stRte; Ffith Aveh" &MTVHS
VarfeC4 J*Ve], hjLrdffktr&Cjjd rMdo. Mot dUrftS tILO Mint*? IftMa; M_tad4te
-,wa tor fiffhhftx' h=tInjr, '&a*PbMIR& Rx- yx4ed. musemEntmi; beaudful W110+ EPA' bft
p3lort" tftlleal juntles,. blorelinc Afto-mobubm vwd
homes. It bat foor an"Imem wat, plim RA0**t*'1
Idek''gohni, Pd 016U In opeti-alr tm PNMM^ is tht b&nkjjff tqW32 of P61M aeai* COUDO.
for the Indn1ranoo ot ""r two, Iftato ]g"" Sna am NILOMW UAL It jff,
CoRinty: K" of 'Palm Am'* Ic9qAty""d IL
helft ew*, "Wnwav -in V*ft 41i .4 bMtjft j!1jjjj4jjjC

Jul, ""to

~"rd~i'll Iliii~ii~U/yI 'l~l~lThe Brenkers Hotel.~l ~ ij~

n!.. .. .. ... ...... .. .~i
i~a~L,, i;mini
itq "U... ...

., iIAI

Roya PonctDIL1:11el

.. . .. .. . . .

S.... ... ... ............ .. k. : ..':* ..... sAa.M ... 1,,.. .ra. ................. ...

... i



* .. -. & ..... __________________ ..... ....a. .

,* < f !.. fi "i- .


The m girden Cooanlit (;rove.
:x .

!)Ku-hl iar nd B eers Camino.
.... .. .... .. .. ... .... ...
i !ii !

i ii i ii iiiiiiii1i


!iiiiii i" x*

| iiiiiii ii i :! iii! iiai!ii i iii ; i !i, ii:iiii i'i iiiiii: !: iiii iii ii !! i~ iii iii l ii~~i iii ii,,
!!! !I!rii!!! !!,, : : : :, i, :! !! !: !! !!!21
i iiiiiiiii i iii iiiiiiiiii iiiii i i~ii~ iiiiiii iiiiiii ii~ ~iiiii~ i ii~ii ii iiil ii iiiiii~ii~~iiiiiiiii; iiiiiii;iiiii i

. .. ". .

Alamanida Walk, Everalades Club.
1Jna*nds i :*6lail^ A i :d A l .& i M^ 4 n to l 8 aei 4.lr As I FA hllA .E a r a 1a s


lGiON1nI -- -r iiu -11- --




I t




- I 4


~- ---Y--r~r F~-------m~r~* ,---~~r --- ~ ~ ---~ ----- -

- ~



I.le e Trail, .oolh.
I ___ I- \



\ I __ ____ ____________________________________ ,

Austtllan Pine Walk,
-4 -i .u p if l .i .PI|| 11 .j 1 ,an .." n u i p tn ^ Wi l'iiir l i-|' '

#PgipWWWHIMIWiggig qugagispentapit 95 4 ]Wageopeneq.4 a evaWW.gma a v4. proves powetat v + a agent asse s Jaese v >
a wesi t 94 4 5 I b e so a t t i I t

SOBr.On Beautiful rMunr AII nu. e.

10a .A I

_ Tegar agWi m m
YYYWY*Y YIULI 14 11141. 11 lip, I~l*

1 i A m 1 b A h 6r w ww LAh aL A';i^^Slf"iW OM H l-WU

rE~ ~I.


'I Wilnter Villa.. 'd
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *. '"'' L ,J&4'44"..F $Ap*Ett




.- ---- -~~ s a a~Y Yll Y CIYI I IIII~

frlh Lilr TralL
.L n .a AA a L adM a .a~. aaa .A.. & ..:.










IlPsi Bmeah GOlt C'lb,

~wnflWWP --
r-t-;;n Is tr'l;;;-wn-~tt .-;; .Y--Utv-; .... ntmjrLtLYtz..+r. .rYLa?


1F~k*rl:. ..iuue~,~Jak.*-*~PI:i~~l;':'IE3EEIYIPY

Ia^.-"!, A


Ir:~lrt~nFWrP"'Pr?"~**FI~~Yi~*"~1IIF ~''*l*i"~1~F"il~~l~"**ll~'*F"*l';
1~1.)_.... !Il.*r;*1;. l..r~ll;C r -* r. r-.*.r.lrIL*L*il^l

N 41r.


Nbrt Tra, Lke Worth,

Tari tlhrowI 'kUarde *tF~e

-~ -. '"'. .W-^--~rl-lrnwu w... u.rs... -- -;.. -.... ~

*1 }

i I

'I I


i I
d ~i
1 :1 :91
1* .ri1
1* RaI'oniiaTeEIrrEtI il1fM ii'

El Verauo HoteL



~I~CCI~I~~C~- rra~m~-

I~-r.y~ -ur.-l--~L~YYYi*IIL~uY*lrr*Y-~~L~~tYI Y~-.- LI-- I~YYYI-- __
_yy ___LI--. __..._.. ....~ -----~

C~eerm~-rml~rrr ~~~*n~rrr~Fn- uirrrrrr~--.

i_ i .-.~,* -.. *a* ? >.anileffr t,4,.=,\.,:-siani Mili tiirh:41 ils. : i i=" ""..= = 4 .:.I.. Is..:: I .- r : .::? 1 4tr: dI=. .. .< :ti, < 41 iti = .ili3y:e

, ..,. :.." ... .. r .. .. ...... .
,,:.... : ,: ::. .,. .::: .. ... :





r V



--CI~~IP- -i -I~~ mrr?C~~PI-F~~~~ --.-- -- .--- V
-.-'tll, r~~r( T14;laiLLaYLLr Mi-u.-~- c2. r:h.. .-.-

- -:-.- ---- -- -. .. -- .... ...- L... -. ....
" ." "a':":l .tit r .. ":i kii :aia "Si -ai '~

i *

... m ~r ,~ :>. "" ""
I~- tI:;

Irr~l* -~rl-~ .k1Ii .ill*~~*T- -- -~.r -.,- -.... -.in-,**rnt. cCC



-------- -- ----- --

'1 ; *rs~lJWLrr;;.;ru~YrlC*Lr*rllLMYI .;L;CCYLYYCWIY~IIY~rYIY--- ---------;;--;;;; ;1------)

JAkr D)rirp, slllhriwing Wo rnl's Club.

r~~~l;;,- ,.-
';*~~;*;;2*. .!"*~:Ci'ryjr(i~.;'(b~!~~Y:, :IiCll~p~d;ii iil:

-s I III .@@... W*II CUA w-w

Bird'"-e Vew

Sceme In Ga~rdem s du
.. .. ......
i iiiii iiiiiiii iiii ii i! E i !li iiiiiiii ii i 1
iii iii ii iii iii ii iiiii iii iii~ ii i iiiliii i ii i iiiiiiiiii iiiilliiiiii!!!iiiiiilil lii~iiiiiiii~ liii ii iii~ i~ ii iiiiii iiiii~ iiii iii ii ii i ii i i ili il iii i ii i iiii~ iliiilii~ iii iii ii iiiiliii ii~iilii i iii !iiii~ ii iii i i l i il
!iiiiii iiili4 lii liii iiiiii iii iiliiiiii iiiiii1ii ii i !ii"l iiil ii iiii i iiiiiiii!iii~ ii i i!i i li !! !~ i ~ !!

.i ii



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