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Title: Directions for renewing our covenant with God
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Title: Directions for renewing our covenant with God
Physical Description: 23 p. : ; 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Wesley, John, 1703-1791
Publisher: Printed by J. Paramore
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1780
Subject: Salvation -- Early works to 1800   ( lcsh )
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, Z N T 0O N;

Printed by J. PARAMORIE at the : Fry, Moorfidds
And fold at the New Chapel, in the City-Wdad; and at the Rer

Mr. W4 fys Prcaching-Houfes ia Town ain Comntry 1 780.


t. i .. ,-d iL!L ,W-s '


S -

- T---- ---- -- -L__ __ __ __

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M I I _. -i' __ ... "

SI. flET there three Principles Gzxed in your=
G hearts: that Things eternal are much more
considerablee than Things temporal; that ThingsnQot
fen are as certain as the Things that are IeS i.that
upon your prefent choice depends your eternal
lot, Chufe Chrift and his ways, arn4 you are bleffed
for ever; refute, and you are undone for eva.tr
And then,

1II. Make your Choice.

Turn either to the right-hatd or to the left
lay both parts before you, with every link
of each; Chrift with hii yoke, his crofs and
his crown; or the Devil with his wealth, his '
pleasure and curfew : and then put yourf4 'es to i
thus: "Soul. thou fceRt what i' before t1th what
wilt thou do ? Which wilt thou have, either the'
crown or the cure i If thon chafe the crown, re-
member that the day thou takefl this, thou muft be '
A 2 content .

content to fiabmiL to the crofs and yoke, the service
and the fufferings of Chrift, which arc linked to it.
What fayeft thou ? Hadft thou rather take the gains
and pieafures of fin, and venture' on the curfe ? Or
wilt thou yield thyfelf a fcrvant to Chrift, and fo
make fure the crown?"

If your hearts fly off, and would fain wave the
bufinefs, leave them not fo. If you be unrefolved,
you are refolved ;Jf you remain undetermined for
Chrift, you are determined for the Devil. Therce-
fore give not off, but follow your hearts from day
to day, let them not reft, till the matter be brought A
to an iffue, and fee that you make a good. choice.

This is your.chufting the good part, God and the
bleffednefs of the world to come,.for your portion
* aand appinfels and in this- is included, your yj
fiouncing the world, and worldly happinefs.

III. Embark with Chrifl.

Adventure yourfelves with him; call your-
fclves upon his Righteoufinefs, as that which
S Niall bring you to G.od -as a poor captive
exile, that -is caft upon a ftrange land, a land of
robbers and murderers, where he is ready to peritf,
and having no hope, either of abiding, there, .or efl
Shaping home with life ; and meeting at length with
a pilot, that offers to transport him faely home, ho
embarks with him, anri ventures himfelf, and all
She hath 4i his veffel: do you likewife; you are
| exiles

-- *., : Z M- A-.bt ''" "
. . . .... ...... ... ...-.... .

5 ]

exiles from the presence of God, and fallen into a
land of robbers and murderers: your fins are rob- I
bers, your pleaftrcs arc robbers, your companions
in fin are wobbcrs and thieves: if you fray where
you are, you perih, and efcape home of yourfelves
you cannot: Chrift offers, if you will venture with
him, he will bring you home, and be will bring you
to God : will you fay now to him, L.ird efu.s, wit
thou undertake for me? T it thou bring me to God,
bring me into the Land of Prnmife. ? With thee will I-
venlure myrfelf; I cf.? mv yF upon. fe, upon ity
blood, upon ithy rgin t u tJsi ; I iry up a lly hopes,
and venture my whole initerr, foul and body with ikee, /1 4

This is lofing with Chrift as your Pricft, And -
in this is included your renouncing your own
righteoufnefs; you can never, you will never caft
yourfelves on him alone, till all your hopes in your-
felvcs have givcn up the ghof:.,

There are two things which mult neceffarily boe
fuppofed, in order to a firmer's coming to Chrill.

i. A deep fenf of his Sin and .Mj.T

91, An itter Defar ,f hifeNIf, and all Thingr
elt bt/ides CIr;I. 4

I. A deep J6fi cf his fin and vmifr. j

No man will regard a Saviour, that doth not fe
bhniUffafinner; the wlvole regard not thcphyfician.
A3 Therefore

i M.

a' am..U*ai

~ 'I'FF?1?C ....r^-. _~F~kR~(II1J[li~l111~1~,1

- -,





p. .~

Therefore it is faid, That the Spirit of God, when
lie should come to chriftianize the world, fhould inr
the firit place, convince the world of fin, John xvi, 8.
lie fall c6rivince the world of fin; he fall de-
monftrate them finners, bring up their fins before
their eyes, bring home their fins upon their con-
fciences, and make them fee themselves, and feel
themfclves the moft vile and abominable of
creatures: Sin hides itfelf from. the Sinner's eyes,
and all its vilenefs and deformity. But the Spirit
of God plucks off the mantle, and makes Sin ap-
pear to be fin; makes all the Sinner's gods appear
to be fo many Devils; brings forth the blacknefs
and filthinefs of Sin into fight, makes the Sinner
Ice himself an unclean and abominable thing: and
withal, he brings forth the guilt of Sin, fets all
thefe Devils a tormenting the Sinner, filling himn
with fear, and terrour, and amazement; in this re-
fpe&t he is called the Spirit of Bondage, that works
fear and trouble in the heart: the Spirit's awaken-
ing a fleepy Sinner, is a kind of awakening in hell.
Lord, zhat an I What mean thefe legions round about
me? .Thefe chairs and jitters that are upon me?
What mean 5 thzs abla-k rol b Yfre mine eye.r, of curfis,
and wrath, and woes? Lord, where am I / have I
been playigtq alnd .'orting, arnd making merry, and my
fold in f .h/ a ral f as thi ? But is there no hope of
efcaping out oi this voretched _fate : I Jee there is no
abiding thus. I am but a dead man, if i continue as I
am. What may I do to be Jfaed ?

When he is b'ougTit to this, there is fome way
made for his critcrtainment of Chrif ; yet this is not

C [6]



ri 1~1YI-. -i -L~i~~-l iifL~+L ~LiC--i+~UY-ULII~L---~~ ~:51Ell I~I~YICY~CIL*i~--e~--C~~C~

. I

.~yu~,. -ELi -~r-~9~-_ *..~*-- Y U--

-,-. r-

all that is needful, but hIe muff further be
brought to,

II. An utter dsapair of hinmfif, and all things ee
bfide Chrif.

Being made fenfible of his fin, and his
danger, a Sinner will look for help and deli-.
verance; but he will look every where elfe, before I
lie look unto Chrift: nothing will bring a Sinner
to Chrif, but abfolute neceffity: he will try to for-
fake his Cins, will think of leaving his drunkennefs,
and become fober; of leaving his adulteries, and
becoming chalke, andfo fee if by this means he may
not efcape. He will go to Prayers, and Sermons,
a nd Sacraments, and fearch out if there be no fal-
vation in them : hit all thefe, though they be uf-
ful in their places, yet looking no frgrther. the
Sinner fees there is no help in em hi l Right.ouf.
ncfs cannot help Jhin, this is bur rags his Duties
cannot help him, thele may be reckoned'among his
fins: Ordinances cantiot help, thefe ar ty
cifterns; and all tell him, You knock;
door, Saloation is not in u.s. Well the L6r e mr .
cfful to me, faith the Sinner, IVhat fall I do? Abide
as I am, I dare not, and how to help m.yft I know
not; my praying will not help me ; my hearing will
not help me : if I give all my goods to the foor, if I
joutdi .gai'. my body to be burned., ad this would not :
Sjfave my foul: woe is me, what jall Ido, and whither..
jkall rgo?


S-r -



AlL. --

-'"~Yr ~ C+LILI~L'l*Y~LrrIIYII~I -L--y ~_ .I~Y-lI~YIL1 1IU-U2-E~~CIwon W-1 1_

And as Chri{l will never be accepted, fo can the
SSinner never be received of him, till lie lets go all
other props, and truEsl on him alone. Chrift will
have b arer with him in the work of having fouls.
-e. let the t go their way, as he laid in
ano : Let not only your Sins go, but let
your T teoufi rs go, all therefLiges of lies wherein
you have trufled; Ipt all go, if you will have me
to be a Refuge to you. I came not to call the
Righteous; if I should, they would not come; .or
if they coIme, let them go as they came, let them
go to their Ri.~h'.courIfs in which they truft, and
let naked, Cd.biture Sinners, diftrcffed Sinners come
to me, who ain come to this cnd, to feck anid to
fave them that a\rc lolt,

And now, being brought to this diftrers, to this
ut'er lof0, his despair drives him to the only door
ofhope that is left open. Then Chrifl will be ac-
ceptable, when lie fees none but Chrift can .help
hi:n the ApoflIe tells us, Gal. ilL 23, We are kept
under the Lao, fii-i.t qp unto the Faith, that jfould
aft.r.ards. bt rec t..d.: all other doors were fhut
up a ainft us, there was no hope of efcaping, but
by that on, door that was left open, The Faith that
was aftcrwards to be revead. As the bcfleged in a
city, tliat have every gate blocked up, and but one
difficult paITage left open,'by which there is any
pcffibility of efc:aping, thither throng for the fa.
ving of their lives ; they are (hut up unto that
door. to which (if there had been any other way
open', they would ncvcr have come.




1 8


C--- I-IC -- ii-- -----~-- -- l: I

Sinners, Will you come now ? Will you ven|
ture here? For this your adventuring on Chrift, -"

you have this th-ree-fold warrant;

1. God's Ordination. This is he, whom God the
Father hath appointed, and fent into the world,
to bring back his exiles to himfelf, to fave Sinners.
This is hIc, whom God the Father hath fealcd hath
marked him out for that chofen person, in whoni
is falvation; hath fealed him his commifhfio, foir
the redeeming and reconciling the world to him=4
felf As God faid unto the three friends of Job,
when he. was angry with them, Job xlii. 8, Go to
my firvant Job, and he fall offer facrice for you,
Ae fall pray for you, for him will I accept : fo to
Sinners, Go, faith the Lord, to my fervant Jefaus,
he hall offer sacrifice for you, -he hall makvt re-
conciliation for you, fa. xlii. t, Behold my Servant
whom I uphold, mine ieB in whom my fouldelighteth.
i have put 7y Spirit upon him, he fall bring flirth
judgment to the Gentiles, .

2, God's Command; A John iii. 23. This is h.,.
romm andment, that we fiould believe on the name of
his Son Jfs Chrf. .

3. The Promife of God, i Pet. ii. 6. Bhe I 1"
tay in Sion a chief CornerjZn., cleO, precious; 'he
that believeth on him, fall not be cof;unded.

Now having this three-fold warrant, the warrant
of God's Ordination, Command, and Promnif, you


11 ioli~~ M 7"i*i^ A~g"

- -- --- ,- -- .. -- -- a --- -- .- -- -

Slo ]

may be bold to adventure on Chrif% and to apply
yourfelves to him thus; Lord Jefus, here aiam, a
" poor captive exile, a loacrcature, an encmy to God
under his wrath and curie: wilt thou, Lord, under-
.take for me, reconcile me to God, and fave my
foul ? Do not, Lord, refuse me, for if thou refuf me,
to whom then hall I go ? Art not thou he, and ha
alone, whom God the Flather hath fealed, the Sa-
viour of Sinners ? The Lord God hath fent me to
thee, hath bid me come, he hath commanded ime to
believe, and caft myfelf upon thee. Lord Jefus, wilt
thou rcfufe to help a diltreffed creature, whom the
Father hath lent to thee for thy help ? If I had come
on my own head,.or in myown name, thou mighteft
well have put me hack; but -fince I come at the
command of the Father, reject me not; Lord, help .
j me; Lord, fave me. Art thou not he, concerning
whom the Father hath promifed, He that believeth
on him, jfha not be confounded ? I come, Lord; I be-
lieve, Lord ; I throw myfelf upon thy grace and
Smercy; I caft myfelf upon thy blood and bowels,
do not refufe me, I have not whither elfe to go;
here I will flay, I will not ltir from thy door; -on
thee I wi1 trufi, and reft, and venture mnyfelf; Cod
.. hath laid my help on thee, and on thee 'I lay my
hope for pardon, for life, for falvation; if I periih,
I perifh on thy shoulders ; if I fink, I fink in thy
veffcl; if I die, I die at thy door; bid me not go
away, for. I will Iot go.

-IV. -Refgn, and deliver up you(rfevcs to God in

[ If 3
Yield yourfelves to. the Lord, that is, as his
servants, give up the dominion and government of
-yourkelves to Chrift. Neither yield your mnemers:
as infruments of unrighteoufnefs unto fin, but yield
youriflves to God, as thoft that are alive from the.
dead, and your members, as infiruments of rihteo'f.
nefis wnto God. To whom-ye yield yourfdves jfrvants
to obey, his fervants ye are, to whom ye obey. Yield
yourfelves fo to the Lord, that you may- henceforth
be the Lord's ; I am thine, faith the Pfanlmift. Thofe 1
that yield Ithcmfelves to Sin, and the World, their
hearts fay, Sin, I am thine; World, I am thine ;
Riches, I am yours; Picafures, I am yours: I am
thine, faith the PfalmifL; devoted to thy fear, dce-
dicated to thy service; I am thine, fave me: give j
ourfelves to Chrift, Si nne-rs, be devoted to his fear.

And this giving yourfelves to him, muR be fuch,
as fuppofesthat you be heartilycontented;

1. That lie appoint you your Work.

2. That he appoint you your Station.

i. That he appoint you your work; that he put
you to whatfoever he pleafieth: Servants, as they
snuff do Lheir MaNIer's work, fo they muff do that
workwhich their Maftcr appoints them ; they mufll
be for any work their master hath for them to dog,
they mulr not pick and chiu.e, this I will do, and
that I will not do; they muft not fay, this is too
hard, or this is too mnean, or this way be well

-. ... -+, .^ ..... ... A,.,,.. .... .. .. t -....^ n. ....+ -l+ ., ]i('a. r --.' -

enough let alone: good Servants, when they have
chofen thcirMafter, will let their Mafter.chufe their
work, and will not difpute his will, but do it.

Chrifl hath many services to be dons, fome are
more eafy and honourable, others more difficult
and difgraceful; fome are suitable to, our inclina..
tions and iaterefts, others are contrary ro both : in,
f rome we may pleafe Chrift and pleafe ourselves, as
-. When he requires us to feed, and cloath ourselves,
to provide things honest for our own maintenance,
yea, and there are fome fpiritual duties that are
xore pleaFing than others; as to rejoice in the Lord,
to be bleffing and praising of God, to be feeding
ourfielves widh the delights and comforts of Reli.
* gion; thefe are the tiveet works of a Chriftian. .
But then there are other works, wherein we cannot
pleafe Chrift, but by denying ourselves, as giving
and lending, bearing and forbearing, reproving
men for their fins, withdrawing from their com--
pany, witneiling againft their wickednefs, confefling
Chirift and his Name, when it will coft us fhame
w. and reproach; failing againift the wind, fwimming
against the tide, ftecring contrary to the time;
parting with our cafe, our liberties, and accommo-
dations for the Name of our Lord Jefus.

It is neceffary, Beloved, to fit down and consider .
what it will coft you to be the Servants of Chrift,
and take a thorough furvey of the whole bufinefs .
of Chriftianity, and not engage hand over head, to
you know not what.


I'-dqIik. q .. a-. .. .h. -

pop.". I -r -- rw

Firft, See what it is that Chrift doth expe&, and
then yield yourselves to his whole will: do not
think of compounding, or making your own terms
with Chrift, that will never be allowed you.

W ..th and 1 h"Aim, Lord Jefus, if thout
wilt receive me into thine houfe, if thou wilt
but own me as thy Servant, I will not ftand upon
terms; impofe on me what condition thou picafeft,
write down thine own articles, command me what
thou wilLt put me to any thing .thou 'feeft good; let
me come undcr thy roof, let me be -thy Servant,
and fpare not to command me; I wilk be no longer .. .,
mine own, but give up myfclf to thy will in all '

2, That he hall appoint you your ftation and
cctnditiun; whether it be higher or lower, a prof-.
perous or afflicted fate: be content that Chrift.
should both chufe your woik, and chufe your con-
dition; that he should have the command of you,
and the difpolal of you: make mne what thou wilt,
Lord, and fct me where thou wilt; let me be a vef-
fel of silver or gold, or a vcflel of wood or ftone,
to I be a veflel of honour; of whatsoever form or .
metal, whether higher or lower, finer or coarfer, I
am content ; if I be not the head, or the eye, or
the car, one of the nobler and more honourable 1
instruments thou wilt employ, let me be the hand
or the foot, one of the moft laborious, and lowest,
S B and

. ,^ iiii i,- *1 i M T -- -- .. ,* -- -- <- -- -


1 4
abd~ mrnJl contcmptibl:'l of a-It thc -Servants ibf m y

00i intli wildcrnof's, a Iimc jrid lot b6 ainorig(I

010TI~vrsof )od.o d rjii?;awrs oi vratxc r, among
the douor-kc-epCT& Of-`'al Wee hr

Imay bP eTVi-Ceable C pn pt niylflf x~.holly into thy
h abnds :pu t. im td wh at tlhwU' Ail,% LI rank rn e w It 4
Awno thou wilt; put me t~o diig I01()Put lmit to fu'f-
fe. ring, gk dt m c: b 6 c-nplIoye d f or the e or Ja-td afide,
for th e~e, kalaited for the~c. or troldn~n urder foot for
thcc let mre_ be full, Ie c bcn 0npr crchv
all thiinlgs.I ic ti. e h un? c nothing, I freely, and heartily

~Thgrt al to Ih p~a~f.iae and diff.l

This is clofing vwith Chrifi, as your King anrld
f~vr~iiiLord; aynd in this i5 'Included, your rc-
tIoUnICrIn tib Devil a-Ld his -works. the 1Flefla
;a nd its lulls5; togrother with yotir coiifenltirg to all
the Lawvs and. Odirjanccs of Cihrifto a-od his pro,*
vid-ential gov~eri1!r ft*

Beloved) fLuC1I a clofk with Chrift as you have
Ii-e e been exchoi-ted to, is that whecreini the ciffnce
o~f C.hrlifti.anity lies; when you have cbofen the
iTIwOruptihle Crown, that is, when You have
chafen God to bo youx portion and happinef;
whjei you have adventured, and laid up your
W~11010 I~ntcreft, and all, your hopes with Chril
CAfling youi-felf wholly upon the Merits of his
R~ighiteouffie Cs; when you have underflandingly


------ --

1.----...,_ _.


-- -I .- "I-I Iy| i -r ..-- .-.-. W^ l -- ----- --


aid heartily resigned, and given up youlfelves to
hirnl refolving for ever to be at his command, and
at his difpofkl; Lhcn you ar. Chlifliaus ind.ccd,
and never tiU then. Chrift will be the Saviou!r of
none but of his Serv4nts ; hc is the %ut-h:;r of eter-
nal Sa:vation o hole that c.b:v 1him: ( JL-.l wit
Jiavc no Servanrs but by co1iAent 1;: hi pi o l a-:u a
willing people.; and C(h:rit will ,.c cc ol TIo cii-
fent but in full to all th;:t le requires, h c is e
all in all, or he will be .o' thing.

V C./,. ,..d comp4,at WA ..!.. .

Cive vourlelve 10o the I..,: rd. s i'; ;1 .'t: :. Land
bind yourlLIves to himn as L Cov. r :.--S_,rv,. an L.

Upon ycur "nni ovenut "h God,

the covenant o[ C odJ. arnd. fit-.: ro y.: God gives
you leave. cvcr 'na:,, to pt.I 1..: rs own tiJd;c into
the Cover.attGr:nrt-if i: U be ::oL f:utid there at
lal, it will he. yo.ii- own a r-.Alr; i' he not there,
there will he nothing fo.und4-.in hc v..b-h! Covenant
belon.girg unto you ; if it e thc-. all is yoLI-s ; if
you have Iome nv to thi, Be:-id of the Covenantm, youi
flM1i have yi:.n- tharc in the BDcfigs of th. Cove-
nant. DIeu xxvi. 7 I ; 1 i,: /;,d.' a;v.,-,.d
the Lord thi day T, th-j Go / T "i'.
,'dA.. '-qh. f. L ., 1 4i..-:, ,; a.., : / t,.r, a .u -
" j m/m ". / ark: !. 'i ".p ,! lcr

hath arL.'. A ih:: thi7AL j ig p. .-'-V.. 1 ;' ;- 'e .








[ 16 3

*as 1'e hathprnmifed thee. Obferve it, The fame day
that they avouched the Lord to be their God, the
fam2,_ day the Lord avoucheth them to be his pecu-
liar people: the fame day that they engage to keep
the commandmrc nts of God, the fame day the Lord
enga.ge:th to keep his promife with them.

There is a two-fold covenanting with God, .14
Pr?,ffTjon in Rea-ity: an entering our names, or an
enia"ging ou r hearts: the former is done in Bap-
tifm,, by all that are baptized, who by receiving
that Seal of the Covenant, are vifibly, or in Pro-
feiion, entered into it : the latter is alfo two-fold :

i. VIRTVAL. Which is done by all thofe that
have sincerely made that clooire with God. in
Chrift : thofe that havechofen the Lord, embarked
with Chrift: resigned up, and given themselves to ,
the Lord, are all engaged -perfbti, and have vir-
tually covcnantcd-with him.

P. FORM.AL, Which is our binding Ou.rfe'IvCs to
the Lord by folemn vow or promise, to Iiand to our
choice. And this may be, either only inward in
the foul; or outward, and exp-rciXd cither by
words, lifting up of he hatlds, fibl r.ring thhand
or the like : and that by how much the mo :re cxprefs
and folern our'covcnanting with God by o
much the more fenfibly and firongly is it like to
hold our hearts Lo him.

- "..,-M J- B.'' -

Now that which I would perfuade youi to, is this
folemn and exprefs covenanting with God. Provi-
dence hath lately brought to my hand thie advice of
a dear Friend and faithful Labourer in the work of
r the Lord about this matter, together with an excel-
lent form of words composed for the help of
weaker Chriftians, and aptly accommodated to all
the fubhlantials of our baplifmal Covenant; which
having found great acccptiaticc wiLh manny, I do
with much zeal, for the efhi{aT fhing of fbuls in ho-
linefs and comfort, commend it to the ufe not only
of young Converts, but of the more grown i
Chriftians, that have not experienced this or the
like courfe.

And in order to the putting is manitter into prac-
tice, I fall firit give you tlifv few directions.

SFirft, Set apart omte timc, more than once, to be
fpent in fecret before thec Lord.

i. In seeking carneftlly his special afljitance and
gracious acceptance of you.

s, In confidcring difliritly .11 thli condition$ of
the Covenant, as they have been- laid before you.

3. In fearching your heatiz whvetht'r you either
have already, or can now freely inakc fIuCh a .o-
fiure with God in Chrif, as you have bte*n exhorted
B for

- I




- "~~YU-~~~,~~H..-.Li-IY~i~- --IC~UlrlLL-r CY IL -li;L~-

L~LL -Yu~L.rii~, ~.~ ~_~~~-r-_L.~uu lu~u-~.ru

to. In fpecial, confidcr what your fins are, and
examine whether you can refolvc to forego them
all. Confider what the laws of Chrift are, how
holy, flrie-, and spiritual, and whether you can
lupon deliberation make choice of them all, (even
thofe that molt crof your intercits and corrupt in-
clinations) as the rule of your whole life. Be fure
you be clear in thefce matters, fee that you do 'not
lie unto God.

Secondly, Compofe your fpirits into the moilt
ferious frame poffible, suitable to a tranfadion of
fo high importance.

Thirdly. Lay hold on the Covenant of God. and
rely upon his proinife of giving grace and strength,
whereby you may be enabled to perform your pro-
micl. Truft not to your own firengrh, to the
firength of your own refolutions, but take hold on
his fircngth.

Fourthly, Relflve to be faithful. Having en-
V ggaged your hearts, opened your mouths, and fub.
fcribed with your hands to the Lord, refolve in
his ftr cngth never to go back,

Laftlv, Being thus prepared,on fome convenient
time fet apart for the purpose, fet upon the work;
and in the molt folemn manner poffible, as if the
Lord were visibly present beibre your eyes, fall

-. -- .

down on your knees, and spreading forth your
hands towards heaven, open your hearts to the
Lord, in thef or the-like words.

01Moft dreadful God, for thePaffion of rth Son,
I befeech thee accept of thy poor Prodigal
now proftrating himself at thy door: I have fallen
from thee by mine Iniquity, and am by nature a
Son of Death, and a thoufand-fold more the Child
of Hell by my wicked pradice; but of thine infi-
nite grace thou haft prouifed mercy to mn in Chrift,
if I will but turn to thee with all my heart : there.
fore upon the call of thy Gofpel, I am now come
in, and throwing down my weapons, fib:nit my-
felf to thy mercy.

And because thou requireft, as the condition of
my peace with thee, that I fhould put avway mine
Idols, and be at defiance with all tliine enemies,
which I acknowledge I have wickedly fidcd with
against thee, I here from the bottom of mine heart ,
renounce them all; firmly covenanting with thee,
not to allow myfelf in any known fin, but con-
fIientiounly to i4fe all the means that I know thou
haft prescribed, for the death and utter deltrufioza-
of all my Corruptions. And whereas I have
.formerly, inordinately and idolatroufly let out my
Affe&ions upon the World, I do here refigtn y.
Heart to Theec that madcft it; humbly protecting
before thy glorious Majefly, that it is the firm re-

-. .,j.. .ia..bq i --~-~~i- LI ;~i~y+ irl*. -~~llj~PL~a~~;I~-~Y r ....ab ...

IT:. -


And firafmuch as thou halt, of thy hottomlets
mercy, offered moft gracioufly to me wretched
Sinner, to be again my God through Chiifl, if I
would accept of thee ; I call heaven and earth to
record this day, that I do here folemnly avouch
thee for the Lord my God; and with all poflible
veneration bowing the neck of my foul underthe
feet of thy mofl facrcd Majcety, I do here take
Thc.e the Lord Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy
Ghoft, for my portion; and do give up myself,
body and foul, for thy Servant; promising and
vowing to ferve thee in holincf and rightcoufnefs,
all the diys of my life.


~hEhiL~r..a..uw -aatS. .9 aiC a.-. s... - .a... .a.... ..s a -- --- -

solution of my heart, and that I do unfeignedly
device grace from thee, that when thou fhalt call
me hereunto, I may prafile this mry Refolution,
to forlaCec all that is dear unto me in this World,
rather than to turn from Thee to the ways of Sin ;
and that I will watch again all its Temptations,
whether of prosperity or adverfity, left they fliould
withdraw my heart from thee; befecchirg thee
alfo to licip me against the temptations of Satan, to
wvhole wicked fuggeiiions I refolvc, by thy grace,.
never to yield. And bccauiife my own Righteoul-
nefs is but menfilruous rags, I renounce all confi-
dence therein, and acknowledge that I am of
myself a hopclefs, helplefs, undone creature, with-
out righteoufnefs or fliength.

20 ]

I -Cr~-~nrF1

And fimce thou hlaft appointed the Lord Jefus
Chtifl the only mcans of coming unto thee, I do
here upon the bonded knees of my foul, accept of
*-iim as the only new and living way, by which Sin-
ners may have access to Thee ; and do here folemnly
join myfulf in-a marriage-covenint to him.

O blcffed Jefus, I come.to thee hungry, wretched,
miferable, blind, and naked; a moft loathibme,
polluted wretch, a guilty, condeinted malcfator, A
tunworthy to wa411 the feet of Lhe Servants of my
Lord, much more to be folemnly married to the
King ofilory; but fince fuch is thine unparalelled
love, I do here with all my power accept thee, and
take thee for my Head and Hufband, for better, for
worfe, for richer, for poorer, for all times and con. j
editions, to love, honour and obey thee before all
others, and this to tlihe death. I embrace thee in
all thine offices: I renounce mine own worthi-
nefs, and do here avow thee for the Lord my
Righteoufnefs: I renounce .ne own wifdom,. and
do here takec thee for my only guide: I renounce
mine own will, and. take thy will for my law.

And fince thou haft told me, I muif fuffer if I
will reign, I do here covenant with thee, to take
my lot, as it falls, with thcc. and by thy grace affifl-
ing to run all hazards with thee, verily pLrTJpoHng
that neither life nor death (ulll part b-twen thea
and i e.


..--- -;

"'"And because thou hall been pleafed to give me
thy holy Laws, as the Rule of my life, and the
way in which 1 fhoul1i walk to thy kingdom, I do
here willingly pui my neck under thy yoke. and
fet my {fhotlid-'r to tlh burden, and liJ! ficrl) in, to
all thy lawIs Is holy, jift andr good, I iliemnly ?ik themni as the Rule of mv words thoughts and atc-
tio-ns; promising, ^r ..t LL.th .:;.I -yiV fkiflh :ontradiCt
and rebel, I will cr.1 .iCoL:r to order and govern
my whole lic acco-rdT:.-- to iyv dircCtion, a:n. will
not allow mrnyieIfi tIc I ncgl-c of an tl-hijs tLiat 1
know to be1. nI due vL

Now, Aihighily God, S4earce" cf Je,! (h,.
knowiv. ihaut I mr .ak. 'is C rantV wit hcc this
iay, wuihout any k ;.'.vn ~.t I or rek--.v, ior h'
eechdjng thee, that if thou efiieft any fl.v or fdlfc.
hood therein, tlhou woulift discover it to me, and
help me to do it arigh.

.And now; glory be to thee, 0 God thie Father,
w hom I bhall e bbold from t his day forward to ook
upon as my God aTd Father; that ever th-ou fhouldfl
find out filch a way for the recovery of uruionj
Siinn:rs. Glory be. to thee, 0 Cod the So'. who
hbal loved me, and waffed me f:om my iins in thinite
Sown bloor, and art now become my Saviour and
Redeemer. Glory be to thee, 0 God ihe Holy
G hoft, who by the Finger oP thine almigl "ty power
halt turned boutt my heart from Sin to God.

0 d-cradfil


k4.i :a.. nib, ... ^ ^-_ ^ ^..-^ --

1 I 4 ,,.
.* -*A,

*4~ ~ -.

23 ]


O dicadful Jehovah, the Lord God Omnipo
Father, Son, and Holy Ghof, Thou artnow becornme
my Covcr.nant-Friclnd, and 1, through thine infinitec
grace, am become thy Covcnant-Servant. Amen,
So be it. And thie Co'.cnar.t which I have made
on earth, let it bc raifEcd in hcaven,

This' C.'jn.aZn! I ad,'_7 y to m0, *nh only in

heart. but in word ; vot ony! im w:rd, but i" rioting ;
ani-fthatu wrtodld with a! -.o b reverencl frcad te
.wnriti g before the lI.orrd, as .ou. wc r. nt it to
him as your aXL and dLed : and when. you have done
ih i.f, fit aur hand to it; keep it a. a n.mori./ of the
folemv tranragiont that ha e pae d e.ween God and
you, that you may have recourfe to it in doubts and

F I N I S.

^- -

*S!' u
# "-. ..

* -~





.A-r ^^

.- *"f ,e ,-.. ., r -.v-W 'y'-

-~~ ~ .' ..., -
"" ."





I' 4
,. y
.!! .


;._ ; ;. : *: ,
C *

^ : r r
-. : -'^ -

i *

^:^H **.
li .' P.
,; % ;" -..

.,a .
I ;

.. ti



C -.*

-d ~ aa~abnt. -#4


2* *'* -

* I

. -.*... ....

-r ~.'1~Y~ ~L~ ~ --~~Ly~Py-- YYLL~_e~ ---I --

1 -.

** t

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