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Data Integration and Innovation: The Future of the Construction, Infrastructure, and Transportation Industries
Workshop on Linked Building Data and Semantic Web Technologies (WLS2019) ( Conference )
Costin, Aaron ( Editor )
Perkins, Ron
Couto, C. Douglass
Costin, Aaron
Smart Construction Informatics (SCI) Laboratory


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There can be no doubt of the impact emerging and innovative technology is making across the entire construction industry. From planning, design, construction, and facilities or asset management, these latest “tools” are becoming the norm. These technologies are also becoming more prevalent in the infrastructure and transportation industries. There are challenges to consider when adopting new software or hardware solutions, in which people can be the biggest hurdle. Business owners must be convinced the ROI is there and users must see that the learning curve is not so disruptive that it impacts the project schedule. There can also be reluctance to embrace technology designed to address a process that has “always been done that way.” Nearly everyone agrees that IT makes sense and it is inevitable in the coming years. The questions that need to be addressed are what to adopt and how to do it remain the primary concerns? With examples from the transportation industry, this paper discusses the latest practices, challenges, practical solutions, and the outlook of information technology and data integration in the construction, infrastructure, and transportation Industries.
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Perkins, R., Couto, C.D., and Costin, A. (2020). “Data Integration and Innovation: The Future of the Construction, Infrastructure, and Transportation Industries.” In A.M. Costin (Ed.), Future of Information Exchanges and Interoperability (pp. 85-94). Gainesville, FL: SCI Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-7351595-0-8.

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