Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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newspaper ( sobekcm )


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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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e e i 1a a m ad e de OCePree do lI aban,. n.
tMateoln v AditeItrleaol6n: PRADO 10 Pee d ucripen. .
SoOtO. .. mes... 1.00 plata. a
els ma agra" T l r s aF 14.. .. st .. .. ..A.. S 4.0 :lA." H A .... 2
......- 2 tan moe dn imaar- -rmer- o d-- .m~e 4, a~lIT LCNB
tlerse, erre. 10(ONP.ICTO s br e 1bqrx, Od dir. ban. der divert the crew's mif t r
he CeeCON V A 5118 the seidat.
di b d rk Brussist, J 1 Cen trifuga, ~ol. WS, 4' pleas, 62.3 *
TICIIAt se d. pase. s. raendrurW dcasos .. --1 A M IR AA. CA $T It lODO DE o df A.* e e l. tLa1O1dK
.dd oh. Aa, te,A1 .A $ A l one,, e J o r a1, p fr o "
Oe tle1D e alea b r e hrea bd l. MKfer the sembetre ending s Jo Julio it de 1997.
I44 6100.1,1.M .t AOIDS M N14 ODAqBg o. de &A'ss ~dl 36%%%in r~ h eobir9"igo nf
it A*3N -,. .. dlte eddW soea.' & e g ei-" mt, pot. 89 n ples Th eegh the diame now seeu to be AAtler.-- l a dear do ,r emees
SAt IqA gI e1 4 tas a Pwe adua a n )fxae. atea e.i Oste, e terwslde,, there were however h0l t*id o boy una pequa fra.ul.
**Iteamhidbe lerI ** *MM PIP dems inJunede snaeo ea nproeio to Londres
latio.16 itiat Ia al Iu lt1'.dbhMs de i a rr sfe, s+M ci.un le E sIAtados lI'nid es el. mereis be
I hl darante larg Mtfermeo *de gande esMawn par ~ lr. pateae linneolai, $5.85. -egUARTIQUAKE8110 s varida no los
)8 NI EluO E i d sorfdt nl Peildae OatTre moe a Londrs, Julio 16. UO pero quled y en eata pleas eon
CAAAL .A e r t aA y l del sre cetu 610s. Salt Lake City, July 18tIk--& eral emcees en an anterior
Miirad o at resdn CIFRAS AT A DO RA distinct earthquake oe lIMthgover to, sIn que so note tem poeo ,l
siet aso$ p re a s sd oR aI aw Is A sea r m soab .84,9s. 4 d, ope minute, were re cded here today. s ien lot e ompr dorea de e er to O e A r ee aLondreI Jullo 8.-aeg A er de e la iti- The movement was WVmt to Southl gra eIela.,
a~oso" aieuee. rea.*'a gran esia.
Oeed G etl e ne4 d rotl das d is ndls ee) East. Aden](f de las pquedA partled
en eA 08. es Ia ans losm it por lidedes, @ 6. pubiliads ye .aabeeso haberna besit
rem sdel ''ikX1 ,Dae6.
rWtDeeMaseetalr 4 por GENBRAL WAR .IN SIGHT tambl6a syer., l sig ete yenta:
1A 4tAka rroMrWltor00San Saellae, July 10tb.-An arm- 287, AeO asaoar q.mielpol. 87,
. si:mk l ; is o a t- 4 por 100 e J, er.41p6 ed elas while is believed 'may in- A 2.90 oreks i*rob# de tret.
do r ra a a abo e0 0volve all Cehidt&l Amerl u ropubliea bordo en esa b'hle.
P a molos. ab o9 Parh,01Wllo 1. will probably steer withli a. frtulght m is*-Sig ue r4 s e (4
Do nt ra s. iqr as, 9 fran- and the first battle Is ezpetedo to be mias4a-moderada y v.a v sma't s
Do I-ho0 19 BA8B BALL K --. ,t fought between Ben Salvador and Ni. tIa i"msae.
Ndear York, TMe 146- caragua. Cetishmed:
GE DR :"2 I + arr-ml on eIe
*I auk 1t ..L- ASELFSOe MA D i nidre ka .....
= Wrrm o0 ,t,-v--.-..... ,7,
tlsraaS, Julymt e aideut of Niearagt. u 8 y 14 4.Set
W'S,4 a G R G N rasaton t at., T- Die. papal Jo or IrR,. o4 ,I ants.
1' aEPERBPROTIV 1 due to the g AN AAMERIOANOqBNRAL AT Manaw .s... -, ,na o
-umi44 r. i -t amr; ...........
. 8 e des, a r. .ation, e ogrs Authrfse4 l ....... 9.
asM tmta o ( pat tebndgerover. General Chratmnas, so A ltl6fOt.9.m Ardeoes y Voforee--El eneede
PooeOrlthe o t1he e4t trr has been appio nted to commal 1 Sne a
4 a bs as i bt for th in- .ten b o aea*eoodleione.
Uas eMSa 7. New York, Jullwg tierests tf-hk' gatio. -t htaloCotisaanor *'
Bons d Cu ithtmorale.:atre to make, outraots OABTiO UNWILIN TO p !4.
IGNEgaAMERICANO Bnters, los. : so affecting tie nation's welfare without IIIS DRIDIAN ORBDPBSR Banes do Unidas, 110.1f2 112.2
S MANDAND U3' W0MIliTO veaesoldos do los E ees lg 3r5isatiOv o i, S," lz.-Ve.ea.l ,. AscnesL devtd4.21 A 96.14.
am. eoo Chrietmjs a a e eueto, ex-interdb, 1 '. t fat that she will refs to Itar. lee. Ptfperdas, 7? A 77.
d seeqiaedo atre. Ce $4J27.80. Tipf 3RGI .i gi t ilon larto'hrrPer coY+Ir. tt pagaasp a342.
per.el '@r e ri- eeaty to tip,, adia ttheT* h. :PAed A cnS, I 14.48 IA
9 liWh8s beyreo-Abiote rbuallong, n &12
#110 Wha60Vnssl to pesist la hPe TseeO del le, 108 100.T(2c, .. ... . .. . ... ........... ... .
O O W +: L AE; T]L fti t .... . . ... . Jg . . .. i I l I l m r ll -r ..r& - -. 1 0
abre leads 6 (p70 ,h d1dm ea Ia eilrd were refal)@; t'oud iudict a sever1Aewr Aeeignes dil Gas, 107.113 6 106.1|S rA. Iekr* F4.8*0 L '. d ke aior th'uplosion the bat- to tel arbitration priceple and eat .-Sud V ulterior, 92 A 95,
ar*ntely re- afvet are twing made to iodnee VeM oA ) snee 1O.7b8 eatifo. ao the target pratin today in or- asah to carry out the Iste verdige be han efectud ay en to b1la,
" -* 1" 66 IMWW YrkJ160,is-,tb+.fston.,"f bkl,;
Blb-I onod -- ..
DA ithr tor o ae sISct ATR NILIOavqeoac %W,8 1B54
S r~) O. ,,- ofeig anto' elaeWtl~
N66 #4>@P 7 d.-Si*TE 78"0#WMd 0 A "''" E LLNOBX FS oe oUids I 1



, e".,- V0A l. mete de op eari em gn.eraL. -- A. rs c de set. 4s
4 L atitae o s * **e n.s *rreean eeme es aemo pas lse. A pr****equrajSesi
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41*4 .-4-al.. NsAl d..) AP ,,AtoXa. 800VDAD UTUAl BR x UBOB
. ', a E rCRED O VITALIOD D 09EI ~ O a ldad Mt"tas de es1
/ gaus iber qe so m *ose as se aM s Jto vesteslome qua ta do endA gri
AOcaA ik*p*La; -*o*w ib m'eh*'4as oby10aP *y**es pAt**. I p el ar.- .se a.p y t eos Soegesootlat am
aglr* a" : os." e y motor* o'' na~s|a a.
'M"r..AR0, a zx-s. El mejo r americane queo 'Ae hee
- *-- ****"...+ F,- .. -,. ,.8 ,,,
aso lsidaes, A1ualaol *D Tea ,m A mpast/Aaa dd%,", d 1 dilt
Jog &vUa op
.oSparn beh s, i"s,
Cae R 2aseva: 38SO,000 --Activa: 345.437.518 S Y ~ '
. 0......J+.0,.B,. ., 'n..Ts ... ,...,mm
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il+II1, I.4,IK( '6I I JottO t.,,, Goa Im*,,,, t .," 1 -_+,,.
qlal "d -"a& A "nVVLQ .,_D; t"*_ A+..MA''""o "? hA t ,.-, ,MIA ,L.Pm-


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abls. Jelle 186*@ in a:=.
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33-Presseso. Gatreton, ad P S ordiasle) (" 94%" ars au 4" 6 teqet seta esntu se
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ies" T 1. 717, If Epoac be aerrcica sn Aolies
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me, riAp-M pan duIna ata i a qtteste .. Si nitfl r a i .oIre r..
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erif o thlnad p "erled a y dueP- darnted o dine e a ates 9 V
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itam reft es- I sitra de $47411,845, superior en barato; mAos i rate eade dI = nun- veri6no. ante Ia pooibill Jo 6 Miguel O mes) y yo, sin embargo do., po er no sr m l.eas, y autitair.
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s mi taerseoe A los sitinos afles, ibareeen son de lujo, sipo-por suerte, 6 or amerienos, bareos, no de propiedd lIoy ha esaado ya la e ,u que me blo fresh. JuNin Crux. Ibrahim Urdeagracia, quo sn va en gui L ingles'a. que estAn bajo banders in- obligabs A aquel sacrifieio, porque Ja. qulaga, Manuel Ramos, Arjons, Pau. egtiin un.quinq manie, y major todavla a com- printers neeidad. No aSimidt gleoa. Si eatuvieran Ieal apresados, da la oexistencia de Lan dos fraeioones, no Rui, Dr. Gutirrez Martin IHerre.
ip do I, prendiesen los seis afios iltimds htats seo hablea figurado Ahl queo 14 veps aerlan devueltosl ya si aligunos en no hay motive alguno qie oblgue a Dr. Foxa, 06mes Rubio, Atansa pa diltmre d 190; prqu oe i6n la pagara el Interven i destrudo, habrsa indemn'aei6n; perteneeer A cada uno en la que no ernndez, los hermanos Sain, (.
hitapo- dD tbre de 1906; porque ol interrenid. E papepapel 1pero, entretanto, lamarina mereAnte sea de a agrado. Y sinembargo, tra. mAn Castro, brigadier Ibarra, ,ao Po.
x m- daonlnmeas A ia vista ls liquidaci6n de del Campillo. qua ponus el. r qlemana se apodertrla del trifieo, tando adn do no abandonar para sliem. o, Atfredo Veliz, Juan Inda y de tAn.
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q as wen. r al ttstado y I de los trees posterio- ei6n dbl Miniatro de la Guerr r esegn ests versin-loar plenlponten- Rio y yo nos mantengamos en una si. Repdirter: Eso delegados, pues, no rds. Taivney, Presidente de la i earios de las gandes potencias hal tuieidn neutral, pars como tales estar representan A Is Convencis6n Provia.
Odnes-pde Presupuestos de Ia CAmat4 (d 4. acordado conisultar A sus gotbiernos esapaoitedo,'hasta el dltlm moments eal d il Partido en Pinir del Rio?
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eo. 4,iCuba de Alonia, $6.408,798; de Praneila, reparetsones de -.dificios, previsi6n X.Y. E. ,i6na Provincl. par una tse a6n o x. reUtar que enentan ee todos a ,vo.
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gfueep la etwnA I% J la Ineertidum. De paeo henomes informados El !spithn Coehrne, qae haso bre. quo F r ceiseuneia &les trabajos vip e l pe travs d I& Sibera,
X t. que pr.!. n "avaa &lSubway vo ead6n de ver At lom takm (ao". freuentemte e interrump.. "P para8 t2mo I so bume o'#rel rvie. etrieqo odniotkrr 100 kilos de O oto o mjr,
. en algunos eireuitoiaes la eiudad, per aliarante SaritcheM egare en
I Rel poeo ouidado que]abervan Is en. relato de um viajes haber eargadoa de dargir lt87sad, quie- yakate qu devoraba cad
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Aq~ur a o a s objeto de triidabajos prinobjeto ,de olor adl enerpo pe ma i
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Compostela 52 a 58 y Obrapi a 61.

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Itepartes"La8 (0-" y "Dolores"
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DEMERO 17 -ti-t- l--I t Ist1#0 Nam.rqs b este sorted, con objetos
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arske: E1 Dr. J"6 A. Merts,(asilipal 9ridagoA .Y.,

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ttseblscor fethit D C. July 18.-4 "J Seeise in Onite, valued at $46,000; meet while Pates J Wade sopse*' A r53 t rsest a ad athe eate hl ita ad other eArenlbop of HeMale. The
ae man bpal that )e will a sii and mee "dife .*eof the oene of ants iea- notes of this bask. after Janary 2,
.. --- .- 1... ..... a ""' '" aofl bels. Vaaid at $1, the eiLat ill o nstla t a preferred hlian on
its MSMSA ales ofe~ a..5bt heIrn ~ Jare.4AgM Mappo eg as. Psettm J. edt. Ananesal repreatati. 'te grant to the tereh by the character and 8 as the our.
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";501ogWO O a 0,% a restA 4Mte il**0(J General at the PlseiUhopeles s tagle whiek made the re anhy years toug, the ore. d the
d W6" nd l u6 oe Mi w It d V 6a took at the Vaea. atrly sltes of adjedeaton by the ses e ai d,. Th approval of the P lp1eal4 a of the letht o upon a dtare aet door, eompoely year* ago preblemathal and, in feet, Seertary pites COmmliuion has alrea4y bos
Sthe strikers have obtahel pa & a se evet t emeat, formal aneyek Tafte in a letter to toe Pre"joldet, obtained for the seential feaUtat of
Is AirW,,'* 'The .a s0ort1 were being re3 5e whi eIh was made today, In- advised the Executive that after a the agreement, and the new stattee
se-- a s M at movel tree *0 b stag sad h n ivO4 sl prope 11 with aseesiat- aretul e Isettion of the elsahbs of of the bank have r.eeived the aple feasmes has advise a r girder sMwetitted wtotU weakeofew 44 Wae of $3,0Of and equittee the Philippie goveament ad st sote proval of Ptes J Wade, as the Teh
~ -~ the walk gbt Ceutl Ike aeldes$. ot k$teslable value. Noeble among Chareh, he was disposed to believe esentative of Archbishop Hasyty. blm se e-atl ph Sevea si as teas estt Il is the exelualve 14gt gagge that, even ifter almost endless ad r. Wade said to-day that the agre.
th eoamtae a arge dhOalt uses he b1an ad ma6y had narrow *Ap palsh-Filpno3 tnic y ta costly litigatien, the government enent was one of the most fair and
w2e aiqa5gss ed. s~eweapes: aerown'to isse lbawets nt would fair worse than under theh equitable with w)t he had ever been
T"eAia ieetshg anse are trshier te *'* taxation to the aseTent of provi sins of te agreement just connected, ad th at the heartly h
r1ins fo nwhe dead ae weaned. lnee itaeapital sto. The fart reached. ThIs aettleateont disposes tof predated the dIspospItion of the War
t ta hsa s a ta..t.. large part of he stek of thia the last of the treouibesome problems Department to do justei e to all par.
thes ge lh ; mi '$1. lee Onk,.Aly 1'r.'rThe at ot k Ti held by the religleis orders growing out of the trthfer of the ties and to afford an opportunity for
SThe*Il& 14tiineiof by members of the oahidle friars' lands st 4 the etideavrr to fix the a ntettered development of the
tis maireage amsalw lM I* t a brought it with it aoe title to ell the-eleemy 'ary, edias. lands by the introduction of new
r e eie 19 ehag a tre Athe neotiations jset eashuel tienal and quasnipablie ilnsttatoa capital.
ILVNNP :06 I Ur -WN1_____ kW d A form$3rly0eWn&aedt e Philp overmetran ferre TAl o oR tasJ ieatTZ
_l ,, are b the buesd the ebgli Me material eurt4talt its whieh the Church eoatrolled when Edward lowry.
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u[e3 am~a~ hP obeervs t la the the d e division of real puuttesvided for the ostabllohment of i a e l.. te of v
I eevy a guAel eata ol seeal dThe euM. tellala egm Ser Redriaest ine-es ret a
181166 toae Igo, 6613111 om toeA" eT6t
S.In oe at its sees som do.oterved, the 6e. e fh the e Ye r w". i hospital of San ed, with pie aldae. It was provided that ew" e Jal
Tet coPplete me eaa, deat le eend5 llgA m tweatm ay W a be (1 e taxption of the o reasn .oeefpris the schoo bhoeld be f tret e edaMt
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S Ie a about o headed a s is dis & Ciet attk, l :eo and twenty o ove shares in ad. oarrifed 6n under the diretion b n ard Taylor, a ph sti eo da
S16080be4t 1he pl00 thlfandallmater.amre n* e i. The total va e of the Sn supervIsg sion of the Order of tesutis lawyer wa elected mayor of this
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pho e set& a"qas"os sd, U la. e bocupied lgaht isw etmat- the isle ds the instituton was played viosts to as by the d M or o emito e who
lo.aaapwt h nom -m et~eJtbs~e ~t 41loOOO )ww v'fa k etain otG" inladqaiuleiiist is ataeMyo kit h
e at d~~~t $1,000000. The Philipe gov. by the Kintg of Spain under the dre. was reeetty envieted and Uwteeed,
sme r' ho i i tha lenju d0 als acquire all titl, to the tid f the Domian Order reer to imrieuet for x.rti.
peaset y ue u, Santa Potentiana. it remained ot the Amersean c_
male*t w2"k 1 exclusive right aof the Spanish. cupstioe. The college s to be iven Tommy-"Pop. a man's wife 'his
it the I rm k 'm oin0 -sr Bank to ine note ntil into te peeion f theAit h bl P better hal isn't seS" ToNT 's
oits a V s tesew to an amhond t euai to three of .ans for the specio purpose of Pop-"So we are told, my son." Toe.
a"ti( i toet its esptal took is curtailed -its foundation m-h enitainJ marrLe twice
~eidi Of saak of Wsa t~g. ~' 42" TM AV"
the bleastnetsip- r* 11011* n.ezlusive right tt sefe Sotns Thewhospitl of SanJua deDios there sn't anything i of hm, is
pe0a at phulaA th Mfat ty ate-aa'tol wye s4 s n aI. t e amount af $,l00o the a is one of the olneat in the bPhipptLe theart"-(Phadelpta Re ord.)i
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mirrius 170-172.
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%,DR. TAMAYO Dr.' Paicio. NUEL A
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Wtl""is DR.JOSE A. PRESiRQ -SOLk y SALOASA enus 4"I "*,t
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. -a. or c. ...., Dr. & Chemat.ul
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Bunsua, que eura. tra~lw fe.1 Y 3.-lnangurar el da 26 de Meaya mese y Leda se pro~ee de 1908 la oralde le aciaeca dela e e e aejanlea cte etaee~ calle d laeLunea, cuyo -#u ea pre. Adelste, hijo. s mo, e&~"eS.Pe" parar desde luego el expemete pareaule~o#en lteindgeatloeem. selletarel 50 por aleno ~ cmo ubyenl. -Loa que no creen ense lta. nido del¡Etado. w#. del sane, que se fijea a soMe -Gijin ha celebrado, 000 relatia eloasbende oae#~ ena ''.aeMe llnta ar cmtimpnque trlul4 Mi~eieeSea Martin. Ni~asee niee, la fetivldades de Sea _Jueey m~ Sda Leandro etatidsaleU &en Pedro. ILns ronseatea enlinu leo l.die y ncbo Abril^ snoo *%u" y arUo etuvieron buatelam~.seiatey des io, 6lo queeeeakh, llubo grandeas vdraele, sea mend6 la& reheCma T."es. bien yte. bail de lodo, que dijo N~oU^, reapd~ a Haey mea leroe en Jota y el no pw~eael g~ cyparaetetur 4im& serven en lshes a. e bandos. y y lbeebo: el las e e seuro que k ¡a ^otei; Ial lW. 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