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Title: Document from the Joseph Byrne Lockey Documents Related to the History of Florida
Series Title: Lockey Collection
Physical Description: Archival
Creator: Lockey, Joseph Byrne, 1877-1946 ( Compiler )
Publication Date: 1784
Abstract: These documents pertain to British and Spanish colonial activities in East Florida and West Florida. They were selected from the Public Records Office in Kew, England, by Dr. Lockey.
Scope and Content: Transcripts, translations, and photocopies of documents from the British Public Record Office; the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain; the Archivo Historica Nacional in Madrid, Spain; other European and Mexican archives; and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, and other repositories concerning the history of Florida from 1569 to 1832. The collection is divided into two series. Series 1, Records relating to Spanish East and West Florida and Series 2, Records relating to British East and West Florida. The records in Series 1 are arranged chronologically and documents from various archival repositories are intermingled. Some of these documents were published in East Florida, 1783-1785: A File of Documents Assembled, and Many of Them Translated, by Joseph Byrne Lockey (1949). The records in Series 2 are arranged according to their provenance at the Public Records Office, London. They are partially indexed in Guide to the British Collection in the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, compiled by Claude C. Sturgill (FO16.S935g).
Biographical: Joseph Byrne Lockey was born on October 2, 1877 in Campbellton, Florida. He attended the State Normal School at Defuniak Springs and subsequently taught school for three years. He graduated with a B.S. from the University of Nashville in 1900. He served as principal of DeLand High School from 1902 to 1904 and Pensacola High School from 1904 to 1908. He received a Master's degree in educational administration from Columbia University in 1909. He served as Inspector of Public Instruction in Peru from 1909 until 1914. During this time, he organized the public school system and published several Spanish-language textbooks for use in schools. He returned to Columbia University in 1914 to pursue a Ph.D. in political science. He served as an officer during World War I and was sent to France in 1918. Following the war, he returned to Columbia and earned his Ph.D. Lockey published several books and articles on Pan-Americanism, U.S. Secretaries of State, public education, and the history of Florida. His research into Florida's history focused on the Spanish and British periods. He planned a series entitled "Selected Documents for the History of Florida," the first volume of which was published in 1947 as East Florida, 1783-1785. He died in September 1946. Sources: Florida Historical Quarterly, Volume 26, p. 99; The Peabocy Reflector, Volume 4, August 1, 1922; and Who's Who in America, Volume 24, p. 1424.
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Ino. n J. lver to B. ial7ez, Aug. 27'84.
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6 a IntanntUfLm PFmnoa m..- a q. don.*, 7 he

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n owe 'osu* pxsto* *1 ows" a
llegS. & .fl.M pfl .3 COw! 0d.
fr doe i e ielvA
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be utanmboe p. 1i

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ioio SAM aIfubrlhdC

aW. SBew da ;ph 4d Galves

Iae. In J. Gl vQr re O. ilws, -Att27, 1784... oj
31J meo

I Francisco Rend6n to Josi de Galvez

Philadelphia, June 20, 1784

No. 102.

Most Excellent Sir

Sir: I have had the honor of transmitting to Your Excellency

the originals of five letters which, under dates of April 20,

May 4 and 8, and June 8 and 9, Nos. 97 to 101, I took the

liberty of writing to you6 and as the contents of these letters

seem to me important, I inclose herewith duplicates, to make

sure that they come into Your Excellency's hands.

Since then the president of congress "has arrived here from

Annapolis, where the congress was sitting and where the committee

of thirteen is to meet on the 26th of this month to deal with

minor matters. The question of whether the president should

continue in office was raised in congress. He was willing to

do so on condition that the united states meet the expense

of his household on the same basis as when congress was in

session, otherwise not. The proposal was debated in full

assembly, and was decided in the negative for the very good

reason that the expense, which might reach ten thousand dollars

a year, is immense in view of the present indigent state of

this republic. For like reasons the congress opposed the

naming of any other minister plenipotentiary than the three--

These lettrtsare aot included in this volume.

aThomas Mifflin.

Inc. in J. gilvez to B. Galvez, Aug. 27, 1784. ,A

S. Franklin, Vi Adams and MV. Jefferson--at present in Paris

for the purpose of concluding commercial treaties with the

European powers, which they have not as yet done. I suppose

4hey plan to send to the different courts merely charges

d'affaires and agents of lower rank who,at much less expense,

can achieve the aims of the United states.

e/. The superintendent o. finances' has repeated his request

that congress accept his resignation, in consequence of which

that body has given him permission to turn over his office

next November to a committee of three named to take charge of

that department.
o At.
The Chevalier,&& Luzerne, the French minister plenipotentiary,

leaves tomorrow for Chester where he will embark on the frigate

Saint James for a French port, leaving as charge d'affaires of

his court ,. Marbois, who is the consul general of France here.

Mr. -inckney,' member of congress from South Carolina, told

me today he had received letters from Charleston telling him

that finally the Spanish expedition had arrived at St. Augustine

to take possession of the province of Florida, and that the

British governor and forces had been ready to deliver it in

accordance with the treaty of peace, but that the inhabitants
had ;risen in arms to oppose the surrender, had taken up a

This may have been a rumor baged on the intrigues of John
Cruden. See Floridablanca to Jose de Oalvez, Oct. 21, 1784,
inls. Nos 1 7and- r ,- .
f -

Inc. in J. Gilvez to B. Gilvez, Aug. 27, 1784.

position in the fortress and city, and were unwilling to sub-

mit to any other government than that of England. The letter

says nothing more, but if I'hear further particulars 1 shall

have the honor of communicating them to Your Excellency. I

offer my obedience with the greatest respect, praying God to

preserve your most important person the many years that I

desire and need. rhinlaelphit, Jfu Z, i4.

Duplicate Most Excellent Sir

Your most obliged attentive and

obedient servant kisses Your

Excellency's hand.

rancisco ndon Rubric]

P.S. I have thready told Your Excellency of the arrival in
these parts of Colonel Francisco de Miranda; now I have re-

ceived a letter from New York informing me that he has sailed

for England.

Most Excellent Senor don Jose de Galvez

"Francisco de Miranda, the precursor of Spanish-American
independence, was at this time making a tour of the United


Havana 27 de Agosto de 1784
E.F.: Box 54 B6

Amigo, Senor, y Dueho:
la particular fineza, can que Vmo. se sirve avisarme, su feliz

arribo a eae Govierno, correspond a la estimaclan con que me
interest en sus satisfacciones. Spre la tendre complete en que
Vmd. te made, 0 afs o que mi S. su Muger, e Hijos, por quie-

nes ruego a Dios gue su Vida m.a.
B.L.MZ A Vmd s a ffm, Servgr y Amigo

Antonio Moreno

Sr Dn Vizte Man1 de Zespedes.

PnRcrs P m P R PAfIl0 T VtICE MAwUEL DI A rmM
St. Augmatine, Augst 30, 1784
(EablO9S1 l]
PFaneis Philip Patio appointed b4 Yoar Rxoclleney one of the
judges in the Province of East lorida between the British
Subject under the Proteotlon of Ril Catholick Majelst & & &,
Do Certify to your 'xP llonoy & hubly Represent That %We
had summoned-the 81 August 1784 Stephen egan ESquirn, living
on S John Rivr, a British Subjeot-to answer before me to a
Complaint Pfxhibited by one Stephen hite of S John river & a
British subject, against him--Charging the said Stephen bean
'with having delivered his In April 1779 a certain account for
the sale of four negroes as a bill of sale of Robert Phillps &
underneath a oottilioat and attestation of Thomas Brown Lioutnant
Colonel of the east Yortid RaIngseroaertainIng the property
of the said four negroes to be rely bonafide of A belongAgIto
said Robert Philipls which o rttifcat & attestation has been
prouvetd to be a Porgery, by a doclaratlon of said LVeut. Colonel
Francis Philip Patio was the founder of the Patio family In
Floride. Be w a born in Switsorlead in lt1# resided for a tine
in England, and in 1771 removed with his rally to St. AtUgutier.
Upon the relinqlishnnt of the ProTine by England he remained to
bioeon a Spanish bsbjeot. He died lI 1811 at his estate on thl
St. Johns. His son Franois Philip katio Jr. beoasa an Aerican
oltrioe After his death in 18-1, the Patio anle cesed to exist
in Plorlds) but numeras descendants of the rounder-thb PFlmings,
L'*ngles, Bllowes and othr ei--urviv in various parts of the
state today. The bost aooount of 7atIo is to be fotld in a little
volume by his gn nddaughter, Susan Lprle, privately printed in
le8s under the title of AR&i att M i AA WrfllmaelaMIa ad
ZteU Zulz t

ratio to Z4epedes, Aug* 30/84

rewns witne.f$ d by Jaces lhmes & NiMhol Torabull sequira on the

SI JAu t 1784-Tand the saee tophen hits farther alleged
that said Stephen Egan publ, hef the gia forged attestation,
knowing the same to be brged, in order to Defraud hi.
And I do LCrtlfy to Your zxaollency, that the [J] said ttephen
Fgan appeared before na, "t 10 oClook in the morning of the 28
August Instant, agreably to my eumon and there in pseaenoe of
sail Stephen 'hite answered to the allegations, of said Stephen

hite denying thb charge 4 or having any knowledge of the forgera
and in his JustiieRtlon p-oduoed to mn Two letters dweoted to
him wrote by s" d Fobert Philip at Nount Pleasant In Georpga-
the ono dnted 25 february l?79-inclosina the above mentioned
Bill of sale for hae four n-grwoe & oge. certifiaote, request-
Ing said rtephen Pgan to deliver it to ~teophn whitee & to receive
against the said four ngroes "lrhty : Sght Poun;s rtfling--sa by
a draft also inolosed, of the Eait Pobert Philips on Stephen
white, which amid Stephen 4hfto paid in part, having the said

four negroes in his possealon; which said ltephen Pgan insisted
ase a sufficient proof that the said bill of anle & forged cer-
tlifiote onme in his hand as he delivered them to Stephnn White,
& that also the negroes belng in possession of said ntephen Thite,
no loses could aeonoe to him by any ir egularity in the car-
tificate, unlefa they were olained by any other person or persons,
thich has never been the case
AnM the second letter dated Vny iW9 also proves the anid rtephen
'gan remitted the amount of the money paid him by rtephen White

to Bobert Philips, who in this letter acknowledged (]3 to have it
resolved by Peter Wardwas tquire, now residing to this town;
By which said Stephen Rgan prove* & demonstrates, that he had

tt1e to 2bepedes, Aug. 30/l4.

re peouniary interest or Awolument in this transnotonon-hioh

does exotulpate hi of having published said forgery knowing it

to be a fmogmry-

Upon which both Stephen Vgan & Stephen white agreed to leave the

full doeolion of the aouse in dispute to four indifferent &

equitable Arbitratora, chose soonet the inhabitants of this

town & ren of aoedit & oarateore-u hm being sworn, should return

their award, next day to me, to be reported with my opinion on

the same to Your exoolleneo for his final determinatlon--
Ani I do certify that Stephen T'an named and appointed Mel*. John
Johnson & William Slater of S Auogutin merchants, who accepted

the charge & wre edmitted by !;tephen 'White, And salA ctephen
White named & Appointed Mefo. J:se Pine & Jeaes Smith, which
were refused by Stephon rgan, alleging that MT James Pine was a

*eafaring man and a transient person not suffictently known and

M. James Smith was only a Clerk of nerhbants against whom per-

lonal Rerlexions on his Character was made in public. And the

said Stephen milte named in lieu of the before mention arbitra-
ra t
torn; Meof Saeuel Parley and John Pof of S Augautin Gentle-

men (4] who were aooepted, But they refused to be sworn & take

the oaths proscribed by YouP r:xcllenoy and accordingly could

not be Admitted by me.

And I do certify that the said Stepehn White has now absented
himself and as I am credibly informed la returned to 8 John's-

which appears to me to be Inurious to the Character of $aid

Stephen r.gn, who irmaine impen8hed of an Atroeaons Crime and has

no ways loft him to provt his Innoeence by a final arbitrntion &

Pato to Zepoedes, au. 30/84. 4,
yow arselleoncys DNree on the ame
And It Is IRefrr. d to Your rxsellen]a to provide & to Grant to
r 7
said Stephen Fgan E*quire sueh Relief as It may appear to Y Fxo
to be Jutf & Fqultable
I have the honeur to be with Rfspeot

U r h ir
Your leallenoy

West abedient & woet h)mbl*
p.P. Patio

To TIsa xoellonce
Dob Vineent imanuel DO Zespdend
Governor & Commader In Chief

& &l,,

Bamna, 51 do Agrate d 1%4

[AOGi-bi#g 1336]
|j( [Borrador]

U t I
A 4 flo mmt e 4. Zqtpedoe

lfle @Sl a t 7 ie h. dimant (SI me ensuea
4 0

h a ad res stn.slae east. ep V* sap. Uaetne eIn
py so iTtO & Vs tI fti deam, ems, P& I m&Rtn 7 wina dasst

s a

0 dO
t weroojw *l ree darlo *I deskt esp 0a 4"s *fetoeetpaip
A sva. oornmpoma ooadenasn/

cJm meo


Havana, August 31, 1784


To Vicente Manuel de Zespedes

My dear Sir: Jose Francisco Boleo, a free Negro, baa

been sentenced to six years of hard labor on the works of

that plaza with chain and shackle. He is to have rations

but no pay, I have ordered that he be transported in

the schooner Aguila, Captain Sebastian Espinosa. I am

advising Your Honor so that you may direct that the convict

on his arrival be taken in hand and set to work as ordered.

I inclose the attestation of the sentence.1

1hts -lftetteR eartasslragel~setratien of bhirt''ofteie
fbtt received ,by Goderemnorleapedea. L '' :io-.

', /^ I


San Ildefonao, July 29, 1784


Instructions regarding the boundaries of the Floridas and

Louisiana and the navigation of the Mississippi.

As soon as the king was informed of the terms on which the

English and the United States of America had adjusted the bound-

aries of their respective possessions and agreed on the common

navigation of the Mississippi in Articles II and VIII of the

preliminaries by which they terminated the war between them, His

Majesty perceived the irregularity of those stipulations in

that the contracting parties disposed of what absolutely did not

belong to then, or was held conjointly with His Majesty. But

not wishing to impede an adjustment which would result in a

general peace and the independence of the United States, His

Majesty allowed those agreements to stand, contenting himself

with making sure that nothing was included in his treaties with

England to give them validity or bind His Majesty to what was

not obligatory upon him. Accordingly in Article III of the pre-

liminaries of January 20 and Article V of the definitive treaty

of September 3, 1783, it was stipulated without expression of

boundaries or other restriction that His Majesty would retain

West Florida and that His Britannic Majesty would cede him East

Florida; and on the same principle nothing was said concerning

the navigation of the Mississippi.

The king remained free therefore of any conditions respecting

these particulars, and master of the disposition of his rights as

Floridablanea s Instrutiona, July 29/84. 2.

he considered best when the time arrived for fixing boundaries

with his new neighbor, the United States of America, as an in-

dependent power. That time has arrived, and the instructions for

the persons who are to take part in this arrangement are contained

in the following articles which have been reduced to the clearest,

simplest, most sucoint terms, and to avoid confusion everything

has been omitted that might cause disputes and differences in

a matter in which the king wishes the proceedings be guided

principally by equity, mutual convenience, and a sincere desire

for constant friendship and good neighborhood. Dividing the

subject into the two parts of which it is canposed, the following

ought to be kept in mind respecting boundaries.

1. It is His Majesty's intention to recognize, and he does

accept, the boundaries of East Florida as established in Article

II of the preliminaries concluded between the United States of

America and England, November 30, 1782, and confirmed in Article

II of the definitive treaty concluded between them on September

3, 1783; for the English and the Americans having at the time

possession of the territory through which are drawn the boundaries

of that province as fixed by them, they could dispose freely of

it in their agreement.

2. But the king is unable to regard the adjustment between

the English and Americans of boundaries of territories conquered

by his arms and at a time when the war between Spain and England

was still being waged, except as a question conditional upon

the reservation of his rights in those parts. His Majesty's

judgement is therefore that the West Florida boundaries ought to

Floridablanca's Instructiona, July 29/84. 3.
be drawn in accordance with those rights.

3. By the conquest which His Majesty's arms made of that pro-

vince, in which state of conquest and not that of possession by

the English or Americans it still remained when they disposed

of it, it belongs to His Majesty as West Florida just as His

Majesty ceded it to England in Article XX of the treaty of peace

concluded at Paris in 1763 under the same denomination of West

Florida and its dependencies. Presently it was included in the
capitulations made when the kings troops took possession of

that country; and it is included likewise in Article III of the

preliminaries and V of the definitive treaty of the recent peace,

in which, without any restriction whatsoever, West Florida was

retained fully and absolutely by His Majesty.

4. His Majesty understands that these same rules should hold

in establishing the boundaries of his possessions on the east

bank of the Mississippi upstream, Spain being considered as

succeeding Prance in the rights ceded by her to England in

Article VII of the peace of 1763 in order to retain and give the

dependencies and properties of the forts and territories conquer-

ed in those regions in the last war by the Spanish troops the

same extent which they had when they were transferred to English


5. Other definite and positive facts lend support to these

principles, to wit: that in West Florida, the Chickasaw nation

always depended on the English general in command at Pensacola;

and as to the territories east of the Mississippi, Captain

Baltasar de Villers, commandant of the post of Arkansas, took

F..loridablanca's Instructions, July 29/84. 4.

possession of them for His Majesty, of which there is a formal

act dated November 22, 1780.

In order to reduce to express terms all that has been affirmed

up to this point, and in order that the boundaries to be established

between His Majesty's possessions and those of the United States

of America may be clear and permanent, His Maiesty accepts as

boundaries of East Florida, in accordance with Article II of the

treaty concluded between the English and Americans, a line from

the junction of the Flint, or Caillou River, with the Apalachicola

directly to the source of the St. Marys River, thehce down the

middle of that river to the Atlantic Ocean. And His Majesty

understands as belonging to him under the denomination of West

Florida and its dependencies, acquired by conquering and taking

possession of it in the last war, all the territories and countries

included within the following demarcation. From the point where

the Apalachicola River flows into the sea, along a line in the

middle of the Apalachicola to the point where it is joined by

the Flint, or Caillou, thence by the middle of this stream to its
source, thence in a straight line to the Eufalee and by this

stream to its junction with the Hogohegee or Tennessee River,

thence by the middle of the Tennessee to its junction with the

Ohio or Belle Rivire, down this river to. the Mississippi and

up the Mississippi to its source.

This demarcation may present some objection and occasion some

difficulties; but the king's moderation and generosity are well
Probably Euphasee. See PaullioAtlas,' plate'93E.

Floridaboanoa's Instructions, July 29/84. 5.

known, and His Majesty after hearing at the proper time what

the personaswho take part in this negotiation report will not

fail to lend himself for the sake of peace to anything which,

without grave danger to his rights and interests, may contribute

to a permanent adjustment.

Passing to the subject of the navigation of the Mississippi,

the following observations are pertinent:

1. By Article VII of the treaty of Paris of 1763 the English

acquired together With the territory on the east bank of the

Mississippi, the right to the navigation of that river from its

source to the sea in common with the French; and the Spanish

succeeded to this right by the cession of Louisiana to the king

by His Most Christian Majesty.

2. A large part of the same east bank having been conquered

by Spain, England lost the right of navigation in that part,

and Spain again came into possession of both banks of the

Mississippi and in all of its width from its mouth upstream as

far as her conquests extended.

3. Thus England could neither retain nor share with the

Americans a right which she no longer possessed, Consequently,

however great the extension they may wish to give Article VIII

of their preliminaries of peace of November 30, 1782, it can only

be valid and effective in the part where the Mississippi runs

through United States territory, and then only in favor of the

Americans. The agreement for the mutual use of that river to its

mouth must be considered therefore as conditional only, as they

agreed upon the free use contingent upon the possession of the

Floridablanca's Instructions, July 29/84L 6.

left bank by one of the contracting parties; for as soon as the

course was interrupted from bank to bank by falling under foreign

dominion on both sides, neither of the parties would have any

ground left for treating with the other.

From what has been said, it follows that the only right which

the king can recognize in the United States respecting the navi-

gation of the Mississippi from the point where both its banks

to the sea belong to Spain is exclusive to the Spanish, and must

by no means be permitted to the Americans, not even with the

pretext of going up their interior establishments. Much less can

the right be permitted to any other nation, conformably to the

general rule observed in His Majesty's other dominions in America.

This must be made known to both parties through every possible

means so that they may not expose themselves to the prosecutions

and confiscations which they would irremissibly incur, until

such a time as those states may make other arrangements with

His Majesty.

This is all that the king thinks fit to prescribe and declare

at present for the information and guidance of the persons whom

it may concern; and for the greater clarity and support of these

instructions, copies are enclosed of all the articles of the

different treaties mentioned herein together with a map on which

may be seen the boundaries indicated as herein established.

The Conde de Floridablanca.

Havana 1. de Septiembre de 1784 i

) E.F.: Box 54 BS
Muy Sr mio: He manifestado a V.S. por carta separada mi com-

placencia por su feliz arrive a esa Plaza, ofreciendo a V.S.

no le escseare mis auxilios en quanto alcanzen mis arvitrios.

Ahora lo ractifico A V.S. en costestacon de las de 26. y 29.
f de Julio, y asegur a V.S. no olvidare la urgencia en quo se

hall p? ascorrerla con la possible anticipacion.

Veo los gastos inesperados que V.S. ha tenido en alijar
la Artilleria, municiones, y pertrechos desde el frente de la

Barra, y decade el Rio de Sta Maria; lo que ha de erogar en loa

utensilios de los Quarteles, y Puestos de Guardia; en el aga-

sajo de los Yndlos; en havilitar los transported para Espana;

en haver recivido y auxiliado a los oficiales, y tropa del

Regimiento de Asturias que naufragaron; y en la paga de los

de la guarnicion con lo demas que V.S. me espresa cerea de la

necesidad de montar los Dragones; corte y conducion de la lena;

pero en la actualidad se hall esta Thesoreria tan exausta de

fondos qe aun careze de los precisos para el diario alimento

de su Guarnicion, y mi entras el Virrey de Mexico no remita los
caudales que le he pedido; sera impossible hazerlo Yo a V.S. por

que so me han cerrado como V.S. sabe todos los arvitrioa.

Esta para venir de Veracruz la Fragata de guerra S.ta
Matilde, que despache, de acuerdo con el Sr eomandte de Marina,
pars repetir al S. Virrey mis clamores, y que me socorriese

con algun caudal. Segun el que traiga auxiliary a V.S. y nunca
prescindire de su constitution.

t/4&fL; c U.. ^^-r- t^ ci ^ A, ^u^^^.c

[Urriza to Zeapedes Sept. 1, 1784]

For lo que respect a los obsequlos qe Ieben hacerse a los

Yndios, tangoco pueden adquirirae sin dinero. No s; hasta done

querra la Corte se estiendan. Sobre todo he consultado con an-

ticipacion al Rey; y es regular que el Sor D Bernardo de Galvez

(qo aegun noticias estara en esta Plaza dentro de pocos dias
con so gotierno la capitania gen1 de esta Yala, y la comandancia

general de las de Barlovento y esas Provincias)traiga las ori-

necesarias. De todos modoa tratare con el sobre el asunto,

y seg. su resolution embiare a V.S. los generous y efectos ne-

cesarios p. los Yndios.

Ha sido muy convenient que V.S. eaforzase su providencias

a fin de que siguiesen sin dejnora a Espana las embarcaciones

fletadas de cuenta de la R. Hazienda, pars que no se aumentasen

los fletamentos, ni V.S. tuviese aquel objeto en que gastar algo

del caudal de situation.

Atendere a Dn Domingo Rodriguez de Leon en lo que se le

ofrezca, por lo bien qua V.S. me dize se ha manejado, y el merito,

y suficiencia que me recomienda.

Dios gue' a V.S. muchos anos Havana 1 de Septiembre de 1784.

Blm? de V.S.
su mas at. y segr servor

Juan Ignacio de Urriza
S0r Db. izente Manuel

de Zeapedes


E x. .s

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enteordo de qwanto Saba aottleen relatibo a la rnetseteola,
qua tonian ttetdo hatl e I* *tl te1 l4e 1*t Pla do s
Avstia do la nlorlva, oponlendo.e a la entrees de allA, aqu
poe rl Corte de Thglaterra aGt tra tdo hbser a Im nuvstra
come del auto conquer qutere a. 1. tag To se as pa *at
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del R on ban U grabe aeupto T anque Ia del osanae eda
I& Nrats ea quo deb bhacer al riaje, I la site Igna2lsate
son d eotfetur quanto antes Is salrdft 4o qual seuu n
preoene Vl debe ae horl presnte QUo at ay alguCn r.
tardS en %tla saA profedlde oo hallean series var lee
ntb bd. es partneoclnte 1 Mrism b qu, 7 sa do at prop l
famtud a do roata4f do n epidouea e e oalofterwa, queo am
orals. so pad n en eats COt ad, bien quo oen l ema le
do qule au raae, y graveA d no ao do wrem sonpequenrta.
o r a a e
l.a S* qe a e t.tr at a1 ft !. a p. -n.
Ex. B,
1*O A* o ( B
pu~rclin T itate oerdprt

ept. 3/84 B. kermu o halves to ae Olvle


Es. a. D. Jose Gains.*

31* 44 Vi. U.
8* S **SOW

BS~*~an aeapMu

0ja moo


CaKiM, jS4p4tnbe', 531S'84 '

Most Excellent Sir

My dear Sir: Having just received the copy of the letter
of Francisco Rend6n, rubricked by Your Excellency and in-

closed with the confidential royal order of the 27th of August

last, I am duly informed of all they contain respecting the

intention of the inhabitants of St. Augustine in Florida to

resist the delivery of the province by England to Spain as

stipulated, and of His Majesty's desire that I see that the

treaty be fulfilled on my arrival in Havana, if, in effect,

it be true that those people have rebelled;

For my part, nothing that I consider opportune will be

left undone to execute fully the will of the king in so grave

a matter. And although my intention and that of the commander

of the frigate on which I am to make the voyage are equally

bent on effecting our departure as soon as possible in com-

pliance with Your Excellency's instructions, I must inform

Your Excellency that if there is any delay it will be because

of the illness of some of the members of the crew and even of

my own family, as the result of an epidemic of fever in this

city, though happily neither its duration nor its gravity is

of much consequence.

May God preserve Your Excellency many years. Gil--*

Galvez to e~ *re, "ept. 3, 1784. 2.

Most Excellent Sir

Your most obedient servant

kisses Your Excellency's hand.

Conde de Galvez [Rubric]

Most Excellent senor don Jose de Galvez



------- - -- ------

.'v Evana 4 .4 .o 8pt. leobre dr 1784 .1

[EFrhh4 B&~ '-
ti a o loa la 0 gtsl tiuldta i. s d Camr (alal3 )*
a ba-
Agaila s a Capitan D. aSbkLu mat o apas. soo adn* 0
& da s. a

4** 3.iu, I otn d *ormes. aen tression *O se* 4
.7 oe. pfagst *I &A* cn plmndeo 1e R. Opd im od de, i
DIsIeOrW d44 60 1993* Teln e tV 8, Cope So C% q 4 o 1or
4Ita, Pra sutania dN sot of ateloa am4t tatbJa, paS qu
0utW hw y rans d.o sa sles snatfW, qu pOeetsu aF
iate f 7 gy* ae Ia s"e*,tla"t do lus qM bS tam*e pw
sit* Theaereta 0i*rils pues jtrasele torm laa*t por eaSo

Do ward* V. *d,

*to r* or
D tt. **ds. *.
am4> a| s '
80 flsente asi t* ZeSpedoe. |

2m;as ie l. 4/9%. uprit to Uepea 3.
I "am MW las MLA M
rAfmdn,l,;. de D nIlbapr e" 1778
Oopla D. Thameu Huramt D M3iel i Rnilyp, meawdotme l alase
aoq s hi ueasbdo l m par gl om sallde do rarweoo, V
vloari do 1me tlili L COeholleaus Mhoamm e tablmol4am en S
terrlt tle Thbgei de Ia fle n al paan p *mlnlmtraLp e pMas
Ppiritual I sqiulles nle 1n ha bm traufe trlo Cadlg m la
oaB Omp04enden, p n a M0 T y o dNateSon hbeotS au de*
a da
tmino fs eaeta la R asu y ebtale preeatfe sl b1 sp
do ea"6 an Useeet. & *t P pioeeU y uvie# O esA
part q eluN do ate Prto e ldo YnatrniAone y title
BOB qae d4bou *#enr as Salslatpoe sa ugt la I nrferta Prtvnta
S ol & n *$ ObtspafS as neamlte S. iesta A esftds We to
l. eAtd.. bllstetleae p*o ae Tmeewt oen OtnaolBtatoU s J*
at 7 tmieo an- 1* pe via' de SIe I totitn, aolo q. t s
tw J. aelstemn e o*t* flsts. tneapoe A n n.
,Pl a 1" nsutaltr. 10 neo sreeo 4 Ae doeonate mteatea
| I/ 'tndr e ^ MA4N a pro"" a s daetiO d4ede *s** etens

Yen e i6 ai uo pplindnte, *n latust@g"n"a de q* oft sta e .
I af
et a ettete .1 Solhse mete Us eta U seels ., tel a
a t,* r. ,wo~

/ -
lava" 44. 4 do
Del Thte. e ela IT&O 4 Cubft
I Aonateh a. Rea. aa q. n.l, li sneq een qs ** s *o
sstir lou eaoends o. "am u Bst, si m. O* aoths*
I4wf 4t; q,."p-I-


Havana, September 4, 1784 c '

Yiy dear Sir; By the schooner Nuestra Senora del Carmen,

alias) "~TzLa Aguila, Captain Sebastian de Espinosa,
is being conveyed to St. Augustine at the expense of the royal

treasury, Father Thomas Bassett, parish priest of that city,

who is to be paid 365 pesos a year, in accordance with the

provisions of the royal order of December 16, 1778. I inclose

a copy of the order to attest his ministry, and to enable your

auditor to adjust formally his account after a statement of the

part payments which he < cttr received in Philadelphia and a

cer ificto of the sums advanced by this general treasury have

been obtained.

May God preserve Your Honor many years. Hsrzne i3L lmm 4, t iTOL

Your most humble and obedient

servant kisses Your Honor's hand.

Juan gnacio de Urriza [Rubric]

Senor don Vicente ,anuel de Zostedeg


Inc. in Urriza to Zespedes, Sept. 4, 1784. 2.

/ Jose de Galvez to Juan -pnaoio de Urriza

.adrid, December 13, 1770

Thomas iHassett and : iuoel O'Reilly, Iish clerics, na:ed by

the king as parish priest and vircr of t',o -atholic !ahonese

farilJes established in the InglisL territory of .lorira to ad-

minister spiritual nourishment to those faithfull people, have

gone to C diz wjth the appropriate order to cmbark and proceed

to their destination at the exconse of the royal treasury. They

are to appear before t'-e Bishop of the diocese of Havana, or in

his absence, boc oro :is provisor and vicar-gcnetal for the uroose

of receiving froa the relate the instructions anr titles under

which they nre to exerci -o their nrinist.y, subject to that

bishopric. His :.ajecty s resolved that oec oa the said clergymren

be assisted by the tr-'sury at Havana with i 5 pesos a yeor by

;ay of stirpenI or revenue, that during the time they tay s-ay

in that city before th-ir dlopa:ture to Florida they a e to be

provided 'vith sufficient funds to meet their living expenses,

and also that they be given free passage front t -at port to their

destination. 2y royal corm-and I direct Your Honor to take proper

measures to carry this order into execution in the knowledge that

on this date the aforementioned prelate is advised of this royal

resolution. May God keep Your :onor nany yea p' r.i pn~t,

Sol.1S oJoes de Oa lvez: Senor don Juan Ignacio de Urriza.

S[ Rubric}


St. Augustine, September 7, 1784
[EF:bll6 L9]
To His Excelly Don Vizente Manuel de Zespedes

Brigadier General of His Majestys Forces

Governor & Captain General of the City of

St. Augustine & province of F. Florida etc etc

The Memorial of Panton Leslie & Co

May it Please Your Excelly

Having received advice that a SmallAjoortment of Indian Goods

for our Account, May about this time be expected from London at

New Providence, our partner W. Panton is desirous, with your
Excellys permitsito Visit that place in order to have them

transported hither for the Supply of the Indians; our present

Stock being almost exhausted--- To which end We humbly Pray Your

Excelly Will be pleased to order him to be furnished with the

necessary Pajporta.

St. Augustine E. Florida

7 Sept. 1784

Panton Leslie & Co

r- a- i

Madtw, Sept ter 10, 1"'4

[p. 15]
Ml DNAwo Seoor, oonstatante he deeedo saber la menat del
Sena Conm pars obedeoele, y db2lendo shora inflri del destine
quo so digla propoaar por 1I emstimda de vead quo o asera ma
grato que otro oonque ag ltonjaron hboe dias en oets, no me
he paradeo a instant on eauise r l. slataom entrgaendomo con o2
mejor ooraUoe n manos do S. ., aI s pass pido a w so sirns
harsrl presents m gratitude po *.el fvor y oeaopto quo [14]
meresoo a sn bonded, y regal qua disponga do mi quando y oome
gustsae on a* destino que so trata.
adlie mas quo 8. t. tundra qe auf mr l lnualolenela,
que as Ia unloe oose qUo Junts oon at peoo salud me aoober-
dan, pero eospro quo u noteoria predenoea we dislultas.
Eu orti sli o tlmpo qu se prFe riva, iormenteS eslnd
1s smeon ma orel del ano parsa rr irse & squella oasts, y
sera punto mnos'quo Impoatble el oonaeguir lo quo am dio que as
[Li] dowes, pro lo quo eolebrla OupleO algan enmanae.
Me rolteo a is disposlilon do 8. E. y me ofresoo a VA pidlon-
dole NaAde a quiet em on 0 puroes.

S. Lo X. a ass at. 7 m**$$ 0P.

gattn ad Qde
Madrid 10. Seplr

sT D9 Miguel do Otsmondl

1ARN, stado, Legajo 3420


Nueva Orleans, 10 de Septiembre de 1784

(fp-538] [AHN:Eat Leg 3901]
o" t
.N 259. E0i& Selor

Que para proporolonar el comer- MLi senor mio: De loa
cio de Yndios y preeaver aver-
ias, ha dispuesto vender los efeotos do Yndios acopiados en
efeetos propios a sa consume so-
brantes de los congremos, en las las Plazas de Panzacola y Movi-
Plazas de Panzacola y Movila, a
los respeotivos Tratanteso la oon motive de los Oongresos

que so celebrarn on ellas, han quedado sobrantes algunas eantidad-

es, y como quiera que el dexarlos en los Almaaenes ofreoe no pooos

incombenientes que oombiene oviar, para llevar & efecto el sixtema

de mortar, o a lo menoa disminuir en la mayor part el punto de

[639] regalos, & que los generous no se apolillen; He dispuesto

el que con el important objeto de que los Tratantes de las dos

respeetivas Plazas tengan los necesarios a poder dirigirse & lam

Nacionesa comerciar y hazerles ver que principian a tener efecto

nuestros ofrecimientos, se lee entreguen de los Almazenes los

efectos que pidan pagables en el termino de un ano vaso las segur-

idades de fianza e ipoteca abonada, a los precious prefixados por

Tarifa que hise practicase esta Contaduria p-li. oon el aumento de

fletes y costs que tienen a la seal [540] Hazienda: 81 esta Pro-

videnoia fuese de el agrado de V.3. le suplico se sirva impetrar

de 8.M. en au Real aprovacion.
or a a
Nuestro S. guard a V.E. m. a. Nwe Oraleanss- 10-_de.__

S---&pteimbre-de l-1784i or

Bl* m de V.E.
a or
Su m. atento 8.

or n Martin Navarro [Rubriocdo]
EiMo, 8. D. Jose de Galvez -

t....- ESTADO, .egaj 390.

Attached to: Sept* 10/84, Martin Navarro to Jose de Galves

P. 541] lueva Orleans 10. de Septiembre do 1784.

E1 Yntendente [AHN:Est Leg 3901]

Expone que de los efectos acopiados en las Plazas de Pansacola,

y Mobile eon motive de los Congresos do Yndios oelebrados on ellas,

han quedado sobrantes algunas oantidades; y come su permanencia
en lee Almacenes ofreoe anchos inconvenientes q. conduoia evitar,

pars el logro del sixtnem de oortar, o dilminnir en sl mayor part

el punt de regales, 6 quo los generous no es apolillasenl ha dis-

[542] puesto eon obgeto de que los Tratantes de ambas Plazas ten-

gan los neoesarios a poder dirigirse a las Naolones a eomerciar,

y hacer ver a estas que principian a verificarae las ofertas heohas

en los Congresos, se lea entreguen de los Almaeenes los efeetos

quo pidan, y han de satisfacer on el tennino do un ano, afianzando
suficientem. a los preoios se;aladoj per Tarifa quo form aquella

Contaduria, con el aumento de fletes, y coates que tienen S8.M.

Pide [543] Real aprobaioon.
Ext. 21. Enero de 85.
Aprobado. 3 de Febr.
Fho en 5.

16N- H t HBTAD, Logajo 3901

Attached tot Sept. 10/84, Martin iEvarro to Josa de Galven


[P 544]
Al Yntend.

31 Pardo S. de Febraro do 1785.

do la Laisiana.

Aprovandole quanto exeoutado eon los efeotos que quedaron

sobrantes con motive de los Congresos de Yndioa celebrados en las

Plazas de Panzacola y Mobila.


Attached to: Sept. 10/84, Martin Navarro to Joae de Galvezs

[p. 541] hew Orleans, September 10, 1784

Makes known that-the effects gathered together in

the cities of aola and for the Indian

Congresses held therein, here remain some quantities

of leftovers; and .amem their remaining in the store-

houses offers some inconveniences which are beat

avoided, for the attainment of the system of cutting

out or diminishing in the greater part the matter of

gifts, b ttthe goodsabe oiled by mothb/(542]

With the object that the traders of both cities w

have what is necessary to go to the Nations to trade

and let the latter see that the offers made in the

Congresses are beginning to be put into practice,

he has &-sgpto thith the traders Abe give Arom the

storerooms he effects which they as am for which

they must pay at the end of a year, putting up

sufficient bond, at the prices specified in the

book of rates and duties formed by that auditor-


ship, with the addition of freight charges and

duties to his Majesty.

He asks noyal Approval.

Extended January 21, '85

Approved Feb. 3.

Dated the fifth.


September 11, 1984
EPIb196 M1is]
hbl a 2
A ngro man aned Pank, belonging the on#. Ja Moultrie
brought before me by Jan eof os Eq.**deolared-.
That last week--To white mun via Arthur Carne & Manuel Solno
came into the field whee this Negro was at work. That having
rode round & throw the field, this Nego ask't what they wanted,
& was answered, they were lookg for two RoroBe-the fefro rplyt'
there w-re no Rones the-s-upon whioh, the elsa two white wan,
sett a dog they had with themg unon the Negro, who was bitt in
several places the nmrke of which still appear-& they beat the
said Wegro with a stake, & knocked him down with the butt end
of a gun-They afte'rard bound the Negro with a rope & tfed
hfr up to a tree, whlre the said white men, floe'd the said

negro with a Whip awitoheO on th nbare baokl & consulted to-
gather about killing the gro, w. they however forbore, as
another Negro mean eaed Coffee wea in eight; who went to Inform
the overseer of this oetrge. The white men after some time
loosed the Negro, & eaid he might go & tell his mater; & that
they would kill any or Gov. Moultrie's Negro.s, they could find
in the pine barro'en- upon their going away, they carried off
a Gon the said Negro had with bmhi That not beleg able to walk,
the sld Negro lay where they left him, & V. Todd the oveoreer
being infeora, by the above namd negro Coffee, came & found this

See Pattio and Leslle to 2iapede Oct. 5, 1784, lnfmr.

2Lirutenant-governor of FUst Florida under the English.

Case of a sgro Uwaed Prakp Sept. U1, 184.
Negro Frak, & had hi carried hme an hore beak.
The above delarati on mse before me the 11 September 1784.

K. florida St--
Alexander Todd overseer on the plantation of the Won. John
Moultrie, being duly sworn seith, that Arthur CarMe & Manuel
Solano have of late been repeatedly riding taout the said planb-

tion, disturbing & threataing the Negroes; & that he this do-
ponent has reaon t think the said Art Carn did lately steal
away two Heoes, the property of said John Moultrie, whlih how-
ever have been recovered nd this deponent further saethi that

on Friday last, in the morning, Be 41d see the said Arthur Carmn
& MaOuel Solano, on horseback, riding about the said plantation
& in the evening a Negro man named Coffee, oame to the House &

Informed this deponent that the said Arthur Corne & Manuel
Solano, were beating & had knook'd down the Negro Prank, had
tied him to a tree, & as this Negro Coffee supposed, had already
kll'ld the said 4 reak 4e'pon whih thls deponont getting a hore,
rode Imwediately to the place, tbout two amlee distant, where
he found the said Negro Frank lying on the ground at the foot
of a tree, where he had been tied, as appeared by a part of the
rope still haring thereto-That the said Negro was wounded in
several plaoe. by the bite of a dog, & brised & Cut by strokes
of a stick &*I & had the appearance of having been recently
flogg'd with a whip--&'ws altogether in so bad a situation,
that being unable to walk, This deponent had him carried hom

CBae of a Negro amesd Fank, Sept. I 1"4. 5.
on the Sor s, he had roe a on fr a the aHoue-& this doponeat
farther faith that he v rily believes the said Artbur Carn &

Uanmel Solano, were the perpetrator of this a&.ault on said
th r
Sworn before we this 11 Sept. 1784 A e

aM -Jmm

a 4



Pensacola, September 11, 1784

Ldon ArturFo O'Neill, colonel of the royal armies of His

Majesty, political and military governor ad interim of this plaza

and its jurisdiction.

Do concede a free and safe passport to John Run, reisdent

of this vicinity, to go to East Florida for the purpose of fetching

Mary tun, his family, and property so that he may establish him-

self in this district with his kindred, and I beg and suplicate

that he not be detained on his going and return. (iven in this,

my governorship at Pensacola, September 11, 1784=Arturo O'Neill=

/,1 ^ i ET$I

Panzacola, 11 de Septiembre de 1784

[EF:bll4 J9]

Dn Arturo 0 Neill Coronel de los Rs ExtoS de S.M. Governador
YntO Militar y Politico de esta Plaza y su Jurisdicions

Concedo Libre y Seguro Pasaporte a Juan Run Avecindado

en estas Ymediaoionea para que Pueda Pasar a la Florida

Oriental a fin de conducir a esta, a Maria Dun, Su Fami-

lia, y Efectos, para co n demas Parentela estableoerse

en este distrito, y Pido y Suplico no se le ponga db-

tencion en su Yda Y Buelta. dado en esta de mi Govierno

de Panzacola a 11 de Septiembre de 1784= Arturo 0 Neilll


Panzacola 11 de Septe de 84.

Copia de Pasaporte del Governr de Pansacola

para que el que lo Conduze pueda regresar con

au familiar y efectos

P, 14 JO.

fsln AAtu vw 4i suptnLtt I T%
as sna, u a aspe 4 rw

me Se ew low smit A a lutew r nteo b tmoe *I gto
a* wiettp la ooattdmae 4 4d e e de uNoe mnttt oehd
Ssn sataUfleton em quee as hw poeginage de ete oeltae
dA que des & T8o asha poesoI, trn tdo I& dIspeoatel
os tod wrs per. quft sea d, aWe 4ad
A pOM dLsi de ot l1epa I efa Ptsa, du S f ot *1 W* t*
Jtanloe, rlbal V eoaen Umn em voe do alle9 que
on Sa Pamts, penea eon us auque pqu6 o I esee, 0weaaUde
A V dl Sipade *ervtel quo hata e*ls de r*groemAI ea ew ar
Il d R stalnutoe de yteastla do Atwr4sa, poP mnot1ai
B COW Gewsadm Sfttateo i sa pflet ds 4* u ba etta olta3als
pOo.111. dotl am aast 61e'ta
sao a"" 0sl & To# lowe to so "o-, os, +n oflosles,
7 bTps, que ea* *baftMa & A Igti a ot bs s
hsna a def* tn 4 ti, qu elboarx boaya uaed oee to felolte
ads stgalnt ableame A .# d 1 Rea" ordon que emvi an -a I
Hawna, OeemeBoad pwl 1016 *S W STlatOtre do Tdi fTs
'qu e1 Nay qua ar qu m T o a en temndin
eI RB so4n Goad d4e salve, A qu ti s.. h hat aped ta
uste pW Capitn Oeeewl de e*tf Pronlate, oeeme a de 1A
Goodetsnt, y do Is LJialeno peotP MWwAsh esf eemn e alea,
Ie que otleto a V pee asse so BO tmer rol"oe u pr ia a

Taoblen deola A T del oenrlso e que hall deepes de
haev dode food t oe ortas 4aneta de 4t4 aeNs O en doe. tirs
-an, -n.-n- f) '"" ^^


ZapSed to Oe11lI, eptl. I*, 1994

paore qw e-aotslm m tai ae Aftl*rts aoql.te, qplhatst
bhnap* 7 ytot lo, enwaro pa **te1a~ e u Mopltl bloe
aernid, quaeso Ag6 *I Praosetu be do, y a tpiuAe 4* quon
Mal das tdhat awm pAsta pa,* i lmo a. llt a*nn* *
a tex" hboe. tods 3li$*, por qua m fIuo -0 ataos do *et*
pia0 *a plamAir| PsO aoC quat wn ro ts atlte tod" rnwas
IM INSplr6 V|i1 4*la Or f IS lu qt0*40 < 4"irifta py
- naptPO qu*a to Eteio e as valt*quatem qua deavias prg
Weia o4a atwar.mo s a tslla ao mI Prmotloe p amsr
pased. d1 Cdesndeate 4.1 entgeeS. t tlelnu. ocasily, v 4.
Am A pafu e us Ed ardta gmenat, r q faranwt re4lves (to] d
*li SAa s mapvr wetooldad, y fostlltdo buque p30qu9a10 0a0
mosl noplWatt 7 pen. SA lo Pentvna &* 1. ...Mww a. *1 6a do ft0
1s*# paf que ** tUSMn 1 do s eats b MOa, 4s1 e r state
Loegua do *$t. Pftoe, Us Trempmrtas, pPe quoe dod all's M
evaosse l dAma dfag aseo 0 ha ognuwtao toe" one lea mpr
rtlletdSd, ita degerafs alanal I dtad "gaulpt swue do le
dimho tropw tee Cadls lo WI .goutwenao at tlano ftu
.quo l. oa. t te. rstantf a I haVss, on wyo motVeo, oen X
prstso dSr queen i al oUnte rw aN siM o ase
eawe & VS que e bh& ftltdo tiea* pan e* pnloee dbesanoB
lad oE ta"e hut. spun. po e ON" U to Sate am a"A*o ft X
TIl"e quoa e* hio pMe WOntdo, per OW pan etato Io Vuta pm.
idte de .1 Rhains -e qu see agardlealmbe, Amwa, Mel s too
mo,* sorta aMA pon q ,mree nremftn optttoat, aso havs p7a
faoltao ta CopWaka do llle, 7 *i etSe I ten )AN dodo
nglmoe.s qu Marn ete maearta, ANbee $no aoo la weo
onlded Cm qu4 aiestate eset asvltrms Tghlem, q9ue A em
pan" *c tewp. quo UA By h t"ga pa" tewulsPt%, a di tflt

Gon01io'X0d1-?: r' a"_p.urr6i. .I^ a la bcva.-, y al Exo -Leo'

zgs ed t Olmb11, sept. 1U, 1'4

mu an La qW mlewe a v8 so stiale.
t. Pat m M re lvide bin per a s t nram~es ua
Md1o do qs: 1 Ueupr TglbeeaW, deaWse 00 qn0 l0 ea iS n
eO s atss I *1, ewLp dns qu p nswm fdtw Tair
I peananIe *, l teorSos a di meadao Abe *n

peden Teoeetar*
sLt wp ine a o m 4 aa 1 pa r rthaw
rontware & ProvnldaIa *. 14 4e1 pUA64, 7 emedeWment. 1*
v Iaeo t n.aw aulS.,u pam *I tae. bl St y p 4 t0
dael, ale 4 wee mm w itBat poseea i bi+ta la ftamll.
wastes so le dies y eeho maw, s y owe Cavell n patelleaul ,
ala tno qe lataut quwien [LS at1 sE$ ae lo peIite (aO 10
aelbr w h pm w que adwsttte v4a "l Plane- qu"e oeltobn esn
lea a se l Io 0 Sa nts ma 7 de a Jpuan, pop que par*
temismat. tenSdem el wee.tese do la carw rre6ss quo a*nW
#@*, I deo p0'40 U &enbS, La bin eqUlalta, y t n o a Ism
eogl'ens 0 aa saptn, *me vas onWe pram so piearulo ta

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eta n1l Peoe qae trnim jae m tareo bsln .estOAh, 0at
npeurs O pt epar tAste t l a u *Caettll, navslne.., y
bMsern d* ba e ppte Popa dItlatn nt.o0r ano wr 40
ink, po o tes made prpy de qp aenltas, at mnahtmuangsi,

sepl to OllU111, Bp. 18, l'4

q= ee tma prim, per sI hon de la Heal HaeIsaia, par
Otea 1o dabe goo q* ah ain pa i *B . m prssn en riats am
aMa at a. mseesa ps40000
bamate a Vo ala *ee da sortflre, p de qo. he pma. -an
Sas alud, 7 me dmo qWe el* que peo y quwe atM s4ee

a d. aei do sam do 1"4

SA. GuP Ae P.AgeS0lly.
Sem? d. wosa.

c\ ntuex.am la on romenal a*
\w 1T? d. Alto, r notltonete
at anrtlv I es Alam




St. Augustine, September 12, 1784

My dear Sir: I hadsthe pleasure of receiving by William Panton,
Your Honor's confidential letter of July 17, in which you express

satisfaction at my hating taken possession of this government.
I thank you very much and I place myself at your disposition in
all sincerity for whatever may be your pleasure.

A few days after my arrival at this plaza, which was June 27,
I sent Your Honor a communication by a resident of this place who
was going to Pensacola in a small boat with his family. I told

Your Honor of the great service this person had performed by re-

turning with an officer of the Asturias Infantry Regiment to

notify the British governor here of the wreck on the 5th of the
same month at a distance of seventy-six leagues from this coast
the 1
of a Catalonian settee which was transporting/officers and troops

to Spain. This good man sailed afterwards for Pensacola where I
shall be happy to learn that he has arrived safely. I also ad-

vised Your Honor of the royal orler communicated by-.the most ex-
cellent minister of the Indies, which I received in Havana, the
same being to the effectthat the king wished me to come to an

understanding with the most excellent Conde de Galvez, whom His

Majesty had appointed commander-in-chief of this province, which
position he alre-.dy held for West Florida and Louisiana, in order

to make this jurisdiction uniform with the others, of which I am
notifying Your Tonor in ca:e you have not received my first letter.

These officers and men reached Florida and werf later dis--
patched to Spain. See Zespedes to Urriza, Sept. 16, 1784, infra.


Zespedes to O'Neill, Sept. 12, 1784. 2.

I also acquainted Your Honor with the difficulties I had after

casting anchor just outside the bar here with twelve transports,

which brought a complete train of artillery, five hundred men, and

everything necessary to establish a well-equipped hospital, when

the pilot came aboard and told me that the channel Of the bar

would not admit any of the vessels, even if they were freely

relieved of their cargo, as tbe depth did not exceed seven feet

at high tide. But God, who brings all aid, inspired rie to dispense

with the formalities which should be observed with these generals

and come ashore with the oilot and the cormandant of

the detach-enlt, Guillerro O'Kelly, and his adjutant, Edujrdo

tugent. 'We were received with the greatest civility, ani, being

provided ,ith small boats, 1 was able on July 6 to finish the

disembarkation o- the troops, equiBnent, hospital, and nart of the

most necessary w- ~ supplies, so that the transports might retire

to the Saint a-"ys Rivor, seventeen leagues from this port, with

a view to unloadin, the rest from that point. All this has been

done with the greatest felicity ind without any misfortune what-

soever. Nine of the transports were to proceed to Cadiz, and they

are doing so, as are the other three at the saam time to Havana.

Because of all this, and the necessity of giving an account of the

various nhapenin-s to the most excellent Conde de Galvez in Havana

*nd to the rost excellent viceroy of Mexico, I have not had, i assure

Your Honor, sufficient time for rest. One of my gresatst cares has

been the matter of gifts for the Indians who have presented them-

selves here. As I came from Havana provided only with brandy,

sugar, honey, and tobacco, weich would have been insufficient to

content them, if the company of Leslie and the previously mentioned

Zespedes to O'Neill, Sent. 12, 1784. 3.

Panton had not provided the other necessary items. Regarding this
matter/bhe necessity that the. English gentlemen who compose the

company remain as long as may be agreeable to the king, I shall

write more at length in th. letter !which I am inclosing as an

official com:-unication.

This country 'has received us well because of its good climate,

notwithstanding the fact that the English were negligent in

keening up their houses and farms because of preoccupation with

the war an! fear that the Americans might come an tk:e possession.

Consequently the greater part is in a bad state, and although

necessities are not lacking, the prices are so high that neither

the men nor the officers can afford to pay them.

The English troops with their connander, Brigadier hcArthur,

departed for Providence the 14th of last ronth, and in succession

-any fa-ilies are leaving for the sane destination or for London.

Only the l3ritish 2overno, an]d a cw private persons will remain

until the conclusion of the eighteen nont!ls, not to mention still

others r7'ho int-nd to stay if His S-ajesty nerr-its, which I should

welcomee very
have along the St. an -ys and t. Johns iivors will remain in

cultivatior; but especially because we a', thereby provided with

fresh ?eoat vhic', although costly at two pesos the arroba, is very

good -nd is one of the articles rest necessary, if we are to get

along passably, as Your Honor k:no';s.

Since we left Havana.on June 19, we have had no ne-s from there,

and the desire to ht.ar is inc-cased by our necessity; for if we

Zespedes to O'Neill, Sept. 12, 1784. 4.

are not succored with more money than the 40,000 pesos which we

brought, we shall find ourselves hard pressed and unable to make

the necessary repairs in the fort and pavilions,, provide our-

selves with our own boats for various purposes, ai' a supply of

fire wood; for we have nothing of our own to make use of, not

even menial labor to save expense to the royal treasury, the

daily wages for necessary work being ruinous if they are to


i reiterate r-y desire to serve Your Honor, and wishing you

the b;st of health and nore rest than I enjoy, I pray our Lord

to preserve your life for iany happy ye-rs. Aug~iLlie, rloroa^ -

Senor don Arturo O'teill //

Om ULM= IU m ZImWm A A MRO ofEll
Ow 4&eti, 10 do ksptSUmbe de 1784
LEF:b114 J9]
[Borra 5or]
ia uf al e Gu car s do 1t do Jullie UltM que a be *
nea D) in. iem, m die. dea. qua eem.ete As
foee eIebrSe o- ae Ls Di a altla di pe 7 da
JIlum On res l ua UestoM sea ar Lqm PS eldSmde sef
ate @I Ofle1 Du eflaearn ow lne ma M moot" do is* Lum
6a1e6 y *l bmeadte de sam 1wtlarem DeM noae sl ve* lml
ladm quw ermlSa al ave f mmes de C omiel ama ea Ppp y
*oem pa a 1m eupegue walnsIame. iYfseton a tim telorse,
I qu eI tmenu Rm e Aleamdre LmeUflme, Laten"immnle
madelS po- da g be Pe OCluarle a IMnoreo as s wndns
Ilstmon pudlLeg inatrj tsi m -n um elte 6d elreo qum am
peg6 W edwlo aOus u as-ee em SeO aeO d amfptt i a m
Hmtableatetm e on a names m -Caomit geeg Don atilale VeIM
4/. <, m Luule Iwpi &IDm)1 tatgw y j! Avtnmandeo a toma'
wuessw proeme@sn eoa oeea al dm FPanketn sellsltaunde SfeMms,
I omm-% q"e Jtsflqw m pem slo pam el pan a sa ,a
Am eete mere o an- eupaiume -Mf lbw my* leS lis
vB. 0mesmi. l 3 .prw FaPape t Dae la O rtcm
onlgaml 4s *Ift a.o iemuiseat a fl de qua astlsum T1%
a qe s PRmI .of LII 1to es sa.e An Twwmues.
paUm *l wivsn qusmlei doe osag M memms.
ftam ftsmn d mtleftlase a antr aquS dtelS olte In
te mte ate ase Wee latest re me do st e teeo qme m
taemo r, a d o al alC m m huaIb ft, poe qum m sa ea

3W~wO f U

apeses to O@etill1 sepf U, 1MS Is
*ftteib a om dbo m n u -m lgmis tiastoe m -es am
On it Ltable aIs preesuiee a per alaen la s Ie.lpesltm
Sdeo Stno Govermai BrUwalase F dl Oa Dnuaj 7 emo he
NwVUe ds la me m sit qune AIr umudient, Mel, Anso, y
Taf o, que ale- a s trwn par eI Agam ds Tadin hm ar
pl s In Smas mssnarle n Isa Onaitomo Iuo a. im pmmgemto
% PU g 1 Mua lole' o lu low seemupteme am bm

do a~e~n oi .* am em g que n "ew im oeI pwo q t
R ts bw equl empaallmbtI PIo atetmdaeo atl en
qu. ass dew omtar teees aud V.8. qu deade la uaV
-me.ej ax s mis am istre a muas oepta- e i m'ee
SON qu m antsi *I 4piLe h~ WM aef Id lWpelSta (qm
mdwi a a. em fatuel) msIe a "In rnmentst go is
Cjrfl o. ft d# a8a do ame.o ga ea;. @i ems nta. Wre la
SI, eid aZ .u. *rmj ---a-s- z ... -te. --.-:
Bepse. e ps oWUat amn aql n- sManag Om [a)] da in
m -m AM n Apaleha 6. it p4la Mum, po Dea Cares he
, Ma lbtay, y 1. r lrm as lI pegui T lama 86. hl tam
S.. lMnol umereua mmw. ml t a wlclve.y u i.a mmt ade-
.a. .Ba ital T arties- e@a oseso puos aa on I| WORR .Sbe
a'tnmels poet qm de .nou o Lae fr ala *fsa -- m mme
Se*ae irrnwslGo, qumr amo ex *I stsa" wm .s Il R*
U anf Owta, ds diaJine eastes TlM a satblesr 0nmals
o s a Amplemsa.e do min n1. f enau lona il& al malm f
et PMan, 7 Vravnllal qu itgo esn-u oM fulma de Ie. AsJo
mas" 1e t ame an mta maodenmat 7 al s m pfe al qum
Sgm ouo proeir el OOme quem o Lrs b so talio, ast
l0ate, qeum1 4 l m IlM sergt olo My; be soemaSe ama p
dtU at vnaterUe Pamm pan rmnwUam a i dwlvir las Ime

SeIme to It11MSl, oavp. 1B, 11T4 s
felte a- -rtalt o a y msl a bato, y n ose -MO l
Seit, qu Ia diLshe tem ostaLt ha. 11200M i ir Whtall
do ZonglatWmrm o nta, y Flwa doe ee Ys WaII u quO eaMem
m- CamiknpM pan qe dseWm* arn anme d6ee ally m In nmemo
artsl as emllleife d4o l pmetdo en m*l soup ro, 7y r a
e.o Prag ml i dss tlo 1s h Itbnre Io feapns msumrtesa
Mtgaom db patS a r-Slti- ftuUM qW m I141 neunl
tSew am 41dstimal lat de ea0 Ieor pass uttameftwr el.
p | io n eB rSan ma a d ee sw t .E Ia q Mt, ** quis
day mm do tdv, ea Id -o ft We die. Soaor graf, ite 1 t
IO oMM- pramnw as Goo"M ft Ofusr &I r Tae MoM q1 2I
aM@tel Plan "oa qm pOpeoaM lOe Im Bese do oMa ts

sa de ,r n m*s a Io s im me "m Ol, Ceaomaten al M jrg,
e.naoeasn.te doe ets Plam, y Prown., gave Q.ate -gaeof
de q*u me Me me est. eem nwMeu aart .m, I loe Wmin
Sd a eo Md M eo. oe1n 1 se le y I* avaee & Wev.
ps Sn Iellmgm la0 l (ao nsale d4 les s ya St IgL
Qau amals Am.bee on Is proeea lwametup) love Past rn toAr
ftU LUM, Me W1SA lmSo 6e0 rMi pr pmeMlo*

1 d v.a. d tP* a i mo Tr

~ghr ~c--cS?
"MOM DonArtue 04IX7
AFier&" 12 m ip 6411P aI
7~~o azmOa 1an.

cjm eao


St. Augustine, September'12, 1784


My dear Sir: In your letter of July 17 last, which William

Panton handed me, Your Honor tells me that in consequence of

having celebrated in Pensacola on the last day of May, and the

first day of June a congress wit" the Creek Indian nations,

presided over by Esteban Mir6, provisional governor of Louisiana,

and the intendant of those provinces, don Martin Navarro, it had

been decided that it would be conducive to the promotion of trade

in your territory and to the maintenance of good relations with

the aforesaid nations, to allow the mestizo, Alexander McGillivray,

provisionally appointed by those gentlemen as our commissioner

in said nations, to take., to Pensacola a remainder of goods which

he said he and his associates, William Panton, Leslie, and

McLa1chy had in their stores here in St. Augustine and at St.

Marks; in consideration of which, the said Panton having presented

himself in Pensacola requesting a passport and document to justify

his permission for the transfer of the said effects to that place

in the name of his associate, McGillivray, Your Honor had conceded

him said passport with a copy of the original letter of the in-

tendant so that I might contribute to the realization of the

agreement between the parties concerned in the interest of the

welfare and tranquillity of those nations.

Zispedes to O'Neill, Sept. 12, 1784. 2.

/ It would have been much to my satisfaction if, upon his arrival

here, Panton had found tk goods referred to in sufficient quantity

for the purpose.. This was not the case, however, because, in

his absence, Leslie, his associate herefound it necessary to

put some of them at the disposal of the British governor and

Colonel Brown;- and C:bIringao:efaaQm Havana with nothing but

brandy, honey, sugar, and tobacco, lhich alone are insufficient
as gifts for the Indians, Leslie has on occasion supplied me

with the other necessities, so that the Indians might go away
contented, and he is to do the same in the future with what he
has left. For these reasons, compliance is impossible. But

considering the good that may result to us all, I may tell

Your Honor that from Havana I inclosed tb the most excellent
minister of/Indies copies of the two lette-a given me by

Brigadier Jose de Ezpeleta (with which you are presumably
familiar) and I quote in the representation which I aent under

date of March 22 of this year, what Your Honor will see int

the inclosed copy. Afterwards, as I was about to leave for

this place, he gave me two others, one by Charles 9cLatchy /f.

dated Apalache, March 4, and the other by the Same Alexander

McGillivray, dated at Little Tallassie, March 26, of which
Your Honor is probably also informed. The contents caused
me some concernqfor. if the lack of goods continues in these

-T-h----------r-a-e--ot-n-luded-nthis volu---
t4* 9.%,%rrerpOndenCee 'Tp#e vfeprfe to 'aa Zaewdes to
u1de "lVez, Msr...., 1l84 suJra. ?ed? n
These letters are not included in this volume.

24apedea to O'Neill, Sept. 12, 1784. 3

/ provinces we run the risk, as expressed in the last letter,

of having these Indians establish their trade with the Americau% The
irult wouldl/the total ruin of this plaza and province, which /
I deem it my duty to avoid at all coat. For these reasons
and in the conviction that a man of my honor cannot be suspected

of any other motive than the most loyal service to the king,

I have agreed to grant this man Panton a pass to Providence
for the purpose of receiving -: goods solely corresponding to

and connected with the Indian trade, which goods, he told me,

have arrived at that island from England on the account and at

the risk of the persons comprising his company. He is to send

a vessel from there with the goods essential to the fulfillment

of the stipulations of the congress, and another to this port.

To this end I have issued him the necessary passports, he being

obligated on his part to remit an invoice to include separately

the cargo of each vessel in order to satisfy the six per cent

for importation, if His Majesty, to whom I am giving an account

of everything by way of our most excellent commander-in-chief

of these provinces, the Conde de Galvez, so disposes. At the

same tire I am inclosing the plan by which the gentlemen of

this company propose to remain here in the Indian trade, and

I am supporting it by arguments which I submit looking to the

'better establishment of this plaza and province, and to the

discomfiture of our American neighbors in their efforts to

win the Indians--efforts which I am determined by every means

Zespeeas to O'reill, Sept. 12, 1784. 4

to embarrass. All of which I am communicating for Your Honor's
information, and in the hope that Panton (in btte6bft >4 the
bad weather which is customary at this season) will be successful
in accomplishing the end proposed.
May God preserve Your Honor many years as I desire. niia a 1-

/ Your most attentive and constant servant kisses Your Honor's

Senor don Arturo O'Neill

to am or nAeMAMM to ot aM ti
WlW1 1 A e Ims mpl"" ommo 7 Good ou qp o Wf Tagus"
Ua4rd, aptm.,r 14, I84
(p. m1i3
4 Sme
33. 8

Amo e Na e ottnu olomnB ial nterin o.talniul wMIsto a
hdE we*I m d. uan alwmfaoms y meOAuStS pl lo Sglam l

e itar eoeoM A mnia mellgeusa d** part* m d qoa p poblara .

elbA' 6e @pl alu 1.d la lo *wW de aqauft ya
39 leov pao pew mb e l am to mel a
lobo inl"r *toI -of oqllqm au io e a, dot daXtnlo

to abi midlain dos
b 1* lasb tmf lnu$mf al -te lod m pa ri pbl a a Z*
Iorlu at USOKlsrl ai4 dmflsil s aU i
iea. wstaR p ntmpua eUts SSu*aS"# nU.s *I Xne trbtas
Id I ueIwonfl o *I. te bpIllt a pIledM.o de.a.r d *.so g I
om pu (oll 43 IsT e ui. .d lin o Sa y do e. ea
mlo m a as es. ptatqimtla dll Mgsou p*, fy dC tOe & -
1 suIe ra.,. o pm. penqe I* -n ena ear n p-tes el as e
pwbiel lwierte de 1. 4s Bam ag *I tie s ban sd
, 4 pa. per la Van Orlme. parseeqSe *ell stoma -

h s Bae anJar dar debit, 9en a -ea ietldTeaw m d. a
.JBr * *.

Ens.8 5, as. .ii... II

lao. In Campomanes to Joie de Omlves, September 14, 1784 2

[p. *93]

3I wrmdedoo mote do aosegur lm poselanes quo ltonae La flb
on lasu lnmdlasaoa. del rio Mlai&lpI, ontra a1n tetatlibuae
sL RIopblee Amhrllaa do usurparla, a IlntaedueLs non 1s
Repos. del mnov Leon y doe 1 nmova uape.
s ha experimnntado par l* parrmao do la # N* hO &WM
on el m ub4o d0 t4eaeMl L i0 la e Iwl ads die VA qa
hatlta Itr* dho Pio LSUL tal I y L I ns wa m m-- m m *s
gam rfllues do estee9 V ** g f oviddnteUte quo Ia umpedlLote
dos Aluhrford y do lo voluntarlo Amplraa I, am parn bomP pose-
Glen do las iariam Lmdlat o i la orllau del aMuEado ide pa
nmN que Is providenla ha Lnotervendo a favor deo tpLpe&, 4Sda
enasel0 ento do mdios fallme y s guroe para atnjar so tu m a
peloaa do I. nmov repUblla Amorloma ait ol O olerum Bp&lo
aten stpreo wharse do a ls.
Slms *andt sonLatM n adquirip l I ayagru, A qumiqarw
pr oao, im allaU a amL ad, y soaflam en lIa sThdl., taot
am I quo as pen 1a rlales Amfnea doe terlt rl es
lspaiLwA, par la ha Setiaptrlounl "l Plo Eualhlpl, quatn uon
i- quo AttmaI is mugames mwridmsldou deL mism rm.
Para ipte Sl I Be a e tablbeide a o* vista el iteodo
moaLlem qM4 po tlem4on Ie- Xtalo.n omm Is &some Itbdles quo
sclo pamra ftematr oo llor n Oonamele el ms luwartivo, a
os tata pr .aegu ar Ia oatflanm y s uted dI ie te arbor
S-redutedoel voluntrAmate *a estede do-oeates lvL eaekd y
atile l adlqutrladeo am ar i tal grade. qe e*a hIoewoa Amos
do aun tlol aneamlol doe u emenigod

IAMI Xbtadooe. LM J 84614, hooleat 1T

tho. In Compuomial to Jo"B de Glives, September 14, 1784 5.

Par aleasuar anto tan salyble fI as wavllewon dh iu dSipol*

hatiedoal qmilSad dhesi thd &i la i rt Britalula d Is iS*
juatlelam qe liA haeIta le tgleasll e ISa oamp di muI tlaf a,
p otrm eie a inaen a natilS, i eIsoltetdo I tert Lm7tl] Lon m
Wts d*e Omero&go a aMi lneligemtel rlepondlo ea, F la1
qu'jus d lo Im laloes jran jitat, pedlas pronto ruidll tshm par
tipedIlr imo pe~wjlei, quanto parm lewtr de nA ooueoa tam
opoertua piena r f Ioa An dInt loa hd o lI i d 0* i
bglmaterral on wat sosenquenolt detonrnron 1. iguliaent.
i uR.eS 4a onrso Britaniao tBrea a1s fm on *I ia tIe d.
uperintdnutm 4t lo asuimtee do le I Tadin, diltdaendol ean trf
DLLstfrtam ion lea* orn rl unoe de Frmovtr eod mativo do
S quja I lee 1ndl, afy di umv selalon asta doe mum proploe p -
ed(rem 1 k~ Junta de Goantio o ThIsma pea aI utaia ston A y.r
ai? l primer paseo qua eaouwroa dho es uppri.ttoet rf do
agaanjar a lo" Ibdots so uno ragll" exetlbou, 7 paenllme an poso-
mlem de todm Nu Tiarras drindo ampli eIttIfthison A qualqulum di
Sell que amai estea mNr luJau doel uastlipao & vista de laos os
moo Tndlat & almusi de In m ou le TlLoola quu so emsontrabsa
~en 1 LTh] oamaomim emetre ola l y flmiaLateo delanaddo i amdb
del ty d I Ormn 1m0 ,ta, dpeae ates able m mio m
S.g .'y al ldom mujo i lM ialoW dI XM expreadee Tladl..
3' #e #"0 pM se p"8 u t raa te anOito aO Ui n itre lie
SwrPlatedenteW I amoAr d M Bar a W paw rataps* T d e ee Gafte
l6 CalU do u* le ft iu o gnr d a s n arls tem* Ai i ai ma
saistfaslon ae tedoi, d"l*srmad q"u baw d.* suibtlrt pi stimp
-a istetd y illtnas *tr lus oleane do tebdi, y lt Monrqui
Brttnitnl, oeieB tod aep priorrldd I7 o fl d nngd d parte i

Tmn. In Campomsnes to Joso de Gilvez, September 14, 1784 4s

parts, y quo en toe tiepwo I"e tw wasnlUrl an le se efo
t"a qualqul*a que ttVl es strov w ente do staoarleoa y alt s
tratrin aseo hoaranes pM *u eipro bnttlo 7 yelr eiddS
4* 4. mo W tales hemanno podrisa le wn0 taeer atL litb,
silamioonr, atite omw Innlon aon Zn otmrs, p7 vlj n a u
reopelTvn Pa~n [(T9 oan today aegrdad d4 bena taot p ar ies,
.u floutis, y etaotot, y quo iedlant. la oeanfnsa que b vla $n i
undido en le Tbol oe d a afttlola que i a quaoa hbvla thoe ta I
Tnlran, querlan quo & loa dllnquDntet at feaon Tandlos. & Inglineu,
Saettigu. poer la LOYe. da Tangoutr.
.t toaben sanelnteron que uns y otroi pdrlta, oonutrlp a n lIo
7 oomrnioacion, Casas de comerolo a faotorlaa
paotlT s et para xo not a bSineOf oa almoaenses habitaoeteo
de reofidna pa p0- oeda Naclon uepmradamente, p qup lam hersa do
Strtr temen do I4 Leolt y para npedS onfistom on n Justioi -
e p~vin dilspvita qual log upernatdeent dovlnw4 mem r PoF-
*an satlofet alou dt amtas partfe oeso lispestoreba 0Umerlo,
V7 ro qur Re huiros* f and.e
f So co.tinLo n qua lea Tybgase solo y unieaumea ooan tahltlol
d e Wt ols buhrop, tendrlu *I priv w leu a d~~-ba LtAIb m TI ndl
a" toonob mepate. d taubtlfeos y pIlefale pt l. tas, beitedur,
7 dame genwo neoeuarid [YT9] en amboe doe u peletuerl, dnase
prodetloneo de mum tearitorwe que quietera p le gar & ifatL f
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7? ue. pan, eatlataoelsn 4d1 gra nds wapeole qw ton"l Say
de la Oran Bneta en am a to y alt iest eppe pr que Ion 0Gasqu
pa son (eoeo eteote pcta"o, y aoltan pear) a Yntgate de
quendo on quead pen toatr prsoenals. eon r ene r r a"
ami tadl se
atets soea eIa abeas praplni lae do loes prIsreo Paglmentos

Ibe, in Campmanea to Joe. de Gilvez, September 14, 1784 d

mntr la TASltetm 7 pqmUl* YTdI~lY F Sarn@ eea st fa0tefl
ostablemr agusl% sat. *Os 7 la impalA on at astua) taedo
4de law e*s* I maxM *I s pudiera potter gea aenvni on
Io" Tness on "ts partclulart y sofn espeeialdad eligi O.
Tdlvlduew part supritateeat es quo fNeou n igalaoute fstnmldwe
n el trato quo dWev haer on loa Thdnloes OaIo destatnraoed, p
de pFrova ontraa s lrruplaao.
uae ae pedr ets dae loo paurae E [19W qu so doeuo de
prIoet. auague perO *la tosar log peao de ariveI nda servisn

San ri .rur7in, 16 -le EaEtllmor .e 6 l"B4
[FF:b55 CI -
fBtrerldbrT -r *, 17'
mi e r moie Al ocntaedo dae Lia tre Oinela. qu t1W
dir gaidm v.a. sona do 1T. 8U. 7 8. ae Jist ultim pr
prwimnepi, ea us pqae e" am GeN S. ft us do ad
No 4sal aw Pfe penram s dirsgls&eae pap eoile oh,
a a
4t S e Aioesto UIeMadoe IN tAe P. *g Pdrearmg. a .n.1t
ds T lau, m pr deplioae eon Brgeutin la booal eft d4.
oar do Do Cilpm an M aies d Pea, que ele 4re2 l e de Alalt
lMa IT 4T mape wa que eanmielebi a i.e. neeatn arbo
I deambarse ea "te Plae seam is my&, feUltt, te a d tate
as alwnle pa ao pqude Bqe.". par no hba r ilds pagible
0l tradl a mate Pw rto 6p e i nem d 1Sd Tradnpoertle, I as
i el PeIM d l.a Q dai a de Barm .o C" eteuo va I gS
ma 1 l.. fletat d lao X paMu&e BaInos, par bIhg s oI taHu
ptr dl TOs d. Aftlfllgs, y tode Is oeinuente pon o**eble-

bte emal.e El mplnose do vgast a la soles td, hLw
11o.a Go I t I oftelalse, y Traps del reileaut dlo bf at,6tas
Ia lAstula que el 8. id Jele o peioarem v. logu a ouet.
Pdwrte I *s paetts Cataliama ChrSteval M bs avd salde
40 e40 *l I, do use ea tea 40 om re oasm qva
svis u a& Ya. *** p se a auM pt u quart I eaU

n1l PTsa, pam mateeth h & V8 *1 1eoe, an que qudabses.,
sem notlinm en $seem on a peqi ele Warenan curom

t Blgaom BDpeat e lates do ntm oeptfat.
ib s. aemn pn e lasft. ino (iI 4. e.
I ta 0d share MIs presents devote fee m oa it) do 0*0

Stg. 1I1/M, m.peal to Wuma ,6

lwp" fars %go ftlafa as lawr ft omra, Mn at
MIlsu ais, wimu S ua l Ust, dIe Ieui Usmrqua
reelvUs vn6 Is pressieon apaiee onf aa to frete dt
eto Pal., partloulpo V*8. que tnao otlela blin alt d
Ms dos e arMoia pa Ca s eats do lee Rmasm transports.
X *. de AAgte, Is *shmlttl Am P0a0 7 w Ant at, 0n
part. de tn sttfllid, y traps 1 aittado 8R0t6a201 6e
Astrleua, ma "* 1 Paro Buasqs q uen an us" ilt (qs

So s.e paer sabEoit4 ndtmeo e ea tesa Otoe as Capstan 36
btMtab Llaaglw y aidr prome lee mare" dto Do lathe
Matimeu aephmleas, 7 D. nlag Dminques ms revere pas keens
&Ga 7i la Marga da tadse astos k*quI Ps tiramt ftea,
ame& am da|o pa pos Bmleo di Carn averrdes, erod la PaI


B 1uss 4am ..
de -que Baso sa I *hapes, qole dm1- ood del Ile doaoRte o s

Narls a1 alp @ B p e s e pue ors a IA pm e aote sea
s J mGara r deo e 7 aaio aat e
Mo mmy. l lna Vn 1d6 Mr tne Bep on filinb p ( l4i Ud n

.Seeque egss& & haLl is do. dy 0 neeesoorte oft
I& esel tra .r 1* cRt. "L%* p depaoe bIts l Trans lots
pmb -1 tV0Rft do set POSlbip 7 I-pO Po*" 02 UO I 0tP

*ept. 1/8n, ape e to rrilas a.

Iar i dende pasarsa pr sn sar peeble .entiasiLma & imrl
do Ie lmeate teplstmege qu itnlrmam ISe I abprSisp d

SW* ato w bILawv e upaado en proever 1|) alera
aftees que pc utime pare der I loa ridisk, 1 podr O /
SpmoTve a etionOa A qu "eto oeatear d* R4 Hasultea
b& hub te d& portae t Omusa, opajee 7 "ata, rN
Sque 4 uwas an pea ponale por se ldo oen mae con-
ent. r i. puara l d hi h alateo llio n a 18 T ag
Snm tiron equtl tablla Oup C o o eea anAsen
datrtildes SOa itt latent putet . ia Pro vinats 7 Apflale,
par el brate. 7 mfte d4 se eateetoe, on Is Plaatfes do
.!1 ten1- r :*
ie Tedle, a uM to aom b& Asma S ir, m sM
rims we do no mnr stendide per oastre soe lo atiea r
lee Mal ,(41soen dihoa Ibndlos) a pasutlrs A estableei
mewe GMeMilo ee Io Ameprians quS haoen lee On Of s
ftaerses parn smtrsweel Mu 9a t.4 bi0en eoswtsip Sa
qu ablftm val la l. allelttd i las afdllets qut f open
ewe Pa *ge raittdo a U doet*, 7y hast tan"t qu $.A
Slower, isle ps1 unamlter di abs, -wfrIi mts
7 Ameu d qwe, 4wd aviLe Tos. Opwta st*.
aunmb A va. Is uwanrgmelA d aNtA r v 7 adsl
I n #"e" e G bea geotss Y""n usu sw e d*1 t Sea$

JW pi san*titr i1 livsrti do 120 e etahnM aesi e.do,
qn, havima vid dW1 prtifde do lo e rallates, oa tie"ap S
U1 faies, y as *sI-d abhos a4dt1 es kd qulloe vies i
expeasa dt lee rwbe que bhes ean Ia Baltlnd.t d -Stes
Yna* y qnque hbin eo .de dupe" do ad arrive own 1*

sept. 1U/84, sapeh fl twMl

prwLdeaeia M Wao po qu mal usr s bhn rtrtd4 a lee eant-
blniselta e le Talo sea tode, mL amboL qu o 0 atlnab
m# qu O U Trp*l do fatftS que to dquattaMi, 0a
flln" utrnwa. polw belvr i roSaL Mo asu *sng 7 -s
Is Ipelble Wim 3a smaOO 4d D1tn al p od r Mtme&r a

le IMntll&uBan l al y pepa V (unqu **to e .04 lo ni*t) la
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s spfmutop que no s talmde do aoft quasdo 11w qu as mi
tremne* Mft P* e t, 7 tb ase n elo tiepqt fplf
d Thblren, 7 se t te eott* sa septur nialta teamu La qu,
S rmn m te OltmSeS, per que pmnSSttM. 1n- Teole, que e to
eoia Wir A I Nl 1ls Aentsmwb 1- hb a aisid eet avmn L a,
em tea.s is beatsi d qutn emite queo it mSetr oneUalftle as
ayleTs hallae ds *eltem, as havtloa teide am qu" eleu w
alt L ao hav b petae *table*oe *1 e pltal y Mw dspai.-
tes, er beutaute iaeam$4iad y 1 vinen leu ftlla que -
,/ h Dallaos e wa, m twm2ldf od imt Pfteoo enq oo a agrde, ea o
m eaol I. l Al& oohe m pta 1* salldse do astrn Taeue,
peae&a lmbn eniitSe., mts qua ns. ll is tabletim,
emlre es tabu ste-, 7 Il taM em i -M lAe .eaiewI, y
anglsw. qo 0 ammtie pean su tal tlmamm l saX pat pt
tt r dlltL t prrpglsm aiGo manta 8l26 Ln a *#ta
mPntwiMis per qu a. teim. aIfle Reate paop 'd' ea*
bafstfr.* Per top to apmet# ompenvhBwu V8O magnets
ottuiml, 7i at a e a raonasad -B qtuatsto ae le peegble

0181a 11 &Y S ANa aW 1m6 tenus.. OR e0e aase

Senor D. Juan tgnacio de Urriza.

F e /" to
kpt. OI/S, lepelm em PWitn

sAW i ara rema n ans v uLa.

,Al mI D. ab_ Tlnael dqo u.
SBd t 2ie saeP eom que Wb6 s@l&,e de SIM eeSe, dl
J af tese s ei pen esa n o La 4 se Isa ht a r .,
t .a ellna l emspaln In retsio dr ethetas panw ftaiteS 2f
nemaata u maoxtar )es U. Dragns. p Iiao, l2a erleg nepapi q0a
\es 3Ru atatunae do este Plasu.
SMtlI lme saer n qu as pdlerole lsu Ie dlot pr
el IepdItal




wb oja
Jbl meo


St. Augustine, 8ep4 l, 1?8


My dear Sir: From the contents of my three letters dated

July 17, 22, and 26, the originals of which were dispatel p

by a small boat commanded by Nicolas de Anido who sailed frao

this port for Havana on August 2 by way of the Keys,' with

Domingo Rodriquez, a native of the Wtadwed Islands, in charge

of the letters, the duplicates going by the brigantine

Eaclavitud Captain Cipriin Martinez de Peon, which sailed

from the St. Marys River on the 17th of the same month, Your

Honor will learn of our arrival at this place and of our

Stasnesful disembarKation, notwithstanding the necessity of

doing so in small boats, as the entrance to the port by any of

our vessels was impossible on account of the shallow water over

the bar. The expense arising from the rental of small boats

to bring ashore the artillery and the materials for the establish-

msnt of the hospital, the expense of discharging the transports

In the St. Marys River after they had gone there for shelter,

the increase in expenditures due to the arrivall here of the

ofleers and men of the infrntr; regiment Asturias, who had been

stranded seventy-six leagues from this port on June 5 in the

Catalonian settee San Criastoal, which had sailed from Havana

on June 1, together with all the other expenses of which I in-

formed Your Honor, have been constantly reducing our fund of

40,000 pesos. This shows __---
By way of the inside channel is apparently the meaning.

3spedes to Orriza, Sept. 16, 1784.

,/ the riSL we run, If we do not re:alve succor sad q.:ods for
the Indlans which could be sent by way of the Keys in small

boats as these are made available. I inclose a representation

of some of the employees of the hospital here.
I am also informing Your Honor by the schooner San Salvador

de Orta, which is about to sail from this port for Havana with

a cargo of products of the countrythat I have news of the
departure of six of the nine transports from the St. Marys

for Cidiz. The master is Nicolas Salada, a resident of this

oity, and a Minorcan by nationality, who has been received
under Spanish protection. On August 19, the settee San Pedro

Z Ban Antonio sailed with a part of the officers and troops
of the aforementioned Asturias regiment. Pedro Visquez informs
me that the Sacra Familia (which carries the rest of that

regiment) and Pelegri's vessel iandf the Concepcion would sail

on the 28th of the same month, and that of Menchaea a week

from that day. The p6lacca San Miguel did not sail before
the rest because its captain, Esteban Llauger, was ill in

this city, nor the ships belonging to Paustino Martinez de

Peatee and Bias Dominguez because it was necessary to make
repair en them before their departure. The cargoes of all

these vessels were discharged in good condition with the ex-

ception of a few barrels of mrti which sustained damage when

the small English boat bringing them from St. Marys was lost

on crossing the bar of this port; but this incident hardly

Zaspedes to Urrlia, Sept. 16, 1784.

merits the trouble of recounting in view of the felioty which

God bas granted us In all things else.

Bhe two keepers of provisions and artillery, Manuel Almosa
and Mariano Lazaga, returned from St. Marys River on August *3

to join their assistants at this place. Bothfprinoipals and
assistants have had enough to do, the principals aboard the

ships, the assistants on shore. These latter were the first
whom I ordered to disembark to receive the military stores,
ammunitio, and provisions which were sent ashore in part
while he vessel& were off this port and in part after they
went to the St. Marya hiver to seek shelter from the tempestu-

oun winds that prevailed off St. Augustine.
If Your Honor has not already sent me the goods to be ued

as gifts to the Indians, you might delay doing so &a the auditor

or the royal treasury has obtained a quantity of shirts, mirror,
and blankets, though only a small number of these latter for

reasons of expediency. As for the rest, I have obtained 4 siat-
anee/the English, who still retain a business house here with
stores distributed in different parts of this province and at
Apalashe for the exchange of their goods for the skins and ftre

of the Indians. I have not thought wise to interfere with
this trade, especially since I have reliable information that
if we are not as attentive to the Indians as the English are
(so say the Indiana themselves) they will establish a new trade

with the Americans, who are making the greatest efforts to

Zespeies to Urrisa, Sept. 16, 1764. 4.

attract them to their side rather thsb permit them to remain

in a state of anxiety regarding the conditionss indicated. I

have /this plan to the court, and until His Majesty

4 decides. I shall need only tobacco, brandy, and sugar, in

amounts of which I shall inform you in good time.

I repeat that it is urgent to mount the twenty-five dra-

goons, in order that they may patrol the banks of the St.
Johns River '/h restrain a number of American marauders, who,

having been Royalists during the war and now being cast out

by the Americans, live by means of robberies committed on

the estates of the English in this province. Although they

have eased their activities because of steps taken after

my arrival, and many have withdrawn to the Indian towns,

nevertheless, if they know that we are not on the alert they

might, despite the infantry I have stationed in those parts,

revert to their old tricks. It is impossible for me to

manage this situation without a grant of money, nor can I

make the much needed repairs on the barracks, pavilions,

and fort to save its stores from the leaks that are every

dsa rendering ra mor and more useless, or even repair the

hbusb in which I live(though this will be done last of all).

This house is nearly in ruins, and it contains not a single

room or apartment not completely inundated when it rains, which

is very frequently in this country, and in the spring it will

be worse. The same is true of all the houses of this city

without exception, for the Enlish being persuaded that all
The translator isruncertain of the exact nature of these
shelters. He has Aote resaon to suopose that they were large
tents with a frame, PaWr^posilbly 1aebr, of wood.

Zeipedes to Urrlnz, Lept. 1, 1784. 5

might fall to th: Ameft them, as well l yerything
else, in a State of abandonment, with the result that if bar

officials had not found the pavilions they would have been

without shelter, nor would there have been a place in which to

establish, though inadequately, the hospital and its staff;
and if the familiess who are rtives of this country, but are

now in Havana, return, even though they wait until the eighteen

months allowed for the departure of the English have expired,

they will Suffer many inconveniences before they can re-establish

tft lersla*l :a-s. The same thing will- occur in the case of the

secular and regular clergy who ought to be increased in number

in order to administer to spiritual needs and propagate our

religion in these provinces, for there are no approprgite Lodgings

in Which they can live. From this exposition Your Honor will

understand our situation, which, I do not doubt, you will remedy

if *belbeV4 <
MKy God. preserve you many happy years, as I desire.

Don J1an Ingmanco de Urrlza


San Aguatin, 18 de Septiembre de 1784

[EFtlbl14 9-6l
S16. [a rreAr1
.5 Poi38 1&. do SC' do 7RI

Hul 39 mlo: Desde que arribamoa a.eata Flaza que fue con

toda felieldal, en 8. diar dae l nvara ee me prbaentaron Indioa,

y como ye teola notict1 pt las 2. Cajts Fri-tner q. T.S. me he-

via entregado n sseea de los Cavaller. ngyaisv3 que etopotian

la Companla de C.amerclo estableclls praE trarer con allos, en

ouio tempo ahun no me havlan pustao en Tierra leo efectoa,

para me agasajo me baly de dnoa Senoraa coam 1o no echo en lea

denms Ocaslones pare que me aurtan de lo necenbrlo, a fln Ie q8

balan a aue Palses vien despaobados. Y cr, arnncoin a lse 2. ul-

times copla qe ee'svi de Vi. a ml propwrridri *:cn La detma no-

riicia adqulrldac, y de lo expueiaco por "1i lovrndr? de Pansa-

cola DP Arturo 6 tell he tr mad. Is cel1bersa:1on de revolver

en aontestac a 9su ,viaoa 10 ae *onsata de la :arts q6e I con-

teato, cula copla ecompano a V.S. para q6 se balle Itpuesto

como Juago aorreapondto para lao fines que puedan oombenir al

major *ervlolo del Rey, primer (2] obxeto del emreiao de V.S. y

mio; y en su consecuenele derma los evisos que combengaa.

Renuebo a V.S. loa deaeos que me asiaten de gervirle:oon la

fine t oluntad q' le profeso eon Ia qe pido a Dios g! a v.s. m!

felizes anos Florida 18 de 7bre. de 1784.

Benor Don Josef Eapeleta.

m im m JO .

Zespedes to Ezpeleta, Sept. 18, 1984. 8.


iForlia 18. de Sept. e 844

A la Havana al Brig? Dn Jph Sapileta.

Con Copia de la qu teango ercrita al

ov S de Paanacola D9 Arturo 0 Tie11y

,8e Panton Leisle Y Corn para ouPipli

lo pactado en el Congreso

0 .

SeJme *j

St. Augustine, September 18, 1784

[Draft]- L

Florida, September 18, 1784.

My dearSir: From the time we arrived at this plasa whion was

after eight days of fortunate navigation, the Indians began to pre-

sent themselves to me, and as I already had information from tbe

two letters Your honor had delivered to me in Havana regarding the

English gentlemen who comprise the company for trading with them,

and as the goods intended as presents for them had not been put ashore,

I had recourse to the said gentlemen then and on bor oostion)

obtaining atsupply surficient.to send them away satisfied." In view

of the last two copies you gave me with other Inormation/as i

was flot to leave and on the basis of what Governoe Ou1eill tells

me, I have decided to say in answer to his conmanieation what you may

read in my letter to him, a copy of which I am inolosigg for Your

Honor so that you may be informed as I deem conducive to the best

service of the king, the primary objective for both of us, and

consequently give me the appropriate information.

I reiterate the expressions of my desire to serve Your Honor

Zeapedes to Espsleta, Sept. 18, 1784 2.

whom I pray God to preserve moay hlppy year Florida, September

18, 1784.

SeBor don Jose de Ezpeleta.

XIe. In og mass to Jl oi se iveml, apmber 1, 1i84

at sa a, an

Un Parpet, 4la mLeta de 1 Ooret d4* loadrne. ta a0. d*
Agomte 'a flM*.

xtalteo ad em ta de l ar ttol Mseridleoal de de sMr
. doe IYT.
BabomOe quo ae haviBt pard qbadue em
u O pe enaldeado ble to Toel tarIo Amerlmaan s lta @1
U.o UIIbpS sp MrpsdSo p0r 2Si Ntao, qa ues mleawon
tod a a bep 7 a l a t a o Omer ea perdle la ida.

San Aguatin, 20 de Septiembre de 1784
LEF. Dill j j
LBorrador ]
Mul Senor mio: Persuadfdo que pafda sar convenlente reclva
3.S. con unticipaclon por Dupllcado il contextaelon a las qua
reclvi de V.S. c:*n fha del'17 de Jullo uitimo que me entrego
D ailler1mo Panton, qua hi Ido entreg.ad.: de los prLnclpales, me
b. valldo d4 DB Juan Lesile, iu onipaner:., pers *trigrloa a
V.S. por rterra, .*on un Yadlo Crsek de ice superiorea, calb-
brar mucho liguen i sue manoa, y que la resoliucon qua h;
tordo para disponer que a V.S.y. y at m no s fallen efootos,
para el entretenlmleto le surtir ear,os, y esoa Yndios, lsata
la delivereelon del Rey, tenga el buen 'exsito que deaeo, para
qae astiata la Paz que tanto noe convene tenir coa elloa, y
qua no se vean en la necesida de ocurrir do ninguna manersa
entos confinantes de los Estados unidos.
Ygualmente con fha de antes de ayer tengo dirigido a la Ha-
vana al Brigadelr D0 Joseph de Ezpeleta copia de la q8 escribo
a V.S. do oficlo para qua este an au Intellgencia, j lo aviso,
para que lo eaten es 1i suya.
Dies guards a V.S. muchoa felicesa nos, come djaeeo. ~a Jo
r Au9k"aIn do s Flopirlo 2A- fnptlifbr-: de 1..70.

S--- or D, Artwro 6-Neysll.

[a dorado:i

San Aug. de la Florida 2 de Sepbre. de 1.784.
Al Governor do Panzaoo.

r---?M__ 334 J9


St. Augustine, September 20, 1784


My dear Sir: The originals of my answers to your letters of

July 17 b Willllm Farnton are on the way to you in his charge.

Fersuaded that it would be of advantage to Your Honor to reeeive

as earlier reply, i have availed myself of an opportunity by John

Leslie, his associate, to send the duplicates overland by an

Upper Creek Indian. I shall be most happy if they omes safely

to hans; and I trust that the measures I have adopted--pending

the decision of the king--for assuring that you and I do not

lIaK good. for supplying the needs of the Indians there and hre,

will meet with the success I desire so that the peace wbhih It

as important for us to maintain with them may prevail, and the

necessity of their resorting in any way to our neighbors of the

United Ltates maybe avoided.

I have also sent to Brigadier Jose de Ezpeleta in Havana,

under date of r1v c.fore yesterday, a copy of my official

letter to you, ki-crn is for his information as rt.ls tI for yours.

May iod preserve Your Honor many happy years as T desire,

St. Auguatine, Florida, iertember -0, 1784.

Senor don krturo O'Neill


Zan Agustin, 21 de Septlembre de 1784

LAl4N: Eat Leg 3901.i]

(P.l 7j
M. 22. zxmo Senor.

Mul Senor mio: uaapuea de trerer rncil.ic el oftcla que
dirijo a V.E. aon a. 81. acompanarndo ei Plan de la casa de co-

merelo qua tieno6 eastble.:l-3a en eath Fro'lrncts Panton, Leslle,

y Caompana con la s olicitu de Fsrmsrane.r rn lIa rerminos qua

proponen, j aumento qu newgo cara sl fuesse del fiFel agrado el
que suoalasa: Llewo Ie PFnzScoiB r,. rlarre el cit;io FEnt.n,

y me entrego la carts oe caei 'governj.aor con fEa de 1". de Julia

ultimo de que ecompano :. pl- ?:n a. 1. manrfestaniom que con-

secuente a haversa celebrade aill el ulm.:. ae Mayo, y 1. de

Junio, eongreso con las neclonie inr laa *.re-ks, Fpreolideno1lo
n r.
el Coronel D. Eatevan Miro, y li rnterenrjre D. Martin Ravarro,

convlaeron pare el mayor rcmento ie 7:m:r:1. en bquel Pals,

y t"ner graras a las expresadas nalonei, el trlerar qne el
a r
MUstizo D. Alexandro Maeo-)ll1ivwry, inrerlnamente nombrado p.

dichoe Senore, per oomlsarlo nueatro en lea LI38j citedas

naeoonea pudlese Introduolr en equel destino un resto de erectos

que express quedmrle an aui Ailmacensa an eats de San Augustln, y

en su eatablecimlento de San Marcos de Apeleche, !on 1, demas

que expone, y haciendo reiaclor del Passporte que le ha dade

con copia de la Carta original del expreasdo Yntendente, me

parecio oportuno pedirselo al referido Panton, y su contenido

omprehende .la copia con n. 2: en au inteligencia come mi primer

Zespedea to Galvez, Sept. 21/84. '

obxeto ie tenor efeetos aobrantes para que no me faltsn con que

sgiasjar los Yndlos, pregunte a Panton, ei Lenia los suflclentea

paaa llvar los *orraeporniJentes a lo pactado en el Conrreso, y

dexrme s urttitenTo p&ra squUl fin, y resultinrjo ie au respuesta
aue sunq no avael nalllad exlteentes ioB wue lexo. a cause de
...... ..... ....e C o paero Leslie le havia aido forzoao ponir algunoe a
la dispolItlon del oBvernai. Britanico, y otroa la del

Corooel L. -homas brown, aurerir tndente de elloa, como se hallE-

ve Con not-ians Je auda !a Yaia e- Providencia le havlao llegido

part de los quo encargp a Lcnrdres le dirigieran quandao ;

referido Governaedor trltanlto tut:- mi contextacion die is aavana

de que mcompane copla a '.E. er representation de 22. de Marzo
ultimo con n. 4 le seari facti remrlazar todos los que neceestaba,

y aurtir aqul ila necesar. at i" iranqueaba permiso para traer-

loa, y ilevsr a &Aane.e, 7 F'an'acla los corpespondie.teas.

Confleao a V.E. que i sca5o tube [139] satisfaccloo con

la Legurdad de afirmarme q. no me faltarian efectos que dir a

los Yrdios, mlrAndome no en solo lesprovehi-o de eilos, sino

de Dinero par comprarloa: Coma ls proposlcton, a solleltud de

au Introducolon runque see solo Ie loe usumles pars el conaumo

de los Yndloa, e6 mal sonante el extraerlos de Puerto extrangero,

me disgust Iinfinito, pero peasndo leg clr'unatancrea del blen

del Estado, y eo~tvenlesclas de las results que pudieran aer a

'fdr de lot Avalnaosa no acsedleano 6. ello, panp que no, noa

ganen a los Yndios, sain tenia a la mano un seguro recurso, interim

que por conduct de V.E. reeiviera las Ordenes de S.M., sobre

"este asunto en general, y que no se podria presumir del honor que

Zeapedeas o OGlvez, ept. 21 84. 3 ..

alempre me he saaltido en deasmpeno de mi obllgaclon en anu eal

Serviclo, otro intento que el deseo do sue mayorea venta.ja, as

lo hi coecedldo obllgado de au parts a remitimae faoture quo los

compreeanda todos con 1tarnrclor. de loa que ileoa i Apalsehe, y

Pansacola, y ia e rnmitir ; esta fiEas pFra aet!ifacer e-1 6. p

. /... d de aa entrado, en caso que S.M. lo disponga assi.

Todlo Woexpuesto he comunicado al Governador de Panzacoli
D. Arturo C-Neylle en carta de 12* del presents, que l.e ll'ev el

mismo PFaton, y durlcadosela por tierra, para que eate enterado,

y con couple de ella lo he heeho con fha de 18. 3el dmimo al

Brigadier d. L1401 Josaepn Ezpeleta s ls Bavans con el mlamo fin.

he seria de sl mayor complacencal saver que a V.E. llena.

el hueoo de sus dsaeoa mia procsdimlent:s, j que el Rey, is

oervLdo con lsloo.

Dion guard a V.E. los muehos felices anoa que desso, i he

meneater. San Augustln s la Fl.orid 2in de sertLembre de 1.764.
Ex. Senor

TiLL. de .E. au ias
o r or
reno. ODi ma. Here.
re 1
ViT" Man do Zeapedes iHubrlecado

Emmo Senor Conde de alvesz.

[Documentoe Ad-juntos: )

Inc. iL Sept. 21/84, Zeapedes to 0ala"s. 4.

1. Arturo '0e1lll a Vicente Manuel is Zesiedea

Panzacola, 17 de J'lio de 1784

Copla. n. 1.

Nut 5enor mio: Consecuente hav4rse celebrado en esta, en los

dias ultimolde Mayo, y primero de Junio, congreso con las Naolones
Yndts Creeks,, presidiando aete acto el Coronel D. aEtevan Mir;,

.*overnador Irnerino, per comision de la Luisiana, y el Yrtendente
de estas Provinclas d. Martin Navarro: Hallando que oonvenia al

mayor faaento de Comercio on eate Pals, y tenor grateaw a la

expr.raadas nacInas, tubieron a bien tolerar, el que *1 ,eastio

D. Alexandro MawLivery, interinamente hombrAdo per dichoa Senorea
p. Comlarlo nuestro. en las citadas naciones, pullesse rntrodu-

cir en eats, un reato de efectoa, que express quedarle on ant

Alnmacenag, en eaa de lan Augustin, y en an Eatableoimiento on
Sae Marcos, on 2ompana con el Senor D. Guillermo Fanton, Leslie,

y Maok.Chalachy, atendiendo a todo, y haverse presentaio an eata
dicho D. Gutliermo Panton, solicitando Pasaporte, y Do.cumento qua

justitique su permlso para el pase a esta, de dicnos erectos,

en nombre de au Companero Magllvery, le tenwo concedido el exprela-

do Passport, con copia de Is *:arta original del expreado Senor

Yntendente, B rin que, y en .:u~a stenecor, contribuys V.3. aque

ae pueda efectuia lo convenido con estos interezadoa, para el

bien, y quieted de estaa Haclones.* Nuestro Senor guard la vida

de V.S. los muchoe anos do mi deseo: Panzaoola 17. de Julio de

1.784.= B.L.M. de V.S. &.= Arturo o-Nelle.: Senor Dn Vizente

Manul de Zespedes.

Zeapedea [Rubricado] (142]

Inc. in Sept. 21/8i4A -Bpedes to &lvez. 5.

2. Psaaporte eoneBI4dej OGuIlllermo Fanton

Panzsoola, 17 de Jullo Ie 1784

0 a
N. 2. Don Arturo O-Net11 Coronel de los R. Extos. 'ov6rnador

Copas. Ynterlnc Militar, y aolitieo de esta Plaza y sa dlatrito= Conzedo
libre y asegro P&aaDoarte a D. ftillermo Panton pura que mediante

el permlso ~ue or-tubhl en el bongrsao elebrado an eats con las
Naclonea Yndisv en 51. de Mayo, y 1. de Junto page a la ProvinelA
de Is Florida embusea de un resto de ofeotos perteneoient* a

D. Alexandro Magilberay, y al tmismo Panton on compania, y pido,

y encargo no so le pongs emrer'azo en el use do eats permlao per

combenlr assi al Real :ervioio dado en esta de mi Gorderno a Ilea,

y elste Dias .dei Ms Je iulio de mil setecientos oebents, y qua-

tro= Arturo O-Heill.

ane. in Sept. 21/64, Zepedee to 'alavez. 6.
5. Martin Navarro a Arturo O'Neill

Panzeaola, 11 de Junto do 1784


Uuy Senr mio: Para proporcionar a las Naciones relaouenea con

quienes aenbaMos de establezer el ratado de Paz y Comerelb, alguno

con quo puedan permtar sue Peleterias, y no haviendo en today

eaba Provincia efeoteo Partlculares de qua poder hazerlo, se nace
n 1, a
E a
Ir.l1apeambile aproveehar la oferta que haze D. Alexandro M.Gillibray

do tra.nsortara ella decade la Bahia de San Marcos Is Apalschee,

en done hqata haora cenia establecido un Almazen, o decade San

Aupustin se Is FP :r-ia, una carta Cattidad, que le ha quedad6.

contribuyendo, a Bu rincrada con el seis por dlento seaalado er 1l

Real Oedula de veinte y dos de Henero de mil seteeteatos ochenta

y dos: to qua aviso a V.S. para so noticla= Dios guarded A V.S.

muchoa anon: PFqrzcola onse [143] de Junic de mil aetectenros
o.:henta, y luatro: B.L.M. de V.S. su atento servidorm Martin

Navarroe Senor Don Arturo 0-Neill= Es cops I l original que

queda en el Archibo de esta Secretaria: Par.:e,.cli dies y sette

0 0
SZTo= V. B.= 0-1rill.

Zeapedea [ Iubriodao]

7 ~- m; *

our Excellency u the plan of the trading

house of Panton, Leslie and Company of this pr6vinee, and their
petit to remain on the terms which they propose add tha

am proceeding as if it were the royal will that they rcr-all-i-Panton
St. Augustine, Sept. 21, 1784
Most Excellent bir

My dear Sir: After I had finished the letter~which I am sending

Your Excellency u 4--nerng the plan oa the trading

house of Panton, Leslie and Oompany of this province, and their

petition to remain on the terms which they propose--I add that I

am proceeding as if it were the royal will that they r~r-l'---Panton

arrived by land from Pensacola and handed me the letter from the

governor of that place dated the 17th of last Julyjof which I

inclose a copy under No. 1. The said governor tells m that in

consequence of having celebrated there dvr&ng the last of May and

first of June a congress h the Creek Indians, whiph was presided

over by Colonel 7steban Eir6 and Intendant Martin Navarro, they

agreed for the better encouragement of commerce in tiht country

and in order to keep the Indians friendly, to allow 0-., m-jtizo

AlExan-,r McGillivray, named by the gentlemen referred r ja o.r

commissary ad interim in the said nations, to ir.,rod:n Into that

nati.:.rn e r.:*-t ri f o:.5a thi- hV a- -3 qr t4il Ir. hlis warehouses

in Tt. Auruitrna ar.ei In rhi. njrAsi-is herir t:r r. Maris. Reprdirjin

the -;ass r:rt wr.i-- 3 :v.r, -.1,, IFi rt ir.. I th trh .',:r. of the

original letter of the intendant, it seemed to me appropriate

to ask Panton for it, and its contents appear as copy No. 2.

Accordingly, as my first object is to obtain a sufficient su ply

of goods to be used as gifts for the Indians, I asked Panton if

he would have enough left for that purpose after taking away those

stipulated for in the congress. It appeared' fom his reply that

:,pedss to Giles, Saet.. ?1, 1I64. 2.

although he had not found here the supply he had left, his partner,

Leslie, having been induced to deliver some of them to the British

governor and others to the superintendent of Indians, Colonel

Thomas Brown; yet as word had been received that a part of those

ordered to be sent from London, at the time when the said British

governor received my reply from Havana, a copy of which I inclosed

in my representation of March 22 ultimo under No. 4, had arrived

at the Island of Providence, it would be easy to replenish his stock

if he were allowed to import these and take to Apalache and Pensacola
the part corresponding to them.
I confess to Your Excellency that I immediately felt great satis-

faction at being assured that I would not lack goods to give the

Indians, for I was not only unprovided with them, but had no money

to buy them. Since securing goods in a foreign port sounds bad even

though the proposal or request to import them be confined to goods

for the use of the Indians, I was much displeased. But I weighed

the good of the state against the benefits that might result to the

Americans by my not agreeing to it/ and allowing them to win the /
Indians from us on account of my not having at hand a sure recourse

until I receive through the agency of Your Excellency His Majesty's

orders on this subject in general; and as it cannot be presumed

from the honor that has always upheld me in the fulfillment of my
obligations in the royal service that I had any other intent than a ode

for its advancement, I granted him [Panton] the concession with the
obligation on his part to send me an invoice covering everything,

with distinction of what he was taking to Apalache and Pensacola,

and the further obligation to make a remittance to this place to

3&apedea to Oilver, Sept, 21, 1784 3.

satisfy th six percent stems duty, in case BIa Majesty should thus
All of the above I have communicated to Arturo O'Neill, governor
of Pensacola, in a letter of the 12th instant by the said Panton,
a duplicate going by land, so that he may be informed; and I have
sent a copy of the same under date of the 18th of this month to
Brigadier Jose de Ezpeleta in Havana, for the same reason.
It will be of the greatest pleasure to me to hear that my efforts
fulfill the desires of Your Excellency, and that the king is served
by them.
May Ood preserve Your Excellency the many happy years that I
desire and need. St. Augustine, Florida, September 21, 1784.

Your most obliged and obedient servant
kisses Your Excellencyr' hand.
Vicente Manuel de Z4spedes [Rubric]

Most keellent sefor Conde de Galvez


Inc. -rapedea to DGlvez, Sept. 21, 1784. 5. .

2. Peasport granted to Wfilliam Penton

Pensacola, July 17, 1784

Arturo O'Neill, Colonel of the royal armies, military and

political governor ad interim of this town and its dIsLrlPCti
grant a free and safe passport to William Panton to e -and that

the permit trha otn3)* of congress hcld -t- thi

a&c w1 the Indian nations May 31 and June 1, he may proceed
to the province of Florida to secure a residue of goods belonging
to Alexander t Gillivray and to the said Panton's company; and
I request and recommend that he be not hindered in the use of this

pR it for thus it comports with the royal service. Given in this
Iy government on the 17th day of the month of July, 1784.
Arturo O'Neill

k Z

Ino, zispeade to Oilvez, Sept. 2lj1784. 101o Jbl

3. Havarro to 0 1eill

Pensacola, June 11, 1784

Another [copy].
Byadear Sir: To providesAreek nations, with whom we have just
concluded a treaty of peace and commerce, something for which they
can trade their skins, and there being in all this province na

private goods for the purpose, it is indispensable to approve the
offer of Alexander McGillivray to bring here from St. Marks on

/f Apalache4 Bay, where until now he has had a store, or from St.
Augustine, Florida, a small residue of his goods, paying as customs

the 6 percent indicated in the royal cedula of January 22, 1782.
Which I eoaqunicate for your informationl=ay God preserve Your Honor

many years. Pensacola, June 11, 1784'Your attentive servant kisses
Your HSnor's handhMartin NavarroaSeior don Arturo OtNelllsopy of
the original which is in the archives of this secretariat. Pensacola,

July 17, 1784=Francico de la Rua=Sedretary:CertifiedO'Neill.
apedes [(ubrie]

lea ZItfamme aSpteambr 84 1B4
Lp. 161
8. rUet. 84. do Sepit d0 184.
Al A!" d' And VAtam# A& ell

as blao paser eI Oaalio do ice 88 Ageoltoe fl DMago ker
doql riLdL eare del OoQngro id loe t$ od Unide as la
AmerLoa Bipt eoR npargdo do negorols d *. N** li lmn
tad eo Is eondue aml Puerto do aqusllo Es tadoa qv ea Me opae a
on an buqu do La I. Arada son la d4tieateon q a orrespoads
I samisLon queo 1ea y deblendo ponwrse en norea do In itA
oaro 9 Madrid parn Cadisp lo partitoipa So so afia do qe t1)
seplda laI ordenae neoearwlu pap qo* ped hasers a vol
9e Is brewdad poelbl, puts Wa Is lOdMA 9 estn e ms to a
squel deftlls. :
HU proposte em WI luasado d, ngptoo de quoallo sts do
lwm.1. U .Ia hual frmaquean 4e PltLou prestteso de equally
wrn par qua wr yan emibalroa lon doe s. N quo seoadias a
D, Dleg Ourdoqu" 7y e ay -e hS psuade*o adlty onto raSrts%
.vwLuso a Ve R. para qu diLapoop *t le ademi I tr at a bordo
del LUj] mJor meod, irlsieand e 4 .l e. quta 0wp
Dism &

P. D. l tpaMupne y m Unaonen do ardoqt v *o tfati be
do aor doe uoos 4d 6so I

S I I 1 II .. .. II34 M .*

San daZarese, I bptber U, 1964

Lp. 19)
Al Ds I Oulllemo Omarlehule
S? Ildr! a4 SBpt! 174.

fly oir miol I1 Roy ha otldo on agpado y addltldo la eltar
que V. I. hs beeho do proporlonar wayan n an s earahglaua de
BII. qua ha do oondue s Dn Diego OardoquI Zeargado do Nego*
stoe do B. ie orea del Caoa.o do los betadoe UnLdom de AM er
wa 4de rUlot pro ties do squells L eltas par a .yor mgaonrl
dad do I anla lgiou, y eaplerea 8 M. dpondr V .. J prontol L?]
parn 9O] Se necialteun n la" iatell nala do q ue D Zla. O ar-
deqptui rom r Oadi., 7 db d ebr all par a deJtlao
SIa pordlda do tlapo
Dim as

'AL i. Seba. S-I- i-41-

I j3
sfl. -. .-L, .1. .- .p( 4 ,
Lt. t-.,' 'y __u^ -, ., .. ... ,. .
^ -* x-v^ci^ v< i- w ^ *\.-^--L-l

r -

am ndfolumes, septoetr u, 1i8v
o21 LDraft]

I p. at/I
Al *T aonde do oent,
a. ndr. 4 7b* 1r "t


I1 Roy ha rsuits, Wy OI Diage Odeq4 t amM meargade do
IoentnL de B6 Me ea eSdr eT, R del OOBCrBo de lIo -sfudol
gULldo do I Aiarlow Saptntrosu y hA h lt i&d* 8. MI
dos miIl paseo fre do sUsle a4 qA dispaonra li t.
SD Jns u d a Oale so le mininren dodes 1a hva son laom
dma em dmalso qt eutrrdlnarlamsf palde mascellU pen *I
Bavia. do M Fr Pero (.] havianadol oneoddio Iel yr seIs
nal Re tere pvp vi, ae jds d eat par n m sta laUUS .
y fLnC, ha reN etI e ge Me ** Io l1.peIs n MAdiEd en Tesoarml
gUpIr de R1 ordean L parttllpe a YV. pmra qu xpida LA
q ou wrespoeds parsm au opliqiento
DDiom ho

'An, ftede, vLoplo 348 -



[p. 21]
he UdSenwritten ghrg D'Affaire of tbh United BSates of
orth Amriu has the honor of acknowledging the reselpt of Rim
ure7 the 0t do rien da Blnes note of the 94th lnst re pelti
th tree enwry of the rffoest for hlsh he saoZittd a pe miljon
& bep leave in direnssng hi thanks for this proof f ttntlon to
his pelrml ooevnionoe to afour. him belloa y tut he will
not fail to repreent to his GOua tifoae WI futa er prIIo of
the Gourt of Spains mner of aoting with respect to thelP Bop
resentaive to Is lr tbat Mr apdoqul my eajoy iL Uu t llust
extent vy17 pLrtlVt dun to bhim a reproiontin laouara
uhose (j] Amity they have been so long Ambltoum of Obtaininl.
am Ubdoies tten bs the honor to be with the highbam respee

Hl8 Eaeellnoy. Obliged & iMoe M IlB e e

I4 Sept 1?84 f* Wila s

EHL Ne7 theo DBe rida Blanma
Priunlpal MilsLter b M

I5 3fla*% Lago" -flS0
... . i i I II I I I1

Aan.Ague La, 25 dd. Septlebrue d -1754
.s jEP:tb5h3 JEJ I -*.-

Sorrwpe apwed. We VB
OepLa Mt Amte. qua so ps f noin Cawil a pfuase, pe
qe tC pr'o.a, u hay rs sprnd*e, nIsU hassles
Britamul Iw y oe t ladlvdleo bleMon. Tai s a SaIr~lates
Is hab emntA paOS mI pre, olioittan eao aM atiLgpeu I
feanllmels doe seLtrwa, qua la asegaure, y opton *n *. 4 *
sto a.S.al .*I ..m.pts que at fllsa A Y vptfiol%, 4
ant dJl tnodn o, oe m senual baste al 0 dl Mans, nO eft
amw el-slaa enin me prwieme, me onideworm ml2a y de
ma Vlw, qmplilTm somae, & ants quw ms hays srs.b
.- .----a - -
It l& *a4m d aA Ag ntu a .aj4y toMry siw see *
MtISa, a ni etMeLota ota yp quatI p amnot t saner Pm
TiMtf e Mosel So mspedu ruigler d I Reak Baaltes,
semn e Ocuny atm Oemtral do emta dba *ldd y Pre nfS
PIe a am M lm semsdera'ndo .ovenalete, pars lo qua pua -
am wIre Am Imp Mllmnoam ja y l tilo, mobroe l a
eawes 6s mass Noe S.mp r aelas a Um Werequloamq n eipeem
as temeo Iaes 0 lam emuOlbte bhembp m as imL er 4p

Mew 1 sm onswr i per wa sal ki mp ai lm Mritaaln
7 abaep ls Maertia, utast, a peorualtes, lqum adelt oe
P d esne, m pl ana tms m pr~ovideals qims
ofa none sftoe% a faesesa som ..ambes enaeS ane tea
mistwse a Is qdiftW4 y uttSIde PMblls% tbahe oara d4
aoteI la pmas" pslles at d&e te t p iortantn fn ass
a. la e p w Ie -astrtso, Va us na a w ea vdo



ES. 5M% hems, W at No$ "
W- bstaemmoe dMbIO Sa mun v m lea tuas
am manm.e es bum na, e. ies a e .nem

i As esansrdw a easdSa, I as astrs1.te hmpm pmeamu" I
-m I ablselpslema dablda d rofmatlular iL arrampoemt
sarwirs qua eiu mmsnm, I amwe on* Il 4t r Smldte f
1t eaeu dqfIaIte, I pidadn to dtstatwbtl q-u prow m*
miti oerriande par l *s119, antse pr euans Ve do ae.
vLina, eon loa vendedorsa, prOvio que toC tosaga uaste m
-oe t ribunl Ia loltrm proprleda de lo qua e aniasMB nm
u ta ye dUa4 eto, I *s oLaerval oauau eserltirum, mp&C ge
&T*o** I elanaulary ta al Protocolo 3 reiatro do ls I- M
J smto4emd olesalA dea Ibstancalem asatumbg d a Uy lquamm
per ies de estoe IBenom; aon I vearJndera Int llaDgcL, u
fg la % ooprW a ventL quo antea del dia 298 do Ear po max
fdleSa m no eemtarm eatr prnatlcadm o e l maode 7 sINastL
Mlu prwvnLda, as conrlserara nulh 3 ad ninguan wtel I p
W .0 PIs rft o 2i gu2Se uatlcli de toie, lo random par eat
JMLo Un ma pvutual ob;rvar.:la, y q'uo nin no alage h id M l e
Lta Iu fiaarin medalmalw lea paragem qUL as dispondran, eme
teatvOO do eata PeSolacoIn: qua per mat que prvah~ f ul I
ma o y rIAm daq feea Vloest NUaaml de Zepedest. ad 0M1Is
XLEas, mrtebano s Gwa lerno
Mfi" 12M&bimblor


mb ajU
Jbl moo


St. Auguslrne, Zeptember .5, 17E4
Corresponds to representation No. 72

C Copy the decree which was made public by means of posters
to warn all persons who have bought or hereafter buyreal or

personal property from British subjects or others sUll make

the transaction a matter of record by soliciting with anticipation
go Igtrit ion
the 4iP of the deeds that affirm and protect their direct
ownership of the said properties, it being understood that if

this is not done before the end of the fixed term on March 20 as

required, such purchase or sale shall be considered null and void.
In the city of St. Augustine on the twenty-fifth day of

September, 178I Vicente Manuel de Zespedes, brigadier of the

royal armies, governor and commandant-general of this city and

province for His Majesty, declared: /Whereas'it is expedient P

in view of what may supervene in the matter of debts, delinquencies,

and litigations arising from the purchase of estates, slaves,

or 9the real or personal property made or hereafter to be made

by Spanlan subjects from the British, an- in order to obviate all

discord, dispute, or injury which may in the future result there-

from, and adlip some measure which may prove to be an effective

means of preventing result an injurious to the public peace and
welfare; and whereas the only measure adequate to the attain-

ment of so important an end is that of requiring that the

contracts be reduced to true public instruments, I ought to
The covering letter here referred to, dated May 8, 1785, is
not included in this volume. It is found in EF:b40, with another
copy of the decree.

Deoreo Z;spudes, Sept. 95, 1784.

*enjG s,. and I do onpiap,. that all persons who have bought,
or hereafter buy, real or personal property in this city or

daltrict from British subjects or others shall indispensable
and with due anticipation hav/: the corresponding deeds which

affirm - and protect, thefrt *" direct ownership of ahe

thing acquired anj thus prevent the embarrassments that might
otherwise eriae. To this end they will appear with the vendors

berre the present government notary, the vendors having pre-

viously made the legal ownership of the property which they

are diupolrnr of a matter of record in this tribunal, as is

already tiaeeted7 td ecbd'rrid. These instruments must be set

In order and recorded in the protocol or registry for the

purpose In the manner and with the essential formalities

required by the customs and laws of this kingdom, With .he
understanding that all ur:n&ssa or sales made before March

20 next anl he considered narll avdz v0D4-, it, appear. that
tMy have not been executed in ie-manner and under-.th.-b, nditional

In order to bring thie1f to tb- notice of everyone, attain

punctual dobervance,l SL A.re'ea y *7 'oe Trui alleging ignorance,

bills aontalning this resolution ubiklbe posted at certain

places to be arranged. In testimony wereof I hereunto set

my handVicente Manuel de Zeapedee~Before me, Carlos Ximenes

Notary Public.


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Havana 25 de Septiembre de 1784
E.F.: Box 54 B5
nui 8 mlo: En carta de IO de Julio ultimo me hi caaunliado el
xo Sor D. Josef de Oalvez la R. orn siguiente.
E1 Rey ha aprdtado al Gbvr de la Florida Dn Vizeste Manuel
de Zespode el nombramiento, que hizo on Dn Carlos Xiaenes
Eaorivano public, para aervir las de aquella dotacion con el
uelde annual de dos coentos ps y que deede el dea en qae ae le
expidiao 1 titulo, soe e abone la mitad. Y a efeoto de quo ae
le mablaraga lo participo i V.S. de R1 orE.
TiAlado & V.S. la o?- soberana, pars que ae eirva mandarla
exeautar; y comunicarla al interesado.
DPos gue a V.S. ms a8 Havana 25 de Septiemb. de 1784.
Blm de V.S. au mas at.t y aeg.r aerv.r
Juan Ignadco de Urriza
8P Dn Visonte Manuel de Zespedes.


baa Ildeftuo., iaptember '9, 1084
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sento 8. S *a Atiaxg m Ob1shy a P neatti ~arlto an a llt
da do eerntl o de esta detsetaa & las ordmbnad p en a sado
2f Dieg do eardqui & q fresmual van toad. u" nothile
lung y papO.les d Ia oorrepoadmoelr qi ha **guido i d oftolio,
qu pidte* P a,l par* el jorP dnes4pei do a bi e n rgeo e ti
daft Sg aemnurrwl A on queast seo do lWpdor at usyor blon
deot evlolol r hailainose aettltaoho del mnmro o*lo, eoaodulap
son Vq va he proe*ido h bats equA hatenido a pien 4. 14,
dearie mp al detino. de BoRnt? quatrpe i pae do ole anuanl,
qup d4ar dEipostaolon *e S1 JD jph do Salvoi s Nlba a eon regthulli
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IAX, Satedo, tgajoe 4Bsp,

San Ildefonao, September 27, 1784

PMonamlTao do Ordeaomnol segun mearn on loa Bolau~ see

Sirni para extender la credOnelal oan fth do 27 de IBet'
d. 1Yt4, para qu 1 Diego d4 oa"r iQ, pfas"* nU loI
EtadoeS ualdoe de a Is Amwrit S nptntrioanl e alid a
do Enoergado de Bgoseelo

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