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Group Title: Blow at the root: or, Christ stabbed in the house of His friends.
Title: A blow at the root, or, Christ stabbed in the house of His friends
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Title: A blow at the root, or, Christ stabbed in the house of His friends
Alternate Title: Christ stabbed in the house of His friends
Physical Description: 11, 1 p. : ; 17 cm. (12mo)
Language: English
Creator: Wesley, John, 1703-1791
Publisher: Printed by W. Strahan
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1762
Edition: The second edition.
Subject: Salvation -- Early works to 1800   ( lcsh )
Holiness   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Citation/Reference: ESTC
Citation/Reference: Baker
General Note: Anonymous. Attributed to John Wesley by ESTC, NUC.
General Note: Signatures: A⁶.
General Note: Title vignette, head and tail ornaments, initial.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00000067
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
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A Brow at the Root

O .R,

Chr~i ftabbed in the Houfe of his Friends.

7udas, letrayeft tbou he Son of Mai with a Ki ?

Luke xxii 44.



L__ __ __ L -.- __-- _- -a- ~

- ct-[-- -i -


Printei by W. ST R A nt xNO76i


..LA -p2. u~

- ~ t ..IBL..



I ,








I --- --- -. -- --

P~ -- --- ~ -- --- --


ILA i.

V, V
r ^ *^
paiP.C g

s ^:I IJ

iU l r



I.__ _








-^iSi" *


!'Z ~I

I. F i. .. I
~gii~ ~c;a

rP i. ; 64
i" -i r 6,

j ;_zk v~


f :

--, .- .

ZL &

A Blow at the Root, &c.

I. r-- ,- IT HOUT Hollnef no Manr
fia!jfee the LORD, hall fee the
Face of (GO in Ginry. Nothing
Sunder Heaven cai be more fure
,a than this : For he kfouth cf tdE
LoD bath ifpoken it. And tho'
Heaven and arth paft away, yet his VoPrd /fal
not pafs away. As well therefore might GoD fall
from Heaven, as this Word fall to the Ground.
No, it cannot be: None (hall live with GOD, but
he that now lives to Goc. None hall enjoy the
Glory of Go in iHeaven, but he that bears the
Image of GoD on Earth. None that is not faved
from Sin cere, can be faved from Hell" hereafter,
None can fee the Kilngdom of GoD above, unle's
the Kingdom of Gc D e in him below. Who,-
foever will reign with CHRIST in Heaven, mu.
have CHl Its rl eig ing i him on Earth. He muft
have that Mind in him which was- in CHRIST,
enabling him to walk as CHRIsR T aowa'kd.

t. And yet as Cure as this is, and as clearly as
it is taught in every Part, of the Holy Scripture,

.* . -- -- .
there is fcarce one among all the Truths of Goa,
which is lers received by Men. It was indeed
acknowledged,in fome Degree, even among the
wifer Heathens. Some among them allowed,
that nothing would please Go D but the fainti
reccusa MAentis, & inco[um generoJ.o pe.5Tls bonefo;
SA virtuous, holy Mind, and an Heart deep dyed
with generous Honefly. But tho' they could not
deny, yet-how filly and effeAually did they evade
this ? Tl'hey fancied something elfe would do as
well: That fome Rites or Ceremonies, fome Ex-
te:nal Forms, or glorious Aitions, would fupply
the Place of inward Holines., So the famous Ro-
Ywan entitles to future Happinefs, not only the Good
Sad.Virtuous, but 1al
Ob patnriam pugnanda vulnera pefds,
,-,^oh. pe Valtes, Pr~bho n cti
in.ets. aut qii V:am excoluKie p er artV.
So to fight for their Country, to write good Verres
or to invent ufeful Arts, was. abundantly sufficient,
in the Judgment of the wifeft Heathens, to give
Min a Piace in Heaven!

3. But this would not pars with modern Ro-
nans. They defpifed fuch grofs Imaginations.
But tho' they did not allow thefe, they found out
another Way to get to Heaven without Holinefs.
In the Room of them they fubftituted.Penances,
)Pilgrimages, Praying to Saints and Angels: And
above all thefe, Maffes for the Dead, Abfolution
by a Piieft, and extreme Un&tion. And thefe fa-
tisfy the Rm.jnflsh full as well as Lufration did the
l Heathens. Thousands of them make no Manner
iof Doubt, but by a diligent Ufe of thefe, without
any Holinefs at ill, they (hall fee th LonRD i
4. HowevCe

4 :` i ever Proteftants will not be satisfied
thus -They .know this Hope is no better than a
Spider's Web. They are convinced, that who-
S re leans on this, Jeans on the Staff of a brok-en
Reed. What then can they do? How hall they
hope to fee Gon without Holinefs? Why, by do-
ing no Harm, doing Good, going to Church and
Sacrament. And many Thouftnds fit down con-
tent with xhis, believing they are in the high Road
to Heaven.

5. Yet many cannot reft here. They look
upon this as the very Pcpery of Prote/ant;fin. They
well know, that altho' none can be a real Chriflian,
without carefully. abflaining from all Evil, ufing
every Means of Grace at every Opportunity, and
doing. all poffible Good, t .ail Men: Yet a Mart
may-go thus: far, may do all this, and be but art
Heathen filL. They know this Religion is too
superficial:. It is but as it were Skin-deep. There-
.fore it is not Chriftianity; for that lies in ttie
Heart: It is, Worlhipping Gon in Spirit and in
Truth.* It is no other than bte Kingdom of GOb
within us: It is the Lie of GoD in the Soul of Mart.
It.is the Mind which was in CHRST J sus.: It is
Kigkeoufnef sand Pea e and 7oy in the Hoy Ghojift.

6. Befidcs, they fee, that be this RLligion lual-
lower or deeper, it does not (and on the right
Foundation; Since other Forudativ for true Relit-
gion can .no M. n lay, than tLat whi'b is laid, iwv
CHRIST Jesus: Since no one can have the Mind
which was in CHRIST, 'till he is j.fiified by his
Bloody: 'till he is forgiven and reconciled to Goi,
thro' the Redemption that is in JEsus- CiRIa&T
And none can be juffified, they are well af'ured,
but byFaich, even Faith alone: Seeing to him only

' i



that hbieeVth on GOD who jufifaib the Ungodly, is
Faitb is counted to him fer Rigbteufnefi.

7. What. Evafion now? What Way .could
Satan, take to make all this Light of none Effet ?
What could be done when that grand Truth, By
Grace ye are faved thro' Faith, was more and more
generally received? What indeed but to persuade
the very Men who had received it to trn the. Gracs
of GOD into Laf ivioufnef ? To this E nd -Simn
Magus appeared again, and taught r That CHRIST
had done, as well as suffered, al: That his
*" Righteoufnefi being imputed to us, we need none
*" of our own : That feeing there was fo much
4 Righteoufnefs and Holinefs in Him, there needs
no more in us: That to think we have any, or
to defire or feek any is, To renounce CHRIST :
':That from the Beginning to the End of Salvao
-" tion, all is in CHRIST, nothing i Alan; and
'" that thofe whoteach otherwise are legalPreachers,
and know nothing of the Go/pde"'

8. This is indeed a Blow at the Rcat, the&Root
of al Holinefs, all true Religion. Hereby CIEReISr
isflabbed in the Hoslfe of his Friends, of thofe who
make the largest Profeflions of loving and honour-
ing Him: The-whole Defign of his Death, namely
to defiroy the IWrks of the Deuil, being overthrown
at a Stroke. For wherever this Dod2rine is cordi-"
ally received, it leaves no Place for Holinefs. It
demolifhes it from Top to. Bottom ; it. defroys
both Root and Branch. It effectually tears up all
Defire of it, all Endeavour after it. It forbids all
fich Exhortations as might excite thofe Defires,
or awaken thofe Endeavours. Nay, it makes
Men afraid of Perfonal foline6s, afraid of cherifh-
ing any Thought of it, or Motion toward. it, left
2 they

'*">,-],''*'*"*"--L ---*- ~- -.- *-* ------ I-' ~- "

...--.-.- ----
they should deny the Faith; and _reje& CHRI r Inl
his Righteoufnefs, So that inflead of being .aalus
of good W rks, they are a Stink in their Noftrils.
And they are infuiotely more afraid of the AWrkssf
-Go, than of the Works of the DeviL

S9 Here is Wifdom Tho' not the Wifjomr of
the Saints, ; but Wifdom from beneath. Here is
the Mafter-piece of Sata: Fafther than; this he
cannot go. Men are holy, without a GQain of
H6linefs in them Holy in CHRIS'T, however un-
holy in thcnfelves : They are in CHRIST, without'
one Jot of the Mind that was in CHRIST. Ir3t
. CHR isrT ,.though their Nature is- whole in them.
They are compleat in Him, tho'sthey are in .jhem-
flvets as proud, as vain, as covetous, as paffionata
-s ever. It isenough : They may be unrighteous
till, feeling CHRIST hasfufited ail Rightcc Jnefs!
[ ii
1- 1o. O.ye fiimpl Ones, bow long will yelove Sim-
plicity ? How long will ye fee DIalh in the Error of
yur Life ? Knw ye not, whoever teacheth you other'
w6is that the Unrighteous Jha/l nt inherit tIe Kings
Sdo! of G.oD? Be not d.ceived: Altho' there am
many lie in wait to deceive, and that under the fair
Pretence of exalting CHRIST : A Pretence which
the Inore eafily f~eals upon ypu, because to you H is
precious. But as the LORD liveth, Neithr F.rnmi
caters, nor Idolaters, nor Adulterers, nor EfB minute
~nar Sodomites, nor Thieves, nor Covetcus, nor Drunk,
o rds, nor Rvit ers, nor Extertizners, jhal inherit thA
iKingdom .of GoD. Such indeed were flme of yoau
But yer are wo ed,- but ye are fanif/ied, as well as
juftiffdin te Name of the LonD JEsus, by tbt
Spirit of tGOD. You are really changed: You
re not 'ony accountedbut actually made Righteout.
'ke Lawt, the inward Power, of the Spirit of Life

.. -:"--- --.r
tr ~ B'&~ I---- ----------- ----------- ,..--,~___.__
-in CHRIST J.sus, bath made youfr-ee, really, aAu.
ally free, from the Law or Power of Sin and Dleat.:
This is I liberty, true, GVrpcl LUbeity, experienced,
by every Believer-: Not Frcedom from the Law. of
CGoD, or the Works of GCon, but from the Law of
Sin, and the Works of the Devil, See that ye
ftand fajf in this real; not imaginary Libert, w )ere
witb CHRIS'T habh made you f~ee. And, take heed
ye be n:t intangr.' again, by Means. of there vain
Boaters, in the Yl.ke of that vile-,B ntde to Sin,
from which ye are now clean efcaped. I teflify
unto you, that if you fill continue in Sin. CHRIST
hall profit you nothing: That CHRasT is no Sa-
viour to you, unlefs He favce you frmj your Sins
and that unlefs it' purify your "-eart, Faith fall
profit you nothing. O when will ye underfland,
that to opp:fe either Inward or Outward Holinefs, .
under Colour of exalting CHRnIsT, iS direyt!y to
a&tthe Part of Judas, to btray the Son cf Man uitb
a Ks ? Repent, repent! Left He cut you in fun-
der with the two-edged Sword that cometh out of
his Mouth It is you ycumfelves, that by oppofing
the very End of his Coming into the World, arc
crucifying the Son of Goo afrefh, and putting Him
to an open Shame. It is you that by epefting to
fee t LOR i ltl'out H:inefi, throw" the Righteotuf-
nefs of CHRIST, make the Blood of the Covenadt an
unholy Th:ng, keeping thofe unholy that fo truft in
it. O beware! For Evil is before you! If thofe
who namee dot the Name of CHRIsT,- and die in
their Sins, (hall be punished even fold, furely. you
who thus make CHRISr a Minit/er of Sin,, (hall be
punished feventy and feven fold. What! Make
CHR IT destroy his own Kingdom Make CHRIST
a FaEtor for Satan Set CHRIsT agrinQ .Hlolinefs i
Talk of CHRIST as faing his Peopls in their Sins I
It is no better, than to fay, He faves then from

.. .C

.h .and not from the Power of Sin. Wil
y .iakiLe the Righteoufnefs. of CHRIST fuch a Co-
ytr for the-Unrighteoufners of Man? So that this
means, the Unrighteous of every Kind fall inherit
the Kingdom of GOD! Stop Confider What are
you doing? You did run well: Who hath -be-
witched you ? Who hath corrupted you from the
Simplicity of CHRIST, from the Purity of the
Gofpel ? You did know, He Jthbt bcli v-t is born of
GoD: And whofover is born of GOD, fineth not,
Sbut while he k:epeth him/elfe that wicked One tu,.th
S him not. 0 come back to the true, the pure, the
old Gofpel! T''hat which ye received in the Begin-
ning. Comeback to CHRIST, who died to make
you *an holy People, zealoes of gcod Itorks, Rk-
rmerrer from whence yu are fualn and reper.t, and do
: thef rjt Works.. Your Father worrtb hithberto: Do
ye work :.fe your Faith is, vain. For i il't tha i
/now,. 0 vain, O. :npty Man, that Faith without t
JVrks is dead? Wilt thou know that tho' I have all
Faith, fo as. to remove lovwontains, and have Cot Love,
S am nothing ? Wilt thou know, that all the Blood
-sand Righteoufnefs of CHRIST, unlefs that M-ind be
in. the which was in Him, and thou likewife walk as
CHnlST. walked, will only increase thy Danination.?
If any, Man teach otherwifj, and confen not to wholfo me
I /Jrdj, and to the Dofirine which i according-to God. ;,
linf, He is proud, kowTvihg nothing, but dot ng abont
Strife of IWords, whereof come Railings, evil Sur-
mifings; perverfe. Difputings of 'Men of corrupt
Minds, and deftitutc of the Truth. Be no longer
afraid of the ftrongcft Exhortations either to In.
ward orOutward Holinefs. Hereby GOD the Fa-
ther is glorified, and GOD the Son truly exalted.
Do not ftupidly and fcnfelefly call this legal, a filly,
unmeaning Word. Be not afraid of being .nder
the Law of Gon, but of being under tIe Law f Sin.


[[ o J .. -.
Love the ftrtlqeft Preaching beff; that which moft
searches the Heart, and fhews you wherein you .
are unlike CnHRsT : And that which preffes ydu
moft, to love Him with all your Heart, and fervc
Him with hl] ybur Strength.

11. Suffer me to warn you of another filly,
unmeaning Word: Do not fay, I can do nothing.
If fo, then you know nothing of CHRiST : "Thea
you have no Faith. For if you have, if you be-
lieve, then you can d2 all Things throw' CHRIST who
fitengtheneth you. You can love Him and keep
his Commandments. And to ye. his Commrradments
are not grievous. Grievous to them that believe!
Far from it. They are the Joy of yuur Heart.
Shew then your Love to CHRIST by keeping his
Commandments, by walking in all his Ordinances
blamelefs. Honour CH s-r by obeying him with
all your Might, by serving Him with all your
Strength. Glorify CH R IST by imitating CH I ST
in all Things. by walking as He walked. Keep
to CHRIsT, by keeping in all his Ways. Truft in
C CHRIST, to live and reign in your Heart. Have
Confidence in CHRIST that He will fuafil in you
all his great and precious Promifes, that He will
work in you all the good Pleafure of his Goodnefr,
and all the Work of Faith Wiith Power. Cleave to
CHR IST, 'till his flood have cleaned you from all
Pride, all Anger, all evil Defire. Let CHRIST do
all! Let Him that has dooe all/or you, do all it
yru. Exalt CH R iST as a Prince to give Repentance :
'A Saviuur, both to give RemiLfon of Sins and to
create in you a new Heart, to renew a right Spirit
within you. This is the Gofpel, the pure, genuine
GoCpel ; glad Tidings of great Salvation. Not the
New, but the Old, the everiaffing Gofpel, the
Gofpel not of Simnn gpi, bat of Js u s Cta is T.
". The

V *141

The GoD and Father of our LORD Ja us CHnIST,
give you according to the Riches of his Glory to be
firengthened with Might by his Spirit in the inner Man,
that CHR IST may dwzl in your Hearts by Faith:
That being rooted and grounded in Lve, ye may be able
to comprehend with all Saints, what is the Length, and
Breadth, and Deth, and Height; And to know that
Love of CHRISTr, whi.bh rrpaffenth Knowledge, that
ye may be illkd with all the Fulnefi of Gon I






.' A 'I 1

S., *
A 4 .A *
,. ,;.. t


. *


1 JI.

* -d'







'~ a~-t1.~ ~ -- a s S~~- ~- 4-~~a; A~ 2~t!~


? .r?


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