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Farther appeal to men of reason and religion
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Title: Farther appeal to men of reason and religion
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{ * *. .


To MEW o .

h. .

S- 3y 7fGJHN IYESLE r, M. A,
i e e r of Li.wka Colkge. OZYIDP .

'i .
S' +V"' - -
_- :. .

SI, 174
.. . . t ... . i 0 .

L +*^ . ,fit 1' "" . 1 *
9E. ". ; .. .
^ ,^^ ^ :^ ...;':;:i: +,



.1 .7 ...

3 EA

M of w'#!y Rd it n.

I .A R. T i:i.

N a frmneir eti declared, the plaineft
S.. ,. t r-

.,. f.' : i- ) -b

t are eem'd Religitus oiai sfec
T, c c. pa-r. r rl '. ( the Do6 Nfrin : d p ly

to my antrn of R then ndiardsrote
o F..' .. , . ,g J .. : ,, "

a. r-. N foTn e N~ ded, the i pinedf

J -M ,, I.T r4i '. -
i.r. "
'o .-.my ..,r i m of tec i ,thekn l A ft.'r.o" i e-

W4: ... t.. .o

0. 1... .' -. .- i
. I -
I____________________________ ________

(IT z
thii is altogether out of the present Qeftion: That
Jtiie tir --af sc Arries. ""ad Hniiw pnal,
teamingng Pt-ur f-u,..n....L Paardon ufSiiumi-nd-cn-
fequently Acceptance with Goo: Who therein b &e-
ldares lis Rigbteoaujefs or Mercy, by orfor the Remil-
fion of te Sins that are pai?, saying, will be merci-
^ tey vj 'V Wapd thine Iniuiots puill
I believe, the onditon aO tiss, is-Fit: I
mean, rot only, That without Faith, we cannot be
jullified ; but allb, thAtasbTon as any one has True
Faith, in that Moment he is jufliied.
S'Gep d prks follow this,^Faith,-buts cannot gab=
a continued Courfe of Good Works, fnging from
Holinefs of Heart. But it is allowed, that Entire
c Sanfification gles ffoi oAr Jiitfiication at the Laft
S... is Il pe4 .alIr that. Repentance and r Fairs

i.t ,' ppobririy.e 1'.y pt ft:i' In rl, itjn-

'fa, bh "11"r t i o' ' dthrt, 'cM'
g' e &t-O ianctI bf o, ad
*n general ni coming to te Mefu lof
. xGace.whichwe .hrverecived. But.thefe, I cannot
. 1s, 's at.ua'Gfa'I'.l t'-f 'b.ta t-'flic db. itf- ring
3 By l alval 'mol e S 'flrtWP cc to
*the .ayiW,a,, lfle e ft,. eU, Ced Ii'to
avn Fret re-

Vni. e Aa. y xv. 29. v
W P, 1". wi. .T' TU. -I .'' "fIM.A3.

Vii. 7. t1 J1W. xxv. 40

Ow S izz' & rm MtPsb pa fent$a wvaia

Wih.e S Byi namumoq.ei ;I6e aiR die-
Aw !Zro m- A", Awe t 4 Arhc; rEhith; imi tbe-fdo
~Yrhmr''ir;a~s fUie Sezt. 100 wathe~om Fzjki~ \e
*i~~Pjbe.i r h ft a wh@m*vjbefiuugab m

*sffuvac. I;Ww e
P"* *644ve cairn m be -loe s w A

s l6I5mavruG~a, iF1~3vcW~kl, r+.irm:isri

I rn9 141 Pds drrn~IW JwIIiesd fl.e i i of
%6MV U 4V Tbilc4at~ cEl~:ap:ib Rawwaar)c
gr by Mdy Ghso boil., avgd.I, Was fpin

JStiMbIy yn~jak an u'54nd i'Pa Supanatiaam
AdW Hmo or6.mld' c
rlOcw Ounbimbr Tim

.~ .rwdA, i kuuA~,/i .h B Od, .
ti Isr Gfuu he4. yiipfvd Ilek i *
gff hskaI So Heiiag 4 --gj MmIe .tbawr ina

2.iiottSm I-Icuauadimc is P
ii 00 Zr ai-^ AJm k- J &kj* 4 eef into*

tar ait. ff'tr A 'ir rv YCGus ktrk 'zLP '
Y Th e- Sawwing of dils Akvk I .4n0~w cpnagivA
W hk OdOe ot tha m N k*NiftustPL VIke1vi -I -4=ldtf'

i i ~i~t~' Thing Howem~isrr Imcmdlumbuitr fin a
Evielenre r Carvidion.
B 2 circum-

L ~

(4 )'
Circuahi ine, buth'ehiblance -.if; ymrUCan !ttatfn iL
arather Way, 'do. '-Otlylfe 'thatLy :.do atlta i.'r;
for:if .oti fJl .ftrt, you poeilh. excr .. l
i -'his Begitinitg- of chat: x-tR,, Jl ard, Chngq, il
SfiahiU term'd 'TA N&Td a'r&t. Bgftifma!is 4th otrward,
Sign of this inward Grace; which is' fuppofed; by or:
thurceb, to be given with gad .hro' that Sign to all
Jrfanis, andr o. thofe of Riper Years, if they repear
ad believe ihe.Goa4. Bet how catrermly idlsaeos
the Common Difputec on thi Head ? I ell a Sirnar,!
".' ou' mnu aib born again '-',Ni, lay yoeN'A*e
hasi. born, again 'in-. i-ip'piam, Therfihre he canot be.
born again ranw;?" A r What trifing is this ? What,
it be v.aithet a Chid of GoD ? He is naiw manifetfly,
a Child.f the Devi.., For' the Warkcof: his Father
he doth. Thereore dooot play4Mpon Words. H-,
majf go,. hro! ap entire. GChnge "Hear. 'JI oan,
rot yet bnptjz'd, you yourself would call t'; hat Ch
Tide i' : .vBiimlti. ischjQi, .am.4l-, wlat,,iyppalwil;
Bute amen(abir. manya*he, T.es7t; aithcr or 6
without at,-. owr Baptifm will be fo fa p fa9p l f
}u, that'it..will grealy increaf. flDslm.ap rqp.a .-,
;.6. The Author of Faith ad. SaZratio i jQoaw
lone. It is :hA :lJS t w&ks in Is.hqth toiwiA a4 toi
do. He i .thSole Olve of, mery r. G(3,o Q .In4
ead Jhe Sle. Athotr,:a f-vry Goqd Woa~e.t ,wr"k
is ro more of Power than of Mecit in Map biha a ,
MEVaLerit it-il the Son uf Goo, in:wha .he has.dooe'
and ufisered .fr us, fo. all Power is in the Spirit of:
Go And rheeftore every Man, in order to be-
heve 'unto Salvation, mui receive the Holy Ghot.,
Thi iis cffntiallt aeeefary to avery Chriii.m, not iq
order. to Mt working Wirpdcica hba in .orer to Fpiit..
Peace.. Joy W.a ,a LJ the COdinary Fvuies of the.
Spirit.,. .. '. .'. .' : '
Alrho' no Masi o& ait can explain the Particular
MaUner, wherein tiae Spirit of GOo -works on the
Soul, yetc hofoe.er h4s thr,-Franl,' cannot but know.
ask feel that .Goo.has wrougburher ,in his weart.
s. Sominmek,. e ts .:movepwicul |y ;O o. Lth -;
deritanding, opening or .ig'trinrg it, (as the Scripture
S . Ipeak')

-----__ __

I H d Isuocarth tna h.cl s .a .. e.i. fIt Iw o

W"ei aiy thei sf Obeloiwih v .iw

eat, u &Sjt d : tte oc nfJ Ma~~ a
*~r~ttWbe %tt'aft df DOE jh~ll P.

te e %7'ed .. it

e~rnI,15r J~~ee~ id- dre A ne
h b, df
dw Obfvlbhin ft hich'hbve bema wirm
SA%' twofromfjfes theh n
tied, ~rThe Dov rn! S fthh. Wj J i b ,RAfit q.

Ths~e, ao t1Yh .ka tWe.z/o
MI~: kl~of wig S, MgJ~stb P~icrnl

ftr .C ,r .. A' bObhathPlr..
Iir6il 9 r1 fiao4.I
': vin Mgot e %Cedil t hE:hs~~rqa dtcc
tiftrel rc eeribg there''I'=,er onec Teig Dw"ced
fllCeinl; -to- prbv6 this DjCb~'p4typ~fca. .
Iklae from the An*!M P '- I~' ~O~
EP the Do.3ring, Qf the rsui
~C~~tt~at rilate s 1 4t~i- m~F
M E= to &r c the QUO, Ildt:~'~,~ ,~~i~,
As war s or

you qurou the Mow.'

in 0 PIP, $o -, 4r j fr 1

balh pirfriaed fer oqWer i'm faaad ou

,1~~i~ivedl~l~, P d-~
air-r j a 24 trwcnard. Qf&
Is r Primcitlej.

r qAd.*p

oo ra

Ifrj Pnsrc veirpfhi

P, pn !T01til m or 'e iltapce, pre.

40_ Lm ppefiajija. oh
** !

3. It

F" dlenat is 04 .04'. W W fhc%
gland. iv v rp J p
I LO~u vvC,(2e% M1WW."!1p9Y9AnT4YQ1
Ap C kQ@4-,W 6 #,*-A LU~o a pr..
confequently a Condition oit.- Bu tin 'praijMd1
"9 our- hM bw-l WkWAsSOIIM ~ Yc AOq;t1

"TM ..SIrrLI. CIS- cqp a pre-

C" d~" U~lw, )q On -
"en may be ju'
trine, That ?en may beu Wir

SIfyqu. will Vq!cqdjofc tp Furge oat ths. w ervro
".fiin4FF~~Feswn~~F~~u4r i~rr~.w#4~v freraas yavary.
"jutly tmei it, miainiy canf tbfta, e re i
"==@ 74'i#. P#w eg
4. In omek,'MA9.b9krly aned1i
od 5wglenb o rza, (*a s: it o.p-
ujdee F] ti.lsof M.re ds -r0i onek
Hands AWS tb that f4f gIcpsaa 4 W0-b o41 oh.
wler) I will simply et. down what occurs on this Haad
%MCFsJr0 her LCtor'gy, 40omile'.q ..
Spwe.Tiwm then%. Q.0. -* R -oPI
4' R4WrqAP belin.tls.sIF r ace
~~lo~~~~Rp~ Maap~~s ~sl~l ~ wA9 o'seill.Jeib,
bur Lord."
P!- He.pirtoneth and 3brolvcts all them that truly.re
jio-Msnd j xeudiy /irurih *y GofpeL"
Almighty GioD, who datojive the Sins of'theni
duta are pehitent, create aiid inakp in us new and
montrite Hearts; that we w jiy laJn;nXing our Sins
a.Ana'wledging Par 0, JY' 1 Wiy olmin. of
Renillion and I vorgiveneli. thro' Jefia
U'ur Lord." Colie& for WIe'ednday.


a IfMAM him."'~sa, CVM2,Vxiox Office. ~

jkqeb~fe- al. fildlilt),pw .;

',lv z i ma

fiction b .Faith aIonk

ol di Ufom- a .they cano d t *i

bmay be apure hpo lvii "fa do, a

U ar~. tf~titvCe~4yW' iu~~ ~~~JI~I l
doftw uml. rf
Ok~a 'b ke*A
'Rugh E 14W2 IN

Haud.* CoesmimipholYOfler
5.- Wc dhizi vinto the Artides of oiwMulh:
The fgrw f Pt of~tbeim4ih muna thb:

d& fPf~ir Mftw g wbeitrh M fh vryffrtno
fsoi*Orfrglu4 laghfeieand id of his owm i4a-
1 Lure

Anslined to Eivii fp d. 4l. e .ike flennth.always$
ary to fjl Sj*ir :.,Aikd .thetfore InwIeIvRirvr
batn into this World, it dIeerveth Go D's Wrarh

A ALT. -XM -.41-APwifft
The Cvm~iwl o(Mvbamficr %he. &II -oF AJom is
fuch, that he cannot turn and prepare bimfelf by his(
own natural Strength and Good Works to Faith and
calling uP&P (QEJQ Wyr r e:w 4 no pwr
to4o good W6rh6, -eginr andW accitable i d o 6,
S without- tis Grac, -,Coo# by riA.prevynritin uM,
that we may have. goa4Will, =4 -working wih -as,
hen we hav~ diat g"qi M1i4'

AR T. XL Of-, tie )6ljffXU odtf.a ".If A
We are accounted RghSaousa befbie, G amlyf4?'
I!, thp Uprit of par Uotd! apd: Savitsurjeflris'.CWrii oty
Fai, and not. hr our own Worksa Disliet'igs
Whgreljlc..thatwe.arejuJiei by. Faitk only, is aa .
wof it wiwlefeme Deorina, amd mryFM f Comnort
A al o sewrguly q fr k inba. oRSiY of Julti. -
Me~6 b~l relates. to -Q zoitarims, COAP(O I
pihione iaTiIthan to the QCe44mib oa Tbr On
6 ereform I do not buikl any I Jkigcncerning zt,
but on thoiC IlUat folluw.

ART. XII. Of GoudPN6r41.

A Albeit that Good Wok .st hich are the Fruit, of-
fIjath axW follow. aftr Jufi.cation, canrt put. asay
9u ;Sin,.-yet arg they pkuding and'accepmablkr t
'IGea in C brill and do jiring out neceffarily of a
true and lively Faitb: Infumucti that by them a live-
yaith may be as evidendy known, as a Tice mAy
iapwn by the FruiL' .
gq~ttLKht heir. IL TkutOG..dW'ob tin jgctsdrat.:
4Av~44bCucat on. '9. Tlimt-they rprimg 4umdPo a
iend liely F tii, tIat Faith wheroby. we areju1i4

n~ I~


Reqi i. That tmo, PaFtyi fPaMm i* aks i-
daminmaki byV then, a a: IN* Nkc6.hf
ir .' i'..'1 D - -
Does it not follow, That the fApppoaS a
toa rf/r Juftificauion, is fulla a brd s the fap-
an Appt. %aRF otir PitA n grew before l e
:BaM Isaie bear the Chaeh, fpaitg yeit:'
fb ~i Tr . .. ,wo , -
r -.. :. '.;, .: i i. l.... ;;**.!4 O
A C T. -XI '1#'.r-
r. ', ) .3 ,.
,.i. ,x "-- .l..', ... s ,
WOattdd bskt&oiee r iee of th i i th
[I*irationof hh Spirit; (L. be e JIdafdi as
the Title ereffes 1i are not piMu lall, ir
much as they pring not of Faikh in Jefa Chrif-
Yeatopr*5A 4stlK a iAaSrt i 1Obhath
wiled ad commanded belm to bi doae, we ob"t

utterly emxluded: Seeing whatzverl pis uL -
SMtedry diwuieor Chatf a w -C w
T-. woa a m a rdpeimae ad 'rrte t1e'
for Repentnce, if ever we won'd atrdi m to di,
whereby alone we are juAifed e Yetlhe never lferts
(and here the Sh of' beiteOfefttnuo) Tkat thee are
Gatd Wo ri, fo long as.they are revio s to jloeari .
hay Ihe txpesfly aolirs Ide ed Eteau r.W : et imih
tcpiras of kI heN.fc sefhfSibn. So ihlat9ali t i-'
ri,,Seandalum, Wickd. AbosdaaMf.-Ve um6Is,"
"ttey lcluoos Ded ine" whaer es rdvioe Deetrihi
of the Church of Eqhgxd. 'I I.
6. It eenainc, i eonedr e what tain oi the Ho-'
Grmdies, f lo with regard to fab AWriSijucfin. 9?
oay Js etN.fly astmtl the dirwcaoeatr'yu 4lh with

treyd.have aL themCNa~ sk,f Si,. So that de r-'.
" l There
\" Thefs

D, i al
W. -ocr JAI-7Lpi
tab az re St.aud 1l fc'clreth'inclae oner ts
lleijoma~linin1, Pat
eof Cwr dpth+A QL 51w orct 1w

Co themp fso Af, thIatweMW Jp u4lt 1n I
Aadrer St Pai c 4'ePnothIff on z I.~

ib1 rTc o, char wc .IW qF'
C.1jA to t. e ie cd). by
TJ`"4~AW' A:fo 1


IPlA, a q of oqr own ork.".

Olebj te Abvrqrtmw'-u ir 44 o f put
d:~o~l It~~lrit.rT~el c Tthe isth
~iicarSJSrI 6ii- nlja,: hib~~tleR tpsTm
Ag That 4;hrijBn*ht ,~
That without it can no Good 'Wor9 be dow. d.
F Works it 4obh jserisgfrth.'-
Pal" I.-
itlour Faith can so ,pr4, %tb 4 iv
-up i :i ...g4 l m19. .-F4 4 t
of i~~t wPaktf9 oar~ j 4 ~~riju
Fruit if ilidf, aich our
fo r doy y-rMP1j~n, rx,,Oyjm ~i~
"t. &ivcth Life to the SW;l; and they bela

(I x )Ii
tniclrdtAd'-otYGair j that lIact iffi-,"' be to
tne'Wpl,&r \ihbiy Bodies laAk 8khn. u
-al thlt is :dbie: fs, is b~tr 4tde iidret' .
as a Pritir' ii'lit6a dead Refrefentadil bf'th'i.Tji
iifrdf, fo be the Works of all unfaithful 1hribdllei2
Perfons berYe Goo. They be but Shiao~ii'dli'el
ian! ggood. 'hihg, and tiot good Thni'd
*Fr-nfue 'Falh dbth gve Life to'. he W i Al
u:ithout Faith no Wprk is Good'before 'G id
Part 'f '-
*" We niuft ft.no Good 'Works' befo di i ,
nor tkink that before Faith a Man may do any G6od
*Works. For fuch Works are as the Comt-
l-orfe that rrnneth out of tie Way, thMe tat
great 'Libodr.'ib; ; no.Patrpo." ? ibi,
l'Wihionr PAit e ja*e rb Nlir",tm btrt "bdytbi
Shadows of'them. All the ltif'bf theti-th'a. rli
the trout Fdith Sin." -
As Men'firR have Life, ahd after betmouriltrf,
fo mull our Faith go. before and after be tihoukiti ,
with Good Works. Ard Life may be without Non- -
rifhment,' but Nortrifhment cannot be without t-ffw
Rnvid y'f Wfory nirpsex'dlto Faith, vrii T. ': l'* "
I can Ihew' a Man, that by Faith withlet'Wbrks
lived and came to Heave d. Bat without Faith' never
Man had Life. 'The Thief on the Crofs only bdier-
ed. and the moft merciful GOD juftiled him. Truth
it i., if .he had lived and not regarded Faih and 'the
Works thereof, he fhou'd have loft hii S6ratiot- a-
pIl. But thrs l fa, Ffthh 'by itrelffaed nh' i:. ia '
Works by themselves heaer juflified arnf MhalH.
Good Works go not before, in him' ich lall
afterward be jullifid. But Good Worki do follow af-
rer, when a lan is firft julified." Hmity an Fr$i
ing, Part 1.
8. From the whole Tenor then of her Liturgy, Ar-
ticlek and Hom.iles, the Do&rine of the' charc of
E'h ind napprs t'b' thi6 : '
' a. Thla no Gaeor Work, property fa caled; InC-t
ibfhimr Jnliication :
-. That Wn' Degree of True Sanflficadoioa ,cn- b*
previous to it. -.
S3. That

.s .

That' as rhe AfIV-rt Ij c.4 f Ju fdif-ion i,
Tle Life and Dearh tf C'ri, I;C the Cora.dit~ iof it,
is Faith Path Alone; :and
4 That both: Inward an On utard Holincf, are
*conf4quent on atif F4l% Oqei tJ OSineary Satedr
"ne-t IDIV T -WSi d.,FAA 'Kq t c 04niary, Statt
Condition, o n Joid l P.. ,|
",' L,,1'^ 1, 1.
to .ppF d* Otpi filt' ,r rey- upon a
S Principle of 0or fienoce Iieaureyo ,was zellons Joa
IHolinefs and Good W4o ? Do I ot eo feualry ecura
thefe front Contempr, at thq fame Time that I defend
the Dodrines of thq CbhU h? I. l9p only alog9, bus
tehemendy contend, Tli noth '. t rnw-i4to
Glo1y, wcho'Yi nrh tpIfha& u ity i as
in a/dl:firn.der of Coirvao.'. I cry lid, 't all
tant hawe baw esf Le carefitr o mqintii O Goad Ionrks >
And, Let every ohet ibt 'namth tb's NKme of C6iifl, /-
ptrt fi-rE a Inioioly. I e4hort even thofe who are
confcious they do not believe, Cra;i to do Euvi, /ler
to do welll: The KiAndom of fae(vu is at Hand; there.
fore report, land bri for Fres t. fAr firpfftrlie.
Are nor Lhie Uir b P'rfds jSybit ncote,
wlich yd6 ydarreitlArdd 'g' o Perrons fo crrcunm-
flanced I Wht meanthen t hi enlen1 St, of If ',.v
Or0it-r' t doti 2I i V ,ii nig rfai r-e P
io. Many of thofe who are perhaps as zealous of
Good Works as you, think I have allow'a you too much.
-Nay, my Brethren, but how can "e help allowing u.
if we alov the Scriptures to be (fom Goo ? For it.
rno whrten, afd-d D'not yo your yit~ e believe, ) 'lt..
omt Holi/rnOi o aff 'd f'alY ie Lord? Add how then,
without fighting aboutW rds, can rwe deny, That
rHolinekF is a Cordition of Final Acceptance ? And, as
to the first Acceptince or Pardon, dges not all Expe-
rience aswell as Scripture proved That no Man eser
yet truly beli e.d the GCo)d' who did not firft repra.?
Thatnone was ever er yet truly owiuced of Rgbtru .,
who was not firli convincerd oSiPRepeutnce beforee
in'th-' Senfe, we canpbt deny tq te necc far t pje-
sious to Paith Is it not equally undeniable, That
the running back in:o known, wilful Sin, (luppofe ic
C were

____~~~__ 1.

( 14)
were Drunkennefs or Uncleannefs) Afies that Repen-
tance or Convilion ? And can that Repqnt a. come
to any good lffue in his Soul, who resolve N to fpr*
give his Brother ? Or who obltinitely refrain from wsat
Goo convinces him is right, whether it, be Prayer Mf
hearing his Word ? Would you fcruple yourfef o :tef
one of thefe, Why, if you will thus drink away all
Cqqvician, How ihou'd you ever truly- kpow Y~ur
SWant of Chrllft Or copnequently, beiieveinHiM
-If you 'luil not forgive your Brother, bi TFtE.
plfes., neither will your i-eavenly Father forgive Yoq
your Trefpaffes-If You wi/l not ask, how can you
expe& to receive ?-If You will not hear, how can
Faith come rb bearing? It is plain, You grieve iA
Spirit of GOD; You will 'not hase Him to recgm
*' over You., Take Care that he do.not utterly depert
From you. For ,ito Him th-t o, h,.dll be gmwA.
*i But frm Inm tbhat ath not, i. e. ufes it not, ApnUl
taahen a'aU.'i even tl..t vtuirch e hati." W'ou'd'you
fcruple, on a proper Occafion to fay thii ? You cou'd
not fcruple it, if you believe the Bible. But in facing
this, You allow all which I have faid, Tiz. That pre-
vious to Jullifying Faith, there mB ', be Repeatance,
and if Opportunity permit, Fiits meet for Rer n-
y i. And yet I allow You rhi,, That altho' both Re-
pentance and the Fruits thereof are in So,.,e Senfe ne-
celffry before Jullifiration, yet neither the one nor the
other is necefliry in the / I.me S../. or in t& /l:e.e DO.
gre with Faith. Not in the f.me Degrfe. For in
whatever moment aMan believe, (in the Chrirlian Senfc
of the Word) he is julified, hi Sins are blotted out,
/ris Fir4 is county .l toim for RigStcoairejfs. But it is not
fo, at whatever Moment he repentr, or brings forth any
or all the Fruits of Repentance. Faith Alone therefore
jullifies which Repcntan e alone does not; much
lefs any outv;.rd Work. And confclqutntly, none of
thefe are nectfiry to Jullification, in the fame Degree
worth Faith.
Nor in the .Pme Siqe. For none of thefe has fo
Dirtt, Immediate a RrEalaon to Jufllicfation as Faith.
This is Proxi.n..te!y nececirry thereto ; Repentance,
RP mate v,

( I5 )
Raemtelr, as it is neceffary to the Increafe or Conti-
nuance of Repentance. And even in this Senfe, thefe
are only neceffary, on Suppofiaqn -if there be Time
and Opportunity for them.. For in many Inftances
there is not: but Gon cuts J89a his Work, and Faith
prevents the Fruits of Reientanpe. So that the Gene-
ral Propofition is not overthrown, but clearly efla-
bliihed by thefe Concefions ; and we conclude fill,
both on the Authority of Scripture and the Church,
That Faith Alone is the Proximate Condition of Juli-

III. t. I was. once. inclined to believe that none
wou'd openly objet, against what I had any where faid
of the Nature of Slvation. How greatly then was I
furpriz'd fome Months ago, when I was Lhewn a Kind
of Circular Letter, which one of thofe whom ihe Ha/y
GAofl itbh mlr OverJrtrs of his Church, J was inform-
ed had fent to all the Clergy of his Diocefe !

Part of it ran (nearly, if not exaUly) thu :

There is Great Indifcretion in preaching up a Sort
Religion, as the True and Only Chrilminity, which
in their own Account of ir, confills- in an Enthu-
fiallick Ardor, to be underilood or attained by very
few, and nor to be praCtiled without breaking in
upon the Common Duties of Lil."

0 my Lord, what Manner of Words are thee Sup-
poling Candor and Love out of the Quesijon, are they
Words of Truth ? I dare flake my Life upon it, there is
not One True Claufe in all this Paragraph.

The Propofitions contained therein, are thefe:

i. That the Religion I preach confits in an Enthu-
fialtick Ardor:
2. That it can be attained by very few:
3. That it can be underflood by very few:
4. Thar it cannot be praclifed without breaking in.
upon the Common Duties of Life,

~- I -n ..._..

1( 16)
; And that all this may be proved by my own Ac-
count of it.

I earneify itfit n-voor Gt e' *n*e IsIO '
AtcountioI it";it intds in
iig- : r to conrildtr the thort t ul' o,..,i
in This. A And if yon can thence ni;e'Q
one of thoi Propofirions, I do hereby picps i!i be,
Gon and tie World, That I. will never ,prcch o .b' ,
At preTent I do not well golel i
Grace means by Aft Enbthuiditlfc'rdor,' F !,
do not mean, The Love of GoD No, nm thog
poor, pardon'd..Sipner Jfhou'd .-catry it p it@_, tR
I oie the Lord his GOD, 1 ith all'h" fI" iea 'kd;
:AI his Soul, and with all his Strength 'Sit.' i -
Jlntn i the Arder which I preach us, as th. foundattnA
of t/' 'True end Ony Cbriqlianity. I pray1Goo, fo ta,
fill your whole Heart therewith, that you may a WleP
him for ever and ever f
Eut why should your Graie bteliee, TcaM ti e' i6s
of Go o, can be attained by rery FeJ i Or, that.iz rn
;e in.dirjlad by wrry Fezu? All who attain it, under-
lrId it ea-ll. And did not He who is loving to eve-
rv Man dcfgn, that every Man thou'd attain true Love ?.
O that all would know in this their Day, the Thiag&
that make for their Peace !
And cannot the Love both of Gon and our Neigh..
boar be tpv.ifed, 'withos breakIzng in upon the CommOc.
Duties of Life ? Nay, can any of the Common Du-
ties of Life, be rightly praftifed without them I I
apprehend, not. I apprehend I am then laying the.
True, the Only Foundatiop for all thofe Duties, when
I preach Tfboe halt l/ve th Lord thy GOD with all.
t h Heart, and thy Ndighbohr a thyfelf.
2. With this Letter was fent (I believe to every
Clerg)Iyat- in the Diocefe) the Pamphlet entitled,
Obferrvation on the Condul7 and Behar in'r, of a crt.,: in
Sea, tfmally diflinmgvh'd by the N.:me of MethodMil.
It has been generally fuppofed to be wrote by a Perfln,
who is every Way my Superior. Perhaps one ReAfon
why He did not infiribe his Name was, that his Great-
ncfs might not make me afraid : And that I might.

( '7 )
have Liberty to land, as it.were, on Even Ground,
while I answer for myself.,
SIn considering, therefore, 'fucl Parts of thefe Ob-
fervationw, as naturally fa in my Way, I will take
that Method which, I believe, hiat Author delires,
ufing no Ceremony at all; but (peaking as to an E-
qual, that it may the more eafily be difcern'd,
where the Truth lies.
The fift Query relating to Doftriti, is this :
"Whther Notions in Religion may not be heightened
to filch Extremes, as to lead Srme into a Difregard of
Religion itself, throw' Defpair of attaining fuch exalted
Heights? And whether Others who have imbibed
rhole Notions, may not be led by them, into a Dilre-
gard and Difefleem of the Common Duties and Offices
of Life ?; To fuch a Degree, at leaft, as is inconfiftent
with that' Atertion to them, and that Diligence in
therrn which'Providerice has made neceffary to the
Well-being of Private Familes and Public Societies,
and which Chriflianiry does not only require in all Sta-
tions, and' in all Conditions, but declares at the fame
Time, that the Performance even of the lowel Offices
in Life, rs wrto GOD, (wbofe Providence has placed
People in their several Stations) is truly a Serviing cf
Cbrif, and wilt not fail of its Reward in the next
World ?"
You have interwoven fo many Particulars in thi. Ge-
neral Queflion, that I mull divide and answer them
one by one.
*. I. Whether Notions in Religion may not be
heighten'd to fuch Extremes, as to lead Some into a
Diiegard of Religion irrelf?
A. They may. But thit I havefi heightea'd them,
it lies upon you to prove.
-. 2. Whether Others may not be led into a Dif-
regard of Religion, through Defpair of attaining fulc
exalted Heights ?
What Height. ? The Loving Gon with all our
Heart ? I believe, ihib is the moft exalted Height
it Man or Angel. But I have not heard, that any
have been led into a Difrtg-rd of Religion, through
Defrp'ir of attaining. thi.
S3 Z. 3.

_*__ *___ ~1_~______~_ ___ ~~___~

Z 3. Whether Otbers who. haye .im1 shbre
otions, iry riotb ied- by teh&nCri.ip
and Difeftem, of the.Cornaios 'ihtft: f
A.' My Notiot at, Truee 'eligibn i
Goo with alh oar Heart, and our Neightli'btri
felves; and in that Love abftaining from il4 *il ;
doing all poffible Good to ill Men.." Now, 4t ]
not pofibje in the Nature of Thinvg, MSa
bhe le4 by thef Notions', ito eit er a
i etcem of the Cod'vir fes1 ;ht
S4 ..B rniaf threy'nbt ik lifT t f 'dit ,d
Degree atleaft, eof: Dlfrgard for the Comiqn r i
or Life. as is inconfiftent with that Attention to
and Diligence in them, which Providence Ibp pad;
neceffary ?
A. No.' Qire the reverse Th ey' d 2 ee
discharge all thrde' Duties Wih te t ft piien
and elofrftAtte Cibti " '". .. ., .
S. boei nt 'Ch'iftlanry reqltfie tis Aftentiot
and Diligence, in all Stations And 'in all PCodition~s.
A. Yes.
.; 6. Does ir not declare, that the Perforance
even of the loweft Oices of Life, ci rst OQ D, i
truly j;ri,- ef Cj'.i,'l P ApJ \'ill not fail of is'Re
ward-hn the rtfrt'eW-brld .
A. It doe... But whom are you confuting? Not me.
For this is 'ie Dotrine I preach continually. .
3 .Qery the Cecond. Whether the Enemy of Chri-
ftiainty may not find his Account, in carrying Chriili
arniy, which was defign'd for a Rule to 4// Startons,
and A,/1 Conditijns, to fueh HeigitA as makeC it tairy
pra icable by a *v.~j fu'w, ip Comparifon, or rather
bv none ?
I arfwrr, .. :The Heir6t (th.wich we carry Chri-
*han"'y (as was but now obefrvd) is this, Tbiu 0/4
lovac te Lord fty GOD dit.h a// tby H-tt, g ad thy
1%g. biur as thelyf. z. The Enemy of Chrillianity
car.not find his Account, in our carrying it to thi
Hlg6t. 3. You will not' iy, on Reflection, That
'Chritianirv, even in thit Htiglft, is praticable by ve.
.t,', or rather hCfeA; You you.llfC will coof.e

( 9) -
Tias ir a Rule (as Gao d 'igp'A ituoadld) for^a Stal
dons, and all Coaditions r.
Query the Third. Wh ster. irt particular, the
carrying the Do4tricepf, Jaifctian 6y;Faitb alen to
fuch a Height, as not to allow that a Careful and Sin-
cere Obferwau of MiAml dsiials ro much as a Cn-
dalti of our A te p O witc GoD, and of our beL
ingjuftiied in lls ,i tt tLWhlethir kis, :I (ay, dodc
not naturaly Jaad people to a Bifierd of ithofi Du-
ties, and alow .lAPem, of cthe -.or Atielr tbthink
ihem no Part.,of -the, C tGriaa.eligieM "
I trill Jotlibctio. by Faith ialo, 'has been fo ex-
plained above, aswto, fecre, unor. ly a Hig Etal
but allfo a caefua apd nCure Oblbwafce' of.l Mora
Duties. '
S4- Qpery l.p Ragrk. "' Whetlr a doe itA "gla-
Attendance on the Public Offices of Religion, paid by
Goods Man in aC (rioi s an composed Way, does cot
beutei a;eer the ares Ends. of devotion, and'is not A
better Evidedce of the Co operation of the Holy Spi-
rir, than iho4f adden. Agoiaiet, Raings aid Scream-
ings, Tremblings, Droppings .don, Roasings 'and
adneffes, into which their Hearers have been carl P'e
SI mR aiaflwrr "tirQe l~lewiae, "PaFt by Phrr.
Z s,, Uhedpr a ,dwe .nd regularr Attedaidme od
a the Public O4ices of Religia, .paid in a: furious and
S composed Way, by Good [i. r. Well meaning] Men;
S does not arfwer the True Ends of Devotion ?
A. I fuppofe by Devotion you mean Public Wori
iip ; by the tr wa EdU of it, The Lovo of:God
and an : and by a due ad rvegplar. Ateiadei*e 4.
t~' P'dic POf ee< f diegioj, tiad in a' firid and
coramfofd i W cw. going.as often as we have Oppe or
tuniry to oOr Pa.it.h Church, and to the Sacrament
there a4ainitd. If fo, the Qfetion is, Whether
tbis Attendance on thve Ofcen, does not produce the
Love of Goo and lan ?" I answer, sometimes it
does: and sometimes it does not. I myfelf thus at-
tended .them for many Year: and yet 'am &Bnfcioui
S o myfl( that during tae whole Time, I bad- go'
iaoren.4 ,e Love .d GOe than a Stone, And I
.. .knew.

( 20 )
Inow many Hundreds, perhaps Thofandtsd of furious
Perfons, who are ready to sefttfy te (atiF -hing.
ra. But-is not this a better Etbflteti.-tho-
operation of thie Holy Spirirt, than thode jiSi 4iff-
i? *- " ..
A. All thefe Perrons, as well as I, can telfry ilfe,
that this is no Evidence at all of the Co-openition of
she. Holy Spirit. For ofme Years I attended thefl
Public .Offites, becafe I 'woaU l-t bC p.a/'id for
Noarattendance. And -any, of thek AtteI tndl ),
hecaufi their P .ai s .d J a") ,.fori '
wthy coni ndof the Means wiara th. the Mny and i
they confounded the Means with the End, I fide
ed this Opw Operatum would bring them to Heaven.
How many Thoufands are now under this firong De-
lufion ? Beware, you bring noi t eN S0odd yIou
own Head -: M ;
S F3 owevee, does not this Attient&nki eter
anfwert hole Ends1. than thofe'i krafrs'* dzgs,
S &c.P' -, ,
I fuppore you mean, Better' than an Attendance-
on that Preaching, which has often been accompanied
with thefe.'
I aufwer. s. There is no Manner of Need to fet
the one in Oppofition to the ether: Seeing we conti-
nually exhort all who attend on our Preathing, to
attend the Offices of the Church. And they do pay
a more regular Attendance there, than ever they did
before. z. Their attending the Church did not, in
faiL, answer thofe Ends at all, till they attended this
Preaching alfo. 3. It is the Preaching Remition of
Sins tbro' Jefus Chrift, which alone antwer3 the True
Ends of Devotion. And this will always be accom-
panidd wih the Co-operation of the Holy Spirit;
tho' not -always with Sudden Agonies, Roarings,
Screamings, Tremblingt. or Droppings down. Indeed,
if Gon is pleased at any Time to permit any of there,
I cannot hinder it. Neither can this hinder the
Work of his Spirit in the Soul : which may be carri-
ed on either with or without them. But, 4. I cannot
apprehend-it to be any Reafonable Proof, That this
i4 not the Work of Goo," that a convinced Sinner -

( a' )
should fall into as Extrens A4gy, &at4 of Bed and
Ssl., (Joornal 3. p. a6.! W~at another ediuf e>ar
f/or he Di/feftarfi f 6hb.W[A r H (p: 4.) thai eehlfs
ihou'd fcweao r,arv wir a.i'lftw ra ier Crg ll)5a
m.wft veo #4Rht kf"wid?' (pi ) twikt others iounid
exe ytrdiagly iranfdeMquaib4r ((4.)' Akid thyrs h a
deep Senfe of th I sje t' ofa Obs, 4a./d ./U //
ratee pwa ,. ,raw Wl & .,
Indeed by picking ait od cfinL Woad .fim a
Sentence, and then putting .tig "r hILt byo
gleari'd in Sixty or Seventy Paies yeA 'hveI d. m a
wrrible;-Gruipe, for. them; who -0look no ftrtlhi than
thoc Twot ,ines.Uih;dike G irfew -*Se ttf ebaMW
Addition of bhlf a Lineam &fch Wotd, u as it dian&
in the :Place from which you qsaret, it; reconciles act
both to.ScriptureM sal ReaM, and the Spetre-fetii
vnithe(. away.
Ym hve taken into" your Adceet, -JS git, ad
Mad4isfe tvo. As Instances of the Feoner, you refer'
to the Cafe of Jo/a H iMa p. 44. nMd of homa
' )r' ,~axftl,, p, 5o. I .wiih you .Wdultalmly conflter,
his Reafoning on that Head, who is not prejudiced
in my Favour. What influence udden an4d harp
Awakeuings may have upon the Body; I pretend not
to explain. But I make no Qeftion Satan, to far as
he ges Power, may exert himself on uoch Oceafione,
partly to hinder the Good Work in the Perfons who
S are thus touched with the Ilh.rp Arrows of Conwviti-'
on, and partly to difparage the Work of GoD, as if
it tended to lead People to Diltration."
For Inflances of Madnefs you may refer to p. 88,
9go 9', 92, 93. The Words in p 88. are thefe :
I cqu'd not but be under fome Concerrr, with re-
gard to one or two Perfons, who were tormented in
an unaccountable Manner, and friend to be indeed
lunatic ag well at jre-'vexre-- Soon after I was fent
for to one of thefe, who wvas fo flrangely torn of th
Devd, that I almoif wondered her Relations did not
fay, much Religion bath made tee Mad. We prayed
Gon to bruia Satim under her Feet. Immediately
*we had the Petition wze asked of him. She cried out
vehemently, "He is gone, he is gone," and was fil-
+.1 1! led

( 22 )
led with the .Spirit of Lowe, ad of a fewi SJad. I
have feen her many Times fince, .itrog ti the Lord.
When I ask'd abruptly, What 4dp ilA a. Wy
She anfwer', ." Heaven." I ask'd,, "'I t
your Heart!' She replied, GoD." I itlAtsWlrTt
how is your Heart 'when any Thing provokes y'a ?'
She laid, By theGrace of Goo, I am not provok-
ed at any Thing. Al the Things of this World pa&s
by mne; as Shadows.". Are there the Words of one
tat is befide befelf I Let day Man ofReafoo judge I
.: Yr,nWx1 InftaScq,.p. go; hsand thi. .: .
c.. AbtburNopo 1'casme to U1f, wher-eI t1 he~4 &
A a fuLillOpmpany of poor People, on, f.u SiT nif
Man is come, to f/aie tha *which k left. -One grey-
headed Man wept and trembled exceedingly : And
another who was there (I have fince heard) as well as
two or three who were at the Detvaudr are gone quite
d4lrated; that i (My'Expref 'Words. are that imme-
diately follow, fpecifyieg what it was' which foe ae-
4eotmsd Dijlraiios) -They mourn and refufe to bc
".comforted, till they have ReJemptioi tbr#' bil
If you think the Cafe mentioned p. 92, 93. to be
another InAance of Madnefs, I contend not. It was
because I did not understand that uncommon Cafe,
h at I prefaced it with this Refledion, The Faft I
Snakedly relate, and leave etiry Man to his own
"Judgment upon it." Only be pleaded to observe,
That this tnrTfs, it fuch it was, is no more chargeable
upon me than upon you. For the Subjedi of it had no
Relation to, or Commerce isith me, nor had I ever
feen her before that Hour.
5 Q9ery the fifth. Whether thofe exalted Strains
in Religion, and an Imagination of being already in a
Stete of Perfeaiou, are not apt to lead Men to Spiritual
Pride, and to a Contempt of their Fellow Chtiftians ;
while they consider tkbr as only goingon in what they
call the iow and r impf.-Ri- Way, (i. e. as growing in
Grace and Goodnefs only by Degries) Even tho' it ap-
pear by the Lives of thole i ho are considered by them
as in that lowu and imprrf i Way, that they are Perfons
who are gradually working out their Salvation, by their


r --lr~~~-

( 23 )
owi hoaeft Endeaours, and thio' the ordinary Aift-
ances of Go o's Grace ; with an humble Reliance upon
'` the Merits of Chrift for the Pardon of their Sins, and
the Acceptance of their Sincere, tho' Imperfie Ser-
vices ?"
Imuft divide this Query too But firf permit me
to ask, What do you mean by tlefe exalted Strains in
R-digio:a I have faid again and again, I know no
more exalted Strain, than I will love Thee, 0 Lord,
S my God.:" Efpecially, according to the Propriety of
DatviLWs Exprellion jjl jip~ ". Ex intimis vil'teri-
us diligdm te, Domua. I his premiled, let us go on
Step by Step.
i. Whether the preaching of loving Gon from
our samoft Bowels,", is not apt to lead Men to Spiritual
Pride, and to a Contempt of their Fllow Chriltians ?
A. N : But fo far as it takes Place, it will humble
them to the Dull.
a. Whether an Imagination of being already in
a State. of Perfi an, is not apt to lead Men into this Spi-
ritual Pride ?
.4. 1. If it be a Faoi, Imagination, it is Spiritual-
Pride. 2. But Trie Chridllan Perfection is no other
than Humble Love.
3. Do not Men who imagine they have attained
this, derpife others, as only going on in what they ac-
count the low and iimperfti, Way, i. e. as growing in
Grace and Goodnef, by Degrees ?
S M. Men who on/v imagine they have attained this,
S may probably defpile thole that are going on in Any
S Way. 2. But the growing in Grace and Goodnefi by
Degrees, is no Mark of a lowu and iwperfet Way.
Thofe who are Father, in Chrill, grow in Grace by
De ies, as well as the New born Babes.
S4. Do they not defpife thofe who are working
S out their S.iltation, with an humble Reliance upon the
Merits of Chrilt for the Pardon of their Sins, and the
Acceptance of their fincere tho' ,,fpe-f/eS Services?
A. i. They uho really love GoD, defpife no Min.
Bat 2. they grieve to hear many talk of thus relying oe
Ci lsr who, tho' perhaps they are Grave, Honeil, Mo.
ial .\en, yet by their own Words appear, not to love

( 4 ) I
tpn atal, wbp1 9*S^q cIArwe, M wnaitah hol e love
die Wotid;. JA: hP4l rrWo Part; efhd t MiAd hiatwas
iq Chril .... W . r d!- L :( .. :
6." Sry teS k th. .M'laher. the. fari x.al
Strains and Notions, do not tend to weaken the. VLara
and iWvilRqlaionampag M&en,.by. Jesding the aife-
riors into whoLf Heads Aiacls Nations are infafed- kto
Pjc0eepA of their i6uprioma while they cohfitMejtf it
as in ap iiuc t wh r Diief/'aiiia dihaR.:dAmil.~ 6tiei 4
%oefe Superors are cthr~te jisbr aud~ dad e&'ft.ati A'
regular Ai'eodana o6 qi(ordiuarcesof AetcAgti :
I have mentioned beirc. What thafe emit a N,.
tions are: Thefe do not tend to weaken i--hpi 'rb
Natural or G0Cil Relations among Men Or to ead
Inferiors to a pifelie~m of thin Superion, even whaKe
thofe Superiore are oeitder Go.dnoe Soaer Mdn.
.^ y th e Sveo pi. Whetier a. Gradltlimproe-.
ment in Grace and Goodnefs is ndt abetter FouWt-
darioo of Comtbrr, and of as Afftance of'a Gofpel
New-Birth, than that wbich is founded on he. Dec-
trine of a Sudden and lB/lantaneorn change wlich,
if thefe be any fuch Thing, is not eiilY dillinguilhed
fiom Fancy and lmaginratron; the Workians Awhereet
ae may well fuppole to be more f,'rag and p J hf/,
lr.le the Perion coldiders himself i the State of one
% ho is admitted as a Candidatefor lIcha Change, and
is taught in due 1 ime to expeCt it
Let us go one Step at a Time.
i. Whether a Gradual Improvement in Grace
a3d Goodoeli, is not a Good foundation of Corn-
Iq rc ? .
.. Doubdef ;t it, if by Grace and Goodnefi be
ineftr, The Knowledge and Love of Gon thro'
L hrift.
a. Whether it be not a Good FPoudet~ro of an
..llur;.ncec ia CGofpel rNe%-Birth ?
A. If we daily grow in this Knowledge and Love,it is
a Good Prorf that we are born of the Spirit. But
this -does -.n, no wife fuperiede the *.p*evios Ulit i,j
cf.God's spirit with Ours, that we are the Children of
Gop Anad th, is properly the F#iadatloV of the Af-
f1ai-ce of Faith.
4 3-

* .s i-


"* 3 Whether- this Improvement is not a better
Frudaation of Comfort, and of an Afurance of a
Gofpel New-Birth, than ftht which is founded on the
Doctrine of a Sudden and Inftantaneous Change
A. A better Foundation thai that-.That ? What t
Towvhat Subitative does thiuafer ? According to the
Rules of Gramaar, (for all thi other Subftantives are
in the Genitive Cafe, and confequently to be confi-
der'd as only Parts of that which governs them) you
muft mean, A better Foundation than that Founda-
tion which is founded on this Dotrine." As foon as I
understand the Queition, I will endeavour to an-
fwer it.
4. Can that SwU n and Imtaaaneous Change be
eal diinguilh'd from Fancy and Imaginatioa
Jult as easily as Light from Darknefs Seeing it
brings forth with it a Peace that paffeth all Under-
fanding, a Joy unfpeakable, full of Glory, the Lat;
of GOD and all Mankind filling the Heart, and Power
over all Sin.
Z s. May we not well fuppofe the Workings of
Imagination to be more firong and powerful in one
who is taught to expect fuch a Change?
A. Perhaps we may-But fill the Tree is known
by its Fruits. And fuch Fruits as thofe abovementi-
on'd, Imagination was never yetfirong enough to pro-
duce, nor any Power, fave that of the Almighty.
7. There is only one Claufe in the Eighth Qjry,
which falls under our present Enquiry.
They make it their Principal Employ, wherever
they go, to ipnfil into People a few favourite Tnets
of their own; and this with fuch Diligence and Zeal
as if the Whole of Chriltianity depended upon them,
and all Eforts toward the true Chrifian Life, with-
out a Belief of thofe Tenets, were vain and incf-
I plead guilty to this Charge. I do make it"
Principal, nay, my whole Employ, and that hstr "
ever I go, to in hl into the People, 'a fewfe'avo e
~tees. (Only be it obflrvd, they are not my o~
eut his that fent me.) And it is undoubtedly rsrqe
thit thi. I do, (!ho' deeply conkciou of my Want,
1D both

:'i~!l~;~7P*7PIPU~i~ ~- "`:

a __ I ,.,,;~c~--------- --C-~------

both of Zeal and Diligence) ts if 6tclC 2l `bhri-
tianity depended upon them, and all .'i
them were void and vain.
I frequently furn them all up In one, In sft as,
(i. e. according to his Gofpel) writer CQrci
zailrt. arv Thi.s nor LUnircuricifn, bpt
'vorhet.h 1 Lo.ve. But many Tiles I inflttEi
by one, under thefe, or the like E:pr.ei n
ael love the Lord thy GOD with all 1. 1
q/hitb all thy Mind, aid 'uith all thy
rviib all thy Strength:. Thou/falt liw thy M'
tifeff ; as thy own Soul ; as Chrift loved iis.
is Love : and be tbh.t dAeul/!th in Love, OwerftlI
GOD, ana GOD in Him. Love wol M .i :, i
Neighaou- : the rfre Love is thie Fij.iliina g of w.
If'ilE z,.,e C 1 i/e Tirt us Jo Ghtje ul h0 le IisCo i01 4 1 e14
e,-ll/y nto /ta m that are of the tiobild o6f MiA
Rffatfoe-ver ye -vwould that Alen jZiold doa ,lilt' -
Io do actr them.
Thefe are my f.,ouritc Tene t, and havb'tiiW a
many Years. O that I could inllil then is4t'
So I throughout the Land! Ought th jr. ni'.j
inllilled with fuch Diligence and Zeal, as itri6,d i
of Chrlltianit. depended upon them ? Fr wiii'
deny, that all Eforts toward a Chriflian Life, ,'tloalt
nrore than a bare Bl'.i f v.ithout a thorough EiVfri-
er:: and Pra.li.e of there, are utterly vain aid ial-F
fetal ?
8 Part of your Ninth Q.er: is to the fame EffeA.
A fi-tv s iulng IHe-ai;l le up their c~.w Scibe, ef,
'e the gret- StandJ ai f t lirill.nirsy And indulge
leir cr.v.' N'ircts to ruch a Degree, as to perpler,
anlfirge, errrrfv and dif(r.:.L the Mindi of Multitudes
of People, lwho haie ii\ed from their Infancy inder a
Grfpel-Mir.itr', and in the rrgalir Exercfe of a Go-
upel-W'orilip. And all thi., by perfu.ding them, that
Ihty neither are nor crn be trtc Chrilhans, bit by
adI, rti-g to t'e.r D.l:. "
What do you nean by trc, o7wn Schemes ? Their
Gv.nn motions ? 7;.:- Dot rine, ? Ase they not oura
loo ? Are they not tile Sche,ne, the Nutions, the
Doiai.e of J ius Clirilt ? The Grcr, Fundament.d

Tuhs of his Gofpel? P a yoe deny one of therm,
without denying the Bible?--J. is hard for you to
kick againfl the Pricks I
hey persuade (you fey) Multitudes of People,
that they cannot be True Chrlians, but by adhering
to their Optrines.' Why, who fays they can ? Wh-
foever he be. I wil prove, him to be an Infidel. q
Jou fay, Thit any Man Fan be a true Chriftian,
without loving Go -and his Neighbour? Surely you
have not fo learned Chrift It isyaur Do3trine, as
well as mine, and St. PauP,, T'lo I /eRak rtuitb tIa
Tongue of Atle and .ngelr, tho' I h.. ;n all Knowuledg,
S, d all faith; Tho' I give all mry Goods to feed the
Poor, yea, my Body to be buru'd, and bavc nut Lave, 1,
am wnthing.
SWhatever Public Worfhip, therefore, People may
have attended, or whatever Alinirry they have lived
under from their Infancy, they mulf, a: all Hazards.
be convinced of thi, or they pcriih for ever: Y'a,
tho' that Conviction at &it anagot them ever fo
much; tho' is lould, in a manner, dyirai them for
a Seafon. For it is better that they fhou'd be prrplex'd
and terrfied ow, than they flould leep on and a-
wake in [ell.
'In the zo, 12, and i3th series T am not con-
cern'd. But you include me rJlo, when you fay in
the i ith, They absolutely deny, that Recreations
S of any Kind, considered as flch, are or can be in-
I cannot find any fuch Afirtion of mine, either in
the Place you refer to, or any other. Put what Kinds
of Recreation are innocent, it i eaJy\ to determine, by
that plain Rule, Whetir ,e rat or drink, or whatever
Ye do, d. a/l to the Glory cf COD.
I am now to take m)y leave of you for the present.
But firft I wou'd earnelly intreac you to acquaint
yourself what our Doftrines are, before youmake any
farther O.ti',vnti,.ns upon them. Surely, touching the
Na.tuk of Salvation we agree, That Poe Rle4gion aad
ndefiled is this, To ,vi't the fatherlefs and Widow im
their d/Ai3ion, to do all poilible Good, from a Priis
ciple of Love to G o and A Lt ; ad ta ieip oa.r;yees
C 2 urs0t.

. -. -. -.J

( 28 )
Stted from taa Wrrld, Inwarly add.. adfr to
to abitain from all Evil.

o With Regard to the Co dition of SUaI lIti i
may be remembered, that I allow, not only' itb,
likewise Holinefs or Univerfal Obedience, to6' ie"
i Ordinary Condition of Final Salvation : And that wtfi'
: I fay, Faith alone is the Condition of Protewt Salki-.
tion, what I wotld airert is this; i. That withoa
Faith no Man can be faved from his Sins, can bm'i.
other Inwardly or Outwardly Holy. And a. .Eat :t
what Time forever Faith is given, Holinefs coiiitic
in the Soul. For that Inltant, the Laue of GOm0 ,
(uhich is the Source of Hooinefi) is /hed eab oad'il 1'd

But it is objefed by the Author of The Nation of
te Method ditf ifproeved," St. 74frm fays, C.a
Fitb.rfwe him? I anCwer, Such a Faith as is without
Works cannot rjng a Man to Heaten. But this is
quire beside the Piefent Queftion.
You object, 2. St Paul fays, That Faith' ia *
p ai.'. by Li'e, St. James, That Faith made r~ p
f-t br, WI'rt., is the Condition of Salvation." Yolt
nan Final Salvation. I fay to too: But this alfo is
befide the Quellion.
You objet, 3. That tie Belief of the Gofpel is
called the Obedience of Faitr, Rom. i5.. An 4.
That what Ibihiah terms Believing, St. Paul terms 0-
Sbyl/ag. Suppofe I grant you both the one and the
other, what will you infer ?
You objea, 5. That in one Scripture our Lord is
itiled The Saviour of them that believe : and in ano-
ther, heu Author of Eternal Salvation, to all them tat
obey him. 6. That to the Galatiant St. Paul writes,
Neither Crciumcifin availeth any thing, nor Unmircem-
.if.on, but Faith which worthh bby Love : And to the
Crintbians, Greumreifieo is nothing, and Uncircumcifoar
is nothing, bat the Aeeping the Commandments of GOD.
And hence you conclude, There are federal Texts
of Scripture, wherein Unbelief and Difobedience are
equivalently ufed." Very true: But can you con-
clude from thence, that we are not Saved b Faith alone ?
S1. You

ar. You proceed ,tof"T @n Text which.I
had quoted. The fIrft is 1 . By Grace y
are faced tbro' Faith. SBt .(ay you) Faith does
not mean here, that Grace epccially to cal'd, hat
includes alfo Obedience."' pw do you prove this ?
That CircumdApce. youQ a iot: And To run of
with a Coiqppen't Apn Coatct, .j Fo which I have
no other tObj~ ion, .bsacs ih is othi&lg at all to
the Qeftqnp.
Indeed Lome Time after you add, It is plain
then that Good Works are always, in St. Paul's Judg-
ment, join'd with Faith." (So undoubtedly they are,
that is, as an Effe& is always join'd with.its Caufe)
And teerefSre we are not faved by .akh aloned' I
cannot pofflibly allow the Confequence.
You afterwards cite Two more Texts, and add,
You fee mere Faith cannot be a Condition of J-
filicadon." You are out of your Way. We are no
more talking now of Jollification than of Final Salvation.
In considering A.i xvi. 3 1. Beheive in te Lr.i Jefa.i
and thou fualt beJ fved. You fay again, Here the
Word Bqlieve does not fignimv Faith only.-F4ith n .
ceiLrily produces Charity apd Repentance ; Tberifore.
thefe are exprer'd by the Word BDkh.e." i. e. Faith
nece4arily produces Holinefl. Therefore Holinefs is
a Condition of Holinefs. I want farther Proof.
T-hat Paul and Siles fp..te ueo hi-: t;i 'Wrd if the
Lord; and thit his Faith did -,i te fame HMar \sork
by Love, I take to be no Proof at all.
You then undertake to Crhew, that confeling our
Sinm, is a Condition of jifliication, and that a Con-
fidnce in .the Love of GoD, is not a Conditioa,
Some of your Words are, This, Good Sir, gi~c
me leave to ~ay, is the greatell Noanfeifc and Con-
tradiflion poffible. It is impoffible you can undilr-
fland this Jargon yourself. and therefore you lborur
in vain to make it iutelligible to otlier. You four
aloft on ERgle's Wings, and leave the poor People' co
ape and il re after )ou."
This is very pretty, and very lively. Bll it is io-
thing to the purpose. For we art not' tos fQ-eAkilnt
of Jflification : Ntiher have I fali.onc \'oqid.,o
C 3 j" Vhe

~6~F;;.?~~18^. ~Tn -C~klT~P9~!-~.~I.~F~.~~:.~*--~?I~ -~lr -?i~l~i~pl1~FI IL

11 lp 1. 1 .

( 30)
"The Coaditioe of Jaftificat d" in 1i '0.rma
to which ymo here refet.
In the next Place (fay you) if we are&tved (AWly
you me n) only by a Confidence in the iAvebfGoa"
-Here I mut flop you again; you are nowa g
beside the Queflion, on the other Hand. Tkh_$S
SPofition which I here advance is this: True Biesict
are faved from Inward and outward Sin by Faihli. *
Faith Alonq the Love of GoD and All Mau iad ift
abroad in their Hearts, bringing with it the Midths;
was in Chrill, and producing all Holinefs ofeGoHac -
tion. ""'

IV. i. I am now to consider, What has been late-
ly objected, with Regard to the Nature of Saviig

The Author lall mentioned cannot understand how
thofe Texts of St. John are at all to the PUrpof;"
SyJohn iii s. Behold abat Manner of Love the Fatker
bath efo'w'dapon us, that vue Jfoud he cal4ulth' Sps
o/GOD. And c. 4. v. 19. le love him, anmfi he
- l:o ydus. I answer I. Thefe Textswere nopre-
duced in the 4"peal, by Way of Proof, but of liftrh-
tior only. But, 2. I apprehend they may be produced
as a Proof, both that Chrilliao Faith implies a Confi-
der.ce in the Love of GoD, and that ftch a Confidence
his a dirct Tendency to Salvation, to Holnefs both
of Hecrt and Life.
Ek /.l/ .ih.t M.weer of Love the Fathr hath he-
jl'u d ioI .u, t at -'we jioa'd be called the Sons of
*GOD Are not there Words an Expreffion of Chritian
faith ? As dire& an one as can well be conceived ? And
I appeal to every Man, whether they do not express
ihe Ilrpngeft Confidence of the Live of Gop f Your
twn Comment puts this beyond Difpure. Let-us
coafider atterrively and with grateful Heart,. the great
)Lwe and Memy of Goq, in ealing us to be his Sons,
and bellowing on ts the Ptivileges belonging towIch."
Do )ou not perceive, that you have given up the Caufe I
You have yourself taught u',. that rhefe Words inply
A Senfe of'he great oice. and Mercy of Goo; in

S31 )
befowing upon -us the Privileges belonging to his
The Apofle adds, Belowl, now are we the Sosg of
GOD ; and it dotb mot yet appear what .weJ allbe :
But 'we know that when he 5fb ll appear, ve /hall be
like 7im ; for we fall fre him as hb is.
I fuppofe no one will fay, either that there Words are
not expreffive of Chriftian Faith ; or, that they do not
imply the ftrongeft Confidence in the Love of GoD. It
follows, Andev'ry Man that bath t'is Hope in him, pu-
riieth himself even as he is pure.
Hence it appears, That this Faith is a Saving Faith,
that there is the clofet .Connexion between this Faith
and Holinefs. This Text therefore is directly to the
Purpose, in Refpea of both the Propoficions to b'e
The Other is, We love Him, iecaufe be firfh loved
.Us. And here alfo, for fear 1 fhou'd fail in the Proof,
You have drawn it up ready to my Hands.
S" GOD ent his only Son-to redeem us from Sin,
hy purchasing for us Grace and Salvation By which
Grace we-thro' Faith and Repentance have our Sins
pardoned-And therefore we are bound to return the
Tribute of our Love and Gratitude, and to obey hiin
faithfully as long as we live."
Now, that 'we have our Sins pardon'd, if we do not
knowu they are pardoned, cannot bind us either to Love
S or Obedience. But if we do know it, and by that
very Knowledge, or Confidence in the Pardoning Love
of GoD, are both bound and enabled to love and obey
him, this is the whole of what I contend for.
2. You afterwards objed againfl fame other Texts
which I had cited, to illuflrate the Nature of Saving
Faith. My Words were, Hear believing Job, de-
claring his Faith, I hbIow that my Redeemer liwth. I
here affirm two Things, i. That Job was then a Be-
liever. a. That he declared his Faith in thele Words.
And all I affirm, Yoa allow. Your own Words are,
GOD was pleaded to bellow upon him a firong Al-
u" urance.of his Favour-to inspire him with a Pro-
phecy of the Refurredion, and that he should have a
Share in it." I

I .wet on,9 lear 9e1as7 -.hAB
believed, crying out, My Lirdaind '&y
on you comment thus, The V g l
thit St. Th emas makes a ConfeOidn.
and RPpentance." I igree with yqop. pt.g'j
St. Ti7omai's Confeibn there is not imwplcqi 4a
of Pardon." You cannot agree wit yorf i
bAqtjimeddately fubjoin, Ifit did.iipfy s.ai ,-
ance, he might well.bave it, ceeh 4',4
Revelation ofit from GOPD itl t.i '
'Yet a little before you endeavoured to'. Ovi ft
oe who wasM no a Whit behind the very cet.ia
had not fich an Afirbance: Where, in oi.t',r '
that Faikh does not imply this, ygu fiid, ':
methinks has fully determined this Poiat ( orv.
I Anov nothing br mjfelf, lays he, 5yet I asm 8~k ebji .
tifed.-"' And if an ApRtle fo:illhMi.tu .4wi'c ttiink
hinfrlfjfiaied"-4-TbIe I gaaj "M, s~ ly det.,r-
mined the Point. Au'btifore ypU' MpltflY y lix aojoi
that ConElufonbe pleafed to rT.embei your oi Com-
ment that follows, on thofe other Words of St. d.
The LZif I yw liiv I lve ,y Faitb oa i Srg.( ,
*who lo' d ore and gaue Ais/f/if for me. Yopr flok
are, And no quallion a PerfonI inlowa wis)' .
extraordinary Gifts, might arrive at a very eminent
Degree of Affurance."-So he did arrive ,-t a svery
eminent Digree of .ijfirhi tho' he aid n:t tlit hbia.
e!irju e.,'!
I can fcarce think you have read over that Chapter
to the C/!,..ins : Elfe furely you wluld not affert, th$a
throfe'Wrds on shich the Strefs lies, (svi.. Who 'aih
de,'i-vu,'rd : r frnm tle Po-wer of -3.1Ater, anl ',atb
Jr. a.jli./ as uIt the K.gdw ,f 6is .'e- r Son : In 'wbotn
*'we i te.'im/thi. n :.'o' tiL PI':o.f, e.-n t'e Forgive.
nei of Sins) do not reljte to P .. and Tinptay Vwho
wrote the EpillUe, but to the CoL!ca:ns, to whom they
wrote." I need be at no Pains to anfwer this; "for pte-
fently .ifter your o\n \Voids are, He hath made Us,
meaning the Co'l.&rs as \vell as himself, meet to be
3. You may easily observe, that I quoted the Cqun-
cil of 7rrin by Memory, not having the Book then by
me. I own, and thank yoe for correcting my Mif.

I. ( 33 )
t:t. i I But in correcting one, you make another. For
:"" tli Decrees of the Sixth Scfd were not published
on the i3th of January : But the Seflion itelf began
on that Day.
I cannot help reciting your next Words, altho' they
are not exaly to the preft Qjeion.
The Words of te ztih Canon of the Council of
Trent are,"
If any Man fhal fay that Juftifying Faith is no-
thing eife but a Confidence in the Divine Mercy, re-
mitting Sins for Chrift's Sake, and that this Confidence
is that alone by which we are julfified, let him be ac-
F curedd" You add,
This, Sir, I am fare is True Doctrine, and per-
fecly agreeable to the Doctrine of our Church. And
to you are not only anathematiz'd by the Council of
Trent, but alfo condemn'd by our own Church."
Our Church holds no fuch fcindalous and disgrace.
ful Opinion."-According to our Church, no Man can
have the True Faith, who has not a loving Heart."
-Therefore Faith is not a Confidence that any Man's
Sins are aaually forgiven, and he reconciled to Goo."
(What have the Premires to do with the Conclufion I)
4. To decide this, Let our Church (peak for herfelf.
Whether Ihe does not fuppofe and teach, that every
particular Believer knows that bis Sin are forgiven, and
be hi/elf is reconciled to GOn.
* Firli then, Our Church fuppofes and teaches every
particular Believer, to fay concerning himself, In my
Baptifm Iwa made a Member of Chrift, a Cildd f GOD,
and an Inheritor of the Kingdom of Heaven. And I
than GOD 'who bath called me to that State of Salva-
tion. And 1 pray GOD that I may continue in the fame,
to my Life's End.
Now does this Perfon mamw what he fays to be true ?
If not, it is the groffeft Hypocrify. But if he does,
then he knows, that he in particular is reconciled to
SThe next Words I hall quote may be a Comment on
thefe: May Goo write them in our Hearts !
A true Chriftian Man is not afraid to die, who is
the very Member of Chrift, the Temple of the Holy

Ghpft, pSon of GOD, aid the rof the
i giter.SEft gdom of Heaka. ,
he not aoy way the fear
defires and ongs heartily for -it. Smu .i ,e
Fear of Dath.'' ., Parr.
Can this be, unlefi he has a (ure tCon e lthe,
ip particular, is reconciled to GODI .
SMen commonly fear Death, hirt beeanf4pfltavir
their worldly Goods and Pleafarces a. Eqr feat. fqje
Pains of Dpath; and, . For fear of pepe4reti al m-
nation. But none of thefe Csutes trouble pso' ,
&ecaufp they fiy therfelves by true faifh paf.
Charity, and fure Hope of endlefi Joy and HtAW| -
lading." ibhi. II. Part.
All thefe therefore have great CaVft go be full of
Joy, and not to fiar Death nor ev'erlaftfift q amnatioq .
P6r Death cannot deprive them of Jfrd-sChrill, Death
cannot take him from us, nor as from'him, Death nor
only canpot harm us, but alfo hall profit us and jai
us to GOD more perfectly. And thereof a Clri'n rt
Heart may furely be certified. It As GOD, faithSt.
Paul, 'wHi.b bath given us an Earne of his firit. As
long as we be in the Body, we are in a firange Coty.
But we have a Defire rather to be at honi' With
GOD." ibid.
He that runnech may read in all there Words, the
Confidence which our Church fuppofes, every particular
Believer to have, that he himself is reconciled to GOD.
To proceed, The only Inf tirmerit of Silvation e-.
quired on our Parts is Faith, that is, a fure Trutl ah(
Confidence, that GOD both hath and will foVive ur'
Sins, that he hath accepted us again into. Ws Favour-
for the Merits of Chrilt's D.arh and Paffion." Srre
Sermon on the Pajoin.
But here, we mull take heed that 'we do not halt
with GOD, thro' an unconflant, wavering Faith. Pafer
coming to Chrift upon the Water, becauTe he fainted
in Faith was in Danger of drowning. So we, it we
begin to waver or doubt, it is to be fCared led we
fho6ld fink as Peter did: Not into the Water, but into
the bttomlefs Pit ofHetl-fire. T`ibefore I fay unto
you, thai we mud apprehend the Metits of Chrit's

.. _1 '_

F N t by Faith, and that wil a firong and AReAfU
.ith: Nothing doubting but tiat Chrift by his ewi
Oblation hath taken away our Sins, and hath reftored
us again to GOD's Favour." M&id.
I. If it be ftill aid, That ,the Church peaks qnly
of Men in general, but not of the Confidence of thi
or that parucular Perfon: Even.this laft, poor Subier-
fug, is utterly cut off by the following Words :
'To a, O Man, hail received, the Body .of ChriA
which was once broken, and his Blood which was fhe4
for the Remiflion of ty Sin. Thou halt received his
Body, to have within thet the Father, the Son, and the
S Holy Ghoft, for to endow the with Grace, and to
comfort thee with their Prefence. 'Thou hail receive
his Bedy,. to endow thee with everlafing Righteoufnels
apd te af.ui thee of everlafling Bils. Serman as the
efurreaio r.
S I hall add but one Paffage more, from the firll Part
i 9 of the Sermon on the Sacrament.
." dlave a fure and constant Faith, not only that the
Death of Chrift is available for all the World, bwt that
he hath made a FqI and efficient Sacrifice for that, a
petfeft Cleanfing of tcy Sins, fu that thou maylt fsy
with the Apolle, he lov.d thee and gave himlilf for
the. For this is, to make Chrill tI ie e .n, and to
aply his Merits unto thifif."
Let every reasonable 1hn iow judge for himself,
what is the Senfe of our Church as to the YAture
of Sa.ving Fiert. Does it not abundantly appear,
that the Church of Erg/ertd fuppofes every particular
Believer, to have a ture Confidence, that lAi Sirin are
forgiven and Le h..ri/fj reconciled to GOD ? Yea, andi
hbw can the abfolute Neci-ity of thii Faith, this un-
Swavering Confidence, be more firongly or peremptorily
alTeited, thart it ii in thofe \ Vords "' If ae begin to
wiaver or doubr. it i5 to b: feared, lell we l1ink as
Pete, did Not into the \'aier ; but into the boutom-
lefs Pit of Hell fire ?"
6. I would willing'y difmnfs this Writer here. I
had laid in the Earnel Appeal (what I am daily mor-
and'more confirmed in) that this Faith is usually give

( 36)
a.4 Moment. This you greatly dif ie. Yaur Ar-
gument aginit it, if put into Form, wil ran thu:
They who firl apprehended the Meanig of the
Words delivered, then gave their Afent to them, then
had Confidence in the Promifes to which they affected,
and laftly, loved GOD, did not receive Faith i a
SBut the Believers mentioned in the A fs, firl appre-
hended the Meaning of the Words, then gave "ar
Affent, then had Confidence in the Promntes, and
laftly, loved GOD: Therefore
The Believers mentioned in the Aas, did not re-
ceive Faith in a Moment."
I deny the Major. They might firft Apprehend, then
Affent, then Confide, then Love, and yet receive Faith
in a Moment: In that Moment, wherein their general
Confidence became particular, fo that each could fay,
My Lord, and my GOD."
One Paragraph more I will be at the Pains'to trn-
fcribe. You infinuate, that the Sacraments are
only requisite to the Well-being of a Vifible Chari :
Whereas the Church declares, that the due Admini-
ftration of them, is an Effential Property iberof. I
foppofe you hinted this to gratify your loving Dirciples
the Quakers."
This is flat and plain. Here is a Fa& pofitiely
averred ; and a Reafon alfo afigned for it.. Now, do
you take yourself to be Man of Candor ? I had almost
laid, of common Honefty ? My very Words in the
Place refer'd to, are, A Vifible Church is a Com-
pany of faithful People. This is the Effence of it.
And the Properti-s thereof are, That the pare Word of
"GOD be preached therein, and the Sacraments duly
". Before I take my leave, I cannot but recommend
to you that Advice ofa wife and good Man.

Be calm in arguing ; for Fiercenefs makes
Error a Fault, and Truth Dilcourtefy."

I am grieved at your extreme Warmth: You are in
a thorough 1ll-humour from the very Beginning of


Dock to tbhe &It it

-to the Re*Ikhism t OilTV
aenrt at, v.Sr~
reproftd- e h ........ ...... .. .
you ddo, idwtt 1 ~ se 5s 14 .eF-
aI.Ddf i0OMzn- A -4 4 4LZ u t and Sl.
WY. sc With Olstiit to, twF v'* 'e 2nd S21
vatlon,; abendswo~ oS.OWUpset90J bave br~ps ~4eL '
being arntet O~inio4~i O that Chsfsiians are No~w
to ri~eivc tr*]H r.Y._MI~o~r
-Acardinl.. wrkenoar 'vrli -P the Spiric of
GoD,.of hisOpeatiOW NVW*O.ih -S Ma fi re-
IwwNr& 'nto us the Tlio!#Ai iusij q uwkb
j~od: Dduor Te~npuri1 jyueLyet "'bo!itibie
Atefi~ng- his mighty Powea, wiiej ir x s. ac~Ptm to his
Good &'leaCirne:. 1 he gleneral AeiSH~ we ~have to e~p~i hs,
This is all rink Estbfiaqfx. So it waaWh~h Lhi Apoolis
asnB~Chfl~i~ Btsdy~E~cP)j4 prtefnd to this

T S uua4.~ijINcofwiCr might
'9di$eOpp: Aiiski dsAt-o-
~?brk~~9. all C.i~rs/,iu iS G
Ngfi/0 PO oi#' U le
hll &eei, wrr2e~e~petly enlhis

"I he Operadiozns of the holy Spirit rpw tirw and
isowv Men smi t, uwhei dhic0. are under Gtu
edane and OuFlence of ic, .. iritf,
YoU betin. 1 Apswye haoe foirne.am us pre-
and, us a mere g r'qq1nuya Guilanie b1,be1%t1St
Alldend I do ot:- p.~reend- to no ottri Gus nerj'r,
An .tblnis ordinarilygzen to all ChriLlianms it may not be
ipto~r Eodihaowrf, on [he Operatipus' of (G o
~ To this Ep~d, be thou pleaded, O.graao' Pobun
ibulb ofiroth, to aliiO nme.ith thy Hcav;e*t D iti-O
*-*Wpkiug 9f Thee1-
AU 8iri what.need have yodr to fpeak any mpiit
.Yt~s have i~alrsdy grunted alh t 'i ~ 3n '
Nolay W ao'wawoy, avd ,know that we do cijo ',, 'th
Heasely Dreaion of Gop's Spirit." .
E EoWeveCr

chritJa i& "A'A : Both wl3hy
t 1hur id :B W aiia
when foird f if conini :
tv. hba it enquire, r w&at
Graces are i'd in our Souls ?" Andslai-nd vtHiV
tp 'durieihWh aftrieA y Mriete, IMMahthe Nft-
r Opterhdons 4of6t r iii Mte uri4sI
i'd rer: he Scrip i I A
of the -Ioly $pirit, are 6net ibj to any
Area fioStferptrns:. Fr wht3 CQmm'niiuiasi an
there be between Pear ukifh ate P er ejip~or ir
to Matter, and tstrit- ft te .tieit*. .
1 'Reatable CtM*t, b fdimwthaw ti rt
, es hc i hin sh9 hiSe rte uWh- :Ahat
tei a i'nfi8l'fii6 A E te geen, Aias .adt ad
niuif 'Ci*flim'fl'tar-Mit^ kh -. 1 'ij.l1"
Li ooncete lhtoi.m be 'tkei uiigthreSiy]ifi
To support that Conclnfon, That the Opcraili",
The SpiiHt are Impercetible, you aea r11u I
" That all Reafoiable Chriflians belie thiS l.
iay. But I -wat Proof. That Mtre ea8mfan
Communications (I fear, you mittook the Wotdv~s
teen the Sgggeftions oftthebpiit, and'Fa"bzraf'irE
are Properties pruliar to. Msaterr" HOw l.A.:thnj8
Inmsndw in Qieflior, P tHjie- -it.pren d ab.) Ar .)r
el he dring of-PeacqJdy, Late? Orpy &Srpinp
aji? ,can no more andrtaad the 'TRifphy-tt z
the ivfniy of this. 3. 'Tht the Scjduamade-
Sclar the Oerations of the Spiit are not '4iet.:m
>y SidJli l s"' Yno are:h re dipreridgdasti .
A Popot of Lmine. But oreeiiresp
uh deiak'dIt ? t' ceiling I mean, heianinwardly eoar
flous of. By 4d Operations ,f the rpiitf, :dfta ,Mi
nMan tv Alkanner in which he operates, but&bec ina
Uhitch he operates in a ChnRtian. Nonw Irplau'd to
pJodsuce thole Scriptures which .detlirt ." Tht.a
3. A-e ybu tot cbnvinted, Si,.2that you hairelhi..
to any Charge things which I- know mot i I a. .aof
". paaldi

apll SmacooB ~JSmicud..4Iti4i. -
nkms Ho" 0,q6GReo~nis f
the Bodaynr. !Vmt. itmw
ugs.D. 1%.-' mad Truth in-
frogn do WoAdann t
of Nevcw/h, Ttir5 maiuieiatA aIl/
the Ight, nccdTiry to6'"amoio.
Neirhhmbi si ." Wafis". -tb" 12 PEPY!wuh the
orJiiew44eiastib &U. W 41 T Q your
I Erebr,'lobvi- hot i . j M. ofirt
lcakry Ati~ I hu~d. .,W.'i~.. e 'lj~ Ilt
andtrripmad Amf'wer.. v2 ... % .Z~F-~o Lcn
"A Rr1o0sh Chaise and.&&uad of M niad at4
H*ktA and the leaduag & Ncami f Holy Life-."
41` Tbht I 4m fo nad the W~p r iV ith the
=u.Opanticu of dp Spir..ae milzrteforc am an,
.. 4W. h dWntwr 'i 9 shaR ha deiwemed
of anddiLd B1p

b16.4tmTmer'Parr this, I (vj*o. in
lm: It h ubapmr to oiate hew Cols.
4SEi vhom X4 EiglY PrrnfiIp=, thal' hap.
ldte*ftP h*yud uiAle- hmibdud w.eidw.- info Pre..
flmpuon gr Melancholy. Nalbafiafa, indeed, ykh
dbiftedv: bo apr zo dme infdohyj Aib-ip flivy
ias fd lschdg:aPrhinpth n, al t~ cs ruW2 11W
the abc W Eifte Ma qi&t kg bC&O m E-,V~j~fiil..
Buabnfdd y nudEW iee^ow tok iCW.eoA.,
cftim as". our ='d*B R -Aa Ilimiirty
ai Ibemn fufficialy Y mow 1101 he9ep
M iWAm a7M &ts~yietgmp

EwKIo coniuneia, ef thun l u mflt stIb.lb, 49

~b ~ k ,iN diRm ed foam Paammda'
larwatioa Pae 3- 5S

_--._, I~- ~ ._m

Of az ~plpL~iLd O
ofk Narur an
thorle ral- tiJot)Mrtraviarl
Spirigi 'with.- hat rMate enly to
fluomeas.-: Ii'th~reforc necefirry to Wde foti
o or #aatii 6g thofe Pairagesl relating to the'Orriabe~.
of tei SpiO, ehat. havi beea ibd p=- 'plied at ki'
viaci or-1*4 A,w Pre90WOM.tn P~~A~~~
Iv rcedterefixrelio-Row. AP. M,;

tweet thole Pafages of Wezprture aboat the
rit thirpecairL-y Vil ot1teidPrlmldbieC
thofe that relate all A
STbeSxiqftcies f A 1~~c~i~~
Mirdcadhw G.if tosr -of- -da.dL
W-hen the.iafdrekwe s iWdi:. 3adptit Ian.
c vUut of thofa 2aie as~ p OiE sJd1

guith ilk one frii:nkthe dcir. 'Aud A rnd a
oULI own Sttifaaion, bua as a hMeansuts Iop
Ft Er!da.y&,lqfm Pag. 8 9. to.
i'.And lreh a Diflinf~ion ought tob '
t! e beil Methods of inLrpreting i--
mot0 etanhinly are an attetive otidcmuoei6f the
cfioiiand'capeofdtofe PuSes in. igquIN
with the General Se.et f:,he aifss Q-A*Mi

"1 apopc Tlirdly, ta -eW fome a t46 deif
PAfages of Setpwir that artplsed bjrbMxbi
E ,h#Yj6Ifl, and to (hew that they are to. be istau.:
ted-chJYbfl .j nxt only, Cf. the ApotAecdkalChnvthdt
aed that thoy wr .iy raitrt all relate., i s the..,
Plruknt Saie-ofChfCl6iaas." r a .
.niIZ;1ktglfn,' (? yr Loedihip, with AW i
Promije of thr Spiry, as made' by ours Lord.- ltdr be.L

I muR take the Liberty totflop'iyaw LmtdUlip--o'
,He 'thalhid.& I deinyt thot This" is tbhe Q Will
Fr~s4~ 'sl' piir iT. I Jape ibd JuAahce,. Iv.W

S I .'- .* ", i" i.A '.

I I~yorr.&x '"trMtwer*i5&- aGrotbuiftr
my Lord; T WFordwhtMe *a~eand a rlurhef
aHe flbU iN Je psAWsil Jbim dh (&A'nal >
r im -. . '.I .i
P.Roifk ai r l.. ir' .Itnf. ai fo t eih,.
For it se 1,a ,, Qhbbi'aV/h$ ari~,nik

Cal q . . .
Ma i !..al. r IM eei*--as, d .*,
frt" Ai rikJ w a .i. &n.. ". .a. fij..

h e, ten'd owtare s hI FI of A. pxl, 8:
ri. Aodiwho wiAaiAeTl, aTaC isv,. am it.er a
.a <..& ..' r y of the .paAWlt' CLpaick
6..Your Lordlhip proceeds: It occurs iAd tha

4 a& vosew NSwei sq4tamis 0
I Wi amd 6e Cn, asidm wnS( Le i atel S h

jemA ymeS.Ttag te rw. (iTse arcehrWly thebi;Wald*
that occur, Chap. xve. ver. ').)
S" Anda arhi fasrfirvr>, ifwh Firi a la. 4l GOf,
afran f the Patr etil dinfe a1 Jtv at he Auh tei
ijMy afltigae, an lx r zaIAsu par RAMs.-
Miaxrm, whkafoe r I ha#mnu aAse An Therk Wan*
.OCCUr in the W4th Chapter, at the s6zVW t.A"
vft/ fM3Uiyto feH.w (atdlefaM tke Oatgit.Wst o'
s 'AndaegiC add in, f too k (. ^ & a sadrr G*

she Priarer's. *.
E 3 But,

__ ______-.. _____a______.^

the ;&I of thofe 4
cdbc: er our t
(ChoA bu Ahr.
J m bm % C. . . ... ..

thrive friW bdh ,y dr'wias *fi l inW
B/ee I ;wCl rafj tcfFat, avod ib ithie wl, .i iIl
S .,t qWr a fit.rm ; '.dnt,.s*her sh, m ,. ..
cl a.lahv. n r de a,7* t r
.My Lid CAi&r. to acquire, why. foetd u ..t
tbhitlfcl acst At.1(I 4aTp.cldltde.S
youbt Me th)e batiste. ont was chrciuflits ni
zhae i Wt oTb4.wocea ly daiv p.ute g
Thlepmweio thsratffqac
mWs.tbt tnly A ltnty tt e TrS.;, Waa rl,

TM;h t.al/, C ns' m,,a=d wiT esm b*..
. sary O^PianSdauNi b iAis & dlC fttff 1h|
fe,. Cli .ch. . ; ,. ?L* :.
A d ideod Pthat th Pf te Promife in
to :all JCbliaan, evidently appcS, tib
year IirdLiip'. own Concefioa, Yad lisSw
idfcf r, who can deny, t tha dtis Comtforf rldsh
Ame.ea mianw given to al them that belwewt:fl
alfo rSai.tch pre eding,.a well as follwiog. Wpa.mi
T pjie .di.g are, 1 r e lw ,; .t. ip .< -:na .L
S fuo a.f Iwrrd anur ]aid uti Ft' r- ia f moban /la"
doubt, bin chefe belong to all ChrifliaAs i: a&e&gm
heTiblooW g Words are Eiwr..she Spir t.of Isoth,
L 464. a te World taoatr rfcweve. TrSe .thBe,*urit
48nesbh- all Cbrijfiians zan, and will rebeu; hm
for t'Cr. .- *
'4 (5F Second Framii of the Coforircr,i nde ti
ti Clthipcer, gesher witb. its Context, ftasndathusa.
Juada/aiih roeo.*is (sot Ifeariot) Lerdf.wkop it thwt
a6b. piw t vn afgf shfylf 'wir asi, smad am or eMs.'. d.'
W rld ? ,Vp r., . . I ... i.,> Y.
a/fu arwltwered and joid unto biS, ifaA Man loJv
*rMiUbpcuOll roFrs 4t1 nMer .inurud Jwr.lA
niWast a.i'l tome unte MiWaOIMd i usAk our itde.
W b him. V'er. 23. ..

feru W- ..a*. -n L s -- : M: 1 .
w'h*'uabzirby hvear ii xot Smi, Lh t ^tth f Bk

1. *4 Thirgs Atlf Ifpratienuri e., aEiegr y r
yon. Ver. a Li. .
Bust c~ myier, cM& A H e I, 4 (A AoP bft.s
si6e 7a4 sS u irasjll .b bk ji.ratabh Aly f,._4
fbitgs, and &iug all tfing t your Rm'embiwncc, .
siaddsfrnblBerId)kfujdwa sjyi.. VCr.;p6:
NOWirewoA r ,e r .LodpW prove that. this
Promise bIelongs ny to tEe Primitive Church i Why,.
S You fay, '" Iais *aPla4xt freom the bare Recital
of bdn WAWdir' *1 rf^arit, not > tis isathe
S very Qneftion, ZVich riot to be bei'd,, t" Epraf4Ne
26%i 1BM-y,( Sp'@ 5 isigqutqU 7kige da ti4r -
Resemhrane. ibctfoeever he had fieawntatheart ainwc.
poffibly be applied a any other Perfons but -e Apo-
tUe ." n" uinot beapplied!" This is a fiat begging
h Qefion again, which I cannot give up without
Better Rtsfons, .'3. " e Giftof Prophec, and of
Wea bin rd ir r44d ?!eee* a abvke 11 ,il ts,.
can. applied iP tithe, Ape U a 4e.thqli:e of;
i that4e who *uawiauuiedl aely4 red." lcrilyqyr
Lienupt in 'Ordesirte more .plafiblyr to beg tbhi
--; Qi"ihOju les togaP a the Extrasrdinary
wbl .) Operamtions of the Spirit." The:
Gi4 esPasbey, Wp kpow, is one of his Extraorainary
Operation blt, -ther is not a Word of it in thu
S Tei:, Nor therefqre .ought.it to be confoapded:
with hit Ordinary ..erations," fuch as the lemg
S gidd .ist-tto.H/1 it (aa that is neceffry to Salvation)
.; -Wgl,/ all -(neefllry) -Thigs, in.a due Ufe of me
i Mnae he hath ordained. Ver. 6a..
j a-th fame Manner, namely, in a Serious and Con-
a'nt Ufe ofProper Meanr, I believe the .Afillance of the
IIy Ghaft is lgven-o all Chrillians; to br:n, A;l/ Thins
AVjid to their Rem nmbrance, u whetjever Lhrifi hbt,
f &l*d IbMe= in his Word, So that J fee no Occa-
a1,. ,tVogant, without for.ae kind of Proof, (cfpecifly
cqaulsMg-- the Occafon of. thi, and the.g cope of the
pMeoedg Vifs) That even "' this PPmife cannot
. poflibly

a ._ ___~ _..~ _.,.--,

Jr. jrolit M4., A~t CAjkVhd*.a- 4Aab&

Aud -tubs & uj nut, ke %Wl. --.-FrhI--
J-,", ye. *,-A*
e d . . . . . . .~:

Id UISir ft issa19f 1 YI

praas- i I I-,

W MMIes ,
-0/7*?;ra &ft44(KF*Uantu

Att Stinritof isO &' NsM
Thee-is of theEUiunirm t Ai'e,
Rlmady been cm=" : Ile -will A,%* .
AM~ this, it is zrfttw,. r~t40Ssbo:
686c of the'EklowenM* Ocrtfsrik"Yl~ikr
The General Contldion wkich yoir
it etprefi in thek V~ords. "CdniywmtI) ui. -NNW
rdenlons to the Spifir, in t* prrpp er Su*'i*0mw
Words- of this Promife (i. toof vkkfsfdlaMI~10 -
St. 7Wb) wae vi in r n ,ritaiyai 8m'
ed 6; Mbdeni k ddib %b* oMW w *
fame Paragraph yom a*d, dN11tho'bat thew.
Openatiom of -hi LSjfit Amrd to be new
fince thofe that are of a. Mr-aczdew (or J;
lHsd are NOT PIETINDID O, eCtR b dbik

My Lord. this is furprizing. Irmi -vWr ed'
- er, befbwte 1cou'd cre~iitoy owrs'DyW3 'r-i-',Wj p
believe this one- Clanfe, wivhts unrIweJrd .u .i~binu.
MR be antiwer to the whldW 3&-.' -AYw -hi~
betauvehesindy crying ovt -nl aldi`: audib
EJk5%W Pitjrl. Pretenderft na=j- -Aem veyy DsGui .1
your look, as yoU openly declare, was to, Rp


S- ofl a thteiS EWA ; -whalo n'lwhAd te
*e (as vo afitire, f 6 )to cli
es~T of theHoly.
ri,, And!here yrwl Si l ram, That thbo&c
Extraordirary C penrtiM pta MoT PIer BaBsNVEb
To by.thf u at., .. 'RN
.. Yet yoirIa pwTe next Pdfigg.
of Script I IlwLnattitoi as ,pcaiarly belonging to.
the Pri' tiu. Tin~ thes ipp id to the Prefent
State of Cfilitasa by MClder arEaitafis, is what.
relates to the Ttfi y ~ f thbe Spirit, and praying by.
te Spirit, in Ct i: h Chapter of the Epiftle to the
'4 ReAna." p. z6. .::-, .. Le..
i' I believe it incumbent upon me thoroughly tOi
wigh the Force of :ybur.Lord ip' Reafobing on this
Head. You begin, After St. Pel had: treated of,
that Spiritual Principle in Chritians,. which'. cables
theit to mortify the Drds of the Be -- he fays, if
ecy Alib WaMve not the Spirit of CriPf; bh is om.e of
htis. The .makes th DiAinCtion of a true Chritiaa,
hed it is jf er.d 4 tkat yoLordStioptur oat of.
dWe Wahrn y*in.CfS ." aitriculky in Oppolion
to the wj." Such a Partidlar Oppofiion I can-
Rb S St. Pa4F s -cca naByimcntioning Six Verfes before,
":the r)pwiftbw :of Ahe J7rm Law."
-,Yetyour Lrdfbip's Mind is to full of this, that.
after repeating the l4th and ijh 'efes (cs rc.axy. Cs:
are ld by te Sprit. of GOD, -they arr e her S of.
GOD. For ye. ;e et received the SPfi f Ben-
deoge riag to ftar : BRt ye bhre received Jhe Spirit of
A sptfi, u'heracy .Iwe .cry, Abba, F.ertcr j). you add. i
"; in the former Part of this 'Vrfe, the Apoille
fiwal again the Imperfi,&on of the 7f-'r#. Law."
T'bi allo calls for Proof: 'brhenvile, it will not beal-
klrwtshet be here peaks of threewr.y Lawatal: Not,'
thd.w*tgrant That thefe-jeus are itbjdi to the.
Far 'of Death, and ILved, in Confequeose of.it, ire
aSae .fRBondage." For axe not all Uabeheers, ai
wpilasoisrthe 7 x, morm-.c lefa, n the .Fame ear and
Igqad gg?

~"I --"

Wib he mi r

Ea'd j 4't ME pNi," 6OMm
ti tdim Ahhaaxr -7 ilarqig l
*A&Z rereivad Iha Sjrrin'st efJdopiC

mte uhsiadobed S005o Gaiob, iocmr-disi
the-yoor, as the F9rfer had the GMis wivo.
GCs%, aihicz MeWe Vf the Latter had at CW
Aid. At: R4 of 4J# 7hw never had a
M#.df # 4EaJr ok 11104eW. S&t tatU ifk rthfi* 4W
Puoofagaianf the _7es.V it is the very.Uirie4%$i*#1"

u" obierv h Me A
Y. That our Lcidihip b ker;.

eCkrYMM. iff ar SAM'iil
JW joh~j~Grajb Ar.0j,-WM

i' sw.1 uvbeahum they had dia GRA41
cuhew1 ijlkbnmw havet -al thoWOrrift b
Ghj4 6f CM Deail.
g.Letalhiveo not asmly iht Vor-iaxdiU~p ihes
-wid'faoebing hitherto, Do one Iutint that hluauy
nation to the Q2edion ; but that, hibly f J
hav4 not attaptd to p le afrlt
i ad whatever. me ra yaur a?. t- ga9 e
tat yoen pmuceed, The*,At*" iota n, ApqdV`4 !1
aeA4'hou-esh euwsxaA quarh em. Spirit, the .s aa~~~
GWive ofGOD. This Paflhge, at it is c hrtbft~W
therrprmeia one, relates to the -gnerajl Adbppidotv
C&siWi4us, at their beoominR the Sowt of Got hilled"
oft de.7sew ".-" This Pailage reksea'-.ibiu Wate -!
proved I) By- its C(onnexion woith the i srd k f
wife," aab WibW good arguingw==M
igAtiW. It has 111 yet belenl Pzd, th Pow'&.
g .P i ge itfelf has any lkrlstse whin i enr
Yant icAdfip adds, B wtht w wasr thewrwnd,
plainly the (miraculous) Grfi of tke Sprit, whfc wAh

.Aid, madtwhich the Jews had not." This.Prfc/-retet
to Chiafiat, %as Jul.'tbre expaft by their
o,,i,,.g the Soasf fGO); in.;d of tie Jews. Were
the Gifts of the Spirirtthin th. Gromnl of his 'PrPfer-
are ? The Ground of their becoming the Sons of
GoDo? What an Affertio is thisI And now little Is
it mended tho' I allow, that thefe Miraculous Gifs
of the Spirit, were a Teflimoy that Goo acknow-
ledged the Cbr&;'is s to be hi'..People and not the
rews: fiancee the Crriftinsw who work'd Miracls, did
it not b t:e fTorks of ib, LaT.', but by the Hearnig af
F. ,thi ?")
Your LordlhiN concludes, From thefe Paffiges of
St. I.Pul, compared togethl, it cleairy frllowr, thit
the forementioned Tey.'rmay of the Spirit, wa; rie Pub-
li:k Tvftiwoany cf miraculous Gifts-And, confequently,
t'se iHrin efi tbe Spirit that re. are Mr. Chi,,'rcn of
GOD, cannot poirbly be applied, to the prik'v'e 'T,.,1-
mony of the Spirit given to our own Conlciences, as is
pretended by modern Entbrsal/.'. p. .o.
Ifyour Condufion, my Lord, %ill land without the
Premifes may: But that it has no Manner of Con-
neCien with them, I trull does partl. and will more
fully appear, %hen %e view the whole Paffage to
which you refer. And I believe that Pafitge, w'irh
very little Comment, will prove, in direct Oppofimjn
to thac Conclulion, that the Teflnmony .f the Spirit
there mentioned, is not the phb.'i., T ;'.'mi. of mira-
culou Gifts, but imur be applied to t.e 1'-r. tr i.1i-
mony of the Spirit, gixen to our own Con;cierces.
1o. St. P.nibegin, the Sth Chap;:r of t .i Fpllcl
to the RO.t.1a, % ith the grett Pri ilege of every Chril-
tian Belierer, (%hcther J7,:. or Gent.., Le':,re TI .'r,
nosw a Con *ia tic' fi..- t'.e', that .'.' so C'"j.) 'JI ,
er'Ftaed into him by Faith, *,.b ir ..6 L ,.ct / e '."e
Ffls, &bt ,fir ti&t Sf:, it. Fo-r nor .' ers or,.e rf thcm
nay truly lay, T.'t L.:r (oar Power) or' ;I- Siir,, .
Lfe, if Chi;jl I (giuen unto me fur his S;,ke) /. '
ms2a art fe finm r.ie La-r.' v r Power) 5.." S., :r
SDLeat. For thatL'.vri' the L, w cor/li int a', i t-..
it 'is vweak thro' i.ie F.'tb, GOD t)ii'n, g i:i .'ti, 5: ,,
an the Liket sffjiifful Fief(, ad or S:.-, did ; whei he

the k the 111"1.
fga rubw d wall Ft1
the Spitr. For ky tha1 ae a i ta 'a .
things of tbe P/hf ; fit l tIaZ are A&.6e e
tbhe32ins ofibe Spirit. vert. a.-. *-
Is it not evident, that the Apoetle is here d
a True Chriftian, a Holy Believer ? In OppoIo;
rticularly to a ewv, much lefs to the feij ,
.but'to'evPry annoly Man, to all, whether E'e i ,
'Gntoilne, .bo walk a.Oer trh Flejh? He goes oa .
aor, to be ceandly-miai.l is Dc-ah ; but to' he fpif-
ualluy-minded is Life and Peace. Becaefte "f1a't i
AMind h Enmity again GOD : for it is sor 'fiaL P t
the Law of GOD ; neither indeed can be-So thb Ne t t
are in the Fkfb, ae wte tlafe GOD. v. r. 6. 7. S.
S The OppofitiQn betweh a Holy and an; Unholy Mo,
is ftillglaing and undeniable: Butar -~"a'iO' pd1f-
cern,' the Icaft glimmering of Oppoftti~iis bittotth
Cbhr-iian and the Jewijt LAW ? :' .. .. -,
The Apoftle goes on, But ye are ost is tIh FtJl# ;jA
in the Si it, if fo be tbat the Spirit oftQ0* O "eRiu
you. Nov., ifny 5L.n b;'io rat the Spitfy'coPjl,
be is nona of His. But ifChr-!f be in lo e, sh6 Bodr Is
dead, tica.li of(or v ith regard to) Sin, he n hiSpi 'l is
L.fe b.icari of Rigbht.' arne6. Bat if the Spirit of-Mit
tii r ';. ip & sI s tfrm 'i Dead ve/il is you,' "i tt
rait/fe. p Cl.ri,? f am the Dead fta/l! -a ~ricknw; "
rmortal Bisdii by his Spirit vhiclrd'iv!t'elkth i o. y r -
fore, R' tlrcn, wve awe Debtors, not to the fTj Ifi Ri
rater the FkeI~. Fr ifye btrt ifter the Fifty j af4aR-die;
hut if )t tro' the Sfr it do mortify Itev Detl4 f the
Body, ef 'l -ii-ve. F,' as p'.y .ffl ae le.f e rik'SiWit
orGOD, t'I, ,:r tk S.'s C GOD. Tr. r'.
L there one Word here, i, there any tie Iaf i n-
timation of n.'raCdou5 Gifts, or of the J-wijS Law P
!t follows, For je hi-er ro't rcctived rhe Spirit of
Bridage again, tofiar (ruth as all Sinhers I 69 when
thev are filtl tirrcd up to feek Goo, i, d legin to
Yferve him fiorp.a tld vh Fear. of~Tithui etan) Bt:s *
i.;a,, r, ci, di t.;' Spii;t cf Aidopfthn of fice .,ile)
i; t.ebly' at ,, Sfl:., athbir. Tbe StHs fii ff
a (which

3 1) 1 ba frt &4* je car Hert, wisg,
tiirC ber} beahrarnth .fh our Sirit,1 th
d re the Chidteraf/ pf, rL., i5, 16.
I am now williatb 're,I without farther Comn.
sent, to the J t'of every impartial Reader,
whether it doe.wt S$'a tea ti e .whole Scope
and Tegaot t-teirnt Cteft taken togener,
th~-'t e Bi idnat .r to the 7i wifLat,
tw e to the pdfi, TI ~ p of M dirac :r Neither of
which can be.dmigga in, without puilig the rtmo&t
Force on the 'zitural Meaning of the Words. And
If fo, it willtfotow, that this Wt fi of the Spiiit is the
Sprivate Teftimoy give to- or ,;ea COfciescer: Which,
confequently, all fober litkrtiia alay claim, without
any Danger of Enthafiafim.
Ir. Bit I go on (lays your Lbrdffiip p 2I.) to
the Coafiderazion of the other Paffages in the4'ami
Chapter, relating to our Praying by the Spirit, namely
k Verfe 26 and 27. which run thus, Like wife the
Spirit aifo bheseth our Infirmities: For 've know net
:.. har Pout fasd prayfor as 'we ought ; but the Spirit it-
f' f maketh saterceffrn for us, witb Greanings whirb
bA s tr be uttsrn d d be that fearcheth the Hearts,
*: KiJaWh 'what is the MiVid of te Spirit, brearue he mal-
B J'ista. ftr the Saints, according to the I /ll of
Id eis a Circuminance highly needful to be obiGrv'd,
before we enter upon this Queftion. Your Lord~hip
S undertake to fix the Meaning of an Expreffion uled
S by St. Pant, in the :4th Chapter of his firft Epifile to
ite Caristhiams. And in order thereto, you laborioufly
explain Part of the 8th Chapter to the Rosmns. My
L ad, how is this ? Will it be faid, Why this is often
g idged to prove the wrong Senfe of that Scripture ?
I inceive, this will not fake the Matter at all. Your
LoYsi= p had before laid down a particular Method, as
die mly fure one whereby to dilingudlh what Scrip-
-'qtr loang to all Chriftians, and what do not. This
M*vd is the Confidering the Occa(ion and Scope of
S ti~i' 9 ges, by comparing the Text. and Context
S ogether.. 'o then propose. by the Ufe of this Me-
Liod, to lhew, that fcverl T'exts have been mil;ppliet.

-'- _._.I.I, ,.. .. P t,-,
.%?' '9

by Entbufsafrfs One of thefe is the- : jthl4u eof the
S.4tCh awter of the firft Epile to .."!C- ,,. #"
And to Bew, that Enti'u/fhjs hare
I you comment on the 8th Chaptero tio th
However, let us weigh the Commenti ft .
Material Put of it begins thus (p. 22.) ". q N 4 ail
another Proof of the Truth of Chriftianity: ilifi
t Spirit h our Infirmilies (or our Dh)frqjE&
usir$ii fignifies both.") (I doubt that: Iae e urmi
thority for it.) "And then he mention, in't. t .
Slances .he does fo, viz. In Prawrs to Goa !' .
flitions"--(in nothing elfe, my Lord I Did he ~ bi
their Lfiramitics, in no other Inflance than this tj r"'
kr' nr t, fays he, what we jbcald pray far, ig
ought. THAT 1i, whether it be be fdr us to bar
Affli5ions, or to be delivered from tieah Sut tlh
Spir8 OR the Gift of the Spirit, inioftal is how m
pray in a Manner agreeable to he Will ofGoD.1
The Spirit, OR the Gif of the Spirit Wit m' ou
Reafoning is this ? If thefe "-are ofi.i pt f.reiC
other," what then ? How is that evinced to be "*
Cafe here ?
12. The Apoltle goes on, lb Spirit itfelf(p. gjj
mqAeth Inte, cefr2is fr us, m/irb Groanivgs wuhirc caNst
e uttered : T HT i s, the fci tital or infpired Per/a I
prayed in that Capacity for the whole Affembly."
Tuar is Nay, That is again the very Point to
be proved, elfe we get not one Step Farther.. -
The Apotlle goes on thus, ver. 27 And hb that
(p. 24.) ftarclBer the IL,.rts, wnoIweth ivbat isthe MM d
ofthE Spir'i (THAT is of the iitkia/or i/fnedPer-
ion) beiaaj" he maieth; I.tercjIeon far the Saint), ac-
cordng to it Will of GOD. THAT j,, GOD knows
the Intention of the r.:tua.i Perfon, who has the Gift
of Pra'er, which he ufi. for the Benefit of the whole
Affembly ; ie, I fay, leaves it inrirely to Goo, .whe-
ther it be belt that they should suffer AfiHiaiohs, or be
delivered from them." p. 25.
My. Lrd, this is more aitonilhing than all the reil
I wa expecting .in along in reading the.preceding Page
(ind fo, 1 fuppufe, was every thinking Reader) when
,)our LordShip would mention, that the Perfon mira.
cutql y


( 5s )
p aif gjired for that Intent, and praying andx 8O,1
. ajge for the Support or Deliverance of the People,
Abald hba hethe ery P1eition which le asked of him.
Whereas you intended o fuich Thing But thut up
the Whole with that lame and impotent Conclulion,
He leaves it to GOD, whether it.be bell they Ihould
fuffer Affi&iJtsr, or be delivered from them."
Had he tde that wearnloua Gift of GOD, that he
might do what any common Chrilhan might have done
without it? Why, any Perfon in the Congregation
might have prayed thus: Nay, could not pray other-
wife, if he had the ordinary Grace of GoD : Leaving
it to Gon, whether he should suffer Afflihtions ill, or
be delivered from them." Was it only in the Apollo-
licat Age,'that 1' the Spirit inlftrued Chrilians tbus
to pray ?" Cannot a Man pray thus, either for him-
feffor others, anlefs he have the smirc'loitrGift of
Prayer --So, according to your Lordlhip's Judgment,
To pray in fuch a manner, as in the Event to leave
the Continuance of our Suffering-, or our Deliverance
from them, with a due Submifliun, to the good Plea-
fure 6f Gon," is one of thofe extraordinary Opera-
lions of the Spirit," which none now pretend to but
modern Eathsfiafls !"
I Wb'eeh your Lordihip to consider. Can you coolly
maintain, that the praying with a due Submiifgn to
the Will of GOD," even in heavy Afflicion, is n i-
rari,.o*Gilft ? An extrcioaisaniry Op.ratic of the Holy
Gholl ? Ls tbi. pccular to the prsnmtise Times ? la it
what 4nae but Esll ia/?s now pretend to ? If not,
then your Lordihip's o'wn Account of Pr.~y.Rg by treSpint
indlipusably proves, that this is one of the ordinary Pri-
vileges of all Chritlians, to the End of the Worli.
13. *" I go on (your Lordihip adds) to another Pat-.
fageof Scripture, that has been entirely (p. 27.) mif-
pplied-by moduin Enth.wtap.s. I Lor. ii. 4, 5. And
my Speech and my Preacing Lu cre not with iinticirg.
Word of Aln's 'Pir.'oa, b.t in Deonavfration of the
Spirt and of Power ; tlb..I your Faitb jhoudi not fjoin_ in
tbhr Wi/m of Man, hut in the Power of GOD. Page 9g.
It is only neceffary to evince, tiat by Ihe Demon-
fration f the Sprit and of Power is meant the Demon-
F 2 flration

Sratiosr of the Tr7uh of Chrjifiaitr, athte alitds.r(
Ste Propiecide of the Ot Tfam et adm t thds Alfaa a |
ci 'hrrn dhisp .fls.'" Ye si it iswaeoa dhipArthl s A
evnee, that Ihefe Words have Mn M6re Maipig .EJl
f;-ft, H:t will you evince, that they bewa tlbk.tt a ,
der thereto, your Lordfhip argues thus: A .! i "
The former finea to 6b the Demonftratiatef:it .d
Spirit, with regard to the prophetical Tetia6naiei of
irm. And Itb Demonflratson of Power, mUft .py'
ihe Power of Gop, exerted in Mlraces.? : (p.Lo,)
Muf :" Why fo ? That ki',a often fignise Mnw
calwse Power, is allowed-But what follows i'ihu&t-.
mnd msrn fe in this Place ? That fill smakuwinJo
Indeed your Lordjhip fays, this "kappears.frsdi sh
f!'.lowIng Verfe, in which is afDgned the Relfan
rfr ufing this Method of proving Chriftianity tokl
irae, vi. ybit your Faith fould not fleed i thw ffr.
o fnr of Man, idt in the Prluer of GOD. By thePower of
Ur-,D THEREF R R mu n Uf nrceffirily be undwfaa, d I
iMr.cles performed by Chrift and his Apoftaw Pi
.'-: dilative Particle, tifeFore, this Propi tioni;
be an Inference from fome other: But what a1tL1J
cannot yet difcern. So that, for the prefea I im airW
took apon it, as a frehs Inftance of begging the Qgsti
tn. J
He goes on in the 7th, toh and following Verfme
to explain this Demolration of the Spirit and p Ptw,."
But he does not fay one Syllable therein, either of the
ancient Propheie.s, or of Miracles. Nor will is be
eafily pered, that he peaks either of one or the oder,
from the Beginning of the Chapter to the End.
After ranlcribing the 13th Verfe, whbiCe Tfbings al
*wt#feak, not is the Words wob6ch Man's WjVifdn eaachth,b
6bt which Iei Holy Ghaf teacbeth, eomparwig foirsaml
f'bigs withb jiritwal, your Lordihip adds, FPro
whichh laft Pafage it appears, that thr Words which the
Noly Ohoft is faid to temac, mnf f.: the Pr6phetical Re-
velarions of the O/J Tefciment, fhilch were discovered to
the Apoftles by the fame Spirit." I cannot apprehend,
hew this appears. I cannot as yet fee any Conneielogs
at ll between the Premifls and the Conclufioa.

S' 53)
Upon the Whole, I ddnrc any Calm an4Serious
Man, to read over this whole Chapters and then he
will eafil y judge, wher'i4 thc X apral Meaning of the
. Words in Queftiop : An;whethCe (ahho' it be allowed,
That they werepw Mi4elfuqflCed in the Apoftles, yea)
they do not .mniafly bekgl w a lower Senfi, to.
every True o initer of Chrdt I For what can be
more undeniable thatdthis, That or Preaching alfo is
vain, unlJe it be attended with the Power of that
Spirit, who alone pierceth the Heart ? And that your
Hearing is vain, unless the fame Power be prefert to
bhe. your Soul, and to give rou a Faith which fand-
eth not in the Wifdea of alea, .at in the Power of
S14. Another Paffage that (your Lordihip thinks)
has been misapplied by Eathufiaft, but was really
peculiar to the Times of the Apollies, is i J7ab is.
so and 27. (p. 3-.) ye hbaoe an UndTio from the
Hdly One, and e know all Things.--But t d Anaint-
iMg qwhibh ye baie received of him abideth i, yon:
f ud ye need not that any Man tearb you, but as the
[fme Aaisting teacbeth you of all Things, and is Truth,
and is no Lie. And teen as it bath taught voa, ye
fal1 abide in him." Here the Apolles arms the
true Chriftians againfi Sedacers, by an Argument
drawn from the Undian, from the Holy One, that was
in or .rather among them : that is, from the Ina-
mediate Inx7iration of lome of their Teachers." p. ?-.
Here it rells upon your Lordfhip, to prove (is itll
as affirm) i. rhat should be tranflated amncag: z.
That this Utnion f/on t.e Hal Ove mean,, The
Infpirarion of lbme of their Teachers."
The latter your Lordfhip attempts to prove rhut:
The Infpired Teachers of old were let apart lor
that Offe, by an Extraordinary Effufion of the Holy ,
Ghoft: Therefore p. 3s
7he UnLaionfroe the Holy One here, means fuch an
Effuon. I deny the Confequence ; to the ejllion ii
Pill to be proved.
Your L.rdthip's second Argument i. drawn from the
a6th Verfe of t'qe i4th Chapter ofSt Jaob's Golpel.
F 3 F Propoled

Mpfcfa i*'c4Ai~it will itaflnd dtwl / '
.* If a biArd, He rb'J iF-
lreng to a M ruloh j Gift of br ir dim*-I
th t~~f rlf, fame/ e AroinJgi taeuarkyik
ngs, 'tdlte to the fame Mirarculws Gi, .. .
i rSathfe 'Words relate only to a Mirdeftur s Sit:
Ttetob,t'thcfe relate to the fame."
It oncehe, it *it not be very eafy to make gtod tha
Confrquence In the firf Propofition. But I delay thb
Minor rifo: the Contraditory whereto, I tralf, hIa
appeared to be true. -
I gram indeed, That thefe Words were nmort-w
njenti fulfill'd, in the Age of the Apoilles. Buhi.blhi
it altogether confiftent with their belongih in a I wer
Sef/e, to all Chriftians, in all Ages: Seadi they.her
aH need of ao UnBisn firm tie Mtfl One, a Sopers
natural Aiftlhnce from the Holy Ghit, that -triey'moty
ikow in the de-Ui of all proper'MeaMt, ai/l Tfk
Ynedful for their Souls Health Therefore it iCn J *
rtfisfuim, to teach That tbr Uxaiar fewa t.efwl Ol%'
belengs to all Chriftians in all Ages.
iu. There is one Topic of your LordAip's yet -
Ioach'd; that is Authority One you have very fre.
Mftety made ufe of, and wherein, probably, the Ge*
rteraflry of Readers fuppofe your Lordfap's great
Strength lie. And indeed when your Lordflip filt
mentioned, (p. ia.) The general Senfe of the Pri
mitive C church I prefumed you would have produced
( numerous Authojtie, that I should not efily be able
ti confuk them all. But I foon found my Milfake ; A
)our Lordlhip naming only Cbhrfoflem, rtrs, Origeb
* and Albtu-Ji, *
"- However, tho' there Four can no more be term'd the
Irimitive Church, than the Church Univerfal; yetl
torifes to abine by their Suffiage. Nay,'I wiBll't
Srep farrhtr till. If any two of thefe affirr, thel tofe
tven Tets belorig only to te pofiolical Age, and nit
ri the Chjieirn of fu ain''g T~res, I will giye up the
w bo'Ie Cafe*
But let it be observed : If they -houtd affirm, thlt
thefe p arilfp belong to the Cbrinfid4 of the &pa/jliu

le he .mtaiftiu inexea Tems. that ihefe TaM
Wefer o al to cbiha ur Gist -of abe Sprit, qad ma
aft all to ehDbt~at e ab r ,yChsftIan.
I 6. Corning hof threnTexat. -.J xiv. va.s6.
and tdes a sf, a ld y i..litr. s coad al d *
add fayss your Lordniip;") the Authoritif of Ch y-
Affowl and the other ancient Coniamenattss." St. CAry-
fjf! n' Authority I will consider now, and that tf the
others, when'they ate produced.
It is granted, that he interpets ant only 7lb. xvL
IS. bat ale bpththhe Pafages in the i+th Chapter,
as priaria belonging to wheApo la. Yet Pan tf ih
(Cmats on the fth Verfe, is asfolows.
". Such is that Grace (of te CuJfrter) that if is
fands&adt it -takes it away ; if evil Deire, it eona
thdes 4t. It cast out Fear, and fulirs him that xrj
ede4 t-to be a Man no longer, but translates himi as
it wert, into Heaven. Hence nose of them roaterd uy
thing his own, but coatwturd in Prayer, with Gladma.
and Siqglarfs o9f. rr. For this rhirj h is there need
of-the Holy Ghot For the Fruit of the Spirit is Joy,
IFcae, Faith, Meekndef. Indeed spirituall Men oftca
grnve; hut thatrrief is fweeter than Joy. For what
ever issf the Spirit, is the greatest Gain, as whatever
is of the World, is the greaceft Lofs. Let us therefore
in keeping the Commandment's" (according to our
word's Eehortation, Mur. t .) fecare the unconquer-
able Afitance of the Spirit, and we hall be nothing
inferior to Angels."
St. Chryfopafu here, after he had itewn, that the
Promife of the Comforter pri.ri.rh belonged to the
Apotles : (And who ever quethoned it ?) undemibly
"teaches, That in a jerndarw Sent, it belongs to
Li' Chrifians : To all jiritual Men, all who k-p r
s"e '-lu'm.nts. I appeal, therefore to all Mankind,
Whether his Authority touching the Promife of our Load
- n there Texts, does not overthrow the Propoliion it
was cited to prove?
S -. P 'i ,;.;'

J uth

. ..n .... T

SAlthb' yer Lodlip nme1nisuur b i j .e
ytt Pigfse 4*. 7t fey, Thru
Pargai>4f.< eafimed by,*

Woirks ai uiqjrd to the prefeuse
He occafonaly mentions this Prniufi
in foar ee'l 'Pces. But it is in one
fpeics pertinently to the Point in hand (Vol p,
Edit. Bened.) where his Words are theft:
When the Spirit ef Trath is come, het w Ail 'f
int9 all Truth, and he will teach ye all f:ing. ,395P
Sam of all good Things conifts in this, tmbq j .
fonad worthy to receive the Grace of; thl ii: :
Otherwife, nothing will be accounted pa k
who hath not the Holy Spirit." ii ',
Do there Words confirm that 'Sa!:SlliS4
ages which your Lordihip Raad -lp Ithe o
they not utterly overturn it? A wlC '-( I
that altho' thia PaSife u foourlans,
to the Apoftle, yet in. the firdmqaIS i
(according to Origta's Judgment),. ~;a tIt O
Ages ?
S17. The fourth Text mentioned as belomngiai'
fdt Chriftians only, is Rom. viii. i 16. and :p!, a4
it. i faid, This Interrretaton is confirmed by the
Authority of the moll eminent Fathers." The Reader
is particularly referred to Origen and J rom a /lmar.
But here feems to be a Miftake of the Name Jferm
in locum should mean,- Jerom upon the Place, upop
Rom. viii. i 16. But I cannot perceive, that them
is one Word. upon that Place, in all St. Jeren's Worls.
Nor indeed h:s Origen commented upon it any
more than Jrom. But ha occasionally meniom it in
thefe Words:
"He is a Babe who is fed with Milk-but if he feeks
the Things that are above-without doubt he will be
of the Number of thofe, who rrceir ne.thrjirit of
Bandage again unto Fear, hu the Spirit ,ef Adioa
thro' whom they cry, Ab~n Father" VoL I. p. 79.
,Again, The Fulnefs of Time is come- when they
who are willing, receive the Adoption, as Paul teaches
in thefe Words, Tri 6ae set rfecivm d Spirit E
7 L

1the 4 Ma i, 'th.kl

Seas of GOA sewf.*iS J .i iA e sMaa..
.Va l I. f ..lE .| . "ar.
Yt aYain Bf B aW-rkth is bota of Go, andr
doth nos t sm I 6 by ha very Aainsfiith, Our
Father whick Us MI HsTiMns a SirOit iflf mrisap
IPiWTr, cWitktr 4fmv. that y are tshe CAilen Of.
COD'." biea.'
S Accorfing taMOrt thrMefre, this TQrpe my of th
Spiri, is Mte ny pw uAiA Tedi iay by Mir ans, pe.
qaliar to. he fift Timuws bat -ar wurd Teaima y,
dssagina in ommnU to al Stat are mr 1 iO0D.
Ad co fiqaenody the Authority of Orig does ot
coofima-tst latrpretation" neither; but ahbolumly
deftry i.
SS. The laB Authority your Lordihip appeals to -
this Text iL, That of the great Job Chryfoflom, wht
seekomn te esftirsm af the Spirit of Adoption by which
we cry..Abba Fatherl among the wiratum si Gifts of
tab spirit,' I father cafhe (your Lordihip tladd,
h. 6J .to refer you to the Wdrds of St. Chu. fx,'
ihaaeo vearikb thea hen, as having almof trial-
S ed .cim in tih prfent Accoun. of the T'irP g qof

H, M ver, I believe it will not be Labour loft, to'
n- tribe a few of thofe Words.
SIt b in his Comment on the r4th Verfe, that he
S filr mentions, St. Pa&'s Comparifon between a 7rw
and a CAhilian. How fairly your Lordlbip has repre-
iated this, lcr every Reader judge.
As maavny as ar led by the Spirit of GOD, they are
ak Seas of GOD.- Whereas the fame Tide
had been given of old to the J 7e' alfo,- he ihews
in the Sequel, how great a Difference there is, be-
tween that Honour ind this. For tho', fays he, the
Titles are the fame, yet the Things are not. And
te .faily prove. ex, by oopaing both wW ithey
S Had rw ttH,. and. whae they looked for. rAad firi
he ihe s what tey had recewv'd, viz. A Spirit of Ba.

(5 ) j
*re. There, hf' adds, ,* r, emnhTewd the
SYpirit 9fB ifr io.'r ., What ,oroiie
---0 trAk'C eir while Life, and -yo'
ly.. o Panifhmeats were at their HeeAl.
Fear was on every fide, and before thdei
with as it i not fo. For our Mind ahbd
are clam'd, fo that we do all Things well, anfS-
Fear of prefect Punifhment, but thro' our Love oflGor
and an Habit of Virtue. They therefore, thdo'
were called Sons, yet were as Slaves a but we,` '_i
made free, have received the Adoption, aso
for a Lnd of Milk and Honey, but for Heeame.
He brings alfo another Proof, Tha. uo n
the Spirit of Adoption, by -whibc, fayss hel ecr.
Father--This is the first Word we itt, suhi
Savpara4; Abat siraas, Tag 6 i *I.i. 9 r ibauw
nr 4op,,: after thofe amazing Throes (or RBr_-Pagm "
and that range and wooderfil Alacii e bri
forth." -..
He brings yet another Proof of t.b Sepsoa t9 -
of thofe who had this Spirit of Adoptio. '& 9Upi
igelf bhareth witnefs with ear Spirit that we rv thA
Chilren of GOD. I prove this, fays he, not only
from the Voice itself, but alfo from the Caufe whenct
that Voice proceeds. For the Spirit fuggets the'Words
while we thus fpeak, which he hath elsewhere expreft
more plainly, GOD hat6 feat forth the Spirit of bis a
Son itlo our Hearts, ring, Abba, Fther I But what
, ie Spirit learetb ivitne is 'avb our Sfirt? He
means, The Paraclete by the Gift given unto us." (But
that this was an Extroor hnary Gift, we have no Inti-
mation at all, neither before nor after) And when the
Spirit hearetbh r i neu what Doubt is left ? If a Man
or an Angel (pake, iome might doubt. But when the
Molt High bearesh witness to us, who can doubt any
longer ?"
Now let any reasonable Man.judge how far your
Lordlhip has translated the Words of St. Cbryojftom ?
And. whether he reckons theTeftimony of the Spirit a-
mong the Jliracalous Gifts of the Holy Ghoft?' Or

mn; thaole Ordiarwy Gijj of the Spirit of- ChriS,
h if a Mao hbai not, ie i ndne of His ?
rg. The Fifth Tic t rdlhsip quotes, as de-
fcribing a Mireinlws Gift of the Spirit, is a Cr. 14.
15 : To prove whichlyou comment on the 8th Chapter
to the eomnu, particularly the 26th Verfe: And
here again it is fai4d That the Interpretation a'-
fign'd, is cbnfirn'd by freveral of the mdot eminent Fa-
thers, more especially the Great 7olm Cbt.fofot, as
well as by Origen and 7erome supa the Place."
I cannot find St. Jerome to have writ one Line'spom
the Place. And it is obvious, that St. Chryfoflom fup-
pofes, the whole Context from the 17th to the g5th
Vqrfe, to relate to all Chriftian in all Ages. How
tei 'can be faid to confirm the Interpretation af-
ilgndL" I cannot conjeture. Nay, it is remarkable,
thlt e expo4nds 'the former Part of the z6th
Varfe, is describing the Ordinary Privilege of all Chri-
ftians: Thus far, therefore, he does not confirm, but
overthrow the Interpretation before alignedd" But
&i the Middle of the Verfe hebreaks off, and expounds
the latter Part, as describing one of the BMraculous
Y' Yet I mull do the Juftice to this Venerable Man to
&bferW, He'does not fappbfe that Miraculous Gift was
given, only that the Inipired might do what any Or-
dixary Chriftian might have done without it. (This
Interpretation even of the latter Part of the 'Verfe,
he does in no wife confirm) But that he might ask
in every Partcular Circumitance, the determinate'
Thing which it was the Will of Goo togive.
zo. The'Third Father by whom it is iid this In.
terpretation is confirmed is Origen. The firfl Palfign
of his, which relates to Rem. viii. z6,'runs thus: (Vol.
I. p. 199)
S Pail perceiving how far he was, after all thele
Things, from knowing to pray for what he ought
as he ought, favs, We know not Ewhat 'we jhou'd pry
/or as se ought. But he adds, whence what is want.
ing may be had by one who indeed does not know,
but labours to be found worthy of having the Defe&
supplied. For he uya, Liie/r the Sjit aifo Altb,
r ilir

60- n

for asp w -to the ho r
a asu, ,"1 ig Which casJ
;thibtf Hearts ksooweth what is tj Mi^
S)i4,; hMs be maitah Intercfefon for oreS iS fo
or ton F Nit of GOD. The Spnirti wnid
A6 t. Father, iti the Hearts of The Saiats,'
weft our Groaningj in this Tabernacle. n lty i .
as u to GOD, witS Gre a # ea
be uttir.i To the fame Effie is ikFt
Cr.' xiv. 1 I nuill piray with tho Spiri4tao
S*wir thet Undera nAg ifo. For our f nderiih
(ofrind A i;;) carinot pray, if the Spirit db t 'ost
before it, and the Underflanding,.as it were ja to-
Again (Vol. II. p. t46) I would kaf*,. hwti N
Sains cry to Goa without a Voice. The Appojfx
thewv, Co0 hAwts fnt for the Sfiril f Lie Son inse
our Hearts, crying ASp, Fasber I A4 he .Eds, 7T
Spirit itfelf smeth Interceolon fir ws, which cannot be utter'd. 'And agpin,' tt 0 i'... e
the Hearts, kno-wetsh what is he Mind of t1i4'0 "w-'
lanuf h makoth Interce ffi for the Saints, daccu'ori id
the Will of GOD. 'Thus therefore, the Spirit.nmirig
Interceflion for us with GOD, the Cry of the Saint
heard without a Voice."
Once more in his Homily on Jovfra, (Vol. FI. 449.)
Jefus; our Lord, doth not forfake us; hut altho'
when we would pray, 'we Lniow not uvbat to pray for
is 'we ought, yet tre Spirit itself maleth Intercrfoa "
for us with Groanings which cannot be utter'd. Now the
the Lord is that Spirit: The Spirit affifs our Prayers,
Sand offers them to Goo with Groanings which we
cannot express in Words."
I believe all Rational Men will obfen'e from hence,
That Origin is fo far from confirming, that he quite
owrturns your Lordfhip's Interpretation of the i6th as
well as the z6th Verfe of this Chapter : Seeing, in his
Judgment. both thbit Terfimovy of the Spirit, and this
fWitr belong to all Chriflians in il Ages.
zs. The Sixth Scripture which your Lordfhip has
undertaken to fhet.', relates only co he Apoftollcal

L ...


iiiahg'Irdin t a TYPO .9
LL~wpibaj LtA.Qir ,h~e

mw; eo (I wwd! (Val'. Iv -:I.- ~

*'0 'Fait~

uLrPj 'tcjhiffijn to aconvlnc an'y o,'epI-
alyof -ta rim -to rfl; OF Powcr1
41 e ofth;Li Ous1rqw%',jOi2C Foocfeps uF

r JfP~cwe iu~Adpstksid~er, That Otgez judg'd'
thii Text to reeare, in irp WS he~b~2e 1polm"
k enpw iufgr, Tbat ~hdj4 .nqf _udri
; w~ ef,~ &'-"w trhe- ihi *"of

fwis ~p~ ire,

ji~wdmjprcan mCPivairiggure Wei with inf-

ftIip piofi tio, 1an A t "d. ia tfievkvAh
4cr, cite Tr4 pOn Diath. iattoo.
pwk~f ~ bck~v; hpaiver n~ ty4e ~Sii~~eiR r
.wpty itn c .eo.fKve a~ n '? ~ t-

;9. beldevc, nibcr rq itt: in
JDLIU~cXizJ;aq Qp1~. :
I si( I OWs~fiqx-.jhts ire'~fe, t ~~aripgd
dlis Text", am t -,T. 4p dt 01t 0WAMI-rij

-fe W151-HUMj;Yi)~~xb~;v i"MJ;
a': N,'Okw, 6wr in Ve
,:trJ .Au~~~Wyjl~ C
zUtan&f. 4ifar.vSO
vi~rne Sitlt fnqdlanuw-Ji~s~fi#&t'~

thee be not allo a cer in Pow ff from2lilc
to the"Sp$kiIAr, hnd.TGM9z bkKM
mnd 4i Grama cannot be but from G'6 i.
cr-Q I ryin Thirr Ois is e, J IhiutryAN& *Wk~~P c
y Lor r ~~a~ d Ad~~
does ,zcopL T C diflf'; j.W4*flO&Cd 2 iaiom'
Ie*I 4iwt~iaie,

Ir to be'pec~ia3 to the I imes pf t4o Ae'4ia~tb~
in* .dif:*, Ve gOf ft. 7ataieOht:t~ie1inti

th xiiO''gl rt t and C *e l es tihrivi
.7voja% GoffeI,' 1 4 2.).
&ut it5 'i ,ca T hat: th" fl -.
pok thofc PIff~gep to .bo"g to all -Chfiffibse :Aid

LO Xylb, W? 111- -@dd 4d15W
?q~r4Q40 40 ID t*f.
di~~crWF.do If~te i 's or.

And this youir aflo* t wle W1


" -wrir' umio ilnr kIam. JL y,.

yesgnr r sel r wi iMia 4(ny'
he ,s hi, s asi*.k b Sprnb, etafWr:.,m

a. st1i J. iB h&isp trnrindki u a oM 4
^ 6uJP$ aM A.jIB-d\J.IIh MIwv jsEqqi4eS*f
fC tc i n d es A adt g' i rn ak efsAa i dS a t in f w S h u W=4
lios. TAi* nirmain is. the iewIs 'of txe. SPo f
thavbtarl hqi&ha lpiti&FbaDfap IR aAs sh-Wr
j UW>& G fl ui tna&wta tkprt of
tkftr4Oritb wewtawe if ds ;- AMer&JuWiVB'!T

S .b i his Oaui6n agzt t, Man.
.$ A" S E aris of 5r ta in&to er k4rt.
Wj nbas. Hs &* ihr ns, workingg the
rb r,. ialts hiiU tW bdcafdm~ i Hathr. Certainly
elO^aneil~M: cd1B'd..Fhai :tiihrb 'wh haf ,-ol
WJiiJeai ilif4ea i :.en' I
-rl-tt .i~-a)i:ti~t bwobhrVdhm=, i. ThM..Atk
ilVWiaagks ^Wht 7 IWffaeny of kS"ifito Commea Io
qtUVi ki5 $ ,CGao: ;*. 'Tat Je joihs.T4 Ahahot.
nf the Hely One, with that Sel of the Spirit
wrerEinh Al Aar *vare ire isJ 3b am Day
JbtwMpAre: .d 3. That ho doo. not,, traghmou
thisPeffige, (peak oIftdew*wrAtr SY.GyiLats al? -
T' hlictor, kpoiO ,a W.lMle,: Th'I fe oif the Pri-
*iiive Church,' b Wasjircia be Ytia'ld- T6af b e
Aut he a~bo ckc i1 Thshat ELRIhblbdLdaf lidk
Saipuiem pieulfy refer, to shofe IwtrMdrarsy Gifes
Of hdl pirit, iwhi erl tr g t06n to the ApOaes. and a *
Odw .oarr P Arfn i the Aoiftcqi ge :; yeN-they vft

odt o atfdie sld *Srinet, Ques inaH pthea

s~.'Wht-I a a y be6-c" O-wCamy, 'a qf ta
Holy coef, I fum up in the Wrds of a Modem
Writer: .
G z Santi-

F"------- p -" ---- 'w

Anr 4d PerfeAio.S
plid-by theSpe i r 6 il r
Nagere vc are sata]LyXoiofAlkl '
4i under an, mpoflibility. .df iowH ffitlu
j o0 this Soirit f arbeth all. lThil Ay
't ~MfEp 'lings f/ GOD, and reveMietl themnasla.
"'he tHs'et Men, ifo that thereby, the DPlkneps &r
.tlCS nrit~ ing is xpeU'd, ad they are iligse t it
With-;ihelnoWledg *Al a the ftjqA of Raith Aenerally raf xh.LrTUd*
t ,edi i4,JCh~ i daoh alfo illuminae the Llu~lbtSlid
olfrds: f .a believe, ,that they M receibY'llEli
S For Kfait i, rh. Gip. qGOPa.. a t e ia~Becbi4a
but alfo in the Adt. And this Gift is a Gift It j
Holy Ghoft wo4ki srtisrmw -i the Il*Glrflte
of IrP-fedion, 'olsdke-Qrig na;~a faith ictef th pe i-
il: tr'o .by ann rinmual lurrianetiou oftbd t.Sol
vyIl rTIT SctAdl ~ast' h E ',lt Office .El. rde.: i;e
C holt is, uhe,.Rdeniiriig of. Mahl n. ali the -atsrb
F.iculties of his Soul. For'.onsw- aturai ,oa t
eroihdi g:ih an AamiarIbs ofdou'r Willi s Peta ia-
atri' af- 'ur Afitaien,; an ldIaciadit ofljtu? la
tee tilL'of G D,! is Wrought within us by e Spiit
of G .' '
The T hird'Part -of this Offei. To lead, di.
ed agd govcnrei Iina oar Adlinqaabd !orwedrfaiaft.
If Mr /i dtiar S&iri ,- quickh'dkiby 4 pleoat4idi
i amauft alfodt.lAh&W t6~iirit, foiltewneiihg Direiti-
ai tled lybthis;ihfaniludi8i i.,.;W a e,akt .gio iMt
zatdaaeddbyllhe'Spilt siqCop; hi:lsgivebh kit"r
elif7andrdto.- And 's.sas. are hits Wd by IAe
So/int f;GOD, dre se Sois of GOPD.. A. lcoperihat
tais Dueation: ay .pro an*t.ffe4Wlt. ,r4t gie
ed'id oumrtapcrs bi the, J a*le &,I II A97e4 rdtg l
Se'rprbaaidMaw& pdsVilh'tesi4,rbaS ll I
s.g iapokakhkuluc s uf eiem:a&ucbr .45
Grace and Stpplication. (rc io. .) Wherws ltat
aWW Msh Coynfwrsbhl tirht i.awadflHinimtfhh i*f
g RoI. v, . ... I i .: ,f
S'Row. iii. 1.. -: -. -\'f :

Lo-.__. .. .._.... ._,_ ___ I

rW^E r s mwer *r* iWe1CPd *ir .'
ji ksi & &feftwac da it ejd iirlap

6WSpirit, bheasfte be raalftnfastihIR rhIitk a S
enrUJM *S/? of CIOJ>.W111M^n
fioh' *% kitiRoIr- yehfila ata)
4 n t 'Ihi;&6tkP 4nigP
Mnw Parail dwiy 4.7W k*L'bw WO. -
a.sew b t.J*&,d bCiM) thN. rieh
St. Pad (Rafl) 44.oAlti irf
Makrvuakh tou4 tibri:tb t3oAif4t*4ilthb*iIdhr-
iwdf!r sDl,- Aiko)B4PPaAhBAJP irJAMDWlti9,B AM
Noti3aft BA&ripae), ^i.fltAuifeuif 'a.''*
*It rI'kti da OfT sf twbeHdly ihbt, to' .eJrn w
4 rdIfPiar 9a fons, to reate Fn s ar SenT e of.
afpiteIileesa if Gob reiwalWs ui, to give Us an
Earned of our everTlafitl, Itlkeittnte. 'Thel-&t e f
th'isDkM rdib. 1 PiFt&1s a7 1 r fa r bhy efiej
$tk ^ ^'flflDjPEiaoe #hrSeaslt f'309s'O At St ai
Seoit# &aJk GaOieD IAid) IFathe r.'^ IP' I
hesw soe rwmid eW i p'irit of BvmiAge'*ii ft
but tue have received the Spirit of fAdvA utnr, r
Mry 446a Father T4 rit & it I-*tf
wa Sfrit, fthat v arntw OMWr afD' "'&
a A* thurefbr we are biwarr ag b thQ Sii and
receive f4 hmu o* feibA. fe4 l 6Frai by
obwSeait piri mWAttwp in Edruf coipb
Sew r are a* l hire,; tV&f GO6 iafdyemA
swtabCron, by tl fame dprwe tavv tfPi.g
mifAher aie frny eo' r A* dariari. For k whc
>afAet^ 6 w i SA sMIutSPMitpl fa GOD )
"WG'aShEt A ist Aka4ili a Ai 6rwM
*!hirS~4d wear bje>W.-rtelkt 4.MF~tft
ir'Luw46f. -*f rr: y. db7I4, |S, 26. *eTl
Xiv. i.f a t'n vial. P 1r. Ir, 6.
S G 3 'be


V^, *!f1 Aft. tiownd whidi^-7lK sw^iri.aopl

tkrvi(ferd that the itte
Vp j gn Jajh g eap(i ,muen bthHqc Pa AgeA*
aotir ,dp arsi ,&tisildyZf ,tlle. iq St. 4 'efbiA
rIrelpja ifflgo tl LC Wonis fix lhele. ii
x2cr4B.tl fIe rte;f ia u gaSPn .A Aand mei-,a;p
vt i*reIOtc. Siy rhfpl(wt. tbis..WiCer. 'dobfft
skq4* A;npttf.. rHt4p44th4 our dbyn wh Ioleurlrtilgoau
-' R' iW4Sl con. i ing. wtar t bIa ip h.'w Ol e
your Lrdfheltg9 i a igarjp BVJAPeefisia i trtu
4tlypS sC*,sp4tP e ?w>t: foo *ilhop :Clh-
t.writifru y uffsit ne.Fo ytegsrity on SynSide, concelgb evrry Tus whtchq f
4 rTa tq belongto allCU i' .I ,y.i L-i- s
t-+. But I have preasef r4uihprity,. tt^ .h<. .askfask
2,%" aev7egce, -nly 4fsh thwi tha', eef The*gae alf
.*. ii.eane Ctisrf,.ou law.Chiesb-d)h(lrog 1 '
then Records% counq ning, girtpr.. albden prhb is e rdahrsryl fijis.jia all g trp
C, ri;ia ; -
ra 4.hrein ServictNr ,Ws ches us..ilo Sqf -
COD, to gr:a hix, Ptl Jh6if f/ay.hiP .GTioMpga ian
fly) 40 41c djfttk*'y I.TP vivo fetf owb
Sifswfwg Lyd/' aCita^opviwly : sTQ gr'a ff r owtt
f m ^ I^ o~l I c~.t^ jr li p i, r yI"t a< **eP l th s^
nd erited nvit hm ke .rms :fa*or a tg'hwrgy
4q. l.t e l# 4.LaatI mApn.,Am. nk

rall therein ho at anvTime .Wle Eheir eommso Sulpfi-
cwiu wrrt higp, i kt jTlbpf olo-qiBp OR CoragpIat8QlAon
iwof Lbe 1 f l way be i. thr tiI pl/y mo -rc .'
a z Her

1---;----- ---------!'-"~~-----~ `*~~~~ 1' ~;~~ ~~~'~?

-wHvtfcaqtu fall- o-.Besisiss m*2 tebie Frft : S
*-.Sittb at we maydaltasraitUnew -lby4Wikfer
Sjic -hb Grant that in a ll op~Si rings hern, JwF.hle
'Iehlmony of thy Truth, .we maoy: Falh lobol(ban
Glory that flhalabe revealed ait jiing, J tei ,* 46~
Ga4y G~nd,aiay love and blefsdowr feri ctwrta..f naad
thy H*-IGh't va&d1 pour ian dtur, Harms dht hatIb
daedlalr Gift Chlity. 0 Ivfrdi.fromn whom hli-
good Things do come, grant to us thy humble .erv-
atiis diity}>thjy li e lupir4Wasfi weAtpyiink thotf
Whiagi that; are good, and by thy merciful Guidance.
may perform. ie fame. e We befeech thee Jeave
a not comfbrtle. ibat fTod .tQ us the. Holy. Ghot .
to comfort- us. f Grant us by the faster Spirit ,ta.
b rea. A.righ Judr~nsla;io aiithiEgp and eeianore
a rgjui9e in his holy Cn fortb ,(:A Ai Ti8thaoih
here teaches, all Chrifliamn toA clakm i tb.'Cfrter.,
in .Vitua of the Promife made Joba 14.) & (rant
us, .Lord, we befeech thee, the Spirit, to think.
anddd always fuch Things as be rightful. O GoB,
forafmuch as without thee, we are not able to
Sph:e hee, moercittlygrant tht .thy Holy Spirit, may
n-al Thiing dirdt and rule our Hearts. Giol
Sthe T7noughts of'our Hearts by #te lnpuratie of lky
Sesd .4pist,.,that.we may petfeftly love theoi .and
wedrtily magnify thy Holy Name."
.. Give thy Holy Spirit to this Infant (or this Per-
ons) that he may be born again.-Give thy Holy
Spirit to there Perions (N. B. already baptized) tht
they .qmy contirue thy Serapts'"
-,. Aln.ighy .0oi, who hail roich(af& d to regene-
rate .thefe Perfo by Wtarr and the Holy Gholl-.
Strengrhen them with the Holy os3blt the Comforter,
alp daily increase in' ttemr the manifold Gifts of thy
Grate. O ct of Cofirmrtiow.
a Cfec Aur CrijiMafivY. St. Siybtfs Day
F SJinguagsfima Swnday.. cs'k Sund-y af4er La/ir.
r ?-Snda afthr,4cfrHaf ll I. Ul4Jtaday. y gth
Sidaly safir TriS iy. ..a htg.b Sunday after -Trinaty
.1 C. W . .. g. .. .. ..
SCsuauus~a Pjrer.

.. .....j

;rti- ~hC m tdlhasg it b aficirlii .rparp,-flor
Ga&n l a, ,tU'r bti ialaeedliaf th erdern
'2. "Ek o dbQoestmamdddCneno ktkit
oM.: IA dis 'will. be i ,aoieddi iea Ara~hr.
fctuw.rt Wit#ia the itasdoirE1ins" i :ls .
l|lri', ,ad la-'l:e Bof GD..s...ifM liar inblio.
a ofAe A sr*i" Jof the tdayGhpft^Bd ofa 'BliHefik
16 d: bimfAlif tint&y Wi hie of o the'dpiS
S2S. Gob gave dsho of idd rOace to be-hi Ch:iL
dren, ai -he dethIa now. 'B1 dow, by thd: Rie 114
of oPr lSaviour Cevrt,'aitg 'bnk netariv mc t ab
dandly. t4&oirfB GD in oar Hearts," rfi .1 M '

"he died toy dctoy the Rule of the)lravit iamE
and herofe .agnrr' o fiend down;'his Hk SpiAif : a
rol inr WreHartr" lHimi o the 9eJsr/UreSij.
. We have (he Holy tpitlM in 6ati Waira, a &ral -
dP/AlwdP e ofWur evfrlajaginhgiAicr,; 2Wr j
** The Hoy Ghost at pohe"acl tof ceari, lei u
it had been cloven Tongaes of Fitre : Tr..tmedhg .iUi
it is hewhich giwbk Elogurerf axdVflern ie iP' 1 a
ing the Gofpel; which e dgehdirOth b li u I
awards Gon's Worhd, ind: glvdth alMf hzt.Ma rrs
yea a fiery Tongue. (N.-B. Whatever occurs h iny
of the Journals, of GoD's '"giving me Utteamn., or '
" enabling'me to fpeako w:ik Pawer," cannot thee-
fore be quoted as -Eanthsfia without wounding thd
LCurchb thro' my Side) I" So that if any Man be a
dumb Chrifian, not profeffing his-'ith openly, he
giveth Men Occafion td doubt, leaft le have nbe the
Grace qf the Holy Gholf within him." Has, ee
Whrf/wday. Part. 1.
A .-i ithe Ofice of the Holy Ghost to (tSiif a
which the more it is hid from our Underfinding%'
(t e. the particular Manner of his Working the
more i dlOi to nbrve ill Men. to wondiz i tii fe-
cms and mighty workings of Go D's Holy pie wificR
is within. us. For it is the i1Wy Ghut 'tlt'idatlA
gipfra rhe Minds of Men, firring op :godt Mgitions
in their Hearts. Neither doth he-th i k J it fidfl nt
iawardly to work the New Birth of Man, unless he do


s. ell #gi lda ia, ;LX W' iM.. 0a ,
al d, thatye are ike :;e wflGQ D, a1d b*.MiP
fi t" .IwellA ipd upw P Wti y rt, thi eo iBea"r
re.h fTcpk ecth4 WIb Q GAfiabd i wiitKhijoao fP
Again he faiti, 1e are not in'ti F/li/h ;6rti the S4thriA
9or. Why t, 1W S i i v(/.GCOD dewetb ria you. To this
agrq^etdit 74 il(,:?hiAbdi itdq% fr bfeh rew
ciVtd And 68t Petr .ith the fame, TAi S~irit ofG rly aad
of GOD .rfitbk ape yu. 0 what Comfort is this t
the Heart of a true Chriflian,.'to think that- the
Holy Ghoti*tolfdth im him I GOD be wirtb as, as
the Ape6llea-,tiahjgbjlea4,e 4 ei sr ? He giveth
Patimacp. Pd Jef~ lef.ofi Heart, IBt'eiptapop an
*i*igions apd ikjhd.arbrevrqrteiu y da9Od. .b Goer
ferA ,,;H1 doth ifibua the Hiar t a tf'*t Sainpl-, it
j the j.tvi ge 9ofGoD and his Word therefore he is
Judly It'rPed a1. Spirit of oTruth. And where 'the
tI@y Ghoft dot -jIrltar.lkd teach, there is no DeLr
Iaiw Lj..rieerulq."r ibid.,. 1 t : '
.aPA this L faU gB te4n6 t.A d ThAt evtry. try a
Ph4t 99W, r i Agwsiak rthtMiWfJ. G&Ap. as: the FAid&ira
or.G Gakfo :proaioad by u, r..Lords 7eohi iv. ,.li
Secq Y dly 4ay; eyveryChriah ptives hbi as ts the irt
of Tapth (prowsiefd 7Jb 16& to teach him all Th.igs .4
And, 3. That the 'Aaoistiig mentioned in the 6fft
piftlr ofSt. Jo hn, aizies i me: ry Chndiain.)
c,2.- "In reading of Go o's Word, he profitth moQh!
tjj moll inspired with 'rhe H-ly Ghoit." -Hew. on
R*sui tSl e c, ~oi'v. Part: 1.
. ? Hipja and. worldly Wifdo e is net.needful to thbe
Underftanging.ot Scriptrue, but the Re-vdlation of the
Holy Ghot, who iirpireth the true Meaniag ante thei s
that with Humility, and Diligence fearh for it." ibad.
Part -I. .
:.' 4ke him kepiv'add f/, that there is no other
N .F: upd4r Heaven give u~id Mea. -whreny wo
c abe ved." . S *
If We, fer' oar Confcinac at Peace-with G r,

e ii.. h7, .' joh xir. 16. c ohs ai., 3j
27-,, l~~.

'If y Lh .- a Fat ithi yet. -, n
Flr. btdxkyininreafing by. Wde-woai P ":m

Conftel ceit.e olncreafe of Paih al opAvt tS a .
i*he rCtnsi of Gon," t fir,. im ele Saeinn P.' :
Godly Mferfeel inwardly GOd's [tolYira,
hming theirHncari with Love. Biw. orq cqA fPri
S S. a.i r Lr -.. :i; r '
lt' Go a I 'als Grae,1 t lw hel l
SpC Akm n'i. a:OWr jeas 1 Thai ltiedt'W
Ag is.not od urlrfef Let us th i avis w e
.pe. ths b&unaitb Stheid t fht hilO GVdftL S
Swhih i bte rfe c, d to aw hrif ia ,rk ea" ,
GoedRtrhA akCGa toowt Siotr .Fb bWlnttea ha
. Mly MJS raar can we not f, o iith i s' klti. -
* Natneoitle Ri~kdluar. .tJecMi^lde
is the Lord, rt by bth Holy: l Qu t. i
fWbe ibela to beGewi andtdloior 4fra
Ihobr a iened I ua b Cith* i' a st we e

alJKi* whh ib eOft a ir f bT i:r Oii ibaA; ^WNartmy
hemr le fai, of the re freel) green 6 asm oftDWI 1n
A'Poavef the Holy GhoFtreftsh all Abbity toitAi4
Goo and top/afe him. It is he that pdrfei h&e Min
bjy his fcrstt Workig. He tabrst5kth theM F6art& tp
ouncewakwdrthy Thopghts of AlaghtyGoh He fGtit'
in the Tengpe of Man, to fir him to fpeak his HoAet.,
He only mauifeth fpiritalt Stregth to the P nwemrAitrK
Sa/land Be.). And if we. have any Gife, Whereby
we may profit our Neighbour, all is wrought y .dbiP
one and the felf-fame Spirit.'" eOm. Pp Snoiier
H'eet. Part III.
- i7. rvery Propofitibn wldh' I have any whei ad-
S nmceed, chaening thereO~pmlr4ien of the'Hol Obit,;
which I belive are ioeman oaUll Chrifliahnsinfll 'Wed
rs deiktjlerripaainminied 6f ouer *doIli
Under a full Senfe of this, I could not well under-
aedfi.r urny Yeas, bw it wis, that entt"e &ha-
6daiag any of thefe great Truchs, even among Men

'azir#MW:::k is dopc.
atmU;.' F'iwct apn y b&dZ orium m
?ss-~ Iingcyll~~d iA~@ aina do ncuz4r Jfd~~i
Mt.-r 'bI Ibat Anil,
I bdri'e, iWinkmgNIdn meau ait
bui q ai ne al llswg-afio. 66Ctila ttz; lim.
~i~r ora a Holy Chollwbiuin 6
kbm prou Me gaiLtE thus, who cn. I 'ilt
Wembw: 1:e0 WMIC or my Hew QvO*.
Anac if any man wpi iww ,e Tjob IN$!rs.
e'ab) W~hu iswron& wyW~
I 7 verygood Gif. isoam GD, and is 5Iven to
14.0 the Holy (asho. By Natre tihe ir in a
Thing. And there can be none, but to (ij.
kpo90 in as by that 50 Sprit. HFILOw4
4noulee of whati Goodi C 6 P btit9k
ofour nati nderth ending. Eig pjM/ ma.'
Jpir-at of GOb: S'qau
'PLC in, Ou bla pul Q ;;r1 '5
rWe .as4li ~ S~pTu. RBwaLsihat is, asdek, ua

iteAd i b Frins. Anditd'i'ildo
k e thlof Faith fo, fo!by ai
i e MW To fO d /; dlif ?a&ib glid
tha is we hav an inward
c we cpot find nlter Wt de
* he Reanswky in &"x of
they ,TAF f 2e u^^'^^^

1huth. Bechae I knbw
Z"f.inw of dip Holy G .M."* *l
61, ui both a far ftrowffcr ICU nifwf
nfpiraion. l is lr trnger; vcrnu fa
g into the Soul' is a iouger A1A
** brie upon:" And rles rteJa;s iatti
l^ ., ,r to Spirit j, ,.i.H.ai~
l:dy a ditatAdlatio. '
S~ lut y t :hon I wad meant lmma te
go I d or 1 mean nothing at id. N6t f
riitiod as is fr.I meis. Bbt a! tlln itadhi, tfiP
Mea m, is inmmedi. Sappofe for mR = s
opdoyed in private Pryer, cd OoD n'ill _
ih~o your Heart. Goo then aSs ial
SoW: And the Lave"if him which Yo..
e s, i as- iwrfwah breathed intd or ,
GHl7 hoA, as if you had lived ,1700 YeW p.
h s'tTerm. Say, 'dD t0ih 6 W pd-to
a'ndMa.S" Wel, and i not this/ ,SaV aTO
A ** Spiric d, It is imsiAer Clertwta or!dt
a' aSpirit its upon yo SRidflJ e M'dU
PAie f .you can.
oamprve, how thakim~i WlPi"
amne to be fuch-1 BIS Hb tWb
4* thouIght you meant )-%d I 4w6kS

ri ye. 1
S9 Mad d taetdhr th ei mater 6al

GAO.k Ne dM wdt die Fruit of thib
h r irs n all r Iflbe ei maldein
nolq aj dr hue hete and joy and Lava.

ap d v9W2d oiuscfuerbl -he mo material MS.
)W AFP plilchlhrirvtcab laWlly made agani
| h resuet O I E ath. I kare produced. So far
a n ls 1a y, e Strngoph of thA OW 1dM and
I mi:abrad tea. I ope, in the Sirt oa q
aln. And IK I trl h pftpear, tp? hat 3i06474'
za oo edir tan th et Dotia of J ul Chrin: ThT
0t* aI ll evidflldy ctabed in the Wolordf Go..
br W I dote I dere to hoad or fall and that
fy an fundamentally the fame with the Dorinqs
of che Churh of Rgland, ofwhkh I do, and ever di$
potH myself A Member.
But thd remains one Objeaion, which thso'b tiU
to the Head of Do&rine, yet is independent on a
that went before. And that is, You cannot agree
In l o r DIoOrine anog yourelv. One holds oam
Ti jand one annoheni Mr. ri/rliad wthematizes
Mr. y i and Mr. Wrry anathematizesMr.' Hie-
Ift And ye each pretends to be led by the Holy
Ghbof, by the lalllible Spirit of Goon Every refou.
able Man atoat include from hence, tha ntWker ane
jor the other is led by that Spirit."
Ineed'no ray, how continually this has been
ed, both in common ConverTfion and from the Pre a:
(I am greed m add. and from the Pulpit too ; fr, if
the Argument cmre good, it would overturn thciblej
No how great Stris has been conunaully laid upog
t;: Whoever proposes proposes it as Demonfiraionu
and y claps his W mgB, as being quite ahared,
itkit of no Anfwer.
indeedd I am in doubr, whether It does adm
(I am fare, it doM not reairr) any other Anwo, chia
H that


--; ---

1 1ol I II lI aII I n N INP

( 74 )
$ care on oo the Counrya 4 ...
,noD, Bs6mllamins Thou l.jW
.- Pro "contai'd herein, s g
I. "' Y cannotot d e in your
D6ftrin%,T ca reciedave. And ine r4W=
thefe we do, and have wad for fQevndl Y
thef, we hold one and he ame Thing. In
Point, each of Bethinks, and lets think.. a. .
Wi..rld anathemZaMus uM. Wro".- Anohr
kef Uitrith.. Itr apy one h ad witMp
wrote, even in the Heat of Contrav a T..dll
be convinced of the Contrry. A. tAd eP.
anathematies Mr. Wfitel." Ia Ahis is DiFA
and fcandalou. I reverence Mr. W ,tai 4 l u*
Child of Gon, aql a Tree Minifter Fiua3.
4 And yet eachprn to he led the Holy
Ghof, by t inawObe Spiri of Goo." Nor aa w,
Pritae OpiWn: Nor doa either of usresatolbe
any fanher led by the Spirit f Gon, than acr
Chriftan man pretend to be, unlef be will deny the
Bible. For only as wav ar wr Isdbyr l~ Siri a
GOD, are th S eas COD. Therefore, if I mp
mno pretend to be led by him toyea, if ielb-not o (i
aDt, vm. are sne of Hii.
And now, what is become of your Demonflration
Leave it to the Car-Men and Porters, its ju Propie-
tors: To the zealous Apple-Women that afrl mne
in the Street, This is he that rails at the Da.
n/al of Man." But let t ery one that pretends rt Learn-
sin or Reafon, be aflund to mention it any more.
30. The Pirf Inference, caily deduced frin what
has bern faid, u. That v.e are not Falf6 Prepirse."
In one Senfe of the Word, we are no Propihet at all
for we not foretell Things to come. Bug in another
wheren every Minifer is a Prophet we are. For we
do [peak in tee NJ.e of GaD. Now a Faife Prophe
(in this Senfe of the Word) is one, who declares a
tic H il orC GOD, what is not fo. But we declare
has been (hewn at large) nothing efe as the
ill of Goo, but what u eviderly coutain'd in:,bi
r:rrtte Word, u explaind by our own'Church. There-

S( 75 )
oC" rppo the Bible to be a PON' add,
Sepat, e m 1. to be Fa/t/f .
R T E ar guraly died on this cfion..
k; OI.w L i IJ 5. But how ID' ch n I
ln the Cl ea, our Land z id been de-
feribi5 T which M eaffn ts RhZ r-h
aj af sk eea,.nud without whuch'
we cminont ar 'wre Kie dA' f Haw Bvesn!he .
Li of GOD in the Soula HoiQ ofa Heart, produ.,
ig al Holine of Converfation. In this, He clofie
rht Rule wih ans up the Whole, with those fo-
lema Worda, ser a or ar Strait Gat : (fuch,
indeed is thea of'Unmvdal Hlige) For wide is sh
Gate, and dred is s( Way tf adab re Dfrresei .
TLr Gate of aHdl as the whole Earbt i sh
Wrq of Unholiners is nruds th Great Deep. ad
wam irr & wh bih. go ts threat; yea, ad excuse
themf lve in to doing. Berrafe f.rair i sb Ga and
sarrew isi rW t hat l adt b n e Lift, anfewx there .
o t:at fd it. It followM, BowRere of Falf Priphn ;
of those who peak as from Goo, what Gov habr
not spoken i thof who Jhew you any other Way to
Lif, th th that which I have now flhwn. So that
the Fald Protbrs, here spoken of, are thoie who
poin t out ay other Way to Heaven than this who
r ach Men to find a WiCer Gate, a Boader Wry, than
that described in the foregoing Chluptrs. Bur it has
been abandandy ihewn, tbAt we do not. Therefore
(whatever we are beflid) we are not Fale Propbhts.
Neither are we (as has been frequently and vech-
menrly affirmed) Decura wrj of Pr.'e. If we teach
srt ruth as i is i 7f/r, if we Jfoaf as thb Orac r
f GOD, it foUows, Th. we do noc deer hofe that
hear tho' they holdd believe whatever we rpeak.
6 GOD & ta and rvnry M. a Liar every Man
that contradkIs his Truth. But he will be jaf/fgd i
his 8.7,%, and dear when he 1a jdg'd.
SOCe Thing more I infer, That we are not EB-
thkfl s." Thil Accufation has been confider'd at
l ge: And the main Argumepq Juth;to brought to
fa~ n lt, have been weiged in the Balance andoland
wandng: PartieArly Thi, ; That noane bur t,.
H a &/Aafj

7 6) I
tA& / Jr rcm& either thata Prroi/s of thi C fortr,
41 b &i f r6r St, ori7 A
Pr l r To t r-A te Hai tike" .
Se 1W' b ah l Cltians" 0 0 yf
derepi*ziave ybd ,tindemo'd the ben of
GoosCblreu I Whm have you rcprefemed u rankt
dretxiA f P As' elc~r eu or rfmiry
Mepj it oy ip Porrfw, a Man hithero so.
cared both in fl arr, and of d Under-
fanding bat AEkewife Arcbbiftop WU R
Btp. fisaI, hap fIyr aI "F
C0dth of onr U sg nfd itoaeles: IAI itfie "it
be t both the Ho Ca of Convocation, wvila
Swere revised and approred : Yea, Kns ^ "'
and a his Lords and Common telT by wh
Anhority they were eftblified If d, it
rodlerrm I W rIf O, Orirja, e.C ofoyam and Atrbaew
are comprehndid in the fanne Cnfure I
I grant, Dcf might rank both us.and them, in
the N7mber of Rfligj Ma JUme .: Nay, ought to
os, on bis Suppofiion, That the Gope is but a COr-
w ngly-kv ife Fale. And on this Grond, foae of
them h4ae done fo in Fat. One of them was ark-
ig me, Teveral Years fce, What are iw me of
te Knifgh-Errmm How, I pray, got this Quio.
uin Inm your Head P You want nothing: you have
good FIwvlion for Life and are in a fair Way of
Prefrment ; and mult ya leave all, to fight Wind-
mills; To convert Savages in Ameri.a r" I coud only
rrpl,, Sir, if the Bible a Lie, I am as very a
Maman as you can conceive. But if it be true, I
I am in my Sifes. I am neither Madman nor am .
MHra AFr I brr -r n. M1 bs bash aft Fastr, or
r mfe. or Hafi, or Load f*or Q les
fjail .at & & /)ll receive ain hundred f U, is tbi
Worfl, with Psrfaticu os, and in tbh WJI rl to caw,
Meirsal -Li
blominal Outide Chrilians too, Men of Form,
S nay' i te fame Judgment. For we give up all
%, exndv. 6, z6. xvi. rx RIea. vil. 5. 6.,
' fa viii. 6, 27. d yak ii. mo, 27.

.... "- . ... ...

!as _to,, t he s a time
^a?%r(with thh Deime) belie6 share
We epa therefore. to ps tfor t rir
dfl with thefe al. Bat I Ibu hr jiifld ofall r
32. Iceaot coaod.e this Had without one obvi-
ou RaAk. Suppof we rsly were Rntbift
fc g our ia e were fa e ard osit Mibd ii
by* ~or a Authofti Tyi: iby loth
aet neea am, -w% Isa W/ Mem, a edtA.rdw
_rwl*tbg q* Mm., attempted, at lead, to (Ihw up
S7ur ?Radt ina & aM Ma efg of NifdM? Breuhrq.

W b it ZpIr M ae, flt/k, Dan SRf
bIqW t s y f Wn rh , fit0 u
y WV wSrr DOeS U els OmC' U
lul' Th"aioft a thore which v e i ptbilh
a tw a? Ift there one Writer that has rerod in
in LoI? Bring it to,a mgle Point. Lew% all
ig. If you had lowed as ia any Degree, yo
woud have hp that Goo wood fome Time dt
i the KBawlV of hi Truth. Bat where ve
fad even th I" tider lithnce of Love Has adt
evy one who has wrote at all (I do nor trmember b
u asa one Excepie) related us a Jv rrripf
Bethren how is rhis? Why do ye labour to teach
a an Evil Lwefl aginft yourfelyv? O mny GoD
ever furer other to deal with you, as ye have deal
with s I
Vr. i. Bfre I enter upon the Conflderation Of
"' thole ObjetionM, which have been made o the Mak-
ar of our Preaching, I bhelve it may be fitifactopy
to fome Readers if relate how I legan to preach
i this Manner. p
I was ordained Dacon in 172;, and Priel, in e
Year foRowing. But it was many Year aftr tht,
before I wa convinced of the Great Tru hs abote
.itee6. During all Itt TimlI was uowrly. i' c
oF;th Naure and Condition -ofr laiW Ba .e-
tim l confounded it with San finon Iprtfruhtdy
whaO I was n Gar gi. At other Times Lhad fnui
H j confdufc

S1 aM iqmudW of the Namre o'C
fatir apftK i to mean no more, i,;

.to .ot lar I", ttrw'dl ahrgf .
ri l ow da 'dw tu Mach.. Js

I ia ~ cob rini w ol/, i~* a
., n d mry oarl The~rs. My r cont ae
reach, BmeoM ao L thisA a Orh L e ,a a
he eourd Nor Gob swme nr^Mafc
Iwo u. am d Ameno when e
o .6 etim d with guslnasa,
.. .01F. ChArch whMe 1 wI ask1 pto
to~d~wliil n the R nouI Socetif of laod
r as ma o fame oroh of which Id cwas on
.y t'd af go by ime Stewdng a omher oMno
nel, wc. th e .
ion, were in th PouIh, when I hiw e I .ol .
ad each erg Ir i nthis,, ad thi, ala m we
.Cad no C b at all nw fiwasdully m dd cLrui n-
sferve, Becaude you proahb (sh L D&riw." Go ush -
be more thofe who cou'd ot hear te therp, GodeId
iogAher when I wsr at any of the Sociena: whaer
I as many aj ihe Room I wu in uould co Dti.
3. But after a Time, finding hole Rooms could not
I ontain a Tcar Pitr of 6h People 4 bft were arneR
so bear, 1 determin'd Lo do he fume Thing in A-
v.4 which I had often deo a waxarr Chima :.
Namcly, hbcn the Houle woull Bno contain the Cro-
wrgation, to preach in tbe open Air. Thi I accord.
rvg didhk firA ar BrA, ihere the Ssiey-Rooms
s ar exceeding mall, and a KnCve4 Wshere we
had no Aroom at all & aforwards ia or Wear inasr.
SAad I painot lay,; vr *M feC 4 21no0 aWde
SAN 96an when J&o Groaw or the Top of Her-
SYtaiper, mJbm ThoAi of Pteopl wer calmly.
1i a'i qgeher sp fa ema waiolg oym Gov,.whith:

&IA ani. I siltar i ShU "..' L.4
.osegfi t solso ***ds ho mAk r: --Bank n -k

And whether they Weft it to Jb W&te
irrk iAlmarl w rasB Night a Willg a A4
Vife t nd w TUheid M imlA W fr w ii
a Tim have I bee cotraiMd to in 1

. hi.-, mi s is5.lb1 m iv u

Magt qa TH) "*i i k

meditation. Threwao
fam, *it iwas to beh'fippoted IthLbey nor d
I ay other ade visw ihan h,toan maiy
merl u 4. 14014 *- te"'it 4fA.11 a
nd thenfr1 fAmuitted t, bme t
avi !itb rwone v S'oulr5 Bat : '4
ta khag en% Aad rto, Ididsor it h iS h
jiGrd Secondly, in rgand to the aaof6 a e
whom I evwy where &w, fmaiL Darb agis A rwr
fhir A0%r
4. Butr he Anthot oP6f diMfthsc. c64 br Ac
Eo* reo f rEvfzr-bh*AfrAE,. l'ApffrA 4 in
rtf h. of Fi- l- Umin&g dtilnk P ,
worc than mne {robnt t ** beci a teuki
Your-Ar inc iin r unr thas:
a Thu Ieachin whih is contrary to IheblAy af
he hltd, is wof H fhor preaching 4r ln*
But fPiddvlrlua FS contrmy to the LawsT ticd
f i*re t Is wIcft athi not prwt4tcff athJU7
fl TIe~'Rdiomition f sO E9rWfetidAid*i.tor mdet
trefc trr: S Por t fir tadiae drn al paid -
%rav Ckhrau wtt souidy 4 9 WIlolf Thor of ta

la.u EdAl.b WulGpip dihak. d lU b ,m
fl0 hp jbA aj Iwz-k..a Now
kt evr true, but on auprporio, that the Mi.
~ pa i da'et Ti,. .
_.F.. __ I, l b, econd Pr pd p, -
S rfn. y to the la rCmW

9M catW a I.
; Aot. .a tb. 1c,

.Id the nmt -&on you f'a. .fe Thof lmq bqrols
Ow. anh .d lmihi; i. fWreie ofIop
.oe. Andbave m^eAdonly in ua, h%4 t he.,
F'& notwzhfindift4 theSnaswe xam Cat, ML& j
l wlit.I> u iiitrift

rIt.Wt' MaWree of
aB. a. Alo wp .v w misia-seaA,.yc wef

do not nceive that S-m at all alt us N onu.
beatafe that Ad puini, shojy at P0ke7s; iekas.
we are Members oi the eftablied ChurFa ; buht s
bccaq. (theiy are pOuz own, WsdI) it wcM adpdy
inlfdpijfrq a" prem' S&Ama : Whies ap
Sedition, oor any the Ieaf Approach ieuo, ca with
set Colour bq 4id to our Charge.
th your 3d Schtin you afirm, L" .Th he AG of
Toler ion rhifcA cannot fecure us in Fad "-(oos
from the penalties of former Laws." We Jave n
De&e it tuld i as noc apprc~edg owMrfay to be
oudnraetd by any former Law ateveha Nor do
wbat. Alddo' hav the ATol ca ,a [..faid w
we Arcmbef of be er blif 4.ed C hurch Cha pof
Astio, to meet wihe &luD Apiouqckedh.' a&bacq wir
a b. ibituk we 4o not sr #aRP i.


thed me suae. d wkIRse luid, .
w qvap Leaw. La "s, or mades tseumb h
n W,,W of.

awholay to r Perf ti from the Church."

tI rear a befot. 88 di Alite ide. bIs ariu
wholy to N Pdrfons Jjmtiag from the Church." 3lleB
vW.", aqe ~Ohe Men. W. do -.ot 4lfr Jrom the
Chiu Wocver afirm at. we pt him me. the
You po om, "One of ibhoe Laws o rocked (s&.
|2 Car. IL c. i.) is that which ibrbid Fadtdprachiq
by Name and was evidae dy innded, not oy so
Sbut &~b topmr Ssedsiom. As dhe Tu of
tie dperw, and athe Preamble epreif it, prwv.
*(daAl .r a mpees M e* Rsed MA agaw;f aJr."
Wu ths lbes, in your own Judgment, r swed
lasetM oaft"i dia, viz. To prwmd RrwiEr aspiuf
Sealer rP Does the very ils r f Ate d rdelr dae i
And the PrfambAe alfo jeprefj is Waih what Jiticea
then, wiih what Ingenuiry or Candor. wIh what
Shadow of Truth or Reafon, can any Man ace this
AO ag1in" as I Whom you yoarfeif no mor fhfpe of
a D ign to rae Sedition (I appeal to your ow Con.-
fimnce in die Sht of Go D) than of a Ddrn to btow
up the City of Lexde.
.6. Hitherto therefoe it hath not been mde in ap-
p that Fsd-pseAiq is conErary to any law an
b However, It is Dangerous." Tis y
egjW nf on. Ja may be attended wish m l
a i VSO ioq osus. i onay give Adsempa p tmche
Eneme iE th cfdltu& h d eb lred u t I IGSe aih
hidcJu." (OIrtwanr, Sea. L and il) i

lllll ~E~*eblle Wai,
AIXMia & rh o dettke t 'bf Ri
FRiots and Tnlo oI' ath
mrtp -ay cary on riviCahes agdainfit aWeM.
(GqF JPiU p. F .)
i d4f ad fWI rhemfeles are s aI fiS
ad BRople t i noorking to the Pointin f a.
For dioy and feditioun Perforns may afe fIh dn
Opprutuny oi eti ugether. in order to execte
my prie D T Mr. W~~~dd 6(ye, go, dr
8oblahemuded his predn at once.: ro, .
H cm oc knew oWe tenA Part ofT a C a N di
s. Al People may come 'ud carry on w
they will: Thefore This is a rat Opportuty
pmnto de Hands of feditious Perfdo to raie Dift
Wikh what Sacty to the Poblick there Fild
p cUgp may be cominued, lei the World judge."
A'/" p. 1, 3 .)
May I.pk without Offence? I cannot think you
are ir asrvl. You do nor ean what you fy. 6
you karw, Mr. IWi#dd had 4Md T6hefead H Rearm
at once No more than you believe he had Ay
MAilU Is not al this talk of Dager, mere Pie
Thrown in purely adm vadm itaiwamP You know
Government generally are fufpidousi edIecidal in
Time in War: And therefore apply, as you dipole,
to their weak Side in hopes, if polible, to deliver
over thefe Herrricks to the IectLrW Arm. However, I
will answer, as ryou poke from your Hear. For I
am in earned, if you are not.
Fir.t The Preacher cannot know a tenth Par of
his Congregaton." Let us come ro the pfrfnr State
of Things. The largest Congregation that umn attend
the preaching or any Mttbhodl, are thoef (Gon be
merdiful o me) lha aend mine. And cannot I
know a Mrth Part of one of thefe Congregaton.s
either at Bri l. fA w d, Nurwcje or Land .
As Range as it may fee, I generally know two Thirds
at the Conmggnon in every Place eve on 8 .ay
Ewumi. and nine in ten of thofe who alend at moft
other Times. All People may come and cany

-. em ., .dn)m
Keft i PtAe _as W '!.. U- -al_
!r .would 1OuMlaliqW1 m rish U i they
came. T .i lhedAe,. .t. No i Opoant
pb tI M klieadS, of fidou Paio to=2 0 4
, a And if w er mny Dif Bribmu h- be
u.. at :A.id, ,Jl.'o it, w'i. db
.Os i~ aht.fiom AEst C.rm -i .
7. Then us one other Sentence belong t thmi
Head, is de igh SFm oC hr iOra* ri rv. ", Tht
N1LKiM Sociaeids yed fqy, na .r mad a uhj, f
E a eers~ n .hajr N mft d a sBVm.ip
16a am ensonaq hae bhe wMewm
viasb both by uh Bioth ul= Ovss
E16 1ksT i Aq than 4' vigliea ttimlu
aid i.'Pls. od their ffemblinp, according ta the
A I T raorion1" Have Ar embraced the Pro
tAiw which that At aunht give the, in Cffe they
omplied with the-Conditions of i' Ifoc, ae hey
not all "lihle a the Penaltie of the flreval Stames
made before thu Time again Unlawfl AfembllHes r
How can they fcape i Have ey allied them'
S fre for holding theft frt A bamis, accord
to the T r of tat A tA "L Hve thIa the t
Members thereof taken the Oats so the Gover .
meae ?" And are Lei Doon of the Place wherein
they meet, always open at the Time of fuch Meet-
ing I prefume, you know they are no ; and that
neither the Perfon nor Places are fo qualsddd aw that
S At direct "
How the come the Biftop and Clergy, to ,ar.
teime andd ewaraag UiUnlaWhl Affemblies If it be
Jila, They meet in a private, inoffenive Way ;"
that is nothing to the Point nu Hand. If thole Meet-
ing are UnEJw in themselves, all their lnoefi6ur
1Ue will not make them lawful. 0, but they be-
have with Modefly and Decency." Very well; but
thb Law I What as that to the Law F There can be
no (oid Defence but this: They are not Difeatrs
from the Church ; rheroere they camt and they'

lth.anJd l A of Taelea. fLa-si M.
mase ainaliibs TheIWay. Issasn Tg s
1U0*'domes ai-said Sth .*'. .. -jT
ther llie.m odMlaeLW If arj Moer ts
taueua taein *alb. .tr i T* i f Pa
GaOb (madouli 4H iwthe momCe, i itS gabO
bdieAulWe0bCwal ; '.. _0 I
ig. You popfe mtuOeftu & te M ar An -t

TbcrabSodi ofr the fc wpsowf strolrydl
TB.e uSi t twil wie, u lpai'n W~ iS

a46 am Cary CoIsty :" thimai, frfpnb ,
j"Jaw rIm.. Th I Wd'aL ly wim~E j T y
dmu Abr M qOmaclmed Mdkelnn eP&ipict" h
rf SM a e Yua#- mda.e -^if betd mah.

i ite ntlalre jtao wtleessmbt Jrt Goen ta
,n etC e o u ua.l beel Pka.' 3
Pied h Agu 1dor ei there mtyo ph or .mi a
thi:ae kmagl aongotaghDhis UhIs ow Ci*A Mr
Tmnia t he odS dB7i I mix t herewkm e wft en
pob n dia ub the y aar oipperr of o n.
Batr ouChe hur oridedd nagait hi'paerio
ing p id d7owi the 6sdh aon of Prieh .iby ex.
pf y laenitU teL atu H ofit Pwea n dir can.
fwtwkl Kaf tpptsed ?&reu9e.
la fver, Fa Your Argumknetpraeto much.
it be aowd jnf am you propore a, itprorm, That no
Priref has Authority, either to peh or mir the
the Sacramens. in any other than hi. own Congrpa-
a. Had the Power. confrr'd been feIindnf when I
was aoraim'd Priell, my Ordinarion woufd have i.i-
6Bed junoc ing. For I was noc at tt sa ae.
creation at aU : Bur as ordained a Member of
has College of Divme, (To oar Staraes express ic)
founded to overturn an Herefien, Xad defend the Ca-
cholic Faith."
SPer may Year after I was ordai'd Prie, thb'
imika*tm was never heard of I heard not one Syl-
lale of Ir, by Way of Objfeir, o- my prez c-
i lup

ikm eLm im .-
S..-4: Ahidir fe bi noi t univerfly ~ EOW-
Ier1r'Ii, aus c b has a Power, n Yirtupof bi
Chl di-bit ather ioo pDesac or to admi;iiftoer ,
caim f Ia i n auddI, a CIa. / herr mInJrA "
s .me aie n c.F hit Pdnc. e W Dod.oc acn
one then, fee hroagh this tha Pretrnce I
- Thber.ioKyr ,Una iveracder. v
theb r to grIAcRne m Iia. 'Bat Ph .c,
S. ud in E aWdfea wqa Rons in to aw
h" Pl oP Cffe ..o d ithe a.o
miaul i.ymaOn Only comuch to ayw., Tohp
SCaon has bee. abated, at Ilna to n particular
A i the Che chwaude wore ut i ded to hinder,
by m Force, the Pried whom thVicar hi~elf hdi
"tIi fo6e praching. and to quae tbhi Caqn i
i yh, plainly thew, belongs to quite so
tlk "bIc oti yea add, Mr. 8't o bci uak'd
fB wrO C AriaOr be preached. rep By iA Au-
hiry of Jdof Chrif, convey'd to spe by the (now)
Arehbtbop of Caterbwy, then he laid his Handi
upo me and (aid, Take thou Authority to reach khe
In this Reply he rhonIlk r, or a, plain
to leavqout tbu latter Part of bih (omani-
ta:I for that wol4d have Ihmn his Rqader, the Re-
jfrAwo nd Isvtaar, under which thp Ercire of
he Power as granted." Nay, I did pa;t ri FrC I:-
urr Par of the Words, for a plainer Reafon, because
I Aid not UIh them. And I did n'xft cha then
because they did not come into my Mind. The
probably if they had, I should not have spoken them:
9 j bn e my only L'oncern, to artwer the Qcftion
p ac in as few Words as I cou'J.
S bf thor e hole ord, iich ioLD fuppaf to imply
Ifith a Reffrnart, ai ou'd cileacmn al the Ilahopg
I I ad

* r(.86A)
C -lCl jt a fie Nasice. iwedr'.U '
d"n fySi or eieMa te n al, wh I'chb1 d
o L' af lbdelible Charniwr, "' R niv JL
rthe tice s'a Work of a FNtid iki4
Cbhof Goq,Daow committed unto dhe, t ds
p fbf o Hitmab. WIoi Sla tho. dbi -
re, are fcriiwea. ad whoA Sgin thee dtw
iin'Aret reained. And be thou a rhfMd
pem of the Word of OD, ad of Cil hd okmd M
hba i br dR 1~aeI of tohe fthe, aud f retai
and of bHe Ghok.a 1 .. i
" *". pbtee1 In the fmne ACdu.
Ti -he looks apon r he World u hi6ert
idxalinm his Meaningu fallom, "M 6`mA. -
OP it I am, I judge i "meet, i-hts rm
4 1odme Duty, to declare a that aid & ia
ti r, te Glad Tidings of Salwation ThiJi
'Wbdk d-' I know Goo hatdh .ded me-t ." A i
ty, the Llaying n. of ri Haerf-lbs PmA )
wca diretsn me.how toabey that Gtenel OCbS9
wbile fwe have 79we, ler as d Ged ft a/ ill ft. L '-
St. Vou obart far hr. That the d r Aed.F dt
nor obferve theiRubrick bIfore nha.Cbminaibo SievbSj
which diref, Ja maqry as dclire to partake of the
Holy-Communion, rnfignify shner Nnae tro'c ttlC te
the Day before' What' Curte deia dtey hWd&P
Whenever any Minifter wil give but one Wef% Neti
of thiL, I undertaken, aI that have any Reblain to me
fall fgnify their Names within ohe T-me appolulo 1
You object alfo, thai they bmik thro' ie4bal,
eighth Carin, which requrea, That if 6S"came
tome often to any Church from other Ptariles;
should be remirced ro rhriy own Chures, there to
receive the Corpmunion with their Neighbourt."
But what if there be po Communion there? thea
this Canqn odo nor much the Cir, nor doea any ote
brIe. it, by comirg to otherr Church purely becafie
ithee i4 no Cormrumiod -it his own.
SA\ to voLir neit.Adv)e, To have a greater Re'
guard to 6e Ruls and OrHer ofthe Church," Icrmaow
lor I now regiru them, nvr to the W6rd of GOD.
And as to v ur I lt, Tr rLnounce Communion rith the

i .. u
r' ap;iB aaft l1iou -frjl oft ofir,
i be trkN he Obje&ion
S y And catdd Man,, vie.
a i anl.wfl w ufe extcmporary Pray,, bc-
C t whe a a' Paoon again i ."
J werqequite dcI; to me, that Ihe Canon he cited
w e n temporary Prayer. Blt Grppofing it were,
Sp Anfwer would be, That Canon dare not
oby : Becaue the Lw of Man binds only fo far, as
ia confifLent With rheWord of Gor."
e fame Prd6 objelkgd, my not obeying the
and Governor. of che C1crch. I wfrr, I
and will obey them, in wrhaoevecr I cO ith
'Aend So dhat there is no jult Gr6ud
t .thatr I t day.j either the Rulca. or cie
iotc Church. I obey them in all thing
Srp do not apprehend shre is fome partc
,ofCon to the contrary. Even in that Cl'e, 1
&I he Deference I can ; I c.lavodr to ati as
vely ap polibJa: And am mady to frubmir to
n ly, which can by Law be i Bihed' pon me.
..uld to GoD every hMitcr and Member of h:.
Vrwe herein alogethTer a I am .
V i. ve copridered the chfObjef l i
he lately been urged ajart the D)Q.rjt tedI ,
Smain Argume broaghtr gain& A irskaro of
Sr aing, have been coilrred al~. remains, go
examine the moll current ObjeAions, cbncerning th
J4fiS of "hi Teaching.
Man afii, Ttha ar d-es abundance aof Hort
tht iu had very bad Efec ; infomuch shat ifany
Good a all has been done, yet it bears po Pzopordon
to tde Evil."
SBpt come to Pariculara, Rir4 then, you *a
Ihhrhen of the public Peace,"
What, do te chher tech or raile Sedition ? Di we
fa E-vil of the Ruler of qur People Or do we fir
fm up a fipt any of thoe rh. are pu in authority
Sunde baI Do rwe ursay OF u aly promoi f
,I z Fadids,

it *- 4 htrW you I) rv T
tiwe' BMW Vifn you not thad, dithg
Psace mfclf was, in thi Senfe, a Dift'rltr'E
public Pace? 'I fra be ram rtwo 7erufaelr Wt
r6.) all r COty ua m nWd, (ipWiu) iaken as i t
Earthquake. And The Difturbance arorfe hi" ai
higher; 01 rk tubule Maltitde cried out
SAway uhir, bu, umw a uny b hir; arnc N'
AjrI and Pl/e gawr Sensre, irut i .'g
another Difturber of the publidck LPVOW
pir, even from the Time he b
tiernia and C. w ~l.d. .P u
Arrj, ad rea apem VW s Him V ti

Neu ts, (commnljy calfe0ddJk irlkP
ihey cami ro mdft W r ',f'i.: 't-d ..
all the reft, that Paal of ?rnr, who wccfilf
much Difturbance ar Danmaf./ (Afts i t.) At .
cF Pi a (c. xiii.) at lenidm (c. iiv ) at Lfra (r. 19']
at Phuipi (c. xvi) at hrefalemie (c. xvii.) and par.
icularly at ElheA. The Coneqaunce of has preach-
there was, That tfr raak Cfity Wr fieAW aila
AFiM. r ail tbry a# r rf 0ei1s 0uS
fii. erq. ..7 /fe. aW/-m rnualsuch a 1
Niftrr Part f thfr w A w autr efprn tbhy wien -am
together. 1!
a. And can we expeA it to be inyortherwmrife
Altho' what wj preach b the Gofpe of PeaMp yet
if you will violeny and illegal hnder oar Prech.
ing, ant not ut create ble ix obfnr.e,
the Difturbance begins on year Par. All b Peace,
i you irae that Diflurbance. And then you very.
modealy impute it to au, and lay ydar av Riot at
Sd-Door I
But of all this, our Lord had tod us before. SiW
iit that I am ame to fird Pern spoi Earth: That
di will be the irmediate EIeA, wherever my

.. ..IIIUIDIUIJIJDIIII ~ ..J- ;* 1- .. .ll.... ...|.|

SMn. wAel o a. re D k ,nrJs emf 7p.I rT.
AAar af pr CGLrd :E gNo
Crieas can at ab pac l eaw V
tri U s hath a MattIr tay,, aj.,
l .e da t am. Dnperwe (or Ppcnfl, na ca
and dec4ing the Cafte) /rr qba reload Jas
her. ai fy cnpre aNy thieg ncar fie, t. t
W lfsGi, ital e dtrriued io a lawful ,. i
Biu you create DIvdoans IQ pWan *r l .,j-
thenmwly, we da prr thance, iipple as, epA4
' jMy to have the form but nr.g he, PLowr -
o nefs i or to have neith her lFc r nor t'
Power in either Cae, they may in tme Sort agrFr
tomethei But fuppofe, when theai hbr Ate plain
Word of COD, one or two- of dherm are SQovinccA,
" This i the Truth. And I hive jteC al du Ture
ia the broad Way that leadch to Dci;djap :'' The(e
then wil begin to mourn aiecr GooD hl ihpii reL
remain as they were. Wll the) nor Ihe"c;qr af. c-
fequdice divide, and form ihlemiel.e; Ino'ir'p.eI
Pasiprt Mtll ic no" be to, an the yp;.y,,Nrpro of
Thinga And how exaCtly doUs thisagIrce %irch the
.WYCV of our Lord ? Sq.ppajfe ) tS I C;a r 1 Cn I
FPqurg g Earth? P i/rl i6s p.an: hba raibarDfr wji.
Jr frean eauefrar tshre jI4l1 & fiw b dy.gdJ j1 ,pe
.jJuif, rrse g.aggt lLW, 44f tfwr.i2'fYAW),4 t,4r
"lArkrw 6.il .i1auJ.ra fln;".u .Sam, a l /I -xf 4s aga?1
tbi.Flt.Wr: Tbe Aohlrbr agig fa b D.a krr, snr ,e
D.ghtnr ejaai she AMior ;she VAerbr o .ab


R yte, ?%ijAU k 1&7 ofr l th ~ Ag
' ictl wr from the very Begfnning. Fo I 'It-
*dtha; a frtw Paren would r en.
tChid) Or that a Heath Had
woal Hi-a COrfini Wife P Unlei either e
lbt -W cMt- bld gain her Huland, or the ia-
goband'prrriied on the Wife tre nome
S fy of. wrfupb Goo 1 At least, Iu
iwd obey am e.oaing ar mote to there. a
i CeCrarv*t nrl s, (mtrarj as they termed the Chlll
'4. Doi tim*iw)w, I have an Eye torys C
Iogbdts harej"r I do not fibt as one that Ie
ath the Air. Why have not I a Right to hinder m
wmm Wife r Child, ionm going to a ConrendicJe Am
h it nor the Daty of Wives to obey their HUulmaii P
Wd of Chdren to obey their Parents ?" Only for t
Cafe feveneen hundred Years back, and yor own
lbnmfdcnce gves you the Arf er. What would St.a l
have fidd. o ote whofe Hulband forbad her, to feBow
1i, I'yany pre ? Whit Virefionwould tarSavtoer
Se'geni to'hbin whofr Father enjoined him, not to
heur Xolpriet ? His Wa-ds are extant fil. rHe A
IlkF'ntr ~ a fetbe l rA mr rtha me, rf ent wortlb of
mr'. AJP e ti hlovetb San r Deaugter mare thn me,
i fi 4. -iAr bFy. (Matt x. 37, 38.) Nay sore,
If';h* Amey cae-' Pb mr, O.t Lerl. oat[ (in companion
rfmr) tir Frtrer and Mother n.4 Hift eand Chbi rew,
viea oN.i ;/t1Wp Lift, bhe tgwar he my Dufripir. I(Luke
iiv Z6)
0, bcrth; ib nro a parallel CJfe. For they were
frjrArle ; but I am a a Cnrrfj A Chrilian I Are
you fo ? Do yoa underfland the Word I Do you know
*what a-Chrifflan is ? If yon are a Chrlian, you have
-e iMmd that wats m inft ; and yon o walk as he
| fo walked. You are Holy as he is Holy both in
' tirv, and in all manner of Lonerfation. Have you
then the Mind that wis m Chiill And do you walk
a ChriJr walked ? Are you inwardly and oumrwamm

M Raillr st Christ t' A',m= Cou mca mr. a
if A lb"Wrmker, a Chrim li A
bar t WMKiimunM aChrifta Tbh Mt a-n
hd bIusedi dS .Warth oFGoo is on tk~hia.
and tbr oWafGao upon thy Bak. Thy fiar
atebblaksth-Mne. Byrea ofIflchkCh rianf-iIb.
that he RlyN me ofChri i blafphemwd. 6b4oC
dIt lay are, dhat cah the very Savgen the 'A-
. la Woods-e ay oau. "G Crinf l much &duMk.a-w
lm bans Men, Cr.ian call Lio, Dawl-CGnf/ia
; "And fo r "rI dirca thy Wjf aueChidnriltL
5rd Sci niedal -'Woe Imna she, shaim hav4
4 Woe mun their, tmhe blid Leader e ih
iilt WaL wilt k hou make them I Two Mldmeo
d Childe of Hed than thyfylf ? -Be aiOmmsh
JI nhW i mon a i. a i dethe.de hy Face. Lay thee
4b th DuI. Ou of rhe Deep cry rnto Gov, ifuhply
he may hear chy Voice. Inflandy fmjte upod shy
heat. Who kuowerh but GOD may take thee out of
, thlBlily'ofHell :
5. Bat you are not one of thefe. Yo fear Gooand
labour to have a Confiece void of Oface. And it
is frm a Principle of Gnefunr. that you retain. yur
Wife or Chdldren from hear img/ fl Deorine." But how
Ado jou know it is Ifr Dotrine P Have you heard 'for
yoafelf ? Or, if you have not heard, have you careluly
read what we have occasionally anfwred for ourfelvep
A Man of Coafcrnce cannot condemn any one uq-
heard. This not Common Humanisy. Nor wll
ha refrain from hearamg wha may be die Truth, for
mo better R fon than fear of hu Reputation, Pray
obfrve. I do noti ay, every Man (or any Man) u
bliged m.Caofc ace to hear us. But I do ay, every
.Mabin igleaJ wfo tcondcmns us, is obed to
.. ",(l. Thus is only common Juldce, fdch as is not
"dcq-ud m a Thief oz a lMurdrer. Take your choice
,hcuayre. Eiher hear uo, or co.ndern u pot. Either
Jpeak nothing, a aUl, or hear before you peatk.

kte. -.ame-n h~ombma tMd Nit 4 en ::
fAstM ONiU tu ii am heir Wi"i Via
.dot oemlla m ialrejMai.fDid ypo nte s AW
*I as hGoods perapeAftr tofn II
If Or weader yoa Pd as 7ado What.* pV
PA c it b this t ViW dtidoda ch.0CauLean
oa filliN Sore P*'hrm4 -om Wrd of rbd.r'
dwte. iltwd Mll ddyr talk of aftiig eM: offl: C
'tenW YL,- r Cfciw evaidOrlfOnal . i
Odler was jiA, uad i ,t1 amm.aly. ialirItM
St.WRe oa nut ga. a Amtant of imiflrt
Goo : and you cannotfrre the Conftiecm ro piaaiL "
oM.i6 s ma =ama it.. Raeifen mdisff ,
&I dl WAdk YM o roeb ar uf0,- evreilnt*
aW n -C iNoy. Ascbt.y Ahii islalp
r sdtfar into Conetiesg, or o ham cin MTiag
lmo chalk Heed. You Iany dk) thymt itt Ehbis. g.
higu anoea wwant %hem. Rmemobs) whaubr *s
nfetialr- aklY' . r ; ari
I. .' I -..
By Force Bea;ts al and are by Pod n, ldld llt..J
rW a T mheIfahkldrndbyghidEManmu i ik d p
thou UmA not tle, what I refiA ta yield:
Nor remp the arvelt, tbo' choir ipoilM the Fidd.".
6, BEery retfnable Man is.conanced of ihi. And
hapkp you d. no concern yourfeif fo nUch about
t he Db ine, bun the Mlifcjief chat done. Hiar
lmtny roor Flmakhe ate. farted, ruin'd, brougA to
'7gr '" Rv what. Not by wrekirarg a Pmeny u
Wee (Ihe L iual Cornusburion Io our Saciec) and
l ln ll &l/ # w, when lhey pleafe, when there a any
Shadow of Reaon to (ippole they cannot aodl il.
aw '.iR -*ntap fay, an ar brough to Begga by
dWi-Nb;t by Glibr to mx: eFr I rceive. nooa.
vr(tformerti*fts) the Food I c t .AndP blick CoUi lr-
esmbreothung to me. I'bha I miy-erkl nd y appear
:t)ey! a*e riot. when any fuch Llledron as mnde, Z o
cloth the FooTS or for any other detrminate Purport
I' e lMoney iL both rezited and c~peEded before many

t old rt" a ,f r.r "' "
'ft w*hii eO thefe Families that lNe tm
bl tBfte I-How i it, thai Mne arth
tAe" all, we .f /Trw. Tkhn ina6d
I=ri no Dager of clearing myfe.f f ro thr In-
djtment. I .the ealieft thing of a thoofand, orne
at 'Ml&u jfto fay, that I have beggar'd him and al
.indred. If em ofJ the long bearded Men on twJ
were o fy fo jut now, I oulda not ic*i
him. Dft why will you not bringt aR.'&W
lttot me Io to my Pace? I'ave not fom a eW
osthir yet. They pray, you woW l' tLo
I etm aer Manp omig to me with a dole'
tmn e. pucing himnflf mro many Jamem able
FM smm, gaping as wdeas hecould, and pos ring,
Month a who would fy, he could nor fppet."
IepiNed of his Companion, what was the mauerr
A-d twa iMformed, he had falen into the Haub df
thne ILr", who had uTed him in a barbarou MaSierj
ad cut o bhis Tonge by rhe Root." I believed him.
Mbt whni the Man hd had a cheerful Cup, he could
l his Tonge as well as another. I rerleedI Haw
l It that I could To readily believe that Tale ? The
Aiber war eafy, Becaure it was told of a Trkir
My Friend, take Knowledge of your own Cafe. If
you had not firti tool; me for a 7ark, or famething
aqnmy bad, you could not (o readily, have belied
diet Tatk
7. Bat can ir be, that there i no ground a all
f aeort, which is in every ones Moorch' I will
SbP yotu, all the Ground which I can corei .
I ihn many of rok who attend on my hiniui;
Sieft of this World's Goods than they had befB*
icz tli m ht have had, if they did nor atted it.
Stgh PfIh I a s bd it may be cafly accoRtud. for
ir'arher otg r of the following Way,.

-1ld --y f who r .
d 4 arq l4.
t wih not haup o tArd Dfr-
4fwir t y wolfu IT a TJU
a*6r fl -m Met J04 ert, C d waerek TA
therefo re 'a f if they no he
Jp aold amy i timof a who arc lAIngb irA
n~pqR~ft would ft Ay no IMI ifM P. ^j~rfI

po4bly, migh not beap up Co moh Ity f
-s oM hrwife they would have done. Tr c
tierefire hamw li chan if they had not baheud ;
agle Aiey would gra/p at ef. .
Seaondly, wherever the GofPel takes eci. & 4j
AP of a Ala ill e rtrw ofb r hU ff/)..4.. Ep
this helans thea fome who hear and receive it. :Wi JI
willbe poorer .tan they were before. Their Djdf
sic F win, ia many Cafrs, hinder, emhr a1
S4 hc Courfe of Iheir AfAin. And ghpir Aci
a on& who afiftd them before, or promi4 at lead
ft o do, will probably withdraw or deny 6Cm A$.
u, XJe u wiU A, A ahurJid y thoe. ,Parhtlu
C" n aeqt Rdkaions: It being pa new TXBi g.afo1
atrei o doQow chair Childrenn iTf er ie Sl
ra h hy tall Mtrw, wft rjP th GOD /qfthh
FaArs. Hcnce therefore fame krf ff, Qf i tir
World'A Goods than they had a Tunes paAi. dIJt.
because they tarn lis, or becaulf they rfceinirf 4rCr.b
Ies o whom btey depend.
Thirdly, It is written that thF# oa 3newisd Sf
s Marwk f thr Bef, either u #Air Fov-rf A-4
thinr AJh-Mand., either openly or fecrclry waget i
pcrwisqd n hy ere/r any more. Now whaete thrs
MyIern conoam'd hbreia ny be. I. qpleheand dt
m Mlrk of the Beat i Wichkdne& ;a lwd und
Otward Unholmefl. whawuer i fectwy L .copD ly Sota
traryo Judice, Mercy or Truth. And certain it

-r I -

.rr.", m ..
hgaz drdite taso m -, tar if he* 1 6 id

PaFi*hiii temi a. B ors abldroof cUbu
ma& I"ota .t e ma D t* iw it As A t ha.
JtL. Pb.Fir tk qa opp chA dU or defirad thdi
Ndliear: Tw T astar Ue, or f OiLn they ih
S211 a11 he1 r no1w pi the Wins Iibm. .bs.
Iksr il-kM f AoaIanU, 'they Aiwe l/f of rhii
World' Gooda; because they gain lerf th they did
*r*da il-Al r t hr'w i g01 r ins Or1 7rfji
J U1m t Prnfrer iW: If in no other Way, yt at
i"4: iBs, dIalUs Maf szdtI AWnJh lj wa hree I& I
'f iy all ameamr arf ta epir hia f^ for &M
ba Ow ashaoldAle iff or this will be, that
XlMAue uhfimcterdtpcnds-on their daily Labour;
wibe lIAtenrir WEar, far few will care o employ
dai b foa' 41 Clra.ir. And even hofe who
da ftaplay thoai beftr, perhaps for many Veae,
el rip ody ghem no more foi that hereby Come may
Iibdd be brought to iggary.
'* & What doee this trach y Areao one of those,
S'wholwll hawv nothing to do with thofe (candalous
IWhebths Pehaps you will fay, And who an
bh~eime for it : *May I not employ whom I pleafe ?
Wu-rill weigh thiii. You employed A. B. fopr fveral
Years. By )our own Account, be was an honest, dl-
IlH t Man. Voa had no Objetion to him bbt his
fdhwing tha I 'r. For this Reafob you turn him o.
Ifra imrr Tune, having fpat his lirile Al, and hav-
ing no Sapply, he wants Bread. So does hi Family
tUI m nlt ad hiasfelf. Before o can gea Ino other
Jmfifm'o proure ir, thro' want of convenient Pood
to eat, add Raylant to put on, he icken. and deu


- nr-w pr-

A dAftemir W r br f t
fa A .aQniuequdist hiMnri Hediill
iagatdl iA., in jat Hou. cta you' think aP..tler
ad rblab'd thit m th te l
It is mt I n who rin n. ad hnt hatuAmJ
-htwo my aor gpi the PXkWag SpiWSit oflr .JPd.
ftirl Ye Feels nd blind I W aut e knor -( 't
tP Why, EAJamd BAewnr would halr ] m h
Heretick in Prnf : Whbate ymne.f) the in de
"7u H/ I I
And al this Time you talk of Librty of Caun/a
ar ? Ya. Liberty for fich a Conflica as u ur
own: A Coafeieanc pM fedi ni (for fure i lad tom
ane) a Confcideefear'd -Soh a bt Irr. Lihberml
ferve th Devil, according to your poor, handin'd C1i
science, you allow ; Bt not Liberty to Jie. Go. '
s a y, and what Marvel WhofouCr thae sMah
rine thi, and fdele in thy Hear a Real Dea
to terve GOD, I warn thee, expea no Libert fr tyj
CoAnience, from him that hath no Conience at at
All Ungodly. Uothankful, Unholy Mean al Villai
of whatever Denomination. will have iberr indeed
an the World over, as long as their Maler is Wdef
this Wrld. But expert not Liberty to waribp Go
m Spirit and in Truth, to pramufe pure and -ml
fled Religion (unlefi the Lord would work a mew
Thmg in the Earth) from any but thole.who them.
fclves love and ferve Gon.
9. However, 'as plain, you make Men Idle.
And this tends to beggar their Families." Ths Ob.
jcaion having been contiually urg'd for rome Yean,
I will race n from the Foundtion.
Two or three Yen after my Return from ne, ca,,
ga Captin Rakb ArtIawm of Briel, made Afidaru
bdh e..iLh (then) Mayor of the Lity, That it was a
coiamon Report in Georria, Mr. If.fj cook People

Ila the L rcip.. badi In de lloniiadw
~4iw The "mqj Eu At ive and
s~,w ~railins Th Ivmg 'rTq
4kPab~aj 7sfi'. Gag TaiwpOi~

i&.11 Iftykael e
or ouiuably Men V= for waurlaagP
Smc quta I D@)NW now. bo* ai Sixrz

*~~~~~~. lui.honk LIi~bao e~W
~ ~ag Year, o 1 i opr-
eve ryeneRg, WP f erPgpale Ufou Sir

U~ee aoun hin Tdle tHaci wrkflo

01. F ew uk ndeed auiom'd to iwor longer,
yoI adr, ot to comaeonWeet-Dumy. And
Weu. hMioeia thi OWc on, Aw, uales
dI o awbo .orn & .L
I 9 t L'jhA liver Cofaheovced Po Or.; .c is

NIoctthem idler Do you Las the tbmel? PZ4J4 ij)
Same- Few I a admire your Ccaag' twt nor rlone
"I ~mau I bus eithe cnAnq or earagirqi 1dle.
SI mm idle nt tbo comewn to beekDah, ys A
k wmum Oat th -c this Advkei 4alifb goV
raminiaa otrfonr oei.s~e&

C, 4.W fwi wouadmi Tiey or mbutnor. To
Cdi I fiess either cakIv or mrair Idle.

rqi i -ii maftlaanevdfEidr giflurAYh ri
hkjgv fi6Tltvnk, when oar l-aher- IMoe 9
r ,fke us. wbe we have aeikhr Food po 0 ,'. Rtl
rent to pat on nor a Prled xbdi what lhoot ts
Waort m Ac where tp lay oar Hea'd :
ulrrr Direaisow in Apur AcdSiat I blt hi "GoiCftt
I N d, b icant '~~l on : The genahie 'Prui. '
a d&ftemper'd lrain, not ef a fick'y lIntmg ui.
bfYue Prv of ooD ih the Hear, &d1rir L.'I
sfd of fiad )Wd.
, Igrart, Secondly, It is my Endeavour .todn
N1 I can, imo whaz jw may tefq aAother Slf t
Wuctfir wh h is u lly ptsro thi, iad f
Serm R rp/rtav'e CiA .-.
' aiano bciteisbc biet &an a Wit dA t
1n"w1hu dope. I Will irflfort t edite td Ak Waii. I
>t When Men fdel in them ilvYs&he.tNW &iatea
of Sin, fee D tmanton to be the Reward of Ft, *dd h,
bold with the E) e of their Mid the Horror 6If4j '
they tremble, they quake and are' biwlrl n audhnd
Ilth Sonrrofulnef f'i and eah hr btrt,
&redefe, add open hbirt'Girf" e tbe i wri t'o
ddahEB thto him for) c. i) c'
,th *r Miad ilib o9cpe, 0Soi
a and

L;i~- _r

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