Strategic Directions, 2018

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Strategic Directions, 2018
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Library document

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University of Florida Institutional Repository
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University of Florida
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en-USGEORGE A. SMATHERS LIBRARIES en-USStrategic Directionsen en-USDecember 2018


en-USGEORGE A. SMATHERS LIBRARIESen-USUF Mission:en-USThe University of Florida is a comprehensive learning institution built on a en-US land grant foundation.en-US We are The Gator Nation, a diverse community dedicated to excellence in en-US education and research and shaping a better future for Florida, the nation en-US and the world. Our mission is to enable our students to lead and inuence en-US the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benet.en-USUF Goals: 1. An exceptional academic environment that reects the breadth of en-USthought essential for preeminence, achieved by a community of students, en-US faculty and sta who have diverse experiences and backgrounds 2. An outstanding and accessible education that prepares students for en-USwork, citizenship and life 3. Faculty recognized as preeminent by their students and peers 4. Growth in research and scholarship that enhances fundamental en-USknowledge and improves the lives of the worlds citizens 5. A strengthened public engagement of the Universitys programs with en-USlocal, national and international communities 6. Alumni who are successful in their careers and in life and who are proud en-USto be graduates of the University of Florida 7. A physical infrastructure and ecient administration and support en-USstructure that enable preeminence en-USStrategic Directions


en-USSmathers Libraries Mission:en-USThe Smathers Libraries collaborate with UF faculty, students and sta, en-US as well as the Universitys collaborators and constituents, to facilitate en-US knowledge creation that contributes to UFs standing as a preeminent public en-US research university. The Libraries encourage creativity and inquiry necessary en-US to support the Universitys global ambitions and play an important role in en-US attracting and retaining top students, faculty and sta.en-USSmathers Libraries Vision:en-USThe Libraries ignite curiosity, serve as the locus of knowledge management, en-US and promote intellectual exchange within our diverse global learning en-US community. en-USTo accomplish its mission and vision, en-US en-US the Smathers Libraries will: Oer key services at the point of need to meet the requirements of the en-USUniversity enterprise Initiate and participate in collaboration and community building Assure eective, ecient and equitable access to pertinent information en-USresources for all library usersen-USThe Smathers Libraries will leverage our unique expertise, en-US skill and role on campus to: Facilitate and drive innovation and discovery Focus on the user experience and user needs for decision making Engage in assessment and evidence-based decision making Promote a productive, diverse and team-based working and learning en-USenvironment Foster an internal environment with equal partnership among all en-USemployees, based on the principles and practices of courtesy, en-US professionalism and mutual respect Provide an environment that encourages library faculty and sta to en-USinnovate, experiment and adapt en-USThe Smathers Libraries have identied six en-US en-US Strategic Directions: 1. Library Instruction, Consultation and Liaison Services 2. Creative and Dynamic Content Management 3. Integrated Space and Technology Services 4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 5. Transformative Collaboration 6. Improved Individual and Community Health and Wellness en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 1en-US en-US Library Instruction, Consultation and Liaison Services en-USThe Smathers Libraries provide expert, innovative, timely and relevant en-US information services, with an emphasis on best practices and services en-US customized to user needs. The reach and impact of these services will be en-US optimized through coordination and cross-pollination.en-US GOAL 1:en-US Develop and deliver user-centered instruction that is personalized en-US and collaborative, and provides a variety of learning opportunities in en-US multiple formats en-US GOAL 2:en-US Provide interactive and responsive support throughout the en-US academic learning life cycle that includes inquiry, research and scholarshipen-US GOAL 3: en-US Leverage existing partnerships and establish new ones to serve as en-US catalysts for deeper student and faculty engagement, self-directed learning en-US and information literacyen-US GOAL 4:en-US en-US Extend awareness and use of library resources and services to en-US UF, and communities in Florida and beyond through outreach, including en-US utilization of social media to engage with users


en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 2 en-US en-US Creative and Dynamic Management en-US en-US of Information Resourcesen-USThe Smathers Libraries collections are vital resources for our local users en-US and the global community. The Libraries anticipate and eectively respond en-US to our diverse users current needs by acquiring information resources en-US in the most appropriate formats. The Libraries will continue to steward, en-US curate, reinterpret, digitize and preserve distinct and targeted collections en-US to satisfy both the current and future educational and research needs of the en-US University of Florida. en-US GOAL 1:en-US Continuously rene selection and curatorial approaches to en-US optimize collection growth and preservation to support current and future en-US learning, research and knowledge creationen-US GOAL 2:en-US Promote and communicate the diversity and value of the Libraries en-US collections, including the unique contributions made by the University of en-US Florida as a preeminent research institution en-US GOAL 3:en-US Provide streamlined and enhanced discoverability of, and en-US maximize access to, library collections at the point of need, regardless of the en-US users location or special needs en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 3en en-USIntegrated Space and Technology Servicesen-USLibrary users need environments that integrate library spaces and en-US technology with a diverse set of services, programming, instruction, en-US collaboration and specialized resources. The Libraries will continue to en-US provide exible and integrated spaces and technologies that address user en-US needs through eective library and information resources and services. en-US GOAL 1:en-US Provide multi-purpose library spaces that serve as inviting en-US venues for a variety of functions: collaboration, individual and group study, en-US research, instruction, events and collections. These spaces will strike a en-US balance between exibility and dedication for particular purposesen-US GOAL 2:en-US Deliver diverse and up-to-date technology, and support the use en-US of personal technology, to facilitate and drive innovation and discovery, en-US enhance learning, support collaboration and ensure accessen-US GOAL 3: en-US Integrate technology services into library spaces to deliver a en-US consistent and engaging presentation of the Libraries resources and to en-US en-US oer a convenient and eective experience while increasing the digital en-US literacy of usersen-US GOAL 4: en-US Enhance the Libraries web presence and digital platforms to en-US enable users to discover and obtain access to digital information resources en-US when and where they are needed en-US GOAL 5: en-US Regularly assess user needs and apply the resulting information to en-US create and revitalize user-friendly library spaces and technology services


en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 4en-US en-US Diversity, Equity and Inclusionen-USThe Smathers Libraries will foster and maintain a culture that supports en-US diversity, equity and inclusion, as values which are foundational and en-US permeate all aspects of our organization. We will recognize, understand, en-US embrace and value the ways we dier and rely upon those dierences in our en-US users and employees to be more eective and impactful as an organization. en-US Creating a respectful and caring community for all requires cultural en-US awareness, literacy and humility.en-US GOAL 1:en-US Champion eorts and assess progress towards improving diversity, en-US equity and inclusion throughout the Libraries, while increasing awareness, en-US understanding and appreciation of our dierencesen-US GOAL 2:en-US Improve the recruitment, retention and professional development en-US of members of historically underrepresented and excluded groups through en-US just and inclusive policies, practices and supportsen-US GOAL 3:en-US Leverage existing and new opportunities for leadership on campus, en-US in our community and in our profession, to ensure that the Libraries are a en-US safe, supportive and welcoming learning environment for all of our users en-US and potential usersen-US GOAL 4: en-US Engage diverse, underrepresented and underserved populations en-US within the University and our local communities to support learning and the en-US transfer and curation of knowledge en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 5en-US en-US Transformative Collaborationen-USThe Smathers Libraries will leverage its unique competencies, expertise en-US and role in the University to connect with the UF community and external en-US partners, with particular emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary and en-US multidisciplinary eorts.en-US The Libraries are committed to a culture of transformative collaboration en-US resulting in strong collegial relations across library units and a robust, en-US engaged partnership with our university community and beyond.en-US GOAL 1:en-US Engage with the UF community as an expert partner for research, en-US teaching, service and outreach in ways that exceed expectationsen-US Goal 2:en-US Provide leadership and impactful contributions to communities of en-US practice and local, state, national and international groups, projects and en-US programs that leverage our unique assets to enhance outcomesen-US Goal 3:en-US Actively seek opportunities and partnerships to stimulate, support en-US and contribute to diverse modes of creating and sharing knowledge for and en-US with the University and communities in Florida and beyond en-US Goal 4:en-US Forge and foster partnerships that enable, enhance, accelerate and en-US amplify the Libraries work


en-USSTRATEGIC DIRECTION 6en-US en-US Improve Individual and Community Health and Wellnessen-USThe Smathers Libraries will promote the health and wellness of our en-US employees, users and communities through workplace programs, outreach, en-US and library services, including support for health care professionals, en-US students, and patients.en-US GOAL 1: en-USCreate and continuously improve spaces and services that promote en-US wellness for our users and employeesen-US Goal 2:en-US Develop campus collaborations to embed library services and en-US information resources related to health and wellness throughout the en-US University, including the health care enterprise en-US Goal 3:en-US Provide information services to and otherwise engage with patients en-US and others in our local communities to help them improve their own health en-US and wellness


en-USGeorge A. Smathes Librariesen-US en-US PO Box 117000en-US en-US Gainesville FL 32611-7000en-US en-US (352) 273-2505en-US en-US en-USInclusion and Intellectual Freedomen-USInclusion Statement:en-US en-US The George A. Smathers Libraries support intellectual en-US freedom, freedom of speech and the open exchange of en-US ideas and opinions that support the community building, en-US learning and research efforts of the University of Florida. en-US The Libraries welcome all members of our community, en-US regardless of their race, sex, sexual orientation, gender en-US identity, religion, disability, age, veteran status, ancestry, en-US national or ethnic origin, or citizenship status. en-US Intellectual Freedom Statement:en-US en-US The Libraries are committed to protecting and advancing en-US intellectual freedom, as an important set of rights. en-US Intellectual freedom includes the right to access the widest en-US diversity of views and expressions, including those that are en-US unorthodox, unpopular, or considered dangerous. When en-US intellectual freedom exists, these views and expressions en-US are accessible without the necessity of endorsement by en-US other individuals, groups or institutions, and without the en-US imposition of political, moral, or aesthetic views of another en-US individual, group or institution. Intellectual freedom en-US includes the right to free expression, where an individual en-US or group may fully engage in the quality and diversity of en-US thought and expression, and develop their own views and en-US expressions without being coerced and/or inhibited. The en-US right to privacy is essential for intellectual freedom.