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The Radical Women in Gainesville Historical Exhibit was created in 2007. Like all projects that uncover and preserve undocumented histories, new information continues to become available that clarifies and expands the historical aims of this project. Archival work to document and preserve history is always an ongoing process and, within it, clarifications and corrections of this sort are common and essential. This Addendum page was added on December 2, 2011 to include corrections and clarifications received that enrich the online exhibit and collection.

Addendum contributed by Sharon Bauer:

"I was one of the six members of the NOW Rape Task (chaired by Alyce McAdam) who started the rape crisis center, and I went on to direct it for 6 years; in addition, my husband and I were the first managers of the spouse abuse shelter. Although I work at UF, I wasn't one of the people interviewed, but there are references to me. The exhibit curator referred to Dr. Jacquelyn Resnick, who was interviewed, as "co-founder of the Rape Information and Counseling Service." I'm not aware that Dr. Resnick refers to herself as a co-founder, a term reserved for the original six. (Unfortunately, I've recently learned that some of the volunteers in our first training class call themselves "founders."). Dr. Resnick was a wonderful resource, developed a volunteer training manual for us and trained the trainers, but that was long after the organization was founded. She later served on our community advisory board. Dr. Phyllis Meek, also interviewed, is referred to as a board member, but that must have been after I left, as she wasn't involved during the time I was. I was surprised to read, "According to one account, Bauer demanded the county donate an unused city building in Kanapaha to SPARC in order to provide safer services for women." I don't know whose account that was, but it's untrue. We were one of several community groups (including the Police Benevolent Association) that submitted proposals to the city to use the building, we made no "demand," and our proposal for a shelter was the one selected, thanks in large part to the support of the late former city commissioner Gary Junior."