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Newsletter Fall 2021 Semester
Huet, Hélène
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This is a newsletter for Fall 2021 about the services I provide for my patrons, new resources and databases we have recently acquired in the UF libraries, information about Primo, and some of our most recent print and e-book acquisitions in European Studies.
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WHAT’S NEW IN LIBRAR Y WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2021 202 2 1 What’ s N ew in Library West ? Eve r ything you need to know for 2021 20 22 E-MAIL: HHUET@UFL.EDU ; TWITTER: @SUPERHH ; PHONE: 352 -273 -2771 IN THIS ISSUE : MY SERVICES , OF INTEREST , PRIMO, NEW DATABASES, RECENT PRINT AND E BOOK ACQUISITIONS My Services What Can I Do for You? Create a Research Guide for a course. Provide library instruction. Help on a digital project (teaching or research) . Consult with you for your research. Find resources . Purchase books . Purchasing materials with ongoing costs such as journals and databases is more difficult, but feel free to discuss these potential purchases with me. Make sure to check out my research guides and to add them to your syllabi : European Studies French and Francophone Studies German Studies Italian Studies Portuguese Studies Slavic Studies Spanish Studies Of Interest Open Access Guide . Open Access (OA) is free, permanent, web based access to scholarly publications. OA is the principle that research should be readily available immediately after publication and to anyone with access to the Internet. It is a movement, a business model, and is improving the way scholarly information is shared. French and Francophone Comic Books at UF . This website highlights some of the French and Francophone comic books available at UF.


WHAT’S NEW IN LIBRAR Y WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2021 202 2 2 PRIMO The libraries have a new integrated library search tool called Primo. This upgrade makes searching for library resources much more streamlined and user friendly. All academic libraries in the state university system have switched to the same system. Here is more information about Primo and the enhanced features you will now have access to: And here is a learning object to introduce you to our new Primo Search interface created by our great instruction librarian Lisa Campbell: Of course, if you are used to searching a particular database like MLA or JSTOR -those will look the same. This only impacts what used to be OneSearch and the library catalog. New Resources Make sure to log in to the VPN before accessing any of these resources if you off -campus. Global Press: Imperial Russian Newspapers The Imperial Russian Newspapers collection, with a preliminary release of 230,000 pages, spans the eighteenth through early twentieth centuries and will include core titles from Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as regional newspapers. Central and regional ‘gubernskie vedomosti’ will be complemented by a selection of private newspapers. This collection joins three others: Late Quing and RepublicanEra Chinese Newspapers; Independent and Revolutionary Mexican New spapers; and Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers. Find these Open Access collections on the GPA website . Linguistic Minorities in Europe Online This new resource provides comprehensive documentation of indigenous and immigrant linguistic minorities in Europe. It contains a variety of content and materials: Standardized overview articles on a given linguistic minority, with emphasis on: Linguistic description (genealogy, structure, history) – Demographics (number and distribution of speakers, migration patterns, influences of geopolitical changes, etc.) – Status (immigrant or regional language, status in areas used, protection by European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, etc.) – Standardization (extent and manner of standardization/codification, acceptance/support and development of standard, relationship between standard and nonstandard varieties, etc.) – Variation (ge ographical, social, ethnic, age/gender related, linguistic levels, extent and domains of use, etc.) – Attitudes (speakers’ perspective on language) – Revitalization and maintenance (extent, institutional or informal, vitality and proficiency of language) – Education (use as medium of instruction or object of study, types of schools/educational institutions, etc.) – Media (use in radio/television/social media/print media) – Other cultural practices/centers (music, dance, food, literature, cultural gatherings , etc.) – Directions for further research


WHAT’S NEW IN LIBRAR Y WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2021 202 2 3 In depth research articles on specific topics regarding European minority languages/linguistic minorities, including sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, and ethnolinguistic perspectives Multimedia elements (audios , videos, images) Primary sources , such as annotated texts, transcriptions, corpora, glossaries, field notes, etc. (Open Access as well as non Open Access) All articles in LME are enriched with metadata, allowing specific searches , e.g. for language na me , country /state/region , language family , keywords , references, and text in linguistic examples . The content is heavily interlinked , so as to enable users to quickly switch between overview articles, indepth research articles, and primary sources. Furthermore, LME articles link out to selected external online resources. Approximately 75% of the content are custom written for LME, 25% consist of seminal research from De Gruyter’s and De Gruyter Mouton’s archives, carefully selected by the main editors and area editors. Currently, LME contains articles on Basque , Croatian , Frisian , Hungarian, the Smi languages , and Turkish as minority languages (content about further languages is in preparation). New articles will be added annually (in two yearly updates). Adam Matthew Databases The list of databases we now have access to is very extensive and th is link will take you to the entire list. Of particular interest may be the following: Children’s Literature and Culture Confidential print: Africa, 1834 1966 Confidential Print Latin America 1833-1969 Defining Gender Empire Online First World War Portal Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration and Cultural Exchange Leisure, Travel & Mass Culture: The History of Tourism Medieval Family Life Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda World’s Fairs Muslims of the Soviet East Digital Archive This journal was established in 1968 by the Spiritual Administration of the Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, and in continuous publication until its closure in 1991, and was the only Islamic periodical carrying the official seal of approval of the Soviet government. This archive contains the most complete collection of the journal in the English language. Fully searchable, the database provides researchers from a variety of disciplines a unique and a valuable insight into the life of Soviet Muslims, journal’s obvious propagandistic slant and purpose notwithstanding. Za Vozvrashchenie na Rodinu Digital Archive This newspaper was published by the Soviet Repatriation Committee, which was established in 1955 and stayed active until 1958. The newspaper was principally aimed at Russian emigrants and was an important antiwestern propaganda outlet for the USSR. The main objective of the newspaper was the creation of a favorable image of the Soviet Union and the criticism of migr organizations in the postwar period and during the Cold War. The newspaper was published under the watchful eye of the KGB, and only the most loyal Soviet officials were allowed to work on this project.


WHAT’S NEW IN LIBRAR Y WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2021 202 2 4 Argumenty I fakty Digital Archive A popular weekly writing on all subjects in plain language. Boasts the biggest circulation among Russian weeklies. Some of Our Recent Print and E-Book Acquisitions: Marvels of medicine : literature and scientific enquiry in early colonial Spanish America El futuro es femenino : cuentos para que juntas cambiemos el mundo Sorcires : la puissance inv aincue des femmes Postcolonialism and Migration in French Comics Elena Ferrante : poetiche e politiche della soggettivit Transnational Italian studies Histria global de Portugal Reconciliation road: Willy Brandt, Ostpolitik and the quest for European peace Continuity and change of party democracies in Europe Children of the liberation: transatlantic experiences and perspectives of black Germans of the postwar generation "Ein trauriges fiasko" : koloniale konzentrationslager im sudlichen Afrika 1900-1908 The Routledge history handbook of Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century. Volume 3, Intellectual horizons Empowering the visibility of Croatian cultural heritage through the digital humanities Slavs in the making: history, linguistics and archaeology in Eastern Europe (ca. 500 ca. 700)