Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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European rivalries in epeeo are resiasible for the 'bo ed and adveate the denutlatiftfo 6t e Al geiras agretnent or the coa0ocatlon of a new conference.
RORNANS AND JAPANUBE Washington, August lat-The Untl ed oState e nsul bee e In el reports that forty K reta were U-. led or wounded todiy in A L t P Wpitated during the di40*tof the Korean Army. TieJmptne"e 4snalities wer e light.
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WeAkigt en, August lst. Department beeves that ther pe Ameriens at Casu Bla.m.
Loolon.Aug t lat.-Davkl Murray, ndfelist Ud4a.
Seoul, August let-The Koren*
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Keeori, August lt-Tarky ne g fay anakilated a greek band

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lus, patents minneota6$.35. the Frne government th. A 1 de
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Londres. .tsto 1. abolished a regency consisti of A rLa reeeea h tel. asreq sentttgh,96 A Tp. a connell ot pini tirsunder stpres' do ke7 4i1 Lobadrp #un pequela ja Ider iett e i7 J e at y g1 apread dmerles a t bio qateto, enati64b deaotando f
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EspBna poae legitbameate Costs oCecidental de Males y poes distancia del arehilap rio tn baneo tan ri propenor Mnte on po aon some l do 'fe.r yeyas variades espeiesde hla do atresigles quo vniea 6x doA Ip poseadores de Is le las tiesi, bajo el pabell6a aelona A.horo poareee ul t odicia do 44aliegunea cae oz
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ow r abriendo grande per emIoer a& y la indusia entire r asyIla e all Al prp p a ms eao e
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y4 a a abrlan nuvo meroa aop pues esa Inagotable min quera oanario africana produce todo eso y aucho mias i so regl to y perfecions an pee. #'. Bast0 decir quoIe"sgoletas ca
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trane- do de sa extremeda ai6n pars Is iaate taaties p"$0- lospo patmeasiete. o 6 in- bebida, era earseterlsiepa en les is ria dranustieo.mpout all. Lr M 6as At tu a1a ath 11W do sA tran psla per lu ojego, espeeo. adsy Un epes 161e h t ate.o'4 L"hn btAOlO
ta las mentor weuado log tietppos de pas s .En la primers 1o0a16a, eo, twlpe apeupdes e, e4aetl SIn n -. lee haefia mayy larvs, qe i lis n 50* k a ban rastrmqndo 3 ndo' bu ,nA San el ardor eon quo hi 1 oedlba con na voeido d de epdaolai. Wawltla de ith1 n de- que euando ao ae toealasA Iae tros per bora. al* ma aiends elqe l posea m y med he nutria materialee ue oPeCr espo he tW dot paelo eea 11 1o has sie eastgadbe aba mgeI d Hde
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patrio- qaudaba AL voluatd 4d aos emetrarlo argo eamino, A her fnittemeate mores. aSo g mode- 6 a jutaba a pNeml tetd pars doe y sin que anadi De eea er a ia-o4-deA-f$dbn d l ga e qiAte6b. J altSe a dem a"dr ea neretn an tiempo detanuado. Sal viaje, i sopiora ga extranjeose pmvites dl billetes f 4dW del ag "[ to dgl iores don Juan V. Mo e Peor eiertes dategrimiato, tra- 116O 6 objeto. IigW i pe4ta, s' deolab varies ,S.m do ~= 4Mb 1lvars, rhIce -.
doeidos en e olt al gar A la eoteneo O0. ella puedea haet tra ~- la mN s l o el. aCgedaI que eraete
a In del dia so do sator em tan. COlMo que use do los 1- aqui to que no beeon emsonr Mn hNouna-Mlaes Ato s qas e aow els aa ta, I ta estuperi4 pom o vrgtolae, nor segin di dice, s pah. t eetaeiia aenbn pras
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en nsue mis devadae etoras, n, eon- don pals. tom ade i dides pars evitr'lma ralna de tod aooWdP s 'a seats e1 p dgoeto Is girfa tinusban eon una fidald ediatrble tapAtho do s o este literal.. "don Alfopo. edqu s do umrel pueblo eon l
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idesot en S osa elslea, segfn parece, en lombira via to trajd sJ* e esa" s u
s pes- todos los paies, que a ilitar le ha- dido averk r quift le* Ar #P 44al7 i lsperisatis deTl
pars gan Ins Una mis 6 monos autride Ias 11 d a nReh a a eatlg.r eil*e.of esGlot.oAJog tade do ObraMresmor
amen- cortne de Inglos, y en Alemanis mis. so detne ante la verja 46 ReNlta. or ate, iritriq' eog t ile s qu p reme
ma soe esA ay seostumbrado elo. oeuro y de po s aptt, de prowas del ibierno do arera le er t id Sepla y agril niari pero 'en los filttnol tlempos lmaba baie de Ha ev r, eso 1 a ih.
a pe- ye ibro manners Is atenel6a, I fre. cuartdes. Un eial eda ----ieses Udeee--N saet dte. 4 k at ea e
n lie- euencia inusitada de, peltohontre m. pA cnieieats, as d4 s eiplse. e r m.
eo en litares y ureroy paeo deeldm e &a 'g y dls.?
todo de div4ioan eo ro o we ( ss el7s- #r l _~ see lp ai4se los ya en n~|.a. rsat. 4 4t*M. l a a es
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Neo mos dis aeo congreg66amos ea fraterna d banquet hoamiee do to. S Ida am estd o Celebbaiso en ASimVi po"o do Palos la-fiesta del etode dopaas. la mIs. m mes teaomcas asomto liberaleso y moderses, rhertbd ypvlentarieo. El masdro era so oeelador: "abriel ud4 ls a a." T atn1 maseasdw e todos:
alos epbinome t rn dovivir

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No tard6 n me que se le
iba Toalseip oad* el Jego, y de i nms senascional apoer so seab6 do sberlo. I elomperadol ailigepse., el ve. Isdor per exeeleneia de i o -estw. bres do su pueblo, no debla peder 1g.norar Jo quoe .ra be m a )reLteo y on "an glpe de ao msya, quo tiheme un tats do teatrl, ablertonm bUoete oan VaP a 1s4.que
solo poe 4 9pooaser, pOro euy existanela o 4tax vrgsoness realldad nadle hlbiAera.erefdo, y moes dentro do eoto *jelto q po ter y por deso parers ela es k *i, z6n podern epesooater eome En usno tudel O0.Ao
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a sus frtunas, Ics de suem majee, y
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Joa Bowes ('oodk. ble en nmSte lphot Portero, D. Alberto*
-Salvador de laTs lIabana, 31 de Julio de 19M. e ( o i
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gre dily ethw A 000s- *hang. :%the t iat r6& tents. $40.W;, the eonstree- Mexico in December, in view ofat olat effort wJI be made to further
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Our titlil netrattion of wharf an with the INdeew r Go e exterminate efi
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gUK tat KI4-st gas-twa for artesian well. at Bad the exampW( at Penama, which pro. on a recent prophecy of Governe
mea lsr-~ a e7i $10,000; bridge aeroas the Osa- ves the postbIltIe. of sanitation in Magoon's has this to says
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nowr e aid of the strikers, restriction ias a aos- the "miary in revealed by their been appropriate fr we In the this is growing rapdly on lls the the pockets if not on the rooftrees of ade'it am impartial bit ae- meot which at 0 eatery, tion in providing coniderble r atiot for read building. Aentl and' Paele coasts. The Cuba. To those who see more in the
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a4,pdd asethne, ao "1 tkeay bos of Cowrmo. The rains asing the volume of exports. when the awl is completed. dinary medium of exchange in the
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e tM war, sbre-tootwed ensin, OleasIl, in ledfng serta of the an a $160,000 is appropriated for that may be held tp to all the ports lngkong, China and modified in a
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lbratio w, wom ,jad t pang of ies, N". ew er is at had for this eretal itms of publiel woe be accomplished anywhere, and few and this despite her desire to extend
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.- DR. ( : PAAT~~ R AIM, woS


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Clone y exjx*tnelonu kt hla duistto el aft 1905, lapr preA16u
Qe ma optimista; 112 i de prodcctes vendidoe y 103 M*eOs eqmpred s, dQlaton un o boofito e rspaete para I ceireulae 6n monetarla del pak.
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Pero de los 52 millones sobranmtes, deduaeido 9 del balance A nuestro favor, teq~taa 43 gastadoe A paf ses que no ndena mA qua no eom. da6 I 'ns quo gopstau ia so4 peets Mian as plealk Wr Baa-

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Aeeptado tamblin quq Ia eidnuda~m tdo a oau le Le enal so Upile que e'a nI Rjoeutivo el vedadero 7 loo
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En umam: I& eemtMn' so e a Xgari el poder JWijl he independiente 6 hk de onti Jo Ia tqtela di ejeentivo. Y n eonsiderari libre, capesa 4 plea coint i am quo nitq'r
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A erregir esto en 1o poelble te.- ton lax euales so deshonra. at eais de la fundaet6na de este Institutoe, por- leee' y hats m pierde A I Patria. quo bay en Is Misies algo que no ae Ito diebhe.
precisamente lag notas eominbinadsi, En dieha fiets tlblin l d que no e el msonido que se arraneaeon eor Orb6n I siguienteearts dei 41N mAs 6 menos maetria det instrumet- pente metro don Tomi Brte, Co. to algo que no as explies, quo we miseaic'Regio del meuervatorio d4
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troe organcano eospiritua& del prepto Sr. D. Benjatuin Orb6s
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Diretor: LUIS U. C ofltALB AUN16U4SR AfltmAtaa OOet*MIL Ttn. Sq*L4.brom, 4 h4IAC TIA 4rza f o r. ai t "mA do tl's" Ar .o r. iS t o tt a. oedus. Sulas.l, re

upoana e ngriaeao o, mnapes, pl
nos, diplomas, ceione, letras de ncambio, etc. Vent de etiquetas pra vienoc y Itootes. be remiten ustra a 4atorr do la alt.
$900? 181$5H
Parela motes if de toda class do &am"oa h"'I p eiald on Jul.
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.&ad I asked him. 'Are yes a poett' the Worl's Fair af neVhas Some dull all air that in the inner vestibuleat the base I *thdationa draiae than matter The
'*Yes, Ie said quite simply wherou- done other as boaut w for '1e of the solua there were still visible wear l ba e. At one spot worO apriment has jn4 ordered
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being I pXeted to sele a hero, and bile parks of the United Statet. And we're Ith-I led into a chamber, within which alt, the valley between tie QuT bh former pres makes it seem tog I was not dtappointed." Scott were It won't do mah goIm 4 ag were the remains of a foteral table; mal and the Capitol had beesr I etl ter saves thtw
among h i favorite writers. "I read What a fool a man can make of moreover, just above the table, holes eally a level plain and not a hil. The -whether this W'
few wrsm of letlon." he one said himself whel he trielhis best to be (cpA had been dri in the al wall iatory iscriptio, wias
to an l -glish visitor at Oaprera; wise.-Chicago News. of the chamber, preambly for blet been -e as evidence to used
"but I Sir Walter Scott; he _ _,Obviously the ppte Im amp to supporttwo as' Onthe theexil)s onef am hill, Boni nai yar an idliebut
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--"--4- of the 01Vep~n~l o fbf bm"!!a
' be preferred to Dumas."-(West- loses a job he didn't try to hold-At answering a a Vetanm Lamdara t i tl es
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