Group Title: Character of a Methodist, third edtion
Title: The character of a Methodist
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Title: The character of a Methodist
Physical Description: 20, 4 p. : ; 16 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Wesley, John, 1703-1791
Publisher: Printed by John Gooding ... : sold by R. Akenhead ... T. Tyre ... and F. Farley ...
Place of Publication: Newcastle upon Tyne
Publication Date: 1743
Edition: The third edition.
Subject: Methodism   ( lcsh )
Perfection   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: By John Wesley ...
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VI I3sc To the READER.
- j -. .. I ,.
I. CINCE the Namefirft came abroad
2 into the World, vany have been
at a Iqs to kw what a Methodift is:
What are the Principles and the Praftice
of tho who are commonly called hy that
-a9tite, and what the Difinguifhing
Marks of this SECT, which is every
where.fpoken against.

. .

2 And it .being generally believed
'har I was able to. gie the clear4ef Ac-
count of tbeJe Things (as having been one
of thekfrfi to whom that Name was given,
thi.n f efn by whom the ref were
fa 9 t .be directed) I have been call-
ed up, in all, Manner of Ways, and
itia the utmaq Earnefnefi fo to do. I
keld at laf to the continued Importunity
both of Friends d.,. Ektm"es-. And do
now give the cleared Ac -jnt Ican, in
the Prefence of the Lon and fudge of
Heaven and Earth, of the Principles
and Pradtice whereby tbofie who are call-
ed Methodifts, are difYinguih'd from
bther Men. [
"h ..'.* I-
I ifay ,. thofe wi Iar&^4WN'Hee
I ,Ot
.", : .*' : .:- ^..i.- ,.N
** 4 a*r



So the READE R.
this is not a Name which they: take I
ithemelyes, but One fxt upon tke,; -by,
Way of Reproach, without their Appra-
bation or Conj/nt. It wasfirf given to o
three or four young Men at Oxford, by
a Student ofChrift-Cjlhrch: Either in
Alufrion to the antient Set? of Phyfici-
arts fo called, (from theirteachbng, that
almost all Dij/iea might be cured, by a
Speciflck Method of Diet and Exercif)
or from their obirving a more Regular
Method of Study andid Behaviour, than
was ujikal with thofe of their Age and
Station. .

4. would fll rejoice (fJ
S bitious am Ito be at the: Head of any Se
or Party) if the very Name might never
be mentioned more, might be buried ii
etertial Oblivion. But if that caomt.
be, at lea let thoj who will uf : itl
know -the Meqing of the Word thb ufe.
Let us not always be fighting. in the
Dark'- Come, and let us look -
ther in the Face. And perhapsome of
you 4wio hate what I am ca ray
l m' at .J am (by the Grace of Gon D
S Or rather, what-I fellow after, if that
SI may: apprehend that, for which !afo
I am apprehended of CHRIST JESUS.
& Ia-ai a 5-1 ..I-. n. J.-.







r.i HE Dif/ingufhitng Marks
aof "'a Met&dbo are not, rHis
Q Opinions of any So t. His
afenting to This or That
Scheme of Religion, his embracing any
Particular Set of Notions, his efpouf-
( !*g the Judgment of one Man or, of
another, are all quite aide of the
Point.. Whofoever thereTre imagines,
that a Methodif is, A Mary of fuch.
Q rfuch an Opinion, is grofly ignorant
of the whole Affair; he mistakess th
%ruth totally. We believe dinded, TIat
All Scripture is gikn by In /irfaion of
Con; and- herein are e di~ftingDifhed
from yews, Turks. and Injidels. We
fr-om J.w Tks a r4J els: We





-7The GC rager of a MethodifE. 3
believe this written Word-of GoD to be
the Only and the Su2fcient Rule, both
of Chriftian Faith and. Practice ? and
herein we are fundamentally diftin-
guifh'd from thofe of the Romijh Church,
We believe CHR IST to be the Eternal
Supreme GOD; and herein are we dif-
tinguifh'd from. the Socinians and A*
rians. But as to all' Opinions which
do not strike at the Root of Chriftiani--
ty, we think and let think. So that
whatsoever they are, whether right or
wrong, they are no Df/inguifhing
.Marks o a MethodYfl.

2. Neither are Words or Phrafesof
any Sort. We do not place our Reli-
gion, or any Part of it, in -being
tach'd to any ,Peculiar Mode of Spe4a .*r,
ing, any Qaint or Uncommon Set of
Expreffions. The moft obvious, eaff%
common Words, wherein our Meaning
can be convey'd, we prefer before -
thers, both on ordinary. ccafions, and
whe-'we-fpeak of the Things of Gaq..
We. ever. therefore willingly or defigi:.
edly deviate from the moft ufual Way
of speaking; unless when we e6refs
- Scripture-Truths in Scripture-Wrds,
(which we prefume, no Chrifian' will
A 3 condemn.)
L_ f ,



9n e n. *- 7+ w
- condemn.) Neither do we affeC to ufe
any Particular Expreffions of Scripture,
more frequently than others, unlefs they
are fuch as are more frequently ufed by,
the Infpired Writers themselves. So
that it is as grofsan Error,. to place the
j Marks of a Methodift in his Words, as
in .Qpiions oof any Sort.

3. Nor do we desire to, be diftin- .
S gifh'd, by Allions, Cufloms or Ufages
S of an iadiffrent Nature. Our Reli-
gon does not lie in doing what Go >-
has not enjoined, or abftainmg from what-
S he hathi ot forbidden. It does not lie
S. the Form of our Apparel,. in the Po-
fture of our Body,. or the covering our
.eads:. Nor yet in abftaiinng from
S.Iarriage, nor from Meats and Drinks,
whic'h1 are all good, if received with
t hankfgiving. Therefore neither will
j Eny. Man who knows whereof he af-
firms,. fix the Mark of a Methodifl
S here; in any A&tions or Cuftomsn pure-
ly Indifferent, undetermined by the
Word of GopD

S4. Nor, Laftly, is he to be diffin
guifh'id by laying the whoke Stre s of
SReliginon onany Single Part of it. Jf
*. L,, tl r ,. ^, ...* i-k- -

yo w "Yes, he is; for he thinks we
arefaved ty Faith alone:" 1 answer,
You do not understand the Terms. By
Salvatioon.he means, -Holinefs of Heart
and Life. And this he affirms-to spring
from True FAITHR ALONR. Can even
a Nominal Chriftian deny it? Is this
placing a Part of Religion for. the-
'Whole?. Do we- then make void the
Law thro' Faith ?4 GoD..forbid Yea
,we ef/ablifh the Law. We do not
place the whole of Religion (as too ma-
ny do, Goo, knoweth) either in doing
. ao Harm,0 orin doing Good, or in uf-
Jing he Ordinances of Goa No, nor
in. all of t1 emn together,. wherein we,.
know. by Experience a Man may la-
bour .mgny Years, and at the End have
no True.Religion, at all, no more than.
he had at the Beginning. Much lefs
in any One of Thefe;.,or it imay be
in: a Scrap of one of them: Like her:
who fancies herself a Virtuots Wo-
man, only becaufc ihe's no. a Proffti-
tute;, or.him who dreams he is an.Ho-
nef. Man, nierely. because he does not
:robror fAeal. May the' LORD.oDio-
my Fathers preserve me, from fuch a
poor, ftarved Religion as This Were
this the Mark of a Methodif, I would

-. L -. ......--- .


------ jyl*l .._. -~ .~ .I

xi ivLe(nUaRU.



* ^ -TM

fooner chute to be sinceree Jew,, Turk
Sor Pagan.

S5 What then is the Mark? Who
Sis a Methodif, according to your own
Account?" I answer; A Methodi/ is
one, who has the Love of GOD jhed a-
broad in his Heart, by the Holy Ghofl
given unto him: One who loves the
S Lord.his Gon with all his Heart, and
with all his Soul, and with all his Mind,
and with all his Strength.. GOD is the
Joy.of his Heart, and the Defire of his
Soul.; which is constantly crying out,
Whom have I in Heaven but Thee,
and there is none upon Earth that I de-
fire beide Thee! My GoD and my All!
Thou art the Strength of my Heart,
and my Portion for ever !"

ji 6. He is therefore Happy in GOD,
yea always Happy, as having in him
-a Well of Water, springing up into ev-
erlafling Life, and overflowing his Soul
with. Peace and J oy. Perfeit Love
having now car/ out Fear, he rejoices
, evermore. He rejoices in the Lord al-
ways, even in GoD his oaviour: And
in the Father, through our Lord JEsus
CuRIST, by whom he hath now receivd

_....rU...L--L~ I~...-...~I IY_~- -CI ~...~...-.-I-


roj MedthiaifE


.the Atonement. Having fonnd Redemp-
tion .thro' his Blood, -the Forgive nefi .o
.hit s.Si4, he cannot but rejoice when-.
ever he. Jooks back on the horrible Pit
out of which he -is delivered,. when .he
fees all .his f rangjreFins lootedd aut as
a Cloud, 'and, his niquities as a thck
.Chod. He cannot but rejoice, when-
,ever he ocoks on the State whlerein he;
now is, being jjftjed freely and ha-
ing Peace with Con, ftro' our Lord
JESus CHRIST. For he that
batbhte Vitnet- of this i him enf: Be-
ig w. th.e-: m. .D Go by Far ITa,
Jomu 4e a'iza.&6 Go, fithnf!t forth

.Spirit itfjlf bearth.b WitAne, with ki
'4irit,: that he s a Ch'ld of Gon, He:
re~oaeth alfo, whenever he looks for.
ward, ine -HaIp .sf the Glory that fkall
.&e rewaltd: Yea, this his J y is fAuIl
and aH his B ces cry out, Ble/fd be the-
GOD and EFather of our Lrd Jisrus.
CHR IS T, who according to hs abundant
Mercy, bath begotten me again to a lv-
,ing fjope---Qf an inheritance incorrup-
.tibleC, tndfiled, and that fadetb not, a-
wfay, trejfrv'd, in even t me.
7. And.
I f :

u .-;r,,,,, ,,,.,uYL;u~~sl,. .~---- '--L...r~U~.-. ~~~~~_~y ~~ ~C_-~-~yU_~~~_1~ ~~ y~___~_~ _~ ~____ I __.~Lr ~- --. -~ L ~~~yl~


f o Ue Charater of
S7.- And' he who hathhis Hope thus
full of Immortality, in every iThi ng giv-
eth hanks. :' As knowing that this.
whatsoeverr it is) is: the W1ill of GoD
in C R. I S T J ESU S concerning him.
From him therefore he chearfuHiy re-
ceives All, saying, -Good is the Will of
the Lord: And whether the Lord giv-
eth or taketh away, equally bleffin the
Name of the Lord. For he hath learn-
ed in Whatfoever State he is, therewith
ib, be content. He knoweth both how
to be- abafed, and' kov to" abound. Ev-
ery where and in all things he- is in-
firuted, both to be full and f be hun-
gry,. both to abound and tofufer Need.
Whether in Eafe or Pain, ~whether in
Sicknefs or Health, whether in Life or
Death, he giveth Thanks from the
SGround of the Heart to Him who or-
ders it for Good: Knowing that as
,every Good Gift cometh from above, fo
none but Good can come from the Fa-
Ither of Lights; into whofe Hands he has
Wholly committed his Body and Soul,
as into the Hands of a faithful Creator.
He is therefore careful (anxioufly or
uneafily careful) for nothing: As hav-
ing cafr all his Care on him- that careth
jfr him, and in all things renting on

A Method fi

Him, after .making his Requef
to hin 'withb Than kiivinz


8. 8 For indeed he prays without ceaf-
ing. It is given him always to pray,
and not to faint. Not that he is always
in the Houfe of Prayer; tho' he neg-.
leds no Opportunity of being there.
Neither is he always on his Knees, al-
tho' he often is, or on his Face, before
the Lord his GoD. Nor yet is he al-
ways crying aloud to GoD, or calling
upon him in Words. For many times
the Spirit maketh Intercefion for him,
* with Groans that= cannot be utter'd :
ut at. all times, the Language of his
Heart is:this, Thou Brightnefs of the
"Eternal Glory,, unto. Thee is, my
Mouth, tho'. without a Voice, and
c my Silence fpeaketh unto Thee."
And this is True. Prayer, The lifting
up-the Heart to GOD. This is the Ef-
feice af .Prayer, ad- this alone. But
his Heart is ever lifted up to Go-, at
all Times, and in.all Places.- In this
he is never hindered, much tefs inter-
rupted, by any Perfon.or Thing. In
Retirement, or Company, in Leifure,
Bufinefs or Cbnverfation, -hisHeart is
evF with the Lord. Whether he lie


a I

,_~ _~~~~~__ .._L_ -~L- ~--tc---i-----l -r--i ---I---- -~-~--u------L~-

4Is e Charaller of
Down or rife up, GOD is in all his
thoughtst; he- walk, with GOD contin-
ually, having the loving Eye of his
Mind ftill fixt upon him, and every.
where seeing Him- that is v miibte.

9. And while he thus always exer-
eifes his Love to GOD, by Prayer-with-
cut dealing, rejoicing evermore, and in
every thing giving Thanks, this Com-
mandnment is written -in-his Heart; thar
he who Iiweth GOD, livess his Brother
Salf/. And' he accordingly loves his
Neighbour- as. himfef; he loves every.
MIan as his own Soul. His 'Hdart is.
full of Love'to all Mankind, to-every
Child< of the F rther of the. Spirits of all
FeJb.' TIhat a Man is not personally
known to him, is no Bar to his Love.
4o, nor that he is known to be. fuch as
he approves not, .that he repays: Hatred
for his Godwill. For he -lover his EJ
enemies yea anfd-tlie Enemies of GOD;
the Evil and' thet Tnthankful; And if
it be not. in- his Power. to do Good to
them n-th hate him, yet he ceafes not
to pray fir them, tho' they continue to.
fpurn his' ove-and till defpiteftully. uf
kbti ardrftecute him,
low 't
i^-, __________1 .. f

A Methodift.
i.o. For he is Pure in Heart. The
Love of GOD has purify'd his Heart
-from all 'Revengeful Paffions, from En-
vy, Malice and Wrath, from-every un-
kind Temper or malign Aff&i on
:It hath cleans'd him from Pride and
Haughtinefs -of Spirit, whereof alone
corneth Contention. And he hath now
tpt on Bowels o Mercies, Kindneft;
dHumblenefs of Min4d, Meek nefts Long-
nffering: .So that heforbears and for-
gives, if he had a Quarrel-againft any
even as GoD in CUaR ist" hath forgiven
. im. And indeed all poffible Ground
for Contention, ton his Part, is utterly
cut off. For-tone, can take from him
what he defires; feeing he loves not the
W-orlk, or any of the Things of the
World; being 'now- crucified to the
aorld,- and the World crucified to
birn; -being dead 'to all that is in the
World, -both to the Luft of the Flb,
the Lufi of the Eye, and Yhe Pride of
gLe. For all his -Defre is unfo Goy,
and to te. Remembrnis Name.
i* V
t" .Agreeable to this li e' De-
fire, is the One Defign of his Life,
namely, Not to do his own Will, but
Wiifyhll-ofhim- that J nt nhim. His one
B Intention
. ...." ........" ...

Intention at all Times and in all Things
is, Not to pleafe himself, but Him
whom his Soul lovcth. He has a Sin-
gle Eye. And because his Eye is Single,
is whole Body is full of Light. Indeed
where the Loving Eye of the Soul is
continually fixt upon GOD, there can
be no Darknefs at all, but the whole is
Light; as when the bright joining of a
Candle dotb enlighten the Houfe. GoD
then reigns alone. All that is in the
Soul is Holinefs to the Lord. There is
not a Motion in his Heart, but is ac-
cording t his Will, Every Thought
that arifes points to Him, and is in.O-
bedience to the Law ofU CH i ST.

x2. And the Tree is known by its
Fruits. For as he loves GoD, fo he keeps
his Commandfdents.: Not only Some,
or Moft of them, but All; from the
Leaft to the Greateft. He is'not con-
tent to keep the wholeLaw, and offend
in One Point; but has in all Points, a
Con 'ience 'uid of OQfnce, towards GOD:
and towards Man. Whatever GoD has
forbidden he avoids; whatever GaQ Ias
enjoyn'd, he doth: And that, whbher-
it be little or great, hard or cafir -joy;
ous or grievous to the Flete,.
S. b ...

' -".TMiethodiff.


13. All the Commandments of GOD
, he accordingly keeps, and that. with all
his Might. For his Obedience is in"
Proportion to his Love, the Source from
Swhence it flows. And therefore, .lov-
ing GOD with all his Heart, he fcrves
him with all his Strength. He conti-
nually presents his Soul and Body, a liv-
ing Sacrifice, holy, acceptable to GOD;
entirely, and without Referve devoting:
himself, all he has, and all le is, to his
Glory. All the Talents'ie ha received,
he constantly employs, according to his
Matter's Will; every Power and Fa-
culty of his Soul, every Member of his
Body. Once he yielded them unto Sin
and the Devil, as In/ruments of ,-
righteou.nefs: But now, being alive
from the Dead, he yields them all as
In/fiaments of Righteoufiefs unto GoD..
B 2 .4. By
? __ _

- ti- I k

the Way of GoD's Commandments, now
he hath fet his Heart at Liberty. It is
his Glory I fay to to do; it is his daily'
Crown of Rejoicing, To do the Will of
GoD en Earth, as it is done in Heaven;
knowing it is the highest Privilege of
the Angels of GoD, of thofe that excel
in Strength, ''offil his Commandments,
and hearken. to, the Voice of his Word."

1 h a ^ -e

Y14. By Confequence, whatfoever he
doth, it is. all to the Glory of GOD. In
all his Employments of every kind, he
not only. aims at this (which is implied
in having a Single Eye) but atuaally
attains it. His Bufinefs and Refreih-
ments, as well as his Prayers, all ferve
* to this great End. Whether he fit in
his Houfe or walk by the Way,, whe-
ther he lie down or rife up, he is pro-
moting in all he fpeaks or does, the One
" Bufinefs of his Life: Whether he put
on his Apparel, or labour, or eat, and
drink, or divert himself from too waft-
ing Labour,, it all tends to advance the
Glory of GoD, by Peace and-Goodwill
Sam ong Men. His one invariable Rule
is~ this, Whakewer ye do in Word. or
Deed do it all in the Name of the Lord
JESU s, giving T'anks to GoD and tbe
Father by Him. .

S15. NSr do the Cuftoms of the
World at all hinder his running the Race
which is ft before him. He knows, that
Vice does not loofe its Nature, though
itube1omne ever fo fashionable;. and re-
members, That every Man is to give
San Account of htimlf to GOD,. IHe
cannot therefore, even fbllj w a MwIti-
t ude
p- ; ,

r AiiMethodit. 17

tue to do Evil: He carinot fare fump-
tuouJly every Day, or make Provifon
for the Flejh, to full the LuJf thereof
He cannot lay up reafrees upon Earth,
no more than he can take Fire into his
Bofom. He cannot adorn himilf (on
any Pretence) with Gold or cof/ly p4-
parel. He cannot join' in, or counte-
nance any Diverfion, which has the
left Tendency to Vice of any Kind.
He cannotjpeak Evil of his Neighbour,
no more than he can lie, either for
GoD or Man. He cannot utter an Un-..
kind Word of any one; for Love keeps
the Door of his Lips. He cannot peak
idle Words: No corrupt Communication z
ever comes out of his Mouth; as is all
that which is not good, to the Ufje of E-
difying, not fit to minifer Grace to tbe
Hearers. But wbatfoever Things are:
pure, whatever Things are lovely ,..
whatever Things are jutily of good.
Report, he thinks, and faksa arid afdts
adorning the Gofpel of our' erd JEstus
CHRIST in al iings.
16. Laftly, as. he has Time 'hedes.
Good unto All Men; unto Neighbours,
and Strangers, Friends and Enemies.
And that, in evety poffible Kind; not
orily to their Bodies, by feeding the
B 3 Hungry,.
sr aS aariance.drs l ihrided.P.igar ul i :-t $AA num r.4 ... AM -A m.Y .. -ws armdains




Hungry, clothing the Naked, Yting
thofe that are fick or in Prijbn ; but
much more does he labour to do Good
to their Souls, as of the Ability which
GoD giveth: To awaken thofe that
fleep in Death; to bring thofe who are
awaken'd to the atoning Blood, that
being juftified by FAITH, they may
have Peace with Go ; and to provoke
thofe who have Peace with GoD, to
abound more in Love and in Good
Works. And he is willing tofpend and to
befpent herein even to be ofer'd up on the
Sacrifice and Service of their Faith, fo
they may all come unto the Meafure of
the Stature of the Fulnye of CHRIST.

17. Thefe are the Principles and
Pradices of our SECT; thefe are the
Marks of a true Methodift. By thefe
alone do thofe who are in Derifion fo
called, defire to be diftinguiih'd from
other Men. If any Man fay, Why
thefe are only the Common, Funda-
mental Principles ofChriftianity." fhTou
haftfaid: So I mean; this is the very
Truth, I know they are no other, and I
wou'd to GOD both Thou and all Men
knew, that I, and all who follow my
Judgment, do vehemently refuse to-be
i--. -


The Charailer o'


e od L.. I9t
diffinguifh'd from other Men, by any i
but the Common Principles of Chrifti-
anity. The plain, Old Chriftianity 1
that I teach, renouncing and detefting
all other Marks. of Diftin6ion. And
whofoever is what I preach (let him be
called what he will; for Names change.
not the Nature of Things).he is a Chrif-
tian, not in Name only, but in. Heart
and in Life. He is inwardly and out-.
wardly conformed to the Will of Gon,
as revcal'd in the Written.Word. He
thinks, peaks, and lives according to
the Method. laid down in the Revelation\
of JESUs CHRIST. His Soul is renewed
after the Image of GoD; in. Righteouf-
neJi and in all true Holinefs. And havy
ing the Mind that was in. CHRIST, he '
fo walks as CHRIST aljb walked.

18. By thefe Marks, by thefe Fruits
of a living Faith, do we labour to di;/
tinguij ourselves, from. the Unbeliev-
ing. World, from all thofe whofe Minds
or Lives are not according to the Gotpel
of CH R IST. But from Real Chriftians, of
whatsoever Denomination they be, we
earnestly defire not to be diftinguifh'd at
all: Nor from any, who fincerely fbl-
low after what they know they have

20j eiWUiif T- ua-- r-.- -

not yet attained. No: Whofoever dolth
the Will of my Father which is in Hea-.
ven, the Jme. is my Brother and Sifter. I
and Mother. And I befeech You, Bre-
Sthren, by the Mercies of GoD,. that we
be in no wife divided among ourselves.
Is thy Heart right, as my Heart is
w ith thine ? I afk no farther Qieftion.
SIfit be, give me thy Hand. For Opi-
nions,. or Terms, let us not def roy the
Work of Gob. Doft Thou love and.
ferve GOD? It is enough.. I give Thee
t Right Hand of Fellowflip. If
:,i. e be any Confolaion in CHR-I sT, if
4fCFomfort of Love, if any Fllow-
ip of the Spirit, if any Bowels and
;.Mercies: Let us five together fr the .
.Faith of te Gapel,. walking worthy of
.tshe Vocation wherewith we are called;
VWith all Loflineji and Meeknej, with
b"ng-j&(efring, frbearing one another
Sin .Lve,. endeavouring to keep the Unity.
of the Spirit, in- the Bond of peace :
Remenbring, there is one BBody nd one
Spirit, even as we are called with p
of our one Calling; One Lord, one Faitb ,
Sone Baptifm; One GOD and Father of
all, who is.aboeall,. andthroo all,. at4
i yo u All -
L b,
= =r
* -. -.
, .-.%.I- : <. ..' .. "....... . ..


i, OtLDIERS of CHRISIK arife
) And put your Armour on,
Strong in the Strength which Goi fupplie
Thro' his Eternal Son;
Strong in the Lo a. D of Hofts,
And in his mighty Power,
Who in the Strernth ofJg sv s truet -
Is more than Conqueror..

2. Stand then in His great Might,
With all his Strerngh endu'd,
And take, to for the Fight ;
The Panoply of Goi ~
That having all Things doao,
And all your Conflias psfit
Ye may overcome thro' C -fti isyaI ra
And fand c pt r at :

3. Stand then against your ,Foe ",
In clofe and firm Array,. -
Legions of ily Fiends, opp4o.s ,
Throughout the-tEil Day,_
But meet the Sons qf-Night
But mock their vain Defiggn .
Arm'd in the A [mr.of Hea .ht,
In RighteQufnefs, Divhi. ,

4. Leave no un garded Place,
No Weakness of the Sout,
Take every Virte, every Grace,
And fortify the Wholej


a, *. *"~ :.


$. .'.- .


t. _. ,'' :.
S.-* ",
r .
"- I



* I. *" .

* *- a^
l. :1

rr "|


=* ; '. .
r .. -


Indi olubly
. .... .... .:,,




~~~Lai, .~;;

-?;; -- r r r r: r~r-pwql .yq

-*w,~l~:,~i2- ;"Y'~~ ---' ----**1

,a~ii~*;~~~yc-li~i~T~3lu-~sW**'~Le~Cm Y-'

~1~-r- .;l~ .-._ ,r--


To Battle all proceed,
Butarm yourfelves with.all the Mind:
That was in CH rI'r your Head.
5. Let Truth the Girdle be
That binds your Armour on,.
1 faithful firm Sincerity
To JESU s cleave alone;
Let Faith and Love combine
To guard your Valiant Breaft,
The Plate be Righteoufnefs Divine,
Imputed and Impref.

6. Still let your Feet be fhod,
Ready His Will to do,
Ready in allithe Ways of Go D
His Glory to purfue: .i
Ruin is spread beneath,
The Gofpel Greaves put on,
An& fafe thro' all the Snares of Death '
To Life eternal run.
|.' But above all,. lay hold
On FAITH'S vitorious Shield,
Atn'd with that Adamant and Gold
Be fare to win the Field;
If Faith firround your Heart,.
Satan fhall be fubdu'd,
SRepell'd his every Fiery-Dart,
And quench'd with JESU's Blood.

8. JES s s hath diedfor you!
What can his Love withfand ?
SBelieve; hold fat your Shield; and who.,
Shall pluck you from Hiir and.?
Believe that JE r sU reigns,
-1 a All Power to Him is giv'n,
fielieve, 'till freed from Sin's Remains,.
.. Believe yourfelves to Heawen.
q. Your Rock can never thake:
Hither, He faith, come up I
The Hynet ofSalvation take, -
The Conafid&ne of Hype: -

ii- WO .

-or i Perf Love,
Hope for His tcople's Reft,
Hope to fit ddwn with Ca rs T above
And fhare the Marriage Feaft.
Io, Brandifh in Faith'till then
The Spirit's two-edg'd Sword,
S, Hew all the-Sngres of Fiends and Men
In Pieces with the Word;
'Tis WRIT'T-rN; This applied
Baffles their Strength and Art;
Spirit and Soul with. this divide,
And Joints and Marrow part.
-t. To keep your Armour bright
h Attend with conflant Care,
Still walking in your Captain's Sight,
And watching unto Prayer.
Ready for all Alarms,
Stedfaftly fet your Face,
And always exercise your Arms, .
And ufe your every Grace.

-I z. Pray without ceafing pray,
I (Your Captain gives the Word)
His Summons cheerfully obey,
" l .-And call upon the LORD .
1 To Go D your every Want *
In Infant Prayer display "''
Pray always; pray, and never faint; .
Pray, without creating pray. .:

S13. In Fellowfhip; alone ,
To GOD with Faith drJwineer,
Approach his Courts, beg"ee is' Throng- ,., :
With.all the Power of Prayer: *.;
Go to his Temple, go, -
Nor from his Altar move; ,
Let eve Jouife Uis Worfhip know, .
4$' crtry Heart His Love...
. ..... %A- r ..
S 1 :4. "6-o % oa your Spirits dart,
|.Your Souls in Words declare,
Or groan,' t0 him who reads the Heart,
SThI wucttrabt. ....,-
., 4 P* t" .J > '. ,,.

I W.1

His Mcy no+ lnf
And now flie frth his MPrifc

In Shouts, or fFent Atwe ore, ,
His Miracles- fOGrlr .-e ,

; Pour out yourSd1s to
1A And bow them with yur rKees,
And fpread you Hearts and Hands abroad,
And pray for Siods Peace;
Your Guides and Brethren, bear -
For ever on your Mind; '"

Extend the Arms oftmighty PrayeY
Ingrafping all-Mankind.

I .

. '*
;' .

a *

x 6. From Strenge toS9trengthigot" "
Wree, and fight, and pray,

Tread all the Pouwrs of Darknef down, '
And win the well foughrD ; .ay

S Still let the Spirit cry
-'In all His Soldiers, -" Comne." .

&' Tj iHR srT the La- t defien&s from
An'.Rd -takCtsthe Coh di'r Hbmt
.*, -o
S. ,


4^ ^' 1 -.'*'
E.- t :' ,
y ^ ,',, .; ,.-"
^'. ,g-'; -^;" .. ,

::: :,:.. : W ,,
.14. .: .
AA ''
-:.";," "-W. :- '


,, ""

..I I
'l it '. -
'"` k~ '

.:5,- .. C,

I[" '.. "- -,' 'r ',


v, .




r ,1.

~N'1 S

-) I
4~ -.



r. '


'.' *U4 U

I -.

4 1

,1/;. V-' .... "'^*

"'" .

"-r 'W'" 1
,,t l' ' C' U" : :
. .. ..

-. ,- .- '.:.,. ",* i.
... ..... .*. ,, ~, ;.r.

a. :' '-U' ,. o *' .-- ,'x^
-, .. . -, ....
,. .. .' .AMA%
'F* jW~A SLt I A


II 4


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