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Group Title: Atlantic, Gulf & West India Transit Company : an act to incorporate a company to construct a railroad across the peninsula of Florida under the style of the Florida Railroad Company.
Title: Atlantic, Gulf & West India Transit Company
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Title: Atlantic, Gulf & West India Transit Company an act to incorporate a company to construct a railroad across the peninsula of Florida under the style of the Florida Railroad Company
Physical Description: 1, 12 p. : ; 24 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Florida
Publisher: Wm. J. Read, Steam Job Printer
Place of Publication: N.Y. N.Y
Publication Date: [1872?]
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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SzCrm.L 1. Be it erwr t l by the Sen ate and lnw&.' of Rfpre-
mf-ijlutives t' the State of Florida in General A. ,emly conrv~nid,
That af company bR, and is hereby, iucorporatcd, by the name
and style of the Fl-Irid;L Railro:id Comp:any Jar by that
name all who shll become sniibcribers for stock anl mom-
bters of said company, their nece~ls'irs aud assigjs, shall be
capable in law to purchase, receive, retain and enjoy, to them
and their snices0ors or assigns, lands and tenements, goonl
and chatt.eS, anid effects, of whatsoever the same may be, aulI
the same to grant, -.lI, mortgage and dispose of, to sie aind
b ti-urd, d tot plead aridl tb imploaded, to make a common aerl,
and at pleasure to break or alter the same, to ordain, and
establish, and pnt in execution, such by-laws and rePgItLLiotl
as may bI dteemed necesusiry and expediernt for thel govern-
nflnt L of said corporation, not boeing contrary to time Coin-
stitution and laws of t he Uni Stes ad the Stes n th ate of
SBO. 2. Be it further enrcled, That the said railroad shill
commence in East Florida, upon some tribnrtry of lth Atlan-
tic Ocean, within the limit of the State of Florida, having a
sufficient outlet to the ocean to admit of the passago of sea
steamors, and shall run through the eastern and southern
part of the Strte, in the most eligible direction, to some
point, bay, urni or tributary of the Gulf of Mexico, in South
Florida, south of the Suwanee River, having a sufficient
outlet for sea steamers, to be determined by a competent


arngirnoer, withi the approval of a majority of Clio dfirvtors of
srad cuiiipatiy.
SEC'. 3. Be ilfuilhr-r rPiarted, Tlat the capital stook of --"aid
,company sha]1 be one million of dollars, dividet'l iuto slutres
of ono hunridrod drolhirm kw-ho htu which said capital siLo' may
be inmreRfled, from timie it) timie, whien froiiiid uice.smry, y-a
proper es'tiLmiate, toF bi madLIe by a CijDmpetjjLj t i nrinlt-er,
ILppIl'ived bv n m;ijoirity (f the dicrectors of s;aid company.
Books of subscripli ii for the muld capital L4ock ;Jiill bet
optuled witiiL sixty djibv alfer the paurago aud tpl] rova
oif t.1)i- neLt, aL J.1Lc~kJLuuvill, St. Augustiine, Newnansvillo.
Palatlka, Ocala R 8IJ 'and jTam:I:, utjjlL' t01H SUPerin t-en'.QjjI oncL
two suitahi iiprsonst ti each of tlil eibove narmed places,
to bo alppo)lliled Lby tho GovernIor aIId coulmi-isiwed for tIi F
purpose e' wilo shall bIe fully an iifirizecdl InLI einpowe ed to
receive sub moriptions 1;f stoc.~k iW said coUmpnpCuy. Each sub-
.'rib4.:r sl~hlr id the titue of his Hnbscription, pity to 8aiIl
~ci:~,Wtumif5 ~IC one dollar on 8tich L-Aire nubscribod forl, and
the yookR ot A mbFCiption ILLt oIL1.l1 Of HlIE )hovo-ineutiiii~.l
places shall be kept oplen foL tihle spLace of Sixty d1ahyS at the
expiration of whiDcih tim thi 'v sliill be claled.
Sec. 4. B. it PJrUJr tiu',CP'ri Thati it shall he tho duty o.f
tho e,0TTIni 1OSiln(-r.,;, uI~im the rect:ipt of HaiiI subsri~iolu a1I m
moneyit'l, fotlhWith to givo nrrt ice by puIhliArioiQk for thirty days
in 110 wsp:ppers p-,intedl ini E;tsb .F'lrrida, that a meeting of tile
stoekholderx will be held at JackIsonvill-, at an appjl)ijttid
tizle, for the p)Lpa t.C'B of electing 11ine director, who shall be
chosen from the Rt)cl ldOkCers having at 1wIst, te(,n shares
of stok oftel]?, by the votes of -said company, every stock-
liolder being entitled to one vote for each Slitre of It.nck
wjiieh ho or s-he may haIvo subscribed for, fnld the Sf~tld
-' o-Wklioldhrs may vote by proxy ; a in jarity of vott3s Ahin I
he inee-E-sary t0 oornstitute a echoi~ee; und the directors 8r)
elected ahla1l coN~tinlw: in ofice [for] one year, anld Until new
dir-ector shal l be ehi-ctet. TOe SOircetr, K eleetLrd Thall,
from. their ownr bcdyv choose a presitlmn t.; and ill each atuld
every year, at SUCiL time 11A Id late [S Lwe directorss may, fromii
timo to tiuue, dctefrmine, there slidll lie ait eIecliou of nine
directors as lIf rei iz provideri fl, and al uectioan of president, of

MLIld for the goverilment. and dircctioii of L.said collpainy. And
the said dirhertb !4 IIlhl J ha1ve lpow-r to fill ull veaicacie' that
may occur in thiir body belweeri tim 1.,iriuds of hicir aauual
elecitioun: -.r vided Thiat if, frc'm any cause whatever, tlicre
should st rany lirne bca ~i i action ofF directors, i he c rporrrhon
m1inll not, for tiat cause, bte I:lizsoived, but thet diroctora and
olIIer oflifwr"I tlIel in office shall continue, with all th e p owerK
h*ie.-ii umentioned, uUtill am ileeiuu of uew dirfccor, can and
a] oes take place,

S~c. 5. Be a h/ kekr/ e'wLeetet, Iit, immediately aftor tho
organizationl of SaLid company, in the manner diri-cted Iu the
pwrr'a'ding section, the c)IiIILiSLOIners sh]all pay into the hands
of the r idnt tIhm anionti. roce ivod by thom on tho stock
sulbisribed for, kigother with tEle EILAULI bookS of stubcriptii II,
and tho said dir ectcirs shall tkivrtiipon rLt!qwlir43, -t SLICII 6111'e
s thle ty r cie deem expedient and neceE~sary, paymtlt from:l
each St'ALholder of thu additioii~a sum of niiio dollar upon
UAch aInd every Iiare suibxeribtA tO the cgpitMt stock of said
company : Prov~r~ kdt:-, That there shall not be more than ten
er' MccIitImI upon eJIUI] xlVLLj'a (IMtl RINJOlI at kuiy sub equonut in-
s iIIineu1, of Which.L there hall. be previously given at Iaast
thirtS i ays' notice in fomo ono nowpaper printed in Jutk-
.u4oville andl 8t. Augustine.
SeC. 6. 1'v -it fuioihev viiclf, That if any st'icktiolder shokll
fnil to pany lb c 1itwClmrnets required by the 131,0Vi S)iIoU; of the
foreaobng seeioua for the space of ,ixty days after the day aIp-
pointedi for the IpyMent of such. im~tsdllinent the share or
shares of each stockholder, Upon Which Haidi iuns; l1rnIoiit H1iall
fail to hle paid, KhalI lo forfoirtod to tho prosidont. and dii-
tors of -laid compauly, to be di--,P4.msqed of for the u90 anud bhere-
fit of 8aid company, -aud any purchaser of mich stock shall be-
cnme subject to the ame rules &lid reig lafionu as Lihe original
st0ck Lholdei.
Svi~o. 7. Bie itfuriej, enacted, That the [said] comflpany shall
hivo te right.t and privilege to construct and c':nni pl ito a rail-
rd, a~with onie or more traLcks or wLs4 of rni]a for cars, for tho
trausportation of passengers, procluco, goods, and ail other
articles wliaLbrjever, t) (c(1namenlLute in Eatz4 Florida, upon somle


tributa'v of the Atlantic Occin, within tho limits of the Stalt
of Flori:la, I,.nyiu1 a sn fiient outlet to thl ocean to admit of
tho passiII.-e of spa tfeatneri-, and thjnce t*o Ceitinue it I-he
most eligible directioti, throtagli I'le State, to t'Mne. point,
bty, iruI1 or tributary of the. Gulf of NMiix-i, -o'tioh anid on'At
of tho Snwanree river, h aving a ii n i2tr ontct, to be d eti -. r rki inni
as provided for in the setondI section of thii,4 Rat ; s itiiso sriou
as practi cable, after Cho orgauiza tion o f sni ( con pi Pa-, a ca0or0-
petent enginour, under 0h1 d-irectfio~n of thcv proiilent atLd
directors) shall pIroeedl to loL'ato Cho eastern terminus, anuid
survey tho route of said railroad to the x8othwestorn terminus,
annL flskall aake the proper estirmate I, and the neces'arvr A ar ri
anidl iirigrarrni. which shall be filed ini the offiLce of said com-
pany, Said engineer aud bis asigLatnti for the survey of said
route and location of the terini, unJ4k 4ijte diretatjoj anld
Wi Lh flo SFI.JLro;al otf the directors, shall be paid for much 5iri-
vices by the company, suich sturins of money as may be 2trfell
upon by thio paics, and ral cyxpoiee of seaiid r3nrvoy shall ble
piCl by the comnpa1~mv, after the. Tnc.itioi of the terrniii atLid
stirvey of thie route. 4
SEC. 8. Be it (urt/ n, itvaled', Tlat if, hIifll thtL' COMneuCee-
m -Pt Ff tilie road, ur at any time, it should appear Lhat a suffi-
eient amount to insure the eomplcktin of said road anr, not
been Eiubscribed, tho pre:idonit ndh directors hiliall cau~e the
bonks; of subscriptiou to he operted, at snc.1 tiiea tand plracos
ag to them may be decuied expce1icnt, atid for utich a engath
of time as ma-Y be thrnnght uLeiisarvy; aud ithy shall, more-
over, have power t-o omiloy in agcnt to p1roc11ro ;UI-sc1ripti(I]M
of stock iu said co2p11na for the purpose of isuslling the com-
pletion of said work.
SECf. 9, RBe it fi ler ermdp-d, That the said company, by its
president and directors, shall laivo power to purchase with
the funudf of the company, amd to pIlauc on said railroad all
maohinlog, wagons, VIoIIleC C;Ir", 1LrMrrjigeS, MnII tWILfllS of any
descriptionn wb neve, Irwhich tfiy wiay de,'-m proper and
uecesary -or the purpostms of traii orrtation ; all skich ma-
chines, wagons, vebilclos, car--, carrnigs, and tenamus, InI all
the works conktdructed uuder the mithority of thii act, and all
proflts which shall acurne from the rsawc, shall be vested in

the shareholders of the company forever, in proportion to
their shareti; -tud th :e3y are Lhereby nrau ari zed, at those points
in the line of thoir railroad where it may appear to them ne-
c&sarry for the Ktcc-ol,1mplihnient aFnd rln biin- of lhe road, to
etwlab~libh depots and warehjuuieq, or ally other neceasary anid
r'x)1]venient hauseb aud builli!ig.', to be uadd by them for all
p1r-PO"eS of Said Or4a.1, or to bo disposed of by therm when it
way be ijecriss1ay, aiil to clipirgo and rn.eive for t1h storage
of prodneo, p rc]ie.miaindi, anid other articles at ,uehi waro-
h1ouses and other, outhiillinLgm iu they DtIFy find(I it lIevemSary
to conElLIr~hunt rates Iuot et.xceed-Ljn the ordinary warehouse
SEC. 10. Be ithit~loe), eorr:d, Thal. in conostruotiun tCle ygaic
railio-;d, it shall anil may be lawful fOr the Sgid c-OWIMpa, hy
its proper agents andn sorvati63, to entor upon and tako pos-
segSiouf of any Wald wlitatscutvc belonging to the State whieh
may Vo necee3ary for tfli comtTlpletin(i of tkh work con tomplated
by this act. And if, by tho giadiang or construction of said
roanf through any swaWP Or rbverilo.lwed Iand!3 bvongiiFg to the
staLt(, thoI Mth4 hZi rid shall (hereby be reaClaijned, oIle-Lhal( of
saiid lands shall become the property of the. coiripany, to be
applied tUwardsh the COL-t4.1t.tiOtJ of -sai i rail'oad: PraviderJ,
rfbJ1 uo laund shall b tatkeu from private iLhdivihua1b4 or -oror-
poratioins, and appro-pr'iatvI to the piurpinie aforesaid, without
kt1.oqjaaai eentnpointatiun to tikas,4 owrniin tflul sgirn, aijd that it
sh all and kjR)ay be I a wfuI for -oILiI co in pny, in I ike man ner, Jto
take] from any land coiietiieut to said railroanf, at, all times,
suchi timber stoue, or oflhcr nIIIteriit as rS fil ho bIice;SSfrY for
tile LCuet'letUtjOfl and keeping in k-epair tCli ii*rkn+-: Irroided
Tlhat Jjotji ng J)4-jIijiuging to ildivitdu1i9 -iball be taktm n'ithuut
;kieqmuLte- oulowpe 1Sjion, to ho diotermi trled i r the mUIaIUnnr here-
il~ ftcr provitled for.
Siw-. 11. Xir it ferti-er enactIed, That whenucer it ItiAy beconlo
imcostvarv for the sai1d coiltq.rir y to tAko p06'>*Liiou Of, arid ap-
propriato or UNC, any landL, Ci InleIr, A-mktii, or utber rniaictrit
owned by private iuividbvi-.I3 or corporation., for thle rouLe
or site of said railroad 2IIBd workU, or for ouiitriw..tjing U1n
kc(-pitqg in re-pair thio -sauio or anuy part thereol, (Mtl tUJOV 411)
nout fgree ou the vniiwe and siLIO of LhC laud, tinincbr, -~iloaet or

other matcrial1i that mSay be so taken or approlpril~tI. eu it fliAHl
a"d Ea' hoP. lawfill for t-11e j)L-tei:lie.t aLii directors of aRind
cOrMpr~ny, or their proper Wi1i01tf Or fginL9, ToI giving twenty
daygys" notice, Ltt lel,;C in ~writing, to the p~axty owiuiig tho4
same, or to hig-, her, or their agent, tbhat appli-atirrn will ho
made to thfe judge of the t ruha 0..t-) I 't of the county it] Which
suehlil&, lta-ei tiinbLr, o' 00)'-'r in t-erk-rIM [uiV lie, or to
ttl)O jULk3gF' Or th)E I prNtAih 4N)Urt neit :iljioiniiag thierelo, for a
wlrt of aid rj&,-w rhob ,i umr wh rich Arall be granteLl ani1 dir@Cted
to the Ihon'iff fof tile StLiC coulity, 01' the rillerii1 of t0e C30Ulty
1)4.LXt fttljkliIiu!n there-to, to sininmoyi fiVO ditiriterit;l PC-I .rL
Il.4 l5LY I'.krle, oI or i 1wfil f, to meot and vFlUi the snid lanidi
stoiir, timber, or otlher material, ai the cARe maly be, on oath,
to li a'iminitdLered by any jiisticn: of tho pnc'cn whoso ihlity it
~.bal l be to adtfund hii Ipreo1i ,aid inqliest, aiad receive their
rP~Prt ; UZan if, from gin r-Uuie, Y justiCe of the peace dores
n11t IIAUe11.i uclC i nILCRWt, then the Mhoriff slrnlI and mayi ad-
jiil ikdei th[ 10 ; l ani d recuive the report. Thein ftlkonUft thus
fixi;41 iipoU by said valuation, the saiid justice of the peace or
H1:erI-ift riqdl recvivae fromfl tile said president and dirc:etor.x, or
lthir proper ag*.nut., and paiy (if there be no justice of the peace
pietet~it ihe same over to tCie perso n. r persona s o'iltpttocl
tc receive it, ant' to take ar ricqnitial or rcfulal for the 8ame ;
all Ion oi 9e tPr nder of th e vmi awartled t:o the party t itl t]ed to
receive the samo, or to his IhLe, (.11 their W igeit or attorney,
it Shall li lawIfnlM for-.Sai4I S3141OIMILY, by it, presiddH]4t inld(I di-
reCte.r. q, Or ti!it Pig'Y(i1j, to etiter ulponI miLl take poasuession -of
wit'l I-Itie &y rnFCh IRUd.!, 9tOdI3, .HIRllFr, 11ud other nWaterialt
but tll the eoAt i5 avid oxpmn m iuiourred b~ v siai wri-i t of ad qj-IrOf
flul.rooon and inqu4-t, shall be paid by heC pit' 0.elitlent aIlti Ili-
rf,.ctor& of said comipnuy: An'nidrrI4 Tilat the 811plprl s*I-
riot be aiIloweil itiorP than ouic dollar teak~h, per df~y, Wlilist
euu.i.gtd in-u(i ;Lt nie, ud Clio juivco of th pIe O 1)i
iweriff' such fte.'- R' are usuial ill -A iilau caSeO.
1 I2. Be itfii-'Ie eicd Timbt jill [irOPerty i.o
aLnd iaidd for by tli itreside~it ailud dirc~'to.r of :niii (tlIdll*,
or its agyenats, 3glee:Lh~lV to theW 1ri 7vi0.ious uOf thiS act, and1 all
doijatio iiv i tade to aiid for thO SiiLFc, 4l1iill forYCVr naftorwaurds
beilong t4oJ aii bcI3Ou)Le tile p uopr,-ri f :Md c ii n 't c-

Ce&BOrs and assigns, in fco-firiiple, in proportion to the nuun-
beir of abares owncrl by the stockholders resipectively.
SEC. 13. Bn e fuvfh~e-r irjnqc-Od, That anyv shareholder of fiaid
company may and shall have, the right to Rcfll, di4poie of, and
transfer his, her, or tfleir juterest in the same, or any part
thereof, to any other pei-uN, or poreons, or corj~oration8,
wbicL said transfer shall iot bo bitiding iinle-3- entered on
the lxookF of tho company; but the atuck (if saidJ colpany,,
and P.11 the propnrtv tLyYlopjigng theretu, or which MALYLV, from-r
linie to thie be Iiqciired by said company, shall be held
johitlV, and. not. snparLn~lfY : Pti-ovidefi That nOthing in this
act contained hall be so construed as to prevent the profits
and divitlenils whichlm may tie declared uponsaSidl Atnck boing
apj~liio by each stockholder to Isi, her, or their iidividUL.
SEO. 14. Be if fnrllwr 1v -cfed, That tho president and di-
renCtorS of Sand caniUprimy sli iiH haftve the right to demand tlidl
receive such prices arid -'Awi11@ for trans porlt tioa bIY their own
moxnq R~, n crine, aiid other vellieleg, un S:rid rail-
ro.ad, for Ptis etLla0.8, prfIruihIce, guob4, anId ail other artiahn,
wsrhatsoever, a,4 may, front lime tc tirie, be authourized1 find
fihedl by the by-]awg of1 said comiparq -. Pj-irovid, That. !udi
privr~n andl K~iuwn Hd.La t ul Ire in(~re l witnluut at 1eaat Sixty
1avs, preI'CV1ouz 1i(Jt.icc llle4T'rLo'i.f 1wring gVeu i 40u11 11t-AV1w3}:.per
pI-intriLI in the (iAL (A Tall -ahuj tolseo) and Jacid tiRn
said cl:Mnnpany FhI)Al C'.)1itiLnki td rereJv4- Mn'i, driO L. l. si.IIUI-1
fa r Lite trauci sportation of pwseugergi, p'ro, C rod L. go09, a ld 411
(other rificles wiiahsoever, Aw ni:aiv be pro'ri vcei l 1)'y the Iiy-
laws of said c4[1L[)an.ry, SO f'M af th-e wiid riLilrOad lhall be
kept in operatiou, amd in good rc!Iiair miid cmicliLion ayk (I I IH n
4cid company SIlMl1 1.0t -IwuLil and heddl [exN~j)41ijPiblAl ( any
darnlae rSLjid passengeIr, go04r1-Q prrxlneo, anil otlier ariicle.;i
of Whatsoever kind], may sustaiu in timipi r11;4ing Oie NawCe oil
rmid railro1n4, if it shall appear that (he aine W." w Cl 6iuSetI 1)
Ycftr, nf any iOfgingigenco, cLtrele.qISI]',j) oHr ( nI' jJ1111 r (! icrj ij i.f
the ,:i-ld railroad, within thje power of 1Lo. sicl cowpLuJV, or
theageuits and servants thereof, to prteVtMA J'LU control, ILnhl
all produce, goods, Indl articles of whatever kind traiasported(
on said ralilrOal, KILAll be liable for the rates of such trans-

Tportatiou wilh whieh they may be clnlbrgealple ,rirn may be
detained until the same be paid awl 4]iHlarcI; if the
same be not paid, and sucb goods, produce, and Afticl~e., of
w]alsver kind, shall romfin in the I-ioqei-sion and cuRtody
of .gLl comnipinv for the space of IhIkrti,- IHMI431IIb, unDes they
w Sy bo Porishianbe artfic-1es they ~hall and may be sild at
pubikj i!C;ljon; ; and after tbh rexpoinse- of trausporrtatiou1
stoyage, a-dl KUICl.]loi cOst-FIpr;(n comTnlmiqioris shall be paid, the
relhaindOr shall be paid to such persori or persons, or corpo-
rILtiL)IJu or their agents, wIbo oalll bo entitled to receive the
sarne Provide, Tha1t whln the said rates or elhugoK have
re paid to the stockholders the full amount of the cst of Ohn
rnilroi;Ld, togeI-Ohr with all tBh expenses t.1iereot, tleti it shall
be th) chit'ty of Wkid CoMPrna.oy to irrJIInge itH charges, that not
moorn thGun twe1Lty per centum per alnlium shall be received
uponI Iflie whole amount of said stock and the expenses there-
ou ; and that if the rates so establishled sliall nxcood twenty
per cntuin as aforesaidt, then the surplus to be paid to the
Stalee for to hornvflt of comnmoui schooh4.
Scm. 15. Be it further ertadc.d, That if any person shall iu-
trud*e upon Raild railroad, or any part t~Iereof, or apon the
rightR and privilogmi -ncimbected tLhernwith, witimnt tio por-
rnissioui or cwitrrty to the wvill of r.aid company, all the
VL'IiCleb;, artialde, animals, or ]ocornritive power that miay be
uo iulrusively introdu11ced, or nsed thercorn, mny be seized by
Ole comapauy so iutrudod upoin, or its agent., or damnagets
may be reeoverrid by suit att law ; andl, moreover the pcr'moi
or pe'rsions1 so offeaiii-iiir AhalL he liablo to be. indicted fur a
In~i~ltmt~L~~IIilr, amLi- Ld Uil4)II fictionn Iii t ie Lirettit court of thlc
tliktrt in whichl the ofLeng iauhll have bet 1 ) oon ll COT ittei, shallll
ho fiFICI din a sum not more than five hundIrvo'.1 dollars1 tior le'i
than fialty dollars; and if any pvLnIoln shall artfullY iind ma-
lhioLslSy cau se, aid, or assist, consult or lid vise, Iany otlmrf
persou or pf'er5rOn to destroy, or in anyU 1`11ir1Iir or way hurt,
dianlago, iiijure, or obstrinAt s~iid rkitiroad, or any part. or por-
tiljcj or any V r(4.ei VtViClO1 right or &pirivilege gnted
ort byl(fl ac tlii! a~lt, 4at1a eoUstructeId for Ii?-'t under the an-
thority there, sIICh jpvr.t!on ur p.s1o5ls Ho HO ifndiiig -,'-hall he
lIkile to bo ithilli..tnrl3IRiln I oil couivietion Llireof A all be inai ri.

iortaic niot inore than twelve montrbs, and not Ies, than one
Inrfiritl, u iaw pirq a fine not excoeiliog five hundred doillark, nor
less than fifty dollars, at the diEsretii of Ike coui-t before
wl~hielh said conviction stial bbo hadl; -ad shall be fIarter lia-
able to pay all expenses of r-epairiiig the 6apre ; the one hialf
of the flneR which ruay be irnpoaei by the said court, and
coIlectod under thii act, ba]~bl go to tho~ iiso af the it'ormuer,
and thon otlor l]alf to the rise of the comynvon S01100lfu111T3d1 .
Pov.hirdI, That the said e-oliiqriy shall, in all cases, be liable
for costly, mn Case of failure to cfnivci or irmitliiy to jnay, (if
the 1jerson convietod.~~
,SEC. 16. Be ia' tl-VYlke PMcfrd, Tfit tvHi pre.ddidrit and direct-
orsr of s;fld comparly be re(IniredI to wake a full report to the
KIOVhMWMg of thle R2'll coMpIL1ny at tOLO yearly rineetiiigs fur
the ekctioin fi iof 1iruors ; and the directors 81all have power
to ('ill mi(e-tiufg of tho AtoCklh'fAdt~tRs whenever tho affairs of
thie company, ill thleir opiuioti, rny render it expediont and
relquisite tL call suncb meeting.

[PassoIl the Senate, Jannrnry 3, 1,953. Passed the House of
RepIrtemL-.iii ativesg January 7, 1853. Approved by the Go-verrnor,
January 8, 185-9]

SECTIONI L-BPR it ended h?/ Ue ) Sea~ Brirl Bou.r Iapf Rt-pre-
6wnhitP8 qf thP SIa'e of P Forida in Gme-T-fr A.%w1ldy crmveped,
Tbat the act incorpornlilig ibe Florida Railroad Company,
approved the 8th dity of January, A. D. 1853, -is herebyv
RM011enf-d go. hat the Raid C.1111)lTLy 8h1ll11 linve power to con-
strnc'L Lhe rail-roaft frow Anielia Tsland, on the Atlantic, to the
watrs of Tampa Bay. in South Florida, with an extenrion to
(oc]i11. Key, in East Florida, nuder tbf ririoM ir of an ktat
to provide far and encourlage a liberal" UsM'e m 4f InU e I-i a i M -
prorvements in this state, approved the 6th dayi oI anu-try,
A. D. 1856.
SmC. 2.-Be it fuvfiher enacted,.6 That in addition to tbe pow-
erns an( privibogeFI conferred upon said company, they shall be,

1 ~

and Lre hereby, authlriznti aud empowered to owu and li.ld,
or to hiri and c~nlrtcr such, and o many ships, vse,,,l, and
lJniLts, propelled by Rsils or steea.m, as they imy deem necEs-
sary to calnnoct with the said railroad, for tlio conveylnace of
mails, ptssenugers or freigljt.
SEc 3. Re lt /'rfi- er enneted, That. the capital stock of said
company ams y be incrreaSrd from titme to titue in .uchi amounts,
and in .uch mLtnnor, as th e ( rectonrs may authorize and ordor,
uot exceeding six millions of dollars.
SEc,. 4. Be it .f tIher )- ,act1d, Tlat. the pr.sidlett and direct-
ors of the Florida Railroad Compiruyny may set off any porlioni
of their lini to persons derioUi of cUostrUcting tho same, and
in i lit event suCli portion may havr a distincL organizationi,
wiib nil the g rnlt, rights, powers., duties Ran. privirtigos con-
ft.i red on the Florida Railrdil Company, witli the right to
ialotJ)t a diifferenl niite, in order to keep the stock account
and liabilities separate. Prot ri-d : That two months' notice
saldl lie given to the boird of tru.tee.s of the internal im-
provement fund of such set-off or asigume.nt, nnd( a copy of
the same to be filed with said bor',il of trustees.

[PFLssed the Hous e, De)ember 10, 1855. PaF.ed thle
Senate, Doeeuiber 12, 1855. Approved Deceulmber 14, 1855.]

Extreacts from act of January 6th, 1855, entitled "An Act to
provide for and encourage a liberal system of Interinl
ImprovetmnLts in this State," which bocnamo a part of
tli ch artcer tuai a contract between the StatB. and the
Company :
SEc. 18. Be it further tw.enace.d, That tho capital stock of
any rtailroiAd il many accepting the pri)visi:o s oif this act
sliall be forever xeompt fro n taxation, and thel road, their
fixtures and a ppiurt. -i anc cs, in cnillingi work-sho[p, waro-
houses, vehicles, aunI property of every descriplion uIeied,
'for the ptipose of transportation of freight and palseigers,
or firi' the repair and mai4ili of It al be
exempt from taxation whi e- r Lre uiT ''n,
and for the period of thirty-five yr,.rs from their completion,
and that all the officers of the companies, auld servatnts, and

persons if thLe aciiil e-L)WYAi0lelt of the lCOU JU3nUUe 6, be,
anti rty htreby, exotin frn ptroiii irformi iumliary paltr'i] or
Militia dcluy, working o1n pJ)i[b1c i-0 ritf, -11 11 8ff~ing MR
Spa. 19- Lhr -Norrs4'r ilrfi That sht)ild any of tif&
Offie~ri, or persSow, in titr o: mpltoy Of alg rkl-rAHIl coCpM~ILY
in thisi i 8tLel 1t13U.1e UDY I rNILIllIlH01b t.lt;itIii-Etit Of M0u1HiLA
or rm1ake fll ith ues or trunoc~rs ':f tho capih-l stoult or boni.lx
of aur rtiliroatl c(ur]1mtIy, or aIpIly any moinevy or property
b-l-migi rig to hnidk cortipany, or il chlar-ge of said cnirpanly, to
hiH in'liviLul UFe or, hollefi;, or to the beicrIrfit of any Other
personi, it smnll bo colijiidred a fooimv, alnl, on convicJ.tmiiG in
Any court lia-ving jurisdiction of thu qruuo, ,hall bo punisflwil
by a flae at the discrotiou 'if L tL court, aud imprisonment of
n1t0 In0L thaln two noY mwow than ten voars.
SEc. 2, 02. Beit fu o1her -,oo;ted, TL at after th1) e r.)ute8 iniL i-
Cafe'1 jl have boCer 11.-WflTLtcI S1rnI0Y,'l, AInd 1.JOPp(e(, an(d a p]at
thereof depoJtei d in tl1A office of the Secretary of Siate, it;
6hba]l not bo lawful for uiy otbhre railroad to be, Ibniit, out, or
coItstrueTed, in ally WA'Y or laT~likLr, or by any aitbhi ity
wb ntevcr. ro ining lirate~lly within twouty-five. Iniles of tile
route so adopted, Ulless by- hitid confipalny, or with the
eonsetci of the truslees of tbO jltf'r;IaI iniprov+!minen t fuuIi
At)(d a JTIJLj0LAlLY Of fiLP s4.ockhO1lJerb, at an aslDudl Iueeping, 01 1
stock vote.
Sic. :32, Be : itfaiy-fliouacied, That if nty person shall,
while in charge of a lo0COmotivO ckigi])o, or ncliIg as con-
diictor or superMLorileu1 of a car or train of cars, or on the
car tir itrain fu, IrakeniLa, orl CGflJ )V(l to rhttltfi1 tho Switch"~8,
(1rawbIk~ ~Ige,4 or !SigiJi 8L 4100Wii~ ORL ULI2 11J1lwv AV illl" SLAt',
be iui1oxieated, ho SllII be elieemeld gutilty' of a ili-&dREk1or Lor,
and, napon conviatioo before 4]PY court of ci-rnpct)itJ ju-
riadiction, Fdhall be FurjiuiJe by Elie or 4im ritsoBuuet, -l.
the 4imeLretioau of the court.

I kifme of tlio Fltridn] RILidl
roacl CJoiri1rwyT hami a cli- gd Chat of the Allautio Gulf
ajid XWIlCJ WC.1A 'r1LU L TJciL. CornpADY, As more significaut of ilt
tle rf. Th change of name3 carries with it no Bffect upIO


the responsibilities or privileges of the Cormpany, as will bo
FeIeI1 by the Act authorizing it, a copy of which here follow:


I'l o rPe ol c (hde Sfeolqf )yridr1, tle' rlin '5i0'ni&a/r aind
zisiAmirlit., d) erwet aGs bid ow8a
STO" 1i. rF~ii.ta tho Cirporat-o (J Co1Ipauy ownhii tihe pro-
I)L'tLy forlmeruy knownwu a4 thi Floriid1a Rajilroad, amd which has
hlerettfore- boen knowit ns the FloridaR Railroad Company, ahall
here::fer 6-3 known as the Atliiio ICTlf and Want India
Transit Company, and the rights, fran1ieiseq amul VrivHiP.rLt.a s
W.ll as thlc dnISiO, T9PISOnsibiitieS s and liabilitie5, of thI Baid
Corporation, shall in tll respects rernin inil cad itimuit thee
samne as though Iio change had been made in their sai'i name.
SiFFc. 2, That thiN ac8t itish talke effect. so sooii w3 the stock-
1't-ildjerR of said corp-oratiou ball pass a r'!solutioxa adopting
such change in their orime ; and shall traugmit to the Gover-
nor of tfhisIS ftot a v) nuth cntiCntici copy o F thoE sai d resoluti I i nin,
to be filed in the ofive ol thi e Sretaryv of Stats.
'?IPekr of Me As ~sf n y..
Presaid'.d qf the zeialde.
Approved January 18th, 1872,

~Oc- .,*. .I

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