Diario de la Marina

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Diario de la Marina
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7Il IW1ftJN11 t1
~ICrom D RAmA
Agd A la frale wipt oceae see da el'ee e de Correes de la Ifabsen.
S UOVIR ON T ADM3XXZ1IA01OXs 1P*oito oe mumoa*aionfm
u 1os. ESQ. A TMuUT E WnY.-Hb.s.... aI nl Iu inc{ 11T-' I i an{ 441
ase V s sa ae West Indii, Is that alty So ban efeetuado boy a oh
ige o .=I, 3i u but serious ditarbake duranto Ia estisasiones, la algatentes
reI dsplace in the country oa Wed- "entes: leeente ha rebajado sue ta
POW ay atPreg 7 evening A mob of 2,000 ea. 0 asones IL 'Co. (Comue rites esta vla maritima, de 850 Iran
S NICAAGUA AND SATVA o o we the olie at nes), 3 e114. R. Co (m d A 6 per toeelads, yee d1e que
YLa 4 "Mk.VA1i Ioeu faetMr when the riot set 60 aeeiones IL XpRrCo 1812u feat& A 5 franoc.
DIAPO DO lPA >-ARIMA. s UO at a retd to the people. Four rioters ns), as.11L pa r29hCo l11egd 1ta por -l cuadro s l.
1Washletton, April 25.-DeMA killed and nineteen wounded. 50 aones IL l. R. Co. (Comu- Panad la eiset de etap en
TAIADA pTREP PANAMAe the tre of p e between S1 riot selt was read Mao at ne), 8.34. a e OOLOMB and nNir, he been 50 oenes H. R. Co. (ComuSO. OMMA hbee. It is sladlar to t nes), 34. Imported
Wgb e, Ab0 -66 he asM. p lost year w he t0BaB, S.j o cobrado
Vlg g t d & a e Je. Amerlen treable eded, It P rd11 N e6s.
10iffifpt.s4ussIPAra. genra Central AIIN Mercado zbnataxio
ooNGKjo D MMZ IWIO ~ AT= ark. Congress that wiltld MRnso~ Moi 1 1 --;86 ~38
,ON e J O I 'I I ; 800 .
,, .,- d 3a bm o s lk NOag. N i ge s"In the eab." "r 's 41 c, 1870. K 486* gaga eomerca i treaty between Nlargs 18 2.
--.- -- u-- -.4. and Splvad r.. A UTS DA .A.A Habana. AbrIl2dl9O.. .1880. 2.026 3.,
A* o a el eatre a-e 1885. 3,324 6.335,7388.kft N
d jEodel Low-nmo"AUIdi6W
e q aSpar6 FOREIGN WATSHIPS AT Abril 26 de 1907. Aas s are' 1800 3,380 6.890,094
* 4* al paik A ri seHAMPTON ROADS Aaeres-La resolacha ha ttdo Pl lois. A 97Y ,* 1000.0 3,441 9.738,152 87.W
JeedgiT*M Ioy ana pequen bja e Londre til(ete oro) 101 l1895. 3,434 8.488,383
par wseld Nortlk, April 26.--The Brt Lh 4ag e ~ aontra la s dode Nl'leva so. 4 1906. 4.237 3.401,835 11.8 :,
W d e ate equadreas, which a r Amere do entas preeies den. ra L espsol... 12 P.. ora a eotisaoi6n de comlnes d,
dervi o .dela a spmaqA si tslei os beforen. d lm delays anteore . ensr0 th JP era doer4ibi francs contend ,
Do~" I0 fe -so* ld preelesamlo qu bare0 ded lacane1.r*s"u
LO AS* 6A ewiebl e own etoa"4xr tin oan Lae.... 1Y 1,,P'faosa 82etbn1 6
5Ws hN ptu. W so si r q140q es.3Mtrtag pol en oia a. Ingla rra, quejor Is 2
LlO m O .COM A y g Sa ew tY a t l 4 e a e sode E L Ra.......... 4 33 seauO e del 30 do Noviebre de 88 An
ft j i *a s id n s t bao 48 e besmse con. 1pa,8
Asle l lW p m w a 1 1see sentrifuga pol. 95, A I da m.. 4.3 en p in s~Ir m na sola en6u hi ,
so d e Napes i 5.-Ther ir Oa 4.#2 reolex arroba, do tras- I e smenlono tlgik mis formidable al proyet
P QNSPIRAC..I Q T w iR -etl e. a ,e .the s, resusribi6 m de Io it d,
D I. AD. A.: dI 'm' C.:"'i e I ol Kedive lam-11, :o ioM
-.~--. W*s*IMpesel 44ee-d on 00 w.. oadle90mo.qufatb
S1 PWm lgton. Armd 26.-We Uai 1,140 "awratrfug 96, la" Abr 25.
0400 sonsU sarnod %.t t.he vt.. .sse' to 4mewfoo re s rrobs,. do En 0 8 atrffo hSe 6Vapo' d tiO .
h0 "M e e 248 eabeas de gadado va6no, 86 de
r Ake A hE AH iEn s ntrifuge pol 96, L oerda y 21 lanr, detallindose las priI D s %wl Now Y. e yodes A yp i for the .po 4." re rob tr ra d 22, 26 l sends do A
e*kof 4u5" er to the prepare n m bo1 37 I aJs.tereaA40centv
Ms__ VW CqNI'lTRACION AD oDQUI.TA whih will stCoe the objeft doeals irroba, do trls- tenedores e" esros
;S. WOOL tween both tries rem so pe-ta bap. G'ado' n-po tado.
se & aph V9 e -"---ma d r l ..her( eo f
rtdog--jo New" Orlsa..
c'6n 9j~IU 53.88 reales ~~ oe4 tsd m
rIsn, rre s wt e. Ipcrt6 an r e lc ede O al p r:gar eru meor
.d PRINCE ALERRS N& rT arrba,' s** d o e tA ane est .I.lg.o Sp m t dee s r .
gasi aV8 A14s.6 ES, 4,000 a 4erful Pl. 3 96 A er n0 tof s d eieos a, A Abri d 9
'1u ~~alue1a 4A-te L -Mbils,
" Y 'as a p ali r D UmEn .8., A p r B U I T N A C O N. a0 G e t al7 A 7 .1 2
.5ata9 eI211 NnyGa mand. B o o6.k ". ,d .
$lid 1 ,11 h e*
A"ls pee ,.....SI A VAe a&van iIome 11 Gat.
.te'lt4 do eu aIbfe~5Jedbare... V
tessq A la dataoane,
Amt1.. Iml/4kM m mNkr 3"". /r U X & U
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omyutrltogja. dabs su pe =ZU : eso plo do-mssel2R eOm
NAPS(Lm, Aii+ A 5-A n 4I s tS~l Ac 22.12 l Ionry Gom sqsQss.- "
l 7 AT 8 T e t M = g a o puert* e y n eao il
;-yg Trat" laa.tetteedladds1
the E "t Y 0 Arimes.4' ret,
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U Air tans e1e dei Vs *A*, ,A i ..'o,-, ee yna.a, Al
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con ias He rl u e M e A $ 5 Th an p r hae p e m a '.v ban-a -I,&
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conpunted~ Buz espe, Api ea5.age 3011 _4 W diq>Wbb de erielo
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olb" dorAe!~ tebaig he"Yor tsow a 62j a 9334. ta et 30 del corriente mes
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NU M MA $0 11.O M R QU N ,D A&Itro 96A1017512 a 1 9 do brl d 1 07
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l' n emaeato que tienen de o valer edl.lnm:mn del as kw -:d1101 100que por 14 um ps- tkr i no otrot 1 1 baera u y tommbn ai qw Voudm tkdm. to. ptriam y de on prelho #n air.1am,.. eruo"to 3d.r VAmIris [&I epa ieb ti'' el d__ A-i-4ra Is dotfe "* _i 0 P &sstm V-lo tigi m marotsc
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are del ouerpe 0lectoal, cst~n fre . * * . . A, . . de la n s de ls do thm do is e yp t ,asr eat tro min higioapn ees m a l cinommisel
at softer eres, se uesnstre. Jan a so eei4od Mapqe ie 6 elo as .i1moteenca ateds 9 tem nes w as s.e
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ue eM impirod Jpita n y i- e<. eileria y baye pr u y r 76 4t5W e4 ea styor noontrd quien y la weena dog ta P apea de to tl *iat A* lis 7 doede sole men a tod lm
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ae uadcnMo, & irrem a, ee6n te doe A Cuba n autoomiean Unido eroe rrge y A s pr' taei6n aug 1rdht: arroode A mue sen asIu eerdn,7 ibg do made acquo lRuM on ebieees a dersel so__etddole. be vades. o ps"q Pt ode ;Zr= an re pa t
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" ero, bga o que e. parades los "esstent m ta enton.tie ql e reefa s, de tas frar traques 6 l mean de lo delte4 altican. polities y tur d ie P muet.
S eldo aed eorpae k-1 nuseho: aeeo el ees; el miemo Ministro Io deolart tera. th efts la 0le k deei y te fre an ir. s e mrraelb ena. En l a ia haben a v as
w ipandio; endsadekte, en m retes aniaetensente an el pre3nul del com posetl neptoes per ehey, do Iss oeet ,lree dhhartes de r ; pa alta Abaje hecy lmbasb El Me favoeeel do~etor Brriel coan ni a nd, n o le eetoeraes, derel) quoe l esmaee y l jst. e I 30 par.le. e n no roreae. otto di so la m poso, abrd A lu. n esi debr e reded
uengonele el eapaen e r- ao hijittl, majer de usa oaas leal Iector de la Uniorl.
ml ,]ips o n ,o e7 aquee halii, t fit ogrne OOa.IM tos 1e ,s g4era. ic 4Ii d ehaeo~a~ botitee y pun. bajo. Tod.. lee dies pbrl t al. El preotigka. elb tro do unset,
posilo-cnserv el Atemento". a Ao grer a eam. Qeen c qu e u tinedes d n Te eT emrn T epmea e n e t r e ho nees
Da eo one be by quo hbr. oi el eior Martees Orts como or. let barrieds, pertreado do metr- tan in coer aentes dn qritrs e, n a ra l table bomb
*c. s ons tn ea I .. *p e ee de l. aro anque baen y ia, l ehoroe de gate y ohaquet en pueblos y edlee de Oeealdte. Mis pMeeme A ambde.
,Irm bet e enemsAle ir ti. Al mar ps del gode e lo hambretes y lo desepers. No han podkl umbria tabsonr s
mdeseSo ~P.neroenlaeaia, Oba eldeo etAdn Un~ks, pri.- eobn pa Un fi" rli, iy Ai d ~ as quea alAen ,y 1banderlnre quoe,las 6mdo r es. l Po M ele lo fundades d
i6 1 OOUms lepada difereoeial y dr otoe emola eeoa que umsdors lee roleoloario, salve easoc contaeiias padkl4 moler sa qaha, ha alo uaa autevah# htitual6eas ek e tr e proodr co rd ej6 vgeelela dC; er st la ora de s tierra, revat pol history. de qabr dd tL es euel lbre d ilase vete nerN n1 0iuelisHta e quoene pPl)iba ft procedee d e dp o ca.' T de los aigareas modwaados: grene para s a. do :=l, galll. Ise* felteael ctes o. 7 der
'ab~ss do de" mla" Enepada. Lot pagoe deblen hirerseen eas que-iemoralisan y alejan mdel earn- aospeararon los destines e4 c, ehe- to o h gp oeedd. P ue ao secates lo toert ]tkegenq Laed, Browu, 0
I Bo)"s que a h~inam(ee le convic- un amect o o0 0 sobre m po A ls eultivadoree y e dedIn con- n A ealte & lo16 sba i rbla at, a a o dd leehe, y l tern y det do Utive leer, y no praporeioneron Jo I Las rite murld. Todo qe" o d m dlee o o onru Mn anrvie,
e'ems, l beiiearse portelia. de k Penfmsr 6 sbre quo il mired k Agrierltura per elaane humild. La moeided prodnjo fa hoes d melntell, que soris ae- C u tes de anmhes ad y toe q(e hesue d t proeees tods nte po- srlo. d44 p20dein a-6 eE oldw do t6 sP ete os. do pa, a id e, tnatrie ao
a m noe ed'deempee- restpe do I looarme dinonehal. imrya.
.oiae co em preent prooario y El OtUNSntO efetd toabiha -Ak Ior r tindole zaplo y no oumnplioade a dooprde Y faserop At Ii nuaolguim A Go0iora. I~~iJ.9u,'i bat. do nut sm enas tile A ten mner lodonas y fguta, rniaut-a is- gusom A La on y '- ~~~- que, do e mode, stlan aolasr do
n gvnir enoraes do los mores albb te- da; pues si ast no fuoera y radlease e boraban por el trintfo totl, les que no elda de Juea qe catigarn Alas tt- prejicio y la athis.
qu 00m.e voarea i ae A m aos e f- laetey raneetatae ceansea de as Tiein us en sue fogoneM deede quoe laure. Una esnels que- abre, a nottut
- ..sen6a proobn q~ Ietone tre m aepomabisbldd te de so m n ls ade.. tae, ana reola qte qrgeti abeteta que ne
I RoAB u Mj atie 40rw- p a n~ tes de is t en e s-; a mer" mns que n elk Seantaoe, ten- abras de utilid td preblia que e pe .1 er-edo Je nrcy del J n;a o ees baer p g
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tanb pa sle Vlla, pble on"Ia ya quoeauca~m~ 4pa predences drfs quo seaer sobre lo neeentan reelamaba, y ganamna on ces el pan me so asoeladln libeales quo ceoeerato& ow smhare dohoe eelpem ye4 elnze dotes; Miior lon dielsr tere I idese h ~any qo taie wN ZM
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lo sabre l careetta de a rida, del oa pmmeThsO rm fielO e do eey ke qen o terior, ay aa qriep res- T en ege d aseudeeielain bAs Oa araIye
etera OaLt eJso g gale deUl oob ae quellos; pero qua e o ls ha ma de deriverse o r,o hc b ea ar y r para qtuen ar a tnte ele s y agn, r eeda la te e . .
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ria seim le, qse n, oe o proba- e at a) I ir mulae iner er an atra as en Sepembrs y O abt Pa y de tiao 6 ec mtesr ed- tes fetgMn A p se e m ami ayares que ban pesado ale i omero l del peblo dnye goblerao .dsale netras irestaneis Loma so hab nian quodade o u s tar tnat cakar maesidads, au. OTBB Y COLOMVUA.S
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sknd, en ptrodea, soar- rd "B obme o Is tep6blin oe rta- k P o valo e d onuetr"a tietrael, qPe so n v a
dene emanna del fend6meo. aoet6 a deren de 'arnos tleo., p repIn wmese ns nod bamaa 1 aaCy w
"El punblo, en general, no hlaba al caf4 yA la sal principthmte. Y al reformer esi ley 6 poetergAndola & alarmants la Petpe ra do ls va bltmen 7 eoqstee abt-polties dosee iddea la eeMI
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paoe shors deaolo la ot- can aeo1 ErstsUnel teaprose eal otras cuestiones do manior lne6s 6 exla bajes preaies; 14 agitael4n fioliti- fuegs A Manioarageon aleamisms ppeI srve bbea, some la do LA, jo I I"mmdsaold Is& obe eck~u~~nt 66elf uari mw etaxea, "l nmr
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quis ra' ls Po3 Joe haba toi u centta pe1ro1: s" ar= SATIS COpiflEIErm Y a qie i Ld o aI 1 i o
SJ itop s"aen Jos6' dol que Uo et Yadie24escuid ar ; .Li
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ton V ua 1 0L'r e 1MqOa yi a ao RELOJ DE R OPF, Pate*te
fre. nms a paedsoro0 1 .
wea ssa qua auos imu vos el. s F a e .
". :'~d d.."i..... CUE V0 Y SOBRIN OS
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... ...... .. &.d m_-,~. Santa Clr tm~km a,0t4u- sootao da* buoah- tamb---.-- -ra el"myfmomqe1 1 a e- qehba booml oelae abeyd wu .00 p
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$. oma csos roms ls oooi e* los tubos brqules, danduo-a at.. .. al *** : ead g wa beamia
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De ordes del Baer Preadpnta Ton arte A le que previenen les Estatutos soeltsli aovenA A los re Asocados pars Is aat losceral erdinal del ]primer Trhmes. ao ietnsj quo teidri luger et loa aloueas d ste Centro, Prado 57 y 59 a tas : ia& de anoche del p rz. domino i de l Rmadn uro.
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Art. g*--Lms a dad uidarkn deo eireulaei6n replM Munioteial &A tedo rem relos grqv
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El IOD)ONAL MORAN es la medicin ra los niflos esorofulosoe, es positivament wrativo ta o .

IODONA MRAN es el mejor preventive con.
tra tods las enf9rmedade 0 que eetAn expuestee, 104 aifie* lee lial I& angre de impureap, led abreoel spetito, loe frtlfite loe pone on oondiciones de re. aotzI lee6oes.
El IODOAL MORAN oonatituye por of solo an tratasmiento esin rival pars todIa las enfermadda que tienen origen on vielo de IJa sangre. Los h r .oimm, boeio y ti enredad s do It pel on genZa1 '46tp ptdcament altcsti nto por el IODONAL.
XI 'IODONAL MORAN olimija loe g6rmones viciados de la meap y l&a eonvierte en mangre no-w Va y rses
Loe sifliticos antiguos, lee reuntticos y los quoe sufro de o61cerw satigus, qoe terian sus organis.,jsm extnnudo por los efectos del ioduro 6 del uaecurio, deben tonar el IODONAL MORAN. InStmied deo certificedo prueban mu oficacts on todas W enlermedades orignada prot malo humor.
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En este bUque hen elebrado una Smh.m vaum e I ~ea deo larga con1'aiel St. Madra, lm-S .h ~~
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en Japan nistpal had bmd ab ovome, that they
MR, OF NAISI :6"jpo L S
e President extended a seial .A esd I d mi ht
a so e yed bTfee their i interest and problems and "pend ea beg u ti Mattesi d" eMw I teelif
o(fm o the United State m ar de ntieal, TO- "W 's ae ha experiment in 'here are some wwho hold beek
XPORTION Is OPND and". Mr. Roosevelt ad dx, "as we H NTEritAL Tthat we 0t Cb p e theM hae not abealae c
strive t6 settle them I pledge you -esad a ht whh t' de a we will sn. We ae
.f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.W *-e Jamestow andotton hedtantttlmte u nrommte, nvte tl ta iia td o pla f as, d l m a t 13 l enn !] tht v"e wilhso W n
m Was IN *a t i, f herewith on the part of the United ifty MUolio n oldt -rally. whees the IAlaof, Ma s bea t oureavourm to t how them that the
r-ees Dahed states, the heart vat friendship a eight yl to st pointed out see to as e the can, repnhe as we would have it stabi.
Ithgoodwill" didate onot% than 'the a e ed as worth working for, with faith
uThe president then renewed brtfy ,ay for which he ete g' stand n timate riuph a withet it.
ay AgaeeeeidPress the hwtor3 of the derelopment of the ( "To agg (ibr **6 A, Gon. "The people w ee, we beheve, "Our own faith' is pretty strong,
Nort.eai n a ned Ses, onu w t con Mdrld, ahimterial Ami r leas s e ent A tive of fitelent atoughis e that police We can see by the Amerlea pr that
the e asylowr at asideration of the problems presented comil held 1I* the the Dr N0t Pape "the Ooa. represented la e ee daate tre of our frs to establish a strong ne.
ee down the long line of by the economic struggle of capital stud) of the sad it was serrativt im agsr e as ovegr more motance u Ah meore p eru- ervauve party met with tWe uis*
wankveasi ui nthot do ine ooand labor 'milg with the statement re otved o ea ne ean reat a Vai sew' i. V as. ..l n, t et e I6 6...f '..4 "...*"o,4.. o -u. -..
w rothils v edup to o hrie that the goqeiiment of the An ean improve the o do aate, and Paroty wi ig$p o Me to "Do you believe that he ecoI not only It Wh agtn b
t'er seeb lt oA era ruh s e become the increase to oAericpettesa the any unis "a a republic of Ceob will ia t e" b eat the titery of whe h that oity t
rade =~s grun InsVaXMlrd
de btteehips, eamisers and govrses t of a platoersey nor shall naval ap ir lth east eight "l ete N al"W n I was ate what I i ut te itoL Wi are o hgalping ground to
smaller re rft gth e er Hampton it become the goverianit of a miob. yeais. (the *NO a) aMt the propaties to pOqbe ,ul s 0 every day as W hat we stand ft
Roasled to seleatthe a op g Tile President sald ek ip ce e sneed to this its iden r with a arm of bb n"e better knon order, rswority,
Read.s today to eelebe'ate the opening Xw isvsdings isoyAWt ti t dut nz ro
of thte Jamestown position, held to "In industrial matter our enormous matter in vi* of he talk of eta allian- niatient" ha the h deor, l 1 e t ly ii a a repd 1 ie which anotbte
coammemorate the 300th anniversary of prosperity has brought hth it obtain e between a ed awd Spain. ."Goere r ad eee = s to know reat what st of uatios may not invade excepting under
the Aarstingash settlement made in grave eisk It i o duty to try to- mar%" replied seaer Leane, "to efderse were to conma eet epea. etdhiises well dedned. And the
Aeries a oua t out theeo evils ittheet at the arne ary a t % s i s i tted ostpro et aabes of the part, likiemanner, bere I pon- p ma an spp, or happy, condio
Twelve foreign ships composed the time destoying our well-bStta Itef eraimed of violease or brutality. We are ang the set ative ee the stablty of Ihe seen I (it depends ur point of viow)
t as fronting the shore and This is ant era of.conbinatlen alke are analte rably debemitd to prevent of the OClaservative P r l. wait to know what sort of men ae of te tIdh al Party, works in earo
t hese were sixteen Aerlean the world of capital and In the world wrongdoing I the fute; we hae" no tionl Libetal Party has not, it i i tancmmeO, fme ,t
Jhll ese were sixteeninate of
: in the third line were of labor.- Bee, kind of comilation intention of trying to wreak anch an true, beet dhianded, nor has it gone "The ensabrvatives desire to have "Do t eieat toa athesAmerteas
lent heir yriade~olrs tobut sent,
o t wlent3-two emriers Idan d o d wee t ot hewvr indisortminst e ft r wrongs out of islektee as as tin the reeM reestabibbed, and on lin s depuraoving here a epl withe
o fwerful. most be oppt. it done in the pant a tM tont ad the but its laterevs sejea. wit eilar to t*s of the frst republ i, new guarantees other as a el
dreds o excursion steamers and ill At the ment get innocent with the t or po s end ere is rsee for Its bat wewat to s the Plat Amend- definition of Artile of the Plat
eessur craft of every deserption problem before us is how to excise is to build up ratherikas to tear down. eandued existence, on lehi account meat dAdaed in its third Mtle so that Law?".
afloat hovered around tie combined ath control over the business use of We show ourelves e tuet friends I jtdge that sooner or later it will w w under what eatlunmstan. "The American are not withdrawgo war fleet but were not permitted t vast wealth, individual, but espeoiacily of property whos we rae it evident cease topexist." ea ailaer anotherlt erventhe might r away, I dive, and petas
cruise ktween it and the shore. 7ti corporate. as will insure its not being that we will not tlet e the abuses of Continuing then to discuss the pro .ake pAhe i early to astar that question. It
th vast multitudes gathered ther used against the interest of the public, property. We are tedly boent on ra of the Conservative Party, per Th Pitt Ameidmefit grants the is true that the was a price on the obtained an unostreted iew from while yet permitting such ample legi- preserving the institution of private Lan saidI "Theokofe ited, te s coi= state, for M t republic there ltay e on the
et Eais an osruife. r ma tiate profits as will encourage inlivi- property; we combat. every tendey Ing thM6 pt vinelal orgaalsaton of Instiance, t It I forthwith sepeeded ee d, but I dn't believe the A
tE ortl.b on o dual initiative. It is our business to toward reducing the people to econo- th e party et e s at efotorily. that those eia were to et ubea e are going to name It until a
Innumerable flags of all countries put a stop to abu and to prevent nle servitude; and we care not whether Thae niing to* ies a biltog put to taneasoe and BpM hi foods. "The stted vry aheort while before they are ready
letb the myialpoeto mnagecenteure eWmbtie isfkal *eutio aobn l*myadnvlfre t~~db hi rml ne-rm t iber to wal t tInny of Obithdraw',t: rpeeivn t."etOe
lent their myriad colors to th seene, their recurrence, without showing a the tendency is due to a sinieter agita- that work in betanses. tThe ate is not p at lbesty Ito walk In ty to withdraw'upen roceving It."
day anlvein san. beatifin tahe m. "doallng 1. Wright
so enivening and betifying the spirit of mere vindetivenessi for what tion directed against all proper, or been welcomed there and is h s tp- her' *F 'll take t ee g I. Wrgh "'
already Vgnient marine picture., has been done in the east. In John whether it is due to the actions of eu station here r ell take It the
As the' tfhee maeed down the frv' brilliant akete of Brke he those member of the predatory clases ; The article which grant the coalist AT ThIE PLAY OUSES
long drth shipTuer s she lay especial stores upon the'fact that whose enti-eiacel power ois immesors. My heart's desirel and prayer to station has been defaned and Its soepe
i th n trei denttu salute Burke more thn almost any other bly incresed ese of the t very fact God in that who these gates, whielf speeded P t Theatre Prade corner of
i n a the president and to thinkr or politician of his time realized that they possess wealth." we this day open, shall be closed In "ir'dti to Article 3 of the So aeoe.-Moving .es O two
.eee e e ei entity to the profound lesson that in politics e There was dining by the expoit. November next, and the fleets of the A n et, as it is, the Ameriea set beginog at 8 and 9'30 re&.
beeere se sun. are eoneered Piot with barren rights on's anagafient choir of 700 eies world which greeefoly ride these government may intervene in Cuba Vcetoly. DOWN, 8LS0, orchestra
ityr the review Pteident Roos- but with, duties; not with abstract President Roosevelt then pressed waters, ,all have turned their prows whenever, in it judent, it i on- ohsr, to es. and gle seats 1ote
evalt was transferred in a naval truth. but with praetial morality. He the gold button which formally o lpea hswwar, that the naties the veni4-dhe time the reason, thue per
atineah shortly befre noon to Dis- especially ealoge the way in which ed th expositide. earth here tepriented, withantual manner, alLs at its optse and Cuba
**eer" Landing where he was ree- in his aitforts for Toncetol -forrn -a followed a review of the respeet and admirption Iearased and has set a word to say. We want to Albie Theatre.-Zbluets, head of Lived by the elipoesiation management Burke e biied ua able resolution combined mil ary and naval forees stregthened by their fr4endly, la remedy this a94 In seq rgulation Of Obiepo tP: Spanish Zras Comand condeted to the main auditorium in pressing the reform with a profound prwent, Incleding a detach ent of course, may be cemented by thie te theo applitoc of that rd article, find any, glar performance this even II the xpositIon grounds where the temperateness of sptrit which made foreign marines and seamen. of an everlesting friedeip that shall guarantee aid safety for Ca. In at o'clock: Bl do do
opening remonies were held him, while bent on the extirpation of Ater luncheon a ztption will be essirele the earth 'in'obe continuous "We And that our endeavour along fr s La Psadills, El Cabo
These ceremonies included an ad- the evil syetqm, refae to cherish at tendered President Roosevelt who band of amity and peace; and that this Rue, and others Indicated inouir Prioere. Prices range from $1.00 for
drees by Ar. Tucker, president of the unreasoning and vindictive ill will will then proceed to Norfolk withbt those of our own people who have progpa.e, meets with support. Asid boxes to thrirty oents admision t
Exposition and a respone by Preald- toward the men who had benefted by visiting the expoition buildips gathered here from every part of rom those who frankly declare thse ger.
eut Roomrelt in the enarse of which it. Said'Burke, "If I can not reform which he will see in June when he these United States, forethe solves with s, we meet with eneourag- ..
the American executive greeted the with equity, I will mnet reform at comes again, 4 of kiddling anew the fires of Rt) meat and financial asistane fre PaleIno Park.-+avsaa's Ooey
assembled representative of the nati- all. * 0 (There is) a stateto preserve The opening today was marred in their ha*Vs from these ancient many who for various reasons, 'wat TedC..-QOen frona 6 to 11 P. W.
ons, remarking that they were fore- as well as a state to reform." cause pf the incomplete structures altars, or wi open reow their noaus kept outof It. ten week days And *em 11 a. M0
gathered tocelebratethverybirthday "This is -the exact spirit in which loomipg like sleeltons on every had the friendships of olden; days, may "dome of those who elp us mqb Sundays. Admisdon to grounds,
of the American nation. He proceeded this country should move to the reform with machinery yet to be pad with onehbart and one voice joy- roaaareforeigners ad have therefore,
then to pay 60mpliments t ii tle of abuses of corporate wealth. The standing about call directions. illy unite in the aspiration Qf Mae- A eertlai good basis for their reqeqt MarTh ratMea-( Grdea.)
Britibletrotn'whomu the Unityd Stta wrontS6%r the moan who swindles and The concluding paragraph of aebusettse great orator: for setreoy. 'ote l sh Exeentre, or L~
f drew its tongue, law, literature, chests, whether on a big scale or a President Tnokr'a speech was a "Liberty and Union, ode and in. "Othew are Caban who desire to def Tw Pi range from $
indifie4 Indeed by what was had little one,#shall receive at our hands follows: separible, 2oa$ togrea" 8e Ame. eloo.
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invited to call at the old and store (Wilson's, 52, Obispo papers, novels, fashion papos, brushwiro, cutVery, fresh te, american, english and french to., etc.
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La fibra principal, la mAis exoitabe on etsta geands assa quo se llama pue. blo, as Ia del sentimiento. Toda bue na aeei6 le agrada y le oonmnueve, y today mala aed6n le asques y l Si so le eduears bien, el pueblo series un grand plantel do h6meroos de la oaridad y de la abnegaet66n. Yo me oeomuevo, m c quea el epedio,
cod I aplauos on qua eo pa lieo de loesb ales _alt4 e d)borda
euade ea us drama 6 en una 15ellenIa de lpeimat6grafo trianfa alguna virted sobre iagfin rimen. Traigo eato A enedto, A prop6sito de lo ayer ourrido ma Payret, eon motiro de la premntaeei6n de sla bellisima vita I iecpwita ". No busquns tedes Is. Ciegueceita en el programa do ayer. porque no Is onontrrn: fu4 mea s vista do "obseqnio al pdblico" ofreelda, poe Prd, ya que Ias emprma do Psyret tine Ja buena costumbre de rogalarA m favorelores de la sgunda tanda us h&brmnaoedima pelloula.
Fu, pues. "La Ciegueseita" la do ayer; la eegueeita m tina proeeiou nifialA la quo initilmente intenta volver Is vilsa las doctors: sale upa ve do pasno u au 6riada. Is que pr alvar I la elega, pereoe victims do an auto m6vil;*una infame pordilesr se lieva A sla nila, maltratindoldo par obligarsla A meeiigar, lo que aoolgae.
Ups nohe, la pequea hbae Unan quearda on troso do mu bana, y tlentram Is vieja duerne, soe baja por I bale6n, pero con tan mala fortune' quo va A eager en un poe, de deoade la soean i fin, pars entregarla A sum pdres.
SY lovoelos de Is vqjaslawdjon y I Oan tm tunda ooloal, a I&quo haee qu l p6bliSo de la gaodaS 0e. tl, ap saa do vsl .
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so ptstoillli a y rebels. Re- i,= s esA le remiti al Y do t e el ealse e do km Aiabo,
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er Por la Compalft del Teatro Aham-s. lbkos A loes gae&s qua -oesoon aloP. ae Ale sema6y 5l lar d .o lispfadleete li 0 e'PO ,- #,.. o a. .1bra quo dnge el leoer Regino p 9goeleiso apWqua I&pesde I sla soradaredodtRaeeaskne 137, 3M011V 7 Im"Ites dea oeats.1 SIs pitas bufa. on us soo y oua LOeS- frtaifsdoe leiiaseosati owe- upteafeolandoquo afa r park.projedmitoeWos do Ix em
la piesa ba en un seto y enatro en.laIsalk de SanJod ha ALMa
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A fdoimpe asName y e don Joe6 Rebea. vriaodes do ckiantes turieron AaAs [a I tradicl6n de Pert IsprebeHiFe doUnaevat quo a its Latetuerrm votec.- pdblico de Ia fabana so enuntra I &Assl. el 4'eeaon on u podr, eimprendieron Port Uns eaorreters de Axag6a v vie.
l gran essa de joyria, La Ac.e, in Don Migul SuArg don Dominge, Is fag, o sin quoe sate uneo do elle air lnshlesi A unaslodno in abrigo, y rival on au g6nro, por mues moti- Pre, doni Antonio Reyes, deon Fran- le samessase on darle maoertsilItl- 1 di*: Svca, por mu elegansa oquetona, per io esile Lat y den Antonip Asoot. 9,1 gab A .1r adlie. I I til o, e6nIo v a"ted sl abri.
- arte exquiito, porlaAntira desugalan.* Xeampenatodesafla aqe deles La pllea proura Ia detepci6n dogooc0aleeoato tan maIlo to duefio e amigo Cores y a slmable tendidoe quiet tomer pirte, dand6e. los uasaltantes. I --C6mo he de irt iPas teatidjAe. s dependeneia y mals cou todo estp, co0n retioeeder tn premto de veatlin I HURTO Y L EIONES 6e d o trio, maisol aser mucho porque qa Aceia ee o oealos O platsa espaols. On vigilanted ,dodihJs d tavon a_ u'sl aquellas asse que nos ofreee sietpro Primera quiniela A sois tantos. indivlo blamo, ge fe neg6 A de s ola filtna palabraen arte, en ele Segundo pe doi A 30 tadtos per pa- ombrums' genes. per ammoI It l A ri e an resqualtint d alotaris de primer, centre blanecs y sa* oeiRosieOa vo4 dA San U ,L;E12i lhfl
Pars tin regale do santo, do bo, L.W e 39, do hoa m" o t IW '
do amled, el pfiblice I sAd &nd jil A6tno t
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es una trad6a la linda joyerfs. LsThmpres Jt AJM li dprestado ne ld. -dM Yfr#esc ttn pars molaodi-.
. _ratUtameita &iIsSoered d .erliell, 3 de tdo I. I Vi 1"A# qR n V 4i "
atqutalo"alo elegad4ro 'ejoyorUPCld"soridaWHYannay" Ad$1.28 'a18g' do pelotaris. aWarnedol boeado A0 HI TA vi.
en m Y es aidudable qua Is dep*t seuit&- I.AMNZAS ResA 'p ettere -etms ores.
Tu n exitao. At V fueron remitidds a aoebe d,
rserp pesenteldo bo, ante el seSer Is m G Y CAMPUAAIO.
Tambia ayer estaba li;no el Fror TT h lJues CoiTeional del primer Distrito, *I A St6n, animadisimo, 4le0too, hirriente. No D* blae OPO sa Prado Amno, y petdo quelaba un paleo vaclo, atu tin ten-I -- Adolfo soRamld, oAs oh, pr M I mAdogoRoonfo fo-.-ido --,__O
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islels, dema do areo, partidos os oa a) fa muerxm s Main e PMri"OOU8AIhtTOS ... A IIGI jidoe, y, adoem to dem6s queso b i u epeubino Venae. C s ae Per d Juan l j laaeM d O* *eowapred *o ado el programs; y e banefod del epus do easslisedo e0l beeh as ioi-t eban side prooleleases A terode L0 ard6a pars el domingild, abloremaese.fredo More y Pedro Booke Moer po
an Payret... y ya no quedan entradaa. --En Preston fu4 bsdIs Adui- robo; y Kanel Viies.. Pit, (a) Piae- J WIM I DIL 00R A los astures lam arrebatan prmrooo nistref6n deo Coreos, Iloeamaodesate mini, par iatdo. d mon ,o. mauOee bodadm y patriots. peos imported de la oante.4e sos y A c4oimelei 0 exn 200 1e- -S .*lr
00 mis paquetes oretados. ll Jusgado sos de m par oo'e lberted 0 s-e"
El primer partido itre EAmorityApiaen 4behl. j depw a l. IA IT1ON t ,A ARIFOSABS
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5. 20,000 c 1 110114 1. .1sdo
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de amarrarle la t *s (t Anooheon lo momentos do transtar is 5t 4ieapo aio
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blaneo, us. ( GAnge y Ma fossnm.e operTbg ted aa6i AJo VWAO I is WasIldoi Y Pae amla E.**

.* .* ** A LS D)~&auEG "., a** w-. PRECIOSO CABALLO
. .... . .. .. *e.n el mueled pr ner dim- o *
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W Ad or. iV"yperlo. jolove Jo"h Albsio, proos efadome au.#ad tW Di.Al a bO offitioA tor do la muerte de JAe Ole&t,
I per Is olidaridad do Is 0" pertez.ecieute l grontio de isivtldolayco-dedor y ftos, ha abtonwdo eye- Ur, Ifulddo W2 = 0 o 101%. tt-iurufo aicausadc do I& Sals, Primiers de Io Criminal do it Aidlenea, la S libertad definitive de in defendido.
* Evisatanee &l ,oven y notable ern Los an is u Yaulajy minsits pot @Ita hiPetv. -t
* -- Le E1la. Oleres."
SPoo tolgstI.) En la Bala previefeeal do lo Crimminal so eelebrW yer lard* Ia odetaelbarlin Aberil 26. 12-20 p. m& va ati6n del jloet oral do Ia caousea
Al DIARIO DE LA 1ARINA eguiia & trelta y un *s.ftorf eotabL.a. merelantes do eate plate par d deli& quodde onstitulda Ia Dolega- to de talsIfloeti6a de los vinos "Rio.6 e aI Xguajay wn muoho entalas. ja Clarote." de Isa cOeipAIa Vinieo, .1 publo aclamabs A los Coa. la del Norte de EBopelis.
sloe! .l 1 banqute oordltlmo, Termin6 sou extene y eloeuente to.
4Ae sde eudido ditinta repress. iorme el Ldo. Mario Garela Kohly '-e y la antoridad. Fua elegido Y pronunelSaron seis infor-mes no me" rtaotto don Pedro Martin. Noy te eloeuet"0 tidlendo In swolu.
V#1 comini6n pars ia Habana. ri6. los letrados *efore Careuel s
SEl Corrupons. CaAes., Dias Irisar. Alum y Caste
"_____ Ilanee, defensores d. lee aenedo resS doctreS Toary ytantes
Amu l aM Tambin inform6 el Fiseal sefiot
A prdpuesta drel Dr. Bango. ditetor Ontifrres ratifleando on peticidn de
de Is "C('oadona". y por aeerde~ 6 absoluci6n.
Is Juplal Directive del "-C4to As- La Sala di6 el juieio per coneluo
tirlatio' haen sido nombraole addi- pars sentencia.
co de isija y Auxillar de rujia. Se espera tsa semnmeia absolutor--eectivanente, de Ia (~a de Salu'l ra eonforme A lo solltedo por el nr**eionsda, le dectores ignaielo To- iinisterio fleal y per aIm defensas.
fi.rely y Gareja Casariege. Falsedady estafa. '
.Al liser eto nombramientes se En la Sala prihdra de Jo Criminal
han renooide ari teoe on j6- u'ranu6 ayer tarde el juicio oral vee anotables m6dieos. que, al sa. Is cause instruids contra Antonio Pelir deja Qihiaudad, han lievado to- siabat. Jos6 Suires, Benito Alonso y do 1W edatyaeano A Ia Cast det Salud Franoisee de Is Nu6s, poi el -delito
follto soierto dirige el Dr. de falsedead y etafa.
A _K.7 "t e glerona de Ia Colonia Praetleadus qte fuerol las pruebae,
do Is JI ba. t. T ,nfo rm. i m inistori public. inodi, -- ... ficando sun couclsious y pidlendo
DE PROVINCIAS par. J06 SuAr1i Y'e.o de 1
Nuis, la pens de We de prei'. -- d io mayor eon multa id die, mil in
MTANZA 1-teseta, y pars Penabat yv Alod, a i
-de un aBlo y un die d e pride cotree.T ~0n dq #eh, Abnal 24 de 1907. (onal. Ademia todos lo procesados
Sor )ido paIgadoen los trabaja- deberin indemnisier A. Joaqukin Coet Is la4 not "'Feliz", ubioada en viianen la surnm de mal euatroelent6s
i41101r6-14r,&'l eflior Jos6 Garcia pesos.
Y*ew. ouiy boeor fui nombrado por La Sala por falta de tiempo habil I sewerdo de Jis colono,. emnpleados, tra- suspendi6 el juiie pars eontiniuarlo 1
, Jadjpree y dueloO. pare vender los hoy Ai las dos de I tarde.
frllft" Bll exiktmntr + mr su produc- Bu w_ 6n. t
to pagar A dichos areedore hoa Tambiin fu6 tispeudido por falta decide alea p. El refitr 'Garefa Ve. de tiempo el juloio oral de Ia ceusa
ga ha sabido unmplir al pie de la46tra segitida por estafa tan alt4 misi6u. 8e prowderA A nuevo sefia amiento.
SEl Corresponsal. Condenados,
- La Sale primer do o Criminal en
Preye-9o senuteneia que dlet6 ayer eondena A
. #0-Varion prayeetx, viobles tedos, se Williana Moore I Pena do utro +' presfntan A dir impuiso al desenvolvi, mess y un dia de aries'to mayor, onaittt industrial de Matanzas y i po- mo autor de tin delito de atentado A
De al ampalr del lambre y la miseria lo agents de Is autoridad.
I181 !011s proletarias. Tambldn fu6 condenado par aektenS mero, y que ya es tlA on vias eia del mismo tribunal A la pen& deo
. -s conuitruei6n de grande cuatro aiion 6, presidio oorreeefonal,
do dd,-itoa en Dubroeq; de Aittonia Hernindea, como autor- do
Plea do tranvia ellotrics que un delito de disparo de arm de fue-. S" rA en omn'.icaei6n la barriada go contra persona determinada.
Yisaleo eon Miatsozas y Pueblo Nomioldido peor imprudeneta. I
'NP 9"4 farftlttrdo ',1 aearl-e ie fru. 'Antela sala seonida de lo Cram. ci
104-y q rkran ,i 1 is paraderos d" arm 'ial eompareci6 a3vr tarde Niels ChrisftrrU al muse' de Dubroeq y vioee- tian, peoado en caoe seguid en eli
e1s. a gers d Jusgado de Guanabaeo par el delito
as mntroear 'd la raria. Practieadas que fueron lax
S pruebas, el seior Fpiseal en au forL del de me elev6 A definitivas sus conatmio.
1ies provisionales, pidiendo qu se le
ml lel neoooaoimpupier al procenado Is pens do un
de na grn afio y uin din de prisiun corocional
bsMa.~l..d d m e grnffn- i
Seon inco il peseta de indoarizdy. eicarrla que darA tr- a i6u i fatmilia d o Jos6 MorGn
baj( a i is d4 mil peraonM, Peis eu- Morin, quo fud uurto Pr die solo na da ift me ettu ultimmto de ins ete o on a el re
ria A n d o aesy i surirans ltea do Dleemnbre pr6ximo pisado por In a
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La S.ala Segunde de lo Criminal do esta Audiencis. visto l in forme del Piaeol, diet6 auto de conforinidad con lo *olieitado per oI seflor Jue& Con ete motive yer so eelebr4 en el Juzgado Correqcional. Ia vista do esta eauna. siendo absuelto libremento e1 pardo Veilio 3otlvo, per haber probado que el heeho habia sido pursmento eisnal, por habisele rotn lax riendas atcbille, en -momentog quo trataba de detenerlo por hblrseh desboeado.
Don Manuel Q. Valley, duerio de Is talabarteria El CaboloA doluer ealle de Teniente Rey 3C reoeibi syer pot orreo una cart 6 que so le exiglan 100 content no queria morir bajo

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Misse Sooanes.-En Is Catedral y deosa iglsie la de costubre.
Corte de MarIa.-1 a .26-Corresponde visitar A Nuntra Sende de lee DlWares an Santa Catalina.
s olenina "Men de Mayeo"
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Diarle de Adtna I
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Pamw PaumA. ba mme ishie
El Aloalde do Is Babse aGsom ra on Nuoev* th atl o File ldo loshe ondenswis. Ilo aqui lWe tolspqaum (ISO '.1W Oyler, an ratpost 4 quo oupidid a,
sra TMk, 2~
Ordesm.-Aln ei o dia. ~ ~ a~a 24w~d WO
Tedat las alet idu 4 a Toe as ozesouo ~ ,e.

in vhts 4 t e6 1 j h tea
queo ( tA' rius, A lit al
.day 4 importemms la, o e d hebe eue 1 sedal
egpeesete deaia is boom
to d at*te deastiscs *mus oospotzodesbarande A troI Alelde ,g 6a pare, so so da per emde, paem ha deermiaad bom par... en laab&a, la leehdo'osn. deabod qnoue lebdo adqurnin n lea etede e hU ide.T 1. -q" v a Asoosgur as "moreo r 44 e te o" Anel pre c do
I. asereands .
La hueks deo tabqueroeo.
stovdar l ierra boy iplomo do I. fiabelises toas.
21 rumor tione, segfin paree, oonfir. Usaolds complete; lo 4nico qua no as pheetarA sOr el lcierre en el dia de boy; 7 0 porque n oS haya acoda. dose*, sine porque el Sr. Gobesador Pr vthional latervio en el asunto s olitiado do Ice fabbantes que,ap.e Ia ejeeneia del senerdo haamt el pa prtiaho, para vor saenisioe q aos 'de dar &o paso me Ilgue A una aveopela que pongs tahiio A Ia helLos fabriantes, d oe etuarse 1

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teeotr 4etra nestra o do I esbadel Senador eerdAI oa-da-e fIs lIo" poe ble qae h61os ro.
mes t-o habrA Imnpeto A l e e.1 7 ome este Sondor .ausrm das A nea..a It a40 Whil m adtsie $i PralidMte )sle" et onresode he0 so podrA infAte do eat f.:
e UonlipiesA leAs itols, que el Preddentso renaatl les deja former MIibro t sk A trabajar par que I Cougrreso am tapedl pa que puodo b.ea .aga cooweloes saoneelas A Fill.
m ea Pdi .h. ] l preeoto e by t prob" M Ca 4 0S f t s: ds, e mo e ocore dar poe I C amar
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m u w w mm- do qVs ccutrael Preademte poe Is,
tes del P &; 9y haIo y& o antepitalltess y su
de parosla hk n ropre@snt d A o- manstrm eon nes eleeteratles, justo dm on In Cftera do loe 0Omuno,, 8I es ressoeer una vu M" quo s poll. nu A de gran talentopol ioo, tie lipinas ha sido lberaprotrp~eo el Parlamento~'y o pitaeo visor ea lto politeo, lk elo ba?n partido, nsinguna iy oimpeWit el Ia antonomis; en to oo5nmleo, Ia er Kfs. delRaj.Bo. evslum haih el cabotaj -La pi,,
pMraB ,- mor patio dl program so eaNt A ea 6 L a pot br-d l4em Hm uantoA ela .unda, a no e
que an filipino, un uao realisa; no a per oupa del Prsiden-.
sed r on lo Estods U a tO, se d enl Smado, oeol Tdo poe les siqulor os bientaem de I 4 amerowes, 6 tabasealer y otros qu i as-obere-p r eronvr a intewesesespeelale".
--&intes do pollea. X. YZ.
Panqub rActem mtta brI m1d &LU. DIIN c SA
ow, peque etr6 joea 81mevsdet Cmera, tie la esplalidad de dm- emdiathe A IarIe nia, estadames twear em &a isqaoo. Be pareee al deo plUesmms los d c sCatlimete. En eperseeas de la&Mal: to p quits, is parlibus idium,
labwekabom el minletro J4ae algln quildeo, entre tanto
q lo ippu disarate. sabe com poduee, quo traeforme
938s% pOefema" do ayer lu .al-e amorps do le eandidat. on bi6xi.
qui dlIieIds la perimspera l el buso o e
SDe puds de 6ta liberl--4 Ire- eH"ta Calimete quiere tener sou e annstae-dada per el ig14 10 ina ldo dideate. Un grupo do.amigos desintoera una otao iberoAlsll eain a res e me quiere postnlar A iL. En Pues A Mr. Beveridge s u t vme les-he m nifoetado que esoser mentr qu o me haya oneeod m trep-r la Iglomla on mtao de Itemix A Filipines y hastilleg6 A jarr ro;qu mWs mdi todas serian pr" que on la asmble Legslatra tie, pero 11"vin el sello de is a qu 1 I in e p tergrlb
uA note.niatm ~,I~ismavesintrISm.. 1noplrk_ por aito-U ar las ban.

Idoneeds teandrAn quo halmr ders, y
-D mode qu eon usted t A 5galr I ne .
-Betences usted no lirve. Faers JoM PAre 1
Y adl eoasegutl queo me despostuam.
Cakmsft, Abn S do 1907.
El Licene lado Testar
na.1 pMo~I'M "Ua$u": d Cebanae, esfacenos el igsutete
ro 01go
suoee, q~ua isro~disehs eo vord.. ,ero, Plto, lpci ftisbr do uc .anti. 7 eousd amigo niesr, al qua
o sil tokneeta.
Dies aw el erleg:
"Mveha m Jofaci6m o he ansado el nombrami-no -de Notarlo de L 1i e bo A favor del Lieoclado uon Alojendr TAer por" ml quo bema do ,eentr on e trezeq"01 tmalg e ebandono.
Mo ambrams eato un a de
j eati do la actual inervewloi AIl ubeira u6 e Neeri a de tlabA heee poeos aoses, entire d seer 's* o equ r4gSTa n prtix eome A&enlos Titmleu de IsNebes Y= s1, .a msi7%0so o sn a M ,a_ep er opoei ief ietdo Flow y Jeo maew a a e e quo fa prVW to em trm per el Tribunmal d eopeeleiomes pmara n Notaria de la Iaba; tr0e el sior Tetar, deeiaosm, que tales titu o mrne. y un peante del eefior Dols quenole6e on spyo ms quo Is reemnealad6n de ute ,Mw, opt6 den TeIo Esorada PalSpot el peamte do Dol, indse postergado el owe eon tintos esfberwo eontrLibuy6 A lI seeleom6n del propio don Temanda.
Por ooy pot n .hw -t tsoos ae6logas um decia u amisobece poawwo-mentoo "La 9tweod s cids
tenltsa qu ceaer y eayd, comoaen sieentro eo situaciones injustas 6 Iprate. per afiadidem". FWlleitnce ma y do oeru al segor

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s 4 4 ils tus. que la. Estades Un ides ws hesa nMtr A se do Ao er" El biso adg q a
dO ms liborales q latatee Por- pUSe at pIafrse, issoeqloisiWto, conesponeal DuqtoatoLAOJhi goeesIp abu, U I~ulq pparaeesl do eoordiaa opeelbe qe les onIies inglsOs eea satea-Winsileon on emsesamianto ea a p' MPn on lndres, seor annel J. oi6u del dootor Porte halle oea ma nI"
-do &Iseaseguir do aeul al lne, 4e e so* mis gon colonia. do blemm msat Carrefo, abogaba on u do mue an m seom Coroejsouo. Consiteies
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1ee astsde evplosivos. 1o' fundldores do eLones, Icg omtrudtores le o-y esto spareee subrayado en el orl. A eopseoe lo ceantratia d riveory ginal-oue m s el brae pro o1tor do
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deo Its wate lo r a quo dielama o los. A le anals agrega prsu maentas Mr. j oa~ Oogo do 1 az esyc nquolI"oatiooes ooen po-mdlo dole M -Lowry:
6 Ft1gmn en el entire dereelo '0O Las politicos exaltada y los ambi. ihombrd d Estado qife sO valo deI loses poder y favorm oe*ales, los gor sk y de I pas, aeginlea coeoone, ttbuleoits, en ron palsbra, harLn bien
y no peru veam sin oo1DOienalg y w7 aprondiendo de memoriaW ole piriafo
alinea et el ocntro Iqulerdo lhas gen-. del Seeretario Taft,
lel partirnl do quo o cultie it fra. "h inneeearo reiterr qu a situato terded .eat" le pueblo; pe, sin' O- ln del Presidente Roosevelt ea eiso4, v14r quo lo tu-jor par evitar l gue- tamnento las misma qu eouando s emlrra esstar bpe parade para haerlA 7 t6 Is primer proelama estableelendo 1n5 cct q heonhiaedes. .el obierno provisional bajo Ia En.
" Inplterra, quo ha sido centre dre omin Platp 6 sea: que Cuba debe eho, eq mA do tuns oeasidMn y ha beeho iser entregada A .iun gobierno oubano, 1-u gurrao do lUs quoe"pa a".san "tlf mparelalmente electo tantproAt'e cf entree Isalrui ? Nesilt 8algMONW10 Olc a se aendicioeniy7Isatiuquildad i- de paz porqua ha tra I to-to 10 qlle derpals Io permits y ssegure I a -pt. in apetela sy qtuor dge-lIrb n enhalm.t. Y, bilidad del goblerno qua so estb61S pom bto res asfie do paz, slgue po o." o. niendo o ii Wepawrana n ernaros 7y agretg% Is aliana trnnees Ia as. Los politeos exaltado e y Io que L Spfios. Y, sTUu Ion despaho4 e iny, lo son, ae salbed de memorimisse pW
an tque st enoUae.o u Iti t s Vere- rratoode la arts de Mr. Taft, dozde me
"or 1o queahI embinae,6n dura. d es
a. quo &gs A emajarr pero an innddable contienen todis las seguridades, aeerom e- qu: msears due no sorA probable l del porrenir, queen Cuba s reelama-, 0- guerm- on LEuropa..
a, Y, A tod asei Mr. Taft coloes r ban, y qua e s, en ofeeto, "una garantli o Ailtimbs isa en Puerto Rio. 4mde solemnemette ofrecida'contra las ina no hn tioflde,butafuts xito. Y A pro-O rrcciones futures de p6sito del Minltao de Is Guerra de rreone tur.
no sq s ris, heislari un a1rtl4lo publi. .
I- eado on el Colier's del dia 13 por 31.o- Federico Painer, el britl nfa periodista Pero por quS so imprdona de ese a americano. Dice Mr. Palmer quo la ri. mnodo y no de otro Mr. Itoosevelt f a Ade Mr. Tt ef tesa de Im grandes De Is carta spe deduceque pomque el
gi- inotituciones de ectet pals, po- agrega de alto quonee y a qu ss ria t r. mesidento no qulere qu 6s repta la n- mnma enel puente doe laI narir. Los ojob sorpresa de Agoato, sorpress quo -iblig6
* tonta erion. Le tIs nri eas Inera mno. intervenir contra ous deseos at GoI- to meklcI4 7 1nincerldL Mala n o
e- ticia pars la "pnelones insulares." ierno americano.
X1 X. Y. Z. Tabia era eso lo que tenfamos
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Gn ] NJ La.a erye s a La quo no estaba stn may averi-.
i ad pwL giero y I a6o ri guado es Io que hak' Mr. Roosevelt,
a- dam el eepirit. per virtud de eoas impreeiones, parM
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Madeues nl d epeelflselones y tea ndri to o o oe6saeRode preelo total sobre oe tamaes pdos, etregads hbre de gnt s n i lvlded 6 taterior.
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"Loaf"s .A" paW olte a d qe ian fadinl o0etd atUrs as d.
y -4 g em owo ldo No m A verd d iUooll, temblin, quo dee tries greandes piloos miltares m birveto Ia *l, a9 I& quas asta*. en trop a de los edtedos Ulido n par partleipir o atl gobierno instler, siO solmene pars eter A memo DW ase de un levantimiito 6 de unua que at mismo obierno. Pero mai so. bre esto, so dir despu&"
1os "dos 6 ti grandes pooIukoe mIlitatres" que equivalen A otras desl
6 trees grand. earbeoners, oonstitayea una covedad informativa y deflnidra el aftae de Cuba y los Estados Unk. dos youIn preisidn que demaidabab t los oonservadores, en Is parte police.
iSe resoli de ese modo el probhl. mat Do ese 6 de otro muy pareeid4 tendrk que ser pata q" le interest de squellas elase'y en general los de loo extranjeros goees dOi tibidaM garan tfas.
Y un Indicio nmy iJ-mie ste panr ereer que ast sueeds Io teemomma.on actitud tranquil de los partfdes, le cuales desde la salids de" Mr. Tat, pareeen convencidos de qua "a.ees idld caminamos fatalmenlte, sinq hays medio de evitarlo, ta ves para blen kde cts naci6n, L Is qua no Wod. etetrann vA4s eos pueto nmilitares quo Ia vigilanoia de las guardias fronter. sa sobre les territorio veeinos pars iLapedir el cotrabando.
Los aiguientes pirrato del editorial' de91 Comrrio, do Cienfuegos, 'pintaf a viro Is asituaei6n de lot partldos ea aquella loealidad par efeeto deo Isa rap tura doe loLiberales.
Diee el olega:
S'Bn Cienfuegos el rompimiento ha sido acogido jubilosamente por unas y otros, dado qua pr losIce antecedentes y pot incompatibilidad quoas hobian ianifestado en las nueh anteiores vivian en perptua intostins alos, no r silencios menos violent y sA
"El setor Figueros, quo pare o.
fe, aun euando aus titUla sea~ diaCo.I loa dentro de sus minos paresales, u v6 reducido, en Cienfuegos, al bonso de ui mermado grutpo do amigpronales, mis conmeuentee can Ol hombre que devotes al jefe.
"T el Sr. Figueros, quo no podrni ", efialar s u stado mayor person do hIs que poe anaquier concepto arie
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SUPFRIOR A LA FENAGETINA Se cura rlicalmente con el ja,
A IY LA ANTIPIRINA. d [ rabe antiasmitico del Dr. HIerrera.
YPare Lneurll, dolores do cbe- II l .
Ps y folore,de todas Glases, U U. U 7 it i. A
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-A mado .Q eto. eesos, sta ember- -PAi4mente, aeoleaa; perp El Bar6n midl6 do plds A oabose at miendo habor dicho demaedo, ala- te se al eabla mis de ello:! go, l 9efe y .e aguedei el Jefe de polda del Vatiea. viitante, i primer golpe doe vista-- d1 .--al6o een lo tte- de 8lie pt
to qo As f sembrar la alar- lmo* ik. S6lo falsk itArms dl no ee hs pedido trops pars el'dia Tongs Ia bonded do tmai asieto,- demtostrar A nsted quo *1 Padre Santo VA e tIt4 7 emtes tau*to, N I del oves snato, lie djo. Y el joepelado y elBa6n o ha dido tip e emnAr
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seat6 wn al aIy mrcal4 A&ens tales m Pse *Is at410"5 d Ministro do GraeiaI -El Pep -its4ampp6 .1 Bard. vas detal.o
qum do o &imdo e el *11 %atAs med "Y tJe A ftri El lsheete astati6 am Ia obos, El pelade moa6 I obasa
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meend6 4 heignls '~o0 queue lasorden49gqu l pa a que aeasnq. El Ba- -A of-ee usea palabra do Ponsejo o
he owdedo ain oeT n at direside at t-10 1 agaiOPto r41, 111 4p11mts, loy6 to -E baser qun as monos de -Etoneas eren qua Is itemssdo do si, t a no .en que at s as I"sig .gtt aNsCos1041de00mgradl M. ei6sl y to eon quo S Sat do d mhe sboot
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1 truno ,muodo que a le uslesed apane- M4s ser MeIaN to see i unadmedes mwielvs pims eero quo s -En coenfsis it vex
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__-__ -- a weamito de Ca I.Sane
Etado d rl de ls enoetne, Abril 26 do 1907. obc, eie ma rewlos reapectirm m
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Barnet, eA Mn prollso& loe erviebos nodi eoarospondents A 116 i*&es, aituadas Bueej en Il" ealles do fo PaiPo s uno, Bo a del se r orM 1 1'am, Jov&UlnO, .AyU6n, AngeL Vekrde, Zani 154. Coctroras, Matanzas 7 eale*~ do Us. Caft del wior nr r~nam 4Fre daimnpetlvamente. Infant& 83... -,
DESIN13PCOONMe Bcdego del aelor AbdrC4
Durante el dia de aer s bin.practl, Infmmta 76.
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Organisade6s obre l gran pral de omins ~ 1oi e teel co pm p itols "Quineonees n el centre de la esgir on los eases subtsignie tes ul eidd y deo los rnegocios yd Ia ocia. e ais a1t s oberva di on aterie sub. del .sona, tedrA adena smprtana ta, par ln constaei6n do aeareteran
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La "ranu Semare Maridtima. p ban- el anivera de la fmdaa
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V a)s d oreta y das Aanos e an.e dia. tu fast
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gl negoeiado do "Relerno do eles", qu as e neontraba nsstaldo on viud de la eqaea qae as 6 qm er
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While the (outria ew to Wt ho have not yet Ipaed the bedrock upo which an owss a
Senator Bewridge's expe~ih, rill of liberty; t self-government at be bIded. i N it
weids ofthe SW~ (umed W __ 4- for ialandsmwe ~as our "ine for selteiboee edes~m &Wy "L .w5u p
w or s o f th e U n itend t p riitiv e w e h a v e n t h t d t s r r e
them of cout being theI -'-- Mselves would pefp q. one The Filipinos. like all tekwerd peeladependent VuWm of s) .b Woiates, Apil 22 -U ablter until thev hwom te p(ewl. ples. need to be taught oerdety, eem- Th nion of Tbee Ma-ase
mnah tonar in the waw d sef Dins6 MpR'.t Indis hM bd eeS spel of other powers; e any. tinuons labor before everytkag elm.
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govermentbefoethy se MAIirelId People at s eseal treet and greter I ted to this country free of duty. The whaes feoeries of Havss me l
scores of ata firealit s J it -as Bryte. aueW to our wards by esmeee*e eemmlesion has argued this "' everynih ed deeided to at
esams that the uned S9tke d M 3VS At ries 0"0 at to tb Dsed wbds will achieve te wtlste of report; and Mr. Taft hes a dver e t i t ap
a lIo. loas by %P 9 th Weartw,, A eiou" whic the Mserwve Seator I r sofiniles and bring as seesem in demanding it and President Rooe- shop. "ay," in support of th t
*ay of eadmid .pde ba e h beeken ted that t entry would She eivilised work to wheih we are evelt has repeatedly asked Congress In e Ar&e which is now on between
eat la tie m haedt eae satrl all of th West hndies ied. And common sorte in the to do this not of simple justice Ad
As Awisa never b" 0ol05e hae aga r and the Mand'spea0on r. .Beufe management of out dependeneies common sede. We have not done it that e mpaeA and its workmen.
posseedes before" War h8 was W ite fver s ug ma4de wr 0ee84d by sPense w esaa practi al administration of go- be.ame the beet sugar interests in two The argument used is that If the
as a of the et system f T t v d a United 6 e rmet natil our wards are trained o three tates ad the tobao inter- strien etry the day against the
e rd er e a atd seal e ver th l h continuous industry, In orderly eats In two or three other States have
* ham fg trust ape]emleat lerttrt e nd fe thy Tostr w tos
e tea. a the ilna d eattheseerrl-h es of idaeds that guard the towEs to liberty, and in that res"ve and ate. been powerful enogh to prevent it." Trust factor e and force the Trust to
trie the lpins temselM the Panam Canal, and lbwhich O t- dine of eharaer through which alone A brad. rational sad practieal epirit pay them. in i4wieeen money a they
p the art of an orderly ald peefual 6 e&ii ewwd t i sot of malDritline fee. eMatO self-governmet is possible. merst be shown in oeentrolling the i- n
shaatattn. sad lietary quastette l d te ee 5 to bhir t too %" "We have extended self-gevernment, lands., and the public eina In charge dead, n t U workIt was last ars that a grave has a virulese which makes "a Y th Or so called. too rapidly in the Philip. their affairs must be well informed, men will mal'sihnar demands on the
stake should be committed, t h e raft w M n s Phililpe ieson ceuraeous and upright, said ir otier fasteries sad earee them.
g eutSat W 14 et h ts says ii. The election of hice Beveridge. Ie oe1nuetifd
-atr The sem deme r sdle p l however, undesbely t1pmesents the of aunielpalities by the people with "The quality of Amserfta public Therefore the Unlen wil take time
of a govermnnt "of the pepl r i vle of Sgood many pple Inl the power to raise and distribute txes has man who is now beginning to dominate by the forelkek and defta the stWke
: Y ee by the people," p00e. W. too often rmulted in a diversion of Amerimn aairs in the exet revere tfore it t s on it.
VOW at home was applied a me I day tte saklers gtotersa T A" r fAb Indlans adfned funds from proper pur and the of this.The American public man of
and enjoy the malt water bath. T te o5 t that adtlaidttio n i eitation of the loal oliee to be the future will be a student of natio- Governor Magoon however aleg e
ws low11l devre to the lubele Th 6s*sitta -ijlrto "iaino telclp eaeo h iuto s& )j
Sle pil degree to th goves t hasm leased a potiee of the P 1 4o whit thk un- thk body servAnts of mnunldpal offiers. nal affaIts ad of world affairs;t and menace of the situation isT a
' epsemons and eomno we W the hc fter the selasive me of the trylo po l h roeet for The 'election' of pro I r t st the ptpdnt's patience. He
beerl& And graft in t 1tipie ofeers and man. a sentary to asme. To give igovern- was a similar erraro done w bea practical as a business man asked the Union to hold off ail $fa*
ad moh disorder in Paork.$1 to'maet o peoples who have not yet too hastily and too aon. The diffa. and have the business man's gif; 1or day in hopes some satisfaefery. sa nQtgo theed iluref-et, Cheaanrnedg the a tlt of libertyr, he sold, aime of power from thie very beginning the concrete. Ile will be RMnct may b aemawie
any unothblg of the fa l the Chaplain Lambdi haeen dtw wou be to leave them to prey Upon in the government of the people s oe ltus. never fearing
wapublic of Cuba where DO o pqrtmept M si fof I manlo ne another until they became the simple was a base error---we should conslderitg what the effect his and whieh the Union will do as sa ed.
was presdletial eleetidk nmtelw has so Inevitee il of other powers. Sesat. hive waited a couple of decades at po sy publie question ma te and oloedown its shops. This w
led by the Ametioma to be he than A "uory 00-10 wr be'rrl declared thus colonal least, for in the life of a people a up" his own political orer, but
t e t to duty wiH the 11th Btry. tatio by United States de is but A hour. onsdering only the e t whie: throw thousands of workmen out of
t u& 0 tow t n r was Jew itble. "The-9pauiek War," "It was delear at that time. as it solution of that question will have employment, and may lead to compli.
o rule he ethag "wthl 3* h' Dr. Grie5, veteerim, wesnt to I conmentt d strong, desive a, will bedemonstrated in the near future, upon the epdblie and the world.fhhannot
hand" and the ethh a toth m yeseedy to em~ae V9 "was enly s eppoalrhmit. Ot rapidly that a Pilipino legislature, elected by This seessof course that the Am.h
wooda with a frthe esrmmesanes. h#ed0 Of the trPo p ttied 1he. goaetgqer minded it; our a.people who have not yet acquired rican public ane from this day must as yet be surveyed.
senator Beveridge's idkoof how to osel aeds deter~ied it; more the first elements of orderly industry, be as fearless, as conscience, sat is
rgret theetake is simplesadmlilats. At the mmker whih the ely tha e ther, topi1 dl t Id t; 08 per cent of whom cannot read or pure e he is farless. Aa ftest an tis tion of our ward by feless sd Name Sety gae at Chal ten et, e edd it; write any language; the immense quality of pnulie man replaces i .e- WAS QUICK WORK
tion of our dby s o 's t v at an As one of to powers deter- majority of whom speak different race, selfihness, and narrow
hgto fntnt ea mined it tongues; and all-of whom are easily our Colonial polley will develop evenl
the good of the entries they vers t w two spleadsd "It was inevitable that in the end, swayed by brilliant and selfiA dema. and wisely and America's work In Early yesterday morning Octarie
'and the fulfillment of Ameriesa'greet Privates Ook and W ier a American control should extend over togumes, of whom there are many in uplifting people who have ben gin Valde Dirwa- caught stealian eap duties ixn, tho, rather ta seek to and Corporal sang a sol. Sergteat Cuba, Sa Domingo, Porto Rieo and the archipelago, will be a hindrance into our keeping will be incieressingly end a hat from El Boulevard at acquire political capital at ho t Gilli 11 the Battesmnk a song sad in the far fatate over the whole chain to the Philippine progress and the ueessful." Aga 86. He arrested
all the men JoI ed the charms. The of lands that eonk- the entrancee to culture spot of dissolution and trouble. Edward wry. nir 86. e w artd by llorder tofater their own M-eerA men spent a very enjoyable evening. the gulf ad eamal the paritlme '"That simple administration is the eeman No. 306 at the request of the
To attain this end, the B st thing Lasteight the enlisted een's mask ene that guars it *am the Atlan- true principle of colonial policy is DROWNED IN DANUBE man who easught him in the act.
required is a right education of the ball was a grand sce. tic. It was inevital that N awal- proved not only by the universal ex- By Associated Pres Three hours later he was brought up in
Amrican -ople as to what' these Thoe who won $be prise for deo- the halfway house of the Pavifie- perienee of other nations, our Vaenna, Aprl 2 ,--lberft Ritter court, tried and. sentenced by Judge otr a really ug were Trun Albrant, ad should become American; that great own as well. It Is a broad statement, vn Moset*dg Modo, a famous e r Alum to eigh days. All ne
are a what athey e te LougbI~a Hospital Corp, with selent, Humboldt, a haudred yearir but absolutely true, 'hat, with pne geon and the introdner i l&form, a
-i ootheir lady,partners. ago, declared that the Pade mist and exception, no such eleallalng, uplifting, drowned.ilianelf in the Dan'uibe taday sary papers were made out in a hurry
To pass judpment upon a political Ptri Allan, Signall Corps won would become the 'Awrlan Oeean.' civilizing'work was ever done by any waile suffering from T mental aber- and at three in the afternoon Octavo agitation in te islands as if it were the prir for the best bcharacter. An l1awali one Ameriean, it was people for another as the Amerioan ration. began to serve his sentence.
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