Submission Help

Guide to Submitting Materials

The information below is also available as a printable PDF in English as the dLOC Quick Guide to Submitting Materials.

  • Logging In:
    • Go to: or
    • Click the “myDLOC” or “mySobekCM” link in the top left.
    • Log in:
      • If you have a Gatorlink username (University of Florida), use Gatorlink username and password.
      • If you do not have a Gatorlink username, click the "Register now" link to register
  • Submitting your materials:
    • To submit a new publication, click on start a new item.
    • Read the terms and conditions of our user agreement.  If you would still like to submit your item, click on continue.
    • Enter information about your material in the appropriate field. 
    • You are automatically listed as the creator of the item, but you may list additional authors by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the field.  Any field with a plus sign to the right of the field may have multiple entries for that particular field.  When you are done, click on the save button.
    • Add files by clicking on the browse button to locate the file that corresponds to the information that you just entered on the previous screen.  After selecting the appropriate file, click on the upload file button.
    • The name of the file you chose to upload will appear under Attached Files. 
      • If you would like to add supplementary files for this title, browse and upload once more for each additional file.  When you are done, click on the save button.
    • Now you may review your material. 
      • If you submitted a PDF, it is immediately visible via our PDF viewer.  Other types of files are available by download only.
    • To review the information about your material, click on the citation tab near the top of the page. 
      • If you would like to edit the information, click on the link to the right of the corresponding section heading, change the text, and click on the save button.
  • Editing your preferences:
    • To set your myDLOC/myUFDC preferences, first log in. Once logged in, set your preferences by clicking on the "Edit my preferences link" or the "My Preferences" tab in myUFDC.
  • To edit the information about your materials, follow these steps:
    • Contact us or follow these steps:
      • Log in
      • Click on "View all my submitted items"
      • Click on the item you want to edit
      • Click on the citation tab
      • Click "edit this item"
      • Edit the metadata for the item.

Submission Help: Guide to Adding New Volumes to an Item

The information below is also available as a printable guide in English and Spanish.

To add a new volume to an existing bibliographic item, as is often done for serial and newspaper publications:

  • Click on the bibliographic identifier or BIBID at the top of the page (e.g., AA00010137 which goes to this page:
  • From this main bibliographic page, click on “Add New Volume” to add a new volume simply by including the serial hierarchy or date information.
    Add New Volume
  • To add the new volume for a serial or newspaper, simply add the correct serial hierarchy and select "Save".
    • The serial hierarchy is added in the form shown below, with an example that would be common for a daily newspaper which needs year, month, and day information entered. The "Display Text" is the text to be displayed. The "Display Order" is the numeral for the order in which the issues should be organized and displayed.
    • Journals with volumes may have the volume number for "Level 1" with for journals with "Volume 1" as display text and "1" for the "Display Order".
    • Daily newspapers have the year for "Level 1" with the numeral for the year repeated in both the "Display Text" and "Display Order". For "Level 2", daily newspapers have the month written out as the name of the month in the "Display Text" and then the numeral in the "Display Order". For "Level 3", daily newspapers have the numeral for the day in both the "Display Text" and "Display Order".
    • After entering the serial hierarchy, as shown in the form below, click "Save" to end the process and display the new volume page, or click "Save and Add Another" to add many items in a batch and then return to add and/or edit after adding the batch information.
      Serial Hierarchy