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Group Title: Wekiwa Springs : Orange County, Florida.
Title: Wekiwa Springs
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Title: Wekiwa Springs Orange County, Florida
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Place of Publication: Wekiwa Springs Fla
Publication Date: <19--?>
Subject: Wekiwa Springs (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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Nature's Wonderful Fountain

41 11 TR PIR M Ali1 -
hI P* Co e.



Orange County

Tye Value of Pure Wattr

1-11' II11 t of purr wAter is tssential tuj g o.od lieaIth. All pti'.v ,itns of ad-
Svmcnc.C th.ouLght and intelligence agree on this. It i I.h u which enltrs
':'. iTltO iht blunruan system that poi.ons it, producing sri:kri:-s,, disorder ll nd
4diis:asS:. Simply those organs of the body thilt hav to deal dircc:ly with tL:i
wiNici ynn pi t intn it. tinod amid water, with purI., Awh.ole ine food and wCLtTr,
and you minimize sickness, Colmbine with this supply dha which elinmiiities
Ipli.I. II Mlid prJduceI ustrengtlh and y~ oIu lhave that Vwhich I prTCVe'Tl. sickneSe, SUli
re~ ileys, rt',:kI.i'-i youl r bowrls-. tives an\ appetitei. io marvelou.t S i itis ttion l 0h .
tln 1: SHe iolc lili;nints r.. ll(;d it "* \'l r. ChemiCc lly tested !L5IJ ('cmnd l'|lh,


Amp3l AcgorfftnTidatcioips

SiN FW l small I otIdl., twelve foot cell i ug, ten foul vcr.mida. weil vtiJlt r1d,
,, all ,penings scretned; [ilgired with acetylenne ga.1; new rcon beds ivith
bIJ tL sp) i1l'r C::!ninpies. dl.c. 'T'wo fLutiis hd cottagnus near.
Iltblill~ling porcth:lin bath tub. ;Iind] toilet f most timod rn u[J ,:, writl li ot
and cold xwaler .tnk, stuu)plicd with Spring witer. Pool roctm, rlincj i pNvi in
in tile palm lrzvqm near the Spring, boai s, l4hOIigg lli, L u. aL t uuit < u very-
thing for beuiltr p:'ca.ure ani oi infurt.
F ive nmils from Apopk:Lt on the S, A. I.. R. R., in Oriaig CouILV-y, FJr-
ida. Good livery lIeams awa[l. you in Apopka. aRates $2,i. a day ; spt:.ia] to
pI;riil'te andm by the tt k. Addrl ''.
Wekiwa Springs, Fla,

__ ____ __ _~_







LI. ;Nrfji L% VA 1 %VOW in Froim Athu lr.i:L li~ Nvordl h tl wv It'LJW Vncjimis

Ir01 o r p igr c-1 w f. The Idi;1 rI I : -Iiiwiiwd I lr
d ~ ~ ~ ~ r L IiiL i'KiIi- 1ri of xv -k t.
It is es[1:I1IwIeilAa :1 too aILLI. U gJ l !IInm.Of ?L vc sipur k i ng %VLLLcr I)()j]h, f rimn
IM11~ur a L-me mU rsd..:. hill, if uz ii 1 :~1 H!11-C.i TG[4f dff)OL~lI 1 t lit spri ng- ont I im.

NJ;'. 1 A N1l~H. inoin Al icI: ; W;iV n n bimi~k in 1LL-11sL, Ri! RiI mii ofVAt~ The.L~ pLUrc:

S104:1 Ild V ril I ?l.IL i Vs L WIi.2 II I ) >.. MrV. L'AL )'' T~UJ~v witiq i!r- mi\, ILr.1.
g in -1 LiV

ilr: II % frlf I y.l c ll

I -



' ^*5


~i) 0, I t, Ia {o& I k l.i11 'j Lk b: hA i n the dPe lll id rnd an OXW II w A *:'ng lie IFC i:

rmtri~ n O r V iipo I v e uecw ti id k v -l (-:f ; hal 3 k11 d' V.iP OI tIk. % I I rI I s gIr4i rtI.Lr 1n I R, Ii.

SLIi tdiC ile 'imi i_ N ll t 1 11 in i 01)CEL i'iran dia lv.m fl i&I i fL cll i Th
T ri' Ii :.J`'X IwL 1. C~lllui.

F 7QK7

i '''
i' '' i

HE [ w~iitr thi s %priou h:1 i: hern c:l -,Iiiciii.t C idfud tr~

St~LaW Cheinkit -, wIl LftT1:,I 3,d Ii.,.h jf it "TheC vmfe of thiih w:atCr p;
evi'deli ly its plirdly :i ri m Thxence of Mineral con triinrimi tion It hi~ sa un-l
V'ori teif ri poni t u re 0 f V: t~ret-, I 11 d II Vi tU wi r it L C (in ntj C. truClte Idi i
4pri ng for mflan's ii-.Ct aid Inult t:u nin al~ian impossible, InI :i qumi-circle on
I be. 'i inI h ig a t rc--i iv n d~ mill. 1)1[,ou nf vv.itielk hursts the bo~iling wte~r, 1pume ;kntj
f. v.NSI I likt, It i tlhe oPurdhin hend, and there.,is ti c) river, or ;trcnIar nr M AiO,
nr -c iv r k s, or ma ts imeN I irzmRrt it. Radins, nor higb water, weft m- dry seafcoll,
carrn ot hove An TY influkenCe LLUprm the qtip ply. The water i l;Irq bright, )L iTC,
Si;pi --inl;lz Lii kc! erar rtipagae- A f.enhtle ititLivv, re-gulati rg Ing the. hinwel; 4itid L7ca ns.
TI nd I lir i fy i1 ti1 he k I dri.,
c. W 111; t thaste Wia1n hf [ve trieiI it sa v. W do not burdrt-i you wi'th Ik'L5f!('
ti lii t; 1hv w 8iv fl vurne-rolI emlormerne- ILnt 1341 rT.r.ornmenedia ions, bhut pn -'.vll -on.
iv -, Few Froivi .gicrl-r4 1wmek wvl1 known in ihii state.




1 r~ r --p~r- 1~



11 spring, i- the lwt ll adl source lf hi Wekiw' Jv i iver. It iis :alt S.*-. Ite In rilils f romi I he spri lIg to the St, Johns River. Tn'v black :,iws, uiid

+J otilier Jihin. Uim I lic ; ,tr is very 1 (ic The 1eTwry,' il grh-it] l'iie riv-
"r is .lHiluwI ;and hill ih 1 l.;1 : curvi c ,. a ilt l I balniks atre lil.ri w i'th 1];' uL'iiij.;
c-yprs di':l'p (i in lluolt uig 1 lhn + oiif Flurid'i ninoL i presenting ;i [ictLiur Jr-jtyi ankl
%vcird -t'tl. I I i rile that IINs t1he bljank] Urn Ai tIrine 1r the cbirbiHi
vOiLs, '11i i lb lI inir i: I C:1oll0U I Il41N vel?.
I Ii Int picttiCLv 'ili y tour I td vi.u ee I IO I110 'i.r. .Il n hI Iser ilin 11 i ii :is c.1:ixo iriud I hl.M ICLtSLU 1 loli minOu ho NW tilEi GI
curiilti .

.1 1 l1 Tc IWOP ]lLrgc btil;, o11e just ui frOnt (I f ilC bLLth h 4) U -ti I hOWLIi
On JIMFO four. and one under thec? :pringLbord. .huwn os p~le hix. Se
Liar wulk in the picture On *p',1g Cig ti gbht itlg fronI th( prirTHg i tI) hr- '
IveI abouL one hutndred yard-;, Loock k:u 110e p1YUl31 tree, anid thc hoy ;Himidiig by
it. Tlie large boil under the spririg 6Lro iq where thl I ol4mggu:Jn A]icle land&
Thte picture on page eight showiis wiherrv Lh two unite ai'oI iiiukio A btroiad whitc.
51111(LV b0ttOui for children to play. You cun come down w.-iit deep, knev-
dep. of juLthlp inl the boil, or rid lv Iithe dIWU LUbI; illijVL, Thle gruuxcdsi wv
cookul, !;had high and dry. PICniC Mid t: iniliff aiom. umtuclg The PAl.
The water has been aT'livrd bIy S3iati and ULnivr d Sti~ttet oflicluls, and wu
gIRiAaIILLm: Wc'S purity when bottled, sal,cid and staniped W. i-, ul, Springi. Set
that the -,eal i, not broken. Uiberal reivvrd for p-ucf of rmfiillirig or mixi-ng
L11lr3 7 Wtter with Wekiwa Spring-, wui~ir,


Ni tIE Pl.- I iry l' I:ir iL Nater zteCouI iI h Wr ii An wrldrtuI kW epi iing cq u~liuty, P e
LU. S. (Geological s coI e.cld a .iii pImed of theL w%1 uer N 4)V, r1th 19u7,
and fui-er Wve itonth; keepii gri fond nlII cIIJJI ie, 11itJi I :Ly --thj ev idencL.-
currok)OHT.IOS th-e belief thiu tlw Spring is drop scaLcd.l O:Iher tests Ive bhca'n
Uh LA:MCtIUSiYe. 1Um11idVr Giirment1el testsliy tsraw "It's degree of iric rio lizatiur
is about that otf Orcull DeI LIar water. muIIl r somewhat hig-hli 1h.-m LiI bat of PICand
"LatvitL*I' lI1L U. S. Gt-) ugilL wk1ii inspecbt.4 the S kiriig "i"i i'll bf t 11 L[VL.LW
ii cci imi..tilt fg' ihe wair,:r is silial [, and a.l in 1 ii~ Oppinion jt2ii 'urvt wasd uF
-grya t depl in 11 chumi.m i suid -7hc ai mulst total Jal:k 0C (7 cf)11', cuior u11d
turbidity C.Cpec Lly irecumncud the water for dLumLJ4iGEI USiC.- [ ithia Wills NrWnid
ill ritr W-MrT, !Ut the dhl(lI did not have er1migh1 to Make a quanlitative test.
It iQ flot cl.i Mied I h-4t it iS il d Itf riirl i v it I.h( spri ng. bii t L ii ai 1ii hia, and is a
w untl erflI i] y piirC %ater, F)OSVin~g gretU [tiE ICiCRAL1 CLJII i"ii>. (jual rDII tLdal-
yssb L vur oWu fl L iti-i' N LJ [)riV1. Or di n* i -Qjl CIinitit


S. r



~E~ SC
~n.. .,




:, 1]R W flsiw~s R Iell i-, in many rsplra :. li T<-v If ) )(k -U a :i lkk, w i 1i i' -
C iii -,u d Vit t:t tl IPt,1 in t'Vt 1 E I InL' \ cdV i lk iN it r ii ])ti ly r I tl ]m(- ,iti l ; 4 .;nlli".
s'..Wt inw eI ilT :1 prow .. dri'edi wil Ii the gk qli :I, lv, r., Lpre- cqi g I ,icl-i h,;ti.i
il'i V.'rI, l Iiil riot been cul C froni thle ekiwivu.
Thi \ cektvn iSpi-iL, C(npit11v will put rmt ,i boui, 1:iill 4x II-Prs1Y Frr
c1 1ll l V riveL'r i 1.11 w il. I l l T LII FIF. W i i i ll t1 I d i:[i illvPs 0111y :1 If
ClaIL'S ridr to Ei e Y OtU lli t most weird and bluuntifil cLtt-nvry ot1 earth. Atl oiT
,Vi W. vrfl nlay ee p 11e: sta-tely e vl]JrLN, fTstOOnedr wiitli the Florida mon., t he
irto(,;Lll4:d plcnm thle Tlassive watcrl:ik, trh sFcentcd inat-inii.L, tlhe shadi guin,
tihei Lreein balhrtho, the climbing vinres, thte floatling Ivlituce and bomnrl lilliw1, It
is erand nid pict uresque.

rP lLU'IL~ ~ ~ ~jC~ ~L'1~ .Lwl:~ .~ 111( ~
I~"RsER~R~P ~'~~I+;

'j ~~

i~p~i~ r1
:.(: I
,~::: :::' i

i~.i ~

AriA [ .F FLO C-A
R. E. R(3.%;. S cr! C-r, 11

tim !.J1 5 qlIJLdrb-ia1,, w a-ter [ron) WV. S, ~IW Ilock (kabi. Fla-
MOMt~sl sol id per i on m Kl, E. 101 p~ary, cm:powd ct cviici unm en rbannte.
TI1:1'F11C L and v diunn c) IoitIv- Nn q1 Iplirtt. m)1r bIrg u
t i e. A vr~i*V [yrt vpu.r.eat

I. E. R ()SE..





I %va"I w. Ad v my lnl'im nil tut tie ;rtil N : j'lu uf I ILS itvr From fLu
Wchom c S ng f2.r:'i o s sIio'v ii0VV i ED Lttin iii [f3V U010. Ofttr SMYi1.KicETLO VtMSl ill
Jw .reock Co h Am 1 A ~ )~ an L opmi""1I t.'Evv dI:i I IJ:IL 10

I I.iit. arnd il~v Ihiv(- niti iltedci mi.,:ic.Me (.Ply% it rarc IrL4REV~T]a iTicrefm 'i.
ir-4)11 nj$ L'Vl CX[ i ex etiCeV, I Con Mi EMO sav 0L Ily otu .t fl4 ff4 ritg with Hi vr or

Ml( .,. tC, ] I 11M i t St-N'Ltritlr
C:L-e tf l-.411, AiTI(i 1,011 ii llIii Cii. wCnIIIA e to tLe VarrlicLL Sop--iI rs., at
~LlII; B'IiL; liiAr~v.Ltn~dr ai pyrIinwionft CUre. I have rL!L~4im1-
[Tmlrdr~ 'it to iIak1y. whiu leli muil thuN. 'won! Vilbir cured7L qr vvrv inn.1 btmi'l'i ld.
I Le IIei~ be vx;iI er from~l XV L ik iti as i i
It'MpeIJAMl o td IVUJ VpimF!'.



Il f ri n iI i lc I? bl8' .
WU711k i wI L W a rinA y, lar It,.

litIh'4p In lefitnvrid w ml T ori ili l m ."ktk NH Ilnr w ill bI' in rochn- iii k1k si ck ;tki ;l-

sa 1ing1 mld I1'ave vi ie. e s l illv W itl IlIV fili1V vvrv ok ft'il I 4m. ntIhr tli
OdietL r m Int" "I ;il' r v U rl?; 1.ii i L((1I v In (. 'It is e speciall; uL l l ila; I r Wii LIIn IImlls
Itkidnev an11d st intint ac r I blt1e'K. I 00cnlriew lil O v 1:1 wil0ly 1.uw' it:VA I" n sill)-
Ihm I ASe of m.1nTr illnr dysIm-l.r.1:1 o in r divftion. I folobw-m d up.
I lilnit t o s.trLngidv rei'tin1(11nd 1 it to f Ih ise "v i .ar -Ll iri 1 1 with -umcih
0ill41001i1r*., I h in Khic ili will iS i A r 1 cl o t e ill ic, hYOU MV i uF foil
lik w ok of N g ood s A m i r ,c;riiI vilttll.

1ENRXY S. CAlit li,

Wtkiwa Springs Compa>ny,
Wekiwai Springs, Fii..
Geintle]iien:-A st;teent of ifct known to u dlouzii reputmlale citiamt h I .
this state, iu the ritc.ommni eiidulio. of t bI beneficial ffec-ts nf this wit r-r iTi TIV
cau.z, On thie t7h of OL Juty yqu5, l tour o'clock t. nm., I felt in v first attnlck of
renal culc.ulus or kidlryL colic. Two days La tcr I had the second attack, when
hem:irh' e fro thel kidn,.'n'y seeL in. ''lh fifth day I hlid Ihe third attack, each
of these atltacks lustiln somLe thrie hours or more. My physician fsaid he could
only r'livi' theu pain. alnd thut they might recur al u'ny linm, ur iLightl cease with
any onre, but that it was useless to give iic-dliCine for a iIure. I took a stretcher,
went to *his Sp~ring;, drank often.. copious drafts ,if wattr from tlhe Spring tnd
have never flL. (he pains since As an appetiz-r. ihei water hai noD eclu:al, is the
experience I lhatv felt. uiid ~cn with e%:er onte who has tried it.
Respect fully,
.V, MI. Bt I.OCK.

Izickmoovl~illb,. Fhi,,
Thv Wt~~" fivii (Clay) Sl~) priiig, Ct,-,
Wekiwa Spritiin,,,, Fla..,
G; (rerrkntll' :-]I t~ ;i A L VC r? IV g:LI 1JI42S U Lre M t 1fl4 o a dd my I si tiioti juL 1 it I I 4I Ti Wi
mo hye irce:W TCivcd, i tP 1Iu flIc t nd id cfTLClI derived frT4T11 the tISP ot'L the watvr
OInI twii twLcaiigmu.. IIni1Lg tIoIrotiglily rtn dowti, ri ith nro apptetitLe ;md liitle phiys-
iktl strengIh, I1 vijIsitd the Spri rig, ard utter iiirin king thl waier 01r4 i at few Liv~
1111wiwt I ie I rr ith~ Itm ere -IiiI C.1 IV 10tiCeb. Oil ebich visit I gaillw inl II-:I-rI
lIonld -tren-,I~ I. i, nd vec v rik:Ltvri a IIy in weighI t, My dunly .ini ble WuIi 111h"t I 'WILF,
un.IbI1tt 14) NUIV11AliWi LMIILIl'AlI to te it, lull Ll~lh1Ifit -
I Ril tmi rM1. rI .uN' r H ttiv~td. Itsld%, r,..k ic ent t5ite if I hiis water will c:nn-
vint.c a l.iw.1 111m it iq vvithwtit a .'11pe~or, andh r(v;i 'L in %-.11laubbe in ll cUi.C,-el; of
240111:101I kidkey a:nd trwn vcljL!, dliscacsre I ( ,ii`14. but int-cvrthelefCe.ri jit aiiction,
hlh4/k~d cmununli1 II L:itI[;y to the invalild. whlre ila the Qiantv- iruIt there c:im IxC
ti' 1110jTier. cru move dCitch il iml, UAIV Wmkkr.
Very truly.




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