Notes on Florida's endangered and threatened plants


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Notes on Florida's endangered and threatened plants
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Notes on Florida's endangered and threatened plants
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Coile, Nancy C.

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Nancy C. Coile


Nancy C. Coile2

The Regulated Plant Index is based
on information provided by the
Endangered Plant Advisory Council
(EPAC), a group of seven individuals
who represent academic, industry,
and environmental interests. Rule
Chapter 5B-40 of the Florida
Administrative Code is entitled:
"Preservation of Native Flora of
Florida." The "Regulated Plant
Index" (5B-40.0055) lists
endangered, threatened, and
commercially exploited plant species
for Florida; defines the categories;
lists instances where permits may be
issued; and describes penalties for
violations. Copies of this Rule may
be obtained from Florida Department
of Agriculture & Consumer Services,
Division of Plant Industry, P. O. Box
147100, Gainesville, Fl 32614-7100.

Amended 7 January 1998, the
"Regulated Plant Index" contains 418
endangered species, 108 threatened
species, and eight commercially
exploited species.

Descriptions of these rare species
are often difficult to locate. Florida
does not have a single manual
covering the flora of the entire state.
Long and Lakela (1971) focuses on
the area south of Glades County;
Clewell (1985) is a guide for the
Panhandle; and Wunderlin (1982) is
a guide for the area south of Marion
County. Northeast and North Central
Florida are not covered by any
complete guide. Small's (1933)
Manual ofthe Southeastern Flora is
an excellent resource, but must be
used with great care since the
nomenclature is outdated and
frequently disputed. Clewell (1985)
and Wunderlin (1982) are guides
with keys to the flora but lack species

Distribution maps (Wunderlin et al.
1996) are available over the Internet
through the University of South
Florida Herbarium. These maps were
invaluable for use in determining
county distributions as was
information from Florida Natural
Areas Inventory.

The following tables were compiled
to provide a convenient source of
descriptions and other information on
Florida's endangered, threatened and
commercially exploited plant species.
Five columns of information are
provided: scientific name, references,
common names, family, and

This publication consists of five
sections: endangered species,
threatened species, commercially
exploited species, family affiliation,
and index to common names. The
table uses the same numbering
sequence as that used by the
"Regulated Plant Index."

Many thanks are given to: Carlos R.
Artaud for printing the maps from the
Internet; Angela 'Angie' C. Carter for
help in proofing; Penny L. Campbell
for help with page numbering and
other arcane computer matters; and
especially to Wayne N. Dixon for his
helpful editing; all these are with
Florida Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services/Division of
Plant Industry.

Thanks are given to the following
persons who provided information:
Keith Bradley and George D. Gann,
The Institute for Regional
Conservation; Chuck McCartney,
orchids; Gary D. Knight, Linda G.
Chafin, Vicki Garland and Barbara
Lenczewski, Florida Natural Areas
Inventory; Roger L. Hammer,
Metropolitan Dade County Park and
Recreation Department, Natural
Areas Management; Loran C.
Anderson, Florida State University;
Daniel F. Austin, Florida Atlantic
University; David L. Martin, U. S.
Fish and Wildlife Service; Bruce D.
Sutton, DPI, carnivorous plants;
Kathy Craddock Burks, Department
of Environmental Protection;
Donald Drapalik, Georgia Southern
University, angle-pods; John D.
Tobe, Department of Environmental
Protection, magnolias; Robert R.
Haynes, University of Alabama,
slender naiad.

' Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Bureau of Entomology, Nematology and Plant Pathology Botany Section, Contribution No. 38, 2" edition, 1998.
2 Botanist, FDACS, Division of Plant Industry, P. O. Box 147100, Gainesville, FL 32614-7100.


Cover design adapted from DPI poster, plate # 11, ghost orchid, Polyradicion lindenti.

page ii


species by the numerical order in
which the species are listed in the
"Regulated Plant Index." Author
names are often abbreviated.

Bold type indicates that the species is
on the federal list of endangered or
threatened plants. The date of
inclusion as a federally listed plant is
provided immediately following the
scientific name.

Whei there are illustrations in
comnibnly available references a
symbol (A or O) is placed in the
lower, left comer. Bell and Taylor
(1982), Scurlock (1987), and, Taylor
(1992) are given along with the page
numb6i. Photographs in the DPI
poster and in Nelson (1996) are cited
by plate number.

If the jsecies is considered endemic
to Florida (95% of all known
occurrences are in Florida), then the
term "endemic" is given in the lower
right cdmer. Range distribution was
obtained from Gleason and Cronquist
(1991), Radford et al. (1964), Luer
(1984), and Correll and Correll

REFERENCES: provides the last
name of the authors) and then
page(s) on the species. When
species are covered by Clewell
(1985), Correll & Correll (1982),
Long & Lakela (1972), Small (1934),
Ward (1979), or Wunderlin (1982),
those authors will. be listed if
applicable. Other references may
also be listed. Complete reference
citations are provided at the end of
this publication.

If line drawings are present in a
reference, the symbol is shown.
Small (1934) provides excellent
illustrations, but these usually show
only floral details. Other illustrations
are often detailed and show plant
habit as well as floral and fruit
details. The O symbol indicates that
a photograph is present. Lakela &
Long (1976) has black and white

COMMON NAMES: these are
names used in the vernacular.
Sometimes the common name is
descriptive and very useful.
However, the common names are
often confusing because the same
name may be used for different taxa,
or a species may have many different
common names. This listing of
common names is not meant to be

FAMILY: this taxonomic term
encompasses similar genera and
excludes dissimilar genera. When
two family names are acceptable
(synonymous) according to the
International Code of Botanical
Nomenclature, both will be listed.
There are 8 families which have an
alternative name:
Palmae/ Arecaceae;
Gramineae/ Poaceae;
Cruciferae/ Brassicaceae;
Leguminosae/ Fabaceae;
Guttiferae/ Clusiaceae;
Umbelliferae/ Apiaceae;
Labiatae/ Lamiaceae; and
Compositae/ Asteraceae.

Common names for the families
usually follow Lawrence (1951).
The division for Leguminosae into
three subfamilies corresponds to
Mabberley (1997). The tribes for the
Compositae complies with Cronquist
(1980). Common names for
pteridophyte families are found in
several sources, including FNA.

characters which will help
distinguish this species from similar
species. The first category in these
comments is type of plant: tree,
shrub, vine, annual herb or perennial
herb. In succeeding order,
characteristics are given for the
following categories: stem, leaf,
flower, fruit characters, habitat,
locale, and time of bloom. Several
abbreviations are used to save space:
Ivs= leaves;
Iflets= leaflets;
cpd= compound;
infl= inflorescence;
firs= flowers;
frts= fruits;
cos.= counties.

The Florida Natural Areas
Inventory (FNAI 1996) was used for
habitat designations as were the
referenced manuals and guides.
Some of the habitats may sound
esoteric, but are usually very
forthright. As an example, the
"solution holes in rockland
hammocks" mentioned in
description of Anemia wrightii refer
to dissolved areas in the limestone
substrate of the rockland hammock



Endangered ........................................ ..................................... 1-60

Threatened ...................... .................... ................... ......... 61-84

Commercially exploited ................... ................. ................... ........ 85-86

Family Affiliation .......... ......... .................................................... 87-92

References ........................................... .......................... 93-94

Index ....................... ....................................... ......... 95-116

page iii

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Rule Chapter 5B-40


1. Acacia choriophylla Benth. Correll & Correll, 588 tamarindillo Leguminosae/ tree to 9 m tall; spineless; Ivs cpd, 1-3 pairs of segments, 4-
Isely, 8 cinnecord Fabaceae; 8 pairs of Iflets; petiolar gland circular and sessile; yellow
Long & Lakela, 453 legume family, flowers; stamens numerous; frt a woody legume with non-
Ward, 3@ Mimosoideae; arillate seed; ecotone between rockland hammock and
0: Scurlock, p. 2; Nelson, plate #71 FL Keys, West Indies acacia subfamily marine tidal swamp, coastal berm; Dade (escape), Monroe
cos.; summer.
2. Acacia tortuosa (L.) Willd. Correll & Correll, 590 poponax Leguminosae/ shrubby tree to 5 m tall; stipular spines (may be fused at
Isely, 7 Mimosoideae bases); Ivs cpd, 4-8 pairs of segments, 15-20 pairs of Iflets;
Long & Lakela, 452 [see above for petiolar gland elliptic; yellow flowers; stamens numerous;
0: Nelson, plate #74 FL, West Indies, South America common names] frt a slender moniliform, slightly curved, woody legume;
hammocks on shell middens; Collier Co. (extirpated?)
3. Actaeapachypoda Elliott Clewell, 460 doll's eyes Ranunculaceae; perennial herb; lvs cpd; many white firs with thick stalks
Radford et al., 456& baneberry buttercup family. which later become red; frts hard, white berries with
Quebec to Ontario & Minn., s to FL, LA and OK Small, 513, as A. alba* necklace weed blackish dot (persistent stigma); rich woods, slope forest,
Ward, 127-128 white baneberry stream banks; Liberty Co.; Mar.
4. Adiantum melanoleucum Willd. FNA, 128 fragrant maidenhair Pteridophyta-- fern; rachis hairy and dull; Ivs to 80 cm long, margins finely
Lakela & Long, 680 fern Adiantaceae; and irregularly serrate, If segments oriented at right angles to
Long & Lakela, 90 maidenhair fern rachis and continuous with stalk; false indusium crescent-
West Indies in Greater Antilles, Bahamas, FL Small: ferns, 116,117' family. shaped, on segment margins; rockland hammocks,
Ward, 3-4* limestone; Dade Co. (Monroe Co. record is an error.)
5. Adiantum tenerum Swartz FNA, 127 brittle maidenhair fern Pteridophyta-- fern; rachis smooth and shiny; Iv segments fan-shaped, with
Lakela & Long, 63 Adiantaceae; a tiny white annular joint at base; sink walls, grottos, and
FL, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela Long & Lakela, 90 maidenhair fern limestone ledges; Alachua, Citrus, Dade, Hernando,
_______________________________________ Small: ferns, 121-123 ___ family. Hillsborough, Marion, St. Johns & Volusia cos.

S= line drawing,
O = photograph.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 1

page 2


6. Aeschynomene pratensis Small Isely, 185-186 meadow jointvetch Leguminosae/ perennial herb to 2 m tall; petiole 3-8 cm long; 20-24 Iflets,
Long & Lakela, 488 Fabaceae; with prominent midvein, entire; yellow to orange petals;
A, pratensis var. pratensis is endemic to FL. Small, 727* legume family, legume with distinctly crenate loments; pineland margins;
var. caribaea Rudd is a tropical complex, widely distributed. Papilionoideae; Broward, Dade & Monroe cos. Blooms all year.
pea subfamily.

7. Ageratum littorale A. Gray Cronquist, 194 Cape Sable whiteweed Compositae/ herb; lvs opposite, succulent, glabrous; corollas blue;
Long & Lakela, 870 seashore ageratum Asteraceae; achenes 5-angled; pappus a tiny crown of scales; hammocks
Small, 1319* daisy family. and along the shore; Monroe Co.- from Lignum Vitae to
FL, West Indies, Central America tribe: Eupatorieae Key West.; all year.

8. Agrimonia incisa Torrey & A. Gray Clewell, 466 harvest-lice Rosaceae; herb, to 1 m tall; stem unarmed; Iflets 7-9, unequal, stipules
Radford et al., 547 rose family, prominent, terminal Iflet less than 2.5 cm long, sessile &
Small, 616 Spiraeoideae; amber glands on lower leaf surface; hypanthium to 2 mm
Wunderlin, 199 spireaea subfamily long; petals to 2 mm long; sandhills, woods and thickets;
FL,___________ Madison, Wakulla cos.; Sep-Oct.

9. Aletris bracteata Northrup Clewell, 351 bracted colic-root Melanthiaceae; perennial herbs with rhizomes; Ivs mostly basal and linear,
includedd in a L. by Correl o Lg a Correll & Correll, 297-299* bunchflower stem Ivs reduced; stems to 60 cm tall; perianth white, 5-8
luded in A. farinosa L. by Correll & Corell Long & Lakela Long & Lakela, 294 family. or, mm long, cylindric or constricted above the middle, slightly
St N E a O w Radford e al., 302* Liliaceae; granular; capsule conic; pine rocklands, marl prairies;
FL to New England and Ontario, west to W and TX Small, 316 lily family. Collier, Dade, Escambia & Monroe cos.; all year.

10. Alvaradoa amorphoides Liebm. Correll & Correll, 737-738* alvaradoa Picramniaceae, or shrub or small tree; leaflets 19 to 51, 1-2.5 cm long, with
Long & Lakela, 517 Mexican alvaradoa Simaroubaceae; appearance ofAmorpha; Ivs alternate; flowers tiny, green or
Small, 763-764* picramnia family, yellowish, in drooping racemes, pistillate racemes up to 13
or quassia family, cm long, staminate ones to 20 cm long; fruits samaras,
densely pubescent; pine rocklands, rockland hammocks;
S FL, Mexico, Central America, West Indies, South America Dade Co. (Monroe Co. record is error.)

11 Amorpha crenulata Rydb. Isely, 73 Miami lead plant Leguminosae/ shrub; to 3 m tall; not hairy; leaflets 25-33,'crenulate (with
Long & Lakela, 478 Fabaceae; small rounded teeth), terminal gland on leaflets; corollas
Endangered Species Act, 1973; Fed. Register, 18 July 1985. Small, 690 legume family. white, single petal 6 mm long; vacant lots, pine rockland,
j Isely uses A. herbacea Walter var. crenulata (Rydberg) Isely. Papilionoideae; marl prairie, fire-maintained; Dade Co.; Feb-Aug.
[See Tayblr, 58, 248; & Bell & Taylor, 154, for other Amorpha spp.] endemic pea subfamily.

12. Anemia wrightii Baker ex Hbok. & Baker Correll & Correll, 7 parsley fem Pteridophyta-- fern; less than 15 cm tall; 2-compound, papery to leathery,
FNA, 118 Anemiaceae/ 2-4 pairs of segments; ultimate segments of sterile fronds
Schizaeaceae. oblanceolate, very narrow at base and deeply toothed at tip;
fertile fronds with sporangia on all segments, blade tissue
Florida, Cuba lacking; solution holes in rockland hammocks; Dade Co.
Florida, Cuba, 1 1 1 1 1

_ ~_II-..----- ------- --- ----- ---.`..llr'^~-~-~~ilI


13. Aquilegia canadensis L. Clewell, 460 columbine Ranunculaceae; herb; pendent red & yellow firs, complex structure with
[A. canadensis var. australis (Small) Munz is intended.] Gleason & Cronquist. 60 buttercup family, hollow spur; woodlands, Jackson, Liberty & Washington
Radford et al., 454-454* cos.; Mar-Apr.
Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan, south to FL and TX Small, 514
Ward, 130

14. Arabis canadensis L. Clewell, 339 sicklepod Cruciferae/ herb; median Ivs not auriculate-clasping, hairy; petals white
Gleason & Cronquist. 192 Brassicaceae; to pinkish; fruit pod flattened, long and narrow; rich woods,
ME to MN, south to FL and TX Radford et al., 510-511* mustard family. limestone outcrops; Jackson & Liberty cos.; Mar-Apr.
Small, 572

15. Argythamnia blodgettii (Torr.) Chapman Long & Lakela, 558 Blodgett's wild Euphorbiaceae; plants to 60 cm tall; alternate Ivs, to 4 cm long; firs meager;
mercury spurge family. pine rocklands, wet margins & openings of hammock,
endemic coastal rock barrens; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

16. Aristida simpliciflora Chapman Clewell, 123-124 Chapman's three-awn, Gramineae/ perennial herb, to 1.1 m tall; sheaths not lanate; Ivs flat, 1
Hall, 232 southern three-awn Poaceae; mm wide, to 15 cm long, not villous at base; infl.10-20 cm
Hitchcock, 480-481 grass family. long, slender, few-flowered; spikelets paired, 1 pedicellate
Small, 94-96 & 1 sessile; glumes 6-7 mm long, awned; lemma shorter
than glumes, 3 awns, central awn 1-1.4 cm, basally reflexed
with a semicircular bend, lateral shorter, spreading
FL and MS horizontally; moist pine woods, fields; Franklin, Hills-
borough, Jackson, Okaloosa & Santa Rosa cos.; Oct-Nov.

17. Aristolochia pentandra Jacq. Correll & Correll, 439-440* Marsh's Dutchman's Aristolochiaceae; herbaceous vine; Ivs cordate, 5-10 cm long; calyx tube
Long & Lakela, 370 pipe, birthwort family, swollen at base on one side (vs. middle), the flared part
Small, 1281-1282 coastal aristolochia, (limb) narrow and long -pointed, veined; capsule globose;
FL and West Indies pitcher-plant hammocks; Dade Co.; all year.

18. Aristolochia tomentosa Sims Clewell, 248 pipevine Aristolochiaceae; woody vine, high-climbing; Ivs ovate, hairy, new growth
Gleason & Cronquist, 44 birthwort family. densely and softly hairy; firs bent into Meerschaum pipe
Godfrey, 156-157 shape, corollas yellowish with purple orifice; fruit a capsule;
IN to KS, south to GA, FL and TX Godfrey & Wooten II, 64 Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty &
Small, 1282 Washington cos.; Apr.

19. Asclepias curtissii Gray Long & Lakela, 710 Curtis' milkweed Asclepiadaceae; Ivs opposite, petiolate, 10+ mm wide; firs greenish white;
Small, 1072-1073 milkweed family. dry hammocks, scrub, flatwoods; Brevard, Broward, Clay,
Ward, 69 Collier, DeSoto, Flagler, Hardee, Hemando, Highlands,
Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake, Lee, Marion, Martin,
6: Taylor, p. 86 endemic Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam cos.;
20. Asimina tetramera Small Small, 531 four-petal pawpaw Annonaceae; aromatic shrub to 3 m; 4 sepals; 2 whorls of petals with 3
Federal Register, 26 Sep 1986 Ward. 5-6* scrub pawpaw custard-apple each OR, 3 in one and the other with 4; scrub; Martin &
Wunderlin, 189 family. Palm Beach cos.; May-Aug.
O: DPI poster, plate #55 endemic _

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 3

page 4


21. Asplenium auritum Swartz NA, 236 auricled spleen-wort Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; desiccated Ivs. expand with water; leaf
Lakela & Long, 118-1196 eared spleenwort Polypodiaceae/ segments auricled at base; on trunks of large trees, mostly
Long & Lakela, 95 Aspleniaceae; live oaks in mesic hammocks, strand swamp; Citrus,
Small: ferns, 160 spleenwort family. Dade, Collier, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Sumter &
West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 67 Volusia cos.
Wunderlin, 39

22. Asplenium monanthes L. FNA, 237-238 San Felasco spleenwort Pteridophyta-- fern; fronds to 30 cm tall; 3-5 cm wide; rachis purplish;
Lakela & Long, 115-1 16t monosoral spleenwort Polypodiaceae/ segments overlap; cultivated; upland mixed forest, limestone
AL,AZ,NC,SC,FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, Africa Radford et al., 32 single sorus spleenwort Aspleniaceae; near streams; Alachua Co.
AL, AZ, NC, SC, FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, Africa Ward, xvii spleenwort family.
Ward, xvii spleenwort family.

23. Asplenium pumilum Swartz FNA, 238-239 dwarf spleenwort Pteridophyta-- fer; usually only a few cm tall; Ivs compound, Ivs
Lakela & Long, 124-1250 triangle spleenwort Polypodiaceae/ triangular, hairy; shaded limestone boulders & ledges;
Small: ferns, 175-176* hairy spleenwort Aspleniaceae; Alachua, Citrus, Hernando & Marion cos.
Ward, 8* chervil spleenwort spleenwort family.
West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 39

24. Asplenium serratum L. FNA, 235 bird's nest spleenwort Pteridophyta-- fern; roots with abundant matted hairs; vase-shaped rosette
Lakela & Long, 125-126* American bird's nest Polypodiaceae/ of Ivs; Ivs undivided, toothed; fallen logs in swamps and
Small: ferns, 152-153* fern Aspleniaceae; hammocks; Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee & Volusia cos.
West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 9 wild bird's nest fern spleenwort family.
Wunderlin, 39

25. Asplenium trichomanes-dentatum L. FNA, 237 slender spleenwort Pteridophyta-- fern; smallest of tropical spleenworts, to 20 cm long;
Lakela & Long, 114-115, Polypodiaceae/ tufted from non creeping rhizome; rachis dark only at the
as A. dentalum* Aspleniaceae; base; segments asymmetrical, toothed margins; rockland
West Indies, Mexico Central & South America Small: ferns, 158-159, as A. spleenwort family. hammocks, especially on rock walls in grottos; Dade &
dentatum *@ Palm Beach cos.

26. Asplenium verecundum Chapm. ex L. Under. Clewell, 47, as A. delicate spleenwort Pteridophyta-- fern; fronds to 30 cm long and 5 cm wide; segments
Kartesz: A. myriophyllum (Sw.) C. Presl myriophyllum Polypodiaceae/ alternate on rachis, each further divided into 1 to 5 parts:
FNA, 244-245 Aspleniaceae; "lacy" appearance; spores uniform and normal; limestone in
Lakela & Long, 122-123* spleenwort family, grottoes, on cliffs and boulders in shaded woods; Alachua,
Small: ferns, 162-163* Citrus, Columbia, Dade, Gilchrist, Hernando, Jackson,
endemic Wunderlin, 40 as hybrid Liberty, Marion, Orange, Sumter & Taylor cos.

27. Aster hemisphericus Alexander Clewell, 293 aster Compositae/ basal & cauline Ivs grass-like; head with subtending leaf-
A.paludosssp.hemisphericus (Alexander) Cron Cronquist, 156, as A. Asteraceae; like bracts; peduncles stout, 2-10 cm long; upland mixed
Kartesz: A. paludosus ssp. hemisphericus (Alexander) Cronq. hemisphericus daisy family, open woods, sandstone outcrops; Washington Co.
[see Taylor, 107-109, 234, 285-286 ; Bell & Taylot, 243-244 for other Aster spp. Small, 1391 tribes Asteraeae.
MO, KS, TX, AR, TN, LA, MS, AL, GA ma 13tribe: As

--1 -1--- I __~.. ._.~-C--- --.- I---~ -~ ~ C- -~ -P-F~


28. Aster spinulosus Chapman Clewell, 294 pinewoods aster Compositae/ basal & cauline Ivs grass-like, reduced upwards, Ivs entire
Cronquist, 157 Asteraceae; except sometimes remotely spinulose-toothed margins;
Godfrey & Wooten II, 828 daisy family, peduncles up to 1 cm long; moist to dry pinelands and
endemic Small, 1392 tribe: Asteraeae. swamps; Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf& Washington cos.;
29. Baccharis dioica Vahl Correll & Correll, 1454- broombush falsewillow, Compositae/ shrub, many branches, to 3 m tall; Ivs spathulate-obovate, 2-
1456 Vahl's baccharis, Asteraceae; 4 cm long, 1-2 cm wide, entire, leathery, gland-dotted;
Cronquist, 167 broom-bush, daisy family, staminate heads with about 20 firs, pistillate heads ca. 50
FL and West Indies Long & Lakela, 850-851 groundsel tree tribe: Asteraeae. firs; pappus on achenes white, 8-14 mm long; hammocks,
Small, 1397-1398 dune hollows; Dade Co.; fall. Extirpated?

30. Balduina atropurpurea Harper Cronquist, 83 purple balduina Compositae/ herbaceous perennial; lower cauline Ivs 7-30 cm long and to
Godfrey & Wooten II, 801 Asteraceae; 1 cm wide [B. uniflora's to 10 cm long]; 2 to 4 heads per
Radford etal., 1120 daisy family. plant; disk flowers dark purple [E. uniflora 's yellow], ray
Small, 1455, as Endorima tribe: Heliantheae. flowers yellow; pitcher plant bogs, moist pinelands, borders
FL, GA, SC atropurpurea* of shrub-tree bogs and bays; Clay, Nassau & Putnam cos.;
31. Baptisia megacarpa Chapman ex Torrey & A. Clewell, 399 Apalachicola wild- Leguminosae/ perennial herb to 1.5 m tall; Ivs trifoliate, If-lets 4-8 cm
Isely, 114 indigo Fabaceae; long, glabrous; corollas cream-colored; racemes terminal, 2
Gray Small, 677 legume family-. to 15 firs; legume pendent, inflated; moist soil, woodlands,
Ward, 9-10* Papilionoideae; ravine slopes, adjacent to streams; Gadsden, Liberty &
AL, FL, GA pea subfamily. Washington cos.; May.

32. Basiphyllaea corallicola (Small) Ames Correll & Correll, 340-341* Carter's orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 40 cm tall; fleshy corms; Ivs 1 (occasionally
Long & Lakela, 323 orchid family. 2), thin, to 12 cm long and 5 mm wide, sessile; infl with 3-
Luer, 228-230* 10 firs; firs with greenish sepals and petals, converging over
Small, 393* the lip, shallow pockets in rock of pine rockland; Dade &
FL, West Indies Monroe cos.; winter, but blooms infrequently.

33. Bigelowia nuttallii L.C. Anderson Clewell, 296 Nuttall's rayless Compositae/ perennial herbs to 80 cm tall; colonial; Ivs narrowly linear
Cronquist, 136 goldenrod Asteraceae; (1-2 mm wide); upland pine flatwoods, scrub, sandstone,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 824- daisy family. seepage, stream banks; Pinellas (extirpated?) & Washington
[see Taylor, 192; Bell & Taylor, 247, for B. nudata] FL, GA, AL, LA, TX 825 tribe: Astereae. cos.; Jul-Nov.
Wunderlin. 367

34. Blechnum occidentale L. FNA, 225 sinkhole fern Pteridophyta-- fern; stolons; usually less than V2 m tall; compound,
Lakela & Long, 100-103* Polypodiaceae/ segments with entire margins; segments with long sorus
Small: ferns, 138-140* Blechnaceae; along midrib; sinkholes in forests; Alachua, Citrus,
Ward, 10-11* chain fern family. Hernando & Pasco cos.
FL, GA, LA, TX, West Indies, Central & South America Wunderlin, 38

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 5

page 6


35. Bonamia grandiflora (Gray) Haler f. Small, 1080* Florida bonamia Convolvulaceae; vine, does not twine or climb; Ivs leathery, rounded at the
5. Bonamia gand (G y) H ler Wunderlin, 304 morning-glory base; sepals leathery, 2 cm long; corollas blue, funnel-form,
Endangered Species Act, 1973; Federal Register, 2 Nov 1987 as Ward, 71-72* family. 7-10 cm long; 2 stigmas; sandy soil, scrub; Hardee,
threatened. Highlands, Lake, Manatee, Marion, Orange & Polk cos.;
0: Taylor, p. 265 endemic Apr-Sep.

36. Bourreria cassinifolia (A. Rich.) Griseb. Long & Lakela, 727 little strongback Boraginaceae; shrub; alternate, Ivs entire, 1-3 cm long, glabrous, petioles
: Scoirlrock, p. 21 FL,. West Indies Small. 1129* smooth strongback borage family. less than 5 mm long; white firs; frt orange-red, 5-7 mm
SScrlock, p. 21 FL, West Indies wide; pine rocklands; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

37. Bourreria radula (Poiret) G. Don Long & Lakela, 727, as rough-strongback Boraginaceae; shrub or small tree; Ivs entire but ciliate on margins, 3-7 cm
SB. succulenta var. revoluta rough strongback borage family, long, rough pubescent, petioles more than 5 mm long; white
Kartesz (1994) lists B. succulenta var. revoluta Small, 1129, as B. revolutan firs; frt orange-red, 9-11 mm wide; hammocks and
(Kunth) O.E. Schulz and B. revoluta Kunth as synonyms of B. pinelands; Monroe Co. (Keys); all year.
*: Sciiilock, p. 23 FL, West Indies

38. Bourreria succulent Jacq. Little & Wadsworth 1, 466 pigeon-berry Boraginaceae; small tree or shrub; Ivs 4-12.5 cm long, 1-7.5 cm wide, blunt
A species complex: in some views, it includes B. radula; or may be bodywood borage family. or notched at tip, lower surface with fine hairs; petioles .5 ti
A species complex: in sme views, it includes B. radula or may be cm long; firs white; frts orange-red, ca. 1.5 cm wide;
divided into ten species! [James S. Miller] FL, West Indies hammocks; all year.

39. Brassia caudata (L.) Lindl. Long & Lakela, 335 spider orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; Ivs 2, to 30 cm long and 5 cm wide; infl a raceme,
Luer, 252-254* long-tailed brassia orchid family. to 15 firs; firs glossy yellowish green with brownish
Small 396* splotches, petals and sepals long and slender (spidery), lip
yellow with reddish-brown spots; rockland hammocks; Dade
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America (extirpated?) & Monroe cos.; May-Jun.

40. Brickellia cordifolia Elliott Clewell, 297 Flyer's nemesis Compositae/ perennial herb; velvety, especially under Ivs; Ivs opposite;
Cronquist, 197 Flyr's brickell-bush Asteraceae; several heads, each with many flrs; firs purple to dark rose
Small, 1328, as Flyr's nemesis daisy family. or lavender, 6-9 mm long; pappus purplish; upland
Coleosanthus* tribe: Eupatorieae. hardwoods; Alachua, Gadsden, Jackson, Jefferson & Leon
FL,GA,AL Ward, 131-132 cos.; Sept-Oct.

41. Brickellia mosieri (Small) Shinners all use Kuhnia: brickell-bush Compositae/ perennial; stems several; Ivs numerous, gland-dots beneath,
Cronquist, 197-198 false boneset Asteraceae; up to 10 cm long, 3 mm wide; firs tubular, yellow; pine
Cronquist uses Kuhnia eupatorioides L. var. gracilis T. &. .. Long & Lakela, 876 daisy family, rocklands, sandy soil over limestone; Dade Co.; Aug-Sep.
Kartesz uses B. eupaorioides L. var.floridna (R.W. Long) B.L. Small, 1329' tribe: Eupatorieae.

42. Bulbophyllum pachyrrachis (A.Rich.) Griseb. Long & Lakela, 334 rat-tail orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte on Annona glabra; with short pseudobulbs, each
tp llings: B. pachy h pis Luer, 180-182* orchid family. with 2 Ivs, thickened fir axis; many small flrs, greenish-
variant spellings: B. pachyrachis, B. pachyrhachis Ward, 11-12 yellow speckled with reddish-purple, lip appears tongue-
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America like; strand swamps; Collier Co. (extirpated?); Nov-Jan.

x- I-LI~-_1-1111~1.~ _^._lL II~- I_-III_----LYII-I~_LII~-l -XII---_-Lf~U~^CL-_~-W--~-__3LI -l-iillli-*.~-PI.Li__-il~..-LI_. L~LI.~P-


43. Bumelia anomala (Sargent) R. B. Clark Godfrey, 631-633* Clark's buck-thorn Sapotaceae; shrub; stems glabrous (or whitish hairs very early), gray or
UmKartes: Sideroxylon tenar. L. SIDA 17(3): 565-567 [1997] silver buckthorn sapote family, silvery; lower surface of lvs with silvery pubescence, upper
Kartesz: Sideroxylon tenax L. surface dark green; clusters of firs on spur shoots hardwood
Sideroxylon alachuense L. Anderson hammocks; Alachua & Marion cos.; Jul.

44. Bumelia lycioides (L.) Pers. Clewell, 478 buck-thorn Sapotaceae; shrub or small tree; Ivs persistent, glabrous except for
Godfrey, 633, 635,636* mock-orange sapote family, midrib, widest at the middle, 4-14 cm long, apex acute;
Sideroxylon lycioides L. is the accepted name by Pennington. Godfrey & Wooten II, 55 ironwood corollas 5 mm wide, firs borne on spur shoots; berry oval,
Radford et al., 825-826* shittimwood 10 mm long; hammocks. floodplains; Alachua, Clay, Dixie,
Small, 1034 Escambia, Gadsden, Jackson, Jefferson, Liberty, Marion,
VAtoWard, 132-133 Orange, Santa Rosa & Wakulla cos.; April.

45. Bumelia thornei Cronq. Godfrey, 639, 641 Thorne's buck-thorn Sapotaceae; shrub; stems glabrous (or with whitish hairs very early),
Sideroxyon thorne (Cronq.) T. D. Pennington sapote family, green or brown; Ivs green & glabrous, upper surface faintly
Sideroxylon hornei (Cronq.) T. D. Penngton reticulate veined, veins not bony-cartilaginous; berries dull
black, 8-10 mm long; margins of ponds; Escambia, Franklin,
FL GA Gulf& Jackson cos.

46. Burmanniaflava Martius Godfrey & Wooten 1, 623 Fakahatchee burmannia Burmanniaceae; herb; slender; usually 1 fir; cauline Ivs scale-like; floral
Long & Lakela, 306 burmannia family. wing yellow, narrow; wet flatwoods, Big Cypress Swamp;
Ward, 133-134 Collier & Lee cos.; Jan.
FL, Cuba, Central America Wunderlin, 145
Wunderlin, 145

47. Caesalpinia major (Medik.) Dandy & Exell Isely, 29 yellow nicker Leguminosae/ vine to 5 m long, armed with prickles; Ivs cpd, 3-5 pinnae,
Long & Lakela, 461 yellow nicker bean Caesalpinioideae; 4-7 pairs Iflets; stipules inconspicuous to absent; firs orange-
See Isely for synonymy, or Godfrey & Wooten II, 239. Small, 667, as [sic, see legume family. yellow petals, stamens shorter than petals; legumes 4-9 cm
l , o t Isely] Guilandina [Gray nicker, C. Caesalpinioideae, long & wide, prickly; seeds 1.5 to 2 cm wide, dull yellow;
[See Bell & Taylor, 156, for C.bonduc, the weedy tree] bonduc* bonduc, invades ruderal cassia subfamily. coastal sands, hammocks; Dade, Martin, Monroe & Palm
FL, pantropical areas] Beach cos.; all year.

48. Caesalpinia pauciflora (Griseb.) C. Wright ex Isely, 29-30 fewflower holdback Leguminosae/ scrambling shrub, to 2 m; armed with prickles; Ivs cpd, 3-5
Long & Lakela, 461 Caesalpinioideae; pinnae, 4-7 pairs Iflets, stipules inconspicuous or as prickles;
Sauvalle Small, 667 legume family, firs yellow petals, stamens longer (slightly) than petals;
Caesalpinioideae, legume papery, 2-4 cm and .8- 1 cm, not prickly; seed less
cassia subfamily. than 1 cm wide; hammocks, dry pinelands, palmetto-pine,
FL and West Indies ___roadsides; Monroe Co. (Keys); all year.

49. Callirhoe papaver (Cay.) A. Gray Clewell, 427 poppy mallow Malvaceae; perennial herb; deep taproot; to 1/3 m tall; Ivs with 5 linear
Small, 852 mallow family. lobes; firs deep crimson or magenta, about 6 cm across;
Ward, 72-73* calyx with 3 thin bracts beneath; upland mixed forest,
: Bell & Taylor, 100 FL, TX to MO, GA roadside; Alachua, Gadsden, Jackson & Leon cos. Mar-Jun,
: Bell &Taylor p. 100 __________________GA__Aug (2nd firing period).

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 7

page 8


50. Calopogon multiflorus Lindl. Clewell, 184-185 many-flowered grass- "Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 30 cm tall; Ivs 1 or 2, to 10 cm long and 3 mm
Godfrey & Wooten I, 660- pink orchid family, wide; infl racemose, dense, up to 15 firs; firs deep-rose,
661* petals widest above the middle, lip uppermost and with a
Long & Lakela, 316 tuft of bright orange hairs; damp pinelands and meadows
Luer, 60-62* (fire maintained); historic records from: Alachua, Brevard,
Small, 377, as Limodorum Clay, Dade (extirpated?), Dixie, Duval, Franklin, Hardee,
Wunderlin, 148 Hernando, Highlands. Hillsborough, Indian River, Lee,
Levy, Liberty, Manatee, Martin, Nassau, Okaloosa, Orange,
O: Taylor, p. 242 FL, MS, AL,'GA Pasco, Pinellas, Putnam, Sarasota, Seminole, St. Johns, St.
_____,________ _______ Lucie & Walton cos.; Mar-Jul.

51. Calycanthusfloridus L. Clewell, 259 sweet shrub Calycanthaceae; shrub, colonial; aromatic; Ivs opposite, to 14 cm long, entire
Gleason & Cronquist, 40 Carolina-allspice calycanthus family. margins; flrs with many maroon tepal; poisonous achenes
Godfrey, 177-179* bubby-shrub inside a fleshy receptacle; slope forest, bottomland forest;
Godfrey & Wooten II, 233, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Jackson, Liberty, Okaloosa,
234* Santa Rosa & Walton cos.; spring.
Radford et al., 476-477*
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 62 NY, PA & OH, south to FL & MS Radford et a., 476-477*
Small, 631

52. Calyptranthes zuzygium (L.) Sw. Correll & Correll, 1040- myrtle-of-the-river Myrtaceae; shrub or small tree; stem not winged; Ivs opposite,
1041 myrtle family. subsessile; firs apetalous; calyx lid-like, deciduous at
: Scurlbck, p. 33 FL, West Indies Long & Lakela, 642 flowering; berry dark red, 8-10 mm wide; rockland
Small, 938 hammocks, maritime hammocks; Dade & Monroe cos.

53. Calystegia catesbaeiana Pursh Austin, Fl. Scientist Catesby's bindweed Convolvulaceae; herb; stems decumbent, rarely twining; Ivs to 5 cm long,
variant spellings: C. cate C. catesbiana vol.55, p.59 morning-glory basally lobed; firs axillary from lower axils only; corollas
Clewell, 331 as C. family. white, to 5 cm long and wide; wiregrass-longleaf pine,
NC, SC, GA, FL spithamaea sandhill; Jackson Co.; Apr.
__ Radford et al., 864-865__

54. Campanula robinsiae Small Small, 1289-1290 Chinsegut bellflower Campanulaceae; annual herb; solitary open firs, deep purple, 7-8 mm wide,
Federal Register, 27 July 1989 Wunderlin, 353 bellflower family, sepals 1 to 2.5 mm long; many inconspicuous cleistogamous
[see Ta br, 285for C. floridaa] endemic fls; edge of ponds, wet hammocks; Hernando Co.; Apr.
[see Taylbr, 285 for C. floridana] endemic

55. Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum (Reichenb. f.) Long & Lakela, 327 leafless orchid Orchidaceae; epiphytic on pond apple, pop ash, etc.; no Ivs; abbreviated
Se f Luer, 274-2760 ribbon orchid orchid family, stem; roots synthesize; many firs, yellow to orange;
Rolfe Small, 398 Fakahatchee Strand, Collier Co; Sep-Oct.
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 28 FL, West Indies, S America Ward, 12-13

56. Campyloneurum angustifolium (Swartz) F6e FNA, 328 narrow strap fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; Ivs nearly linear, up to 40 cm long, entire
synonym: Polypodium angustifolium Swartz Lakela & Long, 92-93* Polypodiaceae; margins, no indusia, scattered sori; epiphyte; rockland
Long & Lakela, 82 polypody family. hammocks, strand swamps; Collier, Dade (extirpated?) &
Small: ferns, 85-86* Monroe cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America ar, 3 Mno c
Ward, 13-13


57. Campyloneurum costatum (Kuntze) C. Presl FNA, 328 tailed strap fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; recognized by the long slender tip of the
Lakela & Long, 94-95t Polypodiaceae; strap-like frond (leaf); leaf blade to 40 cm long and 6 cm
Long & Lakela, 83 polypody family, wide, leathery, tip abruptly attenuate (tailed), veins obscure;
FL, West Indies, Central & South America Small, fern, 88, 90-91 strand swamps, rockland hammocks; Dade (extirpated?) &
Collier cos.

58. Campyloneurum latum T. Moore FNA, 329 wide strap fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; leaf blade to 60 cm long and 9 cm wide,
Lakela & Long, 95 Polypodiaceae; leathery, tip acute but not tailed, vein prominent, dark-
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Long & Lakela, 83 polypody family. green; rockland hammocks; Dade (extirpated?) & Monroe
FL. West Indies, Mexico, Central & South AmericaSalfrs_8-9 _______ ___cos. (Native to Florida?)
Small, ferns, 88-89k cos. (Native to Florida?)

59. Canella winteriana (L.) Gaertn. Correll & Correll. 5?? "'., wild-cinnamon Canellaceae; tree to 10 m tall; stems with large If scars; Ivs aromatic &
Long & Lakela, 614*, as C. cinnamon-bark wild cinnamon dotted with glands, alternate, obtuse tips, cuneate base; firs
alba family. small, with 3 sepals, 5 petals, crimson, stamen tube, anthers
Small, 865 reddish; berry crimson to black, 1 cm wide; maritime and
0: Scurluck, p. 34 FL, West Indies rockland hammocks; Collier, Dade & Monroe cos.; summer,

60. Carex chapmanii Steud. Small, 214 Chapman's sedge Cyperaceae; herb; cespitose, clumps with horizontal stolons; stems to 30
sedge family, cm tall; terminal spike staminate, scales yellowish-brown;
2-4 pistillate spikes, achene sac with prominent beak 1.5
mm long, achene triangular; hammocks, woodlands;
Alachua, Clay, Citrus, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Franklin,
Hemando, Hillsborough, Jefferson, Lake, Levy, Marion,
endemic Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Polk, Putnam, Seminole, St. Johns,
Sumter, Taylor, Volusia & Wakulla cos.; spring.

61. Carex microdonta Torrey & Hooker Correll & Johnston, 324 little-tooth care Cyperaceae; herbaceous perennial with creeping rhizomes to 15 cm long;
Godfrey & Wooten I, 437, little tooth sedge sedge family. 2-5 spikelets per stem; terminal spikelet staminate; lower
440 pistillate spikelet emerges from sheath of stem bracts;
Small, 219 achene sac 2.5-4 mm long, basally rounded, with 0.7 mm
FL, LA, MS, MO, OK, TX tubular beak with tiny 2-toothed apex, reddish-brown;
achenes 3-sided; upland glades; Gadsden Co.; spring.

62. Cassia keyensis (Pennell) J. F. Macbr. Wisely, 33 Keys cassia Leguminosae/ perennial with woody rootstock; numerous stems; Ivs
Wisely uses Chamaecrsta lneata (Swartz) Greene Long & Lakela, 457 Big Pine partridge pea Caesalpiniaceae; alternate, cpd with 4-7 pairs of If-lets; petiole below 1st pair
var. keyensis (Pennell) Irwin & Bameby. Small, 663 legume family. of If-lets has a small flat gland; firs axillary; 2 bracteoles; flr
Ward, 73-74* Caesalpinioideae, 2 cm across, 5 yellow petals with orange markings basally;
cassia subfamily. 10 stamens, anthers red or yellow & red; bean with 8-12
0: Scurlock, p. 40 FL, West Indies seeds; pine rocklands, resistant to fire;
Dade & Monroe cos.; Apr-Nov.

63. Catesbaea parvflora Swartz Correll & Correll, 1381. small-flowered lily Rubiaceae; shrub, up to 2 m tall; stiff, clothed with small Ivs from which
1383 thorn madder family, spines protrude; firs single on spur shoots, white,
Small, 1257-1258 4 mm long, 4 lobed; pine rocklands, dunes, coastal strand;
0: Scurlock, p. 43 FL, West Indies Ward, 14-15* Monroe Co.

Coilo, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 9

page 10


64. Catopsis berteroniana (J.A. & J.H. Schultes) Correll & Correll, 273-274 airplant Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; rosettes to 7 dm tall; Ivs yellowish green; scape
Long & Lakela, 268 pineapple family, stout, erect; petals shorter than sepals; seeds sprout on
Mez Small, 272 capsule; tidal swamp, rockland hammocks; Collier, Dade &
FL, West Indies, Central & South America Ward, 74-75 Monroe cos.; all year.

65. Catopsisfloribunda L. B. Smith Correll & Correll, 274-275* many-flowered airplant Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; to 7 dm tall; blades long-attenuate from dilated
Long & Lakela, 268 pineapple family, bases; sepals 9 mm or less long; petals yellow or white,
FL, West Indies, Central & South America exceed sepals; strand swamp, rockland hammocks; Broward,
Collier, Dade & Monroe cos.

66. Catopsis nutans (Swartz) Griseb. Long & Lakela, 268 nodding catopsis Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; small rosettes, with Ivs to 14 cm long; blades taper
Small, 272 pineapple family, to acute tip; orange-yellow firs, ca. 2 cm long; sepals 15+
endemic? Ward, 15-16* mm long; deep cypress swamp; Fakahatchee Strand, Collier
Co.; Aug-Oct.

67. Celosia nitida Vahl Correll & Correll, 477-478* West Indian cock's- Amaranthaceae; perennial herb to 1.5 m tall; young stems reddish; Ivs
Correll & Johnson, 553 comb amaranth family, alternate, deltoid-ovate; firs with no petals & in spikes to 3
Long & Lakela, 384 albahaca cm long, sepals ca. 5 mm long, brownish, firm; both
Small, 471 slender celosia anthers & pistils; numerous seeds ca. 1 mm long; hardwood
FL, TX, West Indies, Central &South America Wunderlin, 175 hammocks, coastal dunes; Dade, Lake, Lee, Monroe (Keys);

68. 'Celtis iguanaea (Jacq.) Sarg. Correll & Correll, 412-413* iguana hackberry Ulmaceae; shrub, spreading; stipular spines; alternate Ivs, 3-nerved;
Long & Lakela, 359 [iguanas eat the fruit] elm family. yellowish-green firs; drupes 8-12 mm long, edible;
Small, 443 medicinal uses; shell mounds, tidal swamps; Lee & Collier
Ward, 16-17 cot.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 16 cos
_Wunderlin, 163

69. Celtis pallida Torrey Long & Lakela, 359 spiny hackberry Ulmaceae; shrub; stout straight spines at nodes; Ivs obtuse, less than 2.5
Small, 443 desert hackberry elm family. cm long; firs in summer; yellow to orange drupes in fall;
FL, TX Mexico Ward, 17-18* shell mounds, maritime hammocks; Mound Key (Lee Co.)
SWunderlin, 163 etc.; Jun-Aug.

70. Cenchrus brownii Roemer & J.A. Schultes Correll & Correll, 110 slimbristle sandbur Gramineae/ annual herb, .3-.9 m tall; globose bur surrounds sessile
Hall, 391 green burgrass Poaceae; spikelets; burs crowded, each with I whorl of united spines
Long & Lakela, 159 a sandspur grass family. (several whorls of fine, small bristles below the big whorl),
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Small, as C. viridis, 87 outer bristles equal or longer than inner spines; hammocks,
fields and waste places; Monroe Co. (Keys).

71. Centrosema arenicol (Small) F. J. Herm. Isely, 117 sand butterfly pea Leguminosae/ perennial herbaceous vine to 3 m long; 3 Iflets, 2-5 cm long,
Small, 721, as Bradburya pineland butterfly pea Fabaceae; ovate-lanceolate, coriaceous; dorsal calyx lobe 8-11 mm
Wunderlin, 213, as C. legume family, long, the 2-parted lower one 7-8 mm long; petals lavender,
floridanum Papilionoideae; pink or white, 2.5-3 cm long, resupinate; legume linear, 7-12
pea subfamily. cm long; open, mixed woodlands, pine or oak-palmetto
thickets; Brevard, Citrus, Hernando, Highlands,
[see Taylor, 246; Bell & Taylor, 158, for C. virginianum endemic Hillsborough, Lake, Marion, Orange, Pasco, Polk, Seminole,
[se Taylor,246;Bel&Ta8 ____________ ____ _______for C._____ __neiSumter & Volusia cos.; summer, fall.


72. Cereus eriophorus L. Pfeiffer Benson, 558-560 Long & Lakela, 628 cactus family, flrs nocturnal, white or pink, to 10 cm diameter, hairs on
Federal Register, 1 Nov. 1985 as var.fragrans (Small) L. Benson Small, 916, as Harrisia floral tube 10-15 mm long & form tufts; orange-red frts;
Kartesz: Harrisiafragrans Small Wunderlin, 267 coastal hammocks, scrubby flatwoods; Brevard, Indian
var. fragrans is endemic River, Monroe, St. Lucie & Volusia cos.
var. eriophorus is not native to US

73. Cereus gracilis Mill. Benson, 560-561, as C. west coast prickly- Cactaceae; columnar; stems 9-11 ridged; sprawls; firs whitish, hairs on
SH igi S e B & R gracilis' apple cactus family. floral tube 6-8 mm long, no tufts; frts yellow or red; shell
Kartesz: Harrisia aboriginum Small ex Britton & Rose Long & Lakela, 630 mounds, rockland hammocks, maritime hammocks; Brevard,
Yellow fruit; maritime hammocks & shell middens; Lee, Manatee & Sarasota cos. Long & Lakela, 630 mounds, rockland hammocks, maritime e hammoc; Brevard
(Benson, as C. gracifis var. aboriginur) Small, 915-916* Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Indian River, Lee, Manatee,
(Benson, as C. gracilis var. aboriginum) Monroe, Sarasota & St. Lucie cos.
Kartesz: Harrisia simpsonii Small ex Britton & Rose Ward, 76
Red fruit; Collier, Indian River, Monroe & St. Lucie cos. (Benson, asune ,
C. gracilis var. simpsonii*)
*: DPI poster, plate #9 endemic

74. Cereus robinii (Lemaire) L. Benson Benson, 572-574 tree cactus Cactaceae; tree; stems to 10 m & 8-10 cm thick; with 9 or 10 ridges;
Endangered Species Act, 1973; Federal Register, 19 July 1984 Long & Lakela, 630 cactus family. floral tube broad, less than 1.5 cm long; flrs with odor of
synonym: Pilcereu robin (Lem.) Byls & Rowley Small, 916-917 garlic; rockland hammocks; Monroe Co.
synonym: Pilosocereus robinii (Lem.) Byles & Rowley
FL and West Indies Ward, 19-20k

75. Chamaesyce cumulicola Small Clewell, 354 sand dune spurge Euphorbiaceae; prostrate herb; stringlike, zig-zag stems; Ivs similar in size,
Long & Lakela, 551 spurge family, elliptic; capsule glabrous; seed terete, 1-1.4 mm long;
Small, 794 coastal dunes, coastal scrub; Brevard, Broward, Collier,
Taylor, Bell Taylor, 9 for other Ch endemic Wunderlin, 239 Escambia, Hernando, Highlands, Lee, Martin, Palm Beach,
[see Taylor, 59-61; Bell & Taylor, 194, for other Chamaesyce spp.] endemic Pinellas, St. Johns & Volusia cos.
Pinellas, St. Johns & Volusia cos.

76. Chamaesyce deltoidea (Engelm. ex Chapm.) Long & Lakela, 551 rockland spurge Euphorbiaceae; prostrate herb, delicate; Ivs 2-5 mm long, obtuse, entire;
Small, 795 spurge family, capsule pubescent, ca 1.5 mm wide; pine rocklands; Mar-
Small Nov; ssp. adherens, deltoidea, pinetorum -- Dade Co.;
Endangered Species Act:1973; Federal Register 18 July 1985 as [4 subspecies] ssp. serpyllum -- Monroe Co.
Euphorbia deltoldea ssp. deltoidea; includes ssp. adherens endemic

77. Chamaesyce garberi (Engelm. ex Chapman) Long & Lakela, 553-554 Garber's spurge Euphorbiaceae; prostrate herb, robust; Ivs 4-9 mm long, entire to obscurely
Small, 795 spurge family. serrate; capsule pubescent, ca. 1.5 mm wide; pine rocklands,
Small coastal berm, coastal grassland; Dade & Monroe cos.; all
Federal Register, threatened: 18 July 1985 as Euphorbia garberi year.

78. Chamaesyce porteriana Small Long & Lakela, 550 Porter's spurge Euphorbiaceae; bushy herb, erect; Ivs entire; capsules glabrous; coastal
var. keyensis (Small) Burch is intended by Council; Small, 795 spurge family. grassland, coastal strand, coastal rock barrens; Dade &
Kartesz uses: C. x keyensis Small endemic Monroe cos.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2nd edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 11

page 12


79. Cheilanthes microphylla (Swartz) Swartz Clewell, 47 southern lip fern Pteridophyta-- fern; horizontal stems 1-3 mm wide, long creeping; frond 2-
FNA, 166 Polypodiaceae; compound to 3-compound, lanceolate, with scattered hairs;
Lakela & Long, 69* polypody family. petiole less than 25 cm long; sori continuous along margins;
Small: ferns, 130, 132 k upland mixed forest, shell mounds, limestone outcrop in
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & SouthAmerica Ward, 134 cedars; Alachua, Citrus, Collier, Dade, Duval, Monroe &
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & SouWashington cos.

80. Chionanthuspygmaeus Small Small, 1042 pygmy fringe-tree Oleaceae; shrub; leathery, opposite, deciduous Ivs with black petioles;
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 Ward, 20* olive family, drupe 2 -2.5 cm long (C. virginicus less than 2 cm long);
Wunderlin, 293 petals usually less than 1 cm long (C. virginicus 2-3 cm long
petals); low nutrient levels, sandy, dry soil of central Fl
scrub; Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake,
*: Taylor, p. 81; Nelson, plate #107; DPI poster, plate #16 endemic scrub; Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake,
: Taylor, p. 81; Nelson plate #107; DPI poster, plate #16endeiManatee, Osceola, Polk & Seminole cos.; Mar-Apr.

81. Chrysopsis cruiseana Dress Clewell, 300, as C. Cruise's golden-aster Compositae/ herb; stems and Ivs densely floccose, not grass-like;
: C. g a ( ) E t cruiseana Asteraceae; involucres not stipitate glandular, bracts pubescent or
Kaesz: C. gossypa (Michaux) Elliott Ward, 76-77 daisy family. stipitate-glandular; dunes, scrub, coastal grassland, openings
ssp. cruiseana (Dress) Semple. tribe: Astereae. and blowouts; Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa
Cronquist does not use or refer to cruiseana at all. & Walton cos.; Oct-Nov.
USDA uses Heterotheca. endemic

82. Chrysopsisfloridana Small Cronquist, 112, as C. Florida's golden-aster Compositae/ stems and Ivs white cottony pubescent; upper Ivs toms-
scabrella Torrey & Gray Asteraceae; tomentose and stems hairs appressed; inflor: with many
Endangered Species Act: 1973; Federal Register, 16 May 1986 Long & Lakela, 856 daisy family. heads in panicle; bracts acute; fir head 2 cm across, yellow
Small, 1339 tribe: Astereae. florets; sand pine scrub, on bare sand; Hardee, Hillsborough,
i Ward, 21 Manatee & Pinellas cos.; Sep-Nov.
[see Taylor 174-175 for other Chrysopsis] endemic Wunderlin, 369

83. ,Chrysopsis godfreyi Semple Clewell, 298 Godfrey's golden-aster Compositae/ biennial or perennial herbs, to 50 cm tall; Ivs of basal
Canadian J. Bot. 56 (17): Asteraceae; rosette to 10 cm long, wooly; stem Ivs linear to ovate, entire,
2092-2096, Semple daisy family. wooly or glabrous always densely stipitate glandular,
reports that C. tribe: Astereae. abruptly to gradually reduced below inflor.; bracts subulate
lanuginosa Small is a with spreading to recurved tips, in 4-5 series, stipitate
close relative. glandular; few heads in corymb or corymbose panicle
L ad B C., A (compare with C. floridana); dunes and scrub; Bay,
:FL and Baldwin Co., ALEscambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.

84. Cienfuegosia yucatanensis Millsp. Correll & Correll, 926* yellow hibiscus Malvaceae; shrubs or woody herbs; resembles Hibiscus; glabrous
Long & Lakela, 593 mallow family, throughout; Ivs entire, 2-6 cm long, some lower Ivs trilobed
Small, 860 as C. but most Ivs ovate or elliptic; petals yellow; involucel of 6
helerophylla to 9 bracts; capsule 6-8 mm long; rockland hammocks,
Sp 5 M marine tidal marsh, coastal berm, coastal rock barrens;
: Scurlbck, p. 51_ _FL, Cuba, Mexico_ Monroe & Palm Beach cos.; all year.

_ __ I _ ___II I I_ _I__C _1III___ _C


85. Cissampelospareira L. Correll & Correll, 530-531* pareira brava Menispermaceae; vine, to 5+ m; Ivs ovate to suborbicular, entire, transparent
Long & Lakela, 416-418* velvety cissampelos moonseed family, glands, tomentose, palmately veined, tips may be notched;
Small, 538 staminate firs in axillary panicles, each ca.. 2 mm wide, 4
united petals; pistillate flrs fewer, in bracted clusters along a
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, Africa, Australia rachis, I petal per flr, stigma 3-lobed; frt 1-seeded drupe, 4-5
mm long, hairy; hammocks; Dade Co.; summer.

86. Cladonia perforata Evans Fed. Register Florida perforate lichen forms dense clusters 20-60 mm tall; surface of branches
Federal Register, 27 April 1993 cladonia glossy, smooth; circular openings just above the branching;
endemic rosemary sandhills: Highlands, Manatee, Martin, Okaloosa,
Palm Beach & Polk cos.

87. Clitoriafragrans Small Isely, 153 pigeon wings Leguminosae/ perennial herb; Ivs trifoliate, Iflets have obtuse tips;
Federal Register, 27 April 1993 as threatened Small, 722 butterfly pea Fabaceae; chasmogamous firs in pairs, showy, 4.5-5 cm, pale purple
Ward, 77-79* legume family, with purple lines on the standard, fragrant, twisted to turn fir
Wunderlin, 214 Papilionoideae; upside down; cleistogamous firs small & hidden in the calyx
pea subfamily. & bloom late in season; bean 5-8 cm long; sandhill, scrub,
endemic scrubby flatwoods, roadside; Highlands, Lake, Orange,
Osceola & Polk cos.; Apr-Jul.

88. Colubrina arborescens (P.Mill.) Sarg. Correll & Correll, 891-892* greenheart Rhamnaceae; shrub or tree, to 7 m tall; young stems rusty tomentose; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 581-582 wild coffee buckthorn family. ovate, elliptic, or oblanceolate, 5-15 cm long, entire, tips
Small, 834, as C. colubrina common snake-bark blunt, acute to acuminate, shining green above, rusty
bitters pubescent below with scattered black glands; inflor axillary
umbel-like cymes; firs with 5 hooded, yellow petals ca. 2.5
f: Scurlock, p. 59; Nelson, plate #110 mm long, opposite and enfolding the stamens; frts ca. I cm
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America wide, nearly black, hard, 3-lobed capsule; hammocks;
Collier & Monroe (incl. Keys) cos.; all year.

89. Colubrina cubensis (Jacq.) Brongn. Correll & Correll, 892, 893* colubrina Rhamnaceae; shrub or small tree; stems & Ivs velutinous; Ivs elliptic, 4-9
[intended: var.floridana M. C. Johnston] Long & Lakela, 581 Cuban snake-bark buckthorn family. cm long; peduncles usually longer than petioles; flrs as
FL, West Indies Small, 834 above; frts 7 mm across; hammocks, pinelands; Dade &
Monroe cos.; all year.

90. Colubrina elliptica (Sw.) Briz. & Ster. Correll & Correll, 892-894* soldierwood Rhamnaceae; shrub or tree to 20 m; trunk with serpentine-furrowed,
Long & Lakela, 582 smooth snake-bark buckthorn family. orange-brown bark exfoliating in thin layers; young twigs
Small, 832, as C. reclinata naked-wood finely hairy; Ivs ovate, lanceolate to elliptic, thin and soft,
t: Scurlock, p. 61; Nelson, plate #111 entire, ca. 4-8 cm long, 2 marginal glands at base; firs as
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & northern South America above, but greenish; frt orange-red capsule, explosively
..____ dehiscent; hammocks; Dade & Monroe (Keys); all year.

91. Conradina brevifolia Shinners SIDA 1:84-88, 1962 short-leaved rosemary Labiata / very similar to C. canescens: shorter Ivs (6.0-8.2 mm vs.
Federal Register, 12 July 1993 Lamiad#ae; 7.0-20 mm); more firs (1-6 flrs per axil vs. 1-3 flrs per axil);
Kartesz: Conradina canescens A. Gray endemic mint family. sand pine scrub of Lake Wales Ridge; Highlands & Polk

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 13

page 14


92. Conradina etonia Kral & McCartney SIDA 14(3): 391-398, Etonia rosemary Labiatae/ shrubs to 1.5 m tall; Ivs with lateral veins evident on the
Federal Register, 12 July 1993 1991 Lamiaceae; undersurface; firs similar to C. grandiflora; anthers with
endemic mint family. long fringe of white hairs; clearings in white sand scrub;
Putnam Co.; Sep-Oct.

93. Conradina glabra Shinners Clewell, 382 Apalachicola rosemary Labiatae/ shrub; minty scent; much branched; Ivs to 15 mm long,
Federal Register 12 July 1993 Godfrey, 405-407* Lamiaceae; opposite, edges turned under, grayish because of hairs; firs
Ward, 81 mint family. white tinged pink, dots in throat, fir tube strongly bent, in Iv
axils; calyx tube not hairy ["glabra"]; sandhills; [Franklin
endemic Co., not documented] Liberty Co. [Santa Rosa Co.
specimens are C. canescens]; Mar-Jun.

94. Conradina grandiflora Small Small, 1167 large-flowered Labiatae/ shrubby; Ivs without evident lateral veins, midrib glabrous
Wunderlin, 318 rosemary Lamiaceae; to slightly pubescent; 4 stamens, arch to upper lip, anthers
mint family. lack horns, filaments pubescent; calyx irregular; stigma
branches equal; corollas lavender; scrub, scrubby flatwoods,
coastal strand, disturbed; Brevard, Broward, Dade
STayr p 275 endemic (extirpated?), Highlands, Indian River, Martin, Osceola,
__________ ____p__ Palm Beach, St. Lucie & Volusia cos.

95. Corallorhiza odontorhiza (Willd.) Nutt. Clewell, 185 autumn coralroot Orchidaceae; terrestrial, to 20 cm tall; white underground base (shaped
Gleason & Cronquist, 863, orchid family. like a tooth); saprophytic, Ivs reduced to scales; firs open
Luer, 178-1790 partially, reddish-purple sepals and petals converge over
Radford et al., 354-355k column, lip white with purple spots, lip protrudes; upland
SME & VT to NY, MI, MN, south to FL, TX, Mexico, Central America Small, 389 hardwood forest; Columbia Co.

96. Cordia globosa (Jacq.) Kunth Correll & Correll, 1198, Curagao bush Boraginaceae; shrub, to 3 m tall; Ivs evergreen, 4 cm long, elliptic to
1199* bloodberry borage family, lanceolate, toothed margins, grayish-green due to
Long & Lakela, 728 appressed hairs, veins prominent; inflor. scorpioid,
Small, 1129, as Varronia terminal, head-like clusters; corollas white, short
i 6 funnelform, to 9 mm long; style twice bifid; frt a fleshy red
0: Scurlock, p. 64 drupe partially enclosed in calyx; hammocks; Dade &
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & northern South Americae partially enclosed in calyx; hammocks; Dade &
Monroe cos.; all year.

97. Coreopsis integrifolia Poiret Clewell, 302-304 a dye-flower Compositae/ herbaceous perennial; to 1 m tall; Ivs simple, opposite,
Cronquist, 58 fringeleaftickseed Asteraceae; elliptic to ovate, to 6 cm long, margins ciliate at the bases
Godfrey & Wooten II, 776, daisy family, and on the petioles; disc flrs 4-lobed, ray firs 3-lobed at
SA SC 780-781* tribe: Heliantheae. tips; floodplains, riverbanks; Calhoun, Jackson, Nassau &
________Small, 1450 Washington cos.; late summer.

98. Cornus alternifolia L. f. Clewell, 336 pagoda dogwood Comaceae; small tree; alternate branches form umbrella shaped tree; Ivs
Godfrey, 215-217 alternate-leaf dogwood dogwood family, alternate; firs tiny, cream, grouped into a flat cluster to 6 cm
Radford et al., 792 pagoda cornel wide; frts dark blue, with waxy bloom; rich woods near
Newfoundland & Nova Scotia to MN, south to FL, AL & AR Small, 957-958 umbrella corel small streams; Calhoun & Gadsden cos.; Apr-May.
SWard, 21-22 ___

IPI"YI"~'~`~'""I`^I`"IY-PerJl i CII ill. ) ~--~UI~-~--XII- _i.-YL YIICII-ILIII~-~I-~*;I-~IIIIIWI---~Y*) IJ~_Y_.iYYLI~C^IUIYYr I~.I-IIU~_L~UY*~~YLU-~CY-. IYL-~i~LIY-YJ;-lli~IIW~)-L-~LIl*I~l L~XIIIYI I~CYi..~-~


99. Cranichis muscosa Swartz Correll & Correll, 349-350% moss orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; thick, fleshy roots at base of stem; leafy
Luer, 86* orchid family, rosette, leaves with petioles; flowers small, in raceme, white
with yellow-green speckles, lip is uppermost, sepals free to
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America base and not adnate to the lip; ovary glabrous; rockland
hammocks; Dade Co. (extirpated?); Jan-Feb.

100. Crataegus phaenopyrum (L. f.) Medik. Godfrey, 556-558* Washington thom Rosaceae; tree, to 10 m tall; Ivs cordate-deltoid to ovate, toothed, 3-
Radford et al., 562-563* hedge thorn rose family. lobed(look like tiny maple Ivs); corollas white; fruits scarlet,
DE & PA, west to IL, MO, KY, TN. south to GA, AL & FL Small, 644 red haw 4-6 mm wide; streambanks, edges of wet areas; Wakulla &
DE & PA, wet tN s h to G, AL & Washington cos.; May.

101. Croomia pauciflora (Nutt.) Torrey Clewell, 194 Croomia Croomiaceae/ colonial herb, with rhizomes; Ivs ovate, cordate at base,
Ward, 22-23* Stemonaceae/ prominent veins; firs in axils, 4 perianth parts, 4 stamens;
F GA & AL Small, 309 Liliaceae; rich hardwood forest ravines and bluffs, Apalachicola River;
Ward, 22 croomia family. Gadsden & Liberty cos.; Mar-Apr.

102. Crossopetalum rhacoma Crantz Correll & Correll, 867* rhacoma Celastraceae; shrub; glabrous stems; Ivs opposite, entire or crenate, 1-4 cm
Long & Lakela, 568 staff-tree family. long; petals ovate to suborbicular, red to purplish, 1 mm
Small, 819 long; drupes red, 5-6 mm long; pine rocklands, rockland
*: Scurlock, p. 68; Nelson, plate #39 FL, Bermuda, West Indies. S. America hammocks, coastal strand; Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee,
Monroe, Palm Beach & Sarasota cos.; all year.

103. Crotalaria avonensis K.R. Delaney & SIDA 13:315-324, 1989 Avon Park harebells Leguminosae/ perennial herb; fir-stems may originate 4" below surface and
Fabaceae; above soil for only a few centimeters; I vs 1-2 cm long,
Wunderlin legume family, obtuse, coated with whitish hairs; yellow corollas 8-9 mm
Federal Register, 27 April 1993 Papilionoideae; long, keel petal shorter than wing petals; bean inflated, 1.4-
pea subfamily. 2.5 cm long; bare white sand, partial shade; Lake Wales
[See Taylor, 133-135; Bell & Taylor, 159, for other Crotalaria spp.] endemic Ridge, Highlands Co.; dormant winter until Mar.

104. Croton humilis L. Correll & Correll, 790-792 pepperbush Euphorbiaceae; shrub, to 1 m tall; Ivs ovate, entire (may have tiny glandular
Correll & Johnston, 931 salvia spurge family, teeth at base), stellate pubescence not dense on lower
[See Taylor, 62-63; Bell & Taylor, 105, for other Croton spp.] Long & Lakela. 538 surface; staminate flrs with short petals, pistillate firs lack
FL, TX, West Indies & Mexico Small, 782, as C. berlandieri petals; hammocks, disturbed sites; Dade, Collier & Monroe
cos.; all year.

105. Cryptotaenia canadensis (L.) DC. Clewell, 504 honewort Umbelliferae/ perennial herb; up to 80 cm tall; Ivs cpd, with dilated stalks,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 457 wild chervil Apiaceae; long on lower Ivs, shorter on upper Ivs; flrs white, clustered;
Radford et al., 780-781* carrot family, floodplain forest; Gadsden, Jackson & Liberty cos.; Apr-Jul.
Small, 970
Que, N.B. to Man, south to GA, FL, AL & TX Smal, 970
Ward, 23-24,9

106. Ctenitis sloanei (Poepp. ex Spreng.) C.V. FNA, 302 red-hair comb fern Pteridophyta-- stolons absent; sterile & fertile leaves similar in appearance,
Lakela & Long, 157 Florida tree fern Dryopteridaceae, deltoid; veins free or only casually netted, petiole scales a
Morton Long & Lakela, 98-99* Polypodiaceae; tangled tuft of multicellular hairs with reddish crosswalls;
synonym: Dryopteris ampla (Humb. & Bonp.) Kuntze Small,: ferns, 290, 292-293* wood fern family. sori round, indusia soon deciduous (appears absent);
limestone ledges, rockland hammocks, cypress strand
FL, West Indies, Central & South America __ swamps; Broward, Collier, Dade, Manatee & Polk cos.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"1 edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 15

page 16


107. Ctenitis submarginalis (Langsd. & Fischer) FNA, 302 brown-hair comb fern Pteridophyta-- stolons absent; sterile & fertile leaves similar in appearance,
Lakela & Long, 157 Dryopteridaceae; linear-oblong; veins free or only casually netted, petiole
Ching Long & Lakela, 98 wood fern family. scales not densely tangled; sori round, indusia soon
synonym: Thelypteris submarginalis (Langsd. & Fisch.) Small Small: ferns, 258-260* deciduous (appears absent); cypress swamps, rockland
hammocks, spoil banks; Broward, Collier, Dade, Hardee,
FL, LA, West Indies, Central & South America ___ Palm Beach & Seminole cos.

108. Cteniumfloridanum (A.S. Hitchcock) A. S. Godfrey & Wooten, 11-210 Florida toothache grass Gramineae/ herb, slender scaly rhizomes; immediately recognizable by
& 212 Poaceae; its solitary curved one-side spike which resembles a
Hitchcock Hall, 198-199 grass family. toothbrush; no glands on the 2"d glume, and a more slender
Hitchcock & Chase, 516 awn than for C. aromaticum; pinelands; Alachua, Bradford,
Jones & Coile, 34 Clay, Columbia, Duval, Putnam & St. Johns cos.
FL & GA Small, 114, as Campulosus

109. Cucurbita okeechobeensis (Small) Bailey Long & Lakela, 814 Okeechobee gourd Cucurbitaceae; vine; Ivs with 5 to 7 lobes, clammy pubescence; firs cream
Federal Register, 12 July 1993 Small, 1286 Indian pumpkin gourd family. colored; frt to 9 cm wide, globose, green streaked or flecked
Ward, 81-83* with white; wet hammocks, ditch banks; Glades, Lake, Palm
endemic Wunderlin, 352 Beach, Seminole & Volusia cos.; Mar-May.
Syst. Botany 18(2):175-187

110. Cupania glabra Swartz Long & Lakela, 575 cupania Sapindaceae; small tree; Ivs alternate, cpd with 6 -12 If-lets, shallowly
Small, 829 Florida toadwood soapberry family. toothed; small firs in panicle; capsules top-shaped, each with
W: Scuribck, p. 70 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America Ward, 24-25* 3 seeds; rockland hammocks; Keys (Monroe Co.); fall.

I11. Cuphea aspera Chapman Clewell, 425 tropical waxweed Lythraceae; perennial, to .5 m tall, roots fusiform distally; Ivs whorled,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 377- Chapman's waxweed loosestrife family, to 2 cm long; firs opposite or whorled, pedicels 5-15 mm
378* long, 6 lavender or white petals, hypanthium with glandular
endemic Small, 932, as Parsonia hairs; flatwoods; Calhoun, Franklin & Gulf cos.; May-Jul.

112. Cynoglossum virginianum L. Clewell, 256 wild comfrey Boraginaceae; perennial herb, to /4 m tall; Ivs basal, and 2-4 on lower
Radford et al, 880* borage family. stem, rough bristly, upper stem naked; iiflor. terminal; firs
CN south to FL, west to IL, OK, LA Small, 1122 with blue or white petals; frts mericarps, with short stiff
Ward, 134-135 ___spines; bluffs; Gadsden & Liberty cos.; Mar-Apr.

113. Cyperusfloridanus Britton Correll & Correll, 218 Florida flatsedge Cyperaceae; perennial herb, tufted stems; Ivs filiform, longer than stem;
Long & Lakela, 208, as sedge family. 2-3 If-like bracts to 10 cm long; infl. loosely capitate &
C. filiformis solitary per stem; spikelets deciduous above lower pair of
Small, 150 scales, to 10 mm long and 1 mm wide; scales maroon with
Fl & West Indies green keel; 3 stamens, 3 stigmas; sandy soil; Collier, Dade
& Monroe cos.

--"'--I----l--LYrYc--~-r_-~,~_~.~__~i, ~W;________~__,~~~~~_~itrr.Y~__iliic~l


114. Cyperusfuligineus Chapman Correll & Correll, 218 limestone flatsedge Cyperaceae; perennial herb, densely tufted, knotty rhizomes; Ivs revolute,
Long & Lakela, 208-209 sedge family. sheaths maroon-red to blackish; If-like bracts [2 in C.&C.; 3-
Small, 153 4 in L.&L.!]; spikelets densely crowded into solitary
spherical head to 1.5 cm wide; scales striate, brown with
FL & West Indies lighter keel ending in short mucro; 3 stamens, 3 stigmas;
achene 3-angled; oolitic soils; Monroe (Keys) Co.; Fall.

115. Cyrtopodium punctatum (L.) Lindl. Long & Lakela, 334 cow-horn orchid, Orchidaceae; terrestrial or epiphytic; pseudobulbous stems, leafy at
Luer, 232-234* cigar orchid orchid family. summit; diffuse panicle, firs reddish-brown, flushed with
Small, 394 butterfly orchid yellow, sepals greenish-yellow blotched with purple;
: DPIposter, plate #38Central & South America Ward, 83-84 bee-swarm orchid rockland hammocks, marl prairie, strand swamp; Broward,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 148 Collier, Dade, Lee, Martin, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.

116. Dalbergia brownii (Jacq.) Schinz Godfrey & Wooten II, 249 Brown's Indian Leguminosae/ scandent or trailing shrub to 5 m; Ivs 1 (to 3) foliate,
SIel a re W e e D. Isely, 56 rosewood Fabaceae; subcordate bases, tips acute to almost acuminate, glabrous;
Both Isely and Godfrey & Wooten use: D. bronei (Jacq.) Urban Long & Lakela, 476, as D. red fowl legume family frs numerous, white or pink, fragrant, 8-10 mm long;
amerimnon barbasco Papilionoideae; legume oval or oblong 1 to 6 cm long and 8-10 mm wide;
Small, 711, as Amerimnon cruceta pea subfamily. I to 4 seeds; margins of hammocks or mangroves; roadsides;
America Standley & Steyermark, Dade & Monroe cos.; spring, summer.
:; Scurlock, p. 71 FL, Mexico, Central & South America V: 202

117. Dalea carthagenensis (Jacq.) J. F. Macbride Isely, 81-82 Florida prairie clover Leguminosae/ contorted, shrubby, woody or herbaceous, to 2 m tall; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 4 /s Cartagena prairie clover Fabaceae; pinnate with terminal Iflet, Iflets 15-23; corolla of 5 petals,
Small, 694-695, as Parosela legume family. sub-papilionaceous, wings and keel arise from side of
[See Taylor, 56 & 220; Bell & Taylor, 160, for other Dalea spp.] floridana Papilionoideae; stamen tube, greenish-white fading to maroon; pineland,
D. carthagenensis var. floridana (Rydberg) Barneby is endemic pea subfamily hammocks; all year.

118. Deeringothamnus pulchellus Small Long & Lakela, 421 white squirrel-banana Annonaceae; short shrub; firs with linear, creamy white petals, pleasant
Federal Register, 26 Sep 1986 endemic Small, 532 beautiful pawpaw custard-apple scent; grassy flatwoods, road edges; Charlotte, Lee &
Wunderlin, 189 family. Orange cos.; Mar-May.

119. Deeringothamnus rugelii (B.L. Rob.) Small Small, 532 yellow squirrel-banana, Annonaceae; short shrub; Ivs to 7 cm long, oblong to oval or obovate; firs
eeral Regiter, 2 Sep 1 Ward, 25-26* Rugel's pawpaw custard-apple with oblong, canary yellow petals, fragrant; wet pine
Federal Register, 26 Sep 1986endemic Wunderlin, 189 family. flatwoods, powerline right-of-way; Volusia Co.; Apr-Jun.

120. Delphinium carolinianum Walter Clewell, 461 Carolina larkspur Ranunculaceae; herb; Ivs cpd, palmately divided; petals 4, blue, lower petals
C, K IL, 1 wes o ou o L Gleason & Cronquist, 51 buttercup family. bifid and bearded, 2 upper petals with a long spur extending
NC, KY, IL, IO, west to KS, south to FL, TX Radford etal., 454-455 into the spurred sepal; calcareous slopes; Gadsden Co.; May.
Small, 515

121. Dennstaedtia bipinnata (Cav.) Maxon FNA, 200-201 cuplet fern Pteridophyta-- fern; stout stems 5-6 mm wide; Ivs. 3-compound, to 2.7 m
Lakela & Long, 59 & 610 hay-scented fern Polypodiaceae/ long, lustrous, subcoriaceous; sori at end of small lateral
Small: ferns, 321 & 322* bipinnate cuplet fern Dennstaedtiaceae; veins and with cup-shaped indusia; deep muck soil of
West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 26-27 polypody family. hammocks; Duval, Okeechobee, Palm Beach & Seminole
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America
SWunderlin, 37 1 cos.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 513-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 17

page 18


122. Dicerandra christmanii Huck & Judd Systematic Botany Christman's mint Labiatae/ northern Highlands Co. specimens of "old" D. frutescens
Federal Register, 21 Sept 1989 14(2):197-213 1989 Garrett's mint Lamiaceae; actually D. christmanii. Lvs with eucalyptus-oil scent;
mint family. corollas persistently cream-colored, with magenta spots;
endemic anthers brilliant yellow; yellow sand, oak scrub; Highlands

123. Dicerandra cornutissima Huck Wunderlin, 318 Robin's mint, Labiatae/ shrub to Y2 m tall; Ivs about 1.5 cm long, linear, with entire
Federal Register, 1 Nov 1985 long-spurred mint Lamiaceae; margins, glandular, fragrant; tirs in groups in axils, 2-lipped,
mint family. 7 mm long, purplish-rose with deep purple marking and
whitish throat; 4 stamens, each anther half tipped by 1.2 mm
long hom; style glabrous or with few hairs; on yellow sand
endemic in sand pine scrub or oak scrub sandhills; Sumter
(extirpated?) & Marion cos; Sep-Oct.

124. Dicerandrafrutescens Shinners Ward, 84 Lloyd's mint, Labiatae/ shrub to /2 m tall; Ivs to 2.5 cm long, narrowly oblong,
Federal Register, 1 Nov 1985 Wunderlin, 319 scrub mint Lamiaceae; entire margins, crushed foliage with scent of peppermint;
mint family. firs in pairs, petals 2-lipped, pale pink [quickly fades to
bright white] with purplish-rose dots; stamens 4, each anther
half with spur less than 1 mm long, anthers purplish; style
: Bell & Taylor, p. 237 endemic hairy; on yellow sand in sand pine scrub, openings and
________________ ________ paths; Highlands & Polk cos.; Sep-Oct.

125. Dicerandra immaculate Lakela Wunderlin, 319 Olga's mint, Labiatae/ shrub to 1/3 m tall; foliage fragrant, firs in cymes at tips of
Endangered Species Act: 1973; Federal Register, 23 July 1984, Lakela's mint Lamiaceae; stems, lavender-rose to purplish (rarely white) without spots
proposed rule1985 mint family, separates this from all other Dicerandras in se US; yellow
SDPI ster plate #10 endemic sand in sand pine scrub, disturbed areas; Indian River & St.
0: DPI poster, plate #10 endemic Lucie cos.; Sep-Oct.
Lucle cos.; Sep-Oct.

126. Digitaria pauciflora A.S. Hitchc. Chase, 582-583 FL pineland crabgrass Gramineae/ perennial herb to 1 m tall; raceme rachis wingless,
endemic Hall, 375 twospike fingergrass Poaceae; triangular, fertile lemma pale or gray; pine rocklands, marl
Small, 51 grass family, prairie; Collier (error), Dade cos.; Nov.

127. Dirca palustris L. Clewell, 498 leatherwood Thymelaeaceae; shrub, to 2 m tall, bark is smooth & pliable (stems difficult
Godfrey, 673-675* swamp-wood mezereum family, to bend and break), tips of twigs enlarged; Ivs oval to
Radford et al., 736,737* moose-wood elliptic or obovate; firs in axillary clusters of 2-3, before Ivs,
Small, 919 leather-bark with tubular yellowish calyx & tiny petals between the
Ward, 135-136 stamens at base of calyx; frt red to purple drupes 5-8 mm
Canada, south to FL, AL, AR and OK long; rich, wooded ravine slopes & bluffs; Gadsden, Jackson
& Liberty cos.; early spring.

128. Dodecatheon media L. Gleason & Cronquist, 224 shooting star Primulaceae; perennial herb; Ivs entire; scape to 6/10 m tall, topped with
Radford et al., 819, 820* primrose family, umbel of up to 15 firs, corollas white or pink, united at
MD south to FL & AL, west to W, MN, IA, OK, TX Small, 1027 base, petals reflexed; stamens extend forward; rich
______ moist woodlands; Gadsden Co.; Mar-Apr.

__~ _11__1 ______1 ____


129. Dodonaea elaeagnoides Rudolph ex Ledeb. & Blumea 28:271-289 [19831 Keys hopbush Sapindaceae; Shrub, to 3 m tall; Ivs obovate, to 8 cm long, tips rounded to
Small, 821, as D. soapberry family. squared (sometimes with notch or mucro), not varnished;
Alderstam microcarya inflor glandular; firs unisexual, sepals 4, stamens 6 or 7
Kartesz: D. viscosa (L.) Jacq. (completely suppressed in ? firs); frts 4-7 mm long, with 2-4
mm wide wing, wing fused to style base; hammocks; Keys
S: Scurlock, p. 72; Nelson, plate #133 FL & West Indies (Monroe Co.).

130. Droserafiliformis Raf. Clewell, 345 dew-threads Droseraceae; glandular herb with a corm-like base, forming over-
[typo on list: D.filifolia] Godfrey & Wooten, 186- thread-leaf sundew sundew family. wintering structures (hibernacula); erect Ivs thread-like (less
187 than 1 mm wide and to 25 cm long), covered with purplish
Radford etal., 517* to red glandular hairs; firs rose-pink, on tall scapes; damp
r: Bell & Taylor, p. 175 MA to SC; FL Small, 579 [as D. racyi, in sand, edge of lakes, exposed lake bottoms; Bay &
part] Washington cos.; May, fruits in Oct.

131. Drypetes diversifolia Krug & Urban Correll & Correll, 795-798* milkbark Euphorbiaceae; shrub or tree to 12 m, bark white, rough; 2 types of Ivs:
Long & Lakela, 546 whitewood spurge family. lower Ivs short petiole, rounded base, tips mucronate, spine-
Small, 780 toothed margins & upper Ivs petioles I cm+, base rounded
to wedge-shaped, tips blunt to acuminate, margins entire;
firs unisexual, in axillary clusters, 5 sepals, no petals, 8
r: Scurlock, p. 73; Nelson, plate #53 FL & West Indies stamens; frts ivory-white drupes to 2.5 cm long; hammocks;
Dade & Keys of Monroe cos. ; spring.

132. Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench Clewell, 304 purple coneflower Compositae/ perennial herb; Ivs alternate, simple, lanceolate to elliptic or
Cronquist, 29 Asteraceae; ovate, to 15 cm long and 10 cm wide, hairy on both sides;
Radford etal.. 1110 daisy family. involucral bracts in several rows; ray firs pink (ours),
FL to LA to OK, north to VA, OH, MI, IL, OH, KY, NC, SC, TN Steyermark, 1560 tribe: Heliantheae. drooping, disc firs surpassed by the stout bracts of the cone;
calcareous openings in mesic forest; Gadsden Co.; May.

133. Eleocharis rostellata (Torrey) Torrey Correll & Johnston, 272 beaked spikerush Cyperaceae; perennial herb, with vertical caudex; Ivs bladeless sheaths
Godfrey & Wooten, 326, sedge family, only; spikes ovoid, thicker than the supporting stem, scales
329* of spike spirally arranged; bristles long as achene &
Canada to FL, NY to IL, KS, OK, TX, CA, UT, WY, NM, Mexico, West Indies, tubercle, with down-pointed teeth; achene 3-angled, tapered
Central & South America into a pyramidal tubercle, olive-brown, smooth, no ribs;
prairies and swamps; Taylor, Santa Rosa & Wakulla cos.
134. Eltroplectris calcarata (Hooker f.) Garay & Correll & Correll, 350-351* spurred neottia Orchidaceae; terrestrial; 1 to 3 Ivs, 9-15 cm long and petiolate; peduncle 3
Long & Lakela, 323 orchid family, dm long; firs white and greenish, lateral sepals form a spur;
Sweet Luer, 124-1250 lip is fringed; dense hammocks; Dade & Highlands cos.;
synonym: Centrogenlum setaceum (Lindl.) Schlecht. Small, 384 winter-spring.
Ward, 18
FL, West Indies, South America Wunderlin, 149

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 19

page 20


135. Encyclia boothiana (Lindl.) Dressier Correll & Correll, 354-355* dollar orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pseudobulbs about size of silver dollar, Ivs up to
Luer uses: var. erythronioides (Small) Luer Long & Lakela, 332 FL dollar orchid orchid family. 15 cm long; firs greenish yellow, blotched with reddish
Luer, 204-205* purple, lip is pale yellow to white; low limbs of trees in
Small, 392 hammocks or thickets, marine tidal swamps; Dade, Indian
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America Ward, 27-28 River & Monroe cos.; Jun-Sep.
Fc Wunderlin, 149

136. Encyclia cochleata (L.) Lem6e Correll & Correll, 356-357 FL clamshell orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; 1 to 3 Ivs, to 30 cm long; firs yellowish with
Luer uses: var. triandra (Ames) Dressier for FL Long & Lakela, 3329 orchid family. purplish blotches at base, lip shell-like and velvety purple, 3
*: Bell & Taylor, p. 29 3 anthers: FL Luer, 202-203* sepals and other 2 petals long and ribbon-like; rockland
2 anthers: West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Small, 392, as Anacheilium hammocks, dome swamps, strand swamps; Broward,
Wunderlin, 149 Collier, Dade Lee & Monroe cos.; all year.

137, Encyclia pygmaea (Hook.) Dressier Long & Lakela, 332-333 dwarfepidendrum Orchidaceae; epiphyte; flrs are cradled between the Ivs on each
Luer, 200-201* orchid family. pseudobulb; sepals white, shading to yellow; two lateral
Small, 393, as Hormidium petals linear & white; lip white, 3-lobed, with rose purple
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 28-29 spot on tip of center lobe; Fakahatchee Strand; Collier
SCo.; Oct-Feb.

138. Epidendrum acunae Dressier Luer, 219-220* Acuna's epidendrum Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pendent, stems to 1 m, continue to lengthen after
Kartesz: E. blancheanum Urban Ward, 29 orchid family. flowering; 2 to 6 Ivs, to 12 cm long; 1-3 firs, brownish-
green; 2 cm long capsule; Collier Co. (extirpated?); May-
FL, Cuba, Mexico, Central America Jun. Luer: Eramosum is a smaller plant, each branch
terminates after flowering.

139. Epidendrum anceps Jacq. Long & Lakela, 330 dingy-flowered Orchidaceae; epiphyte; erect, stems to 1.1 m tall; 5-13 Ivs, up to 18 cm
Kartesz: E. secundum Jacq. Luer, 210-211 epidendrum orchid family, long and 4 wide (L&L, p 329: 6+ cm wide), green usually
Wunderlin, 149-150 but also red to maroon; dense capitate raceme of up to 25
firs, brownish (yellow-green, red-brown, or bronze tinged
purple) petals, lip adheres to column and flares to spade-
shaped; rockland hammocks, dome swamps, strand swamps,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America hammocks; Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee, Martin & Monroe
cos.; Jan-Jul and all year.

140. Epidendrum difforme Jacq. Long & Lakela, 330 umbelled epidendrum Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pendent stems to 30 cm long; 5-10 Ivs, up to 10
synonym: Neolehmannia difformis (Jacq.) Pabst Luer, 212-213* orchid family. cm long and 3 cm wide, fleshy, glossy; 3-20 firs in compact
O: DPI poster, plate #30 raceme, greenish, variable in size; bracts linear and not
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America enclosing ovary; hammocks; Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee,
S_______ ______ Monroe, Palm Beach & Polk cos.; Aug-Nov. and all year.

141. Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. Correll & Correll, 365-366* night-smelling Orchidaceae; epiphyte; erect stems to 1 m tall; 4-10 Ivs, to 15 cm long and
Long & Lakela, 330 epidendrum orchid family. 2.5 wide, leathery; firs bloom singly and In slow succession,
Luer, 214-2150 night-scented yellow sepals and petals long, narrow, spreading, lip 3-lobed
Ward, 84-85* epidendrum & white; fragrant at night; rockland hammocks, strand
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 150 swamps, dome swamps; Broward, Collier, Dade, Martin,
Monroe & Palm Beach cos.; Jul-Dec and all year.


142. Epidendrum rigidum Jacq. Correll & Correll, 366, 368 rigid epidendrum Orchidaceae; epiphyte; ascending stems to 20 cm; 2-6 Ivs, to 8 cm long
Long & Lakela, 330 orchid family, and 15 mm wide, leathery, keeled; firs alternate on spike,
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 31 Luer, 216-2170 greenish, insignificant; rockland hammocks, dome
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 150 swamps, strand swamps; Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee &
Monroe cos., Oct-May.
143. Epidendrum strobiliferum Reichenb. f. Long & Lakela, 329 matted epidendrum Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pendent stems to 18 cm long, numerous & matted;
Luer, 218-2190 orchid family. 2-8 Ivs, to 5 cm long and 1 cm wide, rigid, leathery, green to
reddish-brown; firs terminal, 3 to 4, pale yellow, hidden by
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America large bracts; strand swamp; Collier Co.; Oct-Nov and all
144. Epigaea repens L. Clewell, 348 trailing arbutus Ericaceae; trailing shrub; evergreen Ivs; corolla white to pink,
Gleason & Cronquist, 209 heath family, densely pubescent within; bluffs, mixed hardwood
Godfrey, 238-240* forest; Escambia, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa &
Radford etal., 810-811* Walton cos.; Dec-Feb.
Newfoundland, Quebec to Saskatchewan, south to IA, FL& MS Small, 1005
Ward, 137-138k

145. Eragrostis tracyi Hitchcock Hall, 175 Sanibel lovegrass Gramineae/ annual (occasionally perennial) herb; delicate grass; beach
Ward, 86 Sanibel Island Poaceae; dunes, maritime hammocks, coastal strand, coastal
endemic Wunderlin, 77 lovegrass grass family. grassland, old fields, clearings, disturbed sites; Lee,
Manatee, Pinellas & Sarasota cos.; all year.
146. Eriocaulon nigrobracteatum Orzell & Bridges Phytologia 74(2): 104-124, dark-headed hatpins Eriocaulaceae; perennial herb, forming dense clumps, with fleshy,
Feb. 1994 hatpins family. unbranched septate roots; Ivs in basal rosette, septate, up to
4 cm long and 1 mm wide (smallest E. in eastern N Am.
north of Mexico); involucral bracts uniformly dark gray, not
reflexed; receptacle glabrous; sepals with white clavate
[see Taylor, 31; Bell & Taylor, 52, for other Eriocaulon spp.] endemic hairs, black anthers; seepage bogs; Bay & Calhoun cos.;
147. Eriogonumfloridanum Small Small, 445 scrub-buckwheat Polygonaceae; herbaceous perennial with woody rootstock; to 1 m tall;
Eriogonum longifolium Nutt. var. gnaphalifolium Gandog. is listed Ward, 86-87 Florida umbrella plant buckwheat family, flowering stems with alternate Ivs; flrs grouped into heads
as threatened by Federal Register, 18 Mar. 1993. Wunderlin, 169 with bracts beneath, 6 linear sepals, no petals; sandhill,
Kartesz: E. longifolium var. gnaphalifolium scrub, longleafpine, Lake Wales Ridge; Highlands, Lake,
t: Taylor, p. 42 endemic Marion, Orange, Osceola, Polk & Sumter cos.; all year.

148. Ernodea cokeri Britt. ex Coker Correll & Correll, 1389- one-nerved emodea Rubiaceae; shrub; leaves narrowly linear, to 3 mm wide, 1-nerved;
FL & West Indies 1391 madder family, corolla tube pink or red; calyx as long or longer than fruit;
pine rocklands; Dade Co., all year.
149. Eryngium cuneifolium Small Small, 964 scrub eryngium Umbelliferae/ herb; erect; Ivs divided or lobed, 3-5 teeth at tip, Ivs reduced
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 Wunderlin, 281 snakeroot Apiaceae; in number up the stem; capitate inflorescence, whitish firs
[See Taylor, 69, 260; Bell & Taylor, 224, for other Erynglum spp.] endemic carrot family, age powder blue; sand pine scrub; Highlands Co.; Sep-Nov.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 21

page 22


150. Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin Clewell, 179 dimpled dogtooth- Liliaceae; herbaceous perennial from corm; 2 Ivs, fleshy, about 10 cm
Gleason & Cronquist, 834 violet lily family, long, mottled (like a trout); solitary flr on long stalk,
l & T o, p. 1 V, W M, h t F & A Small, 292 trout lily greenish or purplish outside and yellow inside, recurved;
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 14 VA, WV, MD, south to FL & AL
Ward, 88-89 amberbell stream banks and bluffs; Gadsden & Leon cos.; Feb-Mar.

151. Eugenia confusa DC. Correll & Correll, 1044 redberry eugenia Myrtaceae; tree, up to 6 m tall; scaly bark, red-brown heartwood; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 645 tropical ironwood myrtle family, to 5 cm long, with prolonged tip; frt scarlet, 5-8 mm wide;
Scurlock, p. 80 FL & West Indies Small, 936 ironwood rockland hammocks; Dade, Lee, Martin & Monroe cos.;
Wunderlin, 272 Mar-Jul.

152. Eugenia rhombea (Berg) Krug & Urban Correll & Correll, 1044 red stopper Myrtaceae; tree to 3 m tall; Ivs 3-6 cm long, opposite; inflorescence
Long & Lakela, 645 myrtle family. axillary, pedicel 1 cm long [E. axillaris has longer pedicels];
Small, 935 berries black to 8 mm wide; rockland hammocks; Dade,
Ameic Ward, 29-30 (erroneously in Lee) & Monroe cos.; Apr-Sep.
0: Scurlock, p. 82 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America W delin, 272 ( n in L

153. Euonymus atropurpurea Jacq. Clewell, 268 burning bush Celastraceae; shrub or small tree; Ivs to 12 cm long and 6 cm wide,
Gleason & Cronquist, 329 wahoo staff-tree family. toothed; inflor. axillary cymes on peduncles V' as long as
Note: Kartesz spells it Evonymus" All refs. to right use E. Godfrey, 195-196* spindle tree Ivs; petals 4, maroon, with hyaline margins: dangling
atropurpureu; Kartesz uses E. atropurpurea. Radford et at., 685-686* strawberry bush pinkish-purple capsule 4-lobed, splits but not reflexing;
NY to ND, south to FL & TX Small, 818 arrow wood scarlet seed; stream banks; Gadsden & Liberty cos.; Apr.

154. Eupatoriumfrustratum B.L. Robins. Cronquist, 185 Cape Sable Compositae/ herbs, to 20 cm tall; Ivs simple, over 15 mm wide, 2-5 cm
n et al. ue Cu ( bins) King & Long & Lakela, 873 thoroughwort Asteraceae; long, deltoid-ovate, ovate, or ovate-lanceolate, wedge-like
Wunderlin et a. use Chromoaenafrusraum (B.L.Robins.) King & Small, 1320, as Osmia daisy family. base, margins with shallow teeth; inflor. diffuse; flrs all
[see Taylor, 112-114; Bell & Taylor, 251-252, for other Eupatorium spp.] endemic frustrate tribe: Eupatorieae. discs, blue or lavender; coastal hammocks; Monroe
(including Keys) Co.; all year.

155. Euphorbia commutata Engelm. Clewell, 357 wood spurge Euphorblaceae; herb, with milky sap, decumbent stem; Ivs alternate,
Radford et al., 670, as E. spurge family. spathulate to ovate or lanceolate, margins entire; bracteal Ivs
commutatus opposite, smaller than stem Ivs, reniform to ovate-reniform;
Small, 801, as Galarhoeus cyathia 4-lobed, glands yellowish, with long tail-like tips;
[Se Ta. or, 61, forE polyp hyll G, Wunderlin, 241-242 woods and stream banks; Gadsden, Jackson, Levy & Marion
[See Taylor, 61,forpop FL, GA, SC, to PA, MO, MN cos.; spring.

156. Euphorbia telephioides Ciapman Clewell, 358 Telephus spurge Euphorbiaceae; herb; Ivs sessile; glands of involucre without subulate
rl R r, 8 My a tr Small, 801 spurge family. appendages, cyathia green to reddish, on peduncles less than
Federal Register, 8 May 1992, as threatened 2 cm; wet flatwoods, wiregrass areas; Bay, Franklin & Gulf
______cos.; May-Jul.

157. Evolvulus convolvuloides (Willd. ex J.A. Correll & Correll, 1170- dwarf bindweed Convolvulaceae; herb, prostrate, creeping; Ivs nearly glabrous below at
1171 morning-glory maturity, to 2 cm long, oblong-ovate or obovate; firs solitary
Schultes) Steam These as: E. glaber: family. in axils, blue, pink or white, to 1 cm wide; coastal on
[see Taylor, 90; Bell & Taylor, 113, for E. sericeus] Long & Lakela, 714 limestone or coral rock; Dade & Monroe (Keys); all year
FL, West Indies, South America Small, 1082


158. Evolvulus grisebachii Peter Long & Lakela, 714 Grisebach's bindweed Convolvulaceae; herb, tufted, suberect, silvery hairs; Ivs suborbicular to
Small, 1082, as E. wrighlii morning-glory ovate, ca. 1 cm long, acute tips; firs white or blue, 8-9 mm
family, wide; pinelands, glades; Keys (Monroe Co.); all year.
FL, West Indies

159. Exostema caribaeum (Jacq.) J.A. Schultes Correll & Correll, 1393- princewood Rubiaceae; shrub or tree, to 7 m tall, bark bitter (once used to reduce
1394* Caribbean princewood madder family. fever); Ivs opposite, 4-8 cm long, oblong-lanceolate to
Long & Lakela, 798 Jesuit bark ovate, acuminate tips, conspicuous veins; firs fragrant,
Small, 1256 solitary in If axils, calyx tubular, to 4 mm long, corolla
tubular, lobes linear, to 4.5 cm long, white or pinkish, fade
0: Scurlock, p. 83 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America to orange; frts woody capsules, to 1.5 cm long; hammocks,
pinelands; Keys (Monroe Co.); spring.

160. Forestiera godfreyi L. C. Anderson Godfrey, 503, 505-506* Godfrey's swamp privet Oleaceae; shrub or small tree; firs very early in spring on twigs of
olive family, previous season before new growth; petaloid sepals; separate
male & female firs; mesic calcareous wood; Alachua,
also in 1 SC county Gadsden, Gilchrist, Jackson, Levy, Liberty & Jefferson cos.;
early spring.

161. Galactia smallii H.F. Rogers ex Herndon Isely, 152 Small's milkpea Leguminosae/ herb; prostrate and twining; stems to 2 m long; hairy;
Endangered Species Act 1973; Federal Register, 18 July 1985 Long & Lakela, 494, as Fabaceae; Iflets 3, 1-2.2 cm long; firs 1-5 on long stalk; corollas
G. prostrata legume family. 11-12 mm long, pink-purple or lavender, fading pale;
[See Taylor, 56 & 247; Bell & Taylor, 163-164, for other Galactia spp.] endemic mall, 719 Papilionoideae; legume 3-4 cm long, 4 mm wide; pine rocklands; Dade Co.;
pea subfamily. May-Jul.

162. Galeandra beyrichii Reichenb. f Long & Lakela, 324 helmet orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial, up to 1 m tall; 1-2 ephemeral Ivs, to 25 cm long
Luer, 245-2460 orchid family, and 3 cm wide, 3 ribbed; terminal raceme with to 12 firs,
pale yellow-green petals, green and purple striped lip with
FL, West Indies, Central & South America ruffled edge, lip attached to base of the column;
edges of sinkholes in rockland hammock; Dade Co.

163. Gentianapennelliana Fernald Clewell, 367 wiregrass gentian Gentianaceae; herb; Ivs linear-spatulate; firs solitary, not involucrate;
Godfrey & Wooten II, 536 gentian family. corolla white, spotted with blue-green internally; wet
Long & Lakela, 697 flatwoods, slash pine plantations, roadside ditches; Bay,
Small, 1054, as Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla
endemic G. tenuifolia & Walton cos.; Oct-Feb.
____________________________________ Ward89-9_endemic____________________________________
Ward, 89-90k

164. Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R. Br. Clewell, 185 downy rattlesnake Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; flowering stem with 4-14 bracts; Ivs basal
Gleason & Cronquist, 855 orchid orchid family. rosette, ovate to lanceolate, dark green midrib bordered by
Radford et al., 350-351* downy rattlesnake pair of white stripes and with net-like white veins; lip
Quebec, ME to MN, south to SC, FL, AL, AR plantain pouchy, sac less than half as long as the body; hammocks;
_Liberty Co.; Jun.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2n edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 23

page 24


165. Gossypium hirsutum L. Correll & Correll, 925-927* wild cotton Malvaceae; herb or shrub to 4 m tall; 3-lobed Ivs; involucel (below
Long & Lakela, 591 short-staple cotton mallow family, calyx) with 2 5 bracts with lacy tips; petals white, fade to
Small, 861 upland cotton pink and rose; seed with long hairs; coastal hammocks, shell
O: Nelson, plate #85; DPI poster, plate #13 FL, West Indies, Mexico Ward, 30-31 mounds, coastal berm; Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Lee,
Wunderlin, 256 ___Manatee, Monroe, Pinellas & Sumter cos.; all year.

166. Govenia utriculata (Swartz) Lindley Correll & Correll, 369-370,k Gowen's orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb to 0.5 m tall; Ivs 2, dark green, fan-like; 5-15
Long & Lakela, 324 orchid family. firs, white with lavender spots, lip arises from base of
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Luer, 243, 245* column, lateral sepals fused with lip; rockland hammocks;
Dade Co. (extirpated?); Nov-Dec.

167. Guaiacum sanctum L. Correll & Correll, 718-720* lignum vitae Zygophyllaceae; tree to 10 m tall; hard wood, close grain; Ivs opposite, with
Kartesz: Guajacum Long & Lakela, 508* holywood caltrop family. 3-4 pairs of If-lets; flrs to 3 cm wide, petals blue; frt 5-
*: Scurlock, p.89; Nelson, plate # 85; DPI poster, plate #12 Small, 755 tree of life angled, bright orange; seed black with scarlet fleshy coat;
FL, West Indies, Central & South America Ward 90-91 rockland hammocks; Dade & Monroe cos.

168; Guzmania monostachia (L.) Rusby ex Mez in Correll & Correll, 274, Fuchs' bromeliad Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; vase-shaped; red bracts beneath the white firs:
276-277' strap-leaved guzmania pineapple family, attractive; rockland hammocks, strand swamp; Collier, Dade
DC. Long & Lakela, 269 & Monroe cos.; all year.
Small, 272
': DPI poster, plate #59 FL, West Indies, South America Ward, 31-32_

169. Gyminda latifolia (Sw.) Urban Correll & Correll, 867* West Indian false-box Celastraceae; shrub or tree, to 8 m tall, twigs 4-angled; Ivs opposite,
Long & Lakela, 568-569 false boxwood staff-tree family. evergreen, 2-4 cm long, entire or slightly crenate above
Small, 819 walla-berry middle, oblong-ovate or ellipitic; inflor axillary clusters; d'
& q firs on separate plants, petals 4, white, to 2 mm long; frt
*: Scurlock, p. 93; Nelson, plate #40 FL, West Indies, Mexico a drupe, to 8 mm long, dark blue or reddish black when ripe;
hammocks; Dade and Keys (Monroe) cos.; all year.

170. Habenaria distans Griseb. Godfrey & Wooten I, 635, distans habenaria Orchidaceae; terrestrial; erect, up to 30 cm tall; Ivs 5, basal rosette, glossy
6364 orchid family, green, to 10 cm long and 3.5 cm wide; infl. a spike with
Luer, 160-161* widely separated firs, flrs "spidery," greenish, lip 3-parted
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Small, 372 with club-shaped spur; hydric hammocks, strand swamps;
FL, West Ind, M C l & S h A a Wunderlin, 150 Collier, Highlands, Lee & Manatee cos.; Aug-Sep.

171. Harperocallisflava McDaiiel Clewell, 179 Harper's beauty Melanthiaceae; perennial; Ivs basal, linear; single terminal fir, 3 yellow
Federal Register, 2 Oct 1979 monotypic genus Ward, 32-33* bunchflower petals & 3 yellow sepals (become externally green and
family. Or, internally greenish with purple margins); 3 capitate stigmas;
O: DPI poster, plate #61 endemic Liliaceae; bogs, edge of titi swamps, roadsides; Franklin & Liberty
_______________________ __ lily family. cos.; Apr-May.

cirz~;yy_;-~m~iu~,u~-* ( ^~ra-r~.iyipi~p~-i~iii~*i~iri-r;-srP --l_laUL~~-r-rrrrw~-~*l~a~~aio~trr~a ..~isl --~ir~*~,~~ir~*lieu~a-i,(~*Y~c~~dr~



172. Hasteola robertiorum L. C. Anderson Systematic Botany 19(2): Gulf hammock Indian- Compositae/ perennial herb; latex pale brownish-yellow; stem to ca.
This genus was formerly Cacalia. 211-219 plantain Asteraceae; 1 m tall, strongly ridged, purplish basally; basal Ivs long
Gulf hammock cacalia daisy family. petiolate, deltoid; upper Ivs appear sessile due to decurrent
tribe: Senecioneae. tissue; infl flat-topped; heads with 8-9 bracts in single series
and 4-7 bracteoles 5-9 mm long, 10-14 firs in head; flr
endemic greenish white, 9-10 mm long; hydric hammocks, on muck
soil; Lake & Levy cos.; Oct.
173. Helianthus carnosus Small Cronquist, 43 flatwoods sunflower Compositae/ perennial; to I m tall; basal rosette from one side of bulbous
Godfrey & Wooten II, 764 Asteraceae; base, main stem from other; head solitary, disc ca. 1.5 cm
[see Taylor, 181-183,299; Bell & Taylor, 255-256, for other Helianthus spp.] Small, 1436 daisy family. wide, disc flrs yellow; wet sandy soil in flatwoods; Clay,
endemic tribe: Heliantheae. Flagler, St. Johns & Volusia cos.; Jun-Sep.

174. Heliotropiumfruticosum L. Long & Lakela, 729 Key West heliotrope Boraginaceae; annual, to 20 cm tall; Ivs elliptic, to 2.5 cm long; inflor with
Small, 1132, as H. borage family. bracts; corolla tube 2-3 mm long, white, with small
[see Taylor, 90-91; Bell & Taylor, 231, for other Heliotropium spp.] phyllostachyum swellings low in the throat; frts ca. 1.5 mm wide;
endemic hammocks, waste places; Key West (Monroe Co.).

175. Hepatica nobilis P. Mill. Clewell, 461 liverleaf Ranunculaceae; herb; Ivs basal, 3-lobed, hairy petioles; firs solitary, petals
H. americana (DC.) Ker is a synonym. Radford et al., 467-468,' buttercup family. absent; calcareous bluffs, riverbanks; Gadsden Co.; Feb-
Quebec to MN, south to FL, AL and MO Small 516 Mar.
Ward, 33-34

176. Hexalectris spicata (Walter) Barnh. Clewell, 186 crested coralroot Orchidaceae; terrestrial; Ivs absent at flowering; firs not spurred, golden
Luer, 174-175* brunetta orchid family. brown with purple veins, lip red-violet, 3-lobed, ca. 17 mm
Radford et al.., 354-355k long, column exposed, white; pine-hickory woods;
Small, 388 secondary woods, calcareous hammocks; Alachua, Brevard,
Wunderlin, 151 Calhoun, Citrus, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Hernando, Lake,
VA to MO, south to FL & TX, Mexico Lee, Leon, Levy, Jackson, Liberty, Pasco, Sarasota, St.
Johns, Sumter & Suwannee cos.; June-Aug.
177. Hibiscus poeppigii (Spreng.) Garcke Long & Lakela, 595 Poeppig's rose-mallow Malvaceae; shrub or herb, to ca. 2 m tall, slender branches; appressed
synonym: H. pilosus (Sw.) Faucett & Rendle Small, 855 mallow family. stellate hairs in dense lines; Ivs to 4 cm long, triangular-
ovate (may have 3 obscure lobes); firs solitary, nodding,;
bracts linear, to 9 mm long; calyx to 12 mm long; petals
*: Scurlock, p. 95 FL, West Indies, Mexico red, united into a tube; seeds wooly; hammocks; Dade &
Keys (Monroe) cos.; all year.
178. Hippomane mancinella L. Correll & Correll, 818, manchineel Euphorbiaceae; tree; up to 15 m tall; bark rough; milky sap causes severe
820-821* manzanillo spurge fmily. dermatitis; Ivs alternate, shiny, ovate, 5-8 cm long; terminal
Long & Lakela, 544 poison-guava spike; firs greenish; frt 2-2.5 cm wide, yellowish with rosy
*: Scurlock, p. 97; Nelson, plate #54 Small, 790 /i blush; hard stone; several seeds; coastal berm, rockland
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 92-94* hammocks, maritime hammocks, tidal swamp borders; Dade
___ &______________ & Monroe cos.; all year.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 25

page 26


179. Hybanthus concolor (Forst.) Spreng. Clewell, 513 green violet Violaceae; herb; Ivs 7-14 cm long on erect stems to V2 m tall; firs with
Radford et al., 723@ violet family. green petals, lower petal swollen; calcareous upland mixed
So south to NC, FL, AR Small, 894 forest; Gadsden Co.; Mar-May.
VT & Ontario to MI, KS, south to NC, FL, AR

180. Hydrangea arborescens L. Clewell, 480 wild hydrangea Hydrangeaceae; shrub; up to 2 m tall; bark papery and shreddy; Ivs opposite,
Glcason & Cronquist, 226 smooth hydrangea hydrangea deciduous, 18 X 12 cm, toothed; firs in flat terminal cluster,
Godfrey, 643-644 mountain hydrangea family. Or, large sterile firs on outside edges, firs white; rich woods,
Radford et al., 522-523* seven-bark Saxifragaceae; bluffs; Liberty Co.; Jun-Jul.
NY to OH, MO, OK, south to FL, LA AR Small, 597 American hydrangea saxifrage family,
Ward, 140

181. Hymenocallis godfreyi G.Lom. Smith & M.Darst Novon 4:396-399. 1994. Godfrey's spiderlily Amaryllidaceae; herb, with bulb; rhizomatous; 3 to 6 yellow-green Ivs, to 38
amaryllis family, cm long and 2.5 cm wide; flowering stem to 30 cm long; 2
Or, flowers, perianth tube to 8.5 cm long and green, broadly
e T r, 3; Bl & Ta 14-15, for o r H s e Liliaceae; funnelform staminal cup with dentate marginal horns; frts
[See Tajlor, 37; Bell & Taylor, 14-15, for other Hymenocallis spp.] endemic lily family, subglobose; burned marsh; Wakulla Co.; Mar-May.
lily family. subglobose; burned marsh; Wakulla Co.; Mar-May.

181. Hymenocallis henryae Traub Clewell, 519 Mrs. Henry's spiderlily Amaryllidaceae; perennial herb with bulb; up to 8 erect leaves, margins
Brittonia 42(3): 212-220 green pine lily amaryllis family. hyaline, to 60.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, appearing before
Or, the firs; 2 firs per stem, tube green, tepals greenish-white,
Liliaceae; stamina cup white, funnelform, irregularly toothed; cypress
lily family, depressions in flatwoods, margins of pine flatwoods,
endemic scrubby border to pine plantations; Bay, Gulf, Liberty &
,_Walton cos.; May-Jun.

183I Hypelate trifoliata Sw. Correll & Correll, 881-882* inkwood Sapindaceae; tree; to 13 m tall; white bark; heavy, close-grained wood; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 574 white ironwood soapberry family. evergreen, trifoliate; firs small, separate male & female on
Suckp98 F dir Small, 829 melochia same tree; frt a drupe, 8-9 mm wide, black; rockland
0: Scurlock, p. 98 FL & West Indies Ward, 94 ebony hammocks, pine rockland; Dade & Monroe cos.; Jun-Aug.

184. Hypericum cumulicola (Small) Adams Small, 874 Highlands scrub Guttiferae; perennial herb; branched; resembles yellow-flax; Ivs
l Rgis 2 J 1 Ward, 34-35* hypericum garcinia family, succulent, narrow, 4-5 mm long; firs 3-many, petals S
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 Wunderlin, 261 Or: yellow, stamens grouped in 4's; white sand, sand pine scrub,
synonym: Sanidophyllum cumulicola Small Hypericaceae; or, abundant after fires; Highlands & Polk cos.; Jul-Nov.

185. -Hypericum edisonianum (Small) Adams & Godfrey & Wooten, 1-340- Edison ascyrum Guttiferae; colonial shrub; to 1 m tall; highly branched at the top of
341 Edison's ascyrum garcinia family, plant; bark smooth, reddish brown to gray; Ivs opposite,
Robson Small, 868, as Ascyrum Or: deciduous, prominent persistent If bases; 4 sepals, 4 yellow
edisonianum Hypericaceae; or, petals; numerous stamens; depression marsh, seepage
Ward, 94-95 Clusiaceae slopes, wet prairie, wet flatwoods; DeSoto, Glades &
endemic Wunderlin, 261 Highlands cos.; all year.

- ------------ ---~....II.~,.~ .~~_~~__ ~ ___ _~~ __ __~~~___~~~ ___~~_~_~~


186. Hypericum lissophloeus Adams Clewell, 372 smooth-barked St. Guttiferae; shrub; bark on stem gun-barrel gray until exfoliating to
Godfrey, 359-361' John's wort garcinia family, show chestnut-brown inner bark; to 4 m tall; prop roots form
Godfrey & Wooten II. 343- water-cedar Or: on submerged stems; Ivs needle-like; sepal & petals 5, petals
endemic 344 Hypericaceae; or, yellow; seeds more than 1 mm long; pond margins, sinks;
Ward, 35-36' Clusiaceae Bay & Washington cos.; Jun-Oct.

187. Ilex krugiana Loesner Correll & Correll, 860-862* Krug's holly Aquifoliaceae; shrub or tree, to 11 m tall; Ivs evergreen, 4 to 7.5 cm long,
Long & Lakela, 567 holly family. entire (mostly); frt black, achenes smooth; rockland
FL & Cuba Small, 814 hammocks; Dade Co.; Feb-Jul.
FL & Cuba ad -96-S _____________
Ward, 95-96k

188. llicium parviflorum Michaux ex Vent. Godfrey, 383* star anise Illiciaceae; much like I. floridanum except the tips of If blades are
Small, 533 illicium family. obtuse and blunt or even rounded; firs much smaller, petals
0: Nelson, plate #64; DPI poster, plate #8 endemic Wunderlin, 188 yellow, 6-7 stamens; bottomland forest, wet hammocks;
Lake, Marion, Orange, Polk & Volusia cos.; Apr-Jun.

189. Indigofera keyensis Small Isely, 86 Keys' indigo Leguminosae/ annual or perennial herb, scrambling to 1 m long: stem with
Kartesz uses: trita L.f. va. keyensis (Small) Kartesz & Gandhi Small, 698 Fabaceae; small appressed, straight hairs; If-lets 5, opposite on If-stalk;
Isely uses: I. mucronata Sprengel ex DC. var. keyensis (Small) Isely legume family. corolla pink to salmon, 6-7 mm long; legume 3-4.5 cm long,
[See Taylor, 142, 220-221,302, for other Indigofera spp.) endemic Papilionoideae; usually curved; hammocks, disturbed areas; Keys (Monroe
pea subfamily. Co.); all year.

190. lonopsis utricularioides (Swartz) Lindl. Long & Lakela, 335 delicate ionopsis Orchidaceae; epiphyte; Ivs 1-5, rigid, rhizomes rather than pseudobulbs;
Luer, 268-270* orchid family. peduncle lateral & reaching past Ivs; cluster of firs; showy
: Bell & Taylor, p. 32; DPI poster, plate #40 mall, 396 firs, pinkish-lavender, somewhat resembles flowers of
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 151 Utricularia, the bladderworts; rockland hammocks, strand
swamp; Collier, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.; Jan-Apr.

191. Ipomoea microdactyla Griseb. Correll & Correll, 1178 wild potato morning Convolvulaceae; vine, stems become woody; Ivs 3-8 cm long, entire or 5-7
Long & Lakela, 721 glory morning-glory lobed; firs scarlet or crimson, stamens and style project
Small, 1088 [ pest plant air potato is family, outside tube, tube slender, 4-5 cm long, limb 4-5 cm wide,
0: DPI poster, plate #45 FL & Cuba Dioscorea bulbifera] showing signs of 5 tips; pine rockland, vacant lots; Dade
Co.; Apr-Nov.

192. Ipomoea tenuissima Choisy Long & Lakela, 722 rockland morning glory Convolvulaceae; vine; Ivs 3-5 cm long, variously shaped; firs purple, 3 cm
Small, 1085 morning-glory wide, stamens & style inside tube, flr solitary on stalks up to
Fl & West Indies family. 3 cm long; pine rocklands; Dade Co, escaped in Monroe
Co.; all year.

193. Isoetes engelmannii A. Braun Clewell, 41 Engelmann's quillwort Pteridophyta-- perennial emergent aquatic; rootstock cormlike, corky; Ivs
FNA, 70 Isoeteaceae; evergreen, to 90 cm long and 3 mm wide; sporangia at base
Radford et al., 9-101 quillwort family. of Ivs, velum covers half of sporangium, megaspores less
Small, ferns, 441-443* than 500A across; floodplains, creek banks; Clay, Duval,
Ontario, south to FL, from VA west to MO Franklin, Gadsden, Leon, Marion, Putnam & Wakulla cos.;
SI____. _______ Apr.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 27

page 28


194. Isopyrum biternatum (Raf.) Torrey & Gray Clewell, 462 false rue-anemone Ranunculaceae; herbaceous perennial, roots yellowish with tuberous tips; Ivs
Kartesz uses: Enemion biternaum Raf. Radford et al., 456* buttercup family. temately cpd, margins entire, Iflets lobes for more than half
Small, 512 the length; sepals 5, petaloid, white, to 1 cm long; no petals;
Ward, 141 numerous stamens; follicles stipitate and beaked; rich
Canada, to NY & MN, south to VA, rare in NC & SC, absent from GA, FL & AK woods, limestone ledges in hammocks; Jackson &
Washington cos.; Jan-Mar.

195. Isotria verticillata (Muhlen. ex Willd.) Raf. Clewell, 186 whorled pogonia Orchidaceae; terrestrial, to 30 cm tall; Ivs 5-6, whorled at top of stalk
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 650- orchid family. (resembles Indian-cucumber, Medeola virginiana); sepals
651 purplish-brown, widely spreading, petals yellowish,
Luer, 44-460 converging over the column, lip 3-lobed, middle lobe white,
WI to ME south to FL & LA Radford et al., 341-342* lateral ones edged in purple; moist forests; Gadsden &
Small, 375-376 Washington cos.; Apr.

196. Jacquemontia havanensis (Jacq.) Urban Correll & Correll, 1183 Havana clustervine Convolvulaceae; Stems woody at base, soft at tips, slender, vining, twining;
synonym: J jamaicensis (Jacq.) Hall Long & Lakela, 724 morning-glory Ivs herbaceous, to 15 mm long, ovate, tips blunt, base
Small, 1089 family. obtuse; firs axillary, cymose or solitary, white, less than 1
cm wide; capsule subglobose with acute tip; hammocks;
[See Bell & Taylor, 116, forJ. curtissii.] FL, West Indies, Mexico, Belize Dade & Keys (Monroe) cos.; all year.

197. Jacquemontia pentanthos (Jacq.) G. Don The below use J pentantha: skyblue clustervine Convolvulaceae; herbaceous vine, slender; Ivs ovate, acute at tips, bases
Correll & Correll, 1183- morning-glory subcordate, 2-5+ cm long; firs axillary, densely cymose on
1184 family, peduncles longer than the Ivs, usually only 1 to 2 open;
Long & Lakela, 724 corollas blue (may be white), 10-20 mm long and wide
FL & West Indies Small, 1089 when open; capsule enclosed by sepals; seeds glabrous,
bumpy; hammocks; Collier, Dade & Monroe cos.

198. Jacquemontia reclinata House Long & Lakela, 724 beach jacquemontia Convolvulaceae; perennial vine from woody base, rarely climbs; Ivs fleshy, to
Federal Register 24 November 1993 Small, 1089 morning-glory 3 cm long, alternate; firs white, over 2 cm wide, calyx 0.4 to
SWard, 36 family. 0.5 cm long, ciliolate; beach dunes, strand
endemic Wunderlin, 308 openings; Broward, Dade, Martin (extirpated?) & Palm
_____ Beach cos.; Mar-Dec.

199. Juncus gymnocarpus Coville Clewell, 174 Coville's rush Juncaceae; perennial herb, rhizomatous, clonal; Ivs lack blades; inflor
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 545, rush family, appears lateral due to very long, erect, flexible bract; firs in
547* loose cymes and single on the axes; inner perianth with
Radford et al., 275 blunt tips, outer sharp pointed; capsules longer than the
mountains PA to NC & TN, coastal plain AL & FL Small, 283 perianth; acid swamps; Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton &
mountains PA to NC & TN, coastal planAL&FLWard, 141-142 ______ ______ __ Washington cos.; Jun._______
Ward, 141-142 Washington cos.; Jun.

200. Justicia cooleyl Monachino & Leonard Godfrey & Wooten II, 700, Cooley's justicia Acanthaceae; perennial herb with square stems; Ivs entire, up to 5 cm (2")
Federal Register, 27 July 1989 702 acanthus family, long; firs on zig-zag branches, corolla 2-lipped, upper
SWard, 97-98 notched, lower 3-lobed, lavender & white mottled, rest of fir
i Wunderlin, 342 is bright lavender-rose; 2 stamens; rocky woods, moist to
[See Tayblr, 282; Bell & Taylor, 217, for other spp.] endemic seasonal wet; Brooksville Ridge in Hernando & Lake cos.;

^ ., .. ,_. ^ ^ , . ,. ,,. .,..- ____ .... . ... ... ,. ^ ,.. ^ ..- .,, ..., .. .. .,. ^ .. ^., ... ,...,, ___ ,.^


201. Justicia crassifolia (Chapman) Small Clewell, 238 thick-leaved water- Acanthaceae; perennial herb; to 40 cm tall; Ivs opposite, entire, narrowly
Godfrey & Wooten II, 702, willow acanthus family. linear to 15 cm long; firs in lax spikes; corollas 2-2.5 cm
7044 wide, bright purple, 2-lipped; wet flatwoods; cypress
endemic Small, 1231 swamps, seepage slopes, roadside ditches; Franklin & Gulf
cos.; May- Jul.

202. Koanophyllon villosum (Sw.) King & H.E. All as Eupatorium: Keys' thoroughwort Compositae/ shrub to 2 m tall; densely hairy throughout; Ivs opposite, to
Correll & Correll, 1486- Asteraceae; 6.5 cm long and 4 cm wide; bracts in 2 to 3 series; firs 9-13,
Robins. 1487 daisy flower, white to bluish; hammocks, pine woods; Dade Co.; all year.
Kartesz uses: Eupatorium villosum Sw. Cronquist, 186 tribe: Eupatorieae.
[See Taylor, 112-114; Bell & Taylor, 252, for other spp.] FL & West Indies Small, 1327

203. Kosteletzkya depressa (L.) O.J. Blanchard, All as: K. pentasperma white fen Malvaceae; perennial herb to 1 m tall, stems, stems with scattered
Godfrey & Wooten II. 322 white fen-rose mallow family. pustular-based hairs and lines of stellate hairs; Ivs with both
Fryxell & Bates Long & Lakela, 594 stellate & simple hairs, deltoid-ovate, 3-7 cm wide, acute
Small, 860 tips; firs axillary, solitary; 7-10 linear involucel bracts;
petals 5, white, 1 cm long; calyx lobes shorter than radius of
[See Taylor, 224; Bell & Taylor, 101, for K. virginica.] mature capsule; borders of mangrove swamps, coastal
FL & West Indies, Mexico to Venezuela and Equador __ _hammocks; Monroe Co. (not Keys).

204. Lantana canescens Kunth Long & Lakela, 735 hammock shrub Verbenaceae; shrub, stems gray or whitish; Ivs to 6 cm long, lanceolate to
Small, 1140, as verbena vervain family elliptic-lanceolate, serrate, pubescent; infl axillary, dense
Kartesz uses: L. microcephala A. Rich Goniosachyum* small-headed lantana spikes, bracts 4-ranked; calyx 1 mm long, 2-lobed; corolla
FL, West Indies 2-lipped, to 4.5 mm long and 3 mm wide, white; two nutlets,
1.5 mm wide; hammocks; Dade Co.; all year.

205. Lantana depressa Small Long & Lakela, 736, as pineland lantana Verbenaceae; shrub; prostrate (var. depressa) or erect branches, unarmed;
L. ovalifolia var. East Coast lantana vervain family. Ivs to 3.5 cm long; flat-topped spikes; corollas yellow, 5-6
3 varieties: reclinata West Coast lantana mm long; drupe to 3.5 mm long; pine rockland, coastal
var, depressa, pineland lantana Small, 1142 Sanibel lantana strand, coastal grasslands, beach berm, marl prairies;
var.floridana (Moldenke) R. W. Sanders, East Coast lantana Syst. Bot. 12(1): 41-60 Brevard, Broward, Collier, Dade, Duval, Hardee, Hendry,
var. sanibelensis R. W. Sanders, West Coast lantana endemic Lee, Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach, Pinellas & Volusia cos.;

206. Lechea divaricata Shuttlew. ex Britt. Long & Lakela, 611 spreading pinweed Cistaceae; perennial herb, stem nearly procumbent, stems divaricately
Small, 883 rock-rose family. branched; Ivs small, alternate; firs as above; capsule
Wunderlin, 263 much longer than sepals; dry sandy soil, scrubby flatwoods;
Brevard, Broward, Dade, Hernando, Highlands,
[See Taylor, 66, for L. deckerii.] endemic Hillsborough, Lee, Manatee, Martin, Palm Beach, Pinellas,
Seminole & Volusia cos.; May-Oct.

207. Lechea lakelae Wilbur Rhodora (1974), Lakela's pinweed Cistaceae; perennial herb, compact, wiry-stemmed bushy top, glabrous;
76 (807): 481-483 rock-rose family. Ivs glabrous, linear-elliptic, to 1.2 cm long and to 1 mm
wide; mature capsule slightly longer than the inner sepals;
endemic coastal strand, white sand in Ceratiola scrub; Collier Co.;
______________________________________________ ______ ______ ___ __ ____________ Jun-Sep.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"1 edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 29

page 30


208. Leiphaimos parasitica Schlecht. & Cham. Correll & Correll, 1121- parasitic ghostplant Gentianaceae; saprophytic perennial, not green; Ivs scalelike, opposite;
Kartesz (1994) and Mabberley (1997) use: Voyria. 1122* ghost plant gentian family. inflor. terminal cymes or solitary firs; corollas white or
Voyriaparae s ca (SchMlecht. &Cham) Ruyters & Maas Long & Lakela, 695 pinkish; leaf mold in hammocks; Dade Co. & Monroe Co.
Voyriaparasitica (Schlecht. & Cham.) Ruyters & Maas (
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America Small, 1056 (Keys); all year.

209. Leochilus labiatus (Swartz) Kuntze Luer, 264, 267* lipped orchid Orchidaccae; epiphytic; small sized; 2 to 3 Ivs, to 6 cm long and 1.5 cm
orchid family. wide; 3 to 6 firs, fleshy, greenish-yellow mottled brown to
red, lip proportionally very large even if only to 6 mm long
FL, West Indies, Central & South America and 3 mm wide; swamp, with lonopsis utricularioides;
Collier Co.; Apr-May. [native?]

210. Lepanthopsis melanantha (Reichenb. f.) Ames Long & Lakela. 331 tiny orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte on pond apple, cypress, popash, etc.; to 8 cm tall;
Luer, 188-1900 orchid family. cauline sheaths funnel-shaped; single leaf per stem; firs tiny,
FL & West Indies Ward, 144-145 crimson purple, lip lowermost; strand swamps; Collier Co.;
all year.

211. Lepuropetalon spathulatum (Muhl.) Elliott Godfrey & Wooten II, 205 little-people Saxifragaceae; diminutive herb; rosette to 3 cm wide; Ivs entire, to 1 cm
NC, SC, GA, FL, MS Radford et al. 524-525* saxifrage family, long and 2 mm wide; petals white; moist clay soil, glades;
Small, 591 Gadsden Co.; Mar-Apr.

212. Liatris ohlingerae (Blake) B.L. Robins. Cronquist, 203 scrub blazing star Compositael perennial; up to 1 m tall; Ivs 1-2.5 mm wide; firs in heads up
Federal Register, 27 July 1989 Small, 1335, as Ammopursus gay feather Asteraceae; to 2 cm broad and 3 cm long, bright pinkish-purple; sand
[See Talor, 291-294; Bell & Taylor, 257, for other Liatris spp] ndemic Wunderlin, 381 button snakeroot daisy family. pine scrub; Lake Wales Ridge in Highlands & Polk cos.;
sand torch tribe: Eupatorieae. Jul-Nov.

213. Liatris provincialis Godfrey Clewell, 317 Godfrey's blazing star Compositae/ perennial herb; Ivs gradually decreasing in length from base
Cronquist, 205 Asteraceae; of stem to firs; heads to 1 '2 cm long and stem visible
endemic Ward, 98-99* daisy family, between heads; sandhills, dunes, coastal grassland; Franklin
tribe: Eupatorieae. & Wakulla cos.; Sep-Oct.

214. Licaria triandra (Swartz) Kosterm. Long & Lakela, 423 Gulf licaria Lauraceae; tree; evergreen Ivs alternate, to 11 cm long, long pointed;
FL & West Indies Small, 923 misanteca laurel family. firs minute and in 3-5 fl clusters; 3 stamens; rockland
hammocks; Dade Co.

215. Lilium iridollae Henry Clewell, 179 panhandle lily Liliaceae; perennial herb from bulb and rhizomes; Ivs extending to the
Godfrey & Wooten I, 585- lily family. inflorescence, whorled; firs nodding, with 3 petals and 3
586* petal-like sepals (=6 tepals), tepals not clawed, tepals yellow
Ward, 37* with brown-red spots, strongly recurved; bogs, swamps,
F & Baldwin Co., AL banks of black water creeks; Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa
______& Baldwin Rosa & Walton cos.; Jul-Sep.

216. Lilium michauxii Poiret Clewell, 179 Carolina lily Liliaceae; perennial herb, bulb and rhizomes; mid-stem Ivs whorled
Godfrey & Woolen I, 585 turk's-cap lily lily family. (upper & lower Ivs smaller, may be alternate), oblanceolate
Radford et a., 310-311 to narrowly obovate, entire margins; firs orange-red, purple
l p V t F, w t L m V s Small, 292, as L. spotted, greenish at base tepals recurved, 1-2 cm wide;
coastal plain VA to FL, west to LA; mountains WV VA southward carolinianum hammocks; Gadsden, Jackson & Liberty cos.; Jul.


217. Lilium superbum L. Clewell, 179 turk's-cap lily Liliaceac; perennial herb from bulb and rhizomes; mid-stem Ivs
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 587 lily royale lily family. whorled (upper Ivs smaller & alternate), lanceolate to
Radford et al, 310-31 1A elliptic, tapering to both ends, entire margins; firs orange or
Small, 291 orange-red, purple spotted, bright green at base, tepals
Canada, south to AL & FL strongly recurved, ca.2.5 cm wide; hammocks; Jefferson,
Leon & Liberty cos.; Jul.

218. Lindera melissifolia (Walter) Blume Godfrey, 413 pondberry Lauraceae; shrub to 2 m tall; Ivs deciduous, ovate to elliptic, sassafras
Federal Register, 1981 Godfrey & Wooten, 359- Jove's-fruit laurel family. odor; flrs pale yellow, before Ivs; drupe bright red; margins
[See Bell & Taylor, 63, for L. benoin. NC, SC, GA, FL, AL MO 360 of limestone sinks and poorly drained depressions; Gadsden
Small, 924 __Co. (extirpated?).

219. Lindera subcoriacea B.E. Wofford Jour. Arnold Arbor. bog spicebush Lauraceae; shrub to 2 m tall; Ivs deciduous, almost leathery, elliptic to
64(2): 325 laurel family. oblanceolate, pine-lemon odor, less than 7.5 cm long; firs
pale yellow, before Ivs; drupe bright red; bogs, seepage
LA, MS, FL slopes; Okaloosa & Putnam cos. (possibly also Brevard,
Marion & Orange cos.)

220. Linum arenicola (Small) Winkl. Godfrey & Wooten II, 258 sand flax Linaceae; perennial; Ivs alternate (except lowest ones), linear; corollas
[see Taylor, 44, for L. floridanum] endemic Long & Lakela, 505 flax family, yellow, less than 1 cm wide; staminodes; pine rocklands;
Small, 752 Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

221. Linum carter Small Godfrey & Wooten 11, 257- Everglades flax Linaceae; var. carter: annual; Ivs alternate, narrow; corollas orange-
258 Carter's flax flax family, yellow, over 1 cm wide; mowed pine rockland; Dade
Long & Lakela, 507 Co.; Feb-Apr.
Small, 752 var. smallii Rogers: petals 12-17 mm long (vs. 9-11 mm);
Wunderlin, 230: stems smooth except at base (vs. scabrous or
2 varieties: both endemic as var. smallii puberulent); mowed pine rockland, roadside, marl
prairies; Collier, Dade, Hendry, Martin & Monroe cos.
222. Linum west Rogers Clewell, 422 west flax Linaceae; perennial herb; Ivs opposite at base of plant, but alternate at
Godfrey & Wooten II, 258 West's flax flax family, top, to 17 mm long, 3-4 mm wide; flrs on short stalks, 5
Ward, 145-146* yellow petals, ca. 6 mm long; cypress swamp, depression
marsh, pond margins, slash pine-saw palmetto flatwoods;
endemic Baker, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson & Okaloosa cos.;
,__ Jun-Aug.

223. Liparis nervosa (Thunb.) Lindl. Godfrey & Wooten, 673, tall twayblade orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial to semi-epiphyte; to 50 cm tall; 3-7 Ivs, plicate
Luer and Godfrey & Wooten use L. elata Lindl. 676-677 tall liparis orchid family. (folded fan-like), to 30 cm long and 12 cm wide; raceme few
Luer, 170-171* to many flowered; firs small, purple, rose, to greenish,
Wunderlin, 151 column greenish; cypress swamps, rich humus of
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America hammocks, wet muck; Collier, Dade (extirpated?),
FWstInieMa__ ___ S mrica__ /I Hernando & Hillsborough cos.; Jul-Sep.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 31

page 32


224. Litsea aestivalis (L.) Fern. Clewell, 389 pond-spice Lauraceae; shrub; to 3 m tall; zigzag branches; Ivs deciduous, alternate,
Godfrey, 413, 414* pondspice laurel family. acute tips; firs in clusters, 6 yellow tepals, 9 staminodia; frts
Godfrey & Wooten II, 359 pond bush bright red drupes; margins of ponds, bayheads, hammocks in
Radford et al., 478-479* cypress swamps, peaty soils; Alachua, Citrus, Clay,
Small, 923: as Glabraria Columbia, Dixie, Lafayette, Levy, Madison, Marion,
geniculata Okaloosa, Putnam & Taylor cos.; Feb-Apr.
Ward, 146-147@
VA to FL, west to LA, TN
Wunderlin, 190

225. Lomariopsis kunzeana (C. Presl ex L. FNA, 304-305 climbing holly-fern Pteridophyta-- fern; long-creeping or climbing by stems; petiole about 2 as
Lakela & Long, 110, 1120 holly fern Polypodiaceae/ long as blade, rachis winged, sterile Ivs with coarsely
Underw) Holttum Long & Lakela, 104 Dryopteridaceae/ serrated Iflets, fertile Iflets wholly covered with sporangia;
Stenochlaena kunzeana (Pres.) Underw. Small: ferns, 63-65* Lomariopsidaceae; limestone sinkholes in rockland hammocks; Dade Co.
Fl & West Indies wood fern family.

226. Lupinus aridorum McFarlin ex Beckner Isely, 119, as L. westianus McFarlin's lupine Leguminosae/ herb; stems and Ivs with short hairs; no stipules; firs pink to
Endangered Species Act: 1973; Federal Register, 7 A 1987 Small, 68, as L. westianus Fabaceae; rose with deep reddish-purple spot on standard; sand pine
Lupinus westianus var. aridorum (McFarlin x Beckner) Isely Ward, 99-100* legume family, scrub, yellow sand; Orange & Polk cos.; Mar-Apr.
Lupinus ivestianus var. aridorum (McFarlin ex Beckner) Isely .., 22 n-.. **;
STaylor, p. 244 endemic Wunderlin, 220 Papilionoideae;
: Taylor, p. 244 endemic pea subfamily.
pea subfamily.

227. Lycopodium dichotomum Jacq. FA, 20 hanging clubmoss Pteridophyta-- epiphyte on pond-apple & pop-ash trees; perennial; stems
Lakela & Long, 23 & 26f hanging fir-moss Lycopodiaceae; pendent; sporangia in zones of younger branches (lacks
Kartesz: Huperzia dichotomy (Jacq.) Trevisan Small: ferns, 405-406* club-moss family. strobili); strand swamps; Collier Co.
FNA: Phlegmariurus dichotomus (Jacq.) W.H. Wagner Ward, 38-39*

FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America

228. Lythrum curtissii Fernald Clewell, 426 Curtis's lythrum Lythraceae; herb; Ivs alternate (lower ones opposite), Ivs in branches
Godfrey & Wooten II, 380- Curtis' loosestrife loosestrife family. abruptly smaller than those of main stem, calyx lobes and
381 the appendages between them equal in length; swampy
e T r, 5, fr L a F & A Small, 931 woods, seepages along calcareous river; Franklin, Gadsden
[See Taylor, 257, for L. alatum.] FL & GA & Liberty cos. July-Sep.
& Liberty cos. July-Sep.

229. Lythrumflagellare Shuttlew. ex Chapman Godfrey & Wooten II, 380 lowland loosestrife Lythraceae; perennial herb, creeping rhizome, sprawling stems; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 634 loosestrife family. opposite, oblong or elliptic, to 12 mm long, tips blunt; firs
Small, 931 solitary in If axils, lavender to purple, floral tube turbinate;
endemic Wunderlin, 270 low open ground, swamps, thickets; Collier, DeSoto,
Glades, Hendry, Hernando, Lee, Manatee, Okeechobee,
Orange & Sarasota cos.; Spr.

230. Macbridea alba Chapman Clewell, 384 white birds-in-a-nest Labiatae/ perennial herb; Ivs opposite, spathulate; firs white, 2-lipped,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 610- Lamiaceae; extend beyond the terminal head-like bracts; wet pine
Federal Register, 8 May 1992, threatened 611 mint family. flatwoods and savannahs; Apalachicola River basin: Bay,
c Small, 1155 Franklin, Gulf & Liberty cos.; Jun-Jul.
endemWard, 39-400 ___

.. .. . . .. . ..... . ... ....... . .. .. . .. . ..... IF .. ... I~11I ... ...H7 .. ... ... ..... ...I .......... ......... .. ... .... ... .. ll r.. ..r .. . .. .. .. ... . l l-.. ... .. ..... ... .... .. ni n ...... ...


231. Macradenia lulescens R. Br. Long & Lakela, 338 Trinidad macradenia Orchidaceae; epiphytic; narrow pseudobulbs each with a single leaf; Ivs
Luer, 266-267g orchid family, leathery, to 15 cm long and 3 cm wide; infl pendent, with up
Small, 395-396 to 20 flrs: firs greenish yellow with marking of purple and
reddish brown, lip pale salmon and with a long tongue like
FL, West Indies, South America tip crooked to the left; rockland hammocks; Dade Co.
(extirpated?); Oct-Nov.

232. Macrantheraflammea (Bartr.) Pennell Clewell, 489 hummingbird flower Scrophulariaceae; herb; Ivs alternate, with 5-7 pairs of lobes; firs terminal
Godfrey & Wooten II. 660- figwort family. clusters, corollas orange, fleshy; 4 stamens; capsule with
662 many 3-4 mm long seeds; bogs, acid swamps, creek banks;
FL, GA to LA Small, 1212 Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon,
Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.; Jul-Sep.

233. Magnolia acuminata (L.) L. Clewell, 427 cucumber-tree Magnoliaceae; tree; to 20 m tall; Ivs to 20 cm long, tips sharply elongated;
Godfrey, 466-467* mountain magnolia magnolia family. firs greenish-yellow or orange-yellow, 9 perianth parts; frts
Radford et al., 475 cucumber shaped, knobby, dark red when mature; seed red
Small, 534 to reddish-orange; rich woods on slopes, ravines and along
Ontario, NY, PA, OH, SC, IN, MO, south to FL & AR Ward, 147 streams; Holmes & Walton cos.; Apr.

234. Magnolia ashei Weatherby Clewell, 427 Ashe's magnolia Magnoliaceae; tree or shrub; Ivs deciduous, evenly spaced on twigs, up
Godfrey uses M. macrophylla Michaux ssp. ashei (Weatherby) Godfrey, 461-462* magnolia family. to 60 cm long, 30 cm wide, narrowed from the middle to the
Sponberg. Small, 536 bases (which may be eared); petals cream-colored with a
Ward, 100-101* purplish blotch at the base, to 15 cm long; frts 4-5 cm long,
rosy red, then brown; bluffs, hammocks, bayheads;
t: Bell & Taylor, p. 58; DPI poster, plate #44 endemic Gadsden, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla,
Walton & Washington cos.; Apr-May.

235. Magnolia pyramidata Bartram Clewell, 427 pyramid magnolia Magnoliaceae; tree; to 20 m tall; If buds glabrous; Ivs deciduous, Ivs
Godfrey, 463-464* wood-oread magnolia family. spaced along twigs, eared at bases, to 20 cm long; firs
Radford et al., 475 cucumber-tree fragrant, petals to 8 cm long; frts 4-9 cm long, purplish at
Small, 536 maturity; forest bluffs; Calhoun, Gadsden, Jackson, Leon,
SC, GA, AL to TX Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.; Apr-May.

236. Magnolia tripetala (L.) L. Clewell, 427 umbrella magnolia Magnoliaceae; tree, to 15 m tall; If buds glabrous; Ivs deciduous, Ivs
Godfrey, 463,465-466* elk-wood magnolia family, clustered at tips of twigs, 20-40 cm long, tapering at both
Radford et al., 475* umbrella-tree ends, tips cuspidate; firs malodorous, petals 11-16 cm long;
spotty distribution: PA, OH, IN, VA south to FL, west to AR, OK Small, 536 cucumber-tree frts 8-12 cm long, pink to red at maturity; forest bluffs;
Okaloosa Co.; Spr.

Colle, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2'" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 33

page 34


237. Malaxis unifolia Michaux Clewell, 186 green adder's-mouth Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 20 cm tall; If solitary, sheathing lower
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 673, orchid family, half of stem, to 9 cm long and 6 cm wide; infl many firs
675* raceme with lower firs opening first; firs green, lip
Luer, 166-1670 lowermost, bifid (resembles a viper's fangs!); damp
Radford et al., 351 woods, bogs, sinks, bluffs; Alachua, Escambia, Hernando,
Newfoundland & Quebec to Manitoba, south t Small, 386 Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla & Washington cos.; Feb.
FL, TX, Mexico, West Indies & Central America Ward, 147-148
Wunderlin, 151

238. Marshallia obovata (Walter) Beadle & Clewell, 318 Barbara's buttons Compositae/ perennial herbs; to 2 m tall; colonial; Ivs alternate, 3-nerved
Cronquist, 66 Asteraceae; at bases; heads solitary, 2-3.5 cm wide; firs all tubular,
Boynton Radford et al., 11314 daisy family. white; meadows, open woods, rocky stream banks,
Small, 1457 tribe: Heliantheae. sandhills; Jackson Co.; Apr-May.
VA to GA, AL and FL Ward, 148-149

239. Marshallia ramosa Beadle & Boynton Clewell, 318 Barbara's buttons Compositae/ herb; stem branched; bracts acute, glabrous, without
Cronquist, 66 Asteraceae; glandular dots; no ray firs, disc firs white (sometimes pale
GA & FL Small, 1457 daisy family, lavender); pinelands and savannahs. with wiregrass;
tribe: Heliantheae. Washington Co.

240, Matelea alabamensis (Vail) Woodson Clewell, 252 Alabama spiny pod Asclepiadaceae; vine; Ivs to 18 cm long; calyx lobes hairy, paired basal
Small, 1075 milkweed family. glands; corollas greenish yellow with unridged corona;
See Bell & Taylor, 197, for M gonocarpa.] AL, GA, FL Ward, 40 follicles stout, not winged, with fleshy spines; hardwood
____________ bluffs; Liberty & Walton cos.; Apr-Jun.

241. Matelea baldwiniana (Sweet) Woodson Clewell, 252 Baldwin's spiny pod Asclepiadaceae; vine; Ivs to 16 cm long, basal lobes overlapping; corollas
Kartesz: Matelea baldwyniana. Small, 1077 milkweed family, white or yellowish, corona appears 10-lobed (5 narrow lobes
OK, MO, AR, AL, FL Ward, 149 with 2 teeth & 5 shorter broader lobes); hardwood bluffs;
Gadsden & Jackson cos.; Apr-Jun.

242. Mateleaflavidula (Chapman) Woodson Clewell, 252 yellow flowered spiny Asclepiadaceae; vine; Ivs to 16 cm long, basal lobes not overlapping;
Radford et al., 858 pod milkweed family. corollas yellowish, corona not mostly black, appears 10
SC, GA, AL, FL Small, 1078 lobed; corollas lobes spreading; slope forests, bluffs,
upland mixed forest; Gadsden & Washington cos.

243. Mateleafloridana (Vail) Woodson Clewell, 252 Florida spiny pod Asclepiadaceae; vine; Ivs to 5 cm long; corollas purplish; dorona mostly
synonym: Odontostephanafloridana (Vail) E. J. Alex, Small, 1078 milkweed family. black; bluffs, pine-oak-hickory woods; Alachua, Bradford,
Citrus, Clay, Columbia, (Dade, introduced), Duval, Lake,
endemic Liberty, Madison, Manatee, Marion & Orange cos.; Apr-
______ Aug.

244. Matelea pubiflora (Decne.) Woodson Small, 1078 sandhill spiny pod Asclepiadaceae; slender vine-like herb; Ivs to 4 cm long; calyx about as long
Wunderlin, 303 milkweed family, as corolla; corolla dull-purple, campanulate; sandhills and
scrub; Alachua, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Gilchrist,
GA & FL Highlands, Hillsborough, Lafayette, Lake, Levy, Orange,
Polk, Putnam & Suwannee cos.


245. Maxillaria crassifolia (Lindl.) Reichenbl f Luer, 251, 253* hidden orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte on pond-apple & pop-ash; pseudobulb with several
Long & Lakela, 337 orchid family. Ivs hiding it; Ivs 30 cm long, fold halfwise along the midrib;
FL, Wst Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Small, 1501 firs hidden in axils of Ivs, yellow, leathery, up to 1.5 cm
Ward, 41 long; strand swamps; Collier Co.; Sep-Jan.

246. Maxillariaparviflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Garay Lindleyana 8(1): 25-31* minnie-max Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pseudobulb laterally compressed, to 4 cm long and
orchid family. 12 mm wide; Ivs to 20 cm long and 20 mm wide; infl on 1
cm long stalks; petals to 4 mm long, white to yellowish, lip
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America to 4 mm long, orange-yellow and wedge-shaped; capsule
globose, to 8 mm wide; strand swamps; Collier Co.

247. Medeola virginiana L. Clewell, 180 Indian cucumber-root Convallariaceae; perennial herb; horizontal white tuber with taste of
Godfrey & Wooten I, 587 cushat-lily lily-of-the- valley cucumber, 5-9 Ivs in circle midway of stem; another circle
Radford et al., 293A family. Or, (of 3) at top of stem; several firs, greenish-yellow, 6 tepals;
Nova Scotia, Quebec to MI, W, s to VA & MO, mountains ofGA & AL, and FL Small, 305 Liliaceae; bottomland forest; Gadsden, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa &
Ward, 149-150 lily family. Santa Rosa cos.; Apr.

248. Microgramma heterophylla (L.) Wherry Lakela & Long, 90-910t climbing vine fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; stem creeping (vine-like); blades undivided,
synonym: Phymaodes heterophylum (L) Small Long & Lakela, 82 vine fern Polypodiaceae; upper surface glabrous except some scales on midvein:
FL, West Indies FNA, 329-330 polypody family, sori in one row between midrib and margin; rockland
Small: ferns, 91-93* hammocks; Collier, Dade, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.

249. Minuartia godfreyi (Shinners) McNeill Clewell, 266 Godfrey's sandwort Caryophyllaceae; perennial herb, prostrate, leafy throughout; Ivs linear, 10-3.5
Godfrey & Wooten II, 120 carnation family, mm long; fl stalks stipitate-glandular; petals 5, white, 2X
Radford et al., 443, as long as sepals; creek banks, seepage areas; Taylor & Volusia
FL, AL, SC NC Arenaria cos.; Mar-May.
Small, 498-499, as Sabulina

250. Monotropa hypopithys L. Radford et al, 795-796S pine-sap Ericaceae; herb without chlorophyll; plant yellow, tawny, pinkish or
synonym: Hypopitys monotropa Crantz. Small, 988, as Hypopithys false beechdrops heath family. Or, red; several firs, petals separate, deciduous; upland woods;
americana Monotropaceae; Lake, Marion & Orange cos.; Oct-Nov.
Ward, 150-151 monotropa family.
Wunderlin, 286
*: Bell & Taylor, p.82 North America south and Mexico

251. Monotropsis reynoldsiae (Gray) Heller Small, 989 pygmy-pipes Ericaceae herb without chlorophyll; dirty white to brownish-purple;
Ward, 41-42* sweet pine-sap --see above- several nodding firs, petals united at base, persistent; grows
Wunderlin, 287 on Cornusflorida roots; Brevard, Hernando, Marion, St.
endemic Johns & Volusia cos.; Jan-Feb.

Cole, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"' edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 35

page 36


252. Nemastylisfloridana Small Small, 326 celestial lily Iridaceae; herb with bulb; Ivs narrow, overlapping; firs erect, violet or
Ward, 102-103* fall-flowering ixia iris family. blue with white eye, sepals and petals similar; filaments
Wunderlin, 142 partly united into a short tube around the style, anthers
coiling from the tip; clearings in swamps, marshes and wet
pine flatwoods; Brevard, Broward, Flagler, Lake, Orange,
*: Taylor, p. 240; DPI poster, plate #15 endemic Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Polk, Seminole & Volusia
:_Taylor, p.cos.; Jul-Nov.

253. Neurodium lanceolatum (L.) Fge FA, 330, as Paltonium ribbon fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; fronds to 45 cm long, tufted, narrowed to
Kartesz: Nevrodiun Lakela & Long, 90, 92* Polypodiaceae; apex, veins net-like; sori in a nearly marginal band at the tip
FNA: Paltonium lanceolatum (L.) C. Press Long & Lakela, 83 polypody family. to nearly mid-leaf; hammocks and mangrove swamps; Dade
FNA: Paltonium lanceolatum (L.) C. Presl a frs 98-99 & Monroe cos.
Small: ferns, 98-99@ & Monroe cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America

254. Nolina brittoniana Nash Small, 304 Britton's beargrass Dracaenaceae; perennial, short stem; plant either male or female
Federal Register, 18 Mar 1993 Wunderlin, 138 dragon's blood (occasional ones both); Ivs long and slender (to 13 mm
family. Or, wide), rough margins; as N. atopocarpa, except ovary
Agavaceae; depressed at apex, capsule notched at both ends; dry
agave family. Or, pinelands and sand pine scrub; Hemando, Highlands, Lake,
Ta 3 e c Liliaceae; Marion, Orange, Osceola & Polk cos.; Mar-May.
O: Taylor, p. 35 endemic lily family.

255. Ocimum campechianum P. Mill. As O. micranthum: wild basil Labiatae/ annual, to 50 cm tall; Ivs opposite, petiolate, ovate to ovate-
Correll & Correll, 1262- ocimum Lamiaceae; oblong, 2-7 cm long, acute tips, toothed margins, glandular-
1264* mosquito plant mint family, punctate; firs clustered in panicles to 10 cm long; calyx 2-
Long & Lakela, 750,752 lipped, lower lip with 4 lobes; corolla 2-lipped, lower lip
Small, 1181 with 2 ovate lobes and a notched middle one, white to
purplish, ca. 4 mm long and barely longer than calyx;
L, W t I s, M o, C l & S h A a nutlets ca. 1 mm long; disturbed sites; Collier, Dade &
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South AmericaMonroe cos.; all year
Monroe cos.; all year.

256. Okenia hypogaea Schlecht. & Cham. Long & Lakela, 389 beach peanut Nyctaginaceae; annual; stems and Ivs sticky (sand sticks!); Ivs opposite;
Small, 487 burrowing four-o'clock 4 o'clock family, firs reddish purple, about 3 cm across, long tube and 5
Ward, 43-44* dune groundnut notched lobes; fl-stalk elongates after fruit begins to form
Wunderlin, 177 and pushes the fruit under the sand; ocean side of coastal
SI dunes; Broward, Dade, Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach & St.
O: DPI poster, plate #14 FL, Mexico Lucie cos.; May-Nov.

257. Oncidium bahamense Nash ex Britt. & Correll & Correll, 379 dancing-lady orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pseudobulb minute; Ivs curved and keeled, margin
Long & Lakela, 336 variegated orchid orchid family. serrate, to 7 cm long; slender fir stalk; firs white and
-Mllsp. Luer, 256-257* Florida variegated greenish marked with purple and brown; rosemary scrub;
Kartesz: Tolumnia bahamensis (Nash ex Britt. & Millsp.) G.J. Braem Small, 397, orchid Martin & Palm Beach cos. [introduced?]; winter-spring.
synonym: Oncidium variegatum Sw. Ward, 103-104
FL & West Indies Wunderlin, 151 ___

_ ~_~____I ~ IC I~-~-Y~-l- - -Y~' L~I ~---~--C--U-L- -a~n~u~ IE- ^


258. Oncidiumfloridanum Ames Correll & Correll, 379-381* Florida oncidium Orchidaceae; mostly terrestrial, occasionally epiphytic; pseudobulb large
Long & Lakela, 336-337 orchid family. and flattened; Ivs flat to folded, to 1/ i m tall, margins entire;
Luer, 258-259* inflor to 2'/ m long; firs mottled brown on yellow-green
0: DPI poster, plate #63 FL & West Indies Small, 397 with a violin-shaped lip; rockland hammocks; Dade Co.;
May to Aug, all year.

259. Oncidium luridum Lindl. Long & Lakela, 337 mule-ear orchid Orchidaceae; epiphytic; pseudobulb ca 1 cm long & concealed by
Luer, 260-261* orchid family, bracts; one leaf, leathery, to 60 cm long and 12 cm wide;
Small, 397, inflor to 2 m long; firs golden-yellow mottled with reddish-
as 0. undulatum brown, glossy (albino form: chartreuse); buttonwood
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America, northern South America hammocks, strand swamps, coastal berm; Collier, Dade &
Monroe cos.; Dec-Jun.

260. Ophioglossumpalmatum L. FNA, 106, Cheiroglossa hand fern Pteridophyta-- fern; Ivs 2 or 3, pendent, flattened, with 2 to 6 or 7 elongated
FNA: Cheirglossa palmaa (L.) C. PresLakela & Long, 40-41* Ophioglossaceae; "fingers"; grows in bases of cabbage palm Ivs in hydric
Long & Lakela, 71* addcr's-tongue hammocks, strand swamps; Brevard, Broward, Collier,
Small: ferns, 368-369* family. Dade, Highlands, Hillsborough, Indian River,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, Asia, Africa Ward, 44-45 Lee, Martin, Monroe, Orange, Palm Beach, Pasco, Polk,
Wunderlin, 41 Seminole, St. Lucie, St. Johns & Volusia cos.

261. Opuntia spinosissima (Martyn) P. Mill. Benson, 531 semaphore cactus Cactaceae; treelike; stems to 2 m tall, stems cylindrical; branches grow
Long & Lakela, 626 cactus family. in one plane from the trunk (hence "semaphore'); copiously
Small, 912, as Consolea spiny, spines not barbed; firs bright red, unfertilized firs
O: Scurlock, p. 119; DPI poster, plate #33 FL & West Indies revert to vegetative branch; frts yellow; rocky hammocks,
coastal barrens; Monroe Co.

262. Opuntia triacantha (Willd.) Sweet Benson, 429-430 Keys Joe-jumper Cactaceae; stems flattened, nearly prostrate, joints loosely attached, 4-8
Long & Lakela, 624 3-spined prickly-pear cactus family. X 3-4 cm; spines strongly barbed, circular (not flattened) in
Small, 902, as 0. abjecta jumping prickly-pear cx, 1-6 spines per areole; petals pale yellow; frts red or
reddish-purple, tuberculate; coastal rock barrens, openings
FL & West Indies __ in rockland hammocks; Monroe Co.; May-Aug.

263. Oxypolis greenmanii Math. & Const. Clewell, 506 giant water-dropwort Umbelliferae/ perennial herb; up to 2.5 m tall; reddish-purple pigments
synonym: O.filiformis (Walter) Britton. Godfrey & Wooten II, 447- Apiaceae; on stems and Ivs; Ivs phyllodial, unlobed, hollow, septate, to
SFNAI uses O.filiformis ssp. greenmanii (Math. & Const.) Judd 449* carrot family. 4/10 m long; flrs in umbel, tiny, maroon; anthers white; acid
endemic Ward, 46@ swamps, shallow water of cypress ponds and
flatwoods depressions; Bay, Calhoun, Gulf cos; Jul-Sep.

264. Pachysandra procumbens Michaux Clewell, 258 Allegheny spurge Buxaceae; stoloniferous herbs; up to 20 cm tall; Ivs alternate,
Radford et al. 675 Allegheny mountain boxwood family. evergreen, thickish, with coarse teeth; firs on spikes, basal
Small, 806 spurge flrs female, those at tip of spike are male, flrs without petals;
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 107 KY, WVA, NC to FL & LA Ward, 47@ rich calcareous woods on bluffs; Jackson Co.; Feb-Apr.

265. Panicum abscissum Swallen Hall, 260-261 cut throat grass Gramineae/ perennial; If sheaths appear like straight-razors: square at top
Wunderlin, 83 cut-throat grass Poaceae; with wedge-shaped "ears"; wet pinelands, seepage areas;
endemic grass family. Highlands, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach & Polk cos.;

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 37

page 38


266. Parnassia caroliniana Michaux Clewell, 480 Carolina grass-of- Parassiaceae; perennial herb; Ivs basal, ovate, to 6 cm long and wide; firs
Godfrey & Wooten II, 210, Parnassus pamassia family. solitary on long stalks, 5 sepals, 5 white petals with 11 or
212* brook pamassia Saxifragaceae; more conspicuous green veins, the lower pair of veins
Small, 590 saxifrage family, branched; petals not clawed; staminodia tapering to sharp
tips; ovary green distally; flatwoods, bogs; Franklin &
NC to FL Liberty cos.; Oct-Dec.

267. Parnassia grandifolia DC. Clcwell, 480 grass-of-Parnassus Pamassiaceae; as P. caroliniana except, Ivs may be 8 cm long, 11 or fewer
Godfrey & Wooten II, 210, undine parnassia family. veins in petals, the lower pair of veins with few dead-end
212* Saxifragaceae; branches; petals not clawed; staminodia tips beadlike; ovary
Radford et al., 522-523* saxifrage family. white; flatwood swamps, cypress, edge of blackwater
Small, 590 streams, with white cedar; Franklin, Liberty & Marion cos.;
t: Bell & Taylor, p. 174 W VA, VA, west to MO, S to FL & TX Ward, 48-49 Nov-Jan.

268. Paronychia chartacea Fern. Small, 481, as papery whitlow-wort Caryophyllaceae; annual or short-lived perennial; to 10 cm tall, form bright
N26. aronyei crtacea e yachia pulvinata carnation family. green round mats; stems fork repeatedly; Ivs opposite,
Federal Register, threatened, 21 Jan 1987 Wunderlin, 182 scalelike, chartaceous (papery); firs many, white, no petals,
SIDA 14(3):435-441 sepals less than 1 mm long; shores ofkarst lakes, scrub
vegetation; Bay, DeSoto, Highlands, Lake, Orange, Polk &
endemic Washington cos; Jun-Dec.

269. Passflora multiflora L. Correll & Correll, 994-995 white-flowered Passifloraceae; vine, stems velvety with white hairs, old stems corky;
Long & Lakela, 619 passionvine passion-flower petiole with pair sessile glands near blade; lys oblong,
Small, 896 oblong-leaved p. vine family. unlobed or slightly lobed, to 10 cm long and 4 cm wide; firs
Vanderplank, 128 many-flowered p.vine in fascicles of 2-6; sepals white, 4 mm long; petals white,
linear, 3 mm long; corona in 2 series; berry globose, dark-
[See Taylor, 256; Bell & Taylor, 93-94, for other Passflora spp.] blue to black, to 8 mm wide; hammocks; Dade & Keys
FL & West Indies _(Monroe) cos.; all year.

270. Passiflora pallens Poepp. ex Masters Long & Lakela, 619 pineland passionvine Passifloraceae; vine, glabrous; stipules If-like, ovate to kidney-shaped;
Small, 896 passion-flower petiole with pair of stalked glands near blade; Ivs ovate, 3-
family. lobed, to 8 cm long; flrs axillary; sepals greenish-white, 20-
30 cm long; no petals; berry ovoid, to 5 cm long, yellow
when ripe; hammocks; Collier, Dade & Monroe cos. (not
FL & West Indies Keys); all year.

271. Pasiflora sexflora Juss. Long & Lakela, 619-620 goat's foot leaf Passifloraceae; vine, stems hairy; petioles without glands; Ivs 2-3 lobed, to
27 Small, 896 passionvine passion-flower 8 cm long and 11 cm wide; firs fascicled, 2-6 per node; firs
Vanderplank, 157 6-flowered passion family, to 3 cm wide; sepals greenish white, petals white, to 1 cm
flower long; corona in 2 series (outer: purple with white tips, inner:
purple); berry, globose, 1 cm wide, hairy, greenish purple;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America hammocks; Dade Co.; all year.

__ __ I_____~~ _^___ ____~_


272. Pavonia paludicola D.H. Nichols. As P. spicata: swampbush Malvaceae; shrub, to 3 m tall, stellate hairs; petioles to 8 cm long; Ivs
Correll & Correll, 9i. '-+IA mangrove mallow mallow family, ovate to elliptic-ovate, to 15 cm long, cordate at base,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 321 acuminate at tips; firs in racemes; bracteoles 6 to 10,
Long & Lakela, 592-593 separate; calyx 5-lobed; petals 5, greenish yellow, to 3 cm
Small, 854, as Malache long; capsule with 5 parts, each keeled and with 2 short
FL, West Indies, Central & South America scabra beaks; mangroves, seashore marshes; Collier, Dade &
Monroe cos. (not Keys); all year.

273. Pecluma disperse (A.M. Evans) M.G. Price FNA, 314-315 widespread polypody Pteridophyta-- fern; epiphytic or on rocks; short-creeping stems; petiole
Long & Lakela, 80-82 Polypodiaceae; scales deltoid to linear; Ivs to 70 cm long, without peltate
Wunderlin, 34, as polypody family. scales, narrowly ovate, pectinate, segments at base of
Polypodium dispersum blade abruptly reduced and reflexed; sori round or oval,
sporangia with 32 spores; hammocks; Alachua, Brevard,
Citrus, Dade (extirpated?), Hemando, Hillsborough, Marion,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America to Brazil Martin, Monroe (extirpated?), Pasco, Sumter & Volusia
cos.; spores all year.

274. Pecluma plumula (Kunth) M.G. Price FNA, 314 plume polypody Pteridophyta-- fern; epiphytic or on rocks; short-creeping stems; petiole
Long & Lakela, 80 Polypodiaceae; scales ovate to cordate, inflated; Ivs to 50 cm long, lacks
Small: ferns, 73-75* polypody family, peltate scales, linear-elliptic, segments linear, segments at
Wunderlin, 34. as base of blade abruptly reduced, but not deflexed; sori round,
Polypodium plumula sporangia with 64 spores; hammocks; Brevard, Citrus,
Dade, DeSoto, Duval, Flagler, Hardee, Hernando,
Hillsborough, Lake, Marion, Martin, Monroe, Orange,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America to Brazil Pasco, Polk, Seminole, St Johns, Sumter & Volusia cos.;
spores all year.

275. Peclumaptilodon (Kunze) M.G. Price FNA, 314 swamp plume polypody Pteridophyta- fern; epiphytic or on rocks; short-creeping stems; petiole
US ones: P. plilodon var. caespitosum (Jenman) Lellinger Long & Lakela, 80 Polypodiaceae; scales threadlike to absent; Ivs to 90 cm long, without
nonyms: Poypodim pectnaum L.; P m p n Knte Small: ferns, 75-77* polypody family. peltate scales, lanceolate, segments lanceolate, segments at
Wunderlin, 34 base of blade reduced to "ears"; sori with dense hairs around
them, sporangia with 64 spores; hammocks, swamps;
Brevard, Broward, Citrus, Collier, Dade, Duval, Hardee,
Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America Marion, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk,
Putnam, Seminole, Sumter & Volusia cos.; spores all year.

276. Pellaea atropurpurea (L.) Link Clewell, 48 a cliff brake fern Pteridophyta-- fern; evergreen; on rocks; petiole and rachis reddish-
FNA, 185 hairy cliff-brake fern Pteridaceae; purple to black and with crisped hairs; Ivs leathery, vary:
Radford et al., 18 maidenhair fern simple, trifoliate compound, sterile Ivs shorter and less
Small: ferns, 134-136@ family. divided than fertile ones; Iv segment margins form false
Ontario, Quebec. south to FL, TX, NM, AZ, Mexico, Central America indusia which conceal the long-stalked sporangia with 32
spores; Washington co; summer & fall.

277. Peperomia amplexicaulis A. Dietr. Boufford, 1982, in J. clasping peperomia Piperaceae; vine; Ivs narrowly to broadly oblanceolate, sessile to
[See Bell & Taylor, 64, for P. simplex.] Arnold Arbor. 63: pepper family. subsessile, auriculate and more-or-less clasping; similar to
_______317-325 P. magnoliifolia; Dade Co. (extirpated?).

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2nd edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 39

page 40


278. Peperomia glabella (Swartz) A. Dietr. Correll & Correll, 406* cypress peperomia Piperaceae; epiphyte; stems climbing, succulent, with divergent
Long & Lakela, 343 pepper family, branches; plant covered with black dots; Ivs less than 10 cm
long, conspicuously 3-veined; hammocks, sloughs; Collier
FL & tropical America __ Co. (extirpated?); Dec-Mar.

279. Peperomia humilis A. Dietr. Long & Lakela, 343 peperomia Piperaceae; terrestrial (or epiphyte); stems hairy, often reddish; frts not
Small, 400-401, as pepper family, crowded on the spike; maritime hammocks, upland
Micropiper hardwood; swamp; Brevard, Citrus, Collier, Dade, Duval,
Hemando, Indian River, Martin, Monroe, Polk, St. Lucie,
FL & West Indies __ Sumter & Volusia cos.; Aug-Jun.

286. Peperomia magnoliifolia (Jacq.) A. Dietr. Correll & Correll, 406 spathulate peperomia Piperaceae; epiphyte; stout stems, branches elongated and vine-like; Ivs
synonym: P. spathulifolia Long & Lakela, 343* pepper family, to 10 cm long, firs on cylindric spike; grows far above
Small, 401-402, as ground in upper branches of oaks. Similar to P. obtusifolia:
Rhynchophorum lacks microscopic hairs on peduncle; beak on fruit is hooked
Ward, 49 at middle (vs. at apex) and is subulate from a
FL, West Indies, Panama to Venezuela broad base (vs. filiform). Hattie Bauer & Burden's
(Murden?) Hammocks in Dade Co. (extirpated?); all year.

281. Peperomia obtusifolia (L.) A. Dietr. Correll & Correll, 406-407 Florida peperomia Piperaceae; epiphyte; stems stout with elongate branches, often vinelike;
synonym: P.floridana Small Long & Lakela, 343 pepper family. Ivs to 15 cm long, narrowly obovate; spikes erect; SEE P.
Small, 401, as magnoliifolia; rockland hammocks, strand swamps;
FL, West Indies, tropical America Rhynchophorum Brevard, Collier, Dade, Indian River & Monroe cos.; all
FL, West Indies, tropical Americ Ward, 49 year.
Ward, 49 year.
Wunderlin, 158

282. Phoradendron rubrum (L.) Griseb. Correll & Correll, 433 mahogany mistletoe Viscaceae; parasitic on West Indian mahogany; shrub; young branches
SLong & Lakela, 366 narrow-leaved mistletoe mistletoe family. 4-angled; 2 to 4 catophylls (bracts) at the base of each
e Be & l, 11, foFL & West Indies Ward, 104-105 branch; frts lemon yellow to orange; rockland hammocks;
[See Bell & Taylor, 121, for P. serotmnum.] FL & West IndiesCo (extirpated?); frts Feb-May.
Monroe Co. (extirpated?); frts Feb-May.

283. Phyla stoechadifolia (L.) Small Correll & Correll, 1240-1241 southern matchsticks Verbenaceae; shrubby with vine-like arching branches; Ivs to 6 cm long,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 588 marsh phyla vervain family. linear-lanceolate, toothed to the base, veins deeply
Long & Lakela, 742, as impressed; firs in dense globose or elongated heads,
Lippia axillary; calyx 2-lobed; petals white aging purplish, ca. 4
[See TI 91; Bell & Taylor, 243, for P. nod ] FL, West Id, Mexico Small, 1140 mm long; frts, ca. 2 mm long, flat, notched at tips; glades,
[See Taylor, 91; Bell & Taylor, 243, for P. nodiflora.] FL, West Indies, Mexico low pinelandswamps; Broward & Dade cos.; all year.
low pineland, swamps; Broward & Dade cos.; all year.

284. Phyllanthus liebmannianus Muell.-Arg. Godfrey & Wooten, 11-278 pine-wood dainties Euphorbiaceae; perennial herb; thickened root; Ivs alternate, sessile; firs in
p. s is from M o Small, 779 spurge family, axillary cluster, inconspicuous; floodplain forest, wet
ssp. plebmany anus (a fromMexico e Ward, 152-153 hammocks, wet flatwoods; Dixie, Levy & Taylor cos.; May-
ssp. platylepis (Small) Webster is endemic Wunderlin, 243 Jul.
[See Taylor, 147-148, for other Phyllanthus spp.]__________

-I- ~' ~U'~`-~'~--'~C-I~ .~YI-L-U~rUU-~CIIIlyl IIL~I~C.--IIIYIYLII~YUIIYPLUYly~L II


285. Physocarpus opulifolius (L.) Maxim. Clewell, 469 ninebark Rosaceae; shrub to 3 m tall; bark peels and shreds; Ivs to 7 cm long,
Godfrey, 565-567k rose family, usually with 3 lobes and 3 main veins, toothed; flrs in
Godfrey & Wooten II, 219- terminal clusters, petals 5, white, 5-7 mm long; stream
220 banks, bluffs; Calhoun & Jackson cos.; Apr-Jun.
Que, MN, SD, CO, south to NC, TN, AR, GA, FL Radford et al., 555-556
Small, 607

286. Picramniapentrandra Sw. Correll & Correll, 740-742* Florida bitterbush Picramniaceae; shrub or tree, to 10 m tall; Iflets 5-9, ovate or elliptic, to 10
Long & Lakela, 518 snake-root picramnia family. cm long, glossy above, fine appressed hairs below
Small, 763 bitterbush or eventually lost; separate d' and ? flowers, 5 tiny sepals, 5
Simaroubaceae; tiny petals, 5 stamens; berries globose to obovoid, red
t: Nelson, plate #142 FL, West Indies, South America quassia family, becoming black, to 15 mm long; coastal hammocks; Dade
Co.; winter, spring.
287. Pilosocereus bahamensis (Britt.) Byles & Correll & Correll, 1002, as Bahamian treecactus Cactaceae; columnar, to 4 m tall, to 20 cm thick at base; dull green;
Cephalocereus cactus family. flowering areoles without wool or wool much shorter than
G.D. Rowley bahamensis the flowers, without short barbed bristles but with 15-20
spines; firs short-campanulate, petals white, style exserted;
FL, West Indies frt smooth; rockland hammock; Monroe Co. (Key Largo).

288. Pinguicula ionantha Godfrey Clewell, 419 Panhandle butterwort Lentibulariaceae; terrestrial, perennial herbs, carnivorous; flat basal rosette
Federal Register, threatened, 12 July 1993 Godfrey & Wooten, 11: bladderwort family. with glandular Ivs bright green; firs with lobes longer than
678, 680 wide, uniformly light violet to white and with a ring of
deeper violet around the tube entrance, yellow palate
endemic exserted; flatwoods, bogs, shallow water; Bay, Franklin,
Gulf, Liberty & Wakulla cos.; Feb-Apr.
289. Pinguicula primuliflora Wood & Godfrey Clewell, 420 primrose-flowered Lentibulariaceae; terrestrial, perennial herbs, carnivorous; basal rosette with
Godfrey & Wooten, II: butterwort bladderwort family. glandular Ivs bright green and with enrolled margins,
678-679* plantlets arise from tips of older Ivs; flrs with lobes broad as
long, ring of white above the throat, outer 3/ of corolla
violet, tube yellow with reddish veins; shallow water,
swamps, boggy banks and seepage heads of streams, dense
MS, AL, GA, FL to partial shade; Bay, Escambia, Holmes, Okaloosa, Santa
Rosa, Wakulla, Walton & Washington cos.; Feb-Apr.
290. Pisonia rotundata Griseb. Correll & Correll, 496-497* devil's smooth claws Nyctaginaceae; shrub, pale bark, no thorns; Ivs opposite, obovate or
Long & Lakela, 390-391 cockspur four-o'clock elliptic-ovate, tips blunt (sometimes with mucro), to 9 cm
Small, 489 family. long; cyme 2-6 cm wide, many flrs; eo firs 2-3 mm long and
3-4 mm long; frt club shaped, 5-6 mm long with 5 rows of
*: Scurlock, p. 125 FL, West Indies short-stalked glands; hammocks, pinelands; Keys (Monroe
291. Pityopsisflexuosa (Nash) Small Clewell, 320 Florida golden-aster, Compositae/ perennial; fibrous-rooted; to 6/10 m tall, stem zigzag; stem
Cronquist uses Chrysopsisflexuosa Nash. Cronquist, 114 bent golden-aster Asteraceae; and basal Ivs about equal in shape and length; several heads,
USDA uses Heterothecaflexuosa (Nash) Harms. Small, 1341 daisy family, about 13 rays; sandy oak and pine woods; Franklin,
[See Taylor, 186; Bell & Taylor, 260, for P. graminifolia.] endemic tribe: Astereae. Gadsden, Leon, Liberty & Wakulla cos.; Sep-Nov.

Colle, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 58-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 41

page 42


292. Platanthera clavellata (Michaux) Luer Clewell, 187 green rein orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 35 cm tall; single leaf, to 15 cm long, keeled,
synonym: Habenaria clavellata Michaux Godfrey & Wooten I, 643- little club-spur orchid orchid family. attached at middle of stem; inflor. a terminal raceme:
644. 647* small green wood greenish firs rotated about 100* thus with lip perpendicular
Luer, 148-149* orchid on one side and swollen nectary balancing on other, spurs
Radford el at., 339 frog-spike usually clavate (may be cylindrical); spring banks,
Newfoundland to Ontario and MN, south to FL & TX Small, 374, as floodplain forests; Calhoun, Gadsden & Santa Rosa cos.;
Newfoundland to Ontario and MN, south to FL & TX_______Jun-Aug.
Gymnadeniopsis Jun-Aug.

293. Platanthera integra (Nutt.) A. Gray ex Beck Clewell, 187 orange rein orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 60 cm tall; Ivs sheath the stem, largest lowest,
synonym: Habenaria integra Godfrey & Wooten 1, 640, yellow fringcless orchid orchid family, others reduced to become bracts; inflor terminal raceme with
642@ frog-arrow 40 to 60 firs; firs saffron yellow, lip not fringed (merely
Luer, 144-145* crenulate), nor 3-parted; swampy meadows, boggy
Radford et al., 337 depressions in wet woods; Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin,
Small, 373-374, as Gulf, Highlands, Jackson, Liberty, Nassau, Okaloosa,
NJ, DE south to FL & TX and north to TN Gymnadeniopsis Orange, Osceola, Santa Rosa, Wakulla, Walton &
Wunderlin, 152 Washington cos.; Jul-Sep.

294. Pleopeltis astrolepis (Liebm.) E. Fourn. FNA, 325 star-scale fern Pteridophyta-- epiphytic fern; Iv blades simple, to 20 cm long and 2 cm
Ward, 49-50, as P. revoluta Polypodiaceae; wide, weakly hygroscopic; lower surface scales scattered,
Wunderlin, 34, as P. polypody family. less than 0.5 mm wide, deeply fringed and appear stellate;
FL, West Indes, Mexico, Central & South America revoluta sori oval in single row on each side of midrib; In swamps on
First found in FL 1977 p ond apple; Broward & Palm Beach cos. (extirpated?)

295; Pleurothallis gelida Lindl. Luer, 184-185* frosted orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; Iv single, to 20 cm long, leathery, bright green,
Small, 389 orchid family, keeled; inflor a slender raceme with 5 to 25 firs; firs on
down-arching pedicels, yellowish, coated with whitish
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America pubescence (=frosted); on pop-ash, custard-apple & cypress
in swamp hammocks; Collier Co; Dec-Apr.

296. Podophyllum peltatum L. Clewell, 253 mayapple Berberidaceae; herbaceous rhizomatous perennial; one If when young, 2 Ivs
Radford et al., 470-471* mandrake barberry family, when older, peltate, orbicular, deeply lobed, to 34 cm broad;
Small, 544 ground lemon Podophyllaceae; single fir to 5 cm wide, nodding, 6 sepals, 6-9 white petals;
Quebec to MN south to TX and FL Ward, 153 umbrella-leaf mayapple family, berry yellow, edible pulp, poisonous seeds and Ivs;
hammocks and bluffs; Jackson Co.; Mar-Apr.

297. Poinsettia pinetorum Small Long & Lakela, 545 Everglades poinsettia Euphorbiaceae; herb; to 1 m tall; Ivs alternate, linear, less than 6 mm wide;
Kartesz: Euphorbiapinetorum (Small) G. L. Webster Small, 803 spurge family. upper blades red blotched near the base; sandy marshes, pine
[See Taylor, 207-298; Bell & Taylor, 105-106, for other Poinsettia spp.] rocklands; Dade, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.
FL, West Indies

298. Polygala lewtonii Small
Federal Register, 18 March 1993

a: Taylor, p. 254


Small, 770
Ward, 50-51
Wunderlin, 235

Lewton's polygala

milkwort family.

perennial; up to 20 cm tall; Ivs small; firs of two kinds:
normal up to 4 mm long, with 2 wing-like petaloid sepals
purplish, pinkish-purple corolla's lower petal fringed &
cleistoeamous tiny, non-opening ones at the base of the
plant; white sand, scrub vegetation; on Central Florida
Ridge, Highlands, Lake, Marion, Orange, Osceola & Polk
ck. i FkIkjau

_ Feb-


299. Polygala smallii R.R.Sm. & Ward Small, 773-773, as tiny polygala Polygalaceae; biennial; up to 4 cm tall; rosette of entire, spatulate Ivs; firs
ngeed ies A 1 Fderal isr, ul P. arenicola milkwort family, are grouped together in dense cluster, firs are green to
Endangered Species Act: 1973; Federal Register, 18 July 1985 Ward, 51-52* yellowish green (dry same color); lower petal is fringed;
Wunderlin, 235 seed are 1.9-2.3 mm long; sandy pockets in pine rocklands,
Ceratiola scrub, sandhills; Broward, Dade, Martin, Palm
endemic _Beach & St. Lucie cos.; Mar-May.

300. Polygonella basiramia (Small) Nesom and Small, 451 wireweed Polygonaceae; annual or short-lived perennial; branches to form a cluster o
Wunderlin, 169 purple wireweed buckwheat family. 7 to 30 stems to 8/10 m tall; hairlike Ivs; tips of branches
Bates with clusters of small white firs; white sand in sand pine and
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 rosemary scrub of Lake Wales Ridge and Avon Park AF
synonym: Polygonella ciliata Meisn. var. basiramia (Small) Horton. Range; Highlands & Polk cos.; Sep-Oct.
0: Taylor, p. 43 endemic

301. Polygonella myriophylla (Small) Horton Small, 450 sand lace Polygonaceae; shrub, much branched; prostrate; Ivs persistent; stigma &
eder Regiser 2 April 13 endemic Wunderlin, 170 woody wireweed buckwheat family, style 0.5-0.8 mm long; scrub; Highlands, Orange,
Federal Register, 27 April 1993 endemic Small's jointweed Osceola & Polk cos.; Apr-Nov.

302. Polygonum meisnerianum Cham. & Schlecht. Clewell, 456 Mexican tear-thumb Polygonaceae; herbaceous perennial; about /2 m tall, but reclines and roots,
St ey anum & S.) Mei. Godfrey & Wooten 1I, 76, buckwheat family. stem with ribs bearing hooks or barbs which will rip; Ivs
Fl specimens belong to var. beyrichianum (C.& S.) Meisn. 78 alternate, with eared, sessile bases, firs white or pinkish;
FL, SC, LA, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Ward, 153-154* floodplain forest, shallow water at edge of lakes; Alachua,
FL, SC, LA, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Jefferson & Leon cos.; Jun-Oct.

303. Polymnia laevigata Beadle Clewell, 321 Tennessee leaf-cup Compositae/ perennial herb; stem glabrous; Ivs opposite, to 30 cm long;
Cronquist, 75-76 Asteraceae; single series of involucral bracts; disks to 13 mm wide;
Small, 1407 daisy family, achenes 4-6 ribbed and angled; calcareous hammocks;
tribe: Heliantheae. Jackson Co.; May.
[See Taylor, 196, for P. uvedalia.] TN, MO, Al, GA, FL tribe: Heliantheae. Jackson Co.; May.

304. Polyradicion lindenii (Lindl.) Garay All below use Polyrrhiza: ghost orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; nearly stemless; leafless; roots extensive, with
Long & Lakela, 328 palm Polly orchid family. chlorophyll; firs white with two long "tails"; on shrubs and
Luer, 277-279* white butterfly orchid trees in maritime hammocks, river swamps and wet forests;
synonym: Polyrrhiza linden (Lindl.) Cogniaux Small, 398-399 albino frog orchid Collier, Dade (extirpated?) & Monroe cos.; May-Sep.
FL, West Indies

305. Polystachya concrete (Jacq.) Garay & Sweet Correll & Corrfll, 386-387* pale-flowered Orchidaceae; epiphyte; to 56 cm tall; Ivs sheathed, keeled, to 32 cm long
synonyms: P.flav na, S ; P. l) H Long & Lakela, 328, as P. polystachya orchid family, and 3 cm wide, white margins; inflor terminal, branched, to
synonyms: P.lavscens (Lindl.) J.J, Smith; P luteola (Sw.) Hook. extinctora 60 firs; firs not resupinate, glossy, yellow to greenish.
Luer, 221-223* yellow, appear hooded due to the curved lateral sepals;
L, W t I s, o, C l & S A A A Small, 393, as P. minute strand swamps; Broward, Collier, Dade, De Soto, Hardee,
FL, West IndiesMexico, Central & South AmericaAfricaAsia Wunderlin, 153 Highlands, Lee & Martin cos.; all year.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 43

page 44


306. Ponthieva brittoniae Ames Correll & Correll, 388-390* Mrs. Britton's shadow- Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 30 cm tall; Ivs in basal rosette, 3 to 5, to 8 cm
ony: Ponhia racma (a ) M r Long & Lakela, 314 witch orchid orchid family, long and 3 cm wide, not present when flowering; inflor a
synonym: Pothiva racemosa (Walter) Mohr var. britoniae (Ames) Luer, 82, 87 terminal raceme with up to 20 firs; firs not resupinate,
Luer Small, 380 greenish-white, petals longer than wide, (lacks the green
veining ofP. racemosa), lateral sepals cocked acutely
upwards ("hands-over-head effect"); pine rocklands; Dade
FL. West Indies Co.; Dec-Feb.

307. Potamogetonfloridanus Small Clewell, 191 Florida pondweed Potamogetonaceae; herb growing in water; Ivs alternate, free from stipules;
Small, 16 pond weed family, floating Ivs narrowly elliptic, 4-7 cm long; submerged Ivs
lack blades, less than 3 mm wide; flowering spikes 1-2 cm
endemic long; Blackwater River; Santa Rosa Co.

308, Prescottia oligantha (Sw.) Lindl. Correll & Correll, 390, 349* small-flowered orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 30 cm tall; roots thick and fleshy; Ivs 1 to 3,
Long & Lakela, 314 orchid family. basal, to 7 cm long and 4 cm wide, small bracts on stem;
Luer, 84, 870 inflor terminal raceme with up to 50 firs; firs not resupinate,
Small, 379 ca. 1 mm, drab until viewed with magnification, white or
pinkish; rockland hammocks; Dade Co.; Feb.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America pinkish; rockland hammocks; Dade Co.; Feb.

309. Prunus geniculata Harper Small, 649 scrub plum Rosaceae; shrub; densely branched, zigzag twigs with stout spine
F federal Register, 21 Jan 17 Ward, 53-54* rose family, tips; Ivs to 1.5 cm long, fine teeth; firs on spur shoots, rose-
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 Wunderlin, 200 red calyx, white petals, 3 mm long; frts 2 cm wide plums;
sand pine scrub of Central Florida Ridge; Highlands, Lake
0: Taylod, p. 55 endemic Orange & Polk cos.; Feb-Mar.

310. Pseudophoenix sargentii Wendl. ex Sarg. Correll & Correll, 257 buccaneer palm Palmae/ tree; to 8 m tall; trunk gray-green with conspicuous rings;
Long & Lakela, 242 Sargent's cherry palm Arecaceae; Ivs to 3 m long, Iflets v-shaped at base and up to 2 m long,
Small, 238 hog palm palm family. with threads dangling from the margins; frts bright red, 2 cm
Ward, 54-55 datelet wide; rocklands hammocks near sea level on limestone or
dummy-date sand where protected from wind; Dade & Monroe cos.
O: Scuriock, p. 130 FL, West Indies, Central America hog cabbage palm
311. Psychotria ligustrifolia (Northrup) Millsp. Correll & Correll, 1411-1412 Bahama wild coffee Rubiaceae; shrub, to 2 m tall, smooth stems; Ivs opposite, to 12 cm
Long & Lakela, 799-800 smooth wild coffee madder family. long, lanceolate to oblanceolate, acuminate tips; axillary
Small, 1261, as P. cymes or panicles; sepals with deltoid lobes; petals united
bahamensis into 4 mm long tube, white; drupe red, 5 mm long;
hammocks, pineland; Dade Co. & Keys (Monroe Co.);
f: Scurlock, p. 133 FL, West Indies spring.

31 Remirea maritime ubl. Godfrey & Wooten 1, 400 beach-star Cyperaceae; perennial herb; creeping rhizome rooting at joints and with
12. Remirea maruitim Aubi. Long & Lakela, 226 junco de playa sedge family, stems arising also; Ivs numerous, crowded; firs
synonym: Cyperuspedunculatus (R. Br.) J. Kern. Small, 187-188 inconspicuous; coastal dunes; Broward, Dade, Indian River,
FL, West Indies, Old World Ward, 55-56 Martin, Palm Beach & St. Lucie cos.; Jul-Nov.

--a -1 m m ,, "- .. . . .-. -,,u 'l . ...-mnll ... .. -- met ..... .............. [ Il .... .. -IL- --l[ ...... ............ .l--_ Ci~~~-C .....I- W -- il-P- L ....


313. Rhexia parviflora Chapman Clewell, 431 Apalachicola meadow Melastomataceae; herbs; stem not hairless; Ivs opposite; firs with urn-shaped
Godfrey & Wooten II, 364, beauty melastoma family, base, white petals; 8 stamens, anthers 5-11 mm long, curved;
366* margins of open cypress swamps, with Hypericum; Bay,
endemic Small, 927 Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Liberty & Okaloosa cos.; Jun-Aug.

314. Rhipsalis baccifera (J. Miller) Steam Long & Lakela, 627 mistletoe cactus Cactaceae; epiphytes; stems round, forms dense masses I m or more
Small, 913 pencil cactus cactus family. long; fleshy, pale green; firs solitary, white; frts white or
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, tropical Africa, Sri Lanka pink; on mangroves and button wood in tidal swamps; Dade,
SMonroe (extirpated?), Seminole (escaped) cos.

315. Rhododendron alabamense Rehder Clewell, 531 Alabama azalea Ericaceae; shrub, stoloniferous, to 4 m tall; Ivs emerge before flrs, Ivs
Godfrey, 260-262k heath family, not lepidote; flrs white with yellow blotch, lemon scented,
(Hybridizes with R. canescens) Small, 996 narrow tube, calyx with sticky glands; stamens 5;
TN, AL, GA, FL hammocks; Jefferson & Leon cos. Apr.

316. Rhododendron austrinum (Small) Rehder Clewell, 351 Florida flame azalea Ericaceae; shrub, not stoloniferous; Ivs emerge after the flrs, Ivs with
Godfrey, 262-264* orange azalea heath family, soft hairs beneath; firs yellow to orange, red, or orange-red,
Small, 995 fragrant, tube glandular; 5 stamens; winter buds hairy;
Ward, 106-107* forested bluffs, hammocks, floodplains; Baker, Calhoun,
Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Holmes, Jackson, Leon
(unlikely), Liberty. Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton &
*: Taylor, p. 307; DPI poster, plate #34 GA, AL, FL Washington cos.; Mar-Apr.

317. Rhododendron chapmanii Gray Clewell, 351 Chapman's Ericaceae; shrub, evergreen; to 2 m tall; Ivs oval, entire margins,
Federal Register, 24 Apr 1979 Godfrey, 265-267* rhododendron heath family. scurfy-dotted; flrs in terminal clusters, rose pink, ca. 3 cm
Godfrey uses R. minus (Michaux) var. chapmanii (Gray) Duncan & Godfrey & Wooten II, 473 rose-bay long; 10 stamens; pine flatwoods and borders oftiti swamps;
Pullen. Small, 998 Clay, Gadsden, Franklin (unlikely), Gulf, Leon (unlikely) &
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 85; DPI poster, plate #24 endemic Ward, 57-58* Liberty cos.; Mar-Apr.

318. Rhus michauxii Sargent Radford el al., 678 Michaux's sumac Anacardiaceae; shrub; rhizomatous, to 1 m tall; entire plant densely
Federal Register, 28 Sept 1989 Recovery Plan (1993) false poison sumac cashew family. pubescent; Ivs cpd, 9 to 13 sessile Iflets which are evenly
[probably not extant in FL] serrate; flrs greenish-yellow in terminal cluster, dioecious
[See Taylor, 149; Bell & Taylor, 131, for R. copallina.] NC, SC, GA, ?FL plants; frts red; sandy or rocky open woods on acidic
soils; Alachua Co.; June; frts Aug-Sep.

319. Rhynchosia swartzii (Vail) Urban Correll & Correll, 686 Swartz' snoutbean Leguminosae/ woody vine, twining; Ivs trifoliate, Iflets to 6 cm long,
Isely, 105 bonaney-bean Fabaceae; terminal one largest; racemes shorter than petioles (to 2
[See Taylor, 140-141; Bell & Taylor, 166, for other Rhynchosia spp.] Long & Lakela, 473-474 legume family, cm); calyx to 3 mm long; corolla yellow, standard 8 mm
FL, West Indies, Mexico Small, 713, as Dolicholus Papilionoideae; long, resin dotted; legume curved, to 3 cm long, 7 mm wide;
S____ _pea subfamily. seeds bright red; hammocks; Dade & Monroe cos.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Oainesville, FL. page 45

page 46


320. Rhynchospora crinipes Gale Rhodora 46:132, 173-174 hairy peduncled Cyperaceae; herb, clumped, languid habit; basal Ivs 2 mm wide; stems to
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 385. beakrush sedge family. 7.5 cm tall: differs from R.filifolia by the achene stipe
includes in R. filifolia (stalk): 0.6 mm long, persistent, clothed with tangle of
white, ascending hairs; roadsides, ditches, pond borders;
[See Tay~lor, 28-29, for other Rhynchospora spp.] FL & AL Okaloosa & Santa Rosa cos.

321. Ribes echinellum (Coville) Rehder Clewcll, 481 Miccosukee gooseberry Grossulariaceae; shrub; branches root at tips; stem with sharp spines about
Federal Register, threatened, 18 July 1985 Godfrey, 649-650k Florida gooseberry currant family. Or, 1 cm long, Ivs with lobes (like a sugar-maple), with long
Radford et al., 520-521* South Carolina Saxifragaceae; petiole, Ivs shed in summer, emerge in fall and overwinter;
Small, 603 gooseberry saxifrage family. firs single in If axils, with long stalks: stamens 1 cm longer
FL & McCormick Co., SC Ward, 58-59* McCormick gooseberry than petals; long hairs on floral tube become spines in fruits;
on shore of Lake Miccosukee, Jefferson Co; Mar.
322. Roystonea elata (Bartram) F. Harper Long & Lakela, 242 Florida royal palm Palmae/ tree; columnar trunk to 40 m tall, with bright green column
Zona (1997): R. regia (Kunth) O.F. Cook [See Taxon 45:671-681], Small, 238 Arecaceae; at top composed of sheathing If bases (only sheath of oldest
Harvard Papers in Botany Vol 2 (1): 71-107. Ward, 155-156 palm family, leaf is visible, since it encircles the others); Ivs feather-like,
to 9 m long, recurved crosswise; cultivated; rockland
0: Scuribck, p. 142; Bell & Taylor, p. 43; DPI poster, plate #4 endemic hammocks, shell middens, strand swamp; Collier, Dade &
Monroe cos.
323. Rudbeckia nitida Nuttall Clewell, 323 St John's Susan Compositae/ perennial, fibrous-roots, to 1.3 m tall; stems and Ivs hairless;
[var. nitida] Cronquist, 27 Asteraceae; Ivs unlobed, midstem Ivs 8-15 cm long, veins conspicuous;
Godfrey & Wooten II, 756 daisy family, discs florets light reddish-brown, rays yellow, drooping,
[See Ta, lor, 187-188; Bell & Taylor, 262, for other Rudbeckia spp.] FL to TX tribe: Heliantheae. about 2.5 cm long; moist flatwoods, prairies, roadside
ditches; Bay, Clay, Manatee & St. Johns cos.; May-Jul.

324. Ruellia noctiflora (Nees) A. Gray Clewell, 239 night-flowering ruellia Acanthaceae; herb; to 30 cm tall; hairy; Ivs to 7 cm long; corolla blue
Godfrey & Wooten II, 708 night-blooming wild- acanthus family. or white, to 8 cm long; capsule to 22 mm long; wet
Small, 1229 petunia flatwoods, seepage slopes; Clay, Duval, Franklin, Gulf,
[See Taor, 281,; Bell & Taylor, 217, for R. cargo ensis. FL, GA to MS Ward, 107-108 Jackson, Lee, Liberty, Nassau, St. Johns & Wakulla cos.;
[See Tayior, 281,; Bell & Taylor, 217, for R. caroliniensis.] FL, GA to MS May-Aug.
325. Sachsia bahamensis Urban Cronquist, 175, as Sachsia Bahama sachsia Compositae/ perennial herbs; basal rosettes of serrated Ivs; stems up to
Kartesz: S. polycephala Griseb. polycephala Griseb. Asteraceae; 6/10 m tall; several heads, no ray firs, marginal florets $,
Long & Lakela, 866 daisy family, with slender, hairlike corollas, yellow; inner florets bisexual,
FL & West Indies Ward, 59 tribe: Inuleae. with tubular yellow corollas; pappus a single row of slender
bristles; pine rocklands; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

326. Salix eriocephala Michaux Argus, 128-134 heart-leaved willow Salicaceae; shrub; to 6 m tall; branches reddish brown; Ivs up to 13 cm
Clewell, 477, as S. rigida willow family. X 3.6 cm, base heart-shaped, tips acute; river and stream
Godfrey, 624-625* banks, marshy fields and mixed wet woods; mostly a
AL, GA, FL Small, 414, as Salix cordata northern species, it is disjunct in S GA, S AL and Gadsden
S_____& Jackson cos.; Mar-Apr.

1 U -, ~i----.. su i*lu,.,lu;ui~a~iijl~ib&~


327. Salixfloridana Chapman Argus, 61-66 Florida willow Salicaceae; shrub, to 4 m tall; Ivs alternate, 8-16 cm long, with toothed
Clewell, 477 willow family. margins, bright green above, whitish beneath; male catkins
Godfrey, 622-623, 625* 5-8 cm long; female catkins (on separate plants) 3-5 cm
Godfrey & Wooten 11, 36 long; wet hammocks, dense bottomland forest, stream
Small, 414, as S. chapmanii margins, swamps; Alachua, Citrus, Columbia, Jackson,
0: Nelson, plate #131 endemic except for 2 cos. in.GA ard, 156-157k Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake, Levy, Marion, Orange, Putnam,
Seminole & Suwannec cos.

328. Savia bahamensis Britton Correll & Correll, 842-844* maiden bush Euphorbiaceae; shrub, to 5 m tall, smooth, pale gray bark, separate cd &
Note: not in alphabetical order on list. Long & Lakela, 547 spurge family. plants; Ivs obovate or ovate to 3 cm long, glabrous, leathery;
Small, 777 od firs in dense axillary clusters, tiny, 5 exserted stamens; 9
firs few or solitary in axils, ca. 2 mm wide, 3 stigmas; frt 3-
0: Scurlock, p. 145 FL, West Indies lobed capsule to 6 mm long; coastal hammocks, low areas;
Dade Co. & Keys (Monroe Co.); spring.
329. Salvia urticifolia L. Clewell, 387 nettle-leaved sage Labiatae/ herbs; stems several, to 8/10 m tall, leafy; Iv stalks obscured
[See Taylor, 272, 311; Bell & Taylor, 240-241, for other Salviaspp.] Radford et al., 913 Lamiaceae; by tissue which extends to stem; flrs blue to violet, 11 to 13
FL to LA, GA to VA & KY Small, 1162 mint family. mm long; calcareous hammocks, upland glades; Gadsden &
Jackson cos.; Sep.
330. Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. Clewell, 479 white-top pitcher plant Sarraceniaceae; herbs; insectivorous, Ivs form a hollow tube (pitcher),
Godfrey & Wooten II, 192, pitcher-plant pitcher erect, upper part is marked white with red or green
195* family, venation (showy); firs red to maroon, sweet odor; bogs,
Small, 582, as S. creek swamps, wet prairies; Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gulf,
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 71; DPI poster, plate #3 GA, FL, AL, MS drummondii Franklin, Holmes, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton
Ward, 108-109* _cos.; Mar-May and occasionally in fall.

331. Schaefferiafrutescens Jacq. Correll & Correll, 870-872* Florida boxwood Celastraceae; shrub, to 6 m tall, branches with wart-like clusters o
Long & Lakela, 569 yellow wood staff-tree family. budscales; Ivs evergreen, to 6 cm long elliptical, ovate or
Small, 820 boxwood oblanceolate, glossy, revolute margins; firs on stalks in
axils, 3-5 d' firs in clusters, q firs solitary or 2-3 clustered, 4
O: Scurlock, p. 147 sepals & petals greenish; drupes red or scarlet, to 6 mm
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America long; 2 bony seeds; hammocks; Dade Co. & Keys (Monroe
332. Schisandra coccinea Michaux Clewell, 481 bay star vine Schisandraceae; woody vine; twining; Ivs alternate, up to 15 cm long; firs
Kartesz: S. glabra (Bickn.) Rehd. Godfrey, 650-652, as S. wild-sarsaparilla schisandra family. solitary in fl axils, long stalks to 15 cm; tepals 9-12; anthers
glabra@ schisandra embedded in disc; frt an aggregate of red berries; bluffs,
Radford et al, 476-477* floodplains; Gadsden, Jackson, Liberty & Washington cos.;
NC to FL, west to LA, AR,TN Small, 534 May-Jun.
Ward, 159

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 47

page 48


333. Schizachyrium niveum (Swallen) Gould Hall, 437 scrub bluestem Gramineae/ herb, to 65 cm tall, in tufts, slender rhizomes; If sheaths
Hitchcock, 753, as Poaceae; keeled, glabrous, If blades to 9 cm long and 3.7 mm wide,
Andropogon niveus grass family, flat, but tightly enclosing the peduncle; raceme to 4 cm long,
Wunderlin, 90 joints very hairy, 5-6 pairs of spikelets; 1" glume glabrous,
endemic sessile spikelet to 5.5 cm long and 6 mm wide; rosemary
_____ scrub; Highlands, Indian River, Osceola & Polk cos.; fall.

334. Schizachyrium sericatum (Swallen) Gould Hall, 439 silky bluestem Gramineae/ herb, to 80 cm tall, densely tufted; If sheaths glabrous; If
Hitchcock & Chase, 753 Poaceae; blades folded, to 40 cm long and 4 mm wide; inflor
grass family. densely branched, spathes inconspicuous; 1" glume 2-
endemic keeled,, ca. 12 spikelet pairs, sessile spikelet 5 mm long;
endmc palm-pine woods; Keys (Monroe Co.).

335. Schizaea germanii (Fe) Prantl FNA, 113 ray fern Pteridophyta-- fern; bristly hairy rhizome; Ivs grass-like, few, tufted, to 12
FNA uses Actinostachys a ( ) i. Lakela & Long, 47, 49* tropical curly-grass Schizaeaceae; cm tall; sporangia naked under reflexed margin; low
FNA uses Acinosachys pennula (Sw.) Hook. Long & Lakela, 74 curly-grass family, hammocks; Dade (extirpated?), Palm Beach & Pinellas
Small uses A. germani Fee Small: ferns, 331-333* (extirpated?) cos.
Ward, 159-160
FL, West Indies, Central & South AmericaW berlin 33
Wunderlin, 33

336; Schwalbea americana L. Clewell, 490 chaff seed Scrophulariaceae; perennial; to 6/10 m tall; Ivs alternate, sessile, entire; firs
Federal Reg 29 St 12 Godfrey & Wooten II, 669- figwort family. solitary in axils of green Ivs, at end of stem, firs 2-lipped,
Federal Register, 29 Sept 1992 670 yellow or purplish; anther sacs not spurred; savannahs and
T Radford et a., 961-962* pinelands; Brevard, Duval, Gadsden, Highlands,
L to LA & AL to N Small, 1223 Hillsborough, Levy, Putnam & Volusia cos.; May-Jun.

337. Scleria lithosperma (L.) Sw. Correll & Correll, 244, Keys' nutrush Cyperaceae; perennial herb, nodulose rootstock, tufts; If sheaths
246-247W slender nutrush sedge family, overlapping, lowest Ivs with no blades, blades 1-3 mm wide,
Godfrey & Wooten I, 405, enrolled; panicle lax, bracts longer than spikelets, each
497-408* cluster with 2-4 spikelets; achene without basal disc but with
Long & Lakela, 235-236 3 small depressions at base, surface smooth, glossy, white,
Small, 191 3-angled, 2-2.5 mm long; pine rockland hammocks; Dade &
FL, West Indies, South America and Old World tropics Monroe cos.

338. Scutellariafloridana Chapman Clewell, 387 Florida skullcap Labiatae/ herb; Ivs entire, linear, 1-2 mm wide, base wedge-shaped;
Federal Register, threatened: 8 May 1992 Small, 1152 Lamiaceae; corolla 12-25 mm long, pubescent; wet flatwoods, grassy
Federal Register, threatened:mint family. openings; Franklin, Gulf& Liberty cos.; Jun-Aug.
[See Taylor, 270-271; Bell & Taylor, 241, for other Scutellaria spp.] endemic mint openings; Franklin, Gulf& Liberty cos.; Jun-

339. Scutellaria havanensis Jacq. Correll & Correll, 1269- Havana skullcap Labiatae/ herb, to 30 cm tall, pubescent; Ivs opposite, ovate or
1270* Cuban skullcap Lamiaceae; orbicular-ovate, to 1.5 cm long, toothed or entire margins;
Long & Lakela, 745 mint family. firs solitary in axils, calyx to 1.5 mm long, crest or bump on
Small, 1150-1151 its back; corolla dark blue, tubular, to 1.5 cm long; fruiting
calyx 3 mm long, 4 nutlets; pinelands; Dade & Keys
FL, West Indies (Monroe) cos.; all year.

li~L~ili~lir )-_-(__~g1~CI--LY~1~FLC~~~-iif~i~ (US~M;iil iP~XnlMI ._


40. Selaginella eatonii Hieron. ex Small Correll & Correll, 2, 4- Eaton's spike-moss Pteridophyta-- fern ally; prostrate, matted, stems to 4 cm long; Ivs papery,
FNA, 62 Selaginellaceae; iridescent, in 2 planes: lower Ivs to 1.5 mm long, spreading,
Small: ferns, 422-423, as spike-moss family. with obtuse to abruptly acute tips; upper (=median) Ivs to
Diplostachyum eatoni 1.2 mm long, serrate, and with acuminate tips bristly for 1/3
length of Iv; strobili solitary; sink holes in pine rocklands;
FL, West Indies Dade & Monroe cos.

341 Setaria chapmanii (Vasey) Piler Correll & Correll, 157, coral panic grass Gramineae/ perennial herb, to I m tall, tufted, knotted rhizomes; panicle
1. etaria hapmanii asey) geas Panicum coral panicum Poaceae; branches extending beyond the last spikelet as a bristle;
Kartesz uses Setaria chapmanii Hall, 267 grass family. spikelets to 1.3 mm wide and 2.2 mm long; cleared areas,
Wunderlin et al.'s atlas uses Paspalidium chapmanii Hitchcock & Chase, 636 cultivated fields, shell mounds, hammocks, prairies and bay
FL, West Indies Long & Lakela, 182 shores; Dade, Lee & Monroe cos.
Small, 68

342. Silene polypetala (Walter) Fern. & Schub. Clewell, 268 fringed catchfly Caryophyllaceae; perennial herb, spreads by rhizomes and offshoots; rosettes
eeral Reter, 1 Jan 1 Small, 507, as S. baldwynii fringed campion carnation family, and lower stem Ivs opposite, obovate, 3-9 cm long; firs in
Federal Register, 18 Jan 1991 fringed pink groups of 3-5, petals 5, pink (rarely white), fringed at tips;
rich bluffs of Apalachicola River; Gadsden & Jackson cos;
0: DPI: Botany circular # 26; DPI poster, plate #26 GA & FL Mar-May.

343. Silene virginica L. Radford et al., 446, 447* fire pink Caryophyllaceae; perennial herb, to 75 cm tall; Ivs basal and 2-4 pairs on
Small, 507 carnation family, stem; cymes; calyx glandular pubescent, to 2.5 cm long;
petals 5, cleft, clawed to top of calyx, limb to 2.5 cm long,
appendages to 3 mm long, crimson; rich or dry woods; Bay
FL, GA, north to AR, MN, Ontario, NY & NJ Co.; spring.

344. Sphenomeris clavata (L.) Maxon FNA, 205 wedgelet fern Pteridophyta- fern; stems creeping, with closely spaced Ivs; Iv blade
S snom ri clavaa .) xLakela & Long, 63, 64 parsley fer Dennstaedtiaceae/ oblong to 25 cm long, papery, segments to 1.5 cm long and
FNA uses Odontosoria clavata (L.) J. Smith Long & Lakela, 91-92* Polypodiaceae/ 2 mm wide giving a parsley look; sori on tips of segments;
Small: ferns, 317-318* Pteridaceae; limestone sinks in rock pinelands; Dade & Monroe cos; all
polypody, or year.
maidenhair fer
FL, West Indies, Mexico family.

345. Sphenostigma coelestinum (Bartram) Foster Small, 326-327 Bartram's ixia Iridaceae; perennial from a bulb-like corm; 1-3 basal Ivs (rarely 4), up
Federal Register, 9 Nov 1990 suggests using: l Ward, 110-112 iris family. to 30 cm long and 4 mm wide, or 2 stem vs; 1 or 2 firs,
Federal Register, 9 Nov 1990 suggests using: Salpingostylis blue to violet with a white "eye", 5 cm wide, 3 petals and 3
coelestinum (Bartram) Small petal like sepals; stigma and style trumpet-shaped; wet
Kartesz: Calydorea coelestina (Bartr.) Goldblatt & Heinrich flatwoods, wet prairies; Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval,
0: DPI. Botany circular # 25; DPI poster, plate #56 endemic Putnam, St. Johns & Union cos.; Apr-Jun.

346. Spigeli gentanides Chaman Clewell, 424 gentian pinkroot Strychnceae; perennial herb; single stem to 30 cm tall; Ivs opposite and
Federal Register, 26nt ov 1990 Small, 1046 strychitine family. sessile; firs in spike-like group, point upwards, corollas
Federal Register, 26 Nov 1990 Loganiaceae; tubular, pale pink: stamens inside flr; oak-pine woods,
logania family. rich humus; Calhoun, Jackson & Washington cos.
(Historically in Liberty & Gadsden cos., now extirpated?)
[See Bell & Taylor, 185, for S. marllandica.] GA, AL, FL misidentified from Levy Co.; May-Jul.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2"4 edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 49

page 50


347. Spigelia loganioides (Torrey & A. Gray) DC. Godfrey & Wooten II, 516 Levy pinkroot Strychnaceae; annual; to 30 cm tall; firs in forks of leafy branches or in
synonym: Coelostylis oganioides Torrey & A. Gray. Small, 1045 strychnine family. If axils, style jointed near the middle; swamps and wet
endemic Ward, 160-161 Loganiaceae; woods; Levy, Marion & Sumter cos.; Apr-Jun.
Wunderlin, 295 logania family.

348. Spiranthes adnata (Sw.) Benth. ex Faucett Correll & Correll, 383, 384* pelexia Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 38 cm tall; roots thick, fleshy; Ivs basal, to 20
synonym: Pelexia adnata (Sw.) Spreng. hachuela orchid family. cm long and 8 mm wide, petioled; inflor up to 15 flrs; firs
with greenish sepals, greenish-white petals, lip spur fused to
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America the ovary (=adnate); rocklan hammocks; Dade Co.
(extirpated?); Dec-Jul.

349. Spiranthes brevilabris Lindl. Clewell, 188 as S. graciis small ladies'-tresses Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 40 cm tall; Ivs 3 to 4, basal; inflor slender, to
synonym: S. gracilis (Bigelow) Beck var. brevilabris (Lindl.) Correll Godfrey & Wooten I, as S. Florida ladies'-tresses orchid family. 35 firs in single rank, spiraled; firs glabrous, creamy-
gracilis var, 665-666* slender ladies'-tresses yellowish, lip with yellowish center; pine flatwoods;
Luer, 102-1040 short-lip ladies'-tresses Alachua, Duval, Lee, Madison, Orange, Polk & Volusia
lower coast TX to NC & FL Small, 381, as Ibidium cos; Feb-May.
l Wunderlin, 154, 2 varieties

350. Spiranthes costaricensis Reichenb. f. Luer, 114-115* Costa Rican ladies'- Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 30 cm tall; Ivs 4 or 5 in basal rosette; inflor
tresses orchid family. slender, loosely arranged firs, 10-35 firs; firs white, marked
FL, Mexico, Central & South America with bright green stripes; edges of solution holes
in rockland hammocks; Dade Co; Mar-Apr.

351. Spiranthes elata (Sw.) L. C. Rich. Luer, 112-113* tall neottia Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 50 cm tall; Ivs 6 or 7 in basal rosette, petioled,
Small, 382-383, as orchid family. to 15 cm long & 4 cm wide; inflor slender, on tall stalk, 10
Cyclopogon to 30 firs; firs with greenish brown sepals & petal,
pubescent, lip white, 6 mm long, with lobe as wide as the
body of the lip; solution holes in rockland hammocks,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America hammocks; Charlotte, Collier, Dade (extirpated?),
Hemando, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.; Mar.

352. Spiranthes ovalis Lindl. Clewell, 188 lesser ladies'-tresses Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 40 cm tall; Ivs 2 or 3, basal, to 15 cm long and
: b m o e ( ) H Godfrey & Wooten 1, 663- orchid family. 15 mm wide; inflor spiraled in more than one rank, up to 50
synonym: Ibidium ovae (Lindl.) House 664 firs; firs white; moist shady wood, thickets, swamp margins,
Luer, 106-1070 palmetto swampland; Alachua, Columbia, Jackson &
Radford et al., 346-347 Sumter cos; Sep-Nov.
t: Bell & Taylor, p. 36 VA to MO, south to FL, west to TX Small, 382 46- Su r c; Sp-
Small, 382

353. Spiranthes polyantha Reichenb. f. Correll & Correll, 391-392* Ft. George ladies- Orchidaceae; terrestrial; annual with stout tuberous roots; Ivs to 11 cm
Luer, 116, 115* tresses orchid family. long; inflor 10 to 40 firs, spiraled, loosely arranged; petals
Wunderlin, 155 greenish-purple, or brown to greenish brown, lip without
FL, t I s, M o, C l A basal callosities; rockland hammocks; Citrus, Dade, Duval
FL, West Indies, Mexico Central America_ & Martin cos.; Feb-Mar.

'1-il---"--- ---~"C': liurl--v--iu~-ii~~ '~i~-~lii ,.~a -.iu.~--ra--~-.~ty~l~Y~ls~L~r~~ 'Lll"ir.;u~i ipi~-ill~ W~it~L~il*_~--YI1IIli-~t~L-Lh~i-~Lni*lt


354. Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & Sweet Correll & Correll, 392-393 southern ladies'- Orchidaceae; terrestrial; up to 50 cm tall; Ivs 2 or 3, to 20 cm long and 5
synonym: S. tortilis (Sw.) L. C. Rich. Luer, 99, 101 tresses orchid family, mm wide, basal, not present at flowering; inflor up to 35
Wunderlin, 155 firs, spiraled in single rank; tirs white with green throats;
rockland pinelands, marl prairies; Dade & Monroe cos.
Reports from Alachua, Charlotte, Citrus, Collier, Gadsden,
Hardee. Hemando, Highlands, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake,
FL, Bermuda, West Indies, Central America Lee, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Palm Beach, Putnam &
Suwannee cos. are probably errors.; May-Jun.

355. Stachydeoma graveolens (Chapman) Small Clewell, 382, as Hedeouma mock pennyroyal Labiatae/ herbaceous to woody; Ivs 5-20 cm long; 1-3 firs per axils of
Godfrey, 407-409* Lamiaceae; Ivs; Ivs & bracts hiding the fir stalks; calyx 4-6 mm long; 2
Small, 1166 mint family, fertile stamens; corollas nearly white, lower lip
with a central mottled purple band and purple lobes;
endemic sandhills, wet flatwoods, pond margins; Bay, Calhoun,
Franklin, Leon & Liberty cos.; May-Oct.

356. Stachys crenata Raf. Clewell, 388 shade betony Labiatae/ annual; Ivs ovate, long petiolate, 2-4 cm long; corollas
[See Taylor, 231; Bell & Taylor, 242, for S.floridana.] ? endemic Godfrey & Wooten 1. 623 Lamiaceae; purplish; calyx 2-4 mm long; openings in calcareous wet
mint family. woods; Gadsden Co; May.

357. Stachys tenuifolia Willd. Gleason & Cronquist, 454 shade betony Labiatae/ annual; to 1 m tall; mostly without hairs; Ivs elliptic, 3-10
Godfrey & Wooten II, 621. Lamiaceae; cm long, toothed; corollas 10-12 mm long; roadside, fields,
NY to MI MN south to SC TX & FL 622* mint family. moist thickets; Gadsden & Leon cos.; summer.
NY to MI, MN, south to SC, TX & FL
Radford et al., 911
Small, 1161

358. Staphylea trifolia L. Clewell, 495 bladder-nut Staphyleaceae; shrub to 5 m tall; stems striped; Ivs opposite, trifoliate; firs
Godfrey, 656, 657' bladdernut bladdernut family. greenish-white; frts inflated, bladdery capsule, 3-lobed, 4 X
Godfrey & Wooten II, 309- 2.5 cm; upland mixed forest, bottomland forest, interface of
310* bluff& floodplain; Liberty Co.; Mar-Apr.
Radford, 686-687*
Que to MN, south to GA, FL, AL, MS, OK Small, 821
Ward, 59-60

359. Stewartia malacodendron L. Clewell, 498 silky camellia Theaceae; shrub; Ivs alternate, deciduous, hairy underneath; flrs showy,
Godfrey, 670-673* tea (or camellia) solitary, axillary, 5 sepals, 5 white petals; filaments purple,
Radford et al, 708* family. anthers bluish; frt woody; acid soils, bluffs, steepheads,
Small, 876 bayheads; Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gadsden, Leon, Liberty,
VA to FL, west to LA, AK Ward, 112-113* Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton & Washington cos.; Apr-
360. Strumpfia maritima Jacq. Correll & Correll, 1423- pride-of-Big-Pine Rubiaceae; shrub, less than I m tall, profusely branched, branches
1424* madder family. appear segmented; Ivs sessile, 1-2 cm long, margins curved
Long & Lakela, 800 under; firs numerous, small, 5 petals; frts white drupes, 3-4
O: Scurlock, p. 157 FL, West Indies, Mexico Small, 1260 mm long; upper edge of shore of tidal swamps, pine
SWard, 60-61 rocklands, sand ridges; Monroe Co.; all year.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2nd edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 51

page 52


36 Stylisma abdita Myint Wunderlin, 309 hidden stylisma Convolvulaceae; herbaceous vine; Ivs to 2 cm long; corollas less than twice
morning-glory the length of the sepals, or the same length as the sepals; dry
family. pinelands, scrub; Citrus, Clay, Collier, Highlands, Lee,
[See Taylor, 87-88; Bell & Taylor, 117, for other Stylisma spp.] endemic Marion, Orange, Polk & Putnam cos. spring-summer.
Marion, Orange, Polk & Putnam cos.; spring-summer.

362. Stylosanthes calcicola Small Correll & Correll, 691 Everglades pencil Leguminosae/ perennial herb, filiform wiry stems to 30 cm long; Ivs
Isely, 180 flower Fabaceae; pinnately trifoliate, Iflets to 1 cm long, glabrous, but
Long & Lakela, 489 legume family. possible marginal cilia; corolla ca. 6 mm long; bean with
[See Taylor, 138; Bell & Taylor, 168, for S. hamaa.] Small, 730 Papilionoideae; one fertile loment segment, beak straight or slightly curved;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America pea subfamily. pinelands and margins; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

363. Swietenia mahagoni (L.) Jacq. Correll & Correll, 754* mahogany Meliaceae; tree; up to 25 m tall; Ivs alternate, cpd, mostly 4-8 If-lets;
Long & Lakela, 521* West Indian mahogany mahogany family, flrs white, 3-4 mm long, many in open cluster; maritime and
: Scurck, p. 159; Bell & Taylor, p. 130 Small, 765 Madeira redwood rockland hammocks; Dade & upper keys, escaping to
O:Scurlockp.l59;Bell&Taylorp.l30 Broward, Collier & Monroe cos.
FL, West Indies, Central & South America Broward, Collier & Monroe cos.

364. Taxusfloridana Nutt. ex Chapman Clewell, 56 Florida yew Gymnospermae- tree, to 8 m tall; pleasant scent when bruised; Ivs leathery,
Godfrey, 56, 58-59* Taxaceae; points not sharp to touch; [no firs]; seed nut-like, surrounded
Small, 12 yew family. by the pulpy red (poisonous) aril; hammocks and cypress
endemic Ward, 113-114* swamps near Apalachicola River; Gadsden & Liberty cos.

365. Tectaria coriandrifolia (Swartz) Underw. FA, 304 Hattie Bauer halberd Pteridophyta-- fern; tiny; 5-7 Ivs, none longer than 10 cm, thin and
Lakela & Long, 159, fern Dryopteridaceae/ membranous, petiole rarely as long as blade, divided with
1610 hairy halberd fern Polypodiaceae; 2 pairs of segments below the terminal segment; sori
Long & Lakela, 103 wood fern family, scattered over lower If surface; sides of solution pits in
Small: ferns, 209, 211* or polypody Miami limestone in hammocks; Dade Co. (extirpated?)
F_______ Ward, 61-62 _family.

366. Tectariafimbriata (Willd.) Proctor & Lour. FNA, 304 least halberd fern Pteridophyta-- fern; tiny; petiole equal to 3 times longer than blade, Ivs
: oata (C. Prel) Mrt Lakela & Long, 159 small halberd fern Dryopteraceae/ deltoid or pentagonal, to 10 cm long and 7 cm wide, simple
synonym: T lobata (C. Presl) Morton Long & Lakela, 103 Polypodiaceae or with 1 to 2 pairs of segments; sori with peltate indusia;
Small: ferns, 206-207, as T. sinkholes ledges; Citrus, Dade & Monroe cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico minima_

367. Tephrosia angustissima Shuttlew. ex Chapm. Isely, 188 hoary pea Leguminosae/ perennial herb; stems either prostrate and mat forming or
3 varieties Small, 708 (includes Cracca devil's shoestring Fabaceae; erect; Iflets 11-15; corolla pea-like, rose-purple to pinkish or
varieties: purpurea) legume family. white, 7-11 mm long; styles not hairy; coastal strand, beach
var. curaissii (Small ex Rydberg) Isely Papilionoideae; dunes, pine rockland, ruderal; Brevard, Dade, Hendry,
var. corallicola (Small) Iely [Dade Co.] pea subfamily. Indian River, Palm Beach & St. Lucie cos.; May-Sep.
: var. angustissima [extirpated?]
0: Taylor, p. 222 FL, Cuba


368. Thalictrum cooleyi H. E. Ahles Clewell, 463 Cooley's meadow-rue Ranunculaceae; perennial herb; stems weak or robust, to 0.8 m tall; lower Ivs
SGodfrey & Wooten, 131 buttercup family. petioled, upper sessile; If-lets variable in shape, 5 to 10X
Federal Register, 9 Mar 1989 Radford et al., 460 longer than wide, glabrous, lower surfaces glaucous,
margins revolute; separate d' and ? plants; no petals; sepals
SG F greenish; achenes sessile, to 6 mm long; savannas, bogs;
NCGAFLWalton Co.; Jun.

369. Thalictrum thalictroides (L.) Eames & Boivin Clewell, 460 rue anemone Ranunculaceae; delicate perennial herb, with tuberous roots (look like tiny
Radford et al., 460-461 rue anemone buttercup family. dahlia tubers); Ivs cpd; firs in umbellate cluster; no petals;
synonym: Anemonella halictroides (L.) Spach Small, 518 windflower petaloid sepals 6, white or pinkish; moist woods, thickets;
Ward, 4-5 wind rue Gadsden & Leon cos.; Mar-Apr.
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 67 NH to MN & KS, south to FL, MS & AR wild-rue

370. Thelypteris grandis A.R. Smith FNA, 214 stately maiden fern Pteridophyta-- fern; Ivs evergreen; petiole to 1.3 m, blade to 1.7 m tall,
but Collier County maiden Thelypteridaceae; broadest at the base, tapered to the tip; segments to 45 cm
4 varieties, but fern marsh fern family, long and 4.8 cm wide, cut 3/4 to 9/10 the width of the
only T. grandis var. grandis is in US (also West Indies) segment, segments curved, 2 to 4 basal segments reduced;
upper surface of Ivs lack gland, lower surface with a few
L, t I s, M o, C l & S h A a scales on rachis, and hairs ca. 0.1 mm; strand swamps, on
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America old logging roads; Collier Co.
______ ~old logging roads; Collier Co.

371. Thelypteris patens (Sw.) Small FNA, 214 grid-scale maiden fern Pteridophyta.- fern; erect crown of evergreen Ivs from an erect rootstock;
Lakela & Long. 140. 14110 Thelypteridaceae; distinctive petiole scales basal, brown, ovate and covered
Long & Lakela, 101 marsh fern family. with longitudinal rows of clear cells; petioles to 1 m tall;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South Americ Small: ferns, 243-246 blades to 1 m tall, broadest at base, tapering; rockland
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America ________________hammocks; Dade Co.
hammocks; Dade Co.

372. Thelypteris reptans (J. F. Gmel.) C. V. Correll & Correll, 52 creeping star-hair fern Pteridophyta-- fern: stems creeping; Ivs evergreen; petiole to 25 cm long;
FNA, 218 walking wood fern Thelypteridaceae; blades to 30 cm long, reclining and rooting at tips; segments
Morton Lakela & Long, 146-147, creeping fern marsh fern family. oblong, distant; upper surfaces with stellate hairs, lower
1490 surfaces with stellate, forked and needle-like hairs; sori
Long & Lakela, 102 round, naked; limestone rocks and grottoes, rockland
Small: ferns, 217-219, as hammocks, upland mixed forests; Alachua, Broward, Citrus,
Goniopteris reptans* Collier, Dade, Hemando, Levy, Marion & Suwannee cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 42

373. Thelypteris reticulata (L.) Proctor FNA, 220 lattice-vein fern Pteridophyta-- fern; epiphyte (mostly on cypress knees); Ivs to 4 m tall; ca.
Lakela & Long, 145, 1480 cypress fern Thelypteridaceae; 20 paired segments, to cm long and 6 cm wide, margins
Long & Lakela, 102 marsh fern family, entire to wavy, veins arch to become lattice-like; sori on
F, t I s, Me C l & S A Small: ferns, 214-215, as cross veins, naked; hammocks in cypress swamps, wet
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America B C Lee cos.
Meniscium reticulatumS_ roadsides; Broward, Collier, Dade & Lee cos.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 53

page 54


374. Thelypteris sclerophylla (Poepp. ex Spreng.) FNA, 218 stiff star-hair fern Pteridophyta-- fern; Ivs evergreen, clustered; petioles to 25 cm long; blade
Lakela & Long, 145 Thelypteridaceae; to 55 cm long and 10 cm wide; to 25 pairs segments, deeply
C. V. Morton f Long & Lakela, 102 marsh fer family. cut to % of width, narrowed at apex to the divided terminal
segment, harsh texture, both surfaces with stellate hairs; son
round, indusia tan; on limestone in rockland hammocks;
FL, West Indies Dade, DeSoto, Martin & Palm Beach cos.

375. Thelypteris serrata (Cav.) Alston FNA, 220 dentate lattice-vein fern Pteridophyta-- fern; similar to T. reticulata, differs by margins of segments
Lakela & Long, 145 Thelypteridaceae; being sharply serrate; pond-apple & pop-ash hammocks,
Long & Lakela, 102 marsh fern family, guava groves, cypress slough and swamps; Dade, DeSoto,
Small: ferns, 214, 216 as Highlands, Martin, Palm Beach & Polk cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Meniscium srratumn

376. Thrinax morrisii H. Wendl. Correll & Correll, 264, 263t brittle thatch palm Palmae/ tree to 10 m tall; unarmed; differs from the Florida thatch
Long & Lakela, 245 Arecaceae; palm (see below) by foliage color and flower characters: Ivs
Small, 241, as T palm family. bluish-green; leaf blade almost circular undulates like an
microcarpa Sarg. "M"; petiole sheath with secondary splits; inflor cream-
: Scurbck, p. 162; Nelson, plate #10 FL, West Indies Ward, 115 colored; frts sessile; pine rockland, hammocks; Dade &
Monroe cos.

377. Thrinax radiata Lodd. ex J.A. & J.H. Schult. Correll & Correll, 264 Florida thatch palm Palmae/ single stem, 20' tall, slender, swollen at base, upper stem
Long & Lakela, 245-247* Arecaceae; with leaf bases & fiber, ringed, gray; petiole 2-3' long,
Small, 241, as T. parviflora palm family. unarmed, sheath v-shaped base split only once; 12-20 Ivs,
Ward, 114-115, as T. palmate, 4-5' across, divided about halfway into 30-50
floridana segments split at the tips, 2%' long & 2" wide, green with
yellow ribs, below yellowish-green; hastula prominent; fruit
;: Scuriock, p. 163; Nelson, plate #18 FL, West Indies white, stalked; hammocks, coastal strand and shores; Dade
& Monroe cos.

378.; Tillandsiafasciculata Sw. Correll & Correll, 280 common wild-pine Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; large rosette of Ivs; Ivs gray-green, dilated leaf
note: endangered due to Meamasius calliona (Chervolat), a weevil whose larvae Long & Lakela, 267 clustered wild-pine pineapple family. bases, brown banded at base, with long attenuated tips,
tunnel through the plant bases; see DPI's Entomology Circular 330. Small, 271 dog-drink-water leathery; flower stalks shorter or equal to Iv length and
t: Bell & Taylor, p.t 45; DPI poster, plate #62 Wunderlin, 127 quill-leaf covered with bracts; hammocks, cypress swamps, pinelands;
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 45; DPI poster, plate #62 Dade Co.; fall.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South AmericaDade Co.; fall.

379. Tillandsiaflexuosa Sw. Correll & Correll, 281, 283t twisted air plant Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; to 70 cm tall; rosette of Ivs; Ivs pale gray, with
Long & Lakela, 265, 266* banded air plant pineapple family, broad white bands, narrowly triangular with twisted tips;
Small, 271, as T. aloifolia flexuous wild-pine floral axis flexuous, angled, floral bracts spreading; firs to 4
Ward, 116-117* cm long, rose or purple petals; shell ridges or mounds,
Wunderlin, 127 hammock, swamps, mangrove, pinelands, scrub; Broward,
FL, West Indies, Panama, South America Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Martin,
Monroe & Palm Beach cos. spring-summer.


380. Tillandsiapruinosa Swartz Long & Lakela, 267 fuzzy-wuzzy air plant Bromeliaceae; perennial epiphyte; to 25 cm tall; silvery white due to scales;
Ward, 117-118* pineapple family. Ivs on elongate pseudobulbs; fl-stem hidden by pseudo-
*: Bell & Taylor, p.45 FL, West Indies, tropical America bulbs; floral bracts pinkish, firs 5 to many, 3 violet petals;
on dead trees; strand swamp; Collier Co.; all year.

381. Tillandsia utriculata L. Correll & Correll, 284 giant wild-pine Bromeliaceae; epiphyte ( may tumble, continue to grow); rosette Ivs up to 2
Long & Lakela, 265 swollen wild pine pineapple family. m tall, light-green, bases wide, not brown banded,
See note on #378. Small, 271 attenuated tips, leathery; flower stalks zig-zag; hammocks,
Wunderlin, 128 cypress swamps, pinelands; Brevard, Broward, Charlotte,
Citrus, Collier, Dade, DeSoto, Flagler, Glades, Hardee,
Hendry, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Indian River,
Lake, Lee, Manatee, Martin, Monroe, Okeechobee, Orange,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, St.
Lucie, Sarasota, Seminole, Sumter & Volusia cos.

382. Torreya taxifolia Arnott Clewell, 56 Florida torreya Gymnospermae-- tree; whorled branches; needles 2.5-2.7 cm long, sharp
Federal Register, 23 Jan 1984 Godfrey, 59-61* gopherwood Taxaceae; and piercing to touch, arranged spirally, glossy green above,
Small, 12 stinking-cedar yew family. light green below, with a grayish stripe on either side of
Ward, 62-63* midrib; strong odor when crushed; rich wooded slopes of
O: Bell & Taylor, p.9; Nelson, plate #6 endemic, except Decatur Co., GA ravines and bluffs in Apalachicola River area; Gadsden,
Jackson & Liberty cos.

383. Tournefortia gnaphalodes (L.) R.Br. ex Correll & Correll, 1208- sea lavender (Limonium Boraginaceae; shrub up to 2 m tall; Ivs oblanceolate, to 10 cm long, with
1209*, as Mallotonia carolinianum borage family, silky hairs, succulent; corollas white, tinged pink in throat;
Roem. & J.A. Schult. Long & Lakela, 731* is also sea lavender) frt conical-ovoid, hollowed at base, corky; coastal dunes,
Kartesz: Argusia gnaphalodes (L.) Heine Ward, 101-102 bay lavender coastal rock barrens; Brevard, Broward, Dade, Martin,
0: Scurlock, p.109; Bell & Taylor, p. 232 Wunderlin, 311, as Argusia. Monroe, Palm Beach & St. Lucie cos.; all year.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America

384. Tournefortia hirsutissima L. Long & Lakela, 731 chiggery-grapes Boraginaceae; shrub or vine, stems hairy; Ivs not crowded, elliptic to ovate,
Small, 1131 borage family, to 15 cm long, rough with stiff hairs; corymbose spikes; firs
with white corollas much longer than calyx; drupes to 5 mm
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America long; hammocks; Collier, Dade, Hendry, Monroe (incl.
Keys) cos.; all year.

385. Trema lamarckianum (J.A. Schultes) Blume Correll & Correll, 414-415* Lamark's trema Ulmaceae; tree or shrub, to 6 m tall; Ivs ovate to lanceolate, to 6 cm
Long & Lakela, 357 West Indian trema elm family, long and 2 cm wide, base rounded, margins toothed, rough
Small, 443 on upper surface; axillary cymes; calyx whitish or pinkish;
no corolla; drupe pinkish, smooth, 2-3 mm long; hammocks,
0: Scurlock, p. 164 FL, West Indies disturbed areas, roadsides, strong invader; Collier, Dade &
_____.___ 1__ _____I__d __ Monroe cos.; all year.

386. Trichomanes holopterum Kunze FNA, 194-195 entire-winged bristle Pteridofhyta-- fern; epiphytic; erect rhizome, Ivs clustered; Ivs lobed, to 10
Lakela & Long, 53, 56* fern Hymenophyllaceae; cm long and 2 cm wide, no hairs on If margins; sori at tips
Long & Lakela, 72, 73* a filmy fern filmy fern family, of If lobes, enclosed by conic involucres, sessile sporangia
FL, West Indies inside this "cup" and with an exserted bristle; strand
swamps; Monroe Co.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 55

page 56


387. Trichomanes krausii Hook. & Grev. NA, 195 Kraus' bristle fern Pteridophyta-- fern; epiphytic or terrestrial; horizontal rhizome, Ivs spaced;
Lakela & Long, 53, 550 Hymenophyllaceae; Ivs lobed, to 5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, with stellate
Long & Lakela, 73 filmy fem family. marginal hairs between the lobes and 2-celled glandular
Small: fem, 52, 54-55 hairs on the petioles and veins; conic sori on lobes near If-
L, t I s, M o, C l & S h A tip, lips brownish; limestone sinks in rock-land hammocks,
FL West Indies Mexico Central & South Americabases of tree trunks; Dade Co.

388. Trichomanes lineolatum (Bosch) Hook. in FA, 196 lined bristle fern Pteridophyta-- fern; on rocks; threadlike matted rhizomes, spaced Ivs; Ivs
Lakela & Long, 53-54 a filmy fern Hymenophyllaceae; round to obovate, irregularly lobed, to 3 cm long and 1.5 cm
Hook. & Baker Long & Lakela, 73 filmy fern family, wide, with dark stellate hairs on the margin and 2-celled
Small: fern, 52-53 glandular hairs on the petioles and veins; 1 to 5 conic sori
per If, lips not winged, with dark marginal band 2-5 cells
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America __ _thick; limestone sinks; Dade Co. (extirpated?)

389. Trichomanes punctatum Poir. FNA, 196 Florida bristle fern Pteridophyta-- fem; on rocks or epiphytic; threadlike matted rhizomes,
[sm is e ] Lakela & Long, 53 a filmy fern Hymenophyllaceae; spaced Ivs; Ivs round to oblanceolate, irregularly lobed, to
[ssp.lordanum Boer is endemic] Long & Lakela, 73 filmy fern family. I cm long and 9 mm wide, hairs & sori as for T lineolatum,
L, t I s, M o, C l & S A Small: fern, 48-50 but dark band less obvious, lip winged; limestone sinks in
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America rockland hammocks; Citrus, Dade & Sumter cos.
rockland hammocks; Citrus, Dade & Sumter cos.

390. Trichostigma octandrum (L.) H. Walt. Correll & Correll, 504-505* hoop vine Phytolaccaceae; vine, climbing to 10 m, glabrous, peg-like remnants of
Long & Lakela, 395 pokeweed family. petioles on old stems; Ivs to 15 cm long, oblong, acuminate
Small, 484 tips, glabrous; dense raceme to 7 cm long; 4 sepals,
greenish-white, to 4 mm long; no petals; 8-16 stamens; berry
black, 6 mm wide; disturbed areas, moist hammocks; Collier
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Co., Keys (Monroe Co.); Feb-May.

391. Trillium lancifolium Raf. Clewell, 195 lance-leafed wake robin Trilliaceae; herb; whorl of 3'lvs (bracts) which are lanceolate to lance-
Small, 306, as narrow-leaf trillium trillium family. Or, ovate; firs with 3 sepals, 3 petals, 6 anthers, 3 stigmas;
T lanceolatum Liliaceae; sepals curved backwards; anthers about same length as
See Be Taylor, ] GA, FL, AL, TN Ward, 118 lily family, filaments; petals 2-4 cm long, purple; bluffs, bottomland
[See Bell&Taylor, 17]GAFLALTNforest; Gadsden, Jackson & Liberty cos.; Feb-Mar.

392. Triphora craigheadii Luer Luer, 52-53* Craighead's orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 8 cm tall; ovoid tuber to 1.5 cm long; stem
Wunderlin, 155 orchid family. purplish; Ivs purple beneath, to 1 cm long and 1.2 cm wide,
margins undulate; inflor with I to 3 firs; firs white, with
pinkish flush on petal tips, lip white with purple spots and
endemic disc with 3 parallel entire crests; deciduous woods, mesic
endemchammocks; Citrus, Collier, Hernando & Highlands cos; Jun.

393. Triphora latifolia Luer f Luer, 50-51 wide-leaved triphora Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 9 cm tall; ovoid tuber to 2 cm long; Ivs to
Wunderlin, 156 orchid family. 8 mm long and 13 mm wide, green, margin entire; single fir,
endemic white; hardwood hammocks; Hernando &
endemicHillsborough cos; Jul-Sep.

I--CI-~-r- --" ,._.,Y-~-IVYI- .~.1. L-~-I-CII-LL-L


394. Tropidia polystachya (Swartz) Ames Long & Lakela, 322 young-palm orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; stem woody, to 35 cm tall; Ivs several,
Luer, 132-134* orchid family, pleated; ca. 50 small flrs at top of stem; 3 sepals greenish,
Small, 385 [looks like a seedling ca. 6 mm long; upper 2 petals pale greenish, white lip with a
Ward, 63 palm] yellow central spot; dense tropical hammocks; Dade Co.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America (extirpated?); Oct-Dec.

395. Uvulariafloridana Chapman Clewell, 180 Florida merrybells Colchicaceae; perennial herb; Ivs sessile, elliptic, to 8 cm long, not shiny;
Godfrey & Wooten I. 588 Florida bellwort crocus family. Or flrs axillary, fir stalk with 5-17 mm leafy bract just below
Radford et al., 313 Uvulariaceae; the fir; tepals linear, attenuate, 2-3 cm long; capsule
SSmall, 300, as Oakesi.ell bellwort family. Or, rhombic-ovoid, to 3 cm long; bluffs, river swamps, rich
[See Bell Taylor, 17, for perfoiata. FL, AL, GA, SC Ward, 162 Liliaceae; lily fam. woods; Jackson, Gadsden, Leon & Nassau cos.; Mar.

396. Vallesia antillana Woods. Correll & Correll, 1144, tear shrub Apocynaceae; shrub, to 4 m tall; stipules with dentate gland; If stalk less
1146-1147* dogbane family. than 5 mm long; Ivs elliptic to obovate-elliptic, to 8 cm
Long & Lakela, 699 long; infl axillary cymose umbels; calyx very short; corolla
tube 6-7 mm long, lobes 4-5 mm long, somewhat spiraled;
*: Scurlock, p. 166 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America drupe to 1 cm long; coastal hammocks; Monroe Co.; spring.

397. Vanilla barbellata Reichenb. f Long & Lakela, 327 worm-vine orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; vine; stem succulent; lacks Ivs, may be confused
Luer, 76-77 link vine orchid family, with V. dilloniana which also lacks Ivs, but differs by
Small, 374, as V. articulata having a green and red lip rather than a white and purple lip
Ward, 118-119 and by having a subcylindric capsule rather than a club-
shaped capsule; prairies, tidal swamps, hammocks; Dade &
: DPI poster, plate #50FL West IndiesMonroe cos.; Jun-Aug.

398. Vanilla dilloniana Correll Long & Lakela, 326 Dillon's vanilla Orchidaceae; See above for descriptive comparisons.
W t Indie Luer, 74-75 leaf-less vanilla orchid family. Rockland hammocks; Dade Co. (extirpated?).
FL, West Indies
Small, 374, as V. eggersii

399. Vanilla mexicana P. Mill. Long & Lakela, 326 unscented vanilla Orchidaceae; epiphyte; vine; nodes 5 to 8 cm apart; Iv at each node, up to
Luer uses V. inodora Schiede Luer, 73, 75 orchid family. 25 cm long and 12 cm wide, thin; inflor axillary, 5 to 6 firs;
Luer uses odora Shiede frs chartreuse, white lip, unscented; bayhead, baygalls;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Collier, Dade (extirpated?) & Martin cos.; spring to fall.

400. Vanilla phaeantha Reichenb. f. Long & Lakcla, 326 leafy vanilla Orchidaceae; epiphyte; vine; nodes 10-15 cm apart; Iv at each node, up to
Luer, 70-71 0 oblong-leaved vanilla orchid family. 11 cm long and 3.5 cm wide, fleshy; inflo up to 12 firs; flrs
West Indies Small, 374 greenish; fruit to 8 cm long; strand swamps, dome swamps;
Collier Co; May-Jul.

401. Veratrum woodii Robbins ex Wood Clewell, 181 false hellebore Melanthiaceae; perennial herb; rootstock is vertical; Ivs in cluster, up to 50
Kart Ma m n x WJones & Coile, 211 bunchflower cm long, with 5-7 main parallel veins, not hairy; fir-stalk to
Kartesz:Small, 277, as V. family. Or, 1 1/3 m tall, with many small firs loosely displayed; 6
intermedium Liliaceae; tepals, dark purple or maroon, each with 2 dark glands at
IN to AR; GA, Ward, 64-65 lily family. the base; moist sandy loam wooded ravines; Gadsden &
OH, IN to AR; A, Liberty cos.: Jul-Sep.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 57

page 58



402. Verbena maritima Small Long & Lakela, 741 coastal vervain Verbenaceae; perennial; stems creeping; Ivs 2-4 cm long, ovate to
Kartesz: Glandularia maritima (Small) Small Small, 1138 vervain family. cuneate, deeply toothed or incised, nearly hairless; firs in
Wunderlin, 314 spikes, corollas ca. 2 cm long, rose-purplish; calyx lobe
tip awl-like, up to 1 mm long; coastal dunes, coastal strand,
pine rocklands; Brevard, Broward, Collier, Dade, Flagler,
0: Taylor, p. 268 endemic Hendry, Indian River, Levy, Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach,
____St. Lucie & Volusia cos.; all year.

403. Verbena tampensis Nash Long & Lakela, 741 Tampa vervain Verbenaceae; perennial, stems upright or drooping; Ivs 2-8 cm long,
Kartesz: Glandularia tampensis (Nash) Small Small, 1139 vervain family. lanceolate to ovate, toothed or incised or sharply lobed,
Wunderlin, 314 toothed; firs in spikes, corollas ca. 1.5 cm long, purple;
calyx lobes bristle-tipped up to 3 mm; flatwoods,
hammocks, sandy soil, disturbed sites; Brevard, Citrus,
Collier, Flagler, Hernando, Hillsborough, Indian River,
: Tayr, p. 269 endemic Lee, Manatee, Orange, Pasco, Pinellas, Sarasota &
__________ ___ Volusia cos.; Jan-Jun.

404. Vernonia blodgettii Small Correll & Correll, 1547 Blodgett's ironweed Compositae/ herbaceous perennial, to 1 m tall; Ivs basal, those scattered
Cronquist, 214-215 Asteraceae; on stem, linear, 0.1-1 cm wide, 1.8-6.9 cm long, margins
Godfrey & Wooten II, 873 daisy family. entire and enrolled; few heads, each ca. 21 firs, phyllaries
Long & Lakela, 877-888 tribe: Vernonieae. purple, ciliate; firs dark lavender, 10-11 mm long; achenes
Wunderlin, 388 2.5-3.2 mm long, pappus straw-colored inner bristles &
outer scales; low pinelands; Broward, Charlotte, Collier,
t: Taylor, p. 295 FL, West Indies Dade, Lee, Hendry, Indian River, Martin & Monroe cos.;
-_ all year.

405. Vicia ocalensis Godfrey & Kral Godfrey & Wooten II, 257 Ocala vetch Leguminosae/ perennial herb; climbing or trailing; nearly hairless; Iflets 2-
Isely, 202 Fabaceae; 6, terminating with a simple tendril; flr-stalk 3-5 cm long
Ward, 162-163 legume family, with 2-12 firs; corollas blue (or lavender) and white, 8-12
Wunderlin, 227 Papilionoideae; mm long; legume 4-4.5 cm long, 7-8 mm wide; 8-12 seeds,
pea subfamily. ca. 3-3.5 mm wide; open moist areas, banks of thickets and
[see Taylor, 248; Bell & Taylor, 170, for V. acutifolia.] endemic marshes; Lake & Marion cos.; Apr-May.

406. Viola tripartita Elliott Radford et al., 730 yellow violet Violaceae; perennial herb; rootstock short, woody, brown, with
Formerly listed by error as V. hastata Michaux Small, 892 violet family. coarse fibrous roots; leafy stem; Ivs ovate, 3 lobed to 3-
Formerly listed by error as V. h a Michaux Ward, 65* divided; petals yellow with violet on back; rich, deciduous
PA, OH, south to NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS woods in ravines; Gadsden Co.; Apr.

407. Warea amplexifolia (Nutt.) Small Small, 574 clasping warea Cruciferae/ herb; hairless; to 70 cm tall; Ivs 0.8-3 cm long with clasping
.Endangered Species Act: 1973; Federal Register, 29 Apr 1987 Wunderlin, 195 Brassicaceae; bases; petals white, fading purple; dry pinelands and
Kartesz used these authors: (Nutt.) Nutt. endemic mustard family, sandhills; Lake, Orange, Osceola & Polk cos.; Aug-Oct.

__, ,~cL~r~-r~iu*,*;~,.c~ I-rr..-ra~


408. Area carter Small Small, 574 Carter's mustard Cruciferae/ annual herb; unbranched, to 1 m tall; Ivs to 1 cm long,
Federal Register, 21 Jan 1987 Wunderlin, 195 Carter warea Brassicaceae; become smaller up stem; firs, white, 4 petals; frts 4-6 cm
mustard family, long, frt stalk to 1.5 cm; pinelands, scrub, and sandhills;
endemic Brevard, Dade (extirpated?), Glades, Highlands & Polk
cos.; all year.

409. Xanthorhiza simplicissima Marsh. Clewell, 463 yellowroot Ranunculaceae; shrub; to 60 cm tall; stem and roots brilliant yellow under
Godfrey, 531-533* brook feather buttercup family. the bark; Ivs cpd; firs in feathery cluster; sepals brownish-
Godfrey & Wooten II, 125 purple; petals lacking; staminodia 5; stamens 5 or 10;
NY, PA, KY, south to S AL Radford et al., 453-454k shaded stream banks; Gadsden, Jackson, Santa Rosa &
NY, PA, KY, south to SC, FL, AL
Small, 511 Walton cos.; Mar.

410. Xyris chapmanii Bridges & Orzell Phytologia 68(5): 382-389, Chapman's yellow- Xyridaceae; perennial herb, solitary or loose tufts, base of plant with
May 1980 eyed-grass yellow-eyed-grass fibrous parts of old Ivs, no distinct outer scale Ivs; Ivs linear
family. to 74 cm long and 2-4 mm wide, smooth, spirally twisted, If
[See Bell & Taylor, 47, for X. fimbriata.] TX, MS to FL bases not expanded to form bulbous base; petals ca. 3 mm
long; mucky seepage bogs; Calhoun, Escambia, Okaloosa &
Santa Rosa cos.; Aug-Sep.

411. Xyris isoetifolia Kral Clewell, 198 quillwort yellow-eyed- Xyridaceae; herb, in large tufts; Ivs filiform to linear-filiform, to 15 cm
Godfrey & Wooten, I, 487- grass yellow-eyed-grass tall, much exceeded by the flowering scape, If bases pale
488* family. brown; scape sheath half as long to as long as the Ivs, scape
endemic 15-30 cm long; sepals 3, keel of lateral sepals ciliate; bogs,
acid pond margins; Bay, Gulf & Washington cos.; Jul.

412. Xyris longisepala Kral Clewell, 199 karst pond xyris Xyridaceae; herb with bulbous rootstock; Ivs linear, 2+ mm wide; 3
Godfrey & Wooten, 497, karst yellow-eyed-grass yellow-eyed-grass yellow petals; sepals 3 (2 chaffy, 1 thin), keel of lateral
498* family, sepals jagged at tip and ciliate below; margins of sandhill
endemic, except 2 cos. in Alabama Ward, 121-122* ponds; Bay, Leon, Okaloosa, Walton & Washington cos.;

413. Xyris louisianica Bridges & Orzell Phytologia 64(1): 56-61* Kral's yellow-eyed- Xyridaceae; perennial herb, solitary or clumps, persistent fiber from old
grass yellow-eyed-grass Ivs, base maroon to maroon-brown; Ivs to 30 cm long and
family. 2-5 mm wide, tapering from equitant base to tip, smooth,
margins bumpy; tip of fir stalk flattish, narrower than spike
which is ovoid to ellipsoid, slightly pointed; petals 3-5 mm,
open midday; seed pale, 0.5-0.7 mm long; depressions in
TX, LA, MS, FL longleaf pine savannahs; Calhoun, Escambia, Okaloosa &
Santa Rosa cos.

414. Zanthoxylum americanum Mill. Clewell, 476 prickly ash Rutaceae; shrub; to 3 m tall, with prickles on stem; Ivs cpd, prickles,
Godfrey, 612, 613* toothache tree rue family, or central Ifstalk not winged; firs axillary, large cluster, corolla
Radford et al., 653* citrus family. 3-3.5 mm wide; pistillate plants only; when chewed, the
Que, to MN & SD, south to GA, FL, AL, OK Small, 758 stem numbs the mouth; rocky limestone woodlands,
SWunderlin. 232 ___ __ hammocks: Gadsden & Jackson cos.: Mar,

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on the Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule SB-40), Botany Contribution No. 38, 2n" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL. page 59

J1~I~Crrrr rrr -D~--- ----~F~ _I-~---r-r~----pl

page 60


415. Zanthoxylum coriaceum A. Rich Long & Lakela, 516 prickly ash Rutaceae; shrub; to 7 m tall, often with prickles; Ivs cpd, central If-
Small, 758 rue family, or stalk not winged, If-lets leathery, stiff, even numbered If-letL
citrus family. (6 or 8); firs in dense terminal clusters; sepals, petals &
FL, West Indies stamens in 3s; tropical hammocks, sandy beaches; Broward,
Dade & Palm Beach cos.; all year.

416. Zanthoxylumflavum Vahl Long & Lakela, 516 yellowheart Rutaceae; shrub or small tree to 12 m tall; without prickles; Ivs cpd
Small, 757 yellow wood rue family, or with 5-7 Iflets, alternate, to 30 cm long; firs in terminal
*: Scurick, p. 170 FL, West Indies Ward, 65-66* satin wood citrus family. clusters, unisexual; petals 5, 4-5 mm long; coastal berm;
Monroe Co.; all year.

417. Zigadenus leimanthoides A. Gray Godfrey & Wooten I, 591 coastal death camas Melanthiaceae; perennial; semibulbous base, persistent fibers from old If
Radford et al., 303-304* bunchflower bases; stems to 1.5 m tall; Ivs mostly basal, linear, to 60 cm
SIDA 16 (3): 584 1995 family. Or, long and 12 mm wide; inflor panicled racemes to 30 cm
Small, 278 Liliaceae; long; firs whitish, each perianth segment with a yellow spot
Coastal Plain: NY, DE, south to GA, FL, LA, lily family. at base, lower flrs bisexual, upper staminate or functionally
Mountains: VA, WV, AL, TN staminate; capsules conic, to 1 cm long; bogs, wet
__ pinelands; Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton cos.; summer.

418. Ziziphus celata Judd & D.W. Hall Rhodora 80: 381- scrub ziziphus Rhamnaceae; shrub, to 1.5 m tall; zigzag branches with short straight,
Federal Register, 27 July 1989 387 (1984) Florida ziziphus buckthorn family. spiny branchlets; Ivs alternate, semi-deciduous, glossy, 4.5-
21 mm long and 3-13 mm wide, entire margins; firs solitary
and axillary; 5 green sepals; 5 white petals, 5 stamens;
floral disc; frt drupe; between sand pine scrub and longleaf
Endemic pine (Lake Wales Ridge); Highlands & Polk cos.; Mar.

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Rule Chapter 5B-40


1. Acoelorraphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) Correll & Correll, 252, 253* Everglades palm Palmae/ clustered stems, with fibrous mat, slender, to 12 m
Long & Lakela, 244-245 paurotis palm Arecaceae; tall,; petioles with flat orange up-curved prickles; If
H. Wendl. Small, 242-243, as silver saw-palmetto palm family, blades sub-orbicular to orbicular, to I m broad,
Paurotis* segments attenuate; petals 3, ca. 1 mm long; stamens
Zona, 89-91* same size and with broad filaments; drupe orange
0: Scurlock, p. 6; Nelson, plate #7 ripening black, to 1 cm thick; hammocks and
FL, West Indies, Central & South America __ savannas; Collier, Dade & Monroe cos. (not Keys).

2. Acrostichum aureum L. FNA, 131 golden leather fern Pteridophyta-- fern; Ivs to 3 m tall and 50 cm wide, If-segments not
Lakela & Long, 86, 88* golden polypody Adiantaceae; overlapping, fertile fl-lets above sterile; sterile
synonym: Phlebodium aureum (L.) Sm. Long & Lakela, 86 leather-fern maidenhair fern segments oblong, rounded at apex; coastal hammocks,
: t s ad s s Small: ferns, 67-69* family. tidal marsh; Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Lee,
worldwide: tropics and subtropics Wunderlin, 36 Manatee & Monroe cos.

3. Andropogon arctatus Chapman Clewell, 122 pinewood bluestem Gramineae/ perennial, tufted, to 1.5 m tall; Iv blades to 6.3 mm
Hall, 442 Poaceae; wide and 0.5 m long; spathes 3.8-9.2 cm long;
Hitchcock & Chase, 760, 761* grass family. peduncles 3.6-14.6 cm long; 2 to 3 racemes per
Small, 46 peduncle; 8-15 spikelet pairs: stalked spikelet sterile
to 2.7 mm long, sessile spikelet fertile, 0.7-1 mm wide
and 4.5-6.2 mm long; one stamen; flatwoods; Alachua,
Brevard, Calhoun, Charlotte, Collier, Escambia,
Franklin, Gulf, Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough,
endemic Jackson, Lee, Liberty, Manatee, Osceola, Santa Rosa,
enemc Walton & Washington cos.; Oct-Nov.

4. Angadenia berteroi (A.DC.) Miers Long & Lakela, 700, as pineland golden Apocynaceae; scandent shrub with long branches, milky sap; Ivs
synonym: R a c a S l A. berterii trumpet dogbane family. opposite, ovate to oblong, to 3 cm long, revolute;
synonym: habdadea coracola Small Small, 1062* pineland allamanda calyx lobes deltoid, 2-3 mm long; corolla to 3 cm long
and 4 cm wide, yellow, tube gradually dilates to
funnelform throat; stamens 5, anthers appendaged at
base and stuck to stigma; 2 follicles, to 10 cm long;
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 190 ?endemic pinelands; Dade Co. & Keys (Monroe Co.); all year.

i = line drawing.
O = photograph.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

I=_ II IIII I _~,~-~kn~-~C~nn~R"II~kbn---- r~3R--L~*na-~,- -L~----~--ma,,i--_---"~' ~1*--L1

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5. Asclepias viridula Chapman Clewell, 251 green milkweed Asclepiadaceae; herbaceous perennial; Ivs opposite, 1-2 mm wide;
Small, 1071 southern milkweed milkweed family, several clusters of firs; hoods longer than stigma,
corona 5-6 mm wide; greenish firs; wet pinelands,
flatwoods; Baker, Bay, Bradford, Duval, Flagler,
endemic Franklin, Gulf, Liberty, Nassau, St. Johns, Wakulla,
Walton & Washington cos. May-Jul.

6. Athyriumfilix-femina (L.) Mertens Clewell, 47 southern lady fern Pteridophyta-- terrestrial fern; stems creeping; Ivs deciduous, petioles
4 varieties; ours is va. asplenioides (Michaux) Farwell FNA, 257-258 lowland lady-fern Dryopteridaceae, to 55 cm long, blades to 60 cm long, Iflets alternate
Lakela & Long, 151-152* Polypodiaceae; and tapering to long tips, Iflet divisions with toothed
Radford et al., 20, 22* wood fern family, margins; sori curved when young, covering edged
Small: ferns, 193-195* polypody family. with hairs; wet woods, moist banks, wooded hillsides,
rocky streams, sandy bogs; Alachua, Calhoun, Clay,
our variety: CT & DE south to FL, west to KS, OK, TX Columbia, Escambia, Gadsden, Hamilton, Jackson,
S__Leon, Liberty, Madison, Nassau, Union & Walton cos.

7. Baptisia hirsuta Small Clewell, 399 hairy wild indigo Leguminosae/ perennial herb; to I m tall; stems hairy; If-lets 3; calyx
selyuses Baptisia caycosa Canbyvar.villosa Canby Isely, 109 Fabaceae; If-like; corollas yellow, 12-14 mm long; bean ca. 1 cm
Small, 676 legume family. long, black, beaked; 2-3 seeds; pine or oak woods,
[other B isia species: Bell & Taylor, p. 155; Taylor, p. 143] endemic Ward,70-71 Papilionoideae, sandhills, roadsides, RR; Escambia, Holmes,
[other BaPsia species: Bl & T p. 1; T p. 13 e c pea subfamily. Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.; May-Jun.

8. Baptisia simplicifolia Croom Clewell, 399 scare-weed Leguminosae/ perennial herb; to 1 m tall; Ivs not cpd, not perfoliate,
Isely, 108 Fabaceae; thick, shiny above, pale below; corollas pale yellow or
Small, 675 legume family. greenish yellow, 12-15 mm long; bean 1 cm long,
Papilionoideae, woody, black, 5-6 seeds; pine or oak flatwoods,
endemic pea subfamily. sandhills; Franklin, Gadsden, Liberty, Leon, Wakulla
& Walton cos.; Jun-Sep.

9. Bletiapurpurea (Lam.) DC. Correll & Correll, 342-343* pine-pink orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 1.5 m tall; Ivs 3 to 5 froin top of corm,
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 679, 681* orchid family. broadly linear, pleated, to 35 cm long; inflo. terminal
Long & Lakela, 325 raceme or panicle; firs rosy-purple, yellow crest on the
Luer, 226-2270 deep purple, 3-lobed lip, rounded at base; pinelands
Small, 394* (especially in rocky crevices), cypress strand;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Wunderlin, 147 Broward, Collier, Dade, Lee, Monroe & Palm Beach
Scos.; Apr-May.

10. Byrsonima lucida (Mill.) DC. Correll & Correll, 756-758* locustberry Malpighiaceae; shrub or small tree; evergreen; Ivs obovate to
Long & Lakela, 525, as B. Keys locustberry malpighia family. spathulate, 2-5 cm long, lustrous above; petals clawed,
cuneata kidney-shaped, pink or white, fading rose or yellow;
Small, 756* drupes 4-6 mm wide; pine rocklands, rockland
@: Scurldck, p.27; Nelson, plate #84 FL, West Indies hammock edges; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

I9-U-I-IIII~-WILI L-WCU.Ui~Yi~--~-~PL~P1~L~LI~C ~YI~Uyl~I9-~Uil~


11. Cacalia diversifolia Torrey & Asa Gray Clewell, 288 Indian-plantain Compositae/ perennial herb: up to 3 m tall; stems angular; mostly
Cronquist, 106 variable-leaved- Asteraceae; hairless; Ivs alternate, most at the base, reduced in size
Cronquist uses the above name. Small, 1476; as Mesadenia Indian-plantain daisy family, upwards, upper Ivs lobed at base; heads numerous,
Clewell uses Arnoglossum diversifolium (T.& G.) H. Robinson tribe: cachwith 5 firs; whitish bracts; firs lavender; river
Senecioneae. swamps, woods along stream; Calhoun, Charlotte,
Holmes, Jackson, Leon, Levy, Putnam, Volusia,
FL, sw GA, se AL Walton & Washington cos.; May-Aug.

12.. Calamintha ashei (Weatherby) Shinners Small, 1169; as Clinopodium Ashe's calamintha Labiatae/ shrub; to 1/2 m tall; Ivs to 1 cm long, edges curled
synonyms: Satreja ashe Weaterby; Cinopodium ashei Wunderlin, 318 sandhill basil Lamiaceae; under, fragrant; firs pinkish-purple, less than 2 cm
synonyms: S a she Wathrby; Clinopodium shemint family. long, 2-lipped; 4 stamens; dry pinelands and sand pine
(Weatherby) Small scrub, disturbed areas; Glades, Highlands, Lake,

0: Taylor, p. 276 endemic, except for Tattnall Co., GA Marion, Polk & Volusia cos.; Jan-Nov.

13. Calamintha dentata Chapman Clewell, 381 toothed savory Labiatae/ shrub, to 3/4 m tall; Ivs obovate to elliptic-cuneate, to
Small, 1169 Lamiaceac; 12 mm long, marginal teeth, minutely and densely
mint family. pubescent; corolla pinkish-purple, less than 2 cm long,
2-lipped, middle lobe of the lower lip larger than the
lateral lobes; sandhills, dry bluffs; Gadsden, Jackson,
Liberty, Wakulla, Walton & Washington cos.; Apr-
endemic Oct.

14. Calamovilfa curtissii (Vasey) Scribner Godfrey & Wooten 1, 190 Curtis' sandgrass Gramineae/ perennial, short thick rhizome; narrow panicle with
Hall, 143 reedgrass Poaceae; short strongly ascending branches; spikelet 1 fir,
Hitchcock & Chase, 330-33 1 grass family. awnless, hairy lemmas, callus hairs to 2 mm long;
endemic Small, 107 pinelands, wet prairie, marsh; Bay, Brevard, Okaloosa,
Wunderlin, 65 Santa Rosa & Walton cos.; Aug-Nov.

15. Calyptranthes pallens Griseb. Correll & Correll,, 1039, 1040I pale lidflower Myrtaceae; shrub, to 9 m tall, young stems 2-winged; Ivs opposite,
Long & Lakela, 642 spiccwood myrtle family. elliptical or oval, tapered at tip and base, to 10 cm
Small, 937-938* long, glandular punctate, fragrant, petiole present; infl
long-stalked axillary clusters; firs with lid-like bud
cover, greenish, pinkish, brownish, finely hairy, no
petals; numerous stamens; berries globular, to 8 mm
p. 32 FL, W t I M wide, hairy, red turning purplish-black; hammocks;
t: Scurlock, p. 32 FL, West Indies, Mexico Dade & Monroe (Keys) cos.; all year.

16 Carex baltzellii Chapman ex Dewey Clewell, 82 Baltzell's sedge Cyperaceae; herb; 3 stigmas; triangular achcne; perigynia not wax-
Small, 213-214* sedge family. encrusted, slightly shorter than and enclosed by scale;
hammocks, bluffs, moist sandy loam; Bay, Calhoun,
FL, AL, GA Escambia, Gadsden, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa &
FLAL, GA_ Washington cos.; Feb-Apr.

Colile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule SB-40), Botany Contribution No 38,2"' edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

I II I C 1 1. ~ ~,-.-*n~i~ -.-~i~ --.-P"R"" --1

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17. Cereuspentagonus (L.) Haw. Benson, 563-565** barbed-wire cactus Cactaceae; stems reclining (rarely erect), 3-angled when mature,
Kartest: canthocereus tetragonus (L.) Humm. Long & Lakela, 628-629* dildoe cactus cactus family. 4-6 angles when young; forms thickets; firs white,
Small, 915, as Acanthocereus* floral tube with slender spines; frts bright red, shiny;
Wunderlin, 267 maritime hammocks, beaches; Collier, Dade, Lee,
FL, TX, Mexico, West Indies, South America Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach & St. Lucie cos.; all

18. Chamaesyce pergamena (Small) Small Long & Lakela, 553 rocklands spurge Euphorbiaceae; herb, prostrate or decumbent, stems hairy; Ivs to 5 mm
Kartesz: C. adenoplera (Bertol.) ssp. pergamena (Small) Burch long, elliptic or ovate-elliptic, margins toothed;
cyathia [many firs simulating a simple fir] in upper
nodes, about 1-1.5 mm long, petal-like appendages
white or pinkish, 2 long & 2 short; capsule 1.5 mm
FL, West Indies, Central & South America wide, very hairy; pinelands; Collier, Dade & Monroe
cos. (Keys)

19. Chaptalia albicans (Swartz) Vent. ex Steud. All as C. dentata: white sunbonnets Compositae/ herb, to 30 cm tall; Ivs basal rosette, firm, oblanceo-
Nash in Flora of Guatemala, Fieldiana: Botany 24 (0) 432 Correll & Correll, 1464-1465* pineland daisy Asteraceae; late to narrowly elliptic-obovatc, 0.5-2 cm X 3-25 cm,
(1976) uses above name as a synonym for: C. dentta (L.) Cass. Cronquist, 229 daisy family. long attenuated bases, white wooly hairs on lower
-Wunderlin et al. do not have Chaptala dentata listed, only Long & Lakela, 863 tribe: Mutiseac surface, bright green on upper surface; heads solitary,
C. albicans. Probably, these names refer to the same taxon. Small, 1486 terminal on 30 cm long stalk, not nodding; rays & di
firs white to greenish-white; pappus white; achene
FL, West Indies & Mexico with beak as long as body; pinclands; Dade Co.;

20. Chrysophyllum oliviforme L. Correll & Correll, 1097-1099* satin leaf Sapotaceae; shrub or tree to 10 m; thornless; Ivs undersurface
synonym: Cynodendron oliviorme (L.) Bachni Long & Lakela, 680 sapote family. densely copper-brown or silvery-brown tomentose;
Small, 1031* firs tiny, axillary clusters; hammocks, thickets and
pinelands; Brevard, Broward, Collier, Dade, Hendry,
t: Scurlock, p. 50; Nelson, plate #137 FL, West Indies Indian River, Martin, Monroe, Palm Beach & St.
Lucie cos.; all year.

21. Cleistes divaricata (L.) Ames Clewell, 185 spreading pogonia Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 0.8 m tall; glaucous; If one (rarely 3), in
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 653, 654* rosebud orchid orchid family. middle of stem, to 18 cm long and 2 cm wide, present
Luer, 42-430 lady's ettercap with fir, unfringed lip 3.5-4.5 cm long, deep rose,
Radford el al., 343* rose orchid magenta-pink to white, petals curve over lip forming a
Small, 375* tube, sepals deep reddish-purple to brownish; low
Wunderlin, 148 pinelands and savannas, pitcher-plant bogs, swamps,
stream banks; Alachua, Bay, Bradford, Calhoun, Clay,
Columbia, Duval, Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Hamilton,
Jefferson, Lake, Leon, Liberty, Marion, Nassau,
DE to WV, KY, TN, south to FL, west to TX Okaloosa, Putnam, Santa Rosa, Union, Wakulla &
I tI WI K, Walton cos.; Apr-Jun.

I_ .. .---~CC~L- ~-'llrc-u~- IIC-L.C~i--illY YYC


22. Coccothrinax argenatta (Jacq.) L.H. Bailey Correll & Correll, 254-255* silver palm Palmae/ tree-like, to 8 m tall, slender trunk ca. 15 cm wide; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 247 Biscayne palm Arecaceae; with petiole ca. as long as blade, blade nearly round,
Small, 241-242* silver top palm family, to 80 cm wide, deeply divided into drooping
seamberry palm segments, bright green above, scurfy and silvery white
below; frts ca.1.5 cm wide, black; pine rocklands,
c, p. 5; pe #2 FL W t I hammocks, coastal strand; Broward, Collier, Dade,
SScurlock, p. 57; Nelson, plate #12 FL, West IndiesMonroe & Palm Beach cos.; spring or after fire.

23. Coelorachis tuberculosa (Nash) Nash Clewell, 149 Floridajointtail Gramineae/ perennial grass, to ca. 1 m tall; If sheaths flattened
SM isis t N Hall, 415 joint grass Poaceae; and keeled, to 31 cm long; infl ajointed, cylindric
Hitchcock & Chase, 787* grass family. spike to 7.9 cm long, joints of rachis not contracted;
Small, 41 1" glume smooth or with tubercles (bumps); marshes,
Wunderlin, 67 margins of ponds; Alachua, Brevard, Calhoun,
Hemando, Highlands, Lake, Marion, Martin, Orange,
endemic Palm Beach, Pasco, Putnam, Santa Rosa, Seminole, St.
______Lucie, Volusia & Washington cos.; Jun-Jul.

24. Crossopetalum ilicifolium (Poir.) Kuntze Correll & Correll, 865-867t Christmas-berry Celastraceae; shrub, hairy stems; Ivs opposite, spiny-toothed, 1-1.5
Long & Lakela, 568 ground-holly staff-tree family, cm long; petals orbicular, red, 1 mm long; drupes red,
: Scurlock, p. 67; Nelson, plate #39 FL, Cuba Small, 819* quail-berry 3-4 mm wide; pine rockland, rockland hammocks,
sinkhole rims; Dade & Monroe cos.; all year.

25. Cynanchum blodgettii (Asa Gray) Shinners Correll & Correll, 1154, 1157 Blodgett's Asclepiadaceae; slender, twining vine; Ivs opposite, linear or linear-
Long & Lakela, 707 swallowwort milkweed family, lanceolate, to 2 cm long; infl cymose; calyx lobes 1
Small, 1075* mm long; corolla rotate-campanulate, 2-3 mm long,
whitish, lobes with tufts of hair on upper 1/3 of inner
FL, West Indies surface; follicles linear, to 5 cm long; hammocks;
Dade Co. & Keys (Monroe Co.); spring.

26. Digitaria dolichophylla Henr. see Correll & Correll, 127-128 Caribbean crabgrass Gramineae/ perennial grass, tufts to I m tall; Ivs to 2 mm wide &
Hall, 267-268 Poaceae; 47 cm long, rolled inwards; panicles with 2-4
Hitchcock & Chase, 580-582* grass family, branches, rachis not winged; spikelets to 1.6 mm long,
Long & Lakela, 167 in pairs, one short pedicel, 1" glume absent or minute,
2"d glume with capitellate hairs; fertile lemma as long
FL, West Indies as spikelet; pinelands; Dade, St. Johns & Monroe cos.

27. Drosera intermedia Hayne Clewell, 345 water sundew Droseraceae; herb, to 20 cm tall, sticky, glandular hairs; Ivs
Godfrey & Wooten II, 187, spoon-leaved sundew sundew family. alternate, basal, to 6 cm long, spoon-shaped, petioles
190* narrowlcafsundew glabrous; firs white or pinkish on glabrous stalk;
Radford el al., 517, 518* seepage slopes, wet flatwoods, depression marshes,
Schnell, 63-64* sinkhole lakes, drainage ditches; Bay, Calhoun, Duval,
Small, 579 Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Hernando, Highlands,
Newfoundland west to WI, south NY, coastal plain to FL Wunderlin, 197 Hillsborough, Lake, Leon, Levy, Marion, Okaloosa,
and TX, Mexico, West Indies, Central & South America Osceola, Pasco, Polk, Putnam, Santa Rosa, Sumter,
Volusia & Walton cos.; Apr-Nov.

Colle, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

I - -- -- ---'-----"- -- -rr~5~l--~~3 n~-~ --r~--~-~p-----~-~;Ti`~ -~~--

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28. Drypetes laeriflora (Sw.) Krug & Urban Correll & Correll, 797, 798* Guiana plum Euphorbiaceae; shrub, to 10 m tall, dioecious; Ivs lanceolate to ovate,
Long & Lakela, 546 spurge family, to 10 cm long, abruptly pointed, entire margins,
Small, 780* leathery; infl axillary clusters, fragrant; d firs 3 mm
wide, 4 stamens; firs with 2-celled ovaries; drupes
globular, hairy, red; hammocks; Brevard, Broward,
Dade, Martin, Monroe (Keys) & Palm Beach cos.;
0: Scurlock, p. 74 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America fall.

29. Erithalisfruticosa L. Correll & Correll, 1387, black torch Rubiaceae; shrub to 6 m tall, dark brown bark striped light brown;
S1388* madder family. Ivs opposite, oval to elliptic-obovate, tips blunt, to 10
Long & Lakela, 802 cm long, leathery, entire margins; stipules fused;
Small, 1259* terminal cymes; calyx to 2 mm; corolla with short tube
and 5 long lobes, 3-5 mm long, white; drupc globose,
to 4 mm wide, glossy black; sand dunes, coastal
.ii hammocks; Dade, Martin, Monroe (Keys) & Palm
: Scurl6ck, p. 76 FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America Beach cos.; all year.

30. Garberia heterophylla (Bartram) Merr. & Cronquist, 196 garberia Compositae/ evergreen shrub; aromatic; to 2.5 m tall; Ivs numerous,
opSmall, 1336* Asteraceae; alternate, to 3.5 cm long 7 2 cm wide; heads terminal
Harper Wunderlin, 375 daisy family. bunches, each with 5 flrs; firs tubular, pink-purple;
synonym: Garberiafruticosa (Nutt.) A. Gray is the correct name tribe: Eupatorieae pappus persistent, brownish; dry sandy pine or pine-
IF the names in Bartram's Travels are considered not validly oak scrub and praries; Brevard, Citrus, Clay,
published. Hernando, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee, Marion,
Orange, Osceola, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, Seminole,
0: Bell Taylor, p. 254; Taylor, p. 290 endemic Sumter & Volusia cos.

31. iarrisellafiliformis (Sw.) Cogn. Long & Lakela, 327-328 threadroot orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; roots less than 1 mm wide and over 30 cm
1. na msea lormis Sw.) ogn. Luer, 272-2730 leafless orchid orchid family. long, green; Ivs none; panicles or racemes with 1-6
synonym: H. porrecta (Reich.f.) Faw. & Rendle Small, 398* jingle bell orchid tiny firs, floral bracts 1 mm long, papery; firs greenish
Wunderlin, 151 yellow, less than 3 mm long; old orange groves, strand
swamps, hardwood swamps, hammocks; Citrus,
Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Hemando, Highlands, Hills-
Sborough, Manatee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Polk,
: FL, West Indies, 1M9exico, Central America Sarasota & Sumter cos., Aug-Sep.

32. Hartwrightiafloridana Gray ex S. Watson Cronquist, 195-196 hartwrightia Compositae/ perennial herb; glabrous; up to 1.5 m tall; vs
Small, 1318* Asteraceae; alternate, basal, entire, 5-25 x1-8 cm; flat-topped
Wunderlin, 376 daisy family. clusters of heads, 7-10 firs per head, firs tubular, white
Ward, 138-139* tribe: Eupatorieae or pink, 3.4 mm long; wet flatwoods, bogs, seepage
slope clearings, pine woods; Baker, Clay, Hardee,
Highlands, Lake, Marion, Nassau, Polk, Putnam &
endemic Volusia cos.; Sept-Nov.

_~_.I, .~...-.; -LIL.-~LILIIY-~*LIYW


33. Hexastylis arifolia (Michaux) Small Clewell, 248 heartleaf wild ginger Aristolochiaceae; perennial herb; aromatic; colonial; Ivs leathery, heart-
Radford et a., 400-401* birthwort family, shaped, purplish beneath, mottled above; firs fleshy,
Small, 1280 maroon, tubular, odorless; slope forest, seepage strem
Ward, 139& banks; Duval, Escambia, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon,
0: Bell & Taylor, p.61 VA, KY south to FL, AL, LA Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton & Washington
cos.; Feb-Apr.

34. Ilex amelanchier M.A. Curtis in Chapm. Clewell, 247 serviceberry holly Aquifoliaceae; shrub, to 5 m tall; Ivs deciduous, oblong, oblong-
Godfrey, 149, 150* sarvis holly holly family. obovte or elliptic, to 9 cm long and 4 cm wide, lower
Godfrey & Wooten II, 308 surface with soft, shaggy hairs, margins entire or with
Radford et at, 682* a few small teeth; separate ed and ? plants; calyx lobes
Small, 816 4; corolla lobes 4, white or yellowish; drupes dull
cherry-red, 5-10 mm wide; 4 nutlets; along creeks,
0: Galle, p. 133, plates 29 & 30 FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, MS, LA floodplain forests, cypress-gum swamps; Escambia,
Holmes, Jackson, Liberty & Santa Rosa cos.; spring.

35. Illiciumfloridanum Ellis Clewell, 376-377 Florida anise Illiciaceae; tree; to 3 m tall; rosin scented; Ivs alternate, 6-15 X 2-
Godfrey, 381-383* purple anise illicium family. 6 cm, ever-green; firs solitary in If axils; 3-6 sepals;
Godfrey & Wooten 1I, 151, Florida anise-tree 21-33 petals, deep red or purplish red; 30-40 stamens;
153* stink-bush frt a flattened circle of 11-15 carpels, each with 1
Small, 534* polecat-tree seed; wooded ravines, steep-heads, floodplain forest;
stinking laurel Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gadsden, Jackson, Liberty,
0: Nelson, plate #67 FL, GA, west to LA Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla, Walton &
Washington cos.; Mar-Aug.

36. Jacquemontia curtissii Peter ex Small.f. Long & Lakela, 724 pineland Convolvulaceae; perennial vine, woody base, reclingin; Ivs 1-2 cm
Small, 1089* jacquemontia morning glory long, elliptic or elliptic-spathulate; calyx lobe 0.4-0.5
Ward, 96-97 family. cm long; corollas white, 2-3 cm wide; pine rocklands,
Wunderlin, 308 marl prairie, spoil banks, mesic flatwoods; Collier,
f: Bell & Taylor, p. 116; DPI poster, plate #37 endemic Dade, Hendry & Monroe cos. [misidentified: Indian
River, Martin, Palm Beach cos.]; all year.

37. Jacquinia keyensis Mez Correll & Correll, 1084-1085* joewood Theophrastaceae; tree; to 5 m tall; pale bark; Ivs evergreen, opposite,
Long & Lakela, 672 cudjoe-wood joewood family. leathery, 1-5 cm long; terminal racemes, erect-
Small, 1028 spreading, usually exceeding the Ivs; petals 5, half the
length united into a tube, yellowish, fragrant; 5
staminodia; 5 stamens; coastal strand, coastal
FL & West Indies grassland, maritime hammocks, rocky pineland; Dade,
Lee & Monroe cos.; all year.

38. Kalmia latifolia L. Clewell, 348 mountain laurel Ericaceae; shrub; to 12 m tall; forming thickets; Ivs evergreen,
Godfrey, 245-247* ivy heath family. alternate, to 12 cm long; flower clusters viscid; pink
Radford et at, 803* calico bush corollas, 20-25 mm wide, with pockets for anthers;
Small, 999* spoon wood stamens 10; capsule woody; slope forest, riverbanks,
creek swamps; Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gadsden,
0: Nelson, plate #49 Canada, southward to FL & LA Holmes, Leon, Iiberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa,
Suwannee, Walton & Washington cos.; Mar-May.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

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39. Lachnocaulon digynum K6mr. Clewell, 106 Panhandle bogbuttons Eriocaulaceae; perennial, dense tufts of rosettes resemble moss; Ivs
Wunderlin et a. use: L. digynum J. Konig Godfrey & Wooten 1, 527-529* tiny bogbuttons hatpins family, linear, to 1 cm long and to 2.5 mm wide, yellow-
Small, 256 green; flower stalk to 10 cm long, glabrous; infl ball-
like, pale brown; ? firs with 2 stigmas; wet acid
sands, peat or seepage bogs, pond margins; Bay,
FL, AL, MS Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Holmes, Liberty,
________ Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.

40. Lechea cernua Small Long & Lakela, 611-612 scrub pinweed Cistaceae; perennial herb, branched near the base; basal Ivs less
Small, 883 rockrose family. than 3X as long as broad, stem Ivs small, alternate; firs
Wunderlin, 263 small, numerous; 5 sepals in 2 rings, outer shorter than
inner: 3 petals, shorter than sepals; capsule about same
length as sepals; sand scrub, openings, fire main-
tained; Brevard, Broward, Collier, Hardee, Hernando,
Highlands, Hills-borough, Indian River, Lake, Lee,
Manatee, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach,
:simi species in Radford et al, p. 721 endemicPinellas, Polk, Seminole, St. Lucie & Volusia cos.;
[*8:similai species in Radford el a!., p. 721] endemic Ju-Jn
.; Jul-Jan.

41. Leitneriafloridana Chapma Clewell, 418 corkwood Leitneriaceae/ shrub or tree, to 6 m tall; bark smooth, red-brown; Ivs
Ch n Godfrey & Wooten II, 27-299 Simaroubaceae; deciduous, alternate, 10-20 cm long, If stalks 2-3 cm
Small, 407-408* corkwood family/ long; firs appear before Ivs, d or ? clusters (usually on
Ward, 143-144 quassia family, separate plants); firs highly reduced, lack both sepals
and petals; frts dry drupes; muddy riverbanks,
sawgrass marshes, brackish marshes, coastal
: Nels plate #81 MO, A, TX, GA, FL hammocks; Dixie, Franklin, Levy, Taylor & Wakulla
*: Nelson, plate #81 MO, AR, TX, GA, FL cos.; Feb-Mar.
cos.; Feb-Mar.

42. Lilium catesbaei Walter Clewell, 179 Catesby lily Liliaceae; perennial herb; Ivs alternate (our other lilies have
Godfrey & Wooten I, 585 pine lily lily family. some whorled Ivs), linear; firs with 6 tepals, orange-
Radford et al., 310, 311* leopard lily pink with darker freckles, tepals clawed, recurved; wet
Small, 291* southern red lily flatwoods, bogs, usually with grasses; Alachua, Baker,
Wunderlin, 135 Bay, Bradford, Brevard, Calhoun, Charlotte, Citrus,
Clay, Collier, Columbia, De Soto, Duval, Escambia,
Flagler, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Hardee,
Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Jackson, Lake,
Lee, Liberty, Manatee, Marion, Martin, Nassau,
: Okaloosa, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach,
Q: Bell & Taylor, p.16; Taylor, p. 300; DPI poster, plate #41 Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Santa Rosa, Sarasota, Seminole,
Coastal Plain, VA to FL & LA St. Johns, St. Lucie, Taylor, Union, Volusia, Wakulla,
Walton & Washington cos.; Jul-Oct.

.__._~ ; ;~..;:...,,,,,i


43. Listera australis Lindl. Clewell, 186 southern twayblade Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 20 cm tall; Ivs 2, opposite at midstem, to
Luer, 66-67t double-leaf orchid orchid family. 3.5 cm long and 2 cm wide; terminal raceme, to 25
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 647-648* firs; firs greenish purple, to 9 mm, lip forked, linear-
Radford et al, 340-341* oblong; capsule to 8 mm long; rich humus of low
Small, 378-379, as Ophrys* moist woods, sphagnum moss, stream banks; Alachua,
Wunderlin, 151 Duval, Gadsden, Hillsborough, Jackson, Jefferson,
SLake, Leon, Levy, Liberty, Polk, Putnam & Wakulla
Quebec and Ontario, south to FL, west to TX cos.; Jan-Mar.

44. Lobelia cardinalis L. Clewell, 261 cardinal flower Campanulaceae; perennial herb; to 1.5 m tall; corollas bright red; river-
Godfrey & Wooten II, 739-740* bell flower banks, springs, coastal hammocks; Alachua, Bradford,
Radford et al., 1005-1006* family. Calhoun, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval,
Small, 1292-1293* Escambia, Flagler, Franklin, Gilchrist, Hamilton,
Wunderlin, 354 Hernando, Hills-borough, Jackson, Jefferson, Lake,
Levy, Liberty, Marion, Nassau, Okaloosa, Orange,
SPasco, Putnam, Santa Rosa, Seminole, Sumter,
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 119; TIaylor, p. 313 Canada, MN, south to FL & TX Suwannee, Taylor, Wakulla & Walton cos.; summer-

45. Lupinus westianus Small Clewell, 409 Gulfcoast lupine Leguminosae/ biennial herb; to 1.5 m tall; multi-stemmed; silvery
se hs t iis Te d n ad Isely, 119 Gulf coast lupine Fabaceae; due to hairs; Ivs alternate, crowded, not cpd, 3-7 cm
Isely has two varieties of westianus. The description and Small, 681 legume family long, 2-3 cm wide; frs blue, standard with red spot;
distribution given here is for var. estian; the other variety is Ward, 99-100 Papilionoideae, coastal dunes, disturbed open sandy areas; Bay,
ridorum, see Endangered List #226. pea subfamily Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa,
endemic Walton & Washington cos.; Mar-May.

46. Malus angustifolia (Aiton) Michaux Clewell, 468 crabapple Rosaceae; tree, to 10 m tall, forms thickets; thorns tipping leafy
Godfrey, 564-565* flowering crabapple rose family. branches (or branches with If-scars); Ivs alternate,
Radford et al, 557* southern crabapple blunt tipped, deciduous, toothed; firs 3-5 at ends of
Small, 634 spur shoots, 5 petals white to pink; frt a pome; open,
well-drained woodland, fence rows; Calhoun,
n, e #8 V, Y sou to F & L Gadsden, Hamilton, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty,
: Nelson, plate #118 ___VA, KY south to FL & LA Taylor, Wakulla & Washington cos.; early spring

47. Manilkarajaimiqui (C. Wright) Dubard Correll & Correll, 1099-1100* wild dilly Sapotaceae; tree, to 10 m tall, milky sap; Ivs alternate but clustered
ours is ssp. emarginate (L.) Cronquist Long & Lakela, 681 wild sapodilla sapote family. at twig ends, oblong to oblong-elliptic, blunt, many
ours s ssp. mr ta C t Small, 1035* notched at tip, to 10 cm long, brownish hairs below,
synonyms: M bahamensis (Baker) Lam. & Meeuse; Mimusops glabrous with age; infl axillary clusters; calyx with 6
emarginata (L.) Britt. sepals, hairy; corollas pale yellow, to 2 cm wide;
berries with brown, scurfy skins, ca. 3 cm wide,
0: Scurlock, p. 110; Nelson, plate #139 FL, West Indies edible;hammocks; Collier, Dade& Monroe (Keys)
,_ cos.; winter, spring.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2nd edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

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48. Matelea gonocarpos (Walter) Shinners Clewell, 252 angle-pod Asclepiadaceae; vine; Ivs to 18 cm long, sometimes with basal lobes
Sues the abe; t te anus se Correll & Johnston, 1240 milkweed family, overlapping; corollas rotate, glabrous inside, corona
Kartesz uses the above; most of the manuals use Radford et a, 856-857 not ridged; follicle winged, spineless; bluffs,
M. gonocarpa as does D.J. Drapalik, who studied SE species for Small, 1076 floodplains; Alachua, Brevard, Calhoun, Columbia,
his dissertation (1970) from Univ. North Carolina. Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Franklin, Gadsden, Glades,
Gulf, Hamilton, Hemando, Jackson, Jefferson, Levy,
Liberty, Marion, Nassau, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk,
Putnam, Santa Rosa, Seminole, St. Johns, Sumter,
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 197 FL, GA to TX, MO, KY Suwannee, Volusia & Washington cos.; May-Jul.

49. Maytenus hyllanthoides Benth. Correll & Correll, 870, 872k mayten Celastraceae; shrub or tree, to 7 m tall, gray or gray-brown bark; Ivs
Correll & Johnston, 999 gutta-percha mayten staff-tree family, obovate to elliptic-oblanceolate, tips blunt or with tiny
Long & Lakela, 569 Florida mayten notches, margins entire, to 4 cm long, leathery; firs
Small, 818-819* leatherleaf solitary or clusters in axils; corolla to 3 mm wide,
mangle dulce whitish or greenish; stamens inserted below disk;
capsules to 12 mm long, 4-angled, red; seeds with red
aril; hammocks, dunes; Collier, Citrus, Dade, Lee,
'. levy, Hillsborough, Manatee, Monroe (Keys only),
0: ScurlIck, p. 113; Nelson, plate #41 FL, West Indies, TX, Mexico Pasco & Pinellas cos.

50. ielanthera parvifolia Small Cronquist, 32 small-leaved melanthera Compositae/ perennial herb; Ivs opposite, toothed; heads terminal,
Long & Lakela, 831 small-leaved cat-tongue Asteraceae; firs all tubular. Similar to M nivea: 20 to 60 cm tall
Small, 1419t daisy family. (vs. 50 to 200 cm tall); slender stems 1 to 2 mm thick
Wunderlin, 381- but as one of tribe: Heliantheae (vs. robust stems); Ivs up to 4 cm long (vs. 5-15 cm
many synonyms of M. nivea long); short petioles (vs. obvious petioles); mowed
endemic pine rocklands, marl prairies; Collier, Dade & Monroe
endemic cos.

51. MAyrcianthesfragrans (Sw.) McVaugh Correl & Correll, 1048-1049* Simpson's stopper Myrtaceae; tree, to 20 m tall, bark pale reddish-brown to tan; Ivs
Long & Lakela, 646, 648 naked-wood myrtle family, opposite, with fragrance like nutmeg: infl stalk 2-4 cm
synonym: Eugenia simpsonii Small, 936, as Anamomis pale stopper long, 3 to 7 firs; calyx 2 unequal pairs, petals 4,
simpsoniii' white, to 6 mm long; frt red, 2-celled, persistent
Wunderlin, 272 calyx; hammocks; Brevard, Broward, Collier, Dade,
Hendry, Indian River, Lee, Martin, Monroe, Osceola,
Palm Beach, Seminole, St. Johns & Volusia cos.; all
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America year.

52. Najas *ilif lia Haynes Brittonia 37:392-393 (1985) slender naiad Najadaceae; submerged in water; stems slender, about 20 cm long,
najas family. brittle; Ivs with sheath-like bases; flrs lack petals or
calyx, tiny; frts curved; Highlands, Lake, Leon &
endemic Santa Rosa cos.


53. Nephrolepis biserrata (Swartz) Schott Correll & Correll, 30 giant sword fern Pteridophyta-- fern; wiry stolons, tubers absent; Ivs to 2 m long,
FNA, 307 Boston fern Dryopteridaceae/ erect, spreading or reclining, segments articulate to
Lakela & Long, 96, 99* Polypodiaceae/ rachis, elliptic-lanceolate, to 23 cm long and 2 cm
Long & Lakela, 85 Davalliaceae; wide, upper surface hairy, margins finely toothed;
Small, ferns: 306-307* wood fern family/ scales pale brown and lacking transparent margins;
Wunderlin, 35 polypody family/ mesic hammocks, roadside, clearings, swamps;
davallia family. Broward, Collier, Dade, Highlands, Lee, Manatee,
FL, Mexico, West Indies, Central South America, Africa, Asia see also, Botany Circular 32 Martin, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.; spores all year.

54. Nolina atopocarpa Bartlett Clewell, 64 Florida beargrass Dracaenaceae; perennial, short stem; plant either d' or 9 (occasionally
Small, 304@ dragon's blood both); Ivs long and slender, to 2 m long & 4 mm wide;
Ward, 42-43 family. Or, firs small with 6 whitish perianth parts; ovary rounded
Wunderlin, 138 Agavaceae; at apex, capsule notched at apex; fire tolerant, tips of
agave family. Or, leaves bur but stem remains unharmed; grassy areas
Liliaceae; of flatwoods, bordering savannahs, shell middens;
[see Taylor, p. 35 for N. brittoniana photo] lily family. Brevard, Charlotte, Franklin, Lee, Liberty, Marion,
endemic Orange, St. Johns & Volusia cos.; May-Aug.

55. Opuntia strict Haw. Benson, 497-501* shell mound prickly- Cactaceae; perennial; much branched, to about 2 m tall; joints
Kartesz uses strict (Haw.) Haw. Correll & Correll, 1016* pear cactus family. green, to 40 cm long, 25 cm wide, 2 cm thick; Ivs
Kartes uses srica (Haw.) Haw. Long & Lakela, 625-626 common prickly-pear quickly deciduous, conical, to 7 mm long; var, strict:
Small, 909 no spines (or solitary ones in marginal areoles), var.
Wunderlin, 268 dillenii: areoles with small barbed spines and larger
unbarbed yellowish spines to 4 cm long; firs solitary at
the areoles, bright yellow; shell mounds, coastal areas;
Brevard, Charlotte, Collier, Dade, Duval, Flagler,
Franklin, Gulf, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lee, Levy,
Manatee, Monroe, Nassau, Okeechobee, Palm Beach,
Pinellas, Sarasota, St. Johns, St. Lucie, Volusia,
VA, SC, GA, LA, TX, FL, West Indies, Mexico Wakulla & Walton cos.; all year.

56. Panicum nudicaule Vasey Clewell, 136, 520-521 naked-stemmed panic Gramineae/ perennial with erect stems, lower intemodes short,
Karz treat tis as one omay Hall, 281 grass Poaceae; upper elongated giving stem a naked look; blades to
Kartesz treats this as one of many tax subsumed under Hitchcock & Chase, 650* grass family. 10 cm long and 0.8 mm wide; panicle long exserted,
Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. dichotomum. to 7 cm long; spikelets narrowly elongated, 2.7 to 2.9
mm long, glabrous; swamps, [not listed by Wunderlin
FL, AL, MS et al.]

57. Phoebanthus tenuifolius (Torrey & A. Gray) Clewell, 319 as P. tenuifolia pineland false sunflower Compositae/ perennial, to I m tall, thickened rhizomes; lower stem
Cronquist, 46 Asteraceae; Ivs opposite, but most alternate, simple, entire, 1-2
Blake Small, 1442, as P. tenuifolia' daisy family, mm wide; head usually solitary, terminal; 10-15 iay
tribe: Heliantheae firs: to 4.5 cm long, not fertile; disc firs perfect, disk
[photo of P. grandflorus in Bell & Taylor, p. 160; Taylor, p. 185] yellow or red-purple, to 2.2 cm wide; sandy pineland
endemic near Apalachicola River; Calhoun, Gulf, Franklin &
____ __ Liberty cos.; spring-summer.

Colic, N. C, 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2"" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Oainesvllle, FL.

I- _.,-l~r~----r .~la~-l--~~~-n~-----~-~m~-~-~-4~~u--n

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58. Physostegia godfreyi Cantino Clewell, 385 Apalachicola Labiatae/ rhizomatous perennial, to 1 m tall; lowest Ivs peti-
Godfrey & Wooten II, 615, dragonhead Lamiaceae; late, upper Ivs bract-like, 3-6.5 cm long, elliptic,
616* Apalachicola obedience mint family, oblanceolate or lanceolate, margins rarely toothed,
plant glabrous; raceme; calyx, pedicels and peduncles with
Godfrey's dragonhead short pointy hairs & stipitate glands; corolla tubular,
to 3 cm long, rose, lower lip 3-lobed, splotched purple,
endemic purple veins inside tube; 4 nutlets pebbly-warty;
bogs, pine flatwoods, savannas, ditches; Bay, Cal-
houn, Franklin, Gulf, Liberty, Walton & Wakulla cos.

59. Pinckneya bracteata (Bartram) Raf. Clewell, 374 fever tree Rubiaceae; shrub or tree; Ivs opposite, deciduous, soft hairs; calyx
synonym: Pinckneyapubens Michaux Godfrey, 601, 603, 604* maiden's blushes madder family. with I enlarged lobe, showy & pink (rarely yellow);
Godfrey & Wooten II, 714-716* Georgia bark corollas inconspicuous; bays, seepage swamps,
Radford et al., 978-979, 980* hillside bogs, often with poison sumac; Bay, Calhoun,
Small, 1252-1253* Clay, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson,
0: Nelson, plate #129; DPI poster, plate #43 SC, GA, FL Leon, Liberty, Marion, Wakulla & Washington cos.;

60. Pinguicula caerulea Walter Clewell, 419 blue butterwort Lentibulariaceae; terrestrial herb; basal rosette, Ivs yellowish-green,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 675-676* bladderwort curling upward at the tips, clammy pubescent; fir stem
Radford et al., 967 family. to 20 cm long; corolla 2.5 to 3 cm wide, deep to pale
Small, 1232* violet with darker veins; sandy to sandy-peaty soils of
Wunderlin, 337 pine flatwoods, ditches, roadsides; Alachua, Baker,
Bradford, Brevard, Charlotte, Citrus, Clay, Collier,
Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Franklin, Gilchrist,
Glades, Hamilton, Hardee, Hemando, Highlands,
Hillsborough, Indian River, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake,
Leon, Levy, Liberty, Madison, Manatee, Marion,
Martin, Nassau, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco,
: Bl & Ta p. 2; T p. 20 N, S, G F Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, Sarasota, Seminole,
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 212; Taylor, p. 280 NC, SC, GA, FL Sumter, Taylor, Union, Volusia & Wakula cos.; Dec-
Sumter, Taylor, Union, Volusia & Wakulla cos.; Dec-
_____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________May.________May.


61. Pinguicula lutea Walter Clewell, 419 yellow butterwort Lentibulariaceae; terrestrial herb; basal rosette, Ivs yellowish-green,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 672-675* bladderwort curling upward at tips (tips appear acuminate);
Radford et al., 967* family. clammy pubescent; fir stem to 25 cm long; corolla 2.5-
Small, 1232* 3.5 wide, yellow, not veined; sandy-peaty soils, pine
Wunderlin, 337 flatwoods, seepage bogs, ditches, roadsides; Alachua,
Baker, Bay, Bradford, Brevard, Calhoun, Charlotte,
Citrus, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Duval, Flagler,
Franklin, Gadsden, Glades, Gulf, Hamilton, Hardee,
Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Indian River,
Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake, Lee, Leon, Levy,
Liberty, Manatee, Marion, Martin, Nassau, Okaloosa,
Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk,
Putnam, St. Johns, Santa Rosa, Seminole, Sumter,
0: Bell & Taylor, p. 213; Taylor, p. 166 FL, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA Volusia, Wakulla & Walton cos.; Feb-May.

62. Pinguicula planifolia Chapman Clewell, 420 swamp butterwort Lentibulariaceae; terrestrial herb; rosette dull red to purple, or green
Godfrey & Wooten II, 675-678* flatleaf butterwort bladderwort with reddish streaks, Ivs thin, flat; fir stem to 25 cm
Small, 1232-1233 family, long; corolla ca. 3 cm wide, deeply incised, violet to
magenta (white), unveined; bogs, swamps, margins of
peaty ponds, ditches, drainage canals; Bay, Calhoun,
: Bell & Taylor, p. 213 FL, AL, MS Escambia, Franklin, Gulf, Jackson, Liberty, Okaloosa,
Santa Rosa, Walton & Washington cos.; Feb-Apr.

63. Pithecellobium keyense Britton ex Britton & Correll & Correll, 679-680* blackbead Leguminosae/ shrub or tree, to 8 m tall, usually unarmed; Ivs cpd,
Isely, 9-10 Guadeloupe blackbead Fabaceae; Iflet stalks longer than petiole, Iflets in 2 pairs,
Rose Long & Lakela, 451 ram's horn legume family. obovate to narrowly elliptic, to 5 cm long and 2.5 cm
synonym: p. guadalupense (Pers.) Chapman Small, 653* Mimosoideae, wide, notched or blunt tips, leathery; infl head-like, to
acacia subfamily. 2.5 cm wide, on stalk to 3.5 cm long; corolla 4-5 mm
long, whitish-yellow; numerous exserted stamens;
legume twisted, curved or coiled, to 15 cm long & 1
cm wide; seeds shiny, black with red arils (edible);
hammocks, pinelands, sand dunes adjacent to beaches;
*: Scurlock, p. 126; Nelson, plate #78 FL, West Indies, Mexico ___Broward, Dade, Martin, Monroe & Palm Beach cos.

64. Platanthera blephariglottis (Willd.) Lindl. Clewell, 187 white-fringed orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 1 m tall; Ivs 2 -4, keeled, to 35 cm long;
synonym: Habenaria blephariglotti (Wild.) Hook. Godfrey & Wooten 1, 635, 638* plume-of-Navarre orchid family. raceme, 30-50 firs; firs white, fringed lip 2 cm long,
Luer, 140-1420 large white-fringed spur 3-4 cm long; marshes, meadows, depressions,
Radford et al, 338-339* orchid bogs in pine savannas; Alachua, Brevard, Clay, Dixie,
Small, 369-370, as Duval, Escambia, Franklin, Gadsden, Gilchrist,
Blephariglottis* Hamilton, Highlands, Hillsborough, Holmes, Jackson,
Wunderlin, 152 Lake, Manatee, Marion, Nassau, Okaloosa, Orange,
coastal plain: NJ south to FL then west to TX Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, Santa Rosa, Suwannee,
_____ Wakulla, Walton & Washington cos.; Aug-Sep.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 58-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2"d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL,

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65. Platanthera ciliaris (L.) Lindl. Clewell, 187 yellow-fringed orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to I m tall; Ivs 2-4, keeled, to 30 cm long;
Godfrey & Wooten I, 640-641* orange plume orchid family. raceme, 30-60 firs; firs orange, fringed lip 2 cm long,
synonym: Habenaria ciliaris (L.) R. Br. in Aiton Luer, 138-1390 spur to 3.5 cm long and longer than the ovary; bogs,
Radford et a., 338-339* swamps, marshes, pine savannas, flatwoods, flood-
Small, 370 plain forests, forest slopes; Alachua, Bay, Bradford,
Wunderlin, 152 Brcvard, Calhoun, Clay, Columbia, DeSoto, Dixie,
Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Gadsden, Hemando,
Highlands, Hillsborough, Jackson, Jefferson, Lake,
Leon, Madison, Manatee, Nassau, Okaloosa, Orange,
Pasco, Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, Santa Rosa,
Suwannee, Union, Volusia, Walton & Washington
NY west to IL, south to AR, TX, FL cos.; Aug-Sep.

66. Platanthera cristata (Michaux) Lindl. Clewell, 187 crested fringed orchid Orchidaceae; Similar to P. ciliaris, but the spur V2 long as ovary and
SGodfrey & Wooten 1, 635, 639- orange crest orchid orchid family, raceme narrower, smaller flowers; sphagnum and
Synonym: Habenaria crislata (Michaux) R. Br. in Aiton 640 golden fringed orchid sedge bogs, meadows, pine savannas, flatwoods, wet
Luer, 142-1430 prairies, edge of swamps, seepage slopes; Alachua,
Radford el al., 338, 340* Baker, Bradford, Calhoun, Clay, Columbia, Dixie,
Small, 369, as Blephariglottis* Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf,
Wunderlin, 152 Hillsborough, Holmes, Leon, Liberty, Nassau,
Okaloosa, Orange, Pasco, Santa Rosa, Wakulla,
: Walton & Washington cos.; Jun-Sep.
0: DPI poster, plate #49 MA south to FL, then west to TX

67. Platantheraflava (L.) Lindl. Clewell, 187 gypsy-spikes Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 60 cm tall; Ivs 2-3, middle of stem;
n mGodfrey & Wooten 1, 644-645* southern tubercled orchid family, raceme densely flowered; firs yellowish-green, lip
synonym: Habenariaflava (L.) R. Br. in Aiton Luer, 149-1500 orchid entire, with 2 small lobes at base & a tubercle near
Radford et al., 337-338 southern rein orchid base; mud flats, floodplain swamps, meadows, swales;
Small, 371, as Perularia* Citrus, Clay, Franklin, Hemando, Jefferson, Lake,
Wunderlin, 152 Levy, Pasco, Polk, Putnam, Sumter, Volusia &
MD south to FL, west to TX, AR, MO, IL IN, TN & KY Wakulla cos.; Mar-Oct.

68. Platanthera nivea (Nutt.) Luer Clewell, 187 snowy orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 60 cm tall; Ivs 2-3 near base; firs
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 640, bog-torch orchid family. intensely white, lip entire and uppermost, spur 2X
synonym: Habenaria nivea (Nutt.) Spreng. 643-644* frog-spear longer than ovary; bogs, wet pine savannas and
Luer, 146-1470 white rein orchid flatwoods, wet prairies; Alachua, Baker, Bay,
Radford et al, 337 Bradford, Brevard, Calhoun, Charlotte, Clay, Collier,
Small, 373, as Dade, Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Franklin, Hills-
Gymnadeniopsist borough, Holmes, Jackson, Lake, Lee, Leon, Levy,
Wunderlin, 152 Liberty, Martin, Nassau, Orange, Osceola, Palm
Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, Santa Rosa, St.
Johns, St. Lucie, Taylor, Union, Volisia, Wakulla,
NJ, DE south to FL, west to TX, AR Walton & Washington cos.; May-Jun.



69. Pogonia ophioglossoides (L.) Ker-Gawl. Clewell, 187 rose pogonia Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 35 cm tall; Iv solitary, midstem; usually
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 650, ettercap orchid family. 1 fir (to 3), sepals widely spread, pink (to whitish);
652* crested ettercap petals curve over the column, lip to 2.5 cm long, pink,
Luer, 38-390 rose crested orchid margin fringed deep reddish-rose, 3 longitudinal rows
Radford et al., 342-343* of yellow bristles; sphagnum bogs, meadows, swamps,
Small, 375* pine savannas, pine flatwoods, prairies; Alachua,
Wunderlin, 153 Baker, Bay, Calhoun, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Duval,
Escambia, Flagler, Franklin, Gilchrist, Gulf, High-
lands, Hillsborough, Holmes, Jefferson, Lafayette,
Lake, Leon, Levy, Liberty, Marion, Martin, Nassau,
Okaloosa, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk,
Canada south to FL, MN to TN southwest to TX Putnam, Santa Rosa, Seminole, St. Johns, Volusia,
Wakulla, Walton & Washington cos.; Mar-May.

70. Polygonella macrophylla Small Clewell, 454 large-leaved Polygonaceae; sub-shrub; to over I m tall; brittle stems; Ivs alternate,
Small, 449 jointweed buckwheat blunt tips, entire; clusters of red firs terminate stems;
Ward, 52-53 family. sand pine-oak scrub; Bay, Escambia, Franklin,
FL, AL (I county) Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla & Walton cos.; Oct-

71. Prunus myrtifolia (L.) Urban Correll & Correll, 575-576* West Indian cherry Rosaceae; shrub or tree, to 15 m tall; bruised Ivs with almond
Long & Lakela, 444 West Indian laurel- rose family. scent, elliptic to oblong-ovate, abruptly acute or
Small, 651, as Laurocerasus* cherry acuminate, to 12 cm long, entire, glandular along
margin, glossy; axillary racemes shorter than Ivs;
sepals minute; petals yellowish white, to 3 mm long;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America drupe ca. 1 cm wide, glossy black-purple;
hammocks; Dade Co., fall.

72. Psidium longipes (Berg) McVaugh Correll & Correll, 1052, 1054- mangrove berry Myrtaceae; shrub or tree, to 4 m tall, short trunk, trailing branches;
1055* long-stalked stopper myrtle family. Ivs opposite, ovate, oval to elliptic, to 5 cm long,
Long & Lakela, 646-647, as trailing eugenia thick, glossy, net veined, reddish veins below; flrs
Myrtus* Bahama stopper usually solitary; petals nearly equal, white to pink, ca.
Small, 937, as Mosiera* wild guava 7 mm long; stamens numerous, white; berry on long
stalk, subglobose, persistent calyx, ca. 1 cm wide,
*: Scurlock, p. 132 FL, West Indies black, many seeds, edible; hammocks, pinelands;
Dade & Monroe (Keys) cos.; all year.

73. Pteris bahamensis (J. Agardh) F6e Correll & Correll, 41-42* Bahama ladder brake Pteridophyta-- fern; Ivs to 1 m, clustered, stiff, cpd; Iflets undivided,
synonym: P. longifolia L. var. bahamensis (Agardh) Hieron. FNA, 133-134 plumy ladder brake Pteridaceae/ well separated, narrow-linear, bases rounded or eared
Lakela & Long, 70-73* Bahama brake Polypodiaceae; (not cordate), margins obscurely toothed; sori
Long & Lakela, 89 long-leaved brake maidenhair fern marginal, continuous, covered with reflexed Iflet
Small, ferns: 100-102, as family/ margins; limestone pockets in pine rockland, edges of
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Pycnodoria bahamensis pol ,ody family. hammocks; Broward, Collier, Dade, Monroe, Palm
_________ Beach, St. Lucie cos.; all year.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.



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74. Pteroglossaspis ecristata (Fern.) Rolfe Clewell, 185 non-crested Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 1.7 m tall; 2-4 linear-lanceolate Ivs at
synonym: Eulophia ecristata (Fem.) Ames 'Luer, 240-241* eulophia orchid family. base; infl to 30 firs; sepals & petals yellow-green, lip
Radford et al, 355-356* maroon, 3-lobed and crest-less; sand pine scrub,
Small, 394-395, as Triorchos* sandhills, pine rockland; Alachua, Baker, Bradford,
Wunderlin, 153 Brevard, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Dade,
DeSoto, Dixie, Duval, Hardee, Hernando, Highlands,
Hillsborough, Lake, Levy, Manatee, Marion, Martin,
Orange, Osceola, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, Sarasota,
NC, SC, FL, LA, Cuba Seminole, St. Johns, Taylor, Volusia & Wakulla cos.;

75. Pycnanthemumfloridanum Grant & Epling Clewell, 386 Florida mountain-mint Labiatae/ perennial herb, much branched above middle; Ivs over
Wunderlin, 321 horsemint Lamiaceae; 3 cm long, green, glabrous, opposite; infl terminal,
mint family, cymose, congested but not in a head; bracts grayish
due to tiny hairs, subtend several flowers, acute to
acuminate; calyx and corolla tubular; 4 functional
stamens with straight separate filaments; 4 nutlets are
barely attached at bases; sandhills, 2" pinelands;
hammocks, wet pinelands; Alachua, Clay, Duval,
FL & 1 county in GA Flagler, Hernando, Leon, Levy, Madison, Seminole,
i St. Johns & Volusia cos.; Jul-Aug.

76. Quercus arkansana Sarg. Clewell, 363 Arkansas oak Fagaceae; small tree, to 17 m tall, bark with long narrow ridges
Godfrey, 330-332* beech family. and furrows, nearly black; Ivs deciduous, [resemble Q.
Small, 430 marilandica, but lacks gland-like hairs on Ivs],
variable, obovate, unlobed to slightly 3-5-lobed at tip,
to 15 cm long, a few bristles extend beyond the veins,
upper surface dark green, shiny, lower surface with
shaggy, tawny stellate hairs in vein axils; acorn
subglobose to 1 cm long, cup holding 'A of acorn
0: Browi & Kirkman, plate 23 FL, GA, AL, LA, AR body; mixed woodlands, well-drained soils, bayheads;
Calhoun, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton cos.

77. Reynosia septentrionalis Urban Correll & Correll, 898-899* Darling plum Rhamnaceae; shrub or tree, to 10 m tall, gray-brown bark, splitting
Long & Lakela, 580 red ironwood buckthorn family. into plates; Ivs opposite, variable, oblong, ovate, to
Small, 831* elliptic, notched at tip, margins rolled under, to 4 cm
long, leathery, glabrous; axillary clusters; sepals 5
t: Scurlokk, p. 138 FL, West Indies yyellow-green, not crested, ca. 2 mm long; no petals;
stamens 5, alternate with sepals; drupe dark purple, to
2 cm long, persistent style, edible; hammocks; Dade &
Monroe (Keys) cos.; all year.

Ir . -6.__ b-lll-- - .. .~ 6ah


78. Rhexia salicifolia Kral & Bostick Clewell, 432 Panhandle meadow Melastomataceae; perennial herb, to 20 cm tall, stems 4-angled, narrowly
Godfrey & Wooten 1I, 368-370* beauty melastoma winged, roots with tubers near ends; Ivs opposite,
family, linear, spathulate, oblong or elliptic, twisted vertically,
to 4 cm long, 5 mm wide, glandular hairs on surface,
margins entire; cymes; hypanthium with neck shorter
than body; calyx lobes triangular; petals deep
lavender-rose, to 12 mm long, glandular hairs on
outside; pond margins, coastal swales; Bay, Calhoun,
FL, AL Leon, Okaloosa, Wakulla, Walton & Washington cos.

79. Rhynchosia arvifolia DC. Isely, 105 small-leaf snoutbean Leguminosae/ herbaceous vine, stem gray-hairy, to 3 m long; Ivs
Small, 713* Fabaceae; trifoliate, Iflets elliptic or obovate to 2.5 cm long,
legume family, leathery, glands hidden by hairs; raceme not longer
Papilionoideae, than Ivs; calyx 5-7 mm long; corolla yellow, gland
pea subfamily dotted, standard to 1 cm long; legume elliptic, 1.5-1.8
cm long and 4-6 mm wide; pinelands, along trails,
FL. West Indies _beaches; Dade & Monroe (Keys) cos.; all year.

80. Rhynchospora stenophylla Carey ex Chapman Clewell, 100 narrow-leaved beak rush Cyperaceae; similar to R. rarflora. tussocked perennial, to 60 cm
Godfrey & Wooten I, 386-387* sedge family, tall; Ivs capillary, channeled, ca. 2 length flowering
Radford et al., 210 stem; terminal clusters to 3 cm across; spikelets 4-5
mm long, falcate, with single fir; 6 bristles as long or
longer than tubercle on achene; bogs; flatwoods; Bay,
Franklin, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Taylor, Walton &
FL, SC, NC, AL, MS Washington cos.

81. Sarracenia minor L. Clewell, 479 hooded pitcher-plant Sarraceniaceae; perennial herb; Ivs erect, to 1 m tall, but most less than
Godfrey & Wooten II, 192, rain-hat trumpet pitcher plant Vi m; green pitcher (turning reddish in sun) marked
194* family. with white spots; hood arching over mouth; petals
Radford et a., 512* yellow, odorless; flatwoods, bogs, ditches; Alachua,
Small, 582-583 Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval,
Wunderlin, 196 Flagler, Franklin, Gadsden, Gilchrist, Hamilton,
Highlands, Hillsborough, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake,
Leon, Levy, Liberty, Madison, Marion, Nassau,
Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Polk, Putnam,
St. Johns, Sumter, Taylor, Union, Volusia & Wakulla
: Bell & Taylor, p. 72; Taylor, p. 132 NC to FL cos.; Mar-May & Sept.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

III I ~g( r -- -b-n~ ~pJ~adasa-l -r~--- --~--~amp~lsP'L~srFI:YxTn-ri--r-;--r-- ~

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82. Sarraceniapsittacina Michaux Clewell, 479 parrot pitcher-plant Sarraceniaceae; perennial herb; Ivs evergreen, very narrow tube with
Godfrey & Wooten II, 192- pitcher plant wing, sprawling to erect, usually 9-28 cm long, green
193* family. (reddish in sun) marked with white patches and red
Small, 581 veined at top, hood curved (like parrot's beak); firs
high above the Ivs, petals deep to bright red, faint
sweet odor; flatwoods, bogs, often under water in
floodtime; Baker, Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Franklin,
Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Leon, Liberty,
Nassau, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Wakulla, Walton &
GA, FL west to LA Washington cos.; Mar-May.

83. Sarracenia purpurea L. Clewell, 479 decumbent pitcher- Sarraceniaceae; perennial herb; Ivs reclining, to 20 cm long, evergreen,
Godfrey & Wooten II, 201- plant pitcher plant inflated, with a prominent lateral wing, no white
202* flytrap family. markings, green to purplish-red with red veins, hood
Radford et al., 512* Indian pitcher erect (lets water enter); calyx dark red, petals rose
Small, 581* sidesaddle-plant pink, sweet odor with feline overtones; bogs, swamps,
Adam's pitcher savannas, flatwoods; Bay, Calhoun, Escambia,
: Tayo, MS OH, I, I, IA huntsman's cup Holmes, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton &
: Bll Taylor, p. 72 (Inset) Canada south to FL, MS, OH IN IL A devil's boots Washington cos.; Mar-May.

84. Sarracenia rubra Walter Clewell, 479 sweet pitcher-plant Sarraceniaceae; perennial herb; Ivs erect, narrow trumpet-shaped,
n d d io s s G & W Godfrey & Wooten II, 196, red-flowered pitcher- pitcher plant green to reddish, with reddish-brown veins, hood
Often divided into subspecies, see Godfrey & Wootn. 200-201* plant family, erect; firs rise above Ivs, petals red to maroon, sweet
In FL: ssp. wherryi and gulfensis. Radford et al., 512* odor; stream banks, bogs, wet pinelands, seepage
Small, 581-582 slopes; Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa & Walton
6: Bell Taylor, p. 72 NC, to FL, AL cos.; Apr-May.

85. aevola plumieri (L.) Vahl Correll & Correll, 1436- inkberry Goodeniaceae; perennial herb or shrub; up to 1.5 m tall; Ivs 3-6 cm
1438* half-flower goodenia family, long, alternate, glossy, winged stalk; corolla tube split
note: The exotic weed, S. taccada (S. sericea), has Ivs more than Long & Lakela, 820-821 beachberry on one side, white or pinkish, hairy inside; stigma with
10 cm long and white drupes. Small, 1296* black soap a cup underneath; berries black, juicy; beaches, coastal
Wunderlin, 355 mad Moll strand; Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Collier, Dade,
Hillsborough, Indian River, Lee, Manatee, Martin,
Palm Beach, Pinellas, Sarasota & St. Lucie cos.; all
O:Scurlobk, p. 146 FL, West Indies, Central & South America year.

86. Senna mexicana (Jacq.) Irwin & Barneby Correll & Correll, 617-619* Chapman's sensitive Leguminosae/ spreading or erect shrub, to 3 m tall; Ivs with 4-5 pairs
8 or. s ivar. me anai (Jacqs ) I irwin & B amey Long & Lakela, 458-459* plant Fabaceae; Iflets, with sessile gland between lower pair, Iflets
ours is var. chapman (Isely) Irwin & Bareby Small, 662, as Peiranisia* Bahama cassia legume family, elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, to 4 cm long; racemes
S Isely Bahama senna Caesalpinioideae, axillary and terminal, 3-15 firs; corolla golden yellow,
synonym: assia chapman Isely cassia family. to 3 cm wide, 5 petals unequally sized & shaped; 6
fertile anthers; legume flat, to 10 cm long & 7 mm
i: wide, falcate, papery; seeds brown, shiny, numerous;
0: Scurlock, p. 39; Bell & Taylor, p. 157 FL, West Indies pinelands, hammocks, coastal dunes; Dade & Monroe
_Keys) cos.; all year.

~,li~,, _,I.--- Y~;31-U..UU1.U~i.CI~-i LI--- -IIYICI-31-L-~i-~QPPUI~-iLCISY



87. Smilax havanensis Jacq. Correll & Correll, 307 Everglades greenbrier Smilacaceae; woody vine, to 4+m long, angled stems, rigid prickles;
Long & Lakela, 285 prickly green brier smilax family. Ivs oval, elliptic, ovate to obovate, to 8 cm long,
Small, 314 China-brier leathery, margins sinuate and with prickles, 3 to 5
saw-vine main veins, prickles on midrib below; tepals 1.5 mm
Chancy-vine long; frt subglobose, to 6 mm wide, black; 3 seeds,
maroon red; pinelands, hammocks; Collier, Dade &
FL, West Indies Monroe (Keys) cos.; fall.

88. Solanum donianum Walpers Correll & Correll, 1292 potato tree Solanaceae; shrub, to 3 m tall, stellate hairs; Ivs elliptic to oblong,
SLong & Lakela, 756-757 solanum family. to 25 cm long & 7 cm wide, wavy margins; infl
synonyms: S. blodgettii Chapm.; S. verbascifolium L. Small, 1115 terminal clusters; corollas white, to 16 mm wide;
berries bright red, globose, glabrous, to 6 mm wide;
hammocks, lime sinks in pinelands; Collier, Dade &
/: Scurlock, p. 153 FL, West Indies, Mexico Monroe (Keys) cos.; all year.

89. Spermacoce terminalis (Small) Kartesz & Long & Lakela, 805 false buttonweed Rubiaceae; perennial herb, to 30 cm tall; Ivs opposite, to 3 cm
Small, 1264, 1265* madder family. long, linear-subulate to linear; infl terminal head:
Gandhi sepals 2 or 4; corolla tubular, 3 mm long, lobes and
synonym: Bourreria terminalis Small tube about same length, white; stamens 4, attached to
[Wunderlin, 349, uses B. terminalis as synonym for S. verticillata; however, corolla; capsule, 2-3 mm long; pinelands, coastal
Kartesz lists both S. terminalis and S. verticillata L.] areas; Collier, Dade, Hendry, Martin, Monroe (Keys)
endemic & Palm Beach cos.; all year.

90. Spiranthes laciniata (Small) Ames Clewell, 188 lace-lip ladies' tresses Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; up to 60 cm tall; Ivs basal or sheathing
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 66S- lace-lip spiral orchid orchid family. lower stem; inflor up to 50 firs in single row, spiraled;
669, as S. x laciniata* firs white, lip yellowish and lace-like at tip; shores
Luer, 96-970 swamps, marshes, flatwoods, wet sandy soil; Baker,
Radford et al., 349 Bradford, Broward, Charlotte, Citrus, Collier,
Small, 381, as Ibidium Columbia, Dade, Escambia, Flagler, Franklin, Gulf,
Wunderlin, 154 Lake, Levy, Liberty, Martin, Monroe, Okaloosa,
Okeechobee, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Putnam,
SSanta Rosa, Sumter, Taylor, Union, Volusia &
NC to FL to TX _Wakulla cos.; Apr.

91. Spiranthes longilabris Lindl. Clewell, 188 long-lip ladies' tresses Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; to 60 cm tall; Ivs basal, less than 5 mm
Godfrey & Wooten I, 665, giant spiral orchid orchid family, wide, wither before flowering; infl up to 30 firs,
667-668* slightly spiraled to second; firs to 7 mm long, whitish,
Luer, 97-98* gaping, lip yellowish and fringed at tip; prairies,
Radford et al., 348 flatwoods, marshes, sandy bogs; Charlotte, Citrus,
Small, 381, as Ibidium Collier, Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Gulf, Highlands,
VA to FL to T longilabre Hillsborough, Lee, Levy, Liberty, Manatee, Nassau,
A t F t T Wunderlin, 154 Okaloosa, Osceola, Polk & Santa Rosa cos.; Nov-Dec.

Coile, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesvllle, FL.

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92. Spiranthes tuberosa Raf. Clewell, 188 little pearl-twist Orchidaceae; terrestrial herb; to 30 cm tall; Ivs 2 or 3, basal; inflor
synonym: Spiranthes rayi Ames Luer, 105, 1070 little ladies' tresses orchid family, up to 30 firs in single rank, spiraled or second on very
Radford et al., 34, 348* slender stem; firs to 3 mm long, snow white; dry acid
Small, 381, as Ibidium beckii soil, open pine-palmetto woods, pine flatwoods;
Wunderlin, 155 Alachua, Citrus, Escambia, Gadsden, Hardee,
Hernando, Highlands, Jackson, Jefferson, Lafayette,
MA south to FL, west to IL, MO, AR, TX Lake, Lee, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Pinellas, Putnam,
Santa Rosa, Suwannee & Washington cos.; Jun.

93. Stenorrhynchos lanceolatus (Aubl.) L.C. Rich. Correll & Correll, 394-395* leafless beaked orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 60 cm tall; Ivs 4-6, basal, may disappear
Kartesz: Spiranthes lanceolata (Aubl.) Leon Luer, 117-122* terra-cotta orchid orchid family. at flowering; infl up to 30 firs, long stalk; firs reddish,
See also, L. A. Garay's 1980 publ. in Botanical Museum Leaflets Small, 183-184 column long and eaked; open pastures, roadsidewet
(Harvard) 28(4): 302 ff Wunderlin, 155, as S. pine flatwoods, sandhills; Alachua, Baker, Charlotte,
orchioides* Citrus, Collier, Dade, DeSoto, Flagler, Glades,
Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Hillsborough, Indian
River, Lake, Lee, Marion, Okeechobee, Orange,
Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Seminole & Walton cos.; Apr-Jul.

94. Tectaria heracleifolia (Willd.) L. Under. Correll & Correll, 44, 46 broad halberd fer Pteridophyta- fern; Ivs 40-60 cm long, once compound, lower Iflets
FNA, 303 halberd fem Dryopteridaceae/ with large acuminate lobes at base; sori in two rows
Lakela & Long, 159-160* Polypodiaceae/ between the lateral veins, peltate covering over spores;
Long & Lakela, 103 Aspidaceae; rockland hammocks; Broward, Citrus, Dade,
FL, TX, Mexico, West Indies, Central & South America Small, ferns: 204-206* fern families. Hernando & Martin cos.; all year.
Wunderlin, 41

95. Tephrosia mohrii (Rydberg) Godfrey Clewell, 414 pinelands hoary pea Leguminosae/ perennial herb; Ivs with 13-23 Iflets, narrowly elliptic,
Isely, 189, as part of T. Fabaceae; margins entire, usually less than 15 mm long, with
synonym: Cracca mohrii Rydberg virginiana (L.) Pers. legume family, appressed hairs; racemes terminal (Clewell), solitary
Small, 706, as Cracca mohrii Papilionoideae, or clustered in If axils (Isely); calyx teeth lance-ovate
pea subfamily. or cuspidate; corolla yellowish and rose tinged;
endemic monadelphous stamens; sandhills; Okaloosa & Walton
cos.; Apr.

96. Tetrazygia bicolor (P. Mill.) Cogn. Correll & Correll, 1055- tetrazygia Melastomataceae; shrub or small tree; Ivs with 3 conspicuous veins and
1056* melastoma lateral connecting veins, scurfy beneath; infl terminal;
Long & Lakela, 650-651 family, firs white, 6-8 mm long; anthers curve; berry purplish
r: Bell & Taylor, p. 179; Nelson, plate #89 FL, Cuba Small, 927* to blackish; rockland hammocks, pinelands, disturbed
& Taylor, p. 179 Nelson, plate #9 areas; Dade & Monroe cos.; May-Aug.

-~~Y L ~I-I~.-~)"LI.^LW~-_I~LIII_~1~4CI__

-.: IL~C~-I~_ ~--YIYI-~_ -~L-ULL-_.- i~IW1 ICI-L--_~CIIP


97. Thelypteris augescens (Link) Munz & I.M. Correll & Correll, 48-49 abrupt-tipped maiden Pteridophyta- fern; similar to T. kunthii (southern shield fern), but
FNA. 214 fern Thelypteridaceae/ firmer texture, scales on the rootstock with hairs,
Johnston Lakela & Long, 140, 142* Polypodiaceae/ persistent scales on lower surface of rachis, narrower
Long & Lakela, 101 Aspidaceae; Iflets, blade narrowing abruptly into pinnatifid apex;
Small, ferns: 238-241* marsh fern hammocks, sides of lime sinks, abandoned phosphate
family/ mines; Collier, Dade, Levy & Monroe cos.
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central America polypody family.

98. Tillandsia balbisiana J.A. & J.H. SchulteS Correll & Correll, 278-279 inflated wildpine Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; to 65 cm tall; Ivs basal rosette, slightly
Long & Lakela, 267 reflexed wildpine pineapple family. bulbous, gray (due to appressed scales), 1 cm wide at
Small, 271 an air plant base, tapering, tips recurved & twisted; infl to 20 cm
Wunderlin, 127 long, bracts often bright red, petals violet; hammocks,
cypress swamps, pineland, scrub; Broward, Charlotte,
Collier, Dade, DcSoto, Glades, Hendry, Highlands,
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Hillsborough, Indian River, Lee, Martin, Monroe,
Okeechobee, Osceola, Palm Beach & Polk cos.; fall.

99. Tillandsia valenzuelana A. Rich. Correll & Correll, 285 soft-leaved wildpine Bromeliaceae; epiphyte; to 50 cm tall; Ivs basal urn-shaped rosette,
Kartesz: T variabilis Schlecht. Long & Lakela, 265 an air plant pineapple family, soft, gray-silvery (dense, fine scales), outer Ivs to 3 cm
Small, 271 wide at base, channelled, attenuate tips; infl with
Wunderlin, 128 reddish bracts, petals violet; hammocks, swamps;
FL, West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America Broward, Collier, Dade, Hendry, Martin, Monroe &
Okeechobee cos.; fall.

100. Tipularia discolor (Pursh) Nutt. Clewell, 188 crane-fly orchid Orchidaceae; terrestrial; to 60 cm tall; Iv solitary, flush with leaf
Luer, 248-249* elfin spur orchid family. litter, not present at flowering, purple-red on lower
Radford et al, 352, 353* surface, dark green above; terminal raceme, firs
Small, 387 widely spaced; firs pale, mottled green, pink, maroon
& gray, like "crippled craneflies" with asymmetric
long petals, sepals and spur; rich woods, bluffs,
floodplains; Alachua, Columbia, Escambia, Gadsden,
MA south to FL & TX Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Marion, Okaloosa, Santa
Rosa, Suwannee & Walton cos.; Aug.

101. Tragia saxicola Small Long & Lakela, 556 rocklands noseburn Euphorbiaceae; perennial with stinging hairs; stems slender and wiry,
Small, 788 pineland noseburn spurge family. to 20 cm tall; Ivs ovate to rounded, not lobed, 1-3 cm
long, toothed, bases squared or heart-shaped; firs not
in involucres (as poinsettia has), sepals present; pine
endemic rocklands; Dade & Monroe cos.; Jun-Nov.

102. Triphora trianthophora (Swartz) Rydb. ex Luer, 48-490 three-birds orchid Orceidaceae; terrestrial; to 25 cm tall; Ivs 2-8, alternate, sheathing,
Radford et al., 341* nodding etter-cap orchid family, to 1.5 cm long; firs axillary in upper Ivs, I to 6; firs
Britton Small, 388 nodding pogonia last only 1 day, nodding, pink and white; hammocks,
Wunderlin, 156 rich woods; Alachua, Citrus, Columbia, Hernando,
Lake, Levy, Marion, Orange & Suwannee cos.; Jul-
ME, WI, south to FL, TX ____Nov.

Colc, N. C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL.

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103. Tripsacumfloridanum Porter ex Vasey Hall, 400 Florida gamagrass Gramineae/ perennial, clumped grass; similar to T dactyloides
Hitchcock & Chase, 792* Florida tripsacum Poaceae; except smaller: less than 1 m tall; If without auricles
Long & Lakela, 202 grass family. at the base, blade less than 8 mm wide; d? spikelets
Small, 37* terminal, 9 spikelets single at each joint, sunken into
endemic the rachis, bony; pine rockland; Collier, Dade &
Monroe cos.; Jan-Jul.

104. Verbesina chapmanii J.R.Coleman Clewell, 329 Chapman crownbeard Compositae/ perennial; Ivs opposite, not decurrent; firs in solitary
Cronquist, 48 Chapman's Asteraceae; head, disc firs only, yellowish-orange; wet flatwoods,
Small, 1444, as Phaethusa crownbeard daisy family. seepage slope, with wiregrass; Bay, Franklin, Gulf,
endemic pauciflorum tribe: Heliantheae Liberty, Wakulla & Washington cos.; May-Aug.
Ward, 120-121*

105. Xyris scabrifolia Harper Clewell, 199 Harper's yellow-eyed- Xyridaceae; herb; Ivs 2-70 cm long, narrow; fir stalk taller than Ivs;
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 493, grass yellow-eyed- lateral sepals inside bracts; 3 yellow petals; seepage
494* grass family. slope, wet prairie, bog; Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gulf,
GA,FL Small, 254 Jackson, Leon, Liberty, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa,
Wakulla & Walton cos.; Aug-Sep.

106,. Zephyranthes atamasco (L.) Herbert Clewell, 68 rainlily Amaryllidaceae; perennial herbs, tunicated bulbs, to 30 cm tall; If
Godfrey & Wooten 1, 598, atamasco lily amaryllis family. sheaths overlapping, Ivs linear, to 45 cm long and 4
Kartesz has variant spelling: Z alamasca 600 Easter-lily Or, Liliaceae; mm wide, concave, but not grooved; firs solitary,
Radford et al., 320, 321* lily family, terminal, 6 tepals, tepals to 8 cm long, white fading
Small, 320, as Atamasco pinkish, spread open, stigmas above anthers; low
atamasco* ground, rich, moist woods, wet pastures & meadows,
Wunderlin, 140 limestone out-crops in woods; Alachua, Baker,
Bradford, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval,
Escambia, Flagler, Gadsden, Gilchrist, Hamilton,
Hemando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Holmes, Jackson,
Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake, Leon, Liberty, Madison,
Manatee, Marion, Nassau, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas,
*: Bell & Taylor, p. 18; Taylor, p. 38; DPI poster, plate #6
B:VA to FL to MS Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, Sumter, Suwannee, Taylor,
Union, Volusia, Wakulla & Walton cos.; spring.

107. Zephyranthes simpsonii Chapman Godfrey & Wooten 1, 600 Simpson's zephyr-lily Amaryllidaceae; as Z atamasco, except tepals not fully open and
Radford et al, 320 rainlily amaryllis family, stigma at or below anthers; wet pinelands and
Small, 320-321, as Or, Liliaceae; pastures, adjacent roadsides; Brevard, Collier, DeSoto,
Atamasco simpsonii* lily family. Flagler, Hardee, Hemando, Highlands, Hillsborough,
Wunderlin, 140 Lee, Levy, Manatee, Martin, Okeechobee, Orange,
c, f ., Osceola, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota,
endemic, except for H y Co. SCSeminole & Volusia cos.; spring.

_ ___ Agki"" k""

Colle, N. C, 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution No 38, 2"1 edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FL,


108. Zephyranthes treatiae S. Watson Clewell, 68 Treat's zephyr-lily Amaryllidaceae; as Z atamasco, except Ivs nearly cylindrical, to 2 mm
Kartesz: Z atamasca va. treaae (S. Watson) Meerow Godfrey & Wooten 1, 600 Easter-lily amaryllis family, wide, not grooved; wet pine flatwoods, fire
Small, 321, as Atamasco Or, Liliaceae; maintained., adjacent roadsides; Alachua, Baker, Clay,
treatiae lily family. Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Gadsden, Hamilton,
Hernando, Highlands, Jefferson, Lake, Madison,
GA, FL Marion, Polk, St. Johns, Taylor, Volusia & Wakulla
cos.; spring.

_ I L 3 1 I I-~.-~~I,~,~---~-.ri~en5;urm-~---

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--~"-"~--rac~scs~-l-u;-~~~,,. ~

Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Rule Chapter 5B-40


1. Encyclia tampensis (Lindl.) Small Correll & Correll, 363-364 Florida butterfly orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; pseudobulbs dark green, to 7 cm long; Ivs 1
Long & Lakela, 332 orchid family, to 3, linear-lanceolate, to 40 cm long and 2 cm wide,
Luer, 196-199* keeled; firs yellow-green, or brownish, whitish,
Small, 391-392* purplish, lip usually whitish with magenta spot or
Wunderlin, 149 stripes, numerous, lip 3-lobed, size variable; mangrove,
cypress and hardwood swamps and hammocks; Levy,
O: Taylor, p. 301; DPI poster, plate #53 FL & West Indies Lake and Flagler cos. southward; JuneJuly all year
Lake and Flagler cos. southward; June-July, all year.

2. Epidendrum conopseum R.Br. ex Aiton Clewell, 185 green-fly orchid Orchidaceae; epiphyte; stems to 30 cm; Ivs w to 3, to 10 cm long and
Luer, 208-209* orchid family. 15 mm wide; firs yellow-green, suffused with purple,
Radford el al., 352-353* column slender; cypress and hardwood swamps, moist
Small, 391, as hammocks; Escambia to Duval, south to Manatee,
Bell & Taylor, p. 30 NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, FL Mexico AmphiglottisA Hardee, Highlands & Brevard cos.; all year.
O: Bell & Taylor, p. 30 NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, FL, Wunderlin, 150

3. Lycopodium cernuum L. Clewell, 42 nodding club-moss Pteridophyta-- resembles a tiny Christmas tree; horizontal stems with
FNA uses: Plhinhea cernu (L.) Vs. & Franco FNA, 33 staghorn clubmoss Lycopodiaceae; spaced needle-like Ivs, upright stems to 45 cm, Ivs to
LycoFNA uses: Pal a cern moli sc. & Fnco Lakela & Long, 19,20* club-moss family. 2.5 mm long, upcurved at tips; cones on tips of
Lycopodiella cernua L.) Long & Lakela, 64-65 [probably the world's most branches, nodding, to 8 mm long and 2 mm wide; wet
SC, GA, AL, MS, LA FL; Small: ferns, 418-421* abundant club-moss, depressions, ditches, moist areas; Escambia to Duval,
tropics of both hemispheres; Wunderlin, 30 according to FNA] south to Monroe & Broward cos.
New Zealand, Japan, Cape Province, Azores

4. Osmunda cinnamomea L. Clewell, 44 cinnamon fern Pteridophyta-- Lvs erect, to 1.5 m tall; pinnately cpd, pinnae with tuft
FNA, 108 Osmundaceae; of hair at base; fertile fronds separate & with clusters of
: Bell & Taylor, p.4 FLakela & Long, 45-46* royal fern family. cinnamon colored sporangia; swamps and wetlands;
NB., Nfd, N.S., Ont., PE Que.; ME south to FL, west to MN, IA Small: ferns, 342-344* Escambia to Duval, south to Broward & Collier cos.
MO, TX; West Indies, Mexico, Central & South America, Asia Wunderlin, 33

5. Osmunda regalis L. Clewell, 44 royal fern Pteridophyta-- Lvs erect, to 1.5 m tall; twice pinnately cpd, no tufts at
var. spectabilis (Willd.) A. Gray FNA, 109 flowering-fern Osmundaceae; base of pinnae, pinnae quite separate from each other;
: Bell & Taylor, p. 4 Lakela & Long, 47,48* snake-fern royal fern family, fertile pinnae occur at tips of fronds; swamps and
N.B., Nfld, N.S., Ont., PEI, Que. Small: ferns, 340-342* king's fern wetlands; Escambia to Duval, south to Monroe & Dade
ME south to FL, west to MN, IA, MO, OK, TX Wunderlin, 33 osmunde royale cos.
(NOTE: 3 (or 4) other varieties have wider distribution.)__ _

= line drawing.
O = photograph.

Coile, N.C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution 38, 2"d edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, Fl.

I -~"""---T -~'----I*~""- ~'

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_____. ____ i

6. Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Pursh) Wendl. Clewell, 189 needle palm Palmael Underground stems; Ivs palmate, silvery below,
Godfrey, 78-80* blue-palmetto Arecaceae; petioles with long slender needles; fruits cluster amid
& Drude Small, 243* vegetable porcupine palm family, the petioles and needles; river bluffs, ravine slopes,
Wunderlin, 118 hammocks, bottomlands; Escambia to Volusia, south to
SC, GA, AL, MS, FL ___Highlands and Manatee cos.

7. Rhododendron canescens (Michaux) Clewell 351, pink azalea Ericaceae; Shrub to 5 m tall; Ivs deciduous, 4-10 cm long, soft
Godfrey 264-265* southern pinxterbloom heath family, pubescent beneath; firs appear before (or with) new
Sweet Radford et al., 799-800 Piedmont azalea leaves, fragrant, hairy, corollas 2.5-4.5 cm long, pink
Small, 995 bush honeysuckle to whitish, 5 stamens about 3 times longer than the
hoary azalea tubes; wet to well-drained woodlands with acidic soil;
f: Bell & Taylor, p. 84; Taylor, p. 227 Escambia to Duval, Alachua and Marion cos.; spring.
DE, MD, south to FL, west to TX, OK, AR, TN

8. all native species of Zamia Clewell, 54 coontie Gymnospermae-- Separate d' and q plants; stem underground; Ivs
=Za ila L.] Correll & Correll, 58-60* wild sago Cycadopsida: evergreen, pinnately cpd, circinate in bud, leathery &
[ amia puma ] Godfrey, 66-68* FL-arrowroot Zamiaceae; stiff; ? cones 6-10 cm (sometimes to 20 cm) tall, scale
Long & Lakela, 108-110 contis cycad family faces 1-3 cm wide, 2 orange or red seeds per scale;
. Bell & Taylor, p. 6 2 counties in GA, FL, West Indies Small, 1-2 complies well-drained sandy or loamy soils; Dade, Monroe
comfort-root north to Dixie, Suwannee & St. Johns cos.

Family Affiliation of species on the REGULATED PLANT INDEX of January 1998

1 endangered: Cladoniaperforata

45 endangered: Adiantum melanoleucum, Adiantum tenerum,
Anemia wrightii, Asplenium auritum, Asplenium
monanthes, Asplenium pumilum, Asplenium serratum,
Asplenium trichomanes-dentatum, Asplenium
verecundum, Blechnum occidentale, Campyloneurum
angustifolium Campyloneurum costatum,
Campyloneurum latum, Cheilanthes microphylla,
Ctenitis sloanei, Ctenitis submarginalis, Dennstaedtia
bipinnata, Isoetes engelmannii, Lomariopsis
kunzeana, Lycopodium dichotomum, Microgramma
heterophylla, Neurodium lanceolatum, Ophioglossum
palmatum, Pecluma dispersa, Pecluma plumula,
Pecluma ptilodon, Pellaea atropurpurea, Pleopeltis
astrolepis, Schizaea germanii, Selaginella eatonii,
Sphenomeris clavata, Tectaria coriandrifolia, Tectaria
fimbriata, Thelypteris grandis, Thelypteris patens,
Thelypteris reptans, Thelypteris reticulata, Thelypteris
sclerophylla, Thelypteris serrata, Trichomanes
holopterum, Trichomanes krausii, Trichomanes
lineolatum, Trichomanes punctatum;
6 threatened: Acrostichum aureum, Athyriumfilix-femina,
Nephrolepis biserrata, Pteris bahamensis, Tectaria
heracleifolia, Thelypteris augescens;
3 commercially-exploited: Lycopodium cernuum, Osmunda
cinnamomea, Osmunda regalis.


2 endangered: Taxusfloridana, Torreya taxifolia.

1 commercially-exploited: all native species of Zamia coontiee).

3 endangered: Justicia cooleyl Justicia crassifolia, Ruellia

AGAVACEAE: see DRACAENACEAE. (Sometimes placed
in Liliaceae.)

1 endangered: Celosia nitida.

AMARYLLIDACEAE: (Sometimes placed in Liliaceae.)
2 endangered: Hymenocallis godfreyi, Hymenocallis henryae;
3 threatened: Zephyranthes atamasco, Z. simpsonii, Z treatiae.

1 endangered: Rhus michauxii.

3 endangered: Asimina tetramera, Deeringothamnus
pulchellus, Deeringothamnus rugelii.


1 endangered: Vallesia antillana;
I threatened: Angadenia berteroi.

I endangered: Ilex krugiana;
1 threatened: Ilex amelanchier.


2 endangered: Aristolochia pentandra, Aristolochia tomentosa;
I threatened: Hexastylis arifolia.

6 endangered: Asclepias curtissii, Matelea alabamensis,
Matelea baldwyniana, Mateleaflavidula, Matelea
floridana, Matelea pubiflora;
3 threatened: Asclepias viridula, Cynanchum blodgettii,
Matelea gonocarpos.


8 endangered: Bourreria cassinifolia, Bourreria radula,
Bourreria succulenta, Cordia globosa, Cynoglossum
virginianum, Heliotropiumfruticosum, Tournefortia
gnaphalodes, Tournefortia hirsutissima.


8 endangered: Catopsis berteroniana, Catopsisfloribunda,
Catopsis nutans, Guzmania monostachia, Tillandsia

6 Species in bold print are on the Federal List.

Coile, N.C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule SB-40), Botany Contribution 38, 2"4 edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, FI.

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Bromeliaceae (continued)
fasciculata, Tillandsiaflexuosa, Tillandsia pruinosa,
Tillandsia utriculata;
2 threatened: Tillandsia balbisiana, Tillandsia valenzuelana.

I endangered: Burmanniaflava.

1 endangered: Pachysandra procumbens.

7 endangered: Cereus eriophorus, Cereus gracilis, Cereus
robinii, Opuntia spinosissima, Opuntia triacantha,
Pilosocereus bahamensis, Rhipsalis baccifera;
2 threatened: Cereus pentagonus, Opuntia stricta.


I endangered: Calycanthusfloridus.

CAMPANULACEAE: (Sometimes in Lobeliaceae.)
i endangered: Campanula robinsiae;
I threatened: Lobelia cardinalis.

i endangered: Canella winterana.

4 endangered Minuartia godfreyi, Paronychla chartacea,
Silene polypetala, Silene virginica.

2 endangered: Crossopetalum rhacoma, Euonymus
atropurpurea, Gyminda latifolia, Schaefferia
2 threatened: Crossopetalum illicifolium; Maytenus

2 endangelrd: Lechea divaricata, Lechea lakelae;
I threatened: Lechea cernua.


1 endangered: Uvulariafloridana. Often placed in

26 endangered: Ageratum littorale, Aster hemisphericus, Aster
spinulosus, Baccharis dioica, Balduina atropurpurea,
Bigelowia nuttalii, Brickellia cordifolia, Brickellia
mosieri, Chrysopsis cruiseana, Chrysopsisfloridana,
Chrysopsis godfreyi, Coreopsis integrifolia,
Echinacea purpurea, Eupatoriumfrustratum,
Hasteola robertiorum, Helianthus carnosus,
Koanophyllon villosum, Liatris ohlingerae, Liatris
provincialis, Marshallia obovata, Marshallia ramosa,
Pityopsisflexuosa, Polymnia laevigata, Rudbeckia
nitida, Sachsia bahamensis, Vernonia blodgettii;
7 threatened: Cacalia diversifolia, Chaptalia albicans, Garberia
heterophylla, Hartwrightiafloridana, Melanthera
parvifolia, Phoebanthus tenuifolius, Verbesina

1 endangered: Medeola virginiana. Often placed in

10 endangered: Bonamia grandiflora, Calystegia
catesbaeiana, Evolvulus convolvuloides, Evolvulus
grisebachii, Ipomoea microdactyla, Ipomoea
tenuissima, Jacquemontia havanensis, Jacquemontia
pentanthos, Jacquemontia reclinata, Stylisma abdita;
I threatened: Jacquemontia curtissii.

1 endangered: Cornus alternifolia.

I endangered: Croomia paucifolia.

3 endangered: Arabis canadensis, Warea amplexifolia, Warea

I endangered: Cucurbita okeechobeensis.

8 endangered: Carex chapmanii, Carex microdonta, Cyperus
floridanus, Cyperus fidigineus, Eleocharis rostellata,
Remirea maritima, Rhynchospora crinipes, Scleria
2 threatened: Carex baltzellii, Rhynchospora stenophylla.

1 endangered: Nolina brittoniana
I threatened: Nolina atopocarpa.

1 endangered: Droserafiliformis;
1 threatened: Drosera intermedia.

4 endangered: Epigaea repens, Monotropa hypopithys,
Monotropsis reynoldsiae, Rhododendron alabamense,
Rhododendron austrinum,
Rhododendron chapmanii;
I threatened: Kalmia latifolia;
1 commercially-exploited: Rhododendron canescens.

I endangered: Eriocaulon nigrobracteatum.
1 threatened: Lachnocaulon digynum.

13 endangered: Argythamnia blodgettil, Chamaesyce
cumulicola, Chamaesyce deltoldea, Chamaesyce
garberi, Chamaesyce porteriana, Croton humilis,
Drypetes diversifolia, Euphorbia commutata,
Euphorbia telephioides, Hippomane mancinella,
Phyllanthus leibmannianus, Poinsettia pinetorum,
Savia bahamensis;
3 threatened: Chamaesyce pergamena, Drypetes lateriflora,
Tragia saxicola.


1 threatened: Quercus arkansana.

2 endangered: Gentianapennelliana, Leiphaimosparasitica.

1 threatened: Scaevolaplumieri.

9 endangered: Aristida simpliciflora, Cenchrus brownii,
Cteniumfloridanum, Digitaria pauciflora, Eragrostis
tracyi, Panicum abscissum, Schizachyrium niveum,
Schizachyrium sericatum, Setaria chapmanii;
6 threatened: Andropogon arctatus, Calamovilfa curtissii,
Coelorachis tuberculosa, Digitaria dolichophylla,
Panicum nudicaule, Tripsacumfloridanum.

1 endangered: Ribes echinellum.

3 endangered: Hypericum cumulicola, Hypericum
edisonianum, Hypericum lissophloeus.

I endangered: Hydrangea arborescens.


I endangered: Illiciumparviflorum;
1 threatened: Illiciumfloridanum.

2 endangered: Nemastylisfloridana, Sphenostigma coelestinum.

Endangered: Juncus gymnocarpus.

16 endangered: Conradina brevifolla, Conradina etonia,
Conradina glabra, Conradina grandiflora,
Dicerandra christmanii, Dicerandra cornutissima,
Dicerandrafrutescens, Dicerandra immaculate,
Macbridea alba, Ocimum campechianum, Salvia
urticifolia, Scutellariafloridana, Scutellaria
havanensis, Stachydeoma graveolens, Stachys
crenata, Stachys tenuifolia;
4 threatened: Calamintha ashei, Calamintha dentata,
Physostegia godfreyi, Pycnanthemum floridanum.


4 endangered: Licaria triandra, Lindera melissifolia, Lindera
subcoriacea, Litsea aestivalis.

20 endangered: Acacia choriophylla, Acacia tortuosa,
Aeschynomene pratensis, Amorpha crenulata,
Baptisia megacarpa, Caesalpinia major, Caesalpinia
pauciflora, Cassia keyensis, Centrosema arenicola,
Clitoriafragrans, Crotalaria avonensis, Dalbergia
brownii, Dalea carthagenesis, Galactia smallii,
Indigofera keyensis, Lupinus aridorum, Rhynchosia
swartzii, Stylosanthes calcicola, Tephrosia
angustissima, Vicia ocalensis;
7 threatened: Baptisia hirsuta, Baptisia simplicifolia, Lupinus
westianus, Pithecellobium keyense, Rhynchosia
parvifolia, Senna mexicana, Tephrosia mohrii.


2 endangered: Pinguicula ionantha, Pinguicula primuliflora;
3 threatened: Pinguicula caerulea, Pinguicula lutea, Pinguicula

4 endangered: Erythronium umbilicatum, Lilium iridollae,
Lilium michauxii, Lilium superbum;
I threatened: Lilium catesbaci.

3 endangered: Linum arenicola, Linum carter, Linum westii.




3 endangered: Cuphea aspera, Lythrum curtissii, Lythrum

4 endangered: Magnolia acuminata, Magnolia ashei, Magnolia
pyramidata, Magnolia tripetala.

1 threatened: Byrsonima lucida.

6 endangered: Callirhoe papaver, Cienfuegosiayucatanensis,
Gossypium hirsutum, Hibiscus poeppigii, Kosteletzkya
depressa, Pavonia paaludicola.

4 endangered: Aletris bracteata, Harperocallisflava, Veratrum
woodii, Zigadenus leimanthoides. Often included in

1 endangered: Rhexiaparviflora;
2 threatened: Rhexia salicifolia, Tetrazygia bicolor.

I endangered: Swietenia mahagoni.

1 endangered: Cissampelos pareira.



3 endangered: Calyptranthes zuzygium, Eugenia confusa,
Eugenia rhombea;
3 threatened: Calyptranthespallens, Myrcianthesfragrans,
Psidium longipes.

1 threatened: Najasfilifolia.

Coile, N.C. 1998. Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 5B-40), Botany Contribution 38, 2" edition. Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, Fl.

I ii III -_- ~---~~, ~______~,~...~.~~-xma?--- Irc~------

page 89

page 90

2 endangered: Okenia hypogaea, Pisonia rotundata.

endangered: Chionanthuspygmaeus, Forestieragodfreyi.

56 endangered: Basiphyllaea corallicola, Brassia caudata,
Bulbophyllum pachyrrachis, Calopogon multiflorus,
Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum, Corallorhiza
odontorhiza, Cranchis muscosa, Cyrtopodium
punctatum, Eltroplectris calcarata, Encyclia
boothiana, Encyclia cochleata, Encyclia pygmaea,
Epidendrum acunae, Epidendrum anceps,
Epidendrum difforme, Epidendrum nocturnum,
Epidendrum rigidum, Epidendrum strobiliferum,
Galeandra beyrichii, Goodyera pubescens, Govenia
utriculata, Habenaria distans, Hexalectris spicata,
lonopsis utricularioides, Isotria verticillata, Leochilus
'abiatus, Lepanthopsis melanantha, Liparis nervosa,
Macradenia lutescens, Malaxis unifolia, Maxillaria
erassifolia, Maxillaria parviflora, Oncidium
bahamense, Oncidiumfloridanum, Oncidium luridum,
Platanthera clavellata, Platanthera integra,
pleurothallis gelida, Polyradicion lindenii,
Polystachya concrete, Ponthieva brittoniae, Prescottia
oligantha, Spiranthes adnata, Spiranthes brevilabris,
Spiranthes costaricensis, Spiranthes elata, Spiranthes
9valis, Spiranthes polyantha, Spiranthes torta,
Triphora craigheadii, Triphora latifolia, Tropidia
polystachya, Vanilla barbellata, Vanilla dilloniana,
Vanilla mexicana, Vanilla phaeantha;
17 threatened: Bletia purpurea, Cleistes divaricata, Harrisella
filiformis, Listera australis, Platanthera
blephariglottis, Platanthera ciliaris, Platanthera
cistata, Platantheraflava, Platanthera nivea,
Pogonia ophioglossoides, Pteroglossaspis ecristata,
Spiranthes laciniata, Spiranthes longilabris,
Spiranthes tuberosa, Stenorrhynchos tanceolatus,
Tipularia discolor, Triphora trianthophora;
2 commerciallv-exploited: Encyclia tampensis, Epidendrum

4 endangered: Pseudophoenix sargentii, Roystonea elata,
Thrinax morrisii, Thrinax radiata;
2 threatened: Acoelorraphe wrightii, Coccothrinax argentata.
I commerciallv-exploited: Rhapidophyllum hystrix.

2 endangered: Parnassia caroliniana, Parnassia grandifolia,

3 endangered: Passiflora multiflora, Passiflorapallens,
Passiflora sexflora.

1 endangered: Trichostigma octandrum.

2 endangered: Alvaradoa amorphoides, Picramniapentrandra.
Often placed in SIMAROUBIACEAE.

5 endangered: Peperomia amplexicaulis, Peperomia glabella,
Peperomia humilis, Peperomia magnoliifolia,
Peperomia obtusifolia.


2 endangered: Polygala lewtonii, Polygala smallii.

4 endangered: Eriogonumfloridanum (= E, longifolium var.
gnaphalifolium), Polygonella basiramia, Polygonella
myriophylla, Polygonum meisnerianum;
1 threatened: Polygonella macrophylla.

1 endangered: Potamogetonfloridanus

I endangered: Dodecatheon media.

8 endangered: Actaea pachypoda, Aquilegia canadensis,
Delphinium carolinianum, Hepatica nobilis, Isopyrum

Ranunculaceae (continued):
biternatum, Thalictrum cooleyi, Thalictrum
thalictroides, Xanthorhiza simplicissima.

4 endangered: Colubrina arborescens, Colubrina cubensis,
Colubrina elliptica, Ziziphus celata;
I threatened: Reynosia septentrionalis

4 endangered: Agrimonia incisa, Crataegus phaenopyrum,
Physocarpus opulifolius, Prunus geniculata;
2 threatened: Malus angustifolia, Prunus myrtifolia.

5 endangered: Catesbaea parviflora, Ernodea cokeri, Exostema
caribaeum, Psychotria ligustrifolia, Strumpfia
3 threatened: Erithralisfruticosa, Pinckneya bracteata,
Spermacoce terminalis.

3 endangered: Zanthoxylum americanum, Zanthoxylum
coriaceum, Zanthoxylumflavum.

2 endangered: Salix eriocephala, Salixfloridana.

3 endangered: Cupania glabra, Dodonaea elaeagnoides,
Hypelate trifoliata.

3 endangered: Bumelia anomala, Bumelia lycioides, Bumelia
2 threatened: Chrysophyllum oliviforme, Manilkarajaimiqui.

1 endangered: Sarracenia leucophylla;
4 threatened: Sarracenia minor, Sarracenia psittacina,
Sarracenia purpurea, Sarracenia rubra.

I endangered: Lepuropetalon spathulatum.

-I --.~yl~--- wawff _WIft_- '.

1 endangered: Schisandra coccinea.

2 endangered: Macrantheraflammea, Schwalbea americana.

I threatened: Leitneriafloridana.

1 threatened: Smilax havanensis. Often placed in LILIACEAE.

SOLANACEAE: 1 threatened: Solanum donianum.

1 endangered: Staphylea trifolia.


2 endangered: Spigelia gentianoides, Spigelia loganioides.

1 endangered: Stewartia malacodendron.

1 threatened: Jacquinia keyensis.

1 endangered: Dircapalustris.

1 endangered: Trillium lancifolium.

3 endangered: Celtis iguanaea, Celtis pallida, Trema

5 endangered: Lantana canescens, Lantana depressa, Phyla
stoechadifolia, Verbena maritima, Verbena tampensis.

2 endangered: Hybanthus concolor, Viola tripartita.

I endangered: Phoradendron rubrum.

4 endangered: Xyris chapmanii, Xyris isoetifolia, Xyris
longisepala, Xyris louisianica;
1 threatened: Xyris scabrifolia.

I endangered: Guaiacum sanctum.

3 endangered: Cryptotaenia canadensis, Eryngium
cuneifolium, Oxypolis greenmanii.



Coilo, N.C, 1998, Notes on Florida's Regulated Plant Index (Rule 58-40), Botany Contribution 38, 2"4 edition, Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry, Gainesville, Fl,

I ---n~-~----rrr~F-sr-_~--~ Il*--~ar~-rrrri~- ----~---ir~-~-~-r-n~rrr~~rr*,s----- Ipp-~

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page 92

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page 93

___ ___m_1~______3____rI__J_*_I~X__IICI1

page 94
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