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Carrying on in a Pandemic: The Case of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium (FLDH)
Huet, Hélène
Tignor, Mia
Lewis, Barbara
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Conference Poster


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Digital Humanities


For this poster, we propose to highlight how the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium (FLDH) used the virtual environment necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic to reinvent itself through the creation of new content and outreach opportunities. FLDH is a collective of 16 institutions in the State of Florida that seeks to highlight the digital scholarship done statewide, while creating networking possibilities. In March 2020, FLDH planned to host its second annual conference at Flagler College in St. Augustine. However, like so many others, we had to cancel the conference and come up with a new plan. What followed is actually the will to reinvent FLDH. First, we will discuss the creation of the FLDH Webinar Series and the Short Interviews Series. Keeping in mind the goal to highlight the work done statewide (and beyond), we offered participants the opportunity to present their work via a webinar or short interview. Not only did it give a space for participants to discuss their work but it served to make FLDH known beyond Florida. Moreover, the pandemic motivated us to reconsider the structure and function of the Consortium. We realized we needed more involvement from our Executive Council and general membership. The poster will therefore also highlight four newly formed standing committees that will work to prepare for next year’s conference, develop more educational opportunities for members, and boost our communication. ( English )
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Key Terms:• Selection Tools (Black & White Arrow) • Type Tool • Shape Tools • Eyedropper Tool • Shape Builder Tool • Pathnder Panel • Color Group • Character Panel (to format text) • Paragraph Panel (to format paragraphs) • File > Place (to place graphics) • Group Items Shortcut (CTL/CMD+G) • Copy Items Shortcut (Option+Click and Drag) Carrying on in a Pandemic: The Case of the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium Hlne Huet, Mia Tignor, Barbara Lewis Florida Digital Humanities Overview From Conference to Lockdown FLDH Webinar S eries Standing Committee Formation Additional Information Short Interviews The majority of presenters opted to schedule webinars in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. 12 webinars were oered and recorded, such as: -coloniaLab: Digital Editing with Students at UNF -Making Digital Humanities Tools Part of a World -Don of a New Age: A Digital Exploration of Don Quixote -Documenting Africa: Digitally Storytelling African Cultures 1 session was oered as pa r t of a class and recorded for the FLDH website. 142 attendees for the live sessions. 340 views of recorded sessions on Y ou T ube. Founded in 2014, the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium is a collective of 16 institutions in the State of Florida that seeks to promote an understanding of the humanities in light of digital technologies and research. Its mission is to provide a platform for studying and discussing digital tools, methods, and pedagogies as well as for educating teachers, faculty, and the public about the multiple, interdisciplinary ways humanities research and computing impact our world. 5 presenters chose the short interview option. W e uploaded these short interview to the FLDH Y ou T ube Channel where they have received 170 views so far. Short inte rviews covered a variety of topics, including an examination of the usability of telemedicine communications; an analysis of the potential for epigenetic research to operationalize the study of social determinants of the health and risk factors that underscore the racial disparities in COVID-19 outcomes; and an anthropological perspective of how campus expansion impacts campus culture, among others. The second annual Florida Digital Humanities Consortium Conference was set to be held March 27th, 2020, at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, but was cancelled due to COVID-19. After the shift to online learning and working, FLDH wanted to provide scheduled presenters with a place to share their work, even without an in-person conference, Understanding the varied needs of the presenters, the committee decided to oer several tiers of engagements. Scheduled presenters could choose to: 1.) Do nothing; 2.) Record a short interview for the FLDH website; or 3.) Oer a webinar on their topic. Both the short interviews and webinar recordings were then posted on the newly created FLDH YouTube page. C onference C ommittee Develop, organize, and plan the annual FLDH Conference. This conference may be virtual or in-person, depending on the needs of the membership. Elections & ByLaws CommitteeReview the Bylaws each year and recommend any updates to the Executive Council and general members. This committee will also conduct annual and adhoc elections for FLDH. Education CommitteeIdentify possible professional development opportunities for FLDH membership. These educational opportunities can come from both within and outside of FLDH membership. They may include (but are not limited to) webinars, short form interviews with practitioners, and other in-person preconference sessions. Communications CommitteeWork in collaboration with the ocers and the University of Central Florida’s web team to manage website updates, mailings, and other promotional tools. This committee will also work closely with all other committees to promote upcoming events, the annual conference, and annual elections. FLDH is moving fo r ward with an in-person conference on April 2nd, 2022 at Flagler College. Check out for the CFP in Fall 2021. All are welcome to present and attend. Check out the FLDH Y ou T ube Channel and T witter account for current information and professional development oppo r tunities. In early 2021, FLDH voted to create four new standing committees to better engage membership and support professional development, conference planning, outreach and communication, as well as election and bylaw updates. Florida Digital Humanities Consortium FLDH @fldighumanities Language Class Through Space and Time