Oil and gas activities in Florida, 1965

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Oil and gas activities in Florida, 1965
Babcock, Clarence L ( Clarence Lloyd ), 1904-
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Robert 0. Vernon, Die",o

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2 Foid. o-h-r geophysica perits isud i. 1965 ..
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-ql '9961 (1~q~oa po ql 9 9ql 9 9 d .. 9ao9 S9,9
o-oOg .2- pl.I q, 9 .11.. 99I~q .p -j 9ploI
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J.os ap !g96T u 411- p ~ .-me am p .11. fule u plod Iql u, P-ii1ap .- 1-- NO~ 9g'g e loo m-3O 4ql .oq. I elqwl
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-rS oql Aq ,o11,,pwd oI p .. 1, A ol~JJo qalq. '1 -90! .. ...q. '.ppola T...s 'A n.o0 Xap.g po pl.Ij pl.,i--...S
9q999 99!9 U9 O9,9 99p99la -999 p99 p9999999 9q
pI'ma -PtI-11ous
9961 qe 'V IU'lNISIa11V V9U T

b-e], of slt -- fro 22 p,,pig -ells. C0001.4v. prood.tion fo- the field i.- iO Tdisopry',Otb. 9, 01640 though 31,1965, 706,211 b of oi.
The So Oil Copy epo" tht tW de i e-ces of fie 0illio dll.s he be F, t in developing the Suoeo-Fold
F4- 0
Figo..1. Ff0. d, p-l-1 .po mi d1000 00000000000 1965.

.... .....

...... ......

S ..nfland N.eld
The SnaAisd i I field (fig. 1), disoed is 1943 ad p., Aby the Hbl Oil .d aAtsng Company, is .Aed 18 ile soth of the Suno...-Feld. field.
As h .. table 1, a ta A f AA,156 feet wee dAilled i t o gunniland field -Uls copleted i. 1965; data sheetso the..
-It, ar i Ided is appendi, 1. Both f these bests p tsd h, the tsfter part of the y- s flowing wells with initial p Adtions f 562 BPD a d 464 BOPD, resectivly. AAe of thes hotes the Humble No. "24 Gulf Co-t Rae ties Corpo tion w-11,-ws drilled .o 1d,600 Feet of depth, and i. the deepest w-11 d'iled to date h, the field.
Production I-o the gunnilsd field is rim-ily from : par .f the S...ilad Limestone whih --mein disoiented macrfossiHe (rdistids), and which is reahed at depth, ranging om sbout 118 feet tW 11,567 feel. Poduive zoe .o...... in.a intal extending f-o the top of the gubilad Limeston tW pint abobt 75 feet deep., is the seto.Th. lowermo-st of the f- a podu A i ve on A s A he Sn A A d fAeld Is .... A ItIA
with the productive Robert .... in the Sunoco-Felda field.
During the moth of December, 1965, this field produced 83,A78 ba1 C oi frm 13 pu ping wel1sAAd 2 flwng well..
The buusi rdu-ti.. ft.. the fied through D.eeber $1, 1965 is 9,125i,91G barrls of il. At the presen t ti.. it i. thought that A5 t A5 illio, bA l pro A A i pAAbably is -A aonblA fig. fo he initialy reo.erabl A As Af the fi Id.
Exptortor Drillig
A. recpitulated in table 2, -oI of 31,586 feet-,.r driled iA siA pI lor ay e A iA 196A A ... figAA I C A I tio ; a.I ofthese we hae b... piugged -d abandoned- Well data sheet these teste inuded is appendi 1. Fie f th s
web, Io...ted i. norh-r peninsul Florida a-d tested the Upper

. ......... .. ... ...

Cret...ous setion, wIth or, of the,, the Thaye-Davis, No- I R~ipley tos in Columbia Co...ty, conipn deep,, to penetrate 2,172 feet of Paleozoic ruck. This w- the third well in the State to drift Iconsiderble thickness of the Pathozoi section
The sixth eplo ra ty test in 1965 w N I NO. I Stte Le... 1939-1989S weIt, which w,, l-otd in Dade Coun.ty, soth Fhrid. abou" 3'300 feet north of the discovey well for the aba,doned Fory Mile Bond field, mnd which reahed depth of 11,612 feet. Core....... _y from the upper Sunnilandfe... IA. ~d .dt
slightly oit stained inte-al from 11,347-11,382 fe.AdilIs test reovr in hours.osstdo 615 Cost of saIt -Wte ith slight oi string Corig It 11,452 11,502 feet in the I .. r N n niiland .... .....aled blending oil i. .er small fractues the l-,e
Suniland ..n nt drill -s tested.
Exploratory we1ls still drilling at the end of 1965 son not included in tells 2 and appordi, 1, but will be embodied is 1966 omNpiltio. The falling nfoaio- on, these test, -as I I-side us the end of the ye-r
1. Ih n N il N I Cmy, No. 15-3 Cn so lidated Fi9naINN C.'orortio we1 is locted a .. outpmst ab..t 1-/ mile. n.rtet of the uI No -Flda field and h I prop d
depth of 11,600 feet. At the end of the yar thin Iel NN driling t appecoinately ,O00 feet.
2. The South.n. Triangle Oil Comp y No. I Lales It at weIt, is lted in Hendry County abut 5%/ mdi In
=hs ...uthwet If the town of L, Bell,, and 12 miles north otwst of the SunomFeld. field. The poopose.d depth of this N l is 13,500 feet nd drilling men ed
DN N Nebe, 0, 196.
3. The Jolt-Phillips No. 1, Th. Berkey. Ceule. Corpora lin, I aI well, located in Lfayete County in northern peniule, Florida, with a proposed depth of 6,000 feet NN Uniting non N due It depth of 5,270 feNt If the yer's end.

Proposed Exploraor Drilllng
Th. Mbil Oil Co rtion I, itted o h drilling f tw exp0o tory te.t i h 1966. 0-0-e oh will be oI ..te o tW oft.h- --ge 'ed -ut 1rom 1o...aW C~ibsa- Oil eed Mthethls, Lt... l..-e A primar obj-ti-e of this West will be the L.-e Cmt eeu stion; the Sun..dland Liestone shold be reed M b 0t ,200 feet. Th, othe, well, which lso will beo Creteo us0 test, will be dilld prit lon -d owd by the Bab-k-Florisa Corportio -d Iloc.ted i. Charlotteead Lee 000es. Mobil ,qoimd the ght W drill 0 this .creae .d, he os of areement oith the Glf Oil Cororatoion, lsse.
Geophysical Activty
Drin0 1965 geophysial operations, thogh lrdited with little s i. the p0t, 0 miereosed i the hope thlt 000 e0h0iq0 will o 000000000. Mainl0d activity bee inclded S 0 week i. Sooth Florida (i. Hedry, Collier, Lee, Higlds 0d 0 e d 24 -.k. i. the ohwestn 00 of th. State (i. E-s~bi., Sta.- Rosa, Okaloooa, Golf ..d Fr.nklin
Goe p t r offsho, geophysical ook, onsisting pI-lily It semogaphi activity, I'm r11d be 1965. Fig1 2 Ams- the permit ...000; type of gophysis to be prformed; operto, .-m-ato ..d pe~eitte 1o- ...h permit; i. soecae th o of r0k compleed; -d the g00 o... 11...litie of the prpoed actiity.
Neew Met,... Field Neu Northwetern Florida
0i1te- H 000t 0 t of the 0 00thw 0ter i of Fl0ida (figi.adi Baldwin Coty, A a, the Lee N,. 1 Smith 0-10 em complete Nomber 16, 1965 es produce fr the P y S d. 0, the iitl pro1 0dut iotest thr0gh perfo0tio 00 8,3828,387 fool, thio well flowed tough 7/60iohh oohk, W 0PD oith flid gaity of 16 degoes. Open tubig p00000 0 a0 pi; shut-i. tubig We...m, 418 pi; g-oil -tio, 100 t I- Th. looo-o- of this .n i.: 0 feet foo the -e0t lie.; 660 feet f00 the 00h H0e; Se. 3, T IN, R 00.

Stat Board of Conserv..tion Order No. I provided, tepraly, for : pacingof 160--,re for il we11s poducing &.. the Roberts ,oe f the S .....-Fda field. This ord., ,a, t rmi inffect oey-,r erinating Deceber 15, 1965, with a proviio for an
---nio, up.. reques t, of additi-nl six mouths .o enable Q. Sun Oil Company W acquft, more omplet, geological and engineeing infrmtion reatv t h drainae char...eristics f the fieId. Su-h a -a -ad, by the comp,,y, d .....eque.tly
Temporar OrMer N.. 1 ... extended t May 1966, at which time ther will b, final hearing Wo -e per-et rs

S Bo d of C.m t.imo Oe, No. 2, da July 20, 1905, pmuvideW thM twbine Ppud by the SunooFeld, field shIY" b.e injected i9 diposal well below a packer set at 2,270-2,290 feet, throgh 2 /8ic tubing into highly po ebin ..k ..nt.i.g ey s.aine foration w. (16,000 op. hl.d is.). Such ieconwold nt be ho-Wl to N., w,,,
0. De... er 9, 1905, the St9e Bo9rd of Consoation hoard testimony i. 7.nnennwith th. applioation of h. Humble Oil Rfining C y dispo of waste .. t w2ter produced i. te S9...il2d field by inje2tion W e depth below 2 ,900 feet. Addition written biefs will be re...ivedh .... tin. with thi. h,4in o ...sist he Board i. rendering decision .. this appli.

-g=l ~ y p oonlP-p, 400-B, 2 p., I fig.


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. ........ .


The Il...lity and we11 nbering system is based ., the I.,,to f the Ilo..lity o, ,Hl, and uses the retn a yst,, of ection to-hip, and mag, fo, identifiation. The nu=be, of five parts. Th... -re 1) P-fi. of Ch.. th re designating L fF, lo ity or W weFl ad o,,ty abbreition2) the quto/gearo location with, the seto,3) the section, 4) the twnship, .nd 5) the r,,g..
Th. basis rtangle i. the t ship whith i. 6 .11e. sq... t i. Fon tivoy msed by ti... bFth noth a.d so Fth f the F'1o6d, b... lIn aneat-et lin that pases Tell.basses. This besic reagle i. also conectively -es..ed both .nd veet of the pin-ipal meidian -oth--oth ine tha passesthrough Tal1,ab...... 1, mording the wnship and -ag, ,,ers, the T i. left off the -onhip ..mbes ...n.d the R i. left off the r ge,.. Eah toFship i. divided Fqually into sq.-r mit.. called ...ctios ... .d a. numbered I throu gh 36 a
shn o..n the at-ahed diag-a.
Th ,secti... -r divided into q..-terwith the q-,ter I.beled t'rFgh "d" e Fh. FF diFgr F m. t er, F6 .h f these qu.Wte i. divided q.arters with these. quate/qur squares labeled "," through "d" in the F-e ThnFr. F. "a" through "d" designation of quatr .ay be .ahd tW ay et,,t deemed eful.
Te .lo...tio- of the well WL.- 2N-2E-21 db show- .. the
Siegrem wold be i, the ,,We oI the southeast q-ate of the ...t quart of ...tion 21, -..nhip 2 north, range 2 ...sIWhen there i. .ore thae. we -1 locality in .s.q.are 40ae t-t (querter/qwrter etin they identified by either .. additio-.1 quater designtion ., by sixth abit.,r acesio number at the ..d of the -~g Th. bhei te ued f., couti e ..

Al7hn A. L;k Lk
BLA B Leo L. BAAy By L L.
BfLey Lv BIaBA BA Libry Lb B.d Bw Madison Md LhA c. MA.AA L M. Charlott Ch Maon. M Citr.. ci Martin Mt
MlY Cy Mon-o M. Collie Crasa Na Columbia C. 0llos 0. Dade DO Oko.. hoboe 0. D.Sot D. O .. p 0 D i. D. O0-eo. Os
D~a .1 ]3 P:lm B-1,hPb Es abi. E. Paseo Ps Flagler Fg Pinells i Franklin Fk Polk P., Gadsde Ga Putnnm P. Gil.;= s Gr St, Johns Si Glades GIW S i. S1 Gul1 Gr S nta R-s Sr HMion Hm S .aso S H~dee Hd S mnol. S.
Hendry Hy Sumter S.
Highlands Taylor T Hillsborough H; Union Un Holmes H. Vouia V. Mdi.. River 1, Wakull. Wk
aeffe.o Jf Washington Ws Lafayeftte h

R 2 E
TI S 4 Id2 T 7 s e Io trI 12
18 17 IS 15 14 la c
qu..te -ti., int
qu1r3ers of appr-40 19 20 21 22 24 5 4 Dvofasre ctonn
NOTEA well in Leon CountyTownship 2 North, Range 2 East, Section 212 lated in the center of the southeastriuarter of the northeast quarter wuld be designated
WLn-2N-2E-21 db

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