Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaborative Meeting

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Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaborative Meeting
Birch, Stephanie
de Farber, Bess
Taylor, Laurie
Arlen, Shelley
Turcotte, Flo
University of Florida
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Abstract: This mini-grant will bring together Black Studies scholars, heritage practitioners, and culture keepers from across North Florida for a two-day planning and training meeting on digital publishing. Through presentations, discussions, and activities, the group will identify assets and opportunities for collaborative Black-centered digital scholarship projects through the AFRO Publishing Without Walls initiative. The group will also develop a plan for future meetings to incorporate participants from South Florida, towards the development of a state-wide, multi-professional cohort. Funding: Strategic Opportunities Program; awarded $4,940
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Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting 1 Project Description The Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting team, in partnership with AFRO Publishing Without Walls, seeks $4,940 to leverage relationships in the UF Libraries a nd among multidisciplinary faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences to: 1. Establish a cohort of Black Studies scholars, h eritage professionals, and culture keepers from academic institutions and community organizations in North Florida; 2. Introduce cohort members to the AFRO Publishing Without Walls (AFRO PWW) initiative, which provides training and support in Black Studies digital publishing throughout the US; 3. Increase collaborative partnerships in Black centered research and digital scholarship; 4. Identify and connect cohort members with resources (human, informational, and technological) from other participant institutions to support the creation of digital projects ; 5. C reate an asset map of Black studies and history resources, projects, and professionals in th e state of Florida This meeting is the pilot project for a multi phase initiative for building and supporting a diverse community of practice in Black Studies digital publishing throughout Florida. Phases I and II consist of geographicall y based collaborative planning and training meetings, with Phase I focusing on North Florida. A future iteration of this meeting (Phase II) will engage participants from South Florida In this proposal, the region referred to as North Florida extends South d own to Orlando and West through the panhandle. The project will fund Phase I travel and accommodations for up to 20 participants from outside of Alachua County. The PI will seek out support for Phase II from the UF Creative Campus Initiative the UF Divers ity Offic e, or external funding sources (e.g. Florida Humanities Council). In addition to the 20 funded participants, the project team will offer free registration via Qualtrics form to other participants Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaborative Meeting The George A. Smathers Libraries will host a two day meeting and training for Black Studies scholars heritage practitioners and culture keepers from across North Florida. The two day meeting will have various agenda items, but will include: A Collaborating with Strangers ( CoLAB ) workshop ; Training sessions in grantsmanship, facilitation methods exhibition curation, and conducting oral history interviews presented by UF campus partners; Information session s on research and technology support services provided by AFRO PWW presented by Drs. Ronald Bailey and Marilyn Thomas Houston; A participant survey asking e ach participant to self identify assets within their home institution ; Planning meetings to: o Forma lize cohort partnerships for future project development by establis hing group activities and goals; o Establish roles of cohort members in group activities ; o Identify potential partners and partner instituti ons in other parts of the state; and, o Discuss the possibility of external funding for a second iteration of the meeting to similarly serve other parts of the state Following the two day meeting the project team will synthesize meeting notes and decisions analyze participant survey results, and prepare a report for the cohorts review. The project team will also transcribe and code CoLAB data and create a CoLAB report. Using the CoLAB and survey data, the project team will also generate an asset map.


Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting 2 P roject Importance The University of Florida is the flagship institution in the state of Florida and a nationally ranked university with significant Black Studies library collections and resources. For example, the Joel Buchannan Black Oral History Collecti on (which is to be dedicated in March 2019 ) is one of the largest, openly accessible collections of its kind in the US. It is the only substantial oral history collection of Black life in Florida. Through collaborative partnerships with Black Studies scholars heritage professionals, and culture keepers from other institutions, the significance of the Libraries collections can have a substantial impact on future academic and public scholarship on Black life and history in Florida While the Univer sity is recognized as a predominately white institution UF is uniquely poised to become an important institutional partner in Black heritage and cultural preservation among Floridas professional academic, and cultural communities, due to the high quality of the Black Studies research produced by its faculty and the robust collections maintained by the Libraries. Furthermore, in partnering with AFRO PWW, the University has an opportunity to actively contribute to the development of Black centered digital publishing at the national level. Through this project, the Libraries also offers AFRO PWW a model for future outreach efforts at other partner institutions throughout the US. Project Comparisons This project builds on the work of AFRO PWW within the state of Florida In 2018, AFRO PWW hosted numerous train the trainer workshops on digital publishing throughout the United States. In March 2018, the applicant PI was invited to attend a training workshop hosted by AFRO PWW at Savannah State University, which included institutional partners from Georgia and Florida. UF was the only Florida institution represented at the workshop. AFRO PWW is a nation wide, Mellon funded collaborative project at the University of Illinois through the University Library, School of Information Science, Department of African American Studies, and the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities. The project provides research and technological support for researchers in translating their work into digital publishing platforms. AFRO PWW is one of two publication imprints of the Publishing Without Walls initiative from the University of Illinois and strives to redress the digital divide by recruiting librarians and academics, primarily from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving institutions, for intensive training workshops on open source digital publishing platforms. Throughout Florida, there are several community and professional organizations dedicated to local and state Black history and culture Many of these organizations engage Black Studies scholars and heritage professionals through educational programs and trainings This project seeks to build on those existing professional networks and activities by enhancing interdisciplinary and multi professional collaboration across institutions and organizations. In Florida, The Florida Afr ican American Heritage Preservation Network (FAAHPN ) is the only example of a synergistic body doing similar work to the proposed project. FAAHPN is a museum and historic preservation professional organization and provides information and technical resourc es to support the preservation of Floridas Black histories. On a yearly basis, FAAHPN engages researchers and professionals through its annual conference, online and onsite workshops, heritage education and tourism activism. In 2005, FAAHP N collaborated with the Florida Department of State to create Floridas Black Heritage Trail guide which has since been developed into a mobile app and functions as a directory for Black heritage sites located throughout the state


Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting 3 FAAHPN, which is based in Tallahassee, will be invited to participate in the collaborative meeting and to engage more directly with the University and its Libraries. The proposed project serves a s an alternative outreach opportunity for FAAHPN to engage with African American studies scholars and professionals outside the museum and historic preservation fields. At the same time, the c ost saving c ollaborative meetings will allow participants who a re unable to attend the FAAHPNs annual conference, due to funding limitations, to engage with a similar community of practice. Innovative Components AFRO PWW focuses on connecting researchers with technological resources and technical support for trans lating their work to digital formats but does not provide participant support funds for travel and accommodations. T his project instead focuses on enhanc ing digital publishing on Black life and history through collaborative relationship building and topical trainings, while simultaneously connecting participants with other types of resources via asset mapping Furthermore, this project extends AFRO PWWs growing network of Black Studies digital publishing scholars throughout the state of Florida. Whereas existing organizations, such as FAAHPN, provide some similar training and professional networking opportunities, membership dues or conference registration fees are often required which limits participation S uch organizations also tend to recr uit members and participants from specific academic fields or professional sector s particularly historic preservation and museum studies However, this project will invite participants from a myriad of professional and disciplinary backgrounds, including those engaged in contemporary and inters ectional work. The participant support funds will alleviate travel costs for participants from community and non profit organizations, HBCUs, and minority serving institutions where funding for professional developme nt is often limited. Project Resources The resources need ed to successfully complete this project include a space for the meeting and cost share for project team members supporting the coordination and facilitation of the two day meeting The project team will also request discretionary funding for refreshments during the 2 day meeting. Plan of Action Date Description Responsible Party Jan 2019 Hold a team meeting to set workshop dates and agenda for Summer 2019 PI, Project team and consultants Jan 2019 Meet with University Housing to discuss the process and requirements for reserving rooms & arranging daily meals for 20 participants Identify & select project participants Reserve training space (Smathers 100) PI


Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting 4 Feb Apr. 2019 Contact trainers and presenters with event details Send invitations to selected participants Collect participant information & documents required for participant support funding PI Feb Apr. 2019 Set meeting schedule Promote meeting to campus and l ocal community participants PI, Project Team and consultants May July 2019 Distribute schedule, room information, and meeting details to participants Coordinate stipend distribution to funded participants PI May July 2019 Prepare meeting materials (e.g. PowerPoint CoLAB materials, etc.) Design participant survey to collect information on participant assets Facilitate meeting PI and project team Aug Nov 2019 Pr epare and distribute meeting report, which will include planning meeting notes, decisions, a participant survey report and an asset map Code CoLAB data Generate CoLAB report Compile and distribute CoLAB materials produced at the Co LAB workshop, which will include profile signs, debriefing and notes from Idea Table conversations) PI, project team and CoLAB team Assessment A ssessment surveys will be completed by participants at the end of the meeting For evaluation purposes, the project team will produce a meeting report. Additionally, the Libraries CoLAB team will provide a qualitative analysis of CoLAB workshop data to inform the asset inventory map and future strategic planning. The meeting report will include information on discussions generated in planning meetings, concerns/considerations in moving forward with cohort activities, and roles and future project iterations focused on South Florida. Long term Financial Implications This proposal requests support for a one time pilot meeting Funding for a Phase II meeting will be requested through a se parate, external grant proposal if a potential sponsor can be identified There will be no ongoing financial costs to carry on future phases of this project. Plan for Equipment / Supplies No equipment or supplies will be purchased.


04-Budget_Form_2012-2013-Posted.xlsx, 08/15/2012 Page 1 of 1 Please add lines to table as needed. If you need help completing this form, please contact Bess de Farber, PH# 273-2519. 1. Salaries and Fringe Name of Person % of effort Grant Funds Cost Share Total Stephanie Birch 5 $0.00 $3,537.00 $3,537.00 Shelley Arlen 1 $0.00 $1,069.00 $1,069.00 Flo Turcotte 1 $0.00 $853.00 $853.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 SUBTOTAL $0.00 $5,459.00 $5,459.00 2. Equipment Item Quantity times Cost Grant Funds Cost Share Total $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 SUBTOTAL $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 3. Supplies Item Quantity times Cost Grant Funds Cost Share Total $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 SUBTOTAL $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 4. Travel From/To # of people/# of days Grant Funds Cost Share Total $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 SUBTOTAL $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 5. Other (Vendor costs, etc. Provide detail in Budget Narrative section.) Item Quantity times cost Grant Funds Cost Share Total UF Housing costs for participants to attend Summer 2019 workshop (20 participants X $35/each X 3 nights) $2,100.00 $0.00 $2,100.00 UF Mealplan costs for participants to attend Summer 2019 workshop (20 participants X $36/each X 2 days) $1,440.00 $0.00 $1,440.00 Participant Travel Stipends (20 participants X $70/each) $1,400.00 $0.00 $1,400.00 SUBTOTAL $4,940.00 $0.00 $4,940.00 Grant Funds Cost Share Total Total Direct Costs (add subtotals of items 1-5) $4,940.00 $5,459.00 $10,399.00 Strategic Opportunities Grant Budget Form 2018-2019


Digital Publishing on Black Life and History Collaboration Meeting Project Budget Narrative Expense Calculation Funding ($4,940) for this proposed project will be expended as Participant Support Funding for travel accommodations and per diem meals for 20 participants: Ho using at $35/each for 3 nights: $2, 100 Meal Plan at $36/each for 2 days: $1, 440 Travel Stipend at $70 /each: $ 1,400 Expense Justification To enhance collaborative digital scholarship on Black life and history in Florida, it is necessary for scholars and professionals from other institut ions to be able to attend a two day training and planning meeting. Participant support funding will allow invited participants to offset travel expenses and ensure that at least 20 people are able to attend. Although it is possible that some participants will be able to receive travel funding from their own institutions, this is not a guarantee. The PI and project team will create a tiered list of invitees to solicit attendance. Roles and Cost Share The role of the Principal Investigator: The PI is the primary coordinator, liaison, and convener of the two day meeting The PI will propose a list of participants to invite to the meeting and maintain a list of attendin g and nonattending invitees. The PI is responsible for ensuring that all project deadlines are met. Upon completion of the meeting, the PI will ensure CoLAB transcriptions, data coding, asset map, and reports are completed. Role of the Project Team: The project team will assist the PI in developing an invitations list, planning the agenda, and coordinating meeting logistics. The team will participate in the two day meeting as facilitators, note takers, and logistical assistants. Following the meeting the team will assist the PI in reviewing the final report and asset map. The Libraries CoLAB team (Bess de Farber, April Hines, Barbara Hood, and Laura Spears) will produce the transcribed data resulting from the CoLAB and will provide a template for cod ing the data. The project team will code and interpret the data to create a CoLAB report. Th e project team members are Shelley Arlen and Florence Turcotte, who will each contribute 1% cost share. Additionally, Laurie Taylor and Bess d e Farber will serve as project team consultants, each contributing less than 1% cost share.




Responses to GMC Questions Is UF Press intended to be a possible partner? Y es, the team intends to engage the UF Press and the Library Press for potential collaboration, either as information session presenters or meeting participants. Th e c ollaborative meeting will not be limited to the 20 funded participants. Free registration via a Qualtrics form will be open to UF and Alachua County participants, since these individuals would not require participant support funding for travel and accommodations Free registration will also be open to participants from outside Alachua County, provided that they are able to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. T he SOP team will invite participants from various UF units and Alachua County organizations, including (but not limited to): A Q uinn Jones Museum and Cultural Center Cotton Club Museum and Cultural Center Cultural Arts Coalition Harn Museum of Art Matheson History Museum UF African American Studies Program UF Center for the Study o f Race & Race Relations UF Center for Humanities in the Public Sphere Can you provide a draft list of organizations and academic institutions that you and your team are considering for possible invitation/participation? How will participants be recruit ed? Will it be a competitive process? The list (see below) of identified organizations and institutions will be divided into two tiers, with priority given HBCUs a nd minority serving institution. The PI will also consider the geographical displacement of the listed organizations, to ensure opportunities for participation are equitably distributing amongst the represented cities. The PI and project team will then identify individual recipients within each organization through existing professional connections, social media, organizational directories, or other. In following AFRO PWWs process for recruitment, the PI will distribute email invitation to each tier 1 recipient, who will be given a deadline to respond and confirm their participation in order to receive support funds The email invitation will also request that the recipient, if they are unable to attend, recommend another individual within their organization or institution. After the deadline, the process will repeat for tier 2 organizations and institutions.


Below is a tentative list of organizations and institutions to invite to the collaborative meeting: Academic Libraries, Archives & Research Centers Bethune Cookman University, Carl S. Swisher Library* Daytona Beach Edward Waters College Library* Jacksonville Florida A&M Libraries, Meek Eaton Black Archives & Research Center* Tallahassee University of North Florida Jacksonville Florida State University Tallahassee University of Central Florida Orl ando Florida State Library & Archives Tallahassee Historical & Historical Preservation Societies & Organizations Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network* African American Heritage Society East Pasco* Lacoochee African American Heritage Society Kate Coulson House* Pensacola Durkeeville Historical Society Jacksonville Kingsley Plantation Jacksonville Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community* Eatonville Afro American Historical and Genealogical S ociety Central Florida* Orlando Museums, Galleries, & Cultural Centers Accord Civil Rights Museum* St. Augustine African American Museum of the Arts* DeLand ASH Gallery Tallahassee Clara White Mission / Eartha White Museum Jacksonville Goldsboro Historical Museum* Sanford Harry T. & Harriette V. Moore Memorial Park & Museum* Mims Howard Thurman Historic Home Daytona Beach John G. Riley House and Museum Tallahassee Knott House Museum Tallahass ee Mary McLeod Bethune House Museum Daytona Beach Mary S. Harrell Black Heritage Museum* New Smyrna Beach Moseley House Museum Eatonville Renaissance Park Living Heritage Museum* Marianna Rhoda L. Martin Cultural Heritage Museum* Jacksonville Ritz Theatre and Museum* Jacksonville Tallahassee Museum of History & Natural Sciences Tallahassee Wells Built Museum of African American History & Culture* Orlando Leesburg African American Museum* Leesburg Lincolnv ille Museum & Cultural Center* St. Augustine Museum of Florida History Tallahassee *Tier 1 organizations and institutions