Twelve Days of Christmas in Panama

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Twelve Days of Christmas in Panama
Charles & Sandy Hummer Collection
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Box 36
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misc loose printed papers
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Panama -- Central America -- Panama Canal Zone


Black/White, legal-size paper, 3 pages of holiday song lyrics
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Item received on 11/27/2010

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University of Florida
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Panama Canal Museum Collection at the University of Florida
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On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, A pico feo in a mango tree! On the second day of christmas my true love sent to me, Two crocodiles . On the third day...
Three kinkajous . On the fourth . .
Four screaming buzzards . On the fifth . .
Five coconuts . On the sixth . .
Six gato solos . On the seventh . .
Seven golden frogs . On the eighth . .
Eight boa constrictors . On the ninth . .
Nine armadillos . On the tenth . .
Ten green iguanas . On the eleventh . .
Eleven traipsing tapirs . On the twelfth . .
Twelve fat conejos . Eleven traipsing tapirs, ten green iguanas,
Nine armadllos, eight boa constrictors, seven golden frogs,
Six boa constrictors, five coconuts, Four screaming buzzards, Three kinkajous, two crocodiles, And a pico feo in a mango tree!
-Carrie Nellis 1970
Recorded by Sergeants Pete Franquet and Cal Hackman (USAF) and aired on SCN radio.
Pico teo: toucan. Kinkajou: honey bear. Gato solo: coatimundi. Conejo: rabbit.



i J -

'Twas the night before Christmas. In this tropical land, Not a thing was stirring Excepting our fan.
The Canal was all silent Folks shared the same fear. Without any snow How could Santa get here?
Then out at the Pier There arose such a clatter, We rushed to our porch To see what was the matter!
From his Gig to the Seawall Santa leaped with a bound, Then sprang to our rooftop And stood looking around.
Then he said with a chuckle: "By yumpin' oyiminy.. First they don"I have the snow, Now they don't have a chimney.
Inside of a twinkling, With steps light and sure, He swung from the rooftop And entered our door.

Our stockings we'd hung By the window with eare, Scarcely hoping Saint Nicholas Would ever look there.
But he found them o.k. And went to work with a grin, The lack of a fireplace Couldn't stop him!
He pushed back his cap, Ran a hand through his hair, Then left presents galore In a big bamboo chair.
He mopped his wet brow And sighed with great patience, As he jokingly mumbled, "What a place to be stationed!"
Each quarters he visited With the very same vim, And when he was finished He went for a swim.
Then he boarded his Gig, And we all heard him say, "It's not a white Christmas, But I made it o.k.!"

0 7ll And we heard him exclaim,
As he sailed out of sight "Merry Christmas to all, And to all a good night."
Each year at this time SCN receives hundreds of
requests for copies of the words to "Christmas on the Isthmus." This parody of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" was written in 1970 by Carrie Nellis and recorded by two SCN Air Force sergeants, Pete
Franquet and CaGel Hackman.
Here are the words that you'll be hearing on SCN
Radio during the Christmas ason:
On the first day of Christman, my ue love sent
me, a piso leo in a mango tree."
On the second day of Christma, my vtrue love mat
to me, two rocodiles...
On the third...threm kinkajous..
On the fourt..four screaming buzzards...
On the fifth...five oconuts...
On the sixth...six gto solos...
On the eventh...ueven golden On the eighth...eight boa con.,
On the ninth...nlne armadillos..
On the tenth...ten green igunas...
On the eleventh...eleven trapesing tapirs..
On ttwelfth...twelve fat onemjos...

(Pico fo toucan, kinkajou honey solo coatimundi, conejo rabbit)



The Night Before Chriitras
'Tvas the night before Christeas and all through the casa Not a creature was stirring, lCaramba! eQue pasa? Los nifos were all tucked away in their canmas, Scae .i vestidos, and some in pijamas. While mana worked late in her little cocina, El viejo was down at the corner cantina. The stockings were hung con nucho cuidado, In hopes that St. Nicholas would feel obligado, To bring all the children, both buenos y malos, A hatea of duloes and other regalos. Outside in the patio there arose such a grito That I jumped to my feet like a frightened cabrito I ran to the window and looked out afuera, And who in the world do you think that it era? St. Nick with a sleigh, and a big red sambrero Came dashing along like a crazy bmbTero. And pulling his sleigh, instead of venados, Were eight little burros, approaching volados, I watched as they came, and this quaint little hombre, Was shouting and whistling and calling by nambre: Ay Ponchol Ay Pepe! Ay Cuca I A y Beto! Ay Chato! Ay Chopo! Maruca y Nieto! Then standing erect with his hand on his pecho, He flew to the top of our very own techo. With his round little belly like a bowl of jalea, He struggled to squeeze down our old chimenea Then huffing and puffing at last in our sala, With soot smeared all over his red suit de gala, He filled all the stockings with lovely regalos, For
For none of the nifos had been very malos. Then, chuckling aloud, seeing very contento, He
He turned like a flash and was gone like the viento. Anc
And I heard him exclaim ... and this is verdad,
"Merry Christmas to all IFeliz Navidad!"

(c, -

WAS the night before Christmas
And all thru the casa
Not a creature is stirring
Carambat Qud pasa!
SThe stockings are hanging
Con mucho ceuidado,
In hopes that St. Nicholas
Will feel obligado
To leave a few cosas
Aqui and alit
For Chico and Chica
(Y something para me).
Los niflos are snuggled
All safe in their camas
(Some in vestidos, and
some in pajamas).
Their little cabezas
Are full of good things
Que esperan; qub cosas
St. Nick will bring?
Santa is down
At the (orn(i'er saloon
Muy borracho
Since mid-afternoon.
Mama is sitting beside the ventana
When Santa en maneria extrafia
Lit utp like fuego;
Qud goma mariana!
El va to bed
As morning approaches
Npliirti. lasmrua to all
And to all Buenas Noches.

Burning Sand
(Sung to the tune of ".ingle Bells'),
Parody by Oleta Tinnin
Dashing through the sand,
I thought it very grand,
Until it got too hot,
Then I thought 'twas not! ,
I got up on my toes
And burned all ten of those,
Then dashed into the salty sea
All the way up 0o y nose! .
Chorus: Oh! burning sand, burning sand,
How you end my fun!
When the sun is shining bright,
You really make me run!
An hour or two went by
I thought I'd take a try
The sand seemed more my styleI thought I'd run a mile. My foot slipped on a crab,
In air I made a grab,
But with nothing there to hold me up
I fell flat as a slab!
Folly of St. Nicholas
(Sung to the tune of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas')
Parody by Oleta Tinnin
Jolly old St. Nicholas,
What have you done, now?
I will try to rescue you. O
But I'm not sure just how.
You have been to Panama Ri
Enough by now to know
That the houses don't have chimneys,.
And we do not have snow. Ch
When the clock was striking twelve,
I was waiting here.
You did not show up as you-o
Said yu would last year. Fi
Now I find you hanging from
The flagpole on the hill. Sa
Your sled wrecked 'gainst the Building
And your packages in a spill.
' O
The police have found your reindeer
Thanks to Rudolph's nose He
Construction crews have fixed your sled
And, thanks to them, it goes.
Bombero crews have brought you down La
And sat you in your sledNow, Santa, please be, careful To
For I am off to bed!

Dry Christmas ..
(Sung to the tune of White Christmas')
Parody by Oleta Tinnia Chri as in this Tropic Wonderland
I'm dreaming of a dry Christmas, (Sung to thq tune of "Walkin"In a Winter Wonderlqnd')
Balmy and. breezy as of yore, P dbMlB
. . ....Parody by Marla B8lonon +
Where the sun shines brightly 'ady aaaoo
And stars twinkle nightly ChristrNas day, in Panama
And waves lap soft against the shore. Not thq same, as Omaha
:hNo o angels in the snow, where will we go,
I'm dreaming of the dry Christmas !On Christmas in this tropic wonderland?
On Christmas in this tropic wonderland. Panama alwars~has in str. ,.,, +i-+ + +,
+ ". .. ... .. :, + + one wayis -the turkey,
Give mesun weather reDown b the locks well watch a tanker transit Then pretend tha t Santa is aboardceviche
- AndaI I/ have all'/ wantIadta4more- un, n "...
. ... ;ft an ch o rs,,a wveig h w e 'll b e s un "a lda y ,
on Chfstmas in this tropic wonderland..
!Do wnkiy the locks we'll watch a tanker transit M!Ten pretend that Santa is aboard O Gatun Lake He'll sqy "You the pilot?" We'll say "No man!
(Sung to the tune of "0 Christmas Tree') But you carfind him if you strike the chord."
Parody by Susan K. Stabler,
0 Gatun Lake, 0 Gatun Lake Later on, we'll watch the tugs,
With faithful waters flowing As we exchange our Christmas hugs
The locks your waters tend to spill. It's true don't you know, who needs the snow?
The rains they come and do refill it's qhristmas in this tropic wonderland!
O Gatun Lake, 0 Gatun Lake
With faithful waters flowing,

Up Through the Locks
(Sung to the tune of "Up on the Housetop"')
Parody by Oleta Tinnin
ver the lock wall a light appears, Soon the control house is rocked with cheers. udolph is lighting the reindeer's way, Making the chamber as light as, day!+
horus: Ho, ho,' ho! Who wouldn't go!
Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't go!
Up through the locks in a great big ship,
Taking St. Nick In his Christmas triple
rst comes Gatun with a three-tier rise, The Gold Coast is in for a big surprise! nta is here with his great big pack. Loaded with toys fit to break his back!.
ver the lake with a rapid zoom! This lock is small, but there's plenty of room! sets to work with a right good will: Christmas has come to Pedro Miguell
st Santa's ship comes to Miraflores,. He quickly handles all his chores, ys for the children and gifts for the restSanta is through, and he's done his best!

We Three Locks of Panama Can
(Sung to the tune of"We Three Kings of Orient Are")
Parody by Susan K. Stabler We three locks of Panama can Open and close byv the touch of a hand Ships and sailboats, barges, mailboats All use this wonder of man
Chorus: O--pathfi of wonder, path of might
Path with high mast lighting bright
East-west leading, still proceeding
Move' those ships through day and night
MaHnking HoArne'
(Suni to the tune of "Jingle Bells")
S Parody by Susan K. Stabler
D shing through the rain
In an open-air chiva
Oer wef streets we go
$Sipping cold chi-cha
Horns honk all around
Making tempers rise
How our hearts begin to pound
Our stomachs knot inside
Chorus: Oh-honking horns, honking horns Honking all the way Oh how did we come to be On a chiva bus today? Honking horns, honking horns Honking all the way Oh how did we come to be On a chiva bus today?

INw False Teeth
(Sung to th eune of "My Two Front Teeth')
Parody by David Constable All I want for Christmas is some new false teeth.
Some new false teeth, Some new false teeth!
Gosh, if I only had some new false teeth,
Then I could eat meat or ham for Christmas.
It seems so long since I could munch
And I sure do want to a bunch
Gosh, oh gee, how happy I'd be, if I could only crunch candy
All I want for Christmas is some new false teeth,
Some new false teeth, ,Some new false teeth.
Gosh, if I could only get some new false teeth,
Then I couldenjoy a Christmas feast!
Ode to the "'H. R. Parfitt"
(Sung to the tune of "Rudolph the' Red-Nosed Reindeer').
Parody by Maria Balonon
R., the snub-nosed tugboat, had a very ugly nose
Shis omni-directional paddle, allowed for back or sideways tows.
of the other tugboats, used to laugh and call him names.
-ey never let poor H. R. join in any towboat games. hen one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say: Sf. R., with your push so strong, won't you guide my ship along!" Then how the tugboats loved him as they shouted out with glee: "H. R., the snub-nosed tugboat, you'll go down in history!"

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