An Outer label for the Archimedes brand From the Arguelles, Lopez, and Brothers Cigar Company.

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An Outer label for the Archimedes brand From the Arguelles, Lopez, and Brothers Cigar Company.
Arguelles, Lopez and Brothers Cigar Company, 1895 ( Manufacturer )
Cigar City Collection ( Contributor )
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Physical Description:
1 cigar label ( 11 x 11 cm )


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Label ( Documentary Artifact, Communication Artifact ) ( nmc )
Cigar industry ( lctgm )
Cigar label ( lctgm )
Arguelles, Lopez, and Brothers Cigar Company (545 Main Street) ( lctgm )
Archimedes ( lctgm )
Outer label ( lctgm )
Spatial Coverage:
Tampa |z 1271000 |2 ceeus
Hillsborough County |z 12057 |2 ceeus
United States of America -- Florida -- Hillsborough County -- Tampa


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Archimedes lived from 287? - 212 BC. He was a Greek mathematician who made discoveries in mechanics and hydrostatics. His famous hydrostatic experiment (Archimedes' Principle) stated thata body immersed in a fluid (e.g., water in the tub) is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.
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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida, Tampa FLorida, Special Collection
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