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Metric System Conversion Factors
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Unruh, Joseph B.
University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences, EDIS
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Gainesville, Fla.
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Collected for University of Florida's Institutional Repository by the UFIR Self-Submittal tool. Submitted by Melanie Mercer.
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"Original publication date November, 1993. Revised August 2006. Reviewed March 2011."
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Joseph B. Unruh and Barry J. Brecke2 square feet (ft2) square yards (yd 2) hectares (ha) square rods (rd2) square meters (m2) cubic meters (m3) gallons, US (gal) cubic feet (ft3) square meters (m2) square yards (yd2) acre (A) cubic inches (in3) cubic yards (yds3) cubic meters (cm3) cubic centimeters (cm3) cubic feet (ft3) cubic meters (m3) square meters (m2) are (a) acres (A)


Metric System Conversion Factors 2 square inches (in2) square centimeters (cm2) square meters (m2) square feet (ft2) square yards (yd2) square acres (A2) square meters (m2) square inches (in2) square feet (ft2) square yards (yds2) square meters (m2) square feet (ft2) square meters (m2) cubic feet/minute (CFMft3/min) gallons per hour (GPH) gallons per minute (GPM) inch (in) meter (m) foot (ft) inches (in) feet (ft) yards (yd) rods (rd) miles (mi) centimeters (cm) meters (m) inches (in) centimeters (cm) meters (m) foot (ft) millimeters (mm) centimeters (cm) meters (m) inches (in) feet (ft) statute mile (mi) centimeters (cm) meters (m) inches (in) feet (ft) yards (yd) millimeters (mm)


Metric System Conversion Factors 3 centimeters (cm) millimeters (mm) millimeters (mm) inches (in) feet (ft) yards (yd) hain (ch) centimeters (cm) meters (m) feet (ft) yards (yd) meters (m) kilometers (km) inches (in) feet (ft) meters (m) gallons (gal) cubic feet (ft3) gallons, US (gal) pounds, US (lb, #) liters (L) fluid ounces (fl. oz.) pint (pt) tablespoons (tbsp) milliliters (ml) teaspoons (tsp) tablespoons (tbsp) milliliters (ml) quarts (qt) liquid pints (pt) cups (c) tablespoons (tbsp) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) pounds, US (lb, #) of water liters (L) milliliters (ml) cubic foot (ft3) cubic inches (in3) Imperial gallon cups (c) tablespoons (tbsp) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) milliliters (ml) liquid pints, US (pt)


Metric System Conversion Factors 4 cups (c) tablespoons (tbsp) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) cubic inches (in3) liters (L) milliliters (ml) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) liquid pints, US (pt) liquid quarts, US (qt) gallons, US (gal) cubic centimeter (cm3) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) liquid pint, US (pt) teaspoons (tsp) milliliters (ml) fluid ounces, US (fl. oz.) drops fluid ounces, US (fl.oz.) milliliters (ml) pintgallonsteaspoongallon quart/gallonstablespoonsgallon pound per square inch (PSI)kilopascal (kPa) degrees CentigradeCF degrees Fahrenheit FC pounds, US (lb, #) metric tons kilograms (kg) kilograms (kg) (1 million) grams (g) pounds, US (lb, #) ounces, weight (oz.) grains liquid pint (pt) grams (g) kilograms (kg) grams (g) grams (g) ounces, weight (oz.) pounds, US (lb, #)


Metric System Conversion Factors 5 milligrams (mg) kilograms (kg) ounces, weight (oz.) pounds, US (lb, #) grams (g) grams (thousandth) milligrams (mg) grams (millionth) micrograms (g) grams (billionth) grams (trillionth) nanogram per gram (ng/g) microgram per kilogram ( kg microgram per liter L milligram per liter (mg/L) milligram per kilogram (mg/kg) microgram per gram (g/g) percent (%) fluid ounces per 100 gallon water picogram per gram (pg/g) parts per million (ppm) grams per liter (g/L) ounces (oz.) by weight per 1 gallon water pounds (lb, #) per 100 gallons water milligram per gram (mg/g)parts per million (ppm) fluid ounce, US pergallon, US ( fl. oz./gal) parts per million (ppm) fluid ounce, US per gallons, US (fl. oz./ gal)parts per million (ppm)


Metric System Conversion Factors 6 Metric prefix definitions, multiples, and equivalents PREFIX MULTIPLE EQUIVALENT tera 1012 trillionfold giga 109 billionfold mega 106 millionfold kilo 103 thousandfold hecto 102 hundredfold deca 101 tenfold PREFIX SUBMULTIPLE EQUIVALENT deci 10-1 tenth centi 10-2 hundredth milli 10-3 thousandth micro 10-6 millionth nano 10-9 billionth pico 10-12 trillionth Note: basic metric unit = 1 Conversion factors TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO OBTAIN Acres 43,560 Square Feet (ft2) Acres 0.00405 Square Kilometer (km2) Acres 4050 Square Meter (m2) Acres 4840 Square Yards (yd2) Acre-Feet 324,851 Square Feet (ft2) Acre-Feet 43,560 Cubic Feet (ft3) Acre-Feet 1233.5 Cubic Meters (m3) Bar 14.5 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi, lb/, #/in2) Bar 1019.7 Grams Per Cubic Centimeters (g/cm3) Bar 29.53 Inches of Mercury at Zero Degrees Centigrade (in hg @ oc) Centimeters (cm) 0.03281 Feet (ft) Centimeters 0.3937 Inches (in) Centimeters 0.1094 Yards (yd) Centimeters 0.01 Meters (m) Centimeters 10 Millimeters (MM) Centimeters Per Second (cm/sec)1.9685 Feet Per Minute (ft/min) Centimeters Per Second (cm/sec)0.0223694Miles Per Hour (mph) Cubic Centimeters (cm3) 0.0610237Cubic Inches (in3) Cubic Feet (ft3) 0.0283 Cubic Meter (m3) Cubic Feet 7.4805 Gallons (gal) Cubic Feet 1728 Cubic Inches (in3) Cup 8 Fluid Ounces (fl oz.) Feet (ft) 30.48 Centimeters (cm) Feet 0.3048 Meters(m) Foot Candle 10.764 Lux Gallons (gal) 3.785 Liters (l)


Metric System Conversion Factors 7 Conversion factors TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO OBTAIN Gallons 3,785 Milliliters (ml) Gallons 128 Ounces, Liquid (fl oz.) gal/Acre (GPA) 9.354 Liters/Hectare (l/ha) gal/1000 ft2 4.0746 Liters/100 Square Meters (l/100m3) GAL/Minute (gpm) 2.228 X 10-3 Cubic Feet/Second (ft3/sec) Grams (g) 0.002205 Pounds, US (lbs, #) Grams 0.0235274Ounces, US Weight (oz.) Grams Per Liter (g/l) 1,000 ppm Grams Per LITER (g/l) 10 Percent (%) Grams/Square Meter (g/m2) 0.00020481Pounds Per Square Feet (lb/sq ft, #/ft2) Grams Per Cubic Meter (g/cm3) 0.036127 Pounds Per Cubic Inch (lb/in3) Grams Per Cubic Meter (g/cm3) 62.428 Pounds Per Cubic Foot (lb/ft3) Hectares (ha) 2.471 Acres (A) Inches 2.540 Centimeters (cm) Inches 0.0254 Meters (m) Inches 25.40 Millimeters (mm) Square Inches (in2) 6.4516 Square Centimeters (cm2) Cubic Inches (in3) 16.3871 Cubic Centimeters (cm3) Kilograms (kg) 2.2046 Pounds, US (lbs, #) Kilograms/Hectare (kg/ha) 0.892 Pounds/Acre Kilograms/Hectare (kg/ha) 0.02048 Pounds Per 1000 Square Feet (lb/1000 ft2) Kilogram Per Liter (kg/l) 8.3454 Pounds Per Gallon (lb/gal) Kilometers (km) 100,000 Centimeters (cm) Kilometers 3,281 Feet (ft) Kilometers 1,000 Meters (m) Kilometers 0.6214 Miles (mi) Kilometers 1,094 Yards (yd) Kilometers Per Hour (km/h) 0.62137 Miles Per Hour (mph) Kilometers Per Hour (km/h) 54.6807 Feet Per Minute Liters (l) 0.2642 Gallons (gal) Liters 2.113 Pints (pt) Liters 1.057 Quarts (qt) Liters/Acre 0.107 Gallons/Acre Liters/100 Square Meters (l/100 m2) 0.2454 Gallons/1000 Square Feet (gal/1000ft2) Liters/Hectare (l/ha) 0.107 Gallons Per Acre Meters (m) 3.281 Feet (ft) Meters 39.37 Inches (in) Meters 1.094 Yards (yd) Meters 100 Centimeters (cm) Meters 0.001 Kilometers (km) Meters 1,000 Millimeters (mm) Meters Per Second (m/sec) 2.2369 Miles Per Hour (mph) Square Meters (m2) 10.764 Square Feet (ft2) Cubic Meters (m3) 35.3147 Cubic Feet (ft3) Cubic Meters (m3) 1.30795 Cubic Yards (yd3) Miles (mi) 160,900 Centimeters (cm)


Metric System Conversion Factors 8 Conversion factors TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO OBTAIN Miles 5280 Feet (ft) Miles 1.609 Kilometers (km) Miles 1760 Yards (yd) Miles/Hour (mph) 1.467 Feet/Second (ft/sec) Miles/Hour 88 Feet/Minute (ft/min) Miles/Hour 1.61 Kilometers/Hour (km/hr) Miles/Hour 0.447 Meter/Second (m/sec) Milliliters (ml) 0.0338 Ounces, Fluid (fl oz.) Millimeters (mm) 0.03937 Inches (in) Ounces, Fluid (fl. oz.) 0.02957 Liters (l) Ounces, Fluid (fl. oz.) 29.573 Milliliters (ml) Ounces, US, Weight (oz.) 28.35 Grams (gm) Parts Per Million (ppm) 2.719 Pounds of Active Ingredient (lb ai)/Acre-foot of Water PPM 0.001 Grams/Liter (gm/l) PPM 8.34 Pounds/Million gal (lb/Mgal) PPM 1 Milligrams/Kilograms (mg/kg) PPM 0.013 Ounces/100 gal of Water PPM 0.3295 Gallons/Acre-foot of Water PPM 8.345 Pounds/Million gal of Water Percent (%) 10 Grams/Kilograms (g/kg) Pint, Liquid (pt.) 0.473 Liter (l) Pint Per Acre (pt/a) 1.1692 Liter Per Hectare (l/ha) Pounds, US (lb, #) 0.4536 Kilograms (kg) Pounds 453.6 Grams (g) Pounds/Acre 1.12 Kilograms/Hectare (km/ha) Pounds/Acre (lb/a) 0.02296 Pounds Per 1000 Square Feet (lb/1000 ft2) Pounds/Square Feet (lb/ft2) 4883 Grams/Square meter (gm/m2) Pounds/Gallon 0.12 Kilogram/Liter (kg/l) PSI; Pounds Per Square Inch (lbs/in2)6.9 Kilopascals (kPa) PSI 0.06895 Bar PSI 0.062046 Atmosphere (atm) Quarts, Liquid (qt) 0.9463 Liters (l) Quarts Per Acre (qt/a) 2.3385 Liters Per Hectare (l/ha) Square Centimeters (cm2) 0.001076 Square Feet (ft2) Square Centimeters 0.1550 Square inches (in2) Square Feet (ft2) 929 Square Centimeters (cm2) Square Feet 0.0929 Square Meters (m2) Square Feet 9.294 X 10-6 Hectares (ha) Square Inch 6.452 Square Centimeters (cm2) Ton (2000 lbs) 907 Kilograms (kg) Yards (yd) 91.44 Centimeters (cm) Yards 0.9144 Meters (m) Yards 914.4 Millimeters (mm) Cubic yards (Yd3) 0.7645 Cubic Meters (m3) Phosphoric Acid (P2O5) 0.437 Phosphorus (P) Potassium Oxide (K2O) 0.830 Potassium (K)


Metric System Conversion Factors 9 Conversion factors TO CONVERT MULTIPLY BY TO OBTAIN Calcium Oxide (CaO) 0.715 Calcium (Ca) Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 0.602 Magnesium (Mg) Decimal and millimeter length equivalents. FRACTION (inch) = DECIMALS (inch) = MILLIMETERS 1 1.00 25.4 15/16 0.9375 23.812 7/8 0.875 22.225 13/16 0.8125 20.638 3/4 0.75 19.05 11/16 0.6875 17.462 5/8 0.625 15.875 9/16 0.5625 14.288 1/2 0.5 12.70 7/16 0.4375 11.112 3/8 0.3750 9.525 11/32 0.34375 8.731 5/16 0.3125 7.938 9/32 0.28125 7.144 1/4 0.25 6.350 15/64 0.234375 5.953 7/32 0.21875 5.556 13/64 0.203125 5.159 3/16 0.1875 4.762 11/64 0.171875 4.366 5/32 0.15625 3.969 9/64 0.140625 3.572 1/8 0.1250 3.175 7/64 0.109375 2.778 3/32 0.09375 2.381 5/64 0.078125 1.984 1/16 0.0625 1.588 3/64 0.046875 1.191 1/32 0.03125 0.794 1/64 0.015625 0.397