Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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New Ydrk JAlo 17. Bonos de Cuba 5 per eiento (e.
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to the G0"Ma of LubicityNo par. atteS hutmai aily Mebeb for mat"inasmaeamaa. At a Inag the right of the Korns sad atrtilirole Of the skteleton at e
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aIM40mos Mokphen qsm n =7cnfess;that the 1b"party, JR. "pealdeut; 3Jalbaw sarlapt, eeme. The only offaial response to lhe court here wherein injustice naY hi"
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*itOlevablethat the ImODst ears of *asylvenia*by ucavy rain l ai M hA ku oreary Taft ahold be selected for thme oeaoiatoo. Sr. Therefore the Korean delegates at dictted. ae again the orreetos; Us the"- should m.o Aised by obit- sMNd Gt ins~vTM to rise. Todeot unti thme provialeegovernor n fencing master of the T. It.the Hague find themselves In thme to still han gn. but Japan Inforteythe S~ga t W h O wU bOio and West 'iriia booao ix- we foc hmlf wh'oliholds tn.Ais entepii mvri iears tothea 1latch-lhey. lag him down and out, anid his oym Nade 1011131ely th0 mor an m f ofred hevilyur ing theMhailtwent- jorltyof tUme Mrai. nIt is proposed to hold a (twais 14 r4c V in hoo.) premier to urging him to tive Pilgo
do& A hi faubue e ahl i misegm of the Arnerwege 'Set" sooD. Meanwhile, io revenge for their pre- to him. aon miireparation for lhavlog
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that the emperor yield .
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esbtset is determined to de ide blsh eM ett) That Ol to kbI s l a f 2.1 s(. 1 F b 1 g rident art (et frequmat oa thm set
aen the Korean qustuon 84 reira.
the arrival of the Japns for *.. -' nveh Mae-Poo, V04t AM
theit elf aminiitels will insist upon th, --- r Ty 1.l n.lpt age "
rtiou of the prmeaut Rapornr of Va "NO" s11, 1111110111. 01111 ilk and h" *he Ther bann t been an ofiia
On towdA ia compliance with the Nr Aft sd Promes Hre to ih conet ersi of 1ean- PoWTD=
eluties adoptled at their **Wen of Brnmiek. My 1I Imea TairIey1 nMle ht' omtt h ettaep
"W ri -- Wimesin Tan-gie. Juh -Wkit'A io#not to the beat tr op.
r M .Itrtl ,i e Mdsy nilbt. the Mmaufastur0' coneulgeiel ralq the gsttag-g oem, fd eso oibh it I
VIM Mine a tt a-tT ono ietenm"t a tter to thbe Trust in- )a's .no Ilsgw. iwi-a USO 4014t4 6% dt#14.;U4 a rw4laP-h% the is zu~ -NAM Mia &Aff
with Mme Path a i it ite orming it of Its expuliton from the fedgeIt as a ofep. ha ems eto whh he MAlA's "Englibh Pap-r". a tter to no appy or"s me
pkemin throih Pori% ret hN union. mad admonishint it that It be debts to VAti* l that ssf a asse el. *
asnked h.r a n r e for n ta- longe has Ie right to ue th thsi e la tl I awards acta In h sepshe woied by h ow a 141
49f he ViA -n the Wagner- of the asala. The eommmteaten meoat of the t while men we dea4ied tIoy 1 h 14,wTao,,m M4ehi r,, tribee W the haw he .
Sh ,t' r- dorsto for red up the Trut. r. las rd for gath he k st #V more taring Al hasp .dry Wh he o i. Ker ...d
Wagln rl Ws ,w- relolif'l the di va. th W_ =~ .1-- sI eo ft
Wtl I hvA,neirr aung any of hi Uon, but Sr. thrin MArWl, the It inhim w &of, 1 =ast rtat t hIfta 1Z V f| Is
Itn o Union. b Ordi Marques, the it Me intheated that ed Sta- It is 01 learn. t dother t
1% i-nice he eij no wrie tiraident. rpponded it person: A teo Praese.s I("** a nations Dived at k be usepe as An5* 6 the vrn
4i. aguer never enuisuited to r. o tila Rr. Marques that &mm sure to eon" a,1 prs tot at t fee" hi b vrasd~. ae,,- et14t 4is 8664h pU W INe~~
make m' acquaintance for the aim of the latter's asocates had sew tt___________ for t5
perea that lideelin l to ing Kun- treasonably during the strike by hold- AT GAPDISAI A U T ts O ta m ar. .
*ry.i "'rol' lie ofte heard ni ing toirreim with the strikers. The I" ___ Wf, to em suws h Ak
aing dining the time w~1n he play Trust will sedd an elaborate answer corporal ulus ei f t.k e res w hol a s s I a t
the solihn at Onvent Glordn and he to the unloa'a com mnieation and w l u ll of thure y Amsi tema It Ilet conesst s #me. s we-nail Theatre. h s
tols nv brother-inlaw. 31nur-e Rtra- this letter will be given to the prnm rellowete a1 t M r agg n t I y
keowl that he wrote the role ot Kun- The TrDut,o uvnt disturbed ullostonT foliowleg a the eonditoo 6 Was
S dry for me. But Kundry has to matter of the llbelb pasn eight re the o follwi at e anditionsk Celd.
abIout too much, and I objected Wh'- The independent manufaeturera t ek. The tntd the boe o a 3th .sn tt' t N for boxes to 20 is adulmseston e
re upon W agner b ecam e so furious h ed a I d tet n nt t alght in th e r the dire tionf C h' an the h b ee f V 1 g allety .
that he aware he would never speak of the Centr Jistoriano. Th' V" Musical d Mal- therefbr a In a
to me, and he kept his word That, dent, Sr. Gare.iA Marquez. at fthai t e 7 By ti at le w totPr
Whwewvr. does not prevent me from the ~ the mtiq w the re will be v obtain thei mapp VI~se fa
. rendering homage to his anblind ge- fixing of the prices to be I ill y Wilan and a by Ser- to the goverat ent. I .r"IAEn w w t
i".American Aoving tonn th 4t~ 61' 69. ;
The interview did not attract much a ti oTr. n the I dt b Deeked of X and el
S.attenftion p France. but the German dieiumon. without an the r urnes by W e*n. 8 L -.
Ifewspapers have gotten a goo dealidso iar hr en0#' tarigeo Atterb";vleln-a
aionm, there brip evident a ute of geant Att r tr send his i tr
of ftm out of it. One 1hr~nn l remarks m eteal dmtdt, dte others. I t *rd y smae In a saled envelope addaet 4
that the illetrioums artist has -i The mual ift ato in he of Go- for offlners and vey-Rome, J~ly 1.--'he la r of Sta i a N .x "P -. r thels ei
deamtly ben more fortunate in pro- vernr Magton will take olaf at 6 body invited. matructi has sent a lug6o attiie gs') sad olag a qo or any ls r ild: tie a
Ther mAaS In w ool for ofer an 6, tvry has udy 174he blrniateo Mda a n a Mo ytc
GK3IoI' T de." who Inei,,o. I aesarae q,.a eat.tlatu,serving her voice tha her memory p m. Sunday. tion to the Dottldi erdist "Oak ote In asprthe di d Iaipero Gethcsm Ia t1
and adds that Wagnerians will b The procession will begin to form AO da." who is liviat in poverty at l as t ip als. tand boarag thi d Hierre Ptem im $1.0
astonished to learn that.Wagr used n ndependene ei and will es. e ecepted the coutribatioo ne p,e nthe competition will r l ks to D adon
plow the violin at COwv nt Garden Im tole e dp e 20m~ and willm g
e e violin at nt Garden march along Reins. allano, San Ba- Spilal to gratefully. seed hesuIe. L
a that "Parnifal" was coneeived in feel. Prado San Jo4 b.luets. Obis- Madrid. July If. ble x- O the Wh of August this year -* i
Lndon. Another paper riet a po. llavans. Obtapti. Odeiom, to the enteinut we e amber JO N A3' AN the Wpen th elpes e slad
parede interview in which Me. Pat- establishmt itiusades & Garcis, yesterday b) the bf a ada iit th th y. -4 l r l-n bp
- ti is representedl as claimig that o- who so 1lat ly kqpdthe strike. Af- pro itin to i ]or Asoletd Pres. b tradatisev cord- .t. a Dells loaseat d
ar. irt i writing hs "De GiotAn- ter there manitea* their gratitude. thA e "G ion Phladelphia. Jul. ,-4#ek Jbha- ti t jad gmsent Jmeedktely st- aiA.
It". ereted the ro "o'f A#e omn- the paraders will ,eontinie n to the of Spain" has Ihigh son who aspires to the heavywteight ter tis decision in reached by a
asander fe' h#r. and that MAtill f6thehr Plarn de Armai. to testify to Gover- officials with of t championship knocked out Bob Pita- ms o vote the enelope contain- Al i bra ee (or mea )
back hoses haid written far he the nor Alagoon their appreciation of ite atock. Man a task (i. simmona. onc-e holder of that title. intg the name of the victor will be --- nat do comit of Vistude. role in lthe PentAteh. ftirneis with -vhieb he t*nted the Pd the cia re veti- the send round of a six-round opened, andthe euveopes contain- a thie *
A Toes destroyed as well as their son- grbt o. a 40 ti to 20 etm
FOURTEZN. DROWNED WORSE Ordinary Citisen-IHow's the gol1d DaOe. NO opies will be returned to p
Sm Associated Pres. mine, old manI defeated oeapetitors
S ert. 'clerobuirg. July 17.-The own. By AlpocPated Press B Promoter-Nicel We are working The viotor'a work will be pltlmhed qrti watre Garde.)
of alulserp haa de6nitely. qprov- Copenhagen, July 18.-Fourteen Pitteburg, Pa.. 1 per- the lower level#. In iie paper aside by sade with the AieygetC sta
Aerprojiet for double-trak the persona have been drorned near sons died here I 4 of "Possiblef" al.
risi raltway. The bill sailon- Maratrand in Rweden in the capeir- the extremiq heat. were "Ye. we're the eapitahsts alla jry-will be prea over b
Sprjet will be iutrod4ced in ing of a delboat at that point One prottated nd are d squeeei dry, 9W we're going St V. Fileo irem I f t
VI.ama. of the patty only aurvided. tioo. te (I )1 p e y




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s son la capital De Ta Libertad prte una Can. buea earretera poeo useda deale _o la Is Moderns Poetd. Obispo 135, vora- que so complete el ferrooarril. I se han recibido los peri6dieos de l 5 pa. La capital de Honduras tiene. su semana, entre los que llaman Ila sten. tem puerto en Ataspala. golf de Foteaes, ci6n: e ia en el Paefieoe. y tin buen oamino de. Olenols Popular.-GOran peri6dioo P s Maeadamvas de S Lorenzo Ai Tagui- de indastria y adelantos eientifleco e galpa, esmino en el que preatan aervi- que s una muestra deo seabads peuer- olelos autom6files. Se prtyoeta sy fei0n en tipograflf y grabadois. 3eio- est netruldo cn part un ferroerrtl OrbL-Contiutelli de "Cieneis ra 6 que unirA A Tegueigalpa no slo o9n popular'".eaIs rtiemsrpviata anteritor vjien. el golfo de Ponstea sino can Puerto ampliada son materlasa rtfaticat y sos r. Cortde' nel golfo earihe de IHonuras., eiasles. stat gran reviata as mauy lef. ozar gin embargo, no puede fljarse afin Ia da en Espala. Aun poes en que so verlin terminadas esas B1nco NeM -Con varios preamea. lneas. Corinto en et Paelfico es el oiosos eromos. y de puerta.principal de Nicaragua y deo Los ucsos-l Mis popular eon i abiom Corinto parte una lines f6rrea qua pa. hiatorieta de Junptlto y so perro mani- as por Managua y signed hasta Grana- "Buster Brono .'idess-. da. eel Iago, de Niptiragua. Leture our tonsl l-Revilsta par&
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Bien venido.
Pide Ia "Revista M1uicipalt" q tan pronto umeile~ al t provisional el p steetO d Ley OrgAnies do los Muaieiples, deb* pablictrae s l4"60eeta par que 1 implanteon li aSltele Am tteioantet yevitar (att0eeda lo4 e oesrrid hbw ee sl&Ae ut e deblead o Asiar laI orge sael d daia e t m ismosi e 1878 porI a toy spaltola de 1877, SjustAdlp at auero tip ang l.
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