Le Nouvelliste

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Le Nouvelliste
Nouvelliste (Port au Prince, Haiti)
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Daily (except Sunday)
normalized irregular
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v. : ill. ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Haiti ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Port-au-Prince (Haiti) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Haiti -- Ouest Department -- Port-au-Prince -- Port-au-Prince


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Electronic reproduction of copy from George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida also available.
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Began publication in May 1896.
General Note:
"Journal quotidien, commercial, agricole, litteraire et d'annonces."

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University of Florida
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lort anl-Prince 6 DIcem

Notre dorier eotin du vemrblre. signli eC ha,,e e " I18 0/ --- Celle senuine- 9 Ic d' mIprunt d; -id

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