Title: Hymns for the watch-night
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Title: Hymns for the watch-night
Physical Description: 12 p. : ; 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Wesley, Charles, 1707-1788
Wesley, John, 1703-1791
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: N.p
Publication Date: 1744?]
Subject: Methodist Church -- Hymns   ( lcsh )
Hymns, English   ( lcsh )
General Note: Julian's Dictionary of hymnology attributes authorship to Charles Wesley, although some of these hymns may possibly be attributed to John Wesley.--Cf. Julian, J. A dictionary of hymnology. 1907. p.1257.
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H Y M .N S

t I OR0 1 1 E

a T l

f FT have we paff'd .the guilty might
Vk. In revellings and frantic mirth :
The' realure was our. fol delight,
Our happincfs -the things of earth ;
But OJ fuffice the feafora paRt,
We, choofe .the better part at lall.
2 We will not clofe otar wakeful eyesg
We will not let our eyelids fleep,
But .humbly lift them to the fkies,.
Znd all a folemn vigil keop :
So aiany years on fin heltow'd,
Can we not watch one night for God ?
3 We can, dear Jcfua; for thy fake,
Devote our every hour to thee :
Speak but the word, our fouls hall wake,
And fing with chcerFulnmelody,
Thy praise hall our glad tongues employ,
And cv.ry heart fall dance for joy.

C~---_..~?_~LCT~~ _T-._ -C--

~Sr~r~ 1~

(7rr w -

( )
4 Dear object of our faith and love,
We listen for thy welcome voice :
2. '-, Our perfons, and our works approve,
And bid us in thy strength rejoice :
N ,/ ?. ,, Now let us her the midnight cry,
And fhout to find the Bridegroom nigh.
[- r. .L 5 Shout in the midft of us, 0 King
<, .Of faints, and make our joys abound;
lo' Let us ieult, give thanks and fing,
And triumph in redemption found ;
We afk for every waiting foul,
0 let our glorious joy be full.
6 0 may we all triumphant rife,
With joy upon our heads return,
And far above thele nether Ikies,
By thee on eagles wings upborn,
Thro' all yon radiant circles move,
And gain the higheR heaven of love.
S'T HOU Judge of quick and dead
A Before whofe bar severe,
With holy joy, or guilty dread,
We all hall foon appear.
TOur cautioned fouls prepare
For that tremendous day,
And fill us now with watchful care,
And fair us up to pray,
To pray, and wait the hour,
The awful hour unknown,
When rob'd in majefty and power,
Thou %halt from Heaven come down;
Th' immortal Son of man,
To judge the human race,
With all thy Father's dazzling train,
With all thy glorious grace.
g To damp our earthly joys,
T' increase our gracious fears,
.For ever let th' Archangel's i oisu
Be founding& in our ears

v^-^"/ \^f^ n -mL

( s )

The folemn midnight cry,
Ye dead, the Judge is come !
S" Arife, and meet him in the iky, *
'3 And meet your infant doom !"
4 0 may we thus be found,
Obedient to his word,
Attentive to the trumpet's found,
And looking for our Lord !
O mny we thus enfume
Our lot among the bleft,
And watch nooment to fecuro
An cvertafling reft!


a Jefua, the reft, .
Of spirits diftreft,
in whom all the children of men may be left :
The bleffing defign'd
For the whole of mankind,
Give us in the love of thy fpiritto find !

2 For thiado we keep
A fad vigil, and weep,
The fruit of our tears that in.joy we may reap;
While fent from above
The comfort we prove,
The unspeakable gift of thy ranfoming love,
1g Our brethren we fee
By mercy fet free,
They have fund the abundant redemption in thee:
Thy tenders of grace
They gladly embrace,
And tell of thy goodnefs, and live to thy praife,

4 But fill rwe remain
In bondage and pain,
Unable to bear, or to fhake off our chain g

In the furnace we- ry,
Come, Lord, froamthe flkt,
Make hate to our help, or in Egypt we die,.

SO0 Jefus, appear,
Thy mourners to cheer,
Our grief to afluage, and to banilh our fear 1-
Thy prisoners release,
Vouchfafe us thy peace,
Ahd our troubles and fins in a moment fbhali tea

6 That mometint be now:
SThe petition allow,
Our prefent Redeemer, and Comforter Thou:
The freedom from fin,
The Atonement bring in,
And sprinkle our conf6iencc, and bid us be clean,

The bleiing of grace,
Now let it take place,
The dew of thy mercy defcend, on our rae >.
Thy Spirit, O God,
Pour out on the crowd.
And water us all with A however of tly blood,.

I am the bma- a-that hIave known
A[ Diftrefs by the ftroke of hi s rod;
And fill thro t lhr- 1 anrguiih I goa, -
And p'ne for the abitncc of Gio :
Th1 happy in jcfus may fleep ;
But 0 till in me he appears,
Be this my employment to weep,
And water my coach with my tears.

a Or rather, if any are nighn--
Forlorn, and afflited like me,
All .night let us IifL up our cry,
A ltd mourn hPis pi:caring to fec :

( 5 )

(As watchmen expecting the morn)
Look out for the light othis face,
And wait for his mercy's return,
And long to recover his grace.

3 His grace to our fouls dd appear,
And brought us falvation from fin;
We felt our ImmanUel here
Reftoring his kingdom within:
But O! we have loft him again,
His Spirit hath taken its flight;
Oir joy it is turned into pain,
Our day it is, turned into night.

4 0 what hall we do to retrieve
The lofs for a feafon bestowed?
'Tis better to die than to live
Exil'd from the presence of God :
With forrow diflra&ed and doubt,
With palpable horror oppreft,
The city we wander about,
And feek our repofe in his breath.

j Ye watchmen of Ifrael declare
If ye our beloved have feen,
And point to that heavenly fair,
Surpaffing the children of men :
Our Lover and Lord from above,
Who only can quiet our paitn,
Whom only'we languif hto love,
O where hall we find him again!

6 The joy and defire of our.eyes,
The end of-our forrow and woe,
Our hope and our heavenly prize,
Our height of ambition below
Once more if he thews us his face,
He never again fall depart,
Detained in our clofet embrace,
Eternally held in our heart.

-" --- ,- -



, JESUS, Gocbf our falvatinn,
J Give us eyes thyfcIf to fc Al
WVaiting for thb consolation,
Longing to 6elievc on Thee:
Now vouchfafe the faced power,
Now the faith divine impart ;
Meet us in this Sflean hour,
Shine in every droaopirtg heart,.
a Anna like within thle tempTe,
Simeon-like we meekly Qfa.y,
Daily with thy Saints affcmble,
Nightly for thy coming pray :
While our -fouls are Low'd before Thce,
SWhile we humbly fue for.grace, *
Come thy people's light and glory,
Shew to all thy heavenly face.
8 If to us thy faced Spirit
Hath the future grace revealed,
Let us by thy rig htcous merit
h Now receive our pardon feald:
To eternal life appointed,
Let us thy falvation ee,
Now behold the Lord's anointed,
Now obtain our heaven in thee.


Who thy voice beginrto know,
ay and night in fafety keep,
Help us after Thee to go z
Eyeing thcQ with fix'd regard,
By thy word and Spirit led,
Walk we in thy works prepared,
Cloft in all thy footfteps tread.

** i )
- In the pug mnage with mern
(Objcls of-thy conftantca.re)
Thou didit all their grief fuftlain,
Lab'ring, watch ing'unto prayer :
Thiou whole nights in prayer dtidfl fpendf
On ihe moant for u-einmploy'd,
Prompt the helpless two defend,
Prevalent with man and God.

3 By no private wants comrpell'd,
Only love infpirld thy breaft,
Love thy ILeady band .upheld,
Love en forced tJhe k-ind requcif;
And Iha I we refufe ito join,
Ve who all the-good receive,
Rerp the' fruit ofroii divine,
By the prayer of Jefus live ?

4 Nay, but inf thy ftrength we ife, I
Nightly to themoLuItain go,
Breathe our wishes to the fkies'
For the flecping crowd blow :
Pray, my watchful brethren, pray,
Full of wants, and fins, and {fcars,
Wreftle 'till the break of day,
'Till the faving grtce appears.
5 Jefus hear our midnight cry,
Execute thy love's design;
Bring thy great falvatioh nigh,
Claim a ranfum'd world for thi.t : .
Take the purchase of thy blood,
(Blood that Ipeaks our fins forgi-ven ; a
Let it bring .us near to God, '
Let it pray us up to heaven


AOl OW happy, gracious Lord, are we,
,lI Divinely drawn to follow Thee,
Whoie hours divided are


Betwixt the mount and multitude;
Our day is Fpent in doing good,
Our night in praife and prayer.
2 With us no melancholy void;
No moments linger unemployed,
Or unimproved below;
Our wearinefs of life is gone,
Who live to ferve our God alone,
And only Thee to know.
g The winter's night and summer's day
Glide imperceptibly away,
Too thort to fing thy praise ;,
Too few we find the happy hours,
And hafle to join thofe heavenly powers,
In everlafting lays.
4 Wiat all who chatant thy name on high;
SAnd holy, holy, holy, cry,
A bright harmonious throng,
Wc long thy praifes to repeat,
And reftlefs fing around thy feat
The new eternal fong.


2 EETT and right, it is to fog,
,VJl In every time and place,
Glory to our heavenly King,
-The God of truth and grace:
Join we then with fwect accord,
All in one thankfgiving Join-:
Holy, holy, holy Lord,
Eternal praifebebe thine
a Thee, the firft-born fonr of light
In choral fymnphonies,
Pray by day, (day without night)
And never, never ccafe



-* I

"( 9 )
Aftgels, and archangels, all
Sing the myflic Three in Onre
.$ing, and fop, and gaze, and f&la,
O'erwhelmJI4 before thy throne.
3 Vying'with that happy choir,
Who cha"unt thy praise above,
We, on eagle's wings aFpire*
7The wings of faith and love :
Thee they fing with glory crown'd,
We extol the flaughter'd Lamb ,
Lower if our voices found,
Our fubjct is the fame.

4 Father, God, thy love we praife,
Which gave thy Son to di I
Jcfus, full of truth and grace,
Alike we glorify :
Spirit, Comforter divine e,
Praire by all to thee he given,
*Till wi. in full chorus join,
And ckth i4 tur'd tw o heaven,


a COME, Iet ua anew,
ur pleasures puli!e ;
For Chriftian delight,
Tjh' day is too Fhorit; clt u borrow t'he nPight.
In fan tiifed joy
Each moment employ
To Jefus's praife, <
And fpend, and be fpeot, in the triumph f.grace.
. The flaves of .xccfs,
Their lenles to peafte,
Whole nights can b4ltow,
And on in a circle of ri.ot they go .
Poor prodigalsi they .
The night iiato diy
By revellings turn,
And aLt the redLr irit of- l iety fcrn.

S: ._'

a The drunkards proclaim
At midnight their flaine,
Their sacrifice bring,
And loud to the praife of their mailer they ring :
The hellifh defires
Which Sataninfpires,
In fonnets they breathe,
A And shouting defend to the regions of death,

4 The civiller crowd
In theatres proud,
Acknowledge his power,
And Satan in nightly a#femblies adore:
To the mafrue and the ball,
They fly at his call :
Or in pleafures excel,
And chaunt in a grove'* to the harpers of hell,

5 And hall re not fing
Our Maifer and King,
. While men are at reft,
With Jefus admitted at midnight to feat ?
Here only we may
SWith innocence Ray,
Th'.enjoyment improve,
'H And abide at the banquet of Jefus's love,

Ss6 In him is beflow'd
SThe spiritual food,
The manna divine,
And Jefus's love is far better than wine:
With joy we receive
The bleffing, and give
By day and by night,
All thanks to the force of our endlfs delight.

7 Our concert of praife
T'o Jefus we raife,
And all the night long
Continue the new evangelical fong:
SRanelagh's Garden, Vauxhall, &c.

1. .
a s *i
We dance to the fame
Of Jefus's name ; -
The joy it imparts
Ls heaven begun in our musical hearts.

8 Thus, thus we below
Our moments below
And singing remove,
With all the redeem'd to the Sion above :
There, there we (hall Rand
With our harps in our hand,
Interrupted no more,
And eternally fing, and rejoice, and adore.

a '7E virgin fouls arife,
I With all the dead awake,
Unto salvation wife,
Oil in your veffels take ;
Upfarting at the midnight cry,
Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh,

s He comes, He comes to call
The nations to his bar,
And raife to glory all
Who fit for glory are:
Made ready for your full reward,
Go forth withjoy to meet your Lord.

a Go meet him in the fky,
SYour everlafting Friend,
Your Head to glorify,
With all his Taints afcend j
Ye pure.in heart obtain the grace,
To fee without a veil hi's face.

S Ye that have here received
The union from above,
And in his ipirit liv'd
Obedient to his love,
Jefus fall claim you for his brjde;
Rcoicc with all the fanEified.

-~ -. .*
-K -, oa

SRejoice In glorious hope
Of that grert day unknown,
When. fel tIaillbie cAaugfht up.
And ftand before his throne:
Call'd to partake theafnfriagedrdaft
And lean on our Irmnawderte4ei

SThe everefllitg doors
Shall foon tc'faints received ,
Above thofe angel-powers
In glorious joy-to live.;
Far.frodn a world of g-rief and. iC,
WVith God eternally fhut in.








2. :49*.r


'y Then let us wait to bear
The trumpet's -* elcdeianfed,
To fee.ouTL.ord. appear,,
Watching let us be found.
When Jefus doth the havens bow,
Be found-ais tLo rd, tChou find's us 0W,


JOIN all-e rapfi ifrts efgraet
,Th.t oly joy prd '
A-ndTh'onluio tUhe Retwfeqai'pprate
-A folemnmanigtightfIong q

-a Blefling, and thanks, and love, and_4i -r
.Be to our Jefus git~n,
Who turnsour.darkitf into:lighp Q'h.i4
W]h. turns our hell to heavutu':
S- Thither.our faithfl false he JlI,, .d"
Thither le bhidus iife, .
'With crowns ofa dy pbn ao
:, To meet him in the fkieai

jj1 fea theni u*ni, -l .
^rn1,nda he foon^ e^
,,, .., .. ,, .,.,,, ,4 :
!:.-. irAk,$ ,r i -... ...

- L_.. -... ^ ^ '., -'<^.'
.2, ', .. ., ,,-M.,

'. .. Iy
.... ..A




J I.




I r

r" :.- '-

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