Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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refered Lothe srdial vis-t' 1-kgarum-", eerns. per T cldo r coemp.
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ates.t.......r.e *. ..VIst-aetthre, erant, Per
GENERAL ARBITRATION ete b Ime sli 31-ea Lo, erL PAAO
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8 tothe causes Of Oe wek Major Edi snlt in s n 4 V
of the Olumbla ar, phyi eal Ayr" an OAl 90s 1o
)g remained' 6WJ Apoplexy is 10r 24% Aa dw
almost se 11 tWta. To pro eain the p1ohjeat
?Ie total foreign Managr of the .It ea .,000 in the s a e
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P" a o. a isa 440_up -falling off ithr th rhecoer, n a daoe t ndw-1d en the a
A edlg o Dctr. Deoerbln serh oratea o artiee. So asrlt Ao order s lv sare d t n imseret said eag th rSl of the esth easpr ihs ea% r. National lw*# L"Wre renl am m10:p
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ po UsA amd. to Rekn 00owill tooo *. attVt ItV06t4 rewr onru64hl o n
OnEL AYRES WAS t. Wea-dr o-n i of Cubar% a tory a m t hboa ewhot o nn Ja Th.a.t
rGpo r rD o e w (a t is h a c ha iv a l u a b l e d o u m n t t o t e ft i a 'b e wtg M1 3 n t h r
ni. t w h Cl yr A h eounu the rto l h oe r e f h e beet is l t
Art eeCOMPLETE WENOK W hLaING RE"tit 42. i--tarteain ta3o. arort a t E th f Pn n X Manuel PAel No*T =--t,
. t o.f t a d en o et n A C ..C1.E.. ," . ....... d o 4 '. t
Goe A askortal ae adrang At nh So C Aa i tree,. asrAo ter p el h. at b to rA ..retCrt oy s t m tied n t r ta o na and sov wan It" redai wMett
Ite Ma uy ttieaitto pnae men wh ba iot i. kw that o t100o5ete per at.
Sl Board Trotabe. overcoat epiaodel at ionrnt h ad hav te -. a "W the e tna eoefal ername~VA wanke reath ~ r e lL l thUeKI/ .r ra led to _a r .ra hal . .. K"-- &' '" -- -, ,, -, , e,
"When ajr Edie an Capt. ad of the pd e al w toste w the' S6sivw 4ot. r Aoa d
hant.o urgeon and aeipe tant surgeon s at West -o a sb0ina do edat Dh I Aa t the Same period arIast fro thda puliete o8 oip ein
"beas a r y m is nd er obliga. bet o n at il e inm re b tus, wt h a eg from Tkl e- ySthe A* a Aontn . ..iTan baane eg .ho c o se 14 Be llaLs e, eneyed
Ste army retiring board appointed wa -s aWethb for ed and Papers he took o .e and iy tend J am t to arrgtlatua tsatd i Wlsin. ie f rin
al (psleso heda th A ste ea trtbhe Un r i er parated II M r s to nslireInt li #m for further by crtliting th,6 commil~ant fe to ;=* te Uon's Its.~ $hl ha 'n Meet Imeotan thng io betga h ee da ~ hFO~~Y
terim fI nof ul e e tired oI. Ayres prohibiting Caye. uty Seg b e at tht a n l be t ha g e in t- ~** m Of the Pourtedi onta on a thie their t r yng eow women. r eac a i w i the n Kreat c it WTr i btw the b a i "-(TChea Tribu jof inet o er s aget" Arlag a toothao m elde a t moreover. he wilt then donate other thie nogeeterial u o xit- G n ds ae mesl s--t o fent h Overcoat Scaq n -l"e ]A &~ kres, ast l t seold ho qal vnaluabl d., tnenln~ t olteum- ta ~wei ugm z .. .. .....6 lt- ii m~o ttlt i ,,'oh!I t
"reported tha e reult of their phyials e o the reseration aftor set eas ch r it take ithee bas-ed at h3 Is n s V Ide le examination of the officer under in- et oat Ate wan qte s sain s. rar toaree i ng ove e Koutan therathw eead rctn. D s UnhmbLAimde
toatkgatl, i t we to the effect that Br thin. sporting h hif ea r Pichardo has r ct been heard I iit 0t and making l k a oNIf, te B d Col. Ayrcms wa phi easlt untit for aide of othe hisotevey. wtikn wr t is i ct t her pt cerain d ame h as tk o a~ ette.(Edn ee at farther Am n service n d thmlatr e to untry etir n ft aM will dt ave &Omb' 'an- 1- -im D rqlt
eaai he aaked b the sufar Department if hehrasaerresen. pewanted Slonir da
e st of hi lie -t an early dae. hon cas n o rrectly qn doted. h V iev io rta on ge It is sta te f
Next in importance m 1110e o ai- A refused to reply. The order gr1a t pe u'e, of Ji e at.," wi t h bbt d 'e" bg pitue In
Am oa he phsical lmentsm en. E er H pietal t e s ar o been $ gow1rthr tdkda*"*Prte fd
S ton of y the s urgeons that Ol. Ayred's ft r the retiring board followed,. toaa be en 1i n i dtK ears r6 t m ae houd t of hir Z4A' t
ndte tin d trwPOREXPltORIoppsitee thood tb6t to ob6in *ero ebt6 of ai U
the gi t 88:hoa n
condition ws incidental to the n- lee emdct trtg we ta $.uta Navy," a pt ~t the ets toiS t 8]ol0 O rlt
hardship in the Wet an In Cnbar Eeco e.",erwiee 1ssfo t a
That m ans that C l. Ayres can not be M N E ,~ LE O Y R ffi %"1Wsa depotism ikthe Wos ni al of w dt @ J S Z. ,A bitTh a m t e ed a wholly retired frosithe army and his A e- wra th i of government, anid ben T .a th hea
Snamo tsekaken from. the register. XILED IN. e.ACC T M De r a o t a a be
After~ ~ ~ ~~ th eothd~PI~ht td~lh f sXindly inat voct sche 'a cidal. whm thnt teInity of -the Mjce, be. Ovispoastreet i 4016 lflbrina ,Oo
Aft. e askp r*d h e n 4 A e ea e ra0 'the pnya t ro a t i for them, and td
qde Jarro a s he *a*n * n e C a se NA s. sa w f a to intrigue". eL
"Yes," he mtaed. "I wan k I, own. tB. Deurt a d.,
ore n aourt01a8i alAfR $ .'I o,',,,. at = ",
v w al4 a T....." 4E.dTI' omw
them why I should he retired if I am 0S-bpseie 16JpnS NMabmZ~ddstno4 e t
still willing to take *ae In the oI, ita ogt Jul n tativeet da it is know ta k* ow -,$ t0
s.. ro y, Ju.y ftfor . *
field". Y the.. I 0 a hv, gon ea in their judEmst Vastttsn
Neeetadoll g *F" q **M.EL TN p. gg.I
"You should be retired in *Your man wa,# y all wisemet biif consulted with t9 Dh Vatagna, pared the arIcles. ieuso r*- Aoitabda.,4 lteatm..4onai condition." repliW Surgen -Idla is dead et he reult of a Aslilon a deacendtapt t- w Coluic- t io a~ igfa hW Mt at i, &ob dto all.Sce oAA0 itictwe in eoan, y automobile in whe he bus, with regard,* from E tolMA8 UA
a 1:" Hdet ij with two friends, aNd a the tn o e1an .n ht3S A la t
sohe asasas sesamazusan tn use
ti so h s erily note to no 0 s<.4V 1
arily tpoe himsel.".- street ear of the University-Cuataen s 8is 'a eu e
"mIn totneCoAyeI~ 1M Country, Seclut Ia. A~.Slu belief that the nation will be eazios to have anl tostiry en1;'fnj#A sa good condition an the ma-. The. three young fellows 'Were re- mg. "tMOaR~e wi* the De" Korean oM- do 9iaL qiarre' in between the Albamubru Theqs$" (Pair men ouajr'
*4tlv hrb h et foas-Gm uA wan vebr .0hwU Vera e f VIM
orrit 1,16&lee ooff ingagt"turaislt towhfve been isleteVraguvnk 'oTyhey, of aiiti Wado, whreb theroos ofexit- ~~1a-al'ethertan &ra r ewihe of VM"
"No, eeolj," 'auf 3Msjor }Edie, &,few minutes past twailt a~lht, liagnese lbnt pioasatVe W'j ie o m nlohv en eoe.ThyjUW
it-htjhtoneto mark osItan thebpraese bth o at t U1011104 e a is tis
you are net." when their machine atrsk he street' rmovungauch evid worthy take e
C ol. Ayr" lad no further questions ear, at the comer of Na0slno Stroet. rancor toward Amer 44 epita
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toak at the tin-t, and he did not Ask Sr. Leo was thrown Ira h"p neat will be replaced by ioo='Q pri ate of eivno partandlipt tteakes pace elu X#* of theGaeaI oard.a k for periuleaton to- read the stetdment and fell upon his bead, atanildug an words. .in the Par Hpat erttin ad ssu~red. has tbpn ati h atoa ei ha~.(dnOds) which hourted to read at Thursday's lroNpost nearby. Ie suffered con- W,.W b e e e
I- eallik os 1W -3 p$
hession. cuselon of the brain anddied tt thel Viadiavostok importfk'last year -Bay, PsUdds AWhat a petejott" yO"9age It is stated h iut
Amoqg the physical ailments men- Emergency Hospital t9 which e was from Auatlia andI the kntnfl.'Qit cl'.7heefas'au asbe" 5 .)Ira .-el i*
, ,toncd speseica ; by the surgeonsjIumediately removed. public mote thanlOs pounds trita 't6,make oautbbeg out of his for the UA VAPOtSZ'4." 'kw s. rorile Bright's disease, a he. 'The funeral wiJI occur today. of foreign ;-t.- '''- M"i4e
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I'n salede primer
to pera tin grupo do Anas del
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Le aidn del n mtro Tomaq Ia
amlole y beadedos dams Ana Aguadi.
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may Ama Maril 4ai~etr ,' Dupto.3i -de no y o mpteMp a6Ft
.- oe4thr do wqllrvin, Joa6 Marf Itsa
Ant Luisa Tej*ds de Port.
La internante y bela dam Marlatm de It Terr de MHando .
Ant Marts 'Caderal de RUai.
Y la amnthlms madre di4 maps.
twro .aowe Mor, U ohfa Ana
Paire viuds d F tRerills.
nutto Is aeftoritas.
Ta gentil y eleganute Ana Manfa Valdo- Herrera.
it Luim Disego
Ana Mark Valdi Pagh. Anita
MartIno VIlelat y Ana Maria IIererma.
An% LwA Cabrera. Ann TAdeO Ol>era, Ans Late Fern*ids, Maria o Blorrero y Anni Lusa Rodrl Y Anita de Xlene
A today va me esta aesit al a nido de ftiieltfeM.
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Adem do las hdtinguide persoass q" tortado pamajo ae el
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La 'aspoa del director de La Dnuaid, a msois Amelia, Ca t er do Coredo.a, eat be hija mnow.r, Is eraClos Josefina.
* ,aeeral Gerard Melhado.
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s Fiesta do smage.
Anoae ,vM i glran tetr Ndnal del C te Gollego, ame ao S Is Vito Ont, marenanto 4 a concurrenia. Todes los pati k b nets, la salerla. altas, lospd y multitud de personas formande ans mIratl' se torno de los pale.m. Era natural, se trataba Ae la fiesta de lodeos Ion agios 4 fayer dl& Soeledad de Benefienera del Centro Gallpeg y en honor deld grain Ap6stol, Sataingo. Ayer. coman.I. tl pera del mato, en I reftets dci Ceatro Ga. lo hubo gran afluenele de gente en Slas lke pars ver l uego artifi., e" ,' y Ia ciudad enter se regoeiJ6
*n el espectleulo.
La funeinn ltestr! tuvo un alto rkgpIfieo. Se eumpli A programs maravilla, y todo reeibio aplaph MR. Papeeialiente el r neitro -Chwd Cotupafliadoe.4Ibiou. La euhomlfPa A todra.
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c/ Corruo de Paris, Odw 80

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a as te as th t desegte we It Wes semry, he sledei ng I ton, July 22-- e *0 pr*tive t tariftncoftee would t- ee. We haveereeed her angr ia. are. ae I iIe *on W eNd. e Aper Af the o0 of create the revenues of the T'nited dustr ad dLiseuated her tlcco
te #li *Aedates lih -eatseeof Porto Rico, Ar*i4 10t SIn e by )eOe than 140,000,00 a tra le, tab that her exports
i 1t s aAl a Mi I e b is ete dre a t w a ftelitAy to proAt a ye and weld save as have dobUd, ead *let we haN, 'xa ~ ~to Departentat a statement of tply 9 Mte question a to the pendea eat tAstf to her sixtuIlt in
ag need ethe PatiI .~AuA of hi4 1inof d IA thetotIeaInt ApdoublingOft he 11r"I f nt her
( r ~ ~ m Id m ~ M M 01#01. W ar"in noe allr t t aldie *t 14prolo ttst I the Pro I ig~ ~l o btn ee h l r h e
*4 Al rw@h ei b a0se; wee many other tins, bet the Ch tariff, whIdxhesaeys ,i .Ihave sme to tal the Preidient will suffr seveey if Fence excu
hsuned l)speratyofhIkeis-the truth abast the eedings of the tes her threat.
during S trepNtae) we hashe t fe t. siLt" fe Ofeomel Tin- i When aikod wat his min people of Port Ri s In regard to "Really weshould allowsomthing
betelesaet re ss, *e*#i'lat use's beew ag qeatn R kthe so enuiltry w Seasor DitgO othe United Rtatt ad the lJs of to Prace for he eerrnehI ito .
t 04 thbriteal 4 deapmat. ** platorte plose i i M r ave woe to tell the he a of the 1ltd." iteo R taking note of her action
O~ ~ M 41rl s4i 4 l te i i ationrather o r nation, that r p re n rN th . I
Sor Pe Ise an ble, eioes and play felt e beating of the matt. p s. orenh tariff allow. Cme g on the eet on P reported n rent dstehe... It
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Rico will eI a deaatati0g applheation of the maxim eted our protie ay-st to the
e 4lety ipeaMs BerkleMehtke DoeterJohus rmff f, the New Yor 'ie says to- land sad tax imports of a bille
Uth" e ine ht 1006v-Ber44ley *tkik of DoctorJ011111101,lew and one fromin hit ecanever Penn&iof s leaidinrdr to mtk#
ttat one by 54ru Jalo Pwee doe to prove to himan that all the world s r. The tariff law is aimed di- dayinaleadlngeditorl p: matooffr e otler toaea L at was not a deees. tety at our ofttee n whek erop "The mattyonAug. lat of Fran. markduet fion of 100,000,000 The tas wble o
______________'___w_ he tdbceA entire future o the Wand de ce's noten fte of p tleatn of her duetion of 00,000,000 The tae of l
e @ boocotetooorcome to more ten the value of PorP4I I have come alio to ask that maxirmum t I 'p the P-Ric to eRo'a crop. But we mightmark ,A *.iOftJ ifagriou" beestablish- coffee leads ce., ncy to the ort noRi- le n we ight-m
-4at*akr. a te, t.w Jwr ',. eent i h eipt 1.8f5Puidssd otiF'.hriff polity by auependiag tb* free
te eth we lread have, in order tAmbatr at Was eto n to Inter- admio of Brazil's "rigged" eelthe 4 6 at 16s eeald AhAt -EAVpeople mayIleat cede th thel ard eas. It is a na el- fee. of whieb It wa not eea"
praeilth uter iesgi~ bew by~ ed odrn ethdaof rm-tyo fndAmt-iene-orraher 07'1-fee ofwhich it was caid esterdaj
pre is attr ekrNawn by Av modernenmiethods of A r l 8,000.000 bags are hang ing oer the
Doeltr o mroIa -Aeias o ltz.hpwsdne world's markets. It would be all one
the co e vem wet the *%hid 'These things I will e on the to our deserving dependente-sp to ns whether we helped Porto Rio
Ah s gt r And mS eretaries, but to the i telntI jIpealing to a foreign offielal for as- gainst its competitor, or promoted
gewol0mke plea fer e is to the a tanee at WaaMiagtn. Th u thee sale of the Brazilian berry at a
1 r e By MA-oehae Prts Wsded State., whIhevery Porto RI. l1I is further peenllar in that,,.
W da 14 qU4 at the fetsa Brest, July 25.-WhM the United rh ie. Or if eitlka is out although they are neatminally Amer al pe
4 Mr.t4 the Preett leaId (( of. states elera WM hhkliton sad T le- question I will pa him to give lea n, the Porto Riean eee growers Edward Lowry.
sesoneaed this prt today, the is*government and ety." are more nearly Freoboh, the planters
SAete M Aener t eam"" ersslod prosper abo t M as to the objesdtonable featu. being &noestly Coralesas. MORE BALLOONISTS
0 e toeaf*sallikethehads le ih played"thapa. I s of the Frinch tariff, Ed or de "There isa still further eempioer w t o e o-e -* anetreynhhe e theJap- I tio entitling the Port Rieans to ourLOST AT SEA
"" ,1ses end iiar e Iarl a nw An"e ls the country on whteh-we sympathy. They are completitors OTA E
buOt wreen I*IWVWe ket h e- Freneh a"inthes inJ= po mainly for the sale of our against Brazilian coffee, and Bradl
tiesla r1&As ha r p. esh w ipsTheJ. wkich, Although it is by no is runalg a corner in coffee with uat "Infata M Teresa" Seen.DrittSted the stae and stripes amd th bet on the market, is the economle jutifloation. She the lag Over Dee.ater.-A Of.
A o f 46mrs wafsay that is grown in the a stane of the publi Treasury to fleet 3 tg.
it e Cabei etoeg it was l qui 4 American e d If the stablish an artificial prit for her peal to the Daio
pat s.. flo.d a y peMilaemae, asesa a d em.eae a ratl their t w will be product in this market, havtia pre- Sp to the Daro
able i itret amosthse speaktor of the market our goo, vionaly abrogated the rebate of 20 Madrid, July 96.-The ballon "InSr 0 a a" ia 'Hew i the popor applon will leave us ptetidaly de- per sent, of the Brazil enetoms uaon fanta Maria Teresa" is missing. She
pr ie (plo early that retos between Japan a md the ~qdnt on the United States for allI mprts fromnthe United States. Since was one of half a dozen to go up at
a Ue'ite Ss have been somewhat k *ales. then our tariff relations with Bradl Valencia. The rest are safe, but the
. tl d- tat, of I" "efore the war with Spain we have been unsatisfactory, and now one mentioned when last seen was
M wasdoid a large market for our coffee they are complicated with the trianI. drifting out to sea and has not been Apenent oAnDOI IN FRAOCE ja J)at country without tariff, but tular tarIff controversy between sighted since. She was manned by
of e wihthe war that market has aso France, rmany, and te Unted one offleer.
A 7IB 31 Asoo* er.-closed to us. Brazil and the States, with Porto Rico the under dog
, Paris, 1 J3 -Praident PFale- Amerlean countries are bet- in a quarrel not its own. In France two ah ps of 5,005 tons
Sth Aw tee today received Praqkest Amador c able to meet high tariff than we "Porto Rico's welfare is our con- each are beigg built, with. a view
,* teA*&Q d* i of Panae e the paace with military r because of the superior grade of ern, although we have repudiated to establishing a line for third-clase
Ankpiated, perhaps. ,h a litAdble honors. Later Preedent FaRlieres tdhr coffee, and with Germany, her in our attention to larger mat-, passengers and freight between Dundesire to rel~vw t woneto y whMe returned President Azsdor's visit Fran.e, Spam and practicallyll Eu- ters, as they seemed. But it should kerque and New York.


De vents: Sarr, Johnson, Taquechel, ]a Reina, A. Garcia Cubs 128, y prlnaipales botica.
"Agest exclusive n dep6sito:
gRlcardo Romero, ManriquepO.
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El director espilrteal del aredfta. do slogo "Pola" es el dktingailde Phre. Sr. Satiago Orete.
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maido qua n 5,em"lo4. en mbre Id. loa ntio del eoleglo, dirigi6 al& Ilhatrado sacerdote :
Revertndo Padre, nuetro quo. rido director eapiritual: La emli. m|i que tvion Aet&sants mea 0*1 nombre de todos lo oompieW del Colegilo "Pol", de eyo plaite o uste~d dmreotor spiritual, m ha o. seomendado salude I Austedat Won ies. I Sts onom eatica, asegut$ qs todo lpm aaluuce heom sdslum o e too pbrquo pare oed a aus die fe. lit, y que 0Dio, Nuotrie me pro longue so rida largest aSos pra I de la humanidad, do Numstrp Sta Madre la Iglesia, do nupstra querida patria que tanto la liearan saeerdotes tan virtuosos 6 ilustrades como us ted, y en ben de la niies eubana, que on au die h doagrndeorle todos la benefieios quo reoge y recogeri in sa eonsueos; pe. n o dude q" ue do la f- rdaa do e te'Venet uo e.oblo cubi= elrol sincera ratitud haeia aquellos que, como d w sabe haeer y praetlear l bien. SNuetro oire Dtor, el seor Pola, nos recomienda hagamos I nted entregs de la carts que l1 suweribe y del modesto regdlo quo le haee la
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LOS liccoaitia
La Uni6n de Fabrieqnts di Licores dirigir boy uea oomunieai6n al Supervisor do Hseienda pidiedo-. le que acepto el nombrainiento doc una comisi6n de lieoritas y destilsdores, pare que diamua son la rp. preontaoidn quo 61 tene w d. siguar, sobrV a peO l so 0Mlm oi 6 deolasleyy olamEdl I.puneto on1* qaeeaderae As 11. oores,
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edebrari Junta General zaella 01 dia ST del current, IA las do 4to **so t "Centro Gallego," al8 'd O'rl6u Ecoa d O Uies So aquf Ia orden del Ns: LevsOr y aprobael6n d4l sets. Lersi del Salance 8msetral Aspl _

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