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A new database on trait based selection of stormwater pond plants
Nighswander, Gisele, P
Szoka, Mary, E
Hess, Kayla, M
Bean, Eban, Z
Hansen de Chapman, Gail
Iannone III, Basil V


Subjects / Keywords:
Stormwater ponds
Stormwater pond plants
Functional traits
Stormwater pond plantings
dataset ( sobekcm )


Many master planned communities, especially in the state of Florida, rely on stormwater ponds for flood control and water treatment. Although these ponds perform well with regards to flood control, many fall short on water treatment standards. Planting in and around stormwater ponds may help improve water quality, as well as enhance other ecosystem services that these engineered ecosystems lack. These services can range from improved green space aesthetics and higher property values to limiting the establishment of invasive plants and the enhancement of wildlife habitat and biodiversity. This database can be used to facilitate plant selection based on their traits. The plant species included are intended to be planted in and around stormwater ponds. The plants are characterized based on three trait categories: aesthetics (i.e. appearance), function (i.e. how the species affects and/or responds to the environment), and habitat (i.e. optimal growing conditions/cultural requirements). We developed this database with 82 different commercially available plant species that are suited for four different stormwater pond zones—bank top, bank slope, water’s edge, and offshore. The database is designed to aid stakeholders in making informed decisions about plant species selection based on most important traits for stormwater pond plantings. The utility of this database is described in a forthcoming EDIS publication entitled "A new database on trait based selection of stormwater pond plants".
Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Basil Iannone.

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